North Carolina Newspapers

Teachers of Xlae School Rendered a Very Interest
ing: Program Relating To Independence
Day at School Auditorium Friday
The teachers of the Martin County
sunnier school gm a very interesting
program at the school aailitorium
July 4th, followed by a splendid ad
dress by that willing worker and al
ways ready patriot, Francis D. Wins
ton of Bertta.
Mrs. C. T. Roberson at the program
rnmmittoo had a well arranged pro
gram as follows: Scripture reading
by Supt. Pope; Prayer by Her. E. D.
Dodd. Miss Dixon at thn piano led
many patriotic songs in which nil
Joined in singing. Miss Elsie Green
rend a historical sketch of ladepen
edenc Day. Tha Declaration of Inde
pendmct was read by Iflsa Darenporr.
Miss Hodges rend a paper on the flair
and its meaning.
Judge Winston was then
and he mad* one of the best speeches
in his entire history. He presented it
as a lesson in history.
The Fourth of Jaly was thn *tt»*.*
of tha speech, which day he said was
now the only universal day, universal
ly celebrated in America as political
freedom day. tTntO the Civil nar it
was more cherished in the South thai
in any other section of tha country
In the days of strife lulnow .he
North and South the eelefacattau of the
day was neglected for a time Now.
however, it is again universal :n
every state.
In describing America ami its dis
covery by civilisation after it had
worn-kaelf down in the world, he call
ed H Rod's last stand for the earthly
freedom of man.
Discoveries are generally made in
■ivest of g-dd. Man, in seeking the
things he most desires may find he
things he most needs even tl««;'"
iuite different from what he expect*
Seven Presidents of the fatted
States warn deaignated aa the Presi
dents of freedom. They arete as fol
lows: Washington, not a lawyer, not
an ndwntad man. wily a surveyor
gave us freedom from kings end for
ever insured us ngainst kingly rain.
Jefferson gam us freedom from
priests, guaranteeing to all religion*
bodies freedom for all than ta come.
Monroe gave na freedom from con
quest, when he wrote tha famou*
document now culled the Monroe Dec
trine, which says the Western
phere shall remain free from the con
quest of greed by foreigners.
Jackson gave as freedom of the
sens, when he laid down ta England
the doctrine that no roan try may take
any citizen from America a ships re
gardless of where found.
Lincoln gave freedom ta the slaves
The doctrine that ail awn are nwlnl
Cleveland gave ui freedom of trade.
A doctrine that ta his day had not ex
*>t*d between many wHwm
kr-oeevalt gave as freed em of Navi
gation whereby a new principle and
new opportanitiea were giten ta the
World's cmumcrca-
Wilson gave nae freedom from war.
. The wir dogs of the world are still
growling, yet war donn mar rapid*)
vanishing and covenants and reason
are dwtiaad to settle dttfuwaees-
A historical sketch ef Wflaoa was giv
en by Mr. Winston, showiag his train
ing for lemienhip for a greater free
dom and how he sought ta obtain •
broader horisoa, a, wider vision for
human freedom and fauama goad.
The work cboaen by Wflaoa was
teaching, going from on* stage of
the profession to another aatfl he be
came Pi evident ef Pitaiutea lldma
in the tiwt ridden state ef New
J cure
W ilsoa's Democracy bad made aacb
aa impression an the penpla of that
callir r him to the Governorship. In
this office was |pl seen thn real po-
I'tieal power ef Weodraw WBsea. He
found n Democratic Ban and a Mn
peblicaa Senate, yet he farced re
form* through which had hate with-
M'l : t jll previous tinea He gate
tion act, i unapt petite act, public
utilities, direct eleetisna. Up to this
oMnenefthe state H
The ef Weed row Wflesn aa
G'«trar of New Jersey wan tha haw
of the i naatij'n call to Ite in in MIS
to ser.a as Pruilil ef the laitad
3fale«. the aa* Id's greatest at lien
President we w wdl kaowa that they
aeed an review. In the bnaißum at the
Vgrnnt World War WWaam'a mastery
w*s the adadnietratisa at the auHd.
But for his greatest work, he had
been preserved t» go to Fnripi «ad
there sit sunwaaded by htegs aad
princes. Preside ate and pntaatatea
yielded to him nad a limae was farm-
N.• '
(Ry Frank Parker)
The North Carolina cotton crop has
i improved 2 per cent during the post
. month. The June 25th condition of
; 73 per cent indicates a yield of 249
. pounds of lint per acre for this state.
I The planted acreage is estimate*! at
I acres, resulting from an (
i per cent increase in the acreage over
- that standing a year ago. The present
crop condition is 7 per rent less than
. last year's June 25th con.lit ion The
r ten year average is 78 per cent. Ac
centing to these figures, the pros pec
I tive production is indicated at about
KMUfcm hales
It will lie rrmemhered that the 1923
cotton crop gave North Carolina a
irjik of second in the cotton produc
tion of the I'nited States with 1.0211.-
000 bales produced at an average of
290 pounds of lint per care. It is well
known that the cotton growing condi
tions during the past season were al
most ideal. July resulted in a record
letting of bolls, which, by virtue of
Irter conditions were enable.l to de
vleop ahead of the disastrous holl ]
weevil damages during bite August J
ami September. I'ndcr boll weevil con
ditions, it is the early crop that is a
good on.i. . j
The conditions this year show the j
crop to he 11 to 12 days late, plant a
»mall, tendency to grasainess and with
the frequent rains washing out fer
til iters. The best cotton condition* are
fount I in the inner central Coastal
Melt, extending through the mnin
part of thp Piedmont counties. The
northern part of the licit ami the
Coastal counties haw experienced un
favorable cotton conditions, due to
the continued rainfall and Into, cool
weather. The soils are, therefore, cool
and plant* small ami the Adds grassy
in these araars. The stands are gen
erally irregular which will prohnMy
resnlt in one of the largest abundon
ment years the state has known if the
net weather continues.
The boll weevil is later than usual,
hut may he in keeping with the crop.
The general feeling is that we will ex
perionce heavy holl weevil damages
this year. Certainly, it will he impos
sihle to make nearly as good a crop
as was male last year.
The I'nited States cotton has im
proved 6J per cent during the past
month. Thn acreage is 4.4 prr rent |
more than a year ago. A crop of 12,
144/ tOO bales is forecasted, based on
a June 25th condition of 71.2 per cent
crap. The acreage this year
is estimated at 40,403*00 acres
North Carolina's acreage is seventh
among U»e states. J
Thn changes in cotton acreage* by
rtates are as follows, being computed
with last year: Virginia 125 per cent.
North Carolina 108, South Carolina
I®. Georgia 98, Florida £5, Alabama
100, Mississippi #5, louisiana 106.
Texas I OK, Arkansns 9ft, Tennessee 91, 1
Missouri 115, Oklahoma 108, Cnli- '
f-irnia 113, Arixona 138, New Mexiro '
3BH, nil other states 257 ami the I'-
nited States 104.4 per cent. 
The canditiuu of the crop on June 1
25th WW as follows: Virginia Cl per '
cent; North Carolina 73; South Caia- 1
linn 09; Gnorgia 76; Florida 7t; Ala- '
hams 70; Mississippi 74; laataiaan 1
18; Ttxa 70; Arkansas (8; Tenawnw '
•7; Missouri 00; Uklahonm 7S; Cali 1
forain 90; Arixona M; New Main
M; al others 72 and the Cnited States 4
71.2 par cent. *
. I
, 1
Mrs. Jasaas Grist Statan has is- '
wad invitations to n card pnrt, for "
ta musw (Wedneaday) morning at
10£0 o'clock. Mr*, fltatoa ta enter- '
tuning in hoaor of her house ga«sta. 1
Mies gfbeksh Laws am at White Sloan, 1
Virginia and Miss Snsan Grice nf 1
Htaaboth City. 1
i ur 'tL : 1
| Csmmininarri held at the Mayor's
Ola am the 7tiu, day at Jaly, I waa
, aedarad to collect nH tiatotanitag '
r town at aaw in order to mahr my
» seltlrmwt wih the town ef Williams- '
f tea. N. C. (
L Al purxwr owing tews to the
I town at Wlhuastou will take dw |
| net lee nad pay their taxes «Nw w ,
| 1 wfll be tewpeltail to advertise all j
i law ant paid by Aagast Ist
JT. a MANNING. Tax Ceilectar.
Htf 7th. 1924. , p
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, July 8,1924.
M. G. Leaman of Wash
ington City Is To
Conduct Services
Williamston is preparing for an e
vangdistie meeting to be held about
the middle of August in one of the
tobacco warehouses.
M. G. leaman of Washington, D. C.
has been called to conduct the meet
ing. Mr. Leaman has held many very
good meetings nt several places in
North Carolina. In the list are Hrl
haven. Nashville. Wen.tell and other
places. He had womlerful success in
every town, leaving tlie people in a
more spiritunl ami Christian mood.
A similiar meeting has been endors
ed not only by the church members
of the town hut by the people at
A general committee of sixteen
four from each of the church organi
xations of the town, will make the
necessary arrangements for thn meet
It. Duke Critcher is chairman. J. E
Pope, secretary; H. M. Stubhs. treas.
W. C. Manning, chairman publicity
Mr. J. C. Cast on will he with Mr.
leaman as song leatler. He is highly
recommemled as a song lea»ler ami a
very food organizer.
Windsor is soon to lie fortunate in
having the opportunity of hearing
Julia Culbreth Gray, singer, imperson
ator ami entertainer, of Washington.
I>. C., in her itelightful costume re
cital. She stands in tlie fore front of
her chosen art. her specialty, in whk-n
khe is a conceited authority, heingl
Afr-American Folk Songs. Folk Songs
are the true classier of the people.
Such music is the early ami spontan
eons uprising of artistic |mwer in a
nation ami the grooml on which all
national masic is built.
Three Washington, D. C. papers, the
IW, Kvening Star, ami Times, -peak
m glowing terms of Julia Culbreth
Gray aa a singer, as well a* a dra
matic impersonator. She has appear
ed many times in Washington City, as
well as in this ami other states, win
ning the hearts of every audience
with her heautiful voice ami lovely
personality. She uses live different
co-tumes to suit lier different group*
of songs, lire Russian peasant cos
tume was male for her by a Itussian
peasant girl Mrs. Gra- met in Wash,
Seats on sale at the Windsor
I (tarmac)
Atlanta, June 7.—|. r ,T ileaal, 1.310 in
jureal, people homeless, ami a
property lamage of over l2ii.lMi.noli I
in the SonUi is the toll taken by thro
tornadoes ami n cloudburst in two
months, according to a statement ta
wed today by the American Ked Cn> >
This constitutes one of tlie most .le
stractive series of storms the South
has experienced in many years. Ked
Crows officials declare.
A relief fund of npproximately
ta now being administer I
ad for thn wffnrnrs in over eighteen
Southern communities by Reil Cross
norhers. Hemes are being rebuilt,
crops replanted nnd pictures of rain
and desolation trnnsforme»l attain in
to wwea nf normnl life nnd prosperi
To local relief efforts the Ked Cross
contributed funds ad trained work
era, giving communities the benefit of
Its experience in over 400 other dis
"All that relief can do ta at moot
little," suid Jweph Logan, Southern
Bad Cross manager. "Following these
disasters the Ked Crass tries to
help these people to help themselves,
and the eoaragenns spirit in which
they have turned to the task of re
building their homes nnd replanting
their rained crops ta a credit ta the
Mrs. C B. Hnssell eatertaiaed at
three tables of bridge this morning
complimenting the bonne gaest at Mra
James G. Statan, Misses Sasaa Grice
of Elisabeth City aad Miss Beheknh
Lewron ef White fltotw, Va aad Mrs.
Charles Humll of Washawton, D. C
TV loiilj home ta nlways a charm
lag bwkgi jwnl for nav affair aad it
attract iveti-ss was sddid to by the
profase aw of lowers cad phwta
="rved at the coadnsion at the bvMge
- September 2nd Date of
Opening for Eastern
Rocky Mount, July i—Dates for
I the opening of the auction tobacco
' markets for North Carolina. South
Carolina and Georgia have been de
. li-nsiaed by the Totncrw Association
- of the Catted States in session at
: White Salpbnr Springs, according to
i a telegram mdtnl bete from W. E
- Fennrr. loer I warrh.-ucnan ami
r president of til Eastern Carolina
i Warehoaemen's avsociation. who is
\ in attendance the session.
Mr. Feaner's ?letegvam gives the
opening ihler as follo4[s: South Caro
' lina. Aagast 5; Georgia. Aneast «:
> Eastern Caroliw. September 1; miil
dle belt. September 3: obi Ht. Orto
i her 1.
Mr. Fenner will raslf official report
' as to the date upon his return, which
'is npectnl tomorrow It is explain
ed by tobacco awn hct» that in the
event weather conditioi.- retard the
crop, the itates fixeil by the n,-oci
"tion may be nwvc.l up to meet the
circumstances. At a -ul.-ewuent meet
ing of the WMrtwu omT'. associa
tion here some time an> a date sev
i ml weeks earlier wi>> ro-»mnw-niel.
but on account of the crop the chani-e
to Sept. 2 as openir.r -late for the
Hastem Carolina market was de
cnleil upon at the White Sulphur
Springs meeting.
The reply fallow>-
"In reply to the rommunit) mistake
of GriOin towuahip where by a special
tthool tax was defeated.
"I donl feal as it ta a bad mistake.
liowever. but 1 beg to say that we in
-oy good school naif intend to have
a good school, but not a l*ublic waste
like it has been, ahea men get in
harniiny with earh other ami respect
tie others fellow opinion then we will
I»ave a good M-huul. bat as long a we
cate nothing for the other fellows
opinion- ami leave (Hit the gnat word
of Ui onto other as you woubl have
litem to do onto >ua we will lack
war. I ami never much
"It »ays this neighborehoml wa>
"ood hoaest worhrra. I think is In
•lee>t is Irue.. f»r in lookinr over the
adv of Keal Estate fer Taxes I saw
that every man in Crdßn town Ship
luul Paid his Tins, ami I think the
mu~t be good withers to support their
FamUvs ami pi) their Taxes At the
present rates, i -ays we like the obi
way of Education we dont like the
old way. bat we .loot like the way nf
Torn and a Public waste
of money ami time like it has been.
"It stated that the Ikrvil can be re
.(MMtsible for such. I dont know a bout
it hut I know the IV* il is dappinr us
in the Face through l*ubliration ami
damier every! ime he get the chance
ami when help t* needed we or soon
look for. If IVople Woald Iw 'top ami
Keawtve Rean- iu there Kye before
I'irking thr Mote oat of the Mro Eyes
we aould have much better than*, ami
• lire everybody a chance of his owa
"it says we rant have a xhool above
the Primary grades, dont be too
nervoar n honi it me or mrn n naff
to look oat for tar sehonl ami have
a school Run by Mm People and mat
by n few nt their own ways, what aa
want is men who can ami wOl Ran
oar school aad give n statement of
what ta being line, ohm ever the
Hasine«s ears school is Ran by
Peoples say so. we wW bare more a
loinnoi nlire a l in mt al aad a great
"I can say and feel glad that when
ever oar men of GriAa Town ship is
rail an for n just caase la belpt they
all ways ga over the Top. aad if oar
a Mwdwn would stop and look bark
nnd see whd Rridre carried them
safe a nam they waatd haw a naff
to da nad would he better off. Thank
Your- truly.
. Rote bv J. B. COI.TBAIN."
Dae *a (be ah mo mt thn Pa' tor.
F_ b. Dood. Professor R A. Phpe
• wil rmlart thn iiiw nt thn Wed
nasday evening prayer swilw at the
I Methodist church Mr. W. T. Mw
>!dows will make a talk daring the nerv
' Many Corrections Made
In The 1923
Tax lists
The Count > Board of Commissioner,
met at the court Momiay. July
the seventh ss their mrular moot hi >
session All the member- nerr pre ent
Chairnuin 11. C. Green. J. G. IsarnhilU
of Roherxoiv .tic; T. R Slalr. Jr. of
W. It. Harrington. of
t;rdßn ami C. A. A-krw of James
ville. The |>rocee>linc~ of the meetin:-
•lealt l-ri rly with r»rTectH«ns t«» The
tax li-t. exempting tl»-c ahose pr*.pcr
ty l_ol been improperly listed from the
pnymrnt of the taxes up«. sime.
It was or\iereȣ that A. S. Itobcr
son be re tea from tie ictynient of
taxes to the amount of ll( 10 or
property impr«|erly li-t«Ni in I
Vc-t township for ,thv nsr IJ2S
S. C. Kav was released from the
payment of taxe- nr. a t»vn lot val
acsl at *!« si«» in W Uliam~t.>n. ame
lieinr IL-te.l by em»r.'
F. I. Ijisani- was appointe*!
Coroner from this .late until the
first Monday in IWrmher. ty.'l
(•. It. Ilolling-worth was rrlej r.
from the payment of taxes on M*"'
worth of property improperly lcstel
in Williamston.
lb wa* .in'eml that the Cottoi>
C««oprr-itive h*
releae«l from the pnyment of KK.J»
in taxe- «n property improperly lift
ed in I9£t
Mr. J. G. Itarnhill wa» appointed to
nmlit the books of the Hoard of Edu
Mr. StuM»- I ilh'v wa retmhure»i
with for a exffin that he hail
parrha e.l for IVmper limes
Mes rs. I er.-rtt am! I*u«al were re
leased from the payment on JJKttt'
worth of hees improperly liste«l ir
Williamston township
Iturrell Whitley was rele.» r>l from
the payment nf doe tax in Hamilton
town hip
I'pon motion of C. A Ashew. which
was -eromieil by W. R. Harrington,
it was agreed to pny the firm nf Itailey
ami Itarnhill of Kverett the -um of
lISM. for •la mare- ikme by the hirh
way to their property in Everett. V
C. ami. also to pay J* ISarnhill the
-um of ISO#, for >lamare- to " hi
property by the said hirhway in tlie
vime town. The en!-re I'.onl vntp.l ir
tlie affirmative for thi~ motion
The meeting then a*ljH>lirn >1 ur.til
lb • first Momlay in Aurw-t
VVa>hinet.»n. July 7. Calvin Cool
bice, Jr.. -o-i of the I're-hlent. d«e«l
• oriight at Walter Ra-el hospital of
Iduad poi-oninc
The end came nfti r lb* boy ha*l
hatlletl with tlie ulnot-t bf n*-ry ami
furtituile for fin .lavs agam I a
di: e-se whirh had r -rk si his halt
with pain ami -appeal the re.-rvr
»*ren«th i.f hi- frail rnn-lhutiun.
Presblent ami Mrs- Cooltd-e. wh««
had maintai ned ronst.-rt Mril at
the hospital were at hi bedside,
hopeful ami rherimc nnd romfortinr
th. ir son la the last.
Three slaking *pells Sumlay night
hrsuiHil him ta the puist of d.*alh
A slight rally Moada- gxi.e lirht
hope, hat saen then tier I* hegu;
fa lose ground nnd i* -ere ralinl
A sinking .-pell. th> fM.rih he h>
uff« ml in 24 hour-, broaght death
Natwithstaadiag the use of oxygen
aad other restorative the courage
whirl: bad withstood cri. is after
crisis ami had beaten death off re
pctr-Hy, was unable to meet thn
final attack The colbpse began
al C:3O o'clock and he gradually
ruA into eternity. He died at WM
The brnthi John wa not at thr I
hnbide. He wa> to be jo dm by th:-
P»evident aad Mrs. Coolbfge at a«e,
however, as they arranged to leav«
wiahonl delay for the White House
City I icnaw Plates for Aulas and
Tracks fur year l*2S ran he ■btiiar l
at tha Mayor's Office.
All motor vehirhs withia the Town
nf WiHtamcton. X. C, not npiippi I
with a city licence by July. IKb, wfll
1 not be iHowr I to «fiini> oa the
dreets of N. C, nad
, say ow violating this ordiaaace wfll
t be fined tea dsltnrs aad casts in thn
. liicirtisn of the coart
t Ry order of the Board of Town
. Commir .ioner i-
Jaly 7th. UN. T
1 McAdoo Hope Smashed When I>ele*atc Hedges
Are Released; Virginia Hoes To (.lass
When Other Strength (ioes to Him
19 lily; -pent in fiei«t «rt
C -lav -pent in ofarr work.
14C f.-.rmcr. conferenoe. with firm
67 lesifr rntli L
4:1 farms visiini.
1! hoi! *mii iivvlii';". hrLi vit)
tii attendance of |«-«>p|e.
W iraiHtii in the o»ur I\ in
raerformr.nee of tlutie-.
7 articles «ri:int.
120 Kh I 'ralfv! f,.r hue rhnle'u
K movine picture 4,.»- hrki in ih.'
-•vunly - «»* hu |.k'tun' oit horn 1,.
•'n-t p»:-»i. i!* wmil. Otic on how to]
tell a hHi ! is a i*m»| b>rr from
•Mir that i r««( a r»»i layer One'
reel «-n ki« to r >n!n i p-uhrr [ i
We la-! a I.atlnkiimv of 7121
IX«>|l|l> • J
•I! farmer isl j, how •»» |
Iri l the *«•> >1
•T? farmer- a>lvinl as h.>« to u r j
•*" f ilfium .lust to |K>L-.m
?he umil.
fanner- in fmiinr n.T''
alaixv-i rations
■I farmer - a>lvi-«il it! rei*ar>l- f■-
aenaanenl posture.
"» farmer. a>ltir>l m ijrnrl
• arias' for poultry.
4 farmer; a - -«-te.f in Hl>im- their
AiKhnl 1 farmer- in reea r.i„ | n
rnwinr pecan >
If farmer- :i.i\ i«l n rrnnl. to|
the u-e of fertiliser,
AHvi»l S farmer- in rr;nM t>.
huihlinr -anitary poultry hou-e
--r. farmer- in rr.'anK t.
enriw for orHianl:
Nevt m-U'th will Ir • ie\ole>i to
wrevil Control Work •fu-iim- rott«r
to fWilnJ tin- nyiiU. I e\|ert to Ka.r
•t mou-t ration» k>rat*il over the nun
ty «> that a i-reater nuniher of farm
fr - rr,r ' "■ iHf w.H r-'inr •«. WKra
■"*>' "r>e want, in formation in imr>i
wee»il n«irul work he tttre to rail
•n r«W r..»iity a rent
T. I: ItKA\IN)\. |
County | t'er.t
MItS. M. f . .f AMES
Mr- M l_ J.:me- |u--c«l Iron, thi
life into ileal h at her h»me in t'lerKl.
Jul*. 7th. 7:.Tti I*. 1! |hr ervt wa- ev
preteil a -he k«l heen utTerm.-
cancer for five month. an.! it h»l
iH'iiN for -ettral tun?, that Ike
e«nl waa near. In her .Icath cmie.l thei
career of on; of our n«JJe t women '
She w*» hone I. faithful ami •le|rbt
.''he wn horn Ma) I*. Ml near
KrfrHts a Mater of the l.itr A. I*. 1
Ilarutiill On iuiae 57, I -ft", -he nurr^l
kmel-rk lame. »l» ■li'nl «rrral year
• «•»- :
Mr- Jam* k-avr six cfcthlreiL. }j; j
lame- of Ifoher on\ ■lie. v\ A. Jaw
\\ illi im lon, Cornr-liu- J;nr «.f
Ij.IHI Mr- Mary I. Everett. Mr- i
11. 11. I Daniel aol Vrv. I*attie I aulk j
m>l of K>rirtl -. Iler threi- rhihlrea j
Ur - Hu»lie Iturioueh, (iiilrMi an»l
f 'hurrh James all her thej
r«rt ?
She leave- 2i rratnl rhihlren ar» |
•tine rreal rraml children.
Mi- James wa- a faithful nemlri 1
»f the I'limitlte liupti-t church at
I tear Gra.-s for alnrut thirty rear .
The funeral wa- hel«l at the faaiii
nmetery at Everett- with IWer J.
N. Hct-rruxi ami It S I of
Kar (inus iJtrial irtr
Mr* A. K Ihinninr entertained
with !«• lahle?- of briilrr la t rven
■r honoring Mrs. J. C. SUImN haatse
(■Mil, Mis«es lawful and (irirr at
her home am Mara street
The Inriar room ami ma-ir rail of
the lovely home were thrown ta*eth
l a»l «w • mdc more altrartive by
ik-'tv at |«antitir!t of a—ii ®aw
er* .
After the gaaM* were over a nM
with inwt.ii In ■ ami lea was aiiii.
TW who ea)>H Mrs O—amg'»
Sa.spatalit\ henlei the |»it* ml
hmmmwmrm, Mr*. J. L VSKuw, Mn.
r G. Cadani, Mr* Ray Gwffww. Mr
and Mr* IJhert IWI. Mr. ami Mr* J
O. Waafaud. Mr. ud Mn. J. G. Sta
Iter E_ n. IWdd awl halj an
oat of town aall Friday afUtai—
risilaHr Mr. naddV akr. Mt*. H. L
(Ma m Sfrimm KCaiki
wife's pamb.
_ ? t.
Convention adjoruned at
, 2 o'clock to-day until
' 9 o'clock tonight with
indications of a Hnd
slide to Ralslon. The
last ballot before ad
-1 >»urnmonl gave Me
\ Adoo .*sll. Smith 355
I and I'alston !%.
The «I(, lv!!.i! wr.s r>. follow;;:
Mr \-Urn. :l - !J. Smith .'ViK; J. W.
11>*» i ti. I »„i, j*.,. l!.i:ln ffil-J;
IllaS-'on I l;.i.uijni jit |*;
Kr!*- 2 li: \> I J i -J; IHi ens
IV l-i
| M \-h«. t'crtliet !■- e vlkti
I I k'llrttinr !• . feline IN low
.L- - .
j Tt* aiKii.e in ;h.*.» Mh th?
jllr Ailnu a'u Smith .(i-iei--*!•*- in* pre
j|Qi:nr to r° t«» raher ran-iwiafe-. Th.»
1 Smith fom-s. I«.*e\sr. are h.|.fir.f on
[with nv r- i -t«-r,nuvi wi, a- tl«>> are
lhe:i=r lurk>- on In the
pilfers of tlit- \r» Voik n-itntt.
i lij.l J«»n ia» ram ai thin |4are
law i« a favorite mith many
I J.>- H » iHriel- ,|i|r- ir«ii in the
j miiiEiisr *»«••, |he v«t' Utliot wa-
I a-t. i«r iwivinr I'J I n.le l
j \\ het; ijWr Irer vlh *e*,' to the
| aii»-rt of lib-. \ irrilua sht« her
!.-■ Mr to him
Tae r*HT3\ •n% nu> !** r»n
Ito m k> a !»tnijiiti.i l«-f .re nvtny
Jamesville Team
Defeats IJlley's llall
j The Jjinr luk lit 4 l«al! 'f *a ilr
liru'r*; 'Jcjl „f Ijllrj". Ii ill July Ith,
s 1.. .
I'l 1' - I -'le Huh iJajW an e\-
1 t»l iri'li «he*
e«-Minis «.f the sm4m* trinini' w^ien
I I Jane-ville' st'.r Wl; la k--r fuiohi-
; n( an ea-jr out
1 'iurkir. f,. r I itejr" li Sona-I
| rare form an-i u-eil l,|, run- lo an
I >.l\ antaj-e in pinrhes. A* -i whole
he pttele.l a .erv -.». | -aim
| Tk>r >«i«» for l.jile\ llaH
;»~re a- f.Jloe I* I ,||ey, 1; J,,
II: V Carey. 1; J l illey. I; li/Gur
k,n. I.
i THo e mtpf for were.
11l Garkit.. I; IV Wjter-, 1. 1. Sjke .
• •! lUifc*.. 2. \l ll«4li>iay, I; I.
i Brown. I
I nt|«>f. J Martin
j r
. MRS. C. R II ASNKU. I. \1 IK
1 Mr t. I:.«-ll enlerta i>eil ilie
I>mu»«sj»'» oci I Sftt of the town wi-h a
|. lar>« la-t rvi-tiiiir at '«er h.-ote on
I Mamt «sreet f.oni tie Imv of
nine till melve, Itoaorini'
I ranre IVr V-. of l".k«-> i|k
I '*■ in i i» wa.- u il for ii trie
j tn- a»t ri tki anri *.he mn ? ruirn
f ak.-ij lie 4riMßi.|J.iynl, ,'i.tnt itie
lof -ummrr li.-avr wre |ii»nl at
An we tw.r «.> -erveal af r-r iku*
I .-te h >1 !«■•. cajoyeal unt>l a l ite l»«r
In I urule 11... -ell M ll>.
|V\ >me u>i li..tire- William
IW wb for llr» i veti nif were
j Ui v- Wnoin :-r.-l I k»r« 1 ,r-
I 11.ui.-toooori r k;ii- '.on. Mi.-4-1 .Maty H
I anal l!u tl« liia-a of WimL or
- J Mis#- (tana Co.k, Myrt W>un-»
IMhe llassell, lU-i.ti-r iirganus
l«me Anilf' ..11, TVMnu
. limn, M -Hu Wy# i- ami l ianres
H'iW a*d Mrs W. 11. Watts ami
("Karle Saayer. linn - (.ill-am,
Willie t«ree«-r>, Willu.ui. I . *ell of
Wialrvr ami Julia . l*arvLs ! aa Has
-HL I.) mar I'.nll, lonaaie itulpMt.
i> -llian Motive-, Itryant ami I-ill Car
-1 t. rjken. Iruk Cai-uryhtn aad Jan.
' l_ IL. O. •*"" T , .
C I iiilii. S . C,
- aal dMna *f the mgS aaark«4 have
' a real arnam far the makers af
mrnmmMm, arcwrdiar to Kthart
KirEaey. CaiteJ Stales aankal far
> the wmtmm Mrkt af South Carw
- law. Hia Jaaialiiliaa iarfwi* that
f mt the stale kaoaa eaaaaaonly as the
s -laark Caraer" whkh had a wpata
tlaa far pwadarkaK *pml * com"" hi
1 klitlih tfiUs laac before the Val
iaar*teat part ia th mawa
a lamer the price af theae taphi the
. harher the pn*> af the aaaafae-

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