North Carolina Newspapers

Deputy Sheriff Peel Takes Waters to Italeigrh
Today Where He Will Start to Serve
His Sentence
The caw of State versus W. H. Waters
■ai ralol for trial Wednesday norn-
Big. Ike State was represented by
Ua i.riliam. solicitor ami kobert 1.
CIUI ii. private prosecution. The de
frilmt was irpnnented by Hon 11.
S. War. I of WathiiiKton, Slubbs and
St abba, aal Dwrninr. Moore ami Hor
toa af this city. Only a few
were roA>UMi in picking a jury, as
the *tata was not asking for a verdi.-t
of aaarder in the first degree.
The first Witness examined «ra»|i
Kf bin Speller, an are.l colonel mar.,
at whose store the shooting occured
Speller said that between 9 ami 10
o'clock P. M ob the l?th day of May-
Ram was in his store with
IKak Ha nil son That both gentlem.-,
were fartar the counter with their
tat) to the front door. That after
liowen had barn there a short while
a (run fired- That Kowea turneal and
oii, "Lord, somebody has shot me."
Speller stated that he did not see
the wMnl ami that Rowen went out
ami walked off up town. That aft*r
the shaating he went to the door ami
saw Will Waters with a jnHfc- Th:tt
Water* went toward)' the river ami
that he did aat see Waters a rain un
-13 SmJar morn In ir. when he raw to
his place ami asked what the sharHT
said -•
Oa crass-exaauaatiaß Speller stated
that Waters did not appear natural
that he thoaght that Waters was
C. F. Speller stated that he thought
that the Jwotiar took place about
10-.3* oa the night of May 17th. That
Ram had been standing up facing
the malrr for some minutes with h's
hand ta his pockets. That Rowen h:d
law I aside when smblenly a gun fir
f.L That Bana't right shaubler drop
ped aad that It—m went out ami
meat ap tan. That the witness went
oat aad Water* was standing there
with ht» gua. That witaess asked
Waters why he was shooting among a
eiawd of aea and Waters said th..t
Rowen ta! treated him like a damned
lrel aad that he had treated
Rawen like a gentleman. On croas
emamsaatian witness stated th:.t
Waters did Bat look fooHsh. that he
raaid ast say that Waters was drui.k
aad that he never knew that Waters
was ttajM ta fits.
Hill>ard William* testified that
lives near Speller's Mare and on tie
night of the hoauride ha was going
ta Speller's stare ta buy some cigar*.
That jast as he was approaching 115,
•tare he saw Waters pick ap dlKlSd
fit* tata the store. That ha did md
aw Waters whea he first approached
the state. Oa civas-examination wit
ness stated that he was scared, that
he saw Bathing especially strange a
baat Waters. That witness immed'-
ateiy left without going into store ard
he saw Dauta going ap town.
Dr. Rase Tayloe, of Washington,
taatifii I that he had practiced medi
ctae far aaaay years. That early May
18th Hcsry Rowen was taken ta his
hospital That apaa examination be
foaad that he had baea shot with a
gaa through tha right thaaldci Made.
111 am twa ribs lata aad the shot had
psurl tteaagh the right lan* tear
tag op a paction at that as large as
Ma haad He aaid that Rowen was ia
a dying caaditian whea he reached the
I npilal emased from the lass of blood
hat ha icmcd aad lived unto the
tar aad pneumonia act ta which
ill jag ad at uy time aad he sal-"
that W9 Waters shat htas ar had hha
•tat, he brag maiirlaai ap to the last.
Dr. Tayloe aaid that the shot were
Ha. S hack Ad
After the lailiatay of Dr. Tayloe
The lifialaal, Waters, was aled
ta the staad by his attorneys. He
Anted that l» was fartp-ihtee years
d«rad that he Bvad ia WflHams
taa far lUrty years, was aat married.
Bee* with Us sister. Mrs. Kahersaa
al sptr aeer the river ta the I'm '
tea Is ija 11 lie aaid that he oae
haaac aa the 17th of May had Weal
drinking for twa ar three s«ks ami
had been in the habit of drinking
since the age of nine, ami that he had
epiieptar fit* ami aoald nut know what
happening aatil aftera-ard wfcefl ever*
thing wuahl r»a» ta him. He said
that he hmi amir had any trouble
with liuwcti brlurr that .lay of the
shooting, tte sajd that lae drove to
NarioU. Sumiay May 16c IMb, an*!
took a few Or inks oa the way. taking
the last one on the ferry from Ports
mouth to Norfolk, ami that he car
ried liajwor with bun.
He was then cross-evaminco by the
Solicitor. He u»l to him that he
knew Theodare Kabtrwc ami tliat
what he dad came to him* or
four day* later. "I went to Carstar
phen's store aad bought .-helk. hai
already gotten my gar. I was mad
with ltowen bttaiM >t had hit me
side of the Mai ami «a> out ol m;
head a» a result of the hit side of
the head."
Mrs. I_ C. Kobersun. tie neat wit
ness. stated that she was the sister
of Mater* ami two >aar» older than
he. that he was to epdeptir
lit.> ami did But iiave a normal miml.
Mrs. Woodhoase. aavther *fc-ler of
the tlefemiaat. itabd that die wa
teu years older than he was ami that,
he had been »akjwt to epileptic fits
from the time that he was six months
Mr* Mattie Walker testified that
->ha is WiH'* yaiwgrd sister, that she'
now lives ia Norfolk ami that she
»aw bim Moaday afternoon ami that'
he was nat anmsl.
Mr. Walker. !>rother inlaw of
Waters dated that he first saw
Waters Mom lay anniiii; in jail, he
•lid not then diselo** bis trouble ami
he did nat shaw aeorn sign of drink
tag. ■
1- T. Fowdea st ated Hat he iiad
known Waters stare he was a boy ami
that in his youager days be was con
sidercd a weakling ami that when they
were bay* be woahl haal wood with
Mr. Rober-oa's steers ami that Will
woahl cuaae ami take them away from
Joha I- Rogersan stated that Waters
awes a mate far a Ford car ta the
Peoples Rank ami that he made an
asaally frespaent inqairies aboat naie.
cominr each day ta find out the a
aaount of it aad whea it was dar.
The next waters* called was W. T.
Ward ami he said that he had knowa
Waters far thirty years ami did nat
ira ilw aanaal aad be had never
seea bim take "a3rink hat he had seea
him when he tbaarht that he was
J. W. Watte was thea called aad he
saal that be had kaawn Waters all
his life am. always thought that he
had a face screw ta his auad, ami
that he dhl aat can iter him aorasal.
Jonah Williams, cadsred. testified
next aad he stated thai he knew
Waters well, that he caaae to has
hou»e Sam lay mocwiag aloae aad he
wasslruisk thea aad aat ta his right
mind and that he stayed half aa boar.
S. J. Pam-her state.) that he had
komro Waters all hi* life and (hat
he had never had aay sense when
drunk aad had seea him bite steers.
The State thea put on farther
testtamay aad Theadare l*«-ber-on was
qjti to tW
Mr. Rabermsa states! that Water*
bought shells from him arouml nine
o'clock ahaat aae half hour before
the shanttag teak plant. He said that
he did aat a* aaythtag wraag with
hiaa, aad that Waters stayed ta the
ate** ahaat a sataate aad a half. He
said that Waters gat aa
****** »l
James H. Water, a Nafdk police
aaa. aaid that he arrested Waters
Samlay May the Ifith ahaat P.
M aa Graaky stmt ta Narfuft. He
iwutistd tastractiaas at aiae o'clock
ta be aa the la.kaat far him aad that
whea he aaw Waters he i tappe I hha
aad carried him ta the pafire statiaa
'wherr he pnlf ■■ f I him aad he said
thai ka gave his aaaar aa wa» Waters
(Caalfeaed aa Page Faun
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, June 20,1924.
i Williamston IJoys Show
, Marked Improve
K»hrrM>oviilr ikfutnl the local,-
by a scor* of 7 to 4. The
(ame was stubbornly fought Ihrwuh
out showing that thr boys meai. husi
t Ilntt. on thr moond for Wil-
I lianUon, iMnnol in hi- a-aal way
ar~l boiiM have p.tchr*i his tc.un to
TiciJty Kau he haa pw.l -upport. The
hoys an- pbyiat fiorp'.ioiially well
cx-n-Wirrti-.r the airw-ui : of prartice
they are ;»!4e to give to the name A
few i: ron>Ltfnrr> rrnwlihl ami
W3lbim-t*>n will have a r««l lall
' Irani
The k.llrrie« for both '.nms did the
outstanding honor work of the rame.
The line op for follows: Rohersun-
I ville. S. Koherson. catcher; Johr-son.
, pitcher: Parker. firs! ha«: James
( second has#; Mckin. >K ri stop; Wis
Koherson. third l*>r. Kterett. rirht
, IHI; Smith, renter fiHI. (»r me-. left
Mil. Willcamstoe—J. Ibrrrfl, catcher;
Kritt. pitcher; Cnarles Jane*, first
base; J. Hirris -eeoml Kae; Julian
Harrell. short stop; H. Jame>. third
ha.«: Anderson. rich! field; Rantes. \
center Srl.l; Taylor, left Mil; 1:31
Harrell relieved lbrw> in the seventh ;
binlnr I
Impire, Kowilm.
TV winners in the contest jast heU
by The EaUtpTM will le aiinoavnl |
| in our nest Tuesday'* The con
test was over last Friday ami all the '
answers were not in until Tuesday. «• (
- It W£s to check them up
, In time to he announced m this issue.
The contest maiucer state-* that ,
the number of contestant, wet* HI "
. many hat he would he obliged to work
am time fct order tVat the name* of
the winners might he announced rest
. Tuesday. This gues to ■ how that the
, mi-sine word pare ha- been of great
ii interest to our readers. Several of
the contestants told us that they had
r greatly profited by the pare even tho
, they fail to receive a prize, for they
, rot real p!ea ure nut of leading the
I advertisement- of the mm n hant> who
are UUiR* for the trade
Tt* Everett* R. Y. I*. I*, meet - every
I Fralay night at eifht o'clock. Every
member is urged to be present at
these meeting* and bring a friend.
The prorram for tonight, June 2Mb
is a doctrinal Iron which urfll be of
murh benefit to all who atleol
( Mr. ami Mr- M. M Stubi. enter
I Uißol at broigv at t?-e»r burnt m tf«e
r rectory on Wednesday etc-nii.*- from
( uisht-thirt) until tlnta o'clock, tnn r
tag Solicitor and Mrs. Donxbl Gdliam
of Tarboro.
The reception ball and living room
I it re open to the frur.-b ainl l y>lru
, giaii in prolusion were used for dec-
I oral in* the rooms.
For wifcmr b*h scare R.
I Rimes, Jr. wa* preheated a leather
. score ami Mrs CiUiam at- honorre
. wa-- xivea two roe.; of cards.
ficticious pooch ami lemonade wre
j nerved by the hostess while the
(W»!> phfol and at the conrlcth.n
I of the fame she Miiri a tiutpliag
I frail salad. .
Tho.-* attending beside the truest*
of honor mr Mr. aad Mm A. H Dm
r ning. Mrs. F. L*. Barnes Mrs. Jesse
Whitley, Miu fdadys Benjamin. Mr*
S. K. lUkp. Jr. Mrs. J. & Rhodes.
Mrs C. H. tiodwin. Mrs. J. H. -Sana
•ler*. Mr*. P. It Case and Mr. John
Frank C. Coipentrr. perhaps the
' worbi'- pealed traveler, died Wed
' nesday morning m Naakin. China.
He i> known h tiu) earner at
1 the earth where peiple are able to
• read. He traveled in every known
■ character and opportunities of tiuj
■ land.
Hie books and letter* have done
f more to briar- to the maud a 11enter
' '■■ireptiau of the truth a* the proper
• than those of any utter person in
I the world.
I *
tar. mm only TEXACO. > mi
The qualified voter- of Farm Ijfe
School District are soon to vote a
local tax to -upfUement funis ap
ports.ied by the County Hoard of
Induration for the of a
six months school in the District, Not
any more reason w.nild there be in
voting against this levy of twenty
five cents on the one hundred dollars
valuation of property then there would
be in a husband's purrha.-« of a hat
at the ten rent store for a wife who
desired a Sunday hat. All types of
schools are or have been good for
their purpose ami day. The six
months school is food, it wa.- satis
factory in its .lay for most people;
it is the most expensive luxury on (
the educational market today The
next least expensive luxury is a six
month* school with a local tax to se
cure select teachers, mure equipment
of the necessary sort, and to operate
without burdening a few benevolent
pc»* ~ ms to furnish all the things nee
e- ary hot not furnished by the flat
six months of the
county. Two-thirds of the children of
Martin county enjoy the privileges of
an eight months school the abid
ed benefit derive*! frvn. having a
-pecial tax with which to purchase
-ame. Of course this type is to he
i I n-ler ihe present system I lie first
a»l second types ca'ino! le rla-sifie*l
for high school ».>.k, at any rate six
nonth of high schoij «i»rk in such
chools is not nti«riiiel as a gr:ol«'
of work when tearher- a|»ply to the
-ertifiratiou •lefmrtment for rertiH
r»tes on bast- of «ame. Nor «lo the
pnslurts of such schools fare better
in apfilying far entrance to colleges
It H hope*! that with aildit ional tax
Farm life School may take one step
nearer to having it- high -rhool work
recrgnised. IJkewi-e by means of this
'pcci»l tax it is evperted to secure a
Principal who can in a measure solve
-nme of the |-r«Mrm> of rla--ifiratien
arwl grading in a wa'y that five -rhool
years of six months each may he
recognized as the equivalent of four I
-rhool year* iif'«i|(ht months each I
The pn-lurt of u six months school
over a period of eleven gTa>le> has
-ixty-six months of preparation while
the giaaiuale of an eight month
s huj oter a period of eleven years
ha. et|.-M eight nunl. 1 !- of preper
ation. All other things being equal
•he Ihtl-imi of Teacher Certification
ami the MmL-.-ioU couinu.te*- of our
hest college- say the >tu*b-rit with
eighty -eu;M months of |«r»-niralK»|.
will he certificated or admitt»l ami
the slmient of sixty-six month- pre
paratsua mu-l stand an examination
for a certificate or admi-siwn
liefore a High School can lie ac
credited these are -ome of the condi
tioas to be met:
1. Tl* school lei in nubl be eight
i Ihr teachers iuu-1 l»4il high
-rhoil certihaliui of A and l> class.
1 A >et of u.ap- alei|uata- ainl pre
-rihil to mra-t tic nee*l- of high
-ckool stioieia- mu-t lie parchx-cd.
4. A library of thiee Ituiolreil vol
ume-with raid i»lex arsi -fo-ek -client.
IiJT mean- of *hict> Use aid pre-er
atM of l«oki- are iiuurni
a: Ttae j.erage itaily atteiwlance
nu-t he enough to ju-tify three teach
ers in the high -ct.oj -le part merit
Now if (he pal run- of Farm Ijfe
School cannot >ce their way clear at
•his time to purchase the best type
of school |»--itale t tie re are .-ome
; act- about the election ais I type of
-chool that will he available by me.iii
of it whirh hare been requested.
Wilt the committee be obliged to
-un a -chool for more than six month
-f the special tax carries? No. they
hate pri oil cd la consult lie patron
■ihaut the length of term.'
Who will determine the rate of
-|KCta) tax to he levied ar.nually ?
The rommittee on advice from the
peofie ran reque-t the County Com
inis oner» to lr\y a rata le-s than
t aer.t, hve cents but not to exceed
tweaty-five cent or: the one hundred
-iottar- idiutiM of property within
•be district
We do not know the committee
ail he unresponsive, but in they
were, how could s majority of the
i-nph make a school committee re
-poasive to Ihr will of the patrons of
the rhailT When a district rates a
special tax. the Koard of Krfncatioa
act lax oa a mandate from an election
or a majority petition, may appoint
not to exceed five members. Ry Ids
piniiiisn of the law the will of the
Majority is ImW:
When is transportation of school
cbßdren inuviied in Martin County ?
And for haw long* When if 11l mt
ehddre a. not less than twenty, justi
fies a pgr capita per day haulage east
m the local school aearest nben they |
(Comtbmed oa P»*» F«or| •
' • T. . 14 ■•. L f - • 4
Ve-ter*lay afternoon. Mr. '
Mi M jr.nmg wa- riding hts h-.r -f in {
the *i**U driving cattle, wher -i»ler J
ly he heard a ratt!e-nakr "sing" ap i
patently ah»ut the l-r^-e' 4 feet. The
h»»rse jampti hack immediately, show
inr signs of pain arst, raps'ly irrew
worse until he- !ie*l in alwa! ten or
twelve minute- afterward.
TV bashes wene thick up to knee
high arui Mr. diii nut -ee i
the -nake. I-si! say- it must hate heen
a large one iolrirc fri.m the "sing
ing - of hi rattles.
When a search yj- IT. tue fur the
reptile he was gore. The hor-e was
hi" I err or, the le» near the ankle. TW
horse was a very fw one an.l *.is
only abut ter tears oM.
Rattle sitakrs are scry numrrou in I
that sertwn of the c*»urly. mth Is
near the upper part of Sweeten water 1
* J
Body Buried at the I >avis
At her Inn*" tr. K*«ky M«»unt.
where she with lei fanuiy nnvr-i
from W dliam-t.K. t.nly two months
ago. Mr- John I' Marti die*! Tue
■kiy afterr—n a! fnur oVlnek from
heart failure folh>«.ng an attack of
acute imtigestion vlivh -he luml suf
frre>l that morninc.
In early maidenhood she was mar
ricd to John l». Ward, and since their
marriage untd a short while ago she
ha- made her trolrw in M illiant-ton
Mr. Hani die>l at tbr home here a
bout two year- ago ami they are sur
vived by eight chd-ifen. some of them
of very tersler -years arsl they hate
the sympathy of the entire com
munity in their I*- The children
are. J. I*. Jr.. Norman. Wbreler. Ft an.
arsl Mt—e-s Stella. Kuby, 1 ucille ami
Mary. Mrs. Want is also,-urv:ved by
three sisters ami one brother. Mrs.
Anunda Cannadt. Mrs. Fannie Pago,
ami Miss Maggie tiurganu- ami Mr
James tiwrganu-
She was a member of the Men*-rial
lUpti-1 church, hat ing jurnol the
rhurrh in early life. ISefote leating
Itocky M«oi.t a -hort ami -mjJe
fum-ral service wa- held in the l»»me
by >Se l"r»—byteria i minister oh • will,
hi.- wife ha>i k>oll> mini-terenl to th
family m tnine- of -«rkne-s. Ito t bft
KuL> Moui.t on the naoroiiit; trun
Meilne- lay roaching William-ton al
nuort ami the body was then taken to
the family reaetery al the David
t iurranw- home where lie irderment
took place. Rev. K l_ Shirley of the
Kajrfist Church c»mlartrd the s*r
vires al the grave whore a larre
crowd was in attendance for Ihe last
-ad rites.
Mn.-ljy N h-4 » 4-i.
Morning wor-l.ip 11 '*»
livening «ertire
Services ■ ill be hei-l at J.Mi p m
' at ltigg> srhmd bare.
Reports of the , recei t Harare
- l"hilatiea cociveatmr. wdl le made alur
■ Ing the etas- -r»->ai of the e two
splemlol orxaaixaliun-. Sumlay moro
ing. TV |o-t»r is very antiou.- to
have a good repre-e-i.ljlu-i of the
i church ami Sua-lay -clxJ at the Ka|>
list Samaoer w* a ich content
next week al Moreae-a-i City. A -plen
diil program. g»—l b4r! vo.nola
tions at a very rea-onalde rate, -urf
lolhiar ami «4her recreations prwmi-e,
to make H a delightful trip
I. ; _______
Mrs. Carrie kigg> William- enter
, tained at tnw I abb - of bridge at the
. lovely old R%r> home in New Town
. on Tarsday eveni» from nine until
. eleven thirty. .Shalrd lights and sum
r user flower- made tbr hoaor even
, pr -ttier than nsnzl. »
Those who were |«vilest t-. enjoy
I her hospitality were. Mr. and Mrs.
I Oscar Amler* »m. Mr. aad Mrs. Elbrrt
I Peel Mr. and Mix J. C Godanl. Mr.
. aad Mrs. Joba W. Mar.ning ami Mr
. Julia- S. Peel
A salad coarse with sandwirhes ami
r mw.
I Misses PUtb Hams. Curie lee
r Peel, Emßy Waad Radham aad Messrs
. Caylotd Han i—a arl Wis Baoker
matarrd to Wimdaor Iteday aight
_ 1 —— -V-: -.-v: —~ —
j , ;
Mr. Trice Secures Ex
tension of iioute V.'hile
In Uashing ton
T l'r* raiM j
'l* i.rpuWrj* nxnrnlsac L-!' mr>'k.
where he t.sik a :-mi 5,.4 at ill tl*{
•hit hn*s«*.
*•" "»*»t i>. rr. ilui hr .Ihi j
not foryet h:> )Uit:a r.faly friet*. I .j
for he : »-.»t tc* (ociMku to i
- *FO hf i', jriM ma;l !
S'T l«rr.:i Sve 'jin,!#. j n 1
llear tin-, jr.! frwi Ilitau, town- J
•Jiip- TL>vv ti>n i-..f.»np have
rw»t lu>. !(■'  i • fimnc of run,
ma 1 wfriw.
TV [ rr.«! r-.-a r. nuniU-r 1*..,
|«tl! !* mmM frws mr t*e J s I
ll'ee| u the kw. Furr
rr (Wl. J I! |» IWI. V I» Aver-.
'• f* !W>*k aib-l
Tlii-*4 the 4 *> tntle.
wWh l- r..* :r. J» ;ai s 3e- l..ntr an.i
infffom ir c the jijn of
r.irrarr :'r.—i $I_5T«l «9 tA lk .
I*r >f3i
Tfce ir»>rrt m..-1 i& ia\mr ;;si|« t«,
rarr? the mart W It* nlr nf tmt;
Mirtir, c«Htr:\ (uiilm-
The only m|3>ir«ni ihr caterl.
It!* fit
op mail h> \f. an Ike rirkl of the
rw>l. ra'M tWw w» v in,j |,ij« tkr.r
'a»K on tinem
Mr. IVk* 1. alni. «e the *4, when
it n>mr» !•> -m ils tl* it if I
better mail firilit*-
u. ij. iiilxTjorK
lultit'k, )B>r t»_—i.i|>ir>Mic com
iw uiwn of U* lu of the
•VvMtfu'.Mt 11* l-w. r-J of lhmiM> 01
IN? North ( ruliiu «;rower !
1 «wi«Tj.iVf V»u«oi.n at tVir an ]
i.ual T- Ml f rißtnl I . IS. ISUIw I.
KiUltH 01 A K. !(•>:
,~>rtitUr> I rri-iuft l»r It U ki
Korr. Uji, if of tr.«-
• Sul ' , «i> eWttxl t to
nrm>l VV 1| uf ,-4Bi!li6rJ!.
Mr. Sdutrr. -kdiarvl, «* jctvuii! ..f
ill InllK. to ,«nr Ivam is I'n
.let.l of the- AtxrulM
It* pre-ent Uol'l n«-i t- ui \.
A. IW, Uetlu*. ok Taylor.
Wliilikrr-; JiAeT TW*.
I- A. S|(T«K. J. r |"ark
rr. i.ut.neii; I•, |; \\ Kdr«r'
K tt 1 kri-t.n,. MiMiv-la r;
l»r t; M l"at.-. l:.«Lufci. % Utljrl.
«rn, lUf«r>l; wl) l_ |. k«4.:n—,i
V* »k .hviu. "Ifc* vol) ir* n*«tl*r- of
tl* i*ar>i irr l*r k.««»-»«-. Mr-ir>.
Taylor. Tkunr an»l I" ikrr
The- l iTrt if I Moni(t>r c-0r..;.-
«■' I- l» u jmtf (>■(... It u
Chrirtiaa. a-*l U \
''•"V. Meifcuw. turr-srwr vMli tl*
iwre-j-lrnt an»l t»prr-almt
Woiii-iii Attorney
(.'eneral 11 lames
Political Pulls
tta hk.r!M. Jut* IT l-.-M*- at_«»
pulitirtan> jf n~|M iljr f,. r m.. t
p»oS enforce— m tr-«Ur>. \|r ■
Halm' tt -krr tt lib fcra- i«. av-bUnt
attorney smml of tl* I nited State*
l"kl Ikr "'Ulf lt>ur:, rt t
i»»r r.-n.m.Mre in Urtr ki«rt of
k.wy «•—tin*mn/ t»lai
Senator* jh.l narrrvam them
»akr r-.f..rrvm« n loir.) t.y m
rcL.un.tUr for i- of
wM-key |*rwtif- t» |*r « ah,,
hr.iabl »o( knr thm M.I f«* ap
I—ii-Snwnt of a . Jij rko
»" ""»•*» or BMfcks* Hrs. Hult
•- : L_l. __T—»
' N*ar». Ju* IflL -Eqsal rifkl- f«r
I *i«rt twk a* »«iwr >lry forvani
'»l»r >■*• tkr |liMt> fVstral
Radvay aUarWJ U it> St. | M i
Ch *ar» 4aylkrW a I Tl)[
a»>l -MiAwr rar far ■—l ■_ TWr
| "*y umlw Ikrir b m
;|£,?Si2- - r "^ :
r v - '
t •
I,■ ~ ,
-v *
I u % -7T—
~ * .. v
tori: si bm Kinio*. antn
Bunk Owen's Case C "on
(iumd to ! % ft-mber
! T* r Jiiti.- -if l". M rt* rt«n
jty Sopt-«-f r r«.- rt cr* u 2 Ha*
j n>lrr>Li) aiUrtkaiiL VvthiK l*at
rriniaai fix- car.* wti. : nwit
j for trial viSb ikr of oat*
j .livorre C3-r. l»r. (Tu-'c T. ' .*4m*ck
j\W>«s M .r 1 - KdHbiL i»s aakt a 4j-
I vi-'.x- *i. :tse'~! on .t«t«ry
' rrowiMt.
T' •» -a£* 1 ;n* ! i ;.-k n- wms
o>i timsfii to tfc - r» \! «f n«t
t« await' lk.- :*iv yar*wt of the
wourt.! of thr »r—Tv. TrH w%■ Owens
! r *N »'* I v *hvA .s' wh«* **■ «tPI mUr
to ;Urr«i rout.
T ? next rrs«!ir Um #' the Sw
t*ri.,r ruart w j** r • V - .3 tr* .«r
--ooi Mo-vLm r I -*r-.TT • -»r fV .V|4em.
!*•• lew! ¥a elim ki a ircmt
«r' of tHe l«—-i>latsre
\Vn.f r «.s S.y a » «ly
» i ; -■ 1> !i wi>- » af
T .»• .u;a i-m- i.-- frwaa
tne w«- t ami mitrroi oter tW ton.
!4o«:r>r tr* r*j..t odf tk.- patit 4ar
ii>! U|> routing -nrnl tree- j« n_
Mary «»f the itrwt. wnr kr '
the tr**- ar,,t air>in% - sere
hy linLs . j«l dygau; aavd>
by the win.-.
limi-S tt>N\ ENTION
AT 11 \miTllN (OHAT
I The Atriul Couay Cumnerji* of
- tke \Voisv— \| «*jrv
■ tie> «.!- !*+t *lk sk* lofliil
• hurrh at ll im i:.* to'ii Mrs,.. J,„
|i l!> -r . ranty pre *le«!. I »f*>! to
I |4ari for tke fwrfir - M- |; L
Shirley at.l other t«4 pu in •♦*■
Tkii-r attemiins Ike r>> ivrtiM
from the rkarrk were tt'-.bMl
J l». A. T rnwfarJ. IV S.
j«'ourt:*y, k I Shirley. I iirrwe
j I'eef. (• \\ Hil'N i*. ttw» r Mar
' j tin. Sr. II I Me, t t-.F 1" % I* r» 1
' W I Tayt.r. W J !!..(-• titkar
J 'r«ler «.n :in>l M» *'irrw K«wj
I Willtaro
■ 111 1111 t Illy.lV-, ti!
«i \KIIN t 1 Nl%
1 »r..i to e\|*e .* m. jutm- it_aA-
Ito the |e |'l' trf Sljr!a l> .«s(y fo.*"
ti* (iota ..I o t -t> rt _**>*,*, 1 ny in
J* ti«i.l |4>nor . My -irfea. *v> ki
r a mall ina»..ritt a.-= 1 %*->, 0/ tl*
fart tlat I wa.- not fal«frd ! L tl*
i*r».tial Wf if'Tt* or •« anjr m
;he |r»i4r o: the luaii ai.i tbi I
ha«l «mil> a tew Jay- m wfcart *0 rak .
i*f«»re tl* ptimr>. I *V«I »a! |l»e
t umter of istr- I >,» .o*
ikinr I -tuukj ki/>! ■§>%■* nSe. It
■ will I* a ririt piea to . > to e*-
my H -em»
l«.»l«le »j every wai I jp»->AC ran
Very .wrmrly » »r•.
At tkrir I-,«fwe -fl Ibiifkt j -tree*.
Mr.- C. \. Ilafti.-M etter a
t.ait fa jr little frirer! J k
ft ila a_. hler. Mi-.- I!li*»-a* —»e. M
k.».r of t(* liolr r.rf* m t. I^rtk
' Oat'leor fanes WW pL.) I f.-r an
kowr and Ifcen trft«ta(*s? -*M*
of ire cream. eaJte-i. f»-»"•- a I cunliK
II I>* far lof Sea.r w-a the re
ripieet of pt>T frHl' rift "»■ *»r
r Vt of fra-ikk
I „
P "
' Mr. I.ul!*r IVel left iki
r Tlirnai ti Ikr cwaaCrj •» M. H-
J Water tn RalrtA fta* Tk
-er» e % trna m the p-wuew« f J aal
*" lev- than ten ytar ,h ™ l
fifteen yew- They were nr.-
by Messrs J. O. Maamr
L Ifc-lewee.
Aim tcaammx
TV- h«s zmd the Ait- V»l
'eet tn h:rk (ay« 0«» I pjaJesifl
Irsrhwr the pßtty little
a chance «T thr Mr.
, » 1 1 "■ jw . ,t ~
,-Dn jraa h*T

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