—— —— THE ENTERPRISE) Tuklkl T every Tw**J a«d Wfc» by the K?a EKPRISF pmusniKC CO. WJliamsto*. North Carolina \ ~~iTc. MANNING. Editor T W. C MANNING, JR Busing Manifw : .uhscnpt ion Pri* (Sirirtly Cash in AilvsriW i 1 y«ir fl- s ®! 6 months -"®j 3 months " I'-atprol II Ihe I'ost Office- at \Ail-j liam t»r. a North Carolina as da.-:-, matter, urmer the art of March J 3, 1R79. Aihlrrs> a!) communications to TV*- i Eiiur|'»«e. W illiamstor.. V C. Tl KSIMY. JI LT 22. l»2«- * I TIIK KKFKKLMU M I W« are told l»> ihr rre>-- that thr' G»v:nti>r will rubmit the ref—rt oil the Ship an.i Water Trr.n.-.s»>rtatioi. i , • Commission to the Gmki:J AssfmUy i ( with tlie re»niiiini'nhtin: or furtf tlon that they submit i* to a vot: of the |«*«.ple Tin- i ititerr- hr-.y but , it is far more interest n.r to"*no» wliat the let-i-Jaturt- witi .!»• ai«>u* it . Th» li pL-isturr or its menilwr ar-- tta- } ifirKt representative? or the l** l^ ■ j»l« who j.re chart**! by tiie people with . tlie >lut> and responsibility of c: rr\ ? mjt out ih«*;r wishes or mstMr.tr by . passm** the mwx-ary laws. etr T> » existiiij- legislature does n.' fe* I , oblif?.te>i to abn- bj or carry "«'' v the r**eoi!iinen.Uition.- or urn-tuir- ( of t!.o Governor ir. alt cases If* d* 1 wieulica! miil'rr ui.-ii-r roi.-..ier.ition _ they iltfiinM la adop' tir- recotn- ( memlatioii »14,-i^kr.*..'.* to ., em ut tltr- brrutniiq; of (i# «cahai -r.--M..> At that time —rijli'fii. no'iith- . liaviiii- uMixiii tot in aitrp! »v>- io: b> ror.ifrliri' i! into ( law th.-re rrnuw-i two altematiie of piK i!urr. lit tip ttlmu' Hie «fues j _ tiori tn a .iirect vote of lie pe..|4«", or (2) to appoir.! a t ..nimi.sion of ex perts to investigate the entire pr" ( positron an. I lock to tt*m 'hf fact- of th« ca.e Tos.-t'-r witi, 'iieir omrli. uli aW rseommendallons. The* n.iopte.! ti.e latter f"Uf « ai»«i th- natural iKfW'ft" t> tha' trr*y rii ( art "iirectly an.t finally or. ti i- re port of the Commission »■ The I .ovenior ha pnai fnnWiw ; in thi- cau e. apprertite 'its benefit- i to tlie Sta e and. feei- lisWl the , people will ratify it :.r«>i » "to ». i un-ier fair condition- Ir fart we art* t con ti'lent that tiie nier.t- are -o !»»••- 11 nounre>l tlie | m-ill mlify jrla-llv sceept them a.- -'«>n a- '••ft un*ter.-tar»l and appreciate what tLey |- meru. *•! the State liut t tsk« riufi~ i~J time enormoi« effort to e-urate| tlie entire cJti/ei;r} of a -t:»te on :>r* j pru|»> ition h«>*ei«r -in.|/l« ami lia r,-j toriou- This mi„-iit liave leett et*.-ily-| arrumpii>lbe>l sfo f. it J now tiiere will lie lit'le time to rearhj tlie i«r'npie lielnu-er. tite a-i.tutirt.stri.l ! of tlie ,-pecial session a.*i Koflh I ber elections Moreover, a; these eiee- 1 tions there will lie pr.*~e«.le-! tatrfr-'af Slatr, County u>c municipal is>m an-1 cukiiitelr;- in nan.ief- heyw»i ti«e abilitv of tl>e ivrtare voter to in I telli 'et.tly rrasp. To this situation we have no touht ti* General AssemM> will jrive «lue tMB-nlrralmr. T>e> will douh'lcss rive -Ine cwnsvieration ai~«> to the fart that the Commission they tpfkintrJ was rampnieil of nine men who represented both «nles of the prop >. it ion in their perwoal views; that North Carolina doe* not contain • KMC upright, intelligent, compe tent or w ptejeutative holy of husi- DKI men; that these mer have ■pent 1 fourteen uinlii ■ arduous tod aad inuiiiiuliiui effort m covnplyinr with CUHHER COLDS Wi % ; • khrir instructions; thai they ha*e sub-j J mitieti n eoHipiehntsrre r p-.il rtifh-j c»! 13 simple. rfc.,a cut Ui:.-ua«r rtrjiJ s'ree from HDbiprity of any k,n>!;J I thtt th* repor* with thr areampar y-, tinr cvidenee contain.- all f -x±r and •lata essential for mU-fliper,* ar.l final | W-rx-lative action by thr assembly;] | that the conrttr-h.r.- ami rr«-»naneo.»a-j | turns of tnrir CMunikMoo are unanimously a: 'fol to by the mem bers; an-t final!? t?»a! the ieeiJatire is amply warrai.te-t in piacm - imp! ic.t fait I. ir. the ability, impar* ialityi fair " nes anl hone-It of purfM.se of the-e' | nine mer of thfir own Aclfctfeon. j Tiie-re are oilier eor.>irteration-- that | inas •letermiiK- the actlots of the lecl—; | btorc arni w of m«>t important J *i« that of t Tc* rruii» lis meant by this we wu-' urw«er-tai*.- ] jttial tlie propositior ur.-wr w^ler-. ati«»i is -imply a i|Uf tail of ir.terr al | :mpri'vemeri" for ti»c State aie. by; |the State. We *>ave e»r.ine>' uli "■ ! jcor>!- availaWe to u*c *»d fa'l to fir-' jr. .'-rirle ca-e ir, the (ic-i»eral A>- [ i soffit* v of ' anJifu: a v k^ij tnr |«h.|4> to x«.fr -a ir j imptovVeient l>\ tlie S*ate lei .nerr ease the lei* i la tare k t , (•ief:r.ite aie! fit--:-.! actmr Wstlmut a vote , 'of the |*"*lde Hee*n*>r TS year- a j MffaCM-'.t for e--tahl»-hinr a pfwce.«ec.t i we invite v«r a'tentiori to Chap >•'.*. of I I--S v ici. the State throu**? »>-« I | lloaril of Improvement, su'»-r* 1 I .:.im.oof> of live capita 1 ; *.*k of tie N. C. I; li If Ser i 1 «»f tl* -:ir*>e Act «e finti 3 sube-crip I ton • «>f for improv t»i|t the 1 I. Veu-e Kiver atut SS-J" 1 f-*r imi>t"V , r the Tar liiver. Ir "haf« lt> ofj' * - '.J -|e •"♦karter of tie \ C l! I. «r»- rK-it.sot ar*! in Chaf* of !>-»' * State sub-eril«e>; an jt.l-lii s ' ; (i;; •» . »4i:*rs to fi*' f'•« k •»? »i: : . Tilt- »:»■ :ic*-n j.'i-r*-- i h* ' 1 t e 1- : latutr alir» aim" . a- e I r. # the pr«.ple In Cl«ap t ) 1 ~f IMS. !"ii- S'ate uIK-eiilwi to," • '>v *> t- of the cap'tal .«tnk «>' , iViUfci i,f tie > I • plail ro>l arf' •- ue»- "J** r I, nih for ti# tmrpt—c. In l"han '-•! j 1 : n>i T.' of !Ms-4ii. t»je S'ate -u!*-cril»- j.' 1 ! three fif'hs of Ik (apial k if >.H".i«i-afteniaht iter»a— • !■ i I ; Mll»*« -of the ('rife Fear Nnviea jt t.of. (i!>!|aji> Ir « i-ap !>• "f !^ v - ji I ,t- State - ul« rr t«. *' 11*" I / • k of tlie Atlatit* -»r*t V I! K '| a*.l to :'e N • arnt V ji I \ In * "liap |:c of 1 »he Flat* -. »t-rr.!■*- to » thir»is ■-f Tie .iiivm..! "r'.'Ve *s»ey t«> o«m|J*tr tl»e Atlr.nl ic !,i .i Ry In Chap 3*. «*f 1 | i* Nale -uli-crilxi JUflJ'*' ? o the! r O't il nek of the \\e-trr', North; !i srolin.- !. K It; all of '»«e-e «re 'the b l —i-lr *u.e art»«l -il"l*r arnl ri'«al | I"" !r reet tit • l'e t»e.-«ml • •-ftWy artme alone basil Jo' a|* j n^!ku'im aiel owinl-Bto! «w,v*rt J L. „ _ • ;i .»r for the- eon:rlurttor r.f rail , j., |.i» Ki-hravs, eir ailn:i? *•*•»t. , I »i_ nw the '• f! -* mir T«* the Mattamu- , | V.-et IC »: (V *101,t?7 T- tlie H jk * a"i»l AHrrhnf K K. (V It. tlie Sta'e-ville Air I sre I; I! Co j 1«» the Watauga ar»i V»:k'i J1; ver K K Co To :be V. lk«^ ileni an»i leSTrrson Tun.pike I "■ fC,- t>«e Trr;r.-ront irental I- I! jr.. ITJXI Tie State li»li«..y law i$ Ji.w9/nu ai»«l -upfderncftt to amr slT.J«Olltli to the • jI! K Ar' f.»r the Appl. hian arwi jVkestem V I" l! K t*®. U|- r com ,j> ..twe vj 11 sertaic e»»rvli* a r*vi \ 1 ' mum -bra of $ ;iiJOmi.t«i We al o in • - - ' \ .te atter.tiot. to Chap IS> of |>ub!ie , Inw- of I*2l auttioriJine !*•*» i»-«c --1 for the ;erii-ai«t' enlarpement anal t ( :i .[.rovemert .if the State"* l>lwa • u ntl sr.! riarMiWe !r.ntuti.»" ; tr 1 jC:«ap 16*. cr-ver...- !»->' for • * r " permanetit :«ip» >»*ne«c -is>l aj-propr atum for maiM-towv of tb" State's • v 1 ivtilotmav Kact ai»i all of ihe* » ' "T ' hare been rfefiniteljr ami finally re hy the le*i*lalurc 'imply ami " «Wy because this is their function a iepcejen'ative» of thr f nple Ifcei ' MBHtiMl f MMMKS «L.i aa MMihtlaut Majority • or- I people heartily appmn the art * 1 their repi* etii. -rtf « e tJhlt i.iw .■ « V lour present school system, the bofld- | mjT ay »f wi fl'lu'iii'i ant sea foorf !,ii.ir trie-, -ie oi our ( 3i-Tic«l!*r? Hihotk the Stale fci * unrtaai an! home -lemr.n.-tratior «n --"ire. the man.tenanee of our .nstitu jtirm- for the fwv>pc r rr re of tl* wr.rr!' jnf the State, for the maintenr.iKT- or •health, etc and last out not least ?our ma*-r. ifir icnt hijr':*'ay -ydem Iw'jeh WIT.- frcr- ar.-I « f » V. eor.i , uwicatiMi brtweeT. al! part- n f !.'i» State ;-mt has rrceivos, but rwpr.lij, internatK-n-sl ree»»j"tilior. as t!»e • ; I .'s>nem for b;. our Soutii A | meric-'. fr*«il.-T In fact it ran Ik* ;efficiently &-serteii sl»—t ninety to n:ie'v-li*» per ceiil c/ our |ie t-S«* noso. -upoort 'l# f..re«oii.t' Act- of •our U-.••-Mature uith i;!ir j.ubia lin tiiutiori* ami puMir pl'eie.* si tn inl-nii! iiitpr>.ven«en!« .rvt Cf|Cfiril *ly a- to Kir highway ami -*boi.| -ys ?e:r >.«■! qmkit-; of the eonfticw | of tr* :»-o|" our |e;'islr tt:rr- • t.ila."- ft.;l »el- tr-a' our temnstroc ion tays lhr.\e p - «ii al.-! *hrit it tho.r Mri" r.u antt- t*»r.- vlu irovt- flo»»; j. lei U.ttve fialls tt.c -el.r-mrr 1 rear;. !«. »; err lef ,;*J..r nl, reei-i 1% ;'n« !» -r.e . *hc *.-i- interl or . lU"- «ur |rf. :!r -...1;. I»l«si ui.it.* j rri .t -e *r !iaiikiij|>l lie. aiise '^*lp ' le- T-m -. kwu that oi.r will f el;.! 1s- ften .«tcis«oii! whc-ii !i.iacsl i\ ! a» r.s to !* i ;u ' rt-prr; -n --j ;!..i i»«-.-. .-.e are eonviiiceil'also that tin* Ut -1 Ir. ure will cor i«ier ar«l .ietemiine 1. t ,m |n..|«soi u.Ui;.J iniprnv. n**i.: sr .übl twl ::ml «11l l."t H"i a If.; V ;»• t.ivr-.t:«li i.f lie or be -01.. • a f*>. tr/tal r'- poll,- ibiiity to li* Ssjir. whtci. «en» to I*- f-;.re«l hy *i-»«. |-- >tiul.i> liave f iilNt fo in *.«-. •■■zi'r m-ult.- ..I -I'nilrir r.eliot. I , ..hff rrati- A- we from o;-i j. *i i tl | u--.r -1 S|"r.'s:.l! .-ticli •>.!. ...n ' h.v ! k 1 ft' «f tir -i Jf: its. 'llvit 1 ti.-'' t ike'i car. !Gifre-t :Ikl principal inve e.l ■ i '-OjT ill > f'rnu '«r.| ftitj!- !;•» ?*?- n» * !tf-t 4 r"*n WTV ' f* r-n * t»at "I** i-rt.)n..i! ;» rt ton* 1 hi « 5* *ll •* k ll'nl r».«-:i trt | t.-r,- .-•> •»-. r *r S' ,li> •■mlr.e h eit!|sl t%e»: 1 r •« ilt k .'i.L:ti j|; of I.'*- K'irular - ~r of • Is." evs tin * lft"J:il'Jr «" :»e c..i.fWteirt ;le; ar" ••.! attrii-l it' n ifiiiilit) ii hrwilitK" tlie (irrcrii pi. We lei •> \— t lr"*t »let: ll;fV | me■-? !!*ry will ik.! re tha the pn*|irr aii 1 lira! rr oluttor i.f tlir- r«*i"-rt ot |th-.i r 'ilr Slip ar-i A ilem i> Com j »»•• -.«>o 1- tinir function their !n* |. n-ibil."y n- pcirt :.r o |Uir«*rl of 'their j.4> Tbey know or em re-i.lily (r-l .41' wha' their cnn tituetit- wish Hem t". .!«• in i| n * jiOTßt't*. ~t«l liein-. j 1,-i.ier- a» Al! as r^-preseo'.-itire- Ibt i»a 1 -Ut"* Imi wh -liter to aiiop* ; »»r rvjeci the p*..|i« .trosi submitted to , in.i i Tho 1 ;.eir (11 an.! '1 k• » i>e * « pnr..l-'* ' ..» enp*> the j rwivilr —e v .1 :i vmin,' the rr sp«sMitT !. - *r.ml 1' tin l**\er !r«r's ij*,i;il n muuptair,.! 41- is iiri**ht, at!"' t!;e ( niwi.-si--ii is 1 jKhti -I 1- 11-»* nht »hii!!* f*r \orth I'af Jir.->. to •!•> • I— 9 it *M.ti|.l l«* a-iopt '«.l hy the lef 1-l.itim* an-f resfmn.-il il * it> f..r failure mil rest With tlie le>'- . i 1.-iture an»l can't I"* htfte«|. ' j We think thf t lover nor ' I !rn.| *he l'i*nk-iaR nrr ttuht ami tl«at •! •- .1 m.» t v e am I j *«*n»-fie«al "bnr; for the St.ili t -j • -rtahe All arne thai thenr I 1 1 ' , r-r»i uiiju-T stud ar f.nr freiitht r. J •liscrimmarion arains-t the State o r j Torlk Cinlitn .■•ivrtutt»«s» to at Iras' S j'e« mflliMi "W-lhrs annunlly We an ■|conviaer>i this estimate k far to -jci«».ms!i»e Ail aerer that this cjii ' |b w Ir»! be r*T tfi| ami tha* '1 ' Jean Is* m%*vni lennn n'lv hv Stat. I 'etior. or*l\. Tliis iiK-ar,.- -imiile just 10 *1 Stvl f.'ir pfcy to ocr people It ill r {claims ruy ilra or intert of injurv t. . " others.' d We thin* that the «hinrr of. thi * "Pe*. 1 * m*ob-- a *aered ohliralla '* for ow people. Pi vine Providence^* II 'li- Infinite W. .k«i has bestowed n Nor*h Carolina I3KI miles of narif *•" aUr liiws mormon ami innlrhl * J* n'rUttj, inland sea-., bay* a.^ the crrntrusE, wiixiamstoh. ito*th caioum. Isoumls, ami physical potential it i?s for j. ports to nmcct ihrn ffld «» r | ways ami raitep with oor -ut« -1 states ami with the -ut kle *oiW kv - Mean *hip*»inr We w rot afinj then - but peramtinr their *o !i? pnrtieJy ' | idle. We are lit ling tixse woadetfW ; r talents for whitf. we will Se hfW re- ' t sponsible at the la.". tins! accnaatinfir. ii Vie "we it to •«> |«M«*rrtj !o aPon?- 1 them the best am: m«-t cp>nir.i-.' r J system of combine-: highway, rmflva;. ,1, I inland, waterway Ami high *®» ;' ; muniration possible twi we car ac- i . rnmplish all this by catthitif the »t oii ( i! of our fathers am! through a sane, i ' i „ sensible arni bosine-s !ike ieveiopme!it j ~ of tlit eiflf the I-or»! has shower*--! j f upon us. Will our ksi-lstnw catr- Jj ith is vision and art 1* ii ihe Spw;:.i i 1 „! Session? We thi'.k -«* awl furOe tlint they mill not -ay t«- M«-.r , .JsthuenU Rk—o do it. —F !' ' Glenn. - . 1 Luke 1-tmb K' bt I. C-uruiri. ' I. \ Mlt A 11 Jill KN ATTORNEYS AT lAW Office next U» AivVr- i. Crawford t> 1 Telephone Sr.- 74 _ . . V illium-tu.i. North Carolina | NOTICE 1 wish to take tbi.- opp«.rtu/..ty of 1 telling my custom* r that I * 'II he j from my printing oWk - for a*>o*»t two ij weeks beginning ilomiay. Jul) » ' ; | ' that I have mr.«le nrranywi-fnls will- j 'I he Err'erprL-e I*ul>lisJting v , to harulle ill work reeded or „ wnnlv-! j hy my patror. while I am away. j Tltankini' you for your p i t f .«.rr SIMON I 11-IKY p. B. COM: I, Dentist OllWf Over IV f;irnwr- 11,1 Mcr f chants Kank Hours 9-12 arni |-» 'office Phone No. S, lie- l*hone N- I j Ntmi K til SAIJ: I'inlcr ami In iiiim 1 t * j" sa'e Contained iri Two it-'i. .hoi ! r of trust exccu'jN" by I: J \\ hi:.* k» r, j ami a .fe to K. S. I'ii i«, *,!« .* which 11 is of Hect.nl in the -of IJejcister of l>rt.i of Martha . )i N. C. 1 lie sane !■ u»ir mutdol i. jj l:M.k 112. |iuvc V.*7 -mi i i-f.i «f M::ttm t'ounty.'i!:. " .. ■ "{' April. 1:124; iof >uit h:«Viiii.-' »•>*. j made in the |r \'ro'*r" of tho imf-hted ■ !!• ss secure.- tVrtl.y, -! h 1 o!l- 1 ,» of sail! note- K-.vt'ig !>•;, »« urio . ri i-r. ' !»• to forclo.se she same. I wifl ofl«->- for sale ai |>uMk nur:ion f.»r c-i-> t« i th? highe-i imkler *rt thi Cuurt 'll iu :' jr-yry? —- ■ cr. -x*.c f ~ > .--r-~.-"T- ; - - 5 . ; Harrison Bros. & Co s. ; KG JULY SALE! \t - - ' " j. ./- ' - . One sooiai lot 01 1-ulios* Comfort slipixrs jj >'»♦' of 1-adics' and t hilniyn s - > » fiO " Oxfords. Tnr** ajjv the best values . "T - ■ , !j you iin ?• «n for the price, pr. 9Bc 0 S|>ecial Jo» oi l-fi/ios 1 l inen Die sre. j T!'o b'-*M i»a'**•"•ins of the season „ S ••.> ij Ota 1 h»i of i*ai«*nt icatpe! - ' • I ross >?fpi>'!s with one strap, pr. $ 2.25 Hi Si x'\A ;»s-.oiriru iti of Voife l>n w -v || ————; ~~ J ■ KV'OUfC * colors ;m«! ,„. e ?■- o.« r t2 | O'.'' tu»»« ' \alencinc and tordion __ •■ - * — > J7~ - j Ji» vJe per yairl —sc 8 C.uod uuantv 72xi)0 ?'nects o? ".at 1 gj : | iot of ! i;«ies hlin * %vaist ijj Sped: 1 lot o; SiDviitcen divs>os, as _ | j w j,it c nn ,j |>oniree. sale price 88c in soiti-d. strip uiim cnock sale price -> o i-> p _ _ $1 ~~T~~~ — TTT T" - T — iTT! ~ ! On* spreia! fdfc of LadieS* and chil li Sinviiii »• of A»en ». v Ufiiiiier Suite , ,/ineham 4 resaes 98c tl\=.t wi:l t uij nseyoy, sale price S >-«»- j; | fcl ' ; ~7 " 77 . - 7T : 1 special lot of I .ndier* House 'rrcsscs. L • • «tiunrrfe*i s Suits. a will surprise you when you Hp s\,Killr.:c lhr»n \vptte u» 5 *> - . • - / . I," complete in price Set* theni, isdiJ* 1 price ? 1-1«* j; sr ' I V!. 1? \tysA!XS ALL THROUGH Tt.r. 1 KI M RE AND COME IN & sn«: y\m\ tw ♦ \ .'ii j. bk glad TO SHOW THEM it> u*, r n if YOU ARK 1 NOT RP.VUY TO BUY. HH I Harrison Brothers & Co. WI! MAMSTONtJ I.ARGEST DEI'AIMitjENT STORE ii i -. - r . • - 1 ■ . > r * t>g«cy»X»t.S.t «"«v ■«»■». - '■toor of MarJn Cjity «■ the 15th 'day o{ Aug*-t 1924 at 12. o>!«k 11.. :He follow.eg real »sste to wn, at an tract rher-n lin-; S. W thence wift> S. W. Wl iuier- »mI sLraight coarse to Crisp line to aa .rtm *toh; thenee a W?i". rrvr-' to a *na# corner; Osborac suyi Wfcid"? rnrtw, the** with Osber ' liar a Vortherty coarse to ae iror. ■ -tob; Li_hmor«? Ili«h.vitl'« cerar-: !hnc| with Hieiisnitii'* lme U> an irur. ■ «te*> C. C. etiwi, thence w-".h Whi -krr". I ; ne U> tie he—in !:ir»r, c»>nt2BiiiM» W mts. more or i*JW. ! This the 12-ls .lay of 1024. F S. PEELE. Tn-tre. Mr.rtir. anrf iTcJ. Attorr.ey*. T-l-V-lt 1 BARGAINS!! Ikm ' IIN USED CARS 1 Ptl fa I f you ai oin the ir.ai Let fo: a second hand car come to se> me HTr be'oix' I l»av'r manv valu;« to I*- seen in liuieks, Studebak jii! ess and FORIiS. i"»oo«l ayments if IH>N*T WAIT. w'"* i " | B. R. Barnhill Mi . |j ** The I'Ord Man fiij , ... ii. fS'A 1 _ „ - Williamstoii North Carolina »« ft ■ , % -x - -■« ; - WANTED: IBVLAB AXDIIAK-. >iuit buaidciv. Good mas aa^ Two imo» for iwt Goo-t kfatea ami well {or home ( k*epinr Andy at EBtrrjc* ofice. j WANTKI»—CKGI'E\r ARB T*AN-| jik ?Iot:i-ieri. (>«- i.-ao** arA j t omoiat no.-. Kate «eille , Mrs. J. C. fkmm 4f j TANTKU: - Vca or »kw to take orders for p»«iae parai!!*e' fc»«- w « for but- wnoier. awl diiUwfc liminate darnmc. Salary ITS a week fall time, |li# an hoar »fue t.i*. i- . Beaatifal £priag KM. "* ""taW ft ASIKwWM in m*S ■e » tn>L W. R- Rogers, Wlllil ft to., jliwf -war Zpemr* *«»-. N *Z/ :4K IJO / HOW S THIS? . J. ■ILLH « «Tum WJMUB «■ *» «M! m CUB Snr tt—rtJ 70" l|'l™ •T (Vatk «r ImMi ch«4 >V Ctttrrt ———— *l> cf u H«um «kkk Qrfrkly BrHrn* «V tuirM HhaaOM. mm* 1 w o»tr. >r «muMi Par «wr • Ttmrm. T. i Citemrr * (V Tli fc- OMn

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