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(*trW«l* Ra* »•
I «f-T T
a ■■■»■ *
at tW ***** 04» •• *»'
- NMtk " 4 "* v "'
nun av. Ji\E at i«»-
1W tr«*v or* •« «»i«H
a , ar ~f- —■ No » (bin
—~ M f -u w Mrar » far a-
Ikr EwmUfßnwiw «*|
ll m>- (Ita! Ikrn l> u- ■«■»! r» i« '
imi tte t*J? i*»r ">*: - r,f
KM is tew Uir- dw a tae mm « 1
p*r a 2 tfar r«a>: Ijw
I» Lv l**i three ■aetfc- •!«*
tn&. n »«« to* pw li- •* i- -•
pre! t-r a rtatrr i» !»» isr.' 'uH.:/
YM May pa— 1«- at it* » «f
htj..- .lark or t»»*«
TW pablv it t* i»r k-i ii> ll*
kTr'ilfTff ur tuill ' lut -- of ! •«••« I
Cat tW t>Oß!a(* o-f 1 •««* '• *
ibfc KU U* BaUr?"
Thr - -U -air«! r»!«>- It* I
Lil i- MttfcMw it- iH"'*- '''
it fo r »' Han f. l
U> eanbO! k«4 l«e» ll* IM »•
n Hill lu «J» '•# flk« 1 *«e IV." '
tviM tru|> btxaft." f.. »*.rv to-"
■ -i'-f rti» it' a ***»•'.
iUut fiM-Jt or «*-arif t '«* ''l
m> fakl;
if ft* l«> j t'-j !k> e ■*«
rif la tiu.- «»* 't* it i**
tif p*v-pvrt* • Ifcl' !* «i>i t: •
of iw rvtM iUIr- tk " year. r -  -
M tjufar Iv r«r'. r—i «S» «•' '""
CfOp ■»!> tbU i - *t pr« Ml!
t*-i ~r llSu- !» r a«Jh.
Ku! ■Ji tar lir •«- «. I* »V 1
kr a Ur>* ?irt •« «-» •
Hut w«l! tS* Mill »>l ■».•* w&~.
« J !l> A»? *- t-*! •J" Si*- * 1 .
«l 4»"
I -is« fuer !■>#■ »i.i- ■■•-*• J l
»ifnn» St*- tiae t f:«-
lt! M_i» W >(«*>' .
tW *"W "u amettf
TW uhi»l- »f iW lii;'
|»-i an Wits »t'. ;s* 'jiiun «-»_
■im \v* e IW (itur I* m I
ml MUii t*«e .ftuaarir t- *«w a- I.
I l*r v I cu«*rt m -*>- »aB »•«»■
Uk. wnt p«A(>: U- W a i«r> M»u-nr v;
Lug —**. f»T e-*»* tW -_ Lytal
TVBBrf e./t-. a«»S »*i»r«f> ■»«»«,
w*fit ie»l :Mttal is«f tnal*
•nit I MUXsni SEKVES
TW inu/t *» fn«}iM s y Im.
«fc. -i lu I iiiK M, of Vrll. Car.
U« b laW Im fun lit«-I.f tlx
btauiaul aU«ui.- «f !l# SuWlt
«- - —— ■——— ————-
"j : - I
An Invitation
;i ' " I
i 4 TEND OTK . „
•.* J
Birthday Party and An- !
gSI i 5 . " fi ■
nivrrsary Sale, Now go
y ing On. | _ I
The Greatest V'J
dale Merchandise ev- J
in the city of Washinl
Young Mei
■yrt ; >
If tW critic is aihd tW yiwi '•
his W does not *>««e*ally j
i upon the adutwwb slaa* "
tW more tUadamd aodnur I"' J
He b more likely to .peak rf tfcr
I situation ptveti by tlie I t#
pul.U (siiKalion. to mria! work, aw
to peneral information He «*»• t*j
think of the I nhrersity as a crater;
frx.m which is emanatmr a rfcihriy I
iaiMi influence whirl; 1- Wri 1'
( ; felt throujrtMvut the state He tier* s**t
\ think of the nt.ier insular
where muei of the leaniinr was ke|
' Mecnirely loeke.! u| in the k»»*
' hiwi da»d library l«»»r>: but of at
■«n-ar of puljie ser\ iee, a lirHt -*t \
at. a hill enlictitenint th# w-ri.l |
IHoward U. (Mum ir. the I Wrwrity
j Xew s lietter.
ivtekest pay i:ic im*ii»»:ni«>
I Ai«>ut twenty years aw !» lite
| |>M lluttbara. arrivinr >«
ft u, or; a latf train. -r !~«•-*
ine for tlte nirht at a little Mtiqnl
;eti inti war Kn*a«! Street StaEwe A
lit I. !-ra* iiiui: liehiim t ri» a>.-.irii
'' , .
-e»i Mm tt> a nn>r. am) tapjm! a
\i. heR •«.- a|»|ieafe«i. Ti* Itttie c«3?
t j
matt twk lluliiunl s bar an»: »*«.«.«
•jfeis truest to a room. Tw !tttle ;i?y
|mm then trwtteii l«urk >i.»wiii-ta«f- '
; a|r.. tr««tt«i iiark arair witk a c»-.«■«
*.f k* water.
Kmtmw \\ Jenrtm|r> was tr** wfM»>
! a>! it thU pb>. Ilf i» w*«-
f»m-u>r 4»f «»f rhila»irlr>f ia - swf
1 fuwlTii (in>|ini»f lrt»lri.v
i, Uifk »•. the lifr «kf aey &uijr .
ainl you will fin*: tiffcaC I#
*-a> otif wlti rrt-ver limiifrti Ch* Irttk
ii»» btiMatir. - j
iMt «•%# r wa ttM> >nia!! I»» br tfttff*
j itif. l iit- fart i> m» \.AI ry-*ahil-e0»"'
1« U- tin lot -rfi isr">Mr**i; %~'wr r
v..l«j Ih I- !lf» Uf»' ft »F Ir, -#■ y|ja
■i-np,  oiln r's
Wr ff lhp I'iraf j #
it. I. fir i ml»u. ft '*•
i »*• T.Virk> fnml »»r BufK - -
«.«*• tigr •ir-a!
. 4.r* k. J»rn*k. fc»r»rk - >
-•pM-tli.i!'* witk* Krtrk
Tiu-n. tif-n thirtkinf rrckF Bhar*.. *:»
an |ick .-v%i o- lu*..-* a-K
H i: ft r Itttrr. M. I~
»tijrinr thr l*» iuk%r fc »r*rk c*jl
uii f! ruiutrudfi t«* (iw i j*#**
It ma>t l»* tbae -r
* jiliit • until t^i# 1 •»r»iit an*r »- **»# -••1
t*fi or lif til Oir t. *r
l.i * k rolumit.* «i«»fS« *•«
rai tfort»-»?
a»ui «hr JkJl**-
" lo%r Wtuiif >*• pumrf'i'i- taual »*-«
I ar« •n ir.f m»!4 t*> uC a taMnv
..*ki lif. r* ta:' \ i"_ >talt'
I nr. iw»t ;•» mrnftii« tb# il la ■*>*
fu-«.Mil! thrrie t- i*»j |«-«nr
■T«».save your money and
to s:\ve vour car. i"S*»
only TKXACO.
-1 666
( . is a |M«-srrip(iMi for thl>
.ul le»ri. Ilrp.arate m lUwut> Inter.
It IlliU tW (MM. I j
t* pmt ale "tax" tbas on the Uto. !
i v i
TW openia* of tW Pitt County,
CwMWty Hospital at Ciumile
'Bait- tW aihreot of another pwHj
■MwM in Eastern North Cars-;
| Im at l.reeriTille f the
3t r of As kiul to be ojjene>! in this,
'ui: of litf State. It L» i>i>e of the
I ... - :
i 9u»l U)> to date in IftL K»I. nn»».~
ll L T. I'Kkowi.. prescient .101
|ltawK»f of the hosp.lai, L- uue of >
|Ue W?4 expenetite«i ami iuu-1
S fri -arrtnu.- in tl«e State. He was the
ciei yrrrw; at the V.iLsor> Saic
>ain. for s nambel of )oi>.
* i.'Jt Naitiii cu«inty shoukt ha\e
( •1. like unto Pitt it ha> not.
nz* ih lint ab>etirr of a hospital. &
Lurv*- -»x-.k of our county will br:
:l* I'itt county mslitiitwii to he ipiuf
■ i ruArUCe
Xakie uj your mirw: pet tW full
..nii-jity Mil of tla! ear of your>_
«.3v« n TEXACO »ax>!ir«e. the
' •>■ JtiiTiSe fas
ibet. ti«e lifrer«-r»c»- \« re!
> mi> istxe) V wi.rtt «f m«Jtor-actH»f
• *ery time you stop at «>ur TEXACO
" TlereV athiei power. >{Uirk 1
. «*-et >tartu»r. >r. iftii t
air: nxtre mile.- per gallon ir TEAA
? _X (uxjine Afl :_-k for TEXACO
Oji. clerr. (r>4ner.-cwk>r*»'
•t " "ull l«o>!ie»! Or* stan* for •w'.fc—
3*. purnin t« «ur • -rai!i.iu!l»r
«• - Ma>ltia Jii.s wl«> left u.-  M
j •-_» aeo Inlay. June i',l. iiri"..
; •«!» iiraret rr4i»imo!b-i.
faMell mother tirar.
Vm «wrr tie oiwi- of thy 1 -leair
luur will K've u »»y.
V. of they .-weet prattle. r«-
t»fi thr ft«»r.
I"i*r darllr.f rrar hi -
4 .• to Tiir kvti Ki:i k is»:
- *
yi ANI" 1 'AC''"KI*« • '
! £ NO! FT)] K FA' "i"( )RY
t'r-'ii: rock of the Highest OualilV
*L;- iMi'oiriMii iHKWtr.v r.^i-'Kor.:
' ' v { " .*«A
V * , • 1 * i \
•;It analyzi siiiL-l=cr. i.- ground finer. mh! is ;
li; whiter in color than any other ;>!n:;tev on v
the inarket.
'j| , "IT IS THK-lIKST 44
Ask us for name of dealer nean-st you
B iy wi
Kaslcrn Cotton Oil Co
| I ML 4 * % S f~«
j Buy 1924-1925
Auto License
j In Greenville
1 '' ' I''
After hme Kith, you i ay st-mv your •
auto licence by applying 1 . our ranch j
HI ollieeinOroe iville. N.C. in&'nl \» r ii ih i: h j
1 as heretofore.
I j } i I
We have be«*n authorized to distribute
auto license in I*itt and adjoining counties ]
I I hv W. N. Kverett. Sec. of State
8 ■ ' I
In applying for license send certiiieate
i . of title \Ve J a!si>-is.iue certificates of titles.
i " " ; J r . -' -1
B. K i'A'iKR K, Loeal Acrent.
| *~I»U3' Your licvttse in (ireenvUie"
—-A - -
m EXmtPRISE, ■njmmfion. MOOT CAROUWA.
(left u. forever more. h
And now that He has called thee hour
I to thy eternal sleep.
May your happy face be smiling
while those who love you weep.
[Farewell our precious cranny; on on,
j loss we cannot dwell.
Bo: in Heaven we hope to meet thee
! until then farewell, farewell.
!ly her ftrarxl daughter, Roxie
Joaey , Route 4, Williamston. X. C
j l:j virtue of a sale contained in J
! that certain mortpcr execute.! and,
J ikl.vfiifti to G. E. Harris by W. K J
j  larrctt ano wife, Annie Garrett. and ,
aJ_ ,»•. Wynne and wife. Maty Wynne
dated the 19th «iay of November IKi,
and recor«le«i in Book F-2, pace 4."2-
in the l>tnster'f Office in Mart it
County, the undersigned will oil Satur
oi the 14th «iay of July 1924 at
12 «."ci«ck nocm expos? to puMi
before the Courthouse do«.r ili, W:i-1
liamston, North ('aroliiu. to tSe » ~.- 1 j
r.4 hkiiied for ca>h, the fo!ir>"~i». * de- j
-r-itiM! tea! property to wit
Lyiiij: and lie in: in the T»»: *•" I
Jan»e.sville, Martin Court;. . N>rt- j
Carolina, and isfint the property" »' •>>. |
on Mary Ellisoi resided at the t n»e I
of her death. a i*i.lior. of w'_:e. j*r>»- J
;erty was conveyed to t'ie -c' Mai;.
Ellison by John \V. Ilin -taie aii* l S;
tt'i.i taker, Commissioners, by -ieed re
rofxie.! in Book FF- paw S* in the
Register's Office in Martin C.-urty. X.
Tiiis sale is intemled to cover all
of the land owned by 1'!. «-r>
at the time of tier death.
Ti l- sale will be made for the i».r I
lose of satisfvinjr the term- of sjV ]
»«« ilttape This the 4th ury «.f 'uirl
G. K. HAItRIS. Mor.-*a-*e.
|!y llelle Harris. Executrix •' th? I
Estate of G. E. Ilarri-, «iec asetl.
F_ C. Harding. Attoroe;.
S l* 4t j
tieier and by virtue of the author- j
it) «-•>. f» t r«( upon us in s 'tee-' of I
tru-i execute-! I>y Hannah Uf**buck or!
the Ist day of June 1 '.12'.. : • I rwor»' j
e*l in the Tuxil of Wortrr»- '--2 t.ase J
*ll. w« t> :! 1 mi Sail. :v he "itH|
-ia;. of July IW4, ut 12 >l «k • -•»: ?
"! the r«urt?!i-u V.i.x»r in V.r.m tM j
ii a-, public auction for e «. to li I
■ i
highest bidder the following land te-?|
wit: 'j
AD that certain tract or parcel «f i c
land Ijrtac ud being in Rohersonville !
r»W3ship, Man n County. S«tr. Carw- •
lina. containing ST 1-2 acres more or}
less, hounded on the Northeast by (
Matthew Parker Swamp, w the South 
by the lands of John Dixon and J. L
William* and Henry h«e, on the
Southwest by the lands of X. O. Van- j'
Nortwick and on the Northwest by  1
' the lands of X. O. VanXortwick. and
! being the same land deeded to Han- "
" nah Roebuck by H. L Ro ouck and
■wife and J. Alex Roebuck and wife. •
' more particularly described a* fol
lows: to-wit:
l>-i-inr ing at the mout> of Bee
I! ranch in Matthew Parker Swamp,
thence along the said swamp to X.
O. YanXortwick"s corner in saw
-tramp. thti«e South U We t '-f
feet, thence South 5 degrees and Is
minutes West MO feet, thence South
ij"» la.-.- Ifil't feet, Xorth 4u
[degrees and 30 mini.'* East llf
i feet, thence Xorth 1". iit M fwt
( to the I>e Branch. !>&« along Bee
| Brarcf Xorth 81 Ev! "»• r *et Xorth
8: East 4TO feet. North Z6 East Id
jfeet. Xortfc 79 degrees ar-i Sr. minute -
| East 229 feet to the beginninr.
j TVi- »ale is mate bv rensi-r. of the
j OM Folks' g
■ 1 began UM.-g Back- a
• Drangbt over kite yean ago ■
, 4B aad my expwnn.t with it P
Mm atretcbee ow a |—d long am
i ® time." aays Mr. Joe A. Bhke ■
C more, a Cwfl War veteran B
U and foemer who ia M
_ now a r.tiaen af I
• Floyd. Texas. -It ia the bart •
• laxative I kno * of far aid M
I = pteple .. A g®"J many feen 5
I ■ ago. ia VkjaiA I anad te V
get liliai and 1 foaad that
S WlwWwt - SMlcm ■
S la Texaa I have these tfltaai S
■ attacks entry a— and tWa—
«| a man wUi Mm** any A
I where, jrwj ki»w—and I and _
W that a Itttie Hnck-Dcangbt V
A ami atrnightaea am ad. ■
M After a few ia Rttla ar B
• no time I'm all ifcht again.- W
Tbcdford*a Btack-Drnugbt
• is a purely riftabli baer am
■Medicine, used m America far ■
aver eighty yeaia- It acta aa IP'
a the dsnaA, Ihtt asd bomb A
= in gentle, natanl way, aa- 5
V siMing duration and I
; An August Sale In June
JHRL, We have never offered
FT such tremendous Values
A Jj . right in the heart of the
h —> 'frmjT ~mTT —"7 ~
7 \ season.
«. f jr J n\j/ m We tell you frankly why
ji: 1//1 fiß you can ' ,uy c ' ot hes now
£' fIL W® -MB at Augu>t Clearance Sale
v Vr W PHces
-I \v / IK ~V 1\ % lllllllpilj New Spring - Suits, latest H
f \\ English cut clothes and
1 i\ other fashionable models
1 V:p for you UK men and men
l|2 rj ijt f son's newest shade; and
wag U > JBEj \ J color effects, also semi-
r conservative and conser
-1 vativc models for men and 
VJM B-^3 w y } '- x men in beautiful
woi-.-li-'s, unfinished wors
-7* - teds and Cashmeres Lin
' / . en Fali.i Reach $7.50 up.
/ 111 We carry a large stock
By J\ I © suit® ' n tJie regular
4 , j/ I s alaJr models and we can fit you
i if you will grive us a triaL
P ' •. . .___—_—1
: '. ■ - : • j
Harrison Bros. & Co. J
fadare of Hnnnah Bifburk to pep a4T
and discharge the indebtednrw ae
cared by said deed of trust te the
North Carolina Jeiat Stock Laad Bank
of Durham.
Libby's Corned Beef Hash, 2 lb. can 18c
Libbys Corned Beef 1 lb can 25c no 2 can 3 *>c
Wesson Oil, Pint 38c Quail 51c
_, r , . ) : ,i
Cheese, Bt st American, lb. ——2Bc
Tub. 11) 50c
Rin'l KK, Hose,
It 2 lb. prints, lb. 55c
Sai-dines. American in Oil. can 5c
I j Salmon, Alaska Tall eon 15c
!j Now Potatoes, lb. 4c
. Pest (iranulated. lb. 8c
:j !aaitl. l>est Pure. lb. ~ lsc
• 11
|t ("a; •■>]»! ell's Means. Can - 9c
i). i ( ake. Assortment of 8 kinds, lb. -25 c
The lk*st by Every Test
I i '
(jCip i ride Bread, 21 oz.
] wrapped k»af 9c
j HD. P. Bread, I/wif IC>O/ . 7c ||
I). P.  'offee, Tlu* Worlds lU st Drink, lb. IT/c
j a-
I Steel cut, uniformly .oro: *!, and roasted
j fresh daily in our )#!ai t.
• This tte M> day of J*. 1«24-
i PA NY. Trustee.
: Dirham. N. C.

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