North Carolina Newspapers

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Charles W. Bryan Is
Selected As Running:
Xew York. July tt-Mi
Dark af West Virgiiu, nvl Gam-
Mr Chutes W. Bryan of Nebraska arc
the PijiMUlii purty't omliifatw for
Imyiat awl Yiee PikhloiL
riirim: cn the one himlrrd ami
thM I«lli1 a* the choice for tKr
n» iiwiM Maiaatidi, the West Vir
fMI b*ytr and diplomat swept a
wray frreat vans of bitterness* churr.
(d of- during. the fifteen pnoda -
days of stormy conflict. Then takin
r»—l immediately, the new heal
a# the party rwteii the i—nutiet.
swiftlv towaid a -election of his rat
am? mate, the brother of Wfllia:;
Je—mr* l**yan. hit mst »ie»-oo> op
punewt ' hroujrhotit the htllMmf
ttVa the convention adjourned a:
?:24 this murnint" it had fil!e>t m. i:
new page- of political history—miej
in dramatic force from the violeel
4«m rle taaelic days ar» over nai
mr the ba klm klan in the port v
platform tkiMff the record hr-akir.-
deadlock kfw 11 supporters of Mr
Adoo awl Smith that held thimrk
m; km Jw 'I ballots before e pre*:
dential nomination was in sirht Ir
the lw in) J ecu* J. of the coaneatiae
this i— ll inn, eame a imr preredrr"
in the peraanal appearance of tfc»
■ oaninre—John W. to acknaow!-
edre his rratitude and his pmntpt as
mptiiiri of his party by a-ldressii
the caavwatiau and then roinr int«
—fa— wi'H tmr-ntioa manager
the choice of a nominee for tk.'
rice Presidencr.
In his nMiT»i to the ennventior
Mr. Darts declared the platform a
dopled by the party 'was broad eaaurk
for aH the pi or less ires and libera!
to stand upon, ami it was indirat«»«
that bis later eaaifeaenre with con
deaary nt with a view to uaaktnr eev -
tain that an appeal was made in lb
personnel of the ticket to the rote in
the West n* well as the East
When the Presidential nominee ap
peared he was frcetnl by a prolour
ed Pillion. At the reiaiaa last met >
a doaen rnmmm had been placed in
asuaiuatina for the Vice Prejidenri
A ws> was permitted anal flovemo"-
Bffu was chosen for second
mm the lirkrt after bis friend* b>t
placed before Mr. Ila vis and his rw
feree* an argument for selection of a
V».-tirn man of proven ewtiit ea
pnrr: v. familiar with ajrrirnlture ami
m sympathy wi«h the liberal sent.,
■arm of the MMtry The nomination
of the .Vflnda tiovernor took onlr
CDvnm vnv ill
of Mr. Peter Rreres in «d
Inn4w. Bahemnuvillc aad throujrt
Mt the const y rearret v»iy mnrh that
he ontipar i rirht sick at the hone of
hit taayhtcr. Mr*- Marshall D. Wtan
in Sew Town. His son. Mr. May
itmars ami Mrs. Beeves of Oiahaao
have been hrre at his bedside for sev
eral eeeks
Mr. Beeves is erne of the rent**
■m of the aid Sonthern school an-1
he Bombers his friends by his ac
qpnintiarrr A *pe-dy recovery i-
Mr. Arthar Ckma of WSson is
ia the city to-day on business.
Mr. Wliam Cnrstarpheu left Tan'
day "~r for New York
Mr. V. B. Watts spent yesterday
Mr. H. S. Everett of Oak City was
m town TMar att*alm« the Be
nrirr-, not /
Mrs. Z. H. Base. Miaseg Marcant
Dmittl. Unue Harrison and Yefcaa
Harrison attended a FhOathea meet
h« at Caleiam Bench yesterday.
Mr. 1. K. Manning spent last nirbt
Mis- P- * Cane ami children. Sntah
J# MrT Carrielbrirs WW—i. Mis.
J. & Ml ■ lea. Mrs. J. W. M i i t g. Mr.
ami Mr*. J. a Gudard ami Mr. Mas
K. M opart to apni the week
' "ihad Mni darbs !WBua.l of
- ft l't faa tl'enM the fsmi al of
Mr. P. H. Rtaaa . mat several k*
of the* week ia EMaaheth City attend
fa I *. dITLi ■«
Williams!on's Most Beloved Wanton Passed
Away Tuesday Evennj; After a Tluee Weeks
Brave Struvle Against Death
Sunday School. 9*5.
Morninir Worship 1140.
Evtniar Service !roo
Splradoi enrnratiw.; are in at
tenfawe npon all 'he services. The
pesyer naretin*- t- also my (iifourir
inc. On last Sunday r new order of
ienirt was icaucurated in the Sun
day SdeaL Th~ |«-no has been place*!!
m the aooi i»iilnniim ami the dv«» I
w3l adjrurn rad mMemblr by marie j
Xcw black bnards have been place*! .
ia every loom in the building am! j
th record of each class is posted both '
in !?jc class h«.m and in the audi
tornuin S.wil r.iu ic will b~ featur-
M a* ■«! as the pKis i> well un-iei
wrty. The paster aiM »*|-rir.t«,.!ont.
Jalar Airkiv«, are
abent the new plan. They hofir to
enre one additi- nal teachers for
tonic of the depart narats.
Coaae with » Senby ami see ns at
B U SIIIBI-EY. Pla>t«i.
Bepotts frara the
Hospital twiV at Mnn are *n thr|
effect that the enrdi;ion of Mr. ami
Ml H. Head wbi ws- knOrrkd ■*■>»; |
■* Mrakrt Street sr. a c»«ll! k*n witi. i
a car. was. very sertons He n
■prratcki on thi- forenoon b> l>t
Hate Toyiar. who rvpi>rts a severe J
f rartnre of the -hull, ov
er and ncms- from ear to ear. The
mmbraar «-f th«- brain wi-
haute 11 and . larpe riot of Mood re
amol Mr. BcWt was |uitr con
acians at tunes tHi- mt>rninr and
when t«dd of bh. eri>u> conlitiun.
saal: "Well, hi me up tie best yna
im Or. Ihivn."
Ace n lias, to «h~ rrprnl at !»■>*.
Mr. Bead's for reonery were
eery dixht, hut wink- there was iife
V bvi a 6**4! :ir
lleary IS Toompnon. whose ear
in«b>! M- Keki ..IT hi- bicycle.
VI releasee! on n.Udi Mr
Ihamp nn feel- very fcodly over the
accident and (uatii.wll) impure- a
bem Mr BjaTs itw)ilni lit re
p«titr the lcr.i-'Bt y-~ter«lay j i
srrnr was aaa>ie in valine flat ar.-
nthrr ear Iritnl "out '-f K~*r'- Set
-"■ re Suiwr." It Itave r. ml
of Ed M.lli oi/- aaks station
U »nr*mi Ikr-ily .Vewa.
BK. B %l\ IX W11.1.l IM
Yester«tay «ne of the tar re-a rait -
of the reason fell in M illiam*tor. ami
the vicanity >urromlinc it. The aide
-treet- of onr heaotiful city
the M»j*4si ippi river in some place.-.
Every bud j bmi e»nclmini that >he
raiay spell was broken ami they be
can inanwp. "It aint r.iat k rain
no an*" hat they found «ut they
were sady nu-takm. a few mlna*e:
after the s'ona arrived
Sheriff J. C Crawford is qui'e ill
at hi* home an Haaghton street.
Mr. Frank Taylor ami daarhters.
Mines Edna ami Annie of Richmorad
who have been vbotinr Mr. ami Mrs
T. &} and Mr and Mrs. Z. 11.
Babe left for tb-ir home to .lay. They
mere acewpiaie I by Miss Mary
bUe who wfll .spend several days
• with them before cubic to NorfrJk
to visit relatives.
' Mr*. Charles nanrll Mrs. J. W.j
- Maaaanr. Mr. and Mrs- Elbert Peel
ami Ma. Jdn I. Hassel motored to
1 Wasbaarton yesterday
1 Mrr J. Laaim .» Peel ami daaH-.ter.
ML* Bath and little Miss Bullock
motomd to Waskinrton yestenlar.
1 Mr. Bwh is Just out of tie hor
pital where be «pent some time, re
-1 esrewear ftuaa a very dan serous oper
r ntiau. We are (U to say that Mr.
tnm I ■ihia a aery abort taw nam.
Mr. awd Mrs. Uaanad Ituncfi and
- Hole chad «f Marfan are ab ithn at
i Ike hsae mt Mr. Bunch's parents mt
I this city.
r Mr. Inbf Marpolis arrived Wed
ae.i ilay ee» date from Mew York ami
vWted haT parents ia New York fur
- tare, weeks and then spent the reat of
i, be tbr Yirgkcan at the Strand
Williams ton, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, July 11, 1924.
I D-imnMlt kwr: - wharf she :
•wnt a.- few have dme. pbmi there 1
by karads she ha! (b-pd with fri»i
ship's temirr touch. wa Juawini! 1
all. the rtern braary ef the trees. 1
th- -dent form «*' Saßic Smallwood 1
l!irt- lies aaaemc her drad is 1
ftiii Baptist Ceane"cry a-Siere it n> «
intrmit \\ ninrslay. «m>c ac I
men and wonam wkh I» oc .1 herds did
her iweieai.r Many |»»»fb •
felt the Ins- of a fiieu: smt rrinel :
| with the «rbrra
| E«r .-«ae
heen preeunou-. but with i fortitude
•hon. otJ> tot of a str»»nr failh m She
't «!aesi Mi* mercy of '«i llenvenly
J F-a'fiec. ?ke iaad uha:: .:>'«t her buane
«i'Kuer alloaine a fai! kv-sVOfe of
her weakne-s. mil three w*k- ap>
ai.enetk *m t*a* re had to
keep her r«n nm! lev' Eien the*,
she e*pres,-e»i b»p of brr rer»«very.
&m! with frr-ikS fb>ae«! work fkat
she .iesire! to do for the Master am!
His !»t»le one- m the mamaaity am?
the Churvh at brr*. Tuesday water.
Julv Kth. «n-t after twtlsrhf. -be
peaeefußy fell asleep as dees a ehd.-
ara- horn on Mairt ©•!»_ 1-tT; her
eyes no mo-e on earok M ith Hr
visines the -Iliac she W'kea! Ir
j vor.d. s>mf m m'al* l«re- saM to the
|RUre: "Ok, | -ee surk lewtifai Bon
'ers; you naaal -ee *hem hut I .to"
_ TV.«>-e dwat he. bew teanl br repeal
(over and over tfce wuadi of tie P-j!bi
. »>t ~Ertreet mt all His Weeks* zjf.
IJod as life -l«e»e*S awav. she hears*
aratn but cvnki oaly say ~F-r*e» "
In tfee l.eart of lb oamaailr sbe
ii- the he-t blwol maim, aad be*
f"! llene .. hmaiitr. unekaass at.,
wie rour.-el were knew; a none tki
l»*- |dc. wk» fall} realke :•* OtSt I
IV -e--ir.r a- -be dad lb 1.1 ft Si
preise, de anw faiM. be
hot own, she »tae ei.
doml ami tkaarbt no tvi la the fam
My circle, hen wa» the raw kaaei
1 ei. the »ympnthmr bean of a *■
*«te»l mother. Always sbe na- u>
terest-d in r town, ard br b*e fx
the Cburva aad "fce l"»ii-« Mjaua
t»ti> Slot ».er life *B» pj brer u e
aiar cowkt ane «J :x: dl aid '.na to
hln npifei,-. k an>! m- tto ««f
S*. ivtei"-. M a-asct>«s \ by
[>■/«.! . tie
ntiieh .-be ns- slat oi tbe Ijml
ef As*., a»l s mr* ber s»rl yeai
de Kal runs her to thi
Church ,and its Ileal
In th? cc entry of ler pur tee late Join ia am! Knul)
1 urats Smaßwowt, mratr V» s-luetu.
lieaafort County. SaUae .-ndlsvo
wn- km «n ILati 6'h. Isdl; art
t irlhwod days ant ipent mw Bower.-
nmi other braucfui of
Nntare. a»*t it a*s rer to
i uiiWe ab«t lie ftmei>a to see 111
years, art t ttrnu >. \»• ur» de k->d
e»l Bp to Vatnre" flun. tie. lie iCtt
sbe nuiei s.u*d L' wal«
Biacrs, poauwal
*>•**. aij.l f—r year- Trea-nrer of
' Mart in Canary. ar!W-e .ik.ii. .erario I
in Siorek, IW). at RtUe Bidee Suanaaut,
l*a., übence he baa teen takes, for
his health. To tbni mat mere be,
nine rLddrer. two of wfcarh dard ie
infancy, ami »e*en arrne tor.
are. b arm 11, Jack * . S. Eeae
i Bnbirt. Cbaile i. Mrs John F. I'-pc,
all of Ulianftaa. am. Mrs. Kdetl
, lfc*»rt. -*f WadurtM. Tno dd(t>,
I Mrs. G. L. Whitley, of Hliuaaot,
ami Mrs. Jasepk ft. lUrr-. of Wask
infrtoa. with tw»» Intbrs lltarb-
Kaaallwool. of aid Itruce
- of Texas, aln j«rvive
i her
Stoce ita'oCK—ii't'ia. Mrs. IMtJ 1
had been a narmter of the W««aaa*s
Aukdmry ami Cud I. din lie leader
' aad instructor; dar dad fadkful aad
' loyal enee m tbe 54aaday School, in
the Church Sew are leatw, and ia
■ ether artiveirs. Calm aaai rrvfrad,
1 »«e was ever mm the side of right, and
tbaurn uai uaaiai. she held a piare
a mane her eo-wwekers wurthy of brr
" iiteflitrwe ami la hi hip
Wrrtae «tay aftermoa at kie o'rlork.
funeral -eiiiits wese haM at the
' Church of the Advent hr the Bcr.
{ by Mpv :Ip|liil Gmdnea. d Wask
r iarton; the niaed held r a
•floral 'dernei seat by fiuali ad
.jirbtives here ami uat of toarn. Mr.
| frml of the famdy. war orae-rt far
i the ham. The wjbd choar tamtr. Ten
r.aff Thy Mds Who Pram Their
r l abors Best" ami Hut. Hark My
I«mL- Tbe mtermem was m the fam
3v yk« at the IhplH Cimainj:
I there the chair Map "Abide With Me"
The regular .es-ioR of the Kcctrvi
er"s wan convene* l at the usual
hour Tuesday m..rninc o.ih Jmtcr
Smiih presiliar anil Sidicitor I'-ri ap
pearing for the Slate.
The jurors for Tuesday's court
were. W. W. Taylor, Harmon Kober
■San. John U lercctl. I!. IL Tayl>r.
W. S. IVH. H K lSrker. Y\ A
Yandeford. K. I- limy, Tbe»>. M.ddr>.
J. T. James, S. H. K.>et>urk ami John
11. Everett.
The case?- disposed »f .mrim the
•e.aiian were ol an important nature
ami drew larrv ctwurds from all par! -
of th- county. The cases a- disposed
of are as f«di.n»
State vs IV>r: f.uiurv to
dip cattle. Ttu- r.i-e h i-" been e.niiw
e*t for .-ono' ttiue an>! w;»- exte»tr>l
fe MMibt week
-lie vs Lernai: Itennetf. a siult W!ln
k~a.lly areapoi. This cri-e wn cort
State vs M:>l>U«l ll >pk.i . >!mar
au'.oiaobiie white drur.k. IW-t'emiaitt
pkaM mailt> ami wa hne>i s.>*••»
ami cost.
Sta'e vs E tt illuim-v a >ul> with
iemlly weapon. Caste coiitmue>! t.. the
1211. of ~
SJate vs Ehenex-t \Vilium-: Wasa
faetarim; ln|u>>i Case cuntinord m t.:
Vuru! 1 _*tii
S«ate vs llajvod Whilaker. mar.u
• aeturirif' liapior ment wa- *•*•-
lenlol upon |ci\ nei.l id the cost.
State vs |jl Itoifi \.d I'ro-
Stale %» Erre-t 11 lllmvntl-wr,
-lamler. Hefri«i.-ii t enter- idea o*
ale mnleerirr. Ilea wa- accepted by
"he -late. Prayer for tn-l -mmt Cu»
niiuhi up..ii paymer.t of i•• • of artM
£ml entering int.. bml in the 'tin of
S3i'«tl for hi- apj».ir3»«ee year
from date.
Mr. Dennis (', Taylor
Injured in Tar Wreck
Mr. I let.nL>. C. Tayb.r wkdr drn
:ne k»me ye.-terdny afterm»n fr»m
Windsor had the misfortune to turn
qi> ear over ami to receive ereraT
»U! ,uiinfal I Hit nut eiorti-
Mr. Taylor was C«m.IIH - Mar im
mediately afler tbe hard
-f ra»r ard the ri«h were very sltp
•er> ain! the-e with :t broker. n>lw
?»-l cau hi- nr tu tyrr. r»ni|d» r rlv
.*e«. The i«p vra- hr«ke*i in ami tke
wiml >hie! I laroken Imil little •laaaarr
»a- ilute to other part- oa the lai
Mi TJ>, 1.. i aras not -'noai h knrt
Hat be is uIT«-rine -••me |umful cut?,
ami Vitii e as a re-ull of tie vri
Shower For Bride
Mr I >-»..! hi.- i-aw
»». t » a i:wi. «b»»er for Mr -
U E. l'ope vita k-.i.» niarr«e-l t*»
. etb an* in S'ew I (err. Mr Tote.
tefwr here riarriaee was Mi •
ju. Wynne, is uwr of V. illian-lM >
':'■%»» iw.;ail:ir Villli; women M>l a
t .-ee crowd of frieml* have been m
vded. Tie pretty home of Mr- Aa>-
•>rfaa will he profn.-Hy lnurdr>i far
the occasion.
We take thn mean- to experts our
.■latitude to our fne»d- ami tbe crirls
the Epan.rth I eirur for their
k'mlnr»s durme the recent of
oar dear baby.
Mr. ami Mrs. G. B. Ilrdliny iwortk
Mr-. E I* Cunninrham ard Mr. a»d
M-v Maurice D. Watts apent ye-ter
••ay in Washintaiii
Mil Jiase . A. Evere't and Mae an.
Viarren ami Joe Everett natnm! to
Wr«hiiet«a yestordiv
See the Virginian at the Stra»«i
Tljeatre adv
Miss lim die White and- Mr. Jae
Eotdwk of scatland Keck were ia
iMm for a -hort while pdtfiay.
Miss Jess CdlL of Wnshinrtan.
hv Bev. Morrison Betbea. Nad Bev.
StefJhe* Gardarr repeated the kymn.
XfiJer 2H
Ac.nre pod barrt -: lb. J. K. Bhodrs,
d D Car-I arpkea. Clayton Moore. Ik.
J. IL Saunders C. It Ha -ell. Dr. W.
E Warren, Wheeler Martha. B A
Ciitchri. W. J. Hadps. Alsnzn I Ins
sm ß, led> Eowde-n ami K. J FmL
Out of-toua penple attandisa tie
funeral were, Bev. aad Mrs. fltniiib
tf d efc'Uree, Mr. aad Mrs- Arthur
Wifec- aad children, Mrs. Frank
r«HvK. Me. and Mrs. Jntepk ft
Hnd and san, Mr. and Mn. Charles
i'aaaß ' wd. Mr. and Mn. T H. Myers,
: Mrs W. & Hat Mag. Mrs. CWwlra
'-little, Sheriff aaad Mrs. Bond aad
I Mr- Sutton mt Wiaimr.
Mr. I*. H. l»n»wn, Part Owner and .Manager
Has I Urn In Elizabeth City For Cast Feu
Days Ordering A Coir pie! e line
• Hti ret»-r!. r irtmiew Mr. I". I!.
|:- ; virr, * «x% m i!j !• a iwmbrt of I
thu tin of t Vilprtt" r tlaiilwaf Com- j
past w»*+ mil s -loff here. 1
thi> snil h- J .t-*e»i 'hat :h#-. J
■■■H her.*. ha smrsat Aut!ii>t ti l or |
!«o a-» it *i- pn. j
*iM' !•» »«rt tftr Kijil hai: in rva.ii |
if *.
V ' . K : '«e pi--* v eek in J
Ha s«c: 1 1 »» .1 1*1 ?.e \. i;! the Mr *»rv |
W "I. »i !. ii Culprppt r hive I ,v> i
n mrlii.. rrprrMTUftwij
»"fe>4r !* kiwwrr. 1 (irm- fiotr. -!if- |
■.-r«"tii« »*"*»»• of il«e -nHtntr>
pnreS::nr a fell !itic ,»f hardware f«»rj
Sh-- r ae.l sMrsair ?»u- sw f
»hw* «Hrr  >;eei t»» >»n -i I„r»e!
clr -s this.
TKr firm »ll «rupy one of the .1
I H . «vl »%•»»-. by- the f.i.- «»f t!•
«r ■ f«' She I" S ("curtnfy Film:
t»r Cearpniy nd the ilt'hs
|>«" "r rrains iv in tlio rw*t few •'ays
Mr. P 11. vii>i thp) -intra>lf>f
til: ins- .hw -t«r> with a lint- whirl
!! ji!l the refuirment of th
bmj mate ;«M* in th* ha-dwsre liri .1
T>e\ rj 'c* [lff >i»( ..ite I
of tik*- !»».« i.ratinr in iho ha->ine..
seetio". 4 the tovii
o*r of tip fr-al:*st wnt- of our
to* i- b l*t in i |. to date knl
««f f»»r marl valuable l.u.i
fca» rwe to o-her town* an.l
rit""- «*r «.f M~*l!iam~t.>r> rut
ktvtMr ..oe
ilr l-!«»n w,vi> ihi intrwhirtton
!» Ihr j« 1* of ru(. r Martin or iVr
"*r «-'-jit- jt-. It#- « 4 horn ar»S h: •
i»« an «—-•*•» u, Mirtir. fnaaty nm lt_»
imrl .»t iwry -«Kkm of it ami
IVr -r yd at - fv i\ w t.ori fw
«!■>* »«- |«(t ut it i , «-».
!« i- known .-•-. a man *f It i> i
-t »►•». • iiilfrntv
Ir* -i«" '1 ( ul|k'|)|>> i .in- iiwrirr
of *■(.* •!.• h'.Mitti.' kiriln.irr bim
»f H «*- rti e« inUutr ««»»» ■! KliuUtk
• iily jfc.i th y aiih Mr. Uiukb will
•- 'ln- lirni of tnr I olr>n>f* '
IL nSnir I . «*>)• ,«,j «>f \\ liltan> twfk
Tirir i wit ilkki ,ii thrir hunw
i» a —M-i a««» on* jjs Itr ttn-.t I.tir t
>-• ?w t«a-« !»l nn.( n-lir
l.f* :J;3i ;A*V, t'ipw- ttr; >•«.• at
*aj - Ir r«i
IHI. HlllJtU lltltlt
olluu OIMKS 1111.11 l \
1«» K4li+iu I **•l * w «* »HT. -
imtwt ill •«"■** »(k, . xiir- hit*M>
>•*>•*« ->-i-"I l« itie |»T~- ami |«iM«
4 aili» i.-« n thi.-, ymr
Sir T«M ail! Iw irnn mIK risl a- m#
A ll# iri4(tKi«i- !«■ thi. .print*
"t* Hdimf rtrrus umlei the au
■wo «ft Urti!-r of I'nmtiiPirr
•if T.»«-l to Ir tei>wmherr»t
hi frtet«t> Iw "on thr
dlbr tawl- wi«h»- t.. -late or an
apJL.ii.Tf- •».-«» ikik l.- Lite \Villnrti Twt t
rhdW, hftl lit:4
I" hint, .iixl lltil Mi Tayli>r
r*-*t i> ir. »x. *fay e»itnerte>l with
•jUbr-iiM*; ""?*■
Tlii. allra-t>«it i~ one ..f tiie rkjt
Urff-t atvi i* I van-lri ill*- show*
m tie -late lie w-#*«•> that e»ery
o»r wfll mw mt :>tfl see Wtlltam
T«U d»« an its own farm ami not in
TV ptmrrana r« it - twel» vawlr
lilir arts ami r«ainl playb with
ik "-l ine change of j rupra . raeh
la to Wt rwhervft that this is not
ta imlMf rimii ui the Trout variety
Ml HJlcin TwU'r. kr motorize*! tent
Sir llaton Motion i- in t'howai.
iwMly to«tay «n a ha-u#>. trip
Mr Sumy CV4«i; is *pewiii»!.'
:w with Mp- -r.-. I rm.k at>S living
'jl wgi amir »o-nri»rr»w to
week with Mi- • l.aries lla»pB
at thr l*»iii» of Mr. John I. on
.-'Mkaitt 4m t.
See the Virrinia'; at the Straml
IkaM. aJr
Mr. James- J. Ilrrf'.:.* of the ttil
Ick Tttkl how tr.~ h Uwn t»br m
"tr W the William T«hl Vaurtex i«e
. Ub wv ir. town yestentojr and to
t Xrv. O. €mp will arrive to morrow
I M(hl I* ivtl her son ami .lanrKter
r in law. Dr. aad Mrs. P. it. Cowe for
t « l««h ai tkir heme on fltwrrh «rf*f
1 I aim. A and IJhert S,
» IVel aw Jprndine the sflmwi ia
% V i ni on professional l**wt**
i T«4>y i«■ ryhody t raMtnp fM
srin NT I>KAI>
| Pr. Jmr- »f ttilmiiu tuo
I >iw-i July |l-> m-.1l: iflri a long ii
li£.~ .. li*- us- »«. }■•>
I year a! Ji* t.aar »»f hi> -trait-..
I'! J'al » j»~ .«v 4 l!.o !*■»•!
Isils: **• ?-■« r« .} the t nlti+i
iy : . IK **u." .1 *lll. *• of !i.
ihr ftmuu »ar»»i«i-« >( ii# tii 111
j Alruapirr . atJ >..« *t..i »• *
fwa :»«« *«». 3»a«: liw !>ulk ••* .
jtlw Mm «S 'hat llttt (iariif. .7'
|L[»U *-a !•> '!«■ ",»ur !
—* «f ji ..f !«■• !» uvr luh' - j
• « i '» .. s«- i.v Ju >«
I Spraat ai .-- f»r •» hirt :•- rrrriim |
I f t-r Ivtf li * 4»i > :• 1i- . .-.1 1
1 |M~- Tlr »I « »l. -It ill' - . I
rot lor. «.# ''a" 5.4 «• « •!..!« ' • '
tf-a \j: i!at t9ar «-.»,.;1.ii ,
fn-ii iiw ;>.•** t-.a, h.- t«j «• ui . . |
art*"** 18-« «* * N Itr M ' . ! * i
Mill tl'il.4
1»» Sp*mr.i «ra i,4 •:■)> a t'.nr !hi i
if K-», in kcl a liiMttrtu. a |tfcila»
alfcj * I'-IfMI- trj
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Mrni i;K\i:m v m>
1 -■fill las lUi VI..I(» I
krrf I p I'lh M
Totunv !iini* »! In trrti I
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t>.« trsul Ibr «.-intu« wii *ti! f.v
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Aic».-r» .* In «■» . v■ » it iv. . I
S»ls Olliailti i. »it«i Jif fl. !' *■
Skti iiirai alfa»»- «f itr in *lali* a
— at •*. It St fm
l\. I .>ri if. j(w I ur«|«- »i 1
ii>jr s«f Wi ■> «-51 I** i.u,.itr t
I —t i«Wr» .Irliii'iei !u IK •
11l i\ 1* \. .ii
I .
k' is .ttg i«■ I .mill ui
Inly ralk«t»- •«' V«rth I 'aruliiu
• -timr*-. *- !• ImiII.I St..- i.» a
« it...-tS '," j JSB.- I IHM
»Kir > —«ln «. .. ...ilh.ii, a.- »■.
Hal »*.•»■• ' Wl iitsl l.v «^u.
>wf l« ; '• if-- * j
1 1 a«. ,«r_«. iiu.k. i i.'i 1I«- !«
>ort» «f tli- j>-MutiN tiwim.
ad) ll.' , W «
8 Uir*« as a rr uJ( . f II- (MMwi
• iMi'- »i-st l«» I t •
i. M» s«ts. *fc«. -Iltftl Ih.ll IMltl.ll -
I r.t*M 1%.m-.1. l!# i.f It
f liStrtn > -KOIM. kllf n« nk
.hi ba -y trtixi juralfi I i'K- lm|#ia{
► TatanM I—of (lir; 1 Kritaui. t
■ m -r- -Arnl 11*j lb« 3 *
s~»itaf»s nf |«irt me 11# .tMkbl i
. af IcAanru* fi..m ll* r...jni
t al r - xu.ti>A
I fc- a. I - iilinml «t
' l»l* liilWKI. |.i..rir
I a»»t •* tw »tin *i (a- l. #i, 3'
1 s. juiWsr rilt«it.r tKi- > •-.» «i «.■•>
f i«M ifii Mr a.Mrf- 1.. «...
1 I j inn t sniuu 1 mi Juiy 4
"''X v» 'l'—
- t(i. (]. ai, . i|» now-lit Xi.« it >- fc>.
» I -n ■! M> Sau.l
f F«i lb*- ll>t I|lM> HI kl-IMI lb»
* faimM >-f Vxtb in li-.n 11- l-.r
1 tfcwtfcr in wi f«m» Nr« Y
at -I I I j**r ml ira»-n~l ft lnl • *t
r pikl- ttf l«tun« «.«l.i Imii j UI.
k >ln.! |i«m«i 1 of buti«i witf ui I!»I4
, Si p«i«l ui t4um. sill l«y flic
sjet umii ■-1 t«4«i. ihlwarti it ink-
I bmit alwil iM rum *i-i prwtorl - uf
. tar ■■«rgai»in»«l f»r**-t- !«. bu) **l n
I 11.- »f ilr •w-. iti 1 ■( fat m »ii.f
• tkas Ibr
•war. anpnt-tMo; . Mr. .
u 1m- IbtiniH kwi.fc. r |un.trl uttt
llal H»»-t nra>r «f ti* YiJ.'rr.
. lii'.vi r- I Mfrnlur A -
e ftnLiiM »»n. a 'oil y»ar ulirxt iWr.i
arv'iabr- ?»l bwlw.! U| tbi- tjlr
,j -m • * —% etimr ttj- !. c« t>ut m •*»;
I ..f !'«' f »rniM .• !»• tiwitW
llu if 'r 1 ■■» I |il) ■» nt h-t tautttk .'run.
tiw > - wrsitjU- ■»!*!>. u r*. t»-b Ww
I Drat —i.*ur; Whb wkirn l« turv*~«
r Itkrir ISSi mf «M dill hat* aM.ihrr
I nh |a>Mn.t m«u»? Iw !>*■«»
.■ b. I vnr"« m*sL
ttr :««• s mt thrir s»a
■ r-atalM j»xiHv u|« In thr farm
#r» Ihirtw . li* "I" -
r tfjitei Ibr " 1 IT nl .ir-tlin- of tlw
" I■ bint 11 a MIIIMI. mni»iri Ihrw
that 14- fath v» Ibm *»«• w..'
* wtm kii Mib4 tb-ir >kirt - mad
|c« Mbrtv irbl far tbrir palitiral
' I uitylmrr Mtad that tbr mJ; m*m
' L to ibr 11 ii«t ■ puMpcritir rf
L j th~ :Ti—hrm tikirri farnarr today »
fi tbr ma aria* t- to* naarillv to jliß
1. be a abbn faint la a twfi«»
-' far Ibrir ntana wtftu* ar thr MB
IT trart Imhrr aba Jrbv- tKr m'
r. atari aril mm to Ik Swatbrn
__ j| LJ r j i , , jg|
•V .VI m THE t-°%*EL •» ■ ftltn
fAfLiL IS -li iS«F> 4 tit
uiiK siwcnrm.'i Ex^atcs
KST Ai>Li:sH fcll# lsifc
Kfcll>KK \L AC;EN i
Due Fulforti Caught
When Uiiu t i > KluJ
.Muunsiiiiic Siili
- *-■- MaiTi> si
r.. ti. j j■'
I « ."i*! 1 jriAirt ten ..-r.i jiil
» 'i It»« '• -W.. i .3«—r. ».!• - :
it. t&kli
t »i*rr «- r im»* _«-l -j. :t j. i, 1.;
■fr* tin W - "•... jf its:
•-•'h* -Wit - - -_W AilS
! '™" ■'* i-.:r , .-i* fviitiri.
- wr*% j-»
*' - ' r -"'- r ' - ■ ».r-. . baa
•o rater - f«r >^nuct
j..' ".
i- .f
j l'r,~ " V- -.-fli -llii-
j "
i - -
v iHs .hi*i| it ■ i,M.-
»!"! ! : \!i KIKt-i , lv K
* * li 1 . f 4 |.
V vllf "■ -
1 .^, v 4 -
I • 1 *w"» * - » f r«e»!
j * a K* ; •»* iU i - caa
lb (k|« •*" --
p- t- -La*t?
I w v Ki-;rn "1 ?*f al-
Tl .:?w. ~4fc«r* • \*v
I i ''kr' mi - Ztisr' IfWw# * «_i i* . t»| -
j*-* >*t\h
'=»* !!#. '•
* •i'-'fcr.i ... '
-M l£fc- W. . a^-'-^ti«/ - iA.»
lt*. v » He" ,%«
i i J, labttf
'** •»' * f " ih «_C I'l afiMiilS
Wb«rfir fj g trs: , St»r+ \j
\\ ->*» *r«
jr * P- * If»rwj4b ft- p: ■ 1.1
j-\" . Ti-ti .Wv -r r -iia
' •-*. ' . « , . ~'
py*- stjJb if' 3»■ . r , 3 _.| j
' * - V H 4 .. mm U '*» J V*i 1 i-- j . J*l -
*•?* .it •*. —*• fi ijaaularill . 4.
.*jirtip,rt ii ;»» • mm™Urt -1 *.. ifn
t. > ! liomLjwtt • „
••'*• •- i*"mh
i S
''r »- » I-.JU- a A.
fj t* «* Uli . . ,ir-.1 ri, -
.i Ktl.
*( %• I- « -.1 m*m l,d* I- it ii;
. • -lti« Mi Bilif ai. itiii irv 4,
t». . .. a, I'j a... *1!
ttK V. h KIZI.I |.t. «i.
V. *nr a*? i*' jNTii w rt
I» **l .>4- .fc >r *** - I•
>. " '« i - '.l.f . .l.^r:.-
■ i i;.>i-. t ..■ .!« »; -_ > IM. „s -
I MKr-l-at- ,*li -"i **,• 1 !*i.« ._t .r.
, ;nl -41 .
t it liLr ikTiCM >n«»i
fl» nit V MlllS
A. .. m - ji tae
.•mIH ia w *.l tb* t>« hi\.
> A- *.— tiiM» ■■ .li IT."
{- tlr u. lb; fit •"
iu l*c vjir
. ..V:-. .i: vJ t!l>
a. at , At - ". Ji li'
• _Ui XutjLi Ml s»r ircUlM 4- KtA..
.. rtair *f> - • I -J..- M tfe«
>**- ». . i&tt. . t -fi y
•IweA tw at «I iiwati v"t J.
Iw tin t«nxrii« CUM- |
- i. [mh. hi/. &ti. i bt.jw -Si.\\.t k
>) 1
i =- iu~, M
, Im ak li* iifan- -I HiaJ
' "*■ w*-
u the hip AncMaii ngtiitM
!ii-»rr> uJt lUwv arall ibeii
ii«ofa' iMw««b ibt |«wiNtf «f lb.- to-
»»a«ailin tW ieu.
, la Mr. -SaaitC ab» uim ibit tbil
t fact ViM «i ml Mar to aci.» iu
t sl«»tk
|| Ut» liuataU Ml>. wk nuetOy
I bft hr* >■ ifaia ia thr fcnb Quo
. lat Ibfutanl JL KJnfiilwri to take
f am tar ulmn t--an>riri s mm
, Jqpartaatai w mummmm"* wart, atie
,rU hrt «. U«r JuaytiTili».~ m. jw
I rug «f Irhtmnc aM m«l* S* *-« .
r 'aaJy ttt ir~ -4 thr Swtb CartWiiw '
,i fittMt W * .J
a D Fm w,M

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