North Carolina Newspapers

    * a—
AwmHns WILL rant ont
Native of Martin County
Leaving Hree For
Oa Jat Mh. Mr. O. IL Cowmr
vko maM «fth kit fcafly «»ear
Caitkige. V. C. JM. F« May jw
hr lad km a tl—ie sufferer flora
• nnpiblM of Awnu- the
tnsr at il kk fiims nt dw to
Mr. tnwia* ***** CWHUH al
ways a rfuu ami uvlog
•nly and always a hii Gai He itad
of .en ~yakn af i.ikt ie teat u>! ke
did not dml dnlk. Cniiull) he be
gan to rrrom nhrt mmh'. finally he
fell a leep ■ nn ■ 4«alK his
fare wa- fl— ilsii vU a heavenly
. Mr. Can* was ever a gentle ?id
drrotcd taskoai a kal amd aih «- .n»
father aai a fWatba ana in every
pk-vr at Ma life. He MIII cave *nr
ta wra'b. his teaper «r» ahnv- ar
drr (M(ral Hb frirnds awe ■aarmu.v J
ami were mt all rlitaet aad r4«rr. He
reeueaiied the wealthy aad the poor
a* fiiradi cad if raj paaa afrrJ
a ami ha re rp in led a* heat ha cuJ.l
AH that awy. lartari aad a aerr
iar faaulr aad ftW» eanld da waa
done f«r his lestaratien lift G*d in
at foar H*k ia tha Owa Hi! cem
etery of rirbf*. Hie pastor. i:«
John M Wrirht mt tha IMMi t
church assisted hy Bra. J. E Ayva»
nad C. E. Clark nn lalt I the fnr*ral
The fanrral was Mtlan I' I hy a hiT»
The twal t iba«i aaa heiatifai /at
b which he was hit
Mr. Con ism fifty J**f> old an t
for aaaay year s he was a eoasi-t t.t
ai..l loyal aialn af the JMwftt
church He wu a Batrre of Martin
natty, hat for several years |-vl
lived ia Ma—e nasty where he *«
«aj»jH aa f"i«t '~7~
He lians his diialtd wife. Mr -
O K r*wiar aad thr>e children. Ola
Kmc. V. J. aad Yedla fkja. He
m. ay frirah aad who re
line town Loses Again
To Jamesvifle Team
J ime Tdle ma hrb m» appi in i-~.
by •Irfntac Piattoai. to a® fi to O
count la-it Katantay. The J aw Jle
hall r.ah staged a ana asisr ha. k.
twldtac the l*asit i aa ch*> at It* airi
cy at all stapes of the fit
- The Ji— iTe taaa fhted a (uol
par aadot with the e—ll prtehinr
of (Gardner arha ntiM the ipparhtr
team'.- hatter* h rfgria adu
The Pial»a» patihn Made a ctad
t table showing bat waa risen pooc
rapport hy his team mod**.
The let tine haters aad raa makr
Inn: H Garfcp, 2; P. Water*. 3; O.
Davis, I; H. Cat bars. 1; H Mania. I.
. Gmadhb My IX—Tha Pat
Coaaty Dbtnt at Vaaa Worker*
•/ ike I'pi npnl flatli afl h«Jd
a PiaM Day at HB Oat. aaar
, Kiustor, V C, aa Tha l»y. Jaly
17. A bngr aaicr at I"pan pa
Iran* are expected fna afl perls
af East Cmratmm ta gather at tUa
k'aatifad re-met taiag the speakers
at the day afl haw C- V. Caapar at
kins* on aha wfl imradaw General
Albert L Cos. at " aad the
Err. W R Noe. at Wl «.lon. who
wj iat.adat . tha Mar. W. H Milton,
D D of that efly. Mrv J. a Staton,
VJawtn. Mrs S P. Ihar aad
l&a. J. P. W aadoa. In 1 fll . aad
P*». Jams E. Caste, at Gremvdle.
at Ms» a. a. bto afl flay' "
Hilda h«, Baeh WhilCetd. Orar
Eeerette at Baherasnarflfe are -pend
mm the flay m the city
wii jJAMsrn v seoflTH CAMOUMA
Tiarliar with IMh, Hull il with
Receive Lists From The
Ten Tax List
The Hocuil of Coaaty Ciassn turners
of Martin eunaty saet yestenhy for
th * larpac of itoh utg the tax list--,
froa the variant list takers.
Afl w rnlai > of the bsnid were pns
The tea last Ukrr> of the county
were present with compdrte l»t> with
the exarpttui of a few am- in tat
It *as foamt that foar tnm>hip
ha>l Buale a rain, whilr six had M
ir value.
TKe l»arr. l.ipt> caiaac were as f«d
Jiuae-.vflle _ .
Grflbu __ 7^oo
Rear Crass CjlWltO
llMiiiltun Niiil t*>
The followtrur tawediips vhoarvd a
TV 111 cm _ f
ttiiliam>lar. )*J(I(4
Cns> ko»d !>I1M»
Poplar Toint _ lji«*l)i
The total r- mnont of real ami per
ianal property ranaaot rrer IK3 he
ini- $ I .Wt >»i
The Mai for Ittl w» *II.T«MS*
and for 19!*. s!l.7TO>^
Toflay is the la*t flay that one ria
ran a car minas both the tawa and
limw tair- for aate. The State
lerae." mean a (sol dip >(-an ir!«
tl>e old jcaar bat tie town Ivra-n
are only one dollar aa>4 arr ie the
reach of aIL
Itat it doe* at* ma he any matter
How hant it is to fimf even the «ma!l
--e-» State lireaxe fee which is lltia,
it is aery cartam if Toa do not fin-l
it roa k»l better diiir ander the
shelter and *»ay tfcer; until you i-et
The toam licease* are not *o n«-
'picaoa> a» they were but year, the
rhrWl re.l beinr replace.! hy aary IJue
on a plate ahnat nae half the miae of
thxa of la*t year. Drit-r> of Fords
will not be emheira*«enl thi year by
havinitr their car* bahtrn fmm TK*
hy a city of M illiair* an Ivn -» pi\.r
The new are-- irf rcry mulct . A
fo»»l l—ikinr
Mr. aad Mr* J.'G Miyaa am! aaa.
Gay an-1 Mr. and Mr*. Sam l\-*taw
uad >laarl*team. Mime* Ikarthy arxl
Earner and Mr Clyfl" Alligsail of
Washlagton were thr rae-t af II;.
Mixoa's tittei Mr- M. G IVele. Sor,
Mrs Heria Coplia who has hrw-n
viritinc her parent*. Mr aad Mrv. G
R. Simpsor. bar rttamd to her hoax 1
m EKaaheth City.
Mr. a»l Mrs. W. T. « and
praad flaarhtar. Mis» Gbdp I egr»tt
sprat Saaday with Mr. sad Mr* Gra
Miss Mary ETmbalh Taller aad
Otta Tajrior af Chmaaiaily aad Mi-»
Bessie Malane aad Mr Lna Milnar
were the rant- af M»« Jrstir IVrie
Mr. aad Mr*. A L Itayasr aad
roa, Richard, aad little Mim Pattr?
Hrrdy atteaded the ibiw at William
stoa Satarday aipht.
Mas l*attie Hardy at Ereretts
spsat the aeak tmi akb har rsaflk
Mr. Hhgi Kafttti iclaiatfl ta Hear
Gram Momiay -airajag afl fresh for
his wapk after a dtlithtffl racatam
Several paaple of thir i
attended the fmarral of Mr> J R
Lcoflt SmUay.
Mim Vincie CMKpher spent Sanday
with her stater. Mrs. J. H. Ra«er
Mr. Maara flsp.a» aad his aaather.
Mrs. W. H. Batter* utaim-l Friday
from a trip ta 111 hem. Mkhmami aad
Mrs. Grmrer Hardin a aad daafUn
at Wflltaaartaa tUkd Mrs. W. H.
Ma—a Satarday.
Mrs. Syhntar Kaynar wm m Wfl-
Charles W. Rtyaa. the Democratic
Vice Presidential a' ■ aeeaa*
popalrr with his haw fsfta -Tea
thoasaad at theaa smt bap at the flepat
when he ula aad fna the New Task
rate a bar rata far Dnra aad B-yan
la that portiraiar aactian lathe
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. July 15, 1924.
Ihe Ihini >|aart*Hy Coatferraee for
this year wiH nstcje Friday. July (
18th. (next Fratayi at Holly Spriac.-.
We are expecting: a fall day aai a
f-ooil time. All are iirool to be there.
I Followuue is the preeramtee for the
■ 'day:
Service starts prompcly al 11 A. M.
Pnrarhinr by Rev. S. E. Mercer, Pte
>klinc tbtrr. At the coorta-mi of
jen Kfl . the Wlliua>l« i'pworth
II will retv >er a pr>-ian> laiJil
inf of readiness ■■ agr- >tapt.»
This promm will hr f,4lowe>i by an
r.idio- oa the Epaortb- Inrw work'
by Kei. I. C. lark, ami whirh will
he followed by anot>er ailrc - hy llf-*
E. I- llillman of So4hßd Neck. X
!>tnr r will be -wnd .« thr
: rooaiis.
Rer»nvminr iaaasi.uly after din
ner tie ha-inrss mwa «»f t*e
Confcrrr«c* aUi he corxtur
Mr t'cdlui I Vet v»y> that be k J
en a lot of thm—* stamt an their
Head- hut never before b» he -een an
aatomohile of the Fornt variety
i« it: hea.t until Sa&hy nirhf.
Mr. IW was «a tu> way to Mr. li>icr
EilleyV an.l ■»- ab-at a mile fr«m
tin jnt sarfaced road when ht cams
u|>x> a car .iaadmjt >* it* r>lial r
witii its holy striirht up in tie atr
Mr. Irrnr Coh-an.. »«iif -on of
Mr. Jo-haa t'oltrain ami Miss R»brr
son nrrr oat raline L ie Saofe>y «v« t.
iiir in the
wi rr pa>*m? a (dare in the rood whiea
was emer«re»l in water aa>a Mr. Coi
liain was not able to see the (dare
in thr roan that bal leco aa>hei oa"
so ahm the car raane to the calk
it ja*t pitcbol form *i.t into it a»l
the oceapant* ef tb- car either arvnt
thrtiaicb the anadsbirld or tbrnne! the
•.pen side*.
The yuanc au via. wa> raltac
the hock -eit aas ibmwn -iti tie
front *eat ami went on* of The car
throarh topeniar lietaeen it> l«-i.
and hs top. There n an eriou
• •am.-re done a- A»..-r lie car or it -
ocraprnts bat tbey all -nflere»i pxit;
fal fa*> ami hrai-e*
The Ma-onie I «l(r rave a barhr
oar m Hamilti«.. July 4tk A litre
aumbei "was preseat.
Herman Satart -|eat She seek et«t
at 'i-mr.
issaa fieri ha IMaiot am* Syble Bos*
'peat the we-h end al. haae
Horace Joba*oa spent a few lays
home last week
Quite a crowd weal to Pablsc l.*al
inr Fralay.
Mes-r*. J W lliar ami J R M
field weat to Vorfalk Fralay
Messrs. Joan Manomr. Herman Pi
laml aeat ta l*abiir laadac Sam-lay
Mr. ami Mr*. M'eeks . pent Sareta*
with her siithrr. Mr* Warsley.
Mr. Frank Wilsoa visited friemt in
ami aroaml Oak City last week r:*l
I a von Steven- sprat the week eset
ia town
Erne « Harr.-U md' a mistake Eri
•fc-y an-l i.«k the wrwar P»rl onl. Sua
iar sister yonll say.
Edwanl llymaa wr> in town San
Mr. aM Mr*. Tom JoEraa weat to
Waa tall Saaday.
Vi-f Re*sie MaarJnr spent Satur
diy aa>! -Sam lay ia toa a.
Mi*- Emily Casper -pa! last week
in Ha mil* na with her aaar, Mrs. M. I.
W M Maxtoa. U G.rrarfle. was
b-*e last weak.
Mrs. J W. Hiae* who has heer.
*ick is u*.prwria—
Mrs. O-wefl wba has bee a very fll
al' -UHimer is able ta ride arannd a
There was ta he a pacair at Phhlir
Ijadiar Wan har ahy titta by tha aea
hen of the Christian chare a.
Those who eajoyed the ine rirna at
Jahti Rennett* Sataalay aaehl were
Mrs. IVddir Harrcfl. Bfll Rowers aad
Misses Aaair I) linker and
aaa Cherry aad W. Ward and Grimes
Beverly at Bethel were in tana San
fl*r. j
Mr. and Mrv I- T. CWaaan leaser 1
Unrday nirht far ihtMa M. J. '
Botweea 2jHflflflfl and SJMM/Hfl radm
ia the I'aitad States j t the past
three years, with sflß kaaadi a tia
Nations apeu taa and Iflflflfl aaaaaean
'ran anltti* rnmiUmg anfl natahr hy
;• - .r
Locals Meet Washington
! Tomorrow and I'owels
ville Thursday
The W illtamstoi. Fair t,roar>ft* w ill
ht the scene of two has* !«ali »rr.n>es
- lhL week
Tomorrow aftrrnoon. Williaaistoß
will cross hats with th*
1 team. Washington ha* a very st on»r
te:.m anl is coni|«>-*.! of the let
- player*- of the Surviay eho-1 lea car
1 of that city. This frame will intrr«*st
1 yon if yon like fa*t Ivir hall. \\ ith
' this formidable nine to K> up airain>t.
■hi- William-toa team will uii-i«ul>t-:ily
I* t renr*. hennl by -.nie unktM>wn
" k TV.ars.Liy the locals will the s*r«B|f IV«» "!»\ ilk team of
IVrtir c.maty. las! wr-b Williamson
■fferxsl .efrs* o» t**e I'.-woll i i!!o I
-. imoml bat on this nrsasion they will
attempt to j-et retfssr
The manaeemen! of She l«- • team
Is makinr an effort to f»rr:fire a
tram so r» oat an.l fcive tV trim
I yoar upport
; Enjoys large Enrolment
, Macedonia Bililc School
Tl." VI:e»- l.*nia I'ilJe eLml whieh
r b- - h-en nrruiiiM ree ntly is |.r.>-
t "tr.s*siar nicely The attemlaMe is un-
I u-u-Jly lanro for a younr Sur*«'ay
r -rhool an-l in inr ol nemler tu|i
is wi he.l for. At ttpe lie
• sehool ha* a memher > in of -aeventr
fiv» bat the (ammuiiiH in which it
ts btntnl is very litre irt.l -hould a mart Sanrer runder on it* .->ll
Vbrtir the line of ~n iitctea-e iti mem
ber hip the jwo pret ate very en
• TOBn*iwt.
Tie > an.iay- *rK».| r lai.i eu ti Sun
diy momiar at nu« o'clock with the
eveeptma «»f the fir*t Sum Lay at w liw ):
t*ae tha school meet at fen.
The .4hrer> are to huiLf up
a lar;-er *eh.M>l an-l par coo|*rr>ti«.n
- w»!I hr appreei&ted.
Mr* T IU»-» > Sr: ha- returned
f'f-m Suffolk
Messrs J, V l.uhank- Elmer E>l
mo:et on an.l VJ»*«e* llf-len arwt E*he|
Iba.cnpitrt m»?»re»l to River*i>le I'aik
Saaday aft -moon.
Mr. G. I— 11 ne. of Alaoskie -pent
th.- week Ctrl here w.t'i frienl r.rri
Mi»* Myrtle Ever-tt is vi .tinr
r» l.ii ive- m N »rfolk '
1' >fd Mr J. R bMm»i>l'.i :UHI
fasafljr -pent Sunday with Mt ami
Mrs. Ht Ro.- rs near V. illiam t..i.
Mr W- J S'arr of Sunl>ur\ pent
ll* wre-k er.l »*re w-th frieml*
Mr It- R- b -petnlini' the
w.ek in Scot la-jt \"eek with Or. ami
Mr- W R Sh -rr«.l
Mr Frank Stoi** moti r«*l to Gr«en
ville S .tantrv.
Mrs. M It. lU-ik t> •.prthlinp ome
time with her father at Ocean Giov.\
X. J.
Mi.-.* France t .all -\ of riiyton. .V
' C. is the rat i *f Mr and Mrs J I*
, 'Mdley
MLss Evelyn Haws is sprndinr the
K»rk in tSe country with tier sister,
Mr- R R Taylor.
Mi # ■*: ie of IjttlHai,
X. C. L- the enr-t of aunt, Mr*
T. R Slad.-, Sr'
r T. R Slade Jr. ami W. S
Rtxnte. pent ye-stenHy in William*
{en on I* far *.
Mt* R. V. Sa" fcary sad Mrs. S D
Matthews mi*>red to Rofaersonville
jT -terday afternoon
Dr. aad M'- M. I. Fletninr f»om
p ckv Moar.t were ia town a sho.t
■ +3e yestenlay afternoon.
Thr William T«M how which open
'd y .-ter»lay *o a caj^ctty awtiener
1 has been very'ically
aitad by thr people, the act.- ukM
: auaarreas encore- and from the opitf
' ioa of the ffeneral pnhlir the show has
1 all «he ear m.rfc- of a very :-ucce** -
fal week.
AKhonrb the calar-d sectiaa was
> rather vacated last eight, there is a
hunt 7M itamd seats fa thea and
'tb seats filled with the ralaead paa-
I pie. far the i ban riser not aplact the
, arts that appeal ta JL
Acrordn r ta several wba Witaeaaad
I th? dnw bst Wfbl. it ir one of rea»
I sarrit
Tea TarbH sap that the real lend
er ia his naaainaity dae nt appear ta
he h ilia, at aU
-7- ✓
lUkich. X t".—Jalj Si—txwcnwr
o.nicrrti Mi>-»n* Sias a
call for a specKtl -e*.«a»a -f tt»e to-i.
rr: I of tfcr St; tc u con
iiiie \u.-u-: I*L
The jtrpi»-e wf tia. -peri.J -•>. hti
IS to pix. a a-lfr tta-j-pi.talKui .-xt.
winch will . tTfvt ih Iji-ter-n i!>.l
\» .h-ca-trv -or"o-e. «f the St-ite.
:.;*i 'f tbe pci-«rfamii 1- crned *u' a«!
.«u - lir.e.i hy the :ravp4la!s>r com
iili*tee .t wtll Sa- laiWin*. i>f a
sy.-teta c»- ti--r aKiac
Mr. Tden I r
Suhseribers To Take
County l'a|M*r
EtJti'wanir t* a Inner fn« Mr. II
1. Eilen of laarnrtarj wtrl:
or. to .-u in tKe 5» »§«• ttu.l y.oi ria .
mer.tu>- tt t.- y-ar anrlih-r. aha, fo.
a-uu mtknvsti tcaws. uil- to tak
thr- t'ounty l"*per. VI• Fjkti aras for
* am,' time l>ofe --«« «»f "be J.O K**\l!lr
many frieml* 1 l**ix
athi r' r» h.-r, ra S"wr oat.l y . T'e lei
'er f.i|b>ar*:
I anrr la*: . N. t"
July 11. I«1
Ed .tor Enterpcsse. i\ dh'iißsVii, \ V
Twice a week fbe » «terpri-. cane*
to my home. I* b i-ce «-f tlie most
welcome r»- t.* ttct n-i- me 1 no!
i>n!v' fin-1 in it tfc.-n—ku'wl nliiarb 1- on
current event*, no-mnter ..r o m
len in - rer*a,n |*r e*i_-e - -ml at otlier
time I fiml e>ii!«ial. »i riennuim r
tion- written wct». tie |-at|«-«- of Lad
im the - ..f arfiievs
metit not yet attsa-dL d«s
tt>ct;*e fr-'la-e >fc« Vyal pap. r 1
'h-' news fr,*m tbe varnai-. irii'tilwr
hiMki- ,»f a countm_ TV" Leal Tieii*li>v.t
h«H»i iterr ■ fain it ®«r* tlie tna i
*alr-fyiae amt 'klicltfal feature of
a piper I can TB- Pater pros* f«t
♦h- l.*-.l- from e aa a it»f- fimiltir
to men Jam* die catcVe vr,t hobls
my r.ttemton first ~f sll Tteie I v*-
th.- name* of pnpel-. frervl- a'wl rt
•|U untance. A* | fatirr call*
them from a ranlar pa.t ami I am
sa'mamM ar*e h* thxe whom I
leame.! to »ihe Ime
Every i—a e»i 1 Mim lan i|.u e T. >
sometniiur in H W.HT"& tfe -at>>ri|i ~rice Every " m M.itm
ci.uiry 1 - rite- it .erne
Rwiiium at i-ifaraatiaac --p»«-i,il!\ i.
dapte.l t» iMHlimi'li iafnttn. «n,t
only •ne chiblren. •«« ,-| .-,.| u |,
of th»- home, on all tke- cmaei it na. - - hat
enter into the lif? ao»a ~f
»"r l'"(Jr In Ibi- b4l tie (..unit
ha.- n«"  artre of nxJ« matKa. CMOU
p.r.iMe In H> L-ealt |ii|er I Mtete
mnst :i»rtarfetfal pe» go. aAt arm- with
mt an that niMh>M Iten why is
The Enterprise fnanmt in .-learly
eveey hoaar? Th«- ■ t«ar am-a-»; ilm
laiitor ha- cuavactauu* «i, all puldir
ami tienn * tvte are
namy |ie,.p|e sU .|i#er f/«i t-nn on
one a.r are ,4 liie-e ip*j4i«- tliey
•a: ke a Kilter of thr liffer
ei:ee and refa e t> take "he p |«-r
ISVetber*, tha. but m 4 pee, n*iw ou,.f,t
not t» lie Tbe keai paper prow - in
a*, fulne-s as it* ia*illi|lliiiM list
tr«» - ia uaaber. Ila* *be patdir- 111 r
taken 'ine to tbl»k »-«-w mar 4. frvr
advertismr the L#aJ |it|ei k.- K All
information ronrevaimr churrti in
tere>l>, -cbual aad rMrttiiaiietit of
va'ions kin.t , mirate. teath- and
a multi|»te of nth r thusy- al * print
e.l for the peAple far »* to them
Irt the E»bit*r bab= ta h. opinion
whrtber tbey ..rree -wL «,*. 1,1
H*- i-- aa iwlhbhat; tie I peg is a
public iastftmian. Ops -**■ a»e a mat
t't of imlrv.hrt! choatv-
May thr fine rrx?a*bi|. aM -aps!
Material ami Mwitaml r«.*tli of
Martin be bry tie in tciv>l
strearta ami circalataoa «f Tte En-
* . ,
Yoar- traly,
H. I_ EI 1 ENS
801 TE Ttl m l>ll.L'\ V. ( .
Twenty-seven buy -otest* fiwti I'.ip-
L-x Rranrh. Carrilak cwaaty el
throne town y«s£*rdts; a their way
to Asheviile oa a nppiar trip
The hays were a -can wai
ter and were all rarrind in two
scaud tracks.
The hoy., rsuur fnn tie bnr flat
laid will find many sear eiphls as they
rl mh tbe lofty peaJrs of the hlue
Mr. Imar Call raa aha att. fa the'
:Co wrnck at lat le creek, near Mr.'
Kader I alley', afliayl a|
wiat Ie I knee and is pet aaflla ta
*MW Mary Mehoa Andrew.- re
taned frwa NoefaJk Sataiday Mis*
Velfca Andrews is rir'fnt ia Narftdk
Chocks Will Be Received
On Or l»cfore
August Ist.
KaWt|*)i. Jul* 11 ApprwiißulHy »
$3.(4) '.I" I *' will hr |mc.i **i the o«»*t«»n j
tarrorr of North t'.iTnlhp *k ' i!»
m mhers .»l" the \> rtf «' -«4irc. j
'.■• ii tln'wfrs »'•»»}»?ratiw A>»r t|.>*> ]
witli,', tin* n*xl "en .ay . l(u- um j
.1" ni.iney (ppHsml. ■ * tar.aJ f'llf
nail! '•• the \-x«si*!"*i l>y Itsf mrir I
\!1 itt.s .-{•• t: ? r.acis" ft-r r* j
little * inn* 'prr.itu*> n( (t-* acO'SMin •
;n pli'r.' ni.i t.t'nil *tr? i.Lirh ' in
th.«- !iri.:.iurr?pr- • tl.* r.4 on ".t. w
or Coo|ierottv* A-jw slim? it- K V
i-*h ru • >•> ,k n» -o* :ifce lin.o :*.t!e
ini n» •'■ mi—i . * ami 'le w-ik -•* wrii
intr "'«* ri oik witl Wvin in *ie\;
il,iy or iwi . nrwt ro as rrpMH
a- llio office foirp ran Mivllr it U"
;ii The o rkfck- » ill 1»-
Rl-ilo.! o. . .far !kn rvnr w'rittv
ami will iii'l ho *o!.i jr S l "* uffu— arli!
*lir oi tiro v.-«-k h.i l»or r- iriJol .t
At Iho kcfirninK •■( "he 192S «w .-or
Iho I'naril of I M.'ftor •»'" O* \*rt J
t'inil'na llti* -r- vo
A Hvtrartni lw m n.a" •
H" tit 14' i .foitiiiio |4.i! '»C pro
tv.'.urr .lui iiii; "he yoai. |Ja pi "•
for the .«rtotly/ imikrt : -r «f
, iho rrnp iiinnfk by miHstk ar»l
I!—>vi.le.l for an a»lv iwo f.» »**- nw
■ Hor- »f the \sorfc*tion of 50 i«or
t*nl of (ho ntirkW \ali«o »' J**
on upon lolnory. :i -uMjnlul |«\
mon) in IVorriiWr, f>rii»r to r .
:i»i.«tlier -ilk 'r'Titiil pr»iwnt in \f*rij
final >o|ilomonl ?iil Litoi tk n
'il l I The inim -onrtsliof tko \
•wviation '"i fi»ll«i* ■»! • >»■- pnraeran*
rit'bll v pi. I t.\ ro.L .•», «.f '-uof** ■
of tho |iri'»nni monihor kiw iw t
n( tkoir |i'l\ mo*:l i> *-u* 111*. l la t
Parti m'-l tho w.»- -«4«l im-nlI h*
HKIII'II in in nrkfli fa-hion i' tkr
market «i>ul>l tiko it w»l 'kr n- «ilt
of tho year".* •*>»k h.»«. i Jiat the
iMinhor of »he \- nri ti»i. will •*
ooivo ahiio-l Jf» cent a p«ii».l- l. I*"
o\;iol 4>v >ll f.»r \l Slip o»3l.o T-F
1 . liirk >1 (4 • am!,- the imiiifOinHi!
of tho 'ool ikil tk'> i
n kmi( ;>mr' 'O |tfw» f»» tM' rw«!
taking into fi«o ikntiar, tk* fumii
*i«Mi of 'ho omlVllunthrt thf
- i>r >oti
Tla* . in' f . 111. kI o!'|oi.«I-I :
m i Ltt«. th.ui .'iii-n i 1 iw-in tM
t l#o 'l'liw lit r.f iko
hju ilurint* t lio |>ioor>! ye«r «k- pt; ■
tho romlitions which ri-tsfltO'ii
;:t t tie liotrinii'iir of tkr yojr -tino .11
iff il- work .vruriluiir lo i H |««
main. In ii# Fall of IW. li* liiil
o'llonioiit for the I*■_*"* crop
nunlo until Ortukri tko .trlav koin
oerasionral by v.n anr-l 4ifliv
obstacle* which h»i to «.veir».«w
Tho «»f tho oll'oiiioi,! ..f !-■
I!® crop, tl.o *orfc of »inrk -anv
i:i after tho liovinninr «-f '•* IW-*"'
o.t-nn hiol a.k10.1 li. Ike lii'lo*> of the
I' oßiee, kilt .|r-|>ite tkl- y«J to.l
l.ur.ien the A -i*iitinr I- nnkint' it
I Vte A ~>oeL'ition will ha»o tkoii Hi k
for tlie filial irttlfmofct of tlj*_ j cr*«|.
approxiinately throo iwu>tt. «n«'
• (tan tkry roeoive.l ttimi list year. .ttkl
! all rliork- will he in live mail bv
! \«ri».-t I, if rwt -»« or
So ftr as mf.>rmjti>« ki- i'.wh »i
ti«»* lt.ilei»»h olfire tl«o North '
A j.r atim. L- the fit .1 I -■«! i»««i
th> South to m-k' a full -et'leisx i.t
for tlie lihZt erop ky Iko U>( »f July
u'ile> . it lie tlie Stat*- ol AL»h»m;
1i..«-e\or, .100 not kiinilr inrir -jf. inurii,
r»'ton as North t'arnlun.
___ |
Masonic IMcnic At
Colcrain July 31 si.
The Masons i»f Iter*w. Ileitf«r»4.
S'ori Kani|>t»n. lia'e . Ck»« >■. IVi
.fUinian - anl W:i.-kiii(t'« oiiu iio- wni
h'J«l tlieir annual at (V4riam '•*'
'IIIin-lay, July Slsfe Tlio |iii-o of
ti.ii a'inual mtotuir I- to rult i\ a! ■
nnrnl aihl fraternal I foolinr
inonfft -
ar:.l to raise fui»l- for the upport of
the l*for»l Orphanage.
Tho |Jaco of the meetimr »ano- oiorv
year, this time it rnei to fafenn.
»"onj're.-.Hman John 11. Kerr will >le
liver tlie nklrfM. Then' will he naay
aMMNenier' * for the nm-iimi. intMiaf
. a xewplai o Varmji refno-hmenl - will
he milil fnr the benefit of the orphan
jfuml ami in the nwnunir lad after
■ noon there will he a h*e hall ratr
J I vory one is wr In— Jo a*tent.
The banner year u tn il pi ilf
lion in North Carolina was m MS>
when the Sta'e yitenl IJM»
■ pouiwls In 1935. the pnxlfti— wmm
» reports V. W. Lewis bvM
ii * specialise
Damage Mstiniatel At
Two Hundred
I >ollars
j Suiviay nii'hl .iur:nt- lr«e Isea.y torn
wt tel. o\er tliu "n'ire ec".swn.
jht'iilmi.:' truck u.e 10-muo ,»f llr
IJIumJI iu ll:iUi'hti>a 4/e?t
Trie 1 it'lltiii"n* a|.|sirei*ly film- in at
rh i..|. «t th" riiuiifpry. .ur.'in" -sown
jlf. - chmiiM \ ui ii si n.-rtioi 't»' rikrl
Jnf tin* in..; ■». At t-.i- |k>i:! it tore
tl f"Uj'h tie cl inavey aii." k^.-ki-i a
|)i.|r tl rou h t'ie "-mf. '■•■arif.j; away
i-i. .ul.l i mrM'i Imahlmf ami
i V. il. law
M.i. >•' in h.a k »:i by
•!.. olt.'.f,- '.»r». |h- i; -hi motor
.( In- e. :»•.! il- hrgo ,uan
• IV af clei'?
\lr. ;ii: i Mi i' ■!i v» re ir. an
»r |i rt ...f t*. ;. =i . • f..itunate-
Iv .lui rn'it Mm • h*k The
iiluar> the ti..u  i «- tiniate»l at
fi«i (hi
snow!-:?: vtm
MRS. R. r. I*01"E
>t T .Hi -I.Uully on
t i •ii e-t a!» >»i! '■
Nt it '*■* .'-I-:, - M '■ n 'i • t ia
lii Him »f Mi- ! I r-f-. wi»> is wi*
. 'i eJi • In i • .f tt '• i t. ii
Tiie home 'v i ill; rinoly 'jro»ntrd
with a profusion ..f r" • . c-m\inr
•u* ;tio rolnr -ri i-iiH' t |..i k ii»! white
A feature f hi* « ••• o- ettertaia mi th-. e..i»rj»i*: i rf a c*> k
'•■w-k ..!' f i it rivii- Si *i*.t faai.ite*l
t.irk WI Ii- prosoii 1 . .1 hi ti*e h.. ■
•ui ''-it'll im -I coi ti a.irt ,i • • f-* at
ne I "e'|»- -•ri»| i voiy .r.'i"."2i'.i' I* ok
» ti\.si li.f \! • -. I" i.
Vftei 'ln • tini '—•! I t:h \ :rril
Wan) ,IIII Miltot J.iw in
i m"uii rharwiutt'ly m up in!«> a
jiih*' chariot which c**-:' .•-«-! ■**. *■•
-if parka:*i» ao.t oi'list >* («• tho
fin t ..f !i.-n« i >'!>•' f.'i -- 1 initv ar
t«-|«- ' Hat « ul ■ l> ii ef ul in hidßf
k-o|.iii v nim» ir i\ i -.liinii iim.
■l\ r an I rrv »al i-i f » r«l rtnny
I v«ii ihior« ir.
■f \\ illiamitoa'- iiH>-1 p-!»fil «r an.l test
known an* 1 1: k* I voitni- a . n. m .iii'l I.- r
{•>|iul ir'tv wa • at to li\i in 'Ho k iinl
nine i-ift h rereiv-;i
Tlmo who were iniil'J hot. \l so
• 'ariie I Vile \k late. ?ii I I'oo.
IVvl . •».: M ir- •r. , t IN *r • 1 Veil i %n
--•iri w um i M ' ' i*i - K I' t. im.niHf
ha. -I S Kh-le-. "/. 11. K—o. J i;
(in ltnl, I'«»- 7 lre*--. A "J til
nine. I'ni'or fritelwr. J Ti"n t'r teb
if, Orover V. Ilar>li- ir. lobn ft
\J "in ill:', Fllwrt S IV I. 1 II llal
•i- >n. \ |J_ Ihinri n«*. J •" \*-|er-*JI.
»;..v I'.urr.'inu . I. I' |!oi.Mtt II L
Sl.nb y. «* I* ll» «*".l. M l» UattJ.
ai ri • Iti-i* - V. till rm- '
FFM F \lO\li ttIMMM! ttll.
IJ iVSTIIN Kll \l» li> MF.
It i uixlei. tixal tb?t the I - »ie» loin*
:lu \\ iiwl-or \\ illtim 'on hi *bwa» m
rau.** ."Sii mill he piinti.l «t sa « arl>
t te
-TW W..M e* by «> • -f—V—lt
II i 'uiraii-l hi- men wkoii :'iOi |. iiut
ol Hie fern v. ill not le a, i.ilk-.i. (or
it will le ri*»i«eatlien*»l that tin* I'bief
w it l ' hurt-ite»l ••( mei . barn I of !tw
ami l.iri»*l - of water ami k -*• »-f
b*ft tlie city one evening il«out -lark
ami tlie ney iiioiinniir -he t-nr>- was
whit*. Wien v*>ii !.f an* I i hn.k low
|.*III* the feiie. i-t yon * ill e.-*iner b»w
it .ill .lone Tlie iwi. cionbin
e.l will a total "f -l"»ut sis
Wile-- :.ii'l wlien |nni! "»1 * !l i- *1
murl. In-lter ,-|.|iearinc-.
i _ r
\n Arfc-in-as farm-'* lri« ■ >*-l . ru*
for faith in tho Honesty rf hi-. f. lk.w- t "
i,kn. He has a »lf »0.-\iro r.i-i.L
on •vbirh lie plae*-s kU pi—lure,
nnrk- the |ir>o ami I—sive i bni na
taiiitni* cha-ii-e. A «!rt above the J
re.uls: 'Help yoar ell ami
tV* money in the buy." Ikir infr a
-A»ek* t vtarnl obi more than S r 4o
w«ir'h of fruit ami rnrtr.lilo aid
e'-"ry cent wrs acrou- toil for. It's a
f.-rirly e«o*i ol>l worbi after all.
Tmrlin- with Tbrflls, S»ffuiei with
tiMriw, warwi with hum jyiapithy
—■ad hlmnl with the r «" *-
" 'V* - |

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