North Carolina Newspapers

    ABiuifsas will hsd on
anus or JiAims couvr\
Was A Member of Local
Police Force For
Many Years
' Hr. Frank Ca &ian i died Samiay
at the Imm of kit usttr,
MR. EBea Cibaia. auar WiUiaaston.
Mr. GvpHt juiul u ajgkt polk*
■M to WgliiMi I■■ far several
mat faithful ofteer- the ten em
had. Last jht he h«aa to shorn »%u
of fafliag health bet did eat rnki
whan he Mt to Jaka's lliplwi Hos
to kMC OHCT The &ne tod toe*
nattiaa to paid tot very little at
-11 a«i iii to it. la the put few aoatb
the runrir begaa to grow very rapid
ly aatil death last Saaday af-
W. F. Gargmnu* was 4» jean aid.
the aaa rf K. S. Cim—i and wife.
Etta Whitley. He leai ■ mme brother.
Mr. Ma Gaexaaas and fear wten,
Mia. Etta H arable of Taaagsvflle. K-
Vpa aad Mia Clyde Gargaaas all
■a aiihn the nmaity aad the
frtoh aha are at a lam as a result
mt toa death. It any to said that he
aa aa aipai «l in trying to treat
aB. hath white aad black, fairly ia ad
aaairtniaft the law.
The faaeral was - r-tfr
day aftefaaon to the a«id** of a large
aaaber of ftieads by Revetewl E
IJL Ml of the Metho li-t church aad
R. L ShiHey of the Baptist church
Whitley (tare yaid aear twif.
Mr. aad Mn C. A. Mr.
aad Haa. F. a Biaaa aad Mitse*
Carrie DHk White aad IbWkafc Har
day aad apaat the day at that iomi
Mr. aad Mia. A. T. Qawfaad. Mr.
aad Miv L C. Bennett wOl leave
lliath atoia. they wdl speat iaae
tiaae at the Caartaey Terra** cat-
Mr. J. W. Watts. Jr. has «afraad
fiaaa New Beta where to speat the
aak ead with Mrs. Watts aad Jiaae
at the toa mt Mrs. Watts' heathers.
Mi ■■ II- ll—ell. Albert aad Jaha Wads
Mr. aad Mrs. Gt—m Gancaaa* aad
aiaim vttatod Riteessde Path San
day afternoon
Mm J. W. Hodges is visiting •»»
Mr. aad Mm J. O. Manning. Mm
Charles Mohley. Mm L C. Braaett
aad Mm Joe FMer aad Mr. Elbert
Maaaag aaatarr I to Riverside Parh
to . f —liy afternoon.
Mr. aad Mm. Nat haa Ortaaas. Mm
CMaaat aad luaai Mamdii speat
Mr. Neßo Teer of Darhass is ton
dtohac to the caaitrartisa of the
fey fna Spa( Hope where she
haa heea vacating H latin I far several
Mr. Barry A. Bam» will bare to»
win HI Car Vkrton Beach to spead
Mr. aad Mm Bea Barahdl aad lit
tle aon. Bea Jil ad Mr. Kadar B.
- aad ia Aydaa with"hhtody.
" Mr-"aad G. Statoa left
they wfl spead amd days.
torday ha Sew Toe* where she ha>
toa the »ad mt Mead* far the past
Mr-aad Mm A J. dtoa aad Mt
»• Ita- T nTa sister. Mm M.
W - «ai Mr. Hardy. Mr. Gits
«■ ■!■■■' part mt ttoa weak to
4s A. ■. Otoaar wdl
'■aaa that to b ■ a ha
w . ' . . - •'
I Hie Twenty-six Boys De
dare Trip The Best
Ever Had
F The WiilnatOoii Scoat Troop, oil-
V der Snalasiiir Simon Litley, return
ad Saaday afternoon from a week's
I aa iapi«i.; ut SJw Park. five
r a ile eat front VI ilson.
Mr. UUe> anai bis boys report a
! very favoraMe trip and woul-t have
I reauiand for another week had it not
r been far thr sailden itctraw in fi-
The toys »«* inclined to be a lit
tle sceptic arvl not very enthusi
astic over the proposed location at
irJ hat after rrafhin); camp ami net
tier acquainted with the place they
torasse unusually pleased. Oatskle of
a few ear aches no obstacles fame
ap aad the trip was enjoyed by every
oar present, in fart they say it was
thr brd trip they have ever haai.
Mr. LOley wishes to thank publicly
tho>e who wee* so generous in help
ing bia transport the boys and lug
rare to aad from camp Those who
helped toward that end were Messrs.
C. K Clark. G. X. Gurganus, Hen
Barahdl. Norman Ward. Mayor J no.
Ha -seß. Bamll Daniel. Herbert Want
Bakert Manning. C. B. Hassell an-l
I Henry  >arkia
The maU were pat through the
rerular discipline planned awl laid
oat for tha scant* and on no occasion
Jil the scoatnaster have an yt rouble
enforcing the rales and regulations..
V.ith the Scoutmaster there were 26
ia the party. William James, Robert
Brown. William Cook. James H. Want.
Fli lUmhill. lirac* Whit lev. Samuel
limni, Paul Kimpsoe.. Homer Itarn
hdl. IXwh Pule. OaiKie liaxter
• "lark, leslie Teel. George 11. (lor
cai,a>, Marion Cobb, Harry Hamhill,
George Harris. Jes-up Harrixm, ('has.
IWI. F.twia Cnx, Hart*! Trice. Alton
Itanirl. Joe and Ravmorwl Roberson,
Henry Manning and Thomas Craw
, for»L
Mr. Simpson As A
Potato Grower
Mr. John D. Simpson as a potato
er«»ner saepaaaaa the youneer men.
Mr Siapon is the first man in this
> i?etioa to peodace a sweet potato this
i year Thoarh eijfhty years old he
> raawj oat ahead of the younger farm
- en. Mr. Simpson sold th? potatoes on
thr W3Kaa*taß market yesterday
t I'ade Johany raised these potatoes
I with his lahor. no hired man or crop
. P*r
i The price noiw pak on the Williams
toa aartot is 1460 per hu~hel. hut
I will jat coarse, he lower when the
slower farmer- begin to put their po
tatoes oa the aauhat.
The Kapti-t San-lay School held its
a a anil picair at N'oldeV Mill Porn'
hit Friday. Th«e tlai atten«le«l rn
Jayed a -vim aad a .lelieioas lanri
Miss Idliaa Walston of Scotland
Keck wa> a vi-itor ia town last week.
Miss Katr Matthew- of Winton and
Mess Viv tar: IHaveiii-r" of Rock;.
Moant alien-ie>l the Wdliam To>td
show bete last Tharsalay evening.
Messrs. W. E EaHy and J. M.
I John*** aatorad to Robersonville
Satarday afternoon on business.
, Mr Khan I .Haoadson of Hassell
I asd Mtoaaa Kihd aad Davenport
mt llaauiton were ia town Tharalay
Mr. Eraest Harreli -pent Sun-lay
, ia Rocky Meant.
Mr. aad Mm H. S. Ew . v t I.k> «.r
--f ed to Bibtiaaaiilt Saaday.
1 to a recent letter to as from Mr.
L W. Miaeile, who is at Hot Springs
Arkansas, stated that he was getting
* alaag akdy aad improving very
rapidly. Mr. Miaeile is at Hat Springs
taking a treatawat far chronic rhea
| "fa
far a aaaber of yeam
He ays that a too a pari aa gives
" his residence a North Carol iaa. the
greatest State ia the l aiaa that all
We are clad to aate aa iaprowmeat'
1 m Mr. Mtaeß aad alaa that to to
hadBBR the State mt S. C
r Miiaa Mary Hardy and Elizabeth
L Marrd af Ktohbads will arrive this
■ eveaiag to visit their sister. Mm G.
H. naniiaa aad Mr. Harrison at
I their haaae aa Main street.
* Messrs. McClar* aad Harrow oT
Talk aa a are visitars ia town to-day.
' "77*;: " " y ——? —
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, July 29,1924.
1 Martin's Levy Has Not
Been Made l et; To Be
Made In Near Future
A number of counties in this wc
- tion are levying taxes for the yeai
. 1924.
Our neighboring county, ltertie,
ha snia«le the following levy:
i For schools, 72 cents on the SIOO.
' For rwaii>. 4() cents on the $ ltK).
For general fumi, 15 cents on the SIOO.
For sinking fund 7 cents on the SIOO.
This makes a total of $1.26 on each of property valuation, which
is the same agitate that that county
hati last year.
Martin county has not levied yet,
but like Bertie when the levy is made
most of it will lie for schools anil
ruads, two institutions that we did
not have much of a few decades ago.
' It has been only about 20 years
since the roads in most counties were
place- on taxation. Martin county has
not heen receiving county appropri
ations that long and one township
1 (Poplar Point) still sleeps under the
same old law. riding the good roads of
1 it townships ami ploughing
through the mud of its own township.
It would he very hard to find a man
who oppose:- our schools and roads.
Yet there are a few sub-normals who
may be oppo.-rd to everything in the
form of prosperity. If the world is
making any mistakes in its school
system, it is in its higher education
anal in.! in its general educaton.
Ceneral education is the saving
power of society. Higher education
only wi-lens the branch or gap lie
tfttrii the people.- and increases the
-tratu- of society thereby destroying
oentocrac) and feeding plutocracy or
imperialism. The higher education of
the tierinan people causpal the growth
of bigo'ry and selfishness that has
practically ruined them. They tru.-tea'
kiiuuiedge anal not justice. Our |ieo
pie may call for a reduction of the
expenses of the higher eilucation i»ut
never for a reduction of that great
common system that enables everyone
• to have some kind of an education.
What will the levy lie when the
Board of Commissioners of Martin
county when it meets to | decide
tluu problem? Will it lie increaseal?
Will it be the same or will it lie in
creaseal? It is a praiblem to be settleal
anai one that requires much thought.
I'hilathea (lass to Meet
' Friuay with Mrs. Rose
The Philath a Class of the Memorial
Baptist t'hur- will meet Friday even
ing promptly :.t 7;.:0. Everybody is
urged to be present. The meeting will
be held with Mrs. Z. 11. Rose at the
Atlantic Hotel.
J , ~i •
Sir Oorge W. lilount, who is one
«f the earliest risers and one of the
oniarte.-1 anal most dependable of Wil
l.amston - citiaens, still continues ill
at his home on Simmains avenue. He
is greatly misseal by his frienals anal
a*u-ociates alown at his place of busi
ness. It is sincerely hoped that he will
soon recover anal l>e able to get about
1 hose registered at the Atlantic
Hotel ye^tenlay were:
A C. York, N. C.; J. E. Grissom,
llenaler.-a-n; J. M. Mathias, Va.; C. E.
Sebroaik. Norfolk; F. J. Wilson, Nor
folk; S T. Bowers. Ahoskie; W. M.
Bryan, New Hern; H. J. ltesl, Knox
ville, Tenn.; Nello L. Teer, N. C.;
W. C. Cannon, Ayden; J. E. Overton,
N. C.; Wm. H Ranson, Bremo liluiT,
t Va.; Mrs. William H. Ranson, Hremo
■ Itluff, Va.; Mr. ami Mrs. H. W. Arnell,
'Hremo HlufT, Va.; Misses Virginia
'Arnell, anal Aualrey Chewing, llremo
Bluff, Va.; Mr. Phillip Areell, Hanover
| Va.; Miss Marjorie Areell, Hanover,
i v *-
I have returned from my regular
isummer camping trip with the Roy
Ii Seoats and my job printing office is
aa aapsn for work anal if th*r is
I anything yoa need along the print
i htg line, I will appreciate your rall
ying on ae. I am pre pa real to pro-luce
. wm r kon short notice.
| Thaking you for your business in
I the past anal that you will allow me J
' to serve you in th» future.
Labor Situation In The
North Not lieasin?
But Many Jobless
The following resolution was sent
us, as it was to every other Southern
newspaper 40 give the tree facts in
regard to the labor sitaaltoti in the
North. False reports that there arc
demands for labor ia Northern cities
have been circulate*! aad the Mayor
of St. I.ouis has seat out this resolu
tion to give the people the real facts
in the case. He states that their are
in East St. I.ouis. aloae. SjOno jobless
men anal the government is having to
take rare of the sitaation
WHEREAS, It is reported that in
the Southern States, especially in the
large negro settlenaents. that state
ments been aaa>ie and ciivulateti
to the etfect that there is a -leman-l
for Inhnr in the North, at high
ani i:i nme cases inali;.-ement> of ,a,f
fer.-.-.t kinds have hn-n presente-s !•
the l "-to populati«Hn. which has fan
eal :i iarge immigration of netr.-a
frrr.i the South to the North; an>>.
WI'EREAS, The City of East St.
Lrf>ul- has anal is receiving mam a.f
the. e roes, an.! a large numhea a.*
lah r.-r, are now --«• of employrtiei 11
am! appealing for *»ik, with na -la
in:. r ,ir laha.r of any kirxl in thi \i
cinity; anal,
WHEREAS, if the exoalns of the
negro population of the South con
tinues it will cause great uffrnng
and want aluring the remain-ler of this
year, especially 'luring the winter
months; therefore.
I HAT efforts be nu-ie to aln>e the
people of the Soath the true corvdi
-••*»' - as exist in refrrencr to Ul»r
leniaiiaLs. and use con-i-tent eltorl> to
offset anal prevent any further mis
repra -entations that in-tor* the negro
to »eek the North for etnployawot
That copies of this KXI be print
eal un-l alistributeal thrnngh the South
ern States to alrL-r anal a-ff-ct the
former misrepresentation- that lta«e
been made to its people that has rau -
ail ihe large exodus of negroes.
Signe.l: M. SI STEPHENS.
Mayor -
!Miss Helen Maultshy.
Nirr- :*f l)r J. S. Rhodes
Dies in Denver, Col.
Mi Helen Maul thy. -eo.ial abrnrli
ter of Mr. M. S. M .oil-by awl hi 1 t'r
wife. Mrs. Rho.les Mault l.y of
Montgomery. Alabama -lie.) Frialay
night at a —inatarium in llenirr. Col.
after an illness of six month-. It was
alisrovereal in January of this year
that she had tuherruk.-i- awl she was
carrie-l immeitiately to llenrer, but
nn'h-tt"' eool-l he -lune to *av the
Mi s Mault-hy was only in iier
I v entieth year and ax- a very
ai:a| lnvely girl She with her twaa si,-
ter.- Ii ivinr liren rearral by their t-ran-l
iria.ther, Mrs. Helen Rhodes, one a.f
M.irtin county*- most cult ureal wonwn,
"nrr the aleath of their mother in
their early chOalhanod.
Resale* her father awl gran-lnwrflaer
she is survived by two sisters Janet
anal Bessie of Montgomery, three un
cles. Dr. J. S. Rhodes awl Mr. Will
Rhoah - of Martin county :.nd Mr.
Frank RlmaUr- of Birainrham, Ala.
Mr. anl Mr Elmer Che* on anal
family ,-|ient Suwlay afternoon with
Mrs. W. II Ros-er
Mr. a;;d Mrs. A. I Raynor anal .am,
Richaral iwktoreii to Bohersonville
Sunt lay.
Mr. awl Mr-. Frank Braugbton of
Plymouth 'pent Suwlay with Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Allen.
Mrs. Alonzo Wynn has ton oa the
sick list for *everal days
Mr. awl Mrs. M. & IVele awl fam
ily spent Sanday afternoon with Mi.
Plenny Peel.
Mr. Walter Oakley aaatnted to WU
liamston Satarday.
Mrs. J. H. Sogers speat Saaday af
ternoon with Mrs. W. A. Burr— ghi.
Mr. Lester Robert went tn William
slon yesterday on business.
Tom Tarheel says the boH weevil
ean't eat ham aad batter and eggs and
corn bread and garden trark sn the
j folks at his hone w3l to vel fed
this winter eiea ' if they daa*t aak
much cotton . '
Tarboro Couple Plead
For license Four
Long Hours
S«|Uire Asa Ta>m Crawfonl xtlicuite-l
at a romantic wedaling a part
of both Saturday evening anal Sun
day morning when ho i*rformed thc
cerem.ii.\ winch mair VL-s >
lew. Mrs. II l_
We are not accusing Mr. Crawfoni
of inefficuMii'y when we say that it
took i .1 . two -iays to marry' a couple,
such was the case.
The vr:i\ t!.a- i--mance hegait aras
ti*is. Mr. 11. I. Ivcggett. twen'y-two
years of age a-' 1 arlx-r--. fell in love
mth M i-s In- Tew. of nineiccr f
t Uaianters of l;m-1 Neck anal she ac j
, cepte-l anal u-'unusl his affections an-l I
they lio'h thought it was too l«>nesome j
I tai live alot>e ami -la-ci-le-l ta> -h>uhle
I track the pa'.l: tf life anal march siale
hv snle.
.Vpputentiy they thought it unwise
-• »btain license in either one of the
tame rountie.-. so they stole off to obi
»i:.riii • '«ere for several reasons they
tiu.; ••e.i with alates liefaare ltegister
• t IK tsi i'rown before they coulal get
him |>acift->al, for you see Regi-ter of
!:r >#n has learneal from ex
)aeri«-in-.- haw young ohl girls can lie
.tn.l I i.t. -hi \a>ung girts can he; so
:lie i h :?( a catuple flits across the
ca-unty line, he becomes vus|ttcious
awl bet: s to ask all kinals aaf f.»d
He. of course. ina|Ufre>. in a matter
of fact manner, as to the aire of the
man ar.a! thru with mastering all the
chivalry of his nature. Mr. Rra>wn
goes about hi dim; the true aire of
the laaly in a t uestion an-l i-rillim; a
timi-l lass Kies against the grain of
one as kin-ihe.->rted as Mr. Brown, hut.
as we saial l-efa re. cvperienre hi
• aucl-f hiii-. llir-' it is neces.s;iry nn-l
he limits ! im-elf that never yet ha
he founal- Kim- (a-lmitedly i un-ler eigh
teen na«r ever twenty-two >ear- «.f
Aflor four Hours plea-ling, multipl\
inp. aliviuiiig, aalaling anal subtnirtin-;
it was foui-a' that MLss Tew wa- in
leality '!» anai the sacred -laacument
was Mr Crawfaanl ha-l very
w illirivrly kept t lie aloorway lea-1 in:- to
toe -eat «f inppines upen for the
young coufde and they approacheal
just at the (lose of Saturday. The
jwrf-.rma'iie «,f the eeremorr. lieiran
ta» lie co.npleteal however after tlie
ra.ur of • welve hal -truck anal the
s ahhatli terming ha-l begun.
ami Mrs. leggett have the
-nle. .1 a- promises of happine-- as they
•re -ple;iilial looking anal have many
I'awhl fr>a>na|s in their haime counties.
Mr lei T" aa'mltteal th-* it •-as
a c -incialenee that her sister, Ro-ie
Tew went to Virginia Saturalay mom
irg .*• na| married Mr. Henry Strirklawl
ef Tarboro aiol that she should leave
i.i the afternoon an-l marry ana-ther»»y.
Fis 1 - T >v a* Jay's
Cann To-ni«/ht
Mr aii.r Mr . f. A. Itarri.-on. Mr
I :in *l 'h-. -I I>. Waaa.lriral, Mr. awl Mrs.
r 7.. I?. Rose. Mr. awl Mrs. P 11.
|:r»-A n, Mrs. T S. Ilaalley, Mi-ses
| Mar. aret Everett. I allah Wynne,
t'live Murril. Eva IVel awl Me--rs.
J CI. INjrcell, S. C. I'eel, T H. Pran
•fon. anal N'ello I_ Teer of l» irham w ill
i to'or to Ray's Camp thi afteri-am
I ra-wl have a fish fry.
To tie ure they will have a li-h
fry, they have sent Messrs. Bn>wn
anal Roe. two veter.t:i fi-hermar>
l-efore anal they pmmiil to eateh an.l
ha\e a plenty for everyboaly, in tame
f.»r the evening meal.
fill Rt II NEXT SIMHy}
Rev. Walter It. Clark, a former
rector of the Episcopal Church who
has heen serving the pari-h at Loui—
burg. N. C., will visit here on Sun
day awl will preach both morning awl
evening. ■ —" .
Mr. Clark has many friend- in
town who will he glaal to hear him
The public is cordially invited to
a'tend each service.
Mr. John E. Mining of Jamesville.
who has heen sfanding the summer
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Manning, made The Enterprise a
pleasant visit today. He experts to
leave for Arkansas, his aalopted State,
where he teaches philosophy and edu
cation in the John Brown university.
TONltiT AT 8
Citizens I rped To Be
I "resent and Ixnd
The VS ill iam-lcn CUmbrr of Com
mettf will h.-!.i a meeting to-night at
the court house.
Numeral* bvuxs? nultrr- will he
■liKU>~nl ami r-perialh Ihr lohacco
It iwti >!alf>l that the M illiam
st on maiket ha.* -uffrmi every >ear
of it.- rxi-tence for the want of great -
« f-'Kntimi I* «wi. all t!«e factors
who nnsohole to the railiinir of a
good i.urLfi. con-e|ur«tly the market
ha hrt»n the nijftl of attack by those
■r.orv interested in the iown fall of
jthe market than in it> -uccess.
It may he that if our hanker*.
I clerk-, merchants, lawjers "hwtum.
hotel men. bfc.s k nulh- :.r>i butcher.,
in fact .all the gei-plr. w.ul-t -to their
be-t to I»K| the market they couM
possibly •iefen-l in ne of
an attack frum -4>me -«>urre
Certainly some changes may he ma-k>
that can not he explained m>>! ~f
them however ran Ik*.
One of the greater -ourre- of
propaganda airain-1 the -mall market
Comes from hirr>i ag»-nt- who-e ho i
ne-.- it i> to •Irum tolnrru ami at the
-ante time pe»ldle tohaco again-t the
home market 
An hone-t combination of personal
l»«o-time *ill .to inuct to o\ercome
these thine-. Tl>e l.cil markrt has
al-*" -ufTcred at time- from poa.r -erv
ice of warehou-emen. The market
must Ha\e wareitou-enM nt «b» ■ ill
carry each pile to it- rea-oiutlde limi*
f »r the faim-.-r is entitle*! t.» 'he pr.*-
\ ail in- IJ i.t for iii. cumMoiiiH. Ware
hou... m n arui ki. r-- on tie V. ill tain
fit on rket a*-I «»! l*-r n .«ket- as
well. :sr |«re. I. l- year- haif hren
krio* it to huv tnliarrii a* a lower
pric» than they -h.>u!« . m, their h*iimr.
have kk! for it ami then -ell at a near
by market the next .lay arvl clear
a hou. a> muci. as lie farmer teerive.l
for thf 'nlrmn 'he .ia» hef.-re.
Th ' hususe.. of the ( I-1l» her of
Cnnwirrrr t» m-.-ht • II le to lelp take
care «.f am weakw- of any .leserip
tion that ma\ -hou up on our market
ami e-|fc"e:.ill\ *-elp lu. t the market.
I'*er., ci r in 'he c.immunity
attend tl#e merlin:* at the rHirt h«u-e
li>-iiirM at r»-lit o'clock The meet inr
will not la_t so l" i« T-at i; m ill !«-
l>ur>len-ome Will you attend?
Attending District
Meeting of The
Epworth Ua^ue
\ great many member- of the local
organization of the hpwoith I earwr
are attending the district meeting
which M heing hefcl in Scotland Neck
attending are. Mi-.*- Myrtle
ttmw, M;.rtle l.lenn, Kvel>n Harri
son. Chi i-tine lfc»n. Mar* lar-lar
|«l:en, limner tiurranu-. Mary (I>>le
I i-gi-etl. France- l.urganu-. Matte
law i:«»srrr -on. Itnma i: j rt ami
i*.# ML- e- RIT K |I. Thohl.
IKH »l lltokl and I'ryant t ar-tarphe-n.
farmer- of Montgomery fount)
have ..r-lered to "late T.aO |»»und- «-f
vetch -rhl t« be planted as a winter
le«uine thi- fall report- County Ami
A It Morrow.
-> I. Smith, jl farmer living near
M.Culler- in Wake Coun'jr nillol hi
[ >uhry AMI the other •lay ami cwi
( v•• .1 the cull lord- into t-tfl cask,
oo u o
111 I", tlfeei;. *ho live on a rural
nm ■ irom Raleisrh rej—r-ed to farm
■. . John OTAmier o«i that he ha>l
harve.-ted ami ihmshed 312 bu-hel- of
weat from Hi arte- of land Irnmi la-t
fan 1 .
• • • •
Ti# true lest of civilization is no*
the cen-u-. no* the sw of rit*s
crop-; IM, hat the kind of man the
country turns out—Kmer-on
Many «tair> farmers are
that Sudan pas- makes a valuable
crop for -uppli meting the regular
pa.-ture. It will furnr-h much rrazmg
-hiring the hat -ummrr m»uth». say*
J. A. Airy, dairy extension -pecialt-r
for the Slate College
How to miiktt craps xwjiMj
is the one great problem now hefoee
the North Carolina firmer. To this
i)»f liiu he met now ImU the
urniu thai has made him an tirinl
Sheriff takes I Soot While
Fugitive Makes Good
His Escape
>her ill l;..Vr-» wa- imuif alon,
tla- our,!) r.aa>i Mon-tay *tm a
-irons "'tor of ■ n.-k. reacts; hi
nu-tril- ai>! he .teemi that steir .here
was -o much -ntoke traere mu-l tr a
little fire, -o he wuuhi hr>i übt wtw-re
it *as ami what it meant. He rot
out of the car aiv: t ,«■ |« a
view of the -p.K from »>re the
-moke wa- emerging ami he uuh bis
mer »erp le«i to a retire*! -pot on an
:-land in Tranter - cr*»k. rn-ar the
l;.Jer-*i brkl^e.
T«o- po-tel hi- mrt it; url.
H 1 "- a* he thourh*. «. ul.t I4i.| the
p.'h of the operator-, in ra-r the>
altem|i(ev to make a a«;i> a» •
he pr.«*r«k-- to fln-h them. 11.-
marrhe-i cl»-e up oith urf. caution
that his pre-ence *.as r»-t notetl ar» i
he ohenm the men a- l«i ) as ler
at 'heir n.'ik for -« VVI il f-f I uU- lw
fore he di-lurh.*- *. em and m«; until
«a- uithin a f*w -iep- of Ihen.
di.i the* know that h. was -iwhrrr
on thi- i-teen e:>rth
_ TV.ej ma-k* .la--, f..r ii*ir lilvrtv
am! the Sheriff #.4iowe-t " ~n betiiß-l
hu* heav\ l»«.t. ar*i a frv. |»4i r l
avoiiuupoi- that the Sheriff i carry
ing right at this time kept him 1 r.a>
either of hi- men. altlwHtph at .*ne time
he wa- near to one In catch
him hy fhe b-4 amt -natch it .df toi
ler. ohich ir«e- ti. -how ciery hialy
that the «f ill jartw- orfwri..l
were in air Ami it »- co«w»-ir-t to
the rn.ii. oho b.-t hi- >
wa- a *ero >•' l« I..hi euuiliM.uin
Tt e sr til *4 rur b\ a Intn pi
' f H "trill* f«*ur«vr ktrrH .»C l»fr
ai»l .TUhul fixe of oam r>f
Bus I ine l>cuan
Operation Yesterday
The Tarhom W ilium tot. |!H I
heran y«--ter»ta> uok-r i l>e
•uanaremer t of J. C_ ll:.rr»l of I
Tie I ine 00-i-t- of tw«. IM lllml
car- ami mill m.ik- two Inp- .1 ily
einptin; Sumia> ami of uhuh i■>
on" trip will he
\t pr*-  nt tftere ar - mmi .H»m
hu f within a feu immtti- traere mill
le a hard -u "faced all tl«e
Thi- «»ll rtK.|li a»l the i« i« •!*•
a- !• udl -leciea-e the line m»w re
>|Uir..j to run fw—t *wre !•> 1 >.i. io
The lane cwiwvi with other In*-
al Tarlioro affor>iing travding by
hu Ine to a very rteat rv.ii' n.
Ihi- ert •■*.
E>»r r iad -rhciule . e .1 .i. aI gr
in IK. e c* lumrf-
Mr. I». (•. MaMheo returr«*i I'n
•lay ntgM frota 1 > nef.loirs-. \a_
Mr. J. A Ihsnpdt kit nnOu. for
Mis- M>rtle Kaerette lu- retuiaeJ
from \orfolk .uher— -he ha- l««i
vi-i*ing for ,-everal «eek
Mr ami Mr C. S. RiHunls Kn
M. I. IMbn) ami Mai: .ret
Kwell -prr.t Sumiay in l*alm\ra.
Mr. Klmrr l.ille\ of IL>leirh .eiit
Sumiay here with relatirp*
Mr ami Mr-. J. II Ijlmwd •« l>erit
Sumiay aftenn>« with Mr ami Mr-.
11l Kogur- in Wiliamston.
Mr. I»r«ni- In-rwe of |ent
Sumiay here with his father uho ha
heen ill fur -ome lime.
I»r ami Mrs.KL Long altenir*! the
I'pt-copal services in W'a-hit. -1o«
Mi— kale l*ark* kitchen of Scot
land Neck is the gwr-t of Mrs. F. L
Mr ami Mr- C. O Caßtoun ami
Miss Margaret CalhMm of Rocky
Mount -pent Sun IIT in town u ilk
Mr. ami Mr*. H. S. lokn un.
Mr O. EL lline- of \bo kie pent
Ike week eml with frieml- ami rela
Misses Hat'ie Krewtte ami Ue
Wablo and Mix F. L Glad low
»t«-nt Sumiay at Ralh-
Mio Vhriau Ikrdfnt of Eorky
Mount is the guest mi Mines Helen
Mr. J. C. Hane9 of Tarhoro h k
town today.
' %
Now the sane? »"f— » the
- - N m. ■ ■ _ M
pr? N-rrnig BHIE. lueooct GN iIT O*

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