AUIUIISMB WILL HXD OITt . COLUMNS A mm TO ISM ■mm OF MAKTIN COUNTY VOLUME XXV—NUMBER 49 ELMS JACKSON AGAIN AT HOME OF GRANDPAREN TS Mother Tire* of Child , After Keeping It Two Months Elois V. Jackson, little three y-ar oU gtaad I >■> lilll of Kr. and Sirs. J. P. Jxtsaa of mr Hardens, te taraed to her (tniw|uwi> home la*. TW Wwpja; of the duH last May aai the trial of Earl Lrttimcr, the Miunl Wiyr. attracted (mo ty-wnie attteuaa. The mother with Earl Lutiwr at Pat—ft, sU I the child fi»o the haaae of its grand paitau May 3Mi and their escape arvaud HKL irtMtrt in the lower c tioa of this com. ty. Imiai i was full rad Icdged in the Jail here ac ta the Jane tern of Superior Coart coKToncd and at which tine this peir lirahr caio wa? thrown «■! of ccurt. la WMWthn with this affair Latt:- Mer wa« foaoi pnulty of assaalt. bat was .■ iifti a mail fine, which tFe jaror. and riliwm jf this romman ity raised for him. The mother of ths child earned it to Norfolk. Af.PT two morths the child show . I UKas of ill health and after iwn mr ie«al uhniams and letters, Mr ad Mrs. Jackaor went to Norfolk and hroarht the child. Lai*, home with them last Monday. According to re tml llput*, the chß.l has a brirht er ipparww and is :lowly rainnr her health hack. PKOCRAM OF THi: WILLIAMSTOX MEMOftIAL BAPTIST SCNDAV SCHOOL AIGIST 3RII. I»2t. ■ frit-. >:4s—four No TV. "Praise Him Praise Him"; Lord's Prayer in concert, fxlloml hy ifcw prayer: Sonr. No. *2. "Bhswl As>unnc"~; readiar of aelertiori Xo. 2; Prayer; Solo. -Jesas Lewes Me" (No 275» By a inrmhei of the Primary Depari mml; Readinr of the Moraiag Leo m, John IJM( MM—Adj—in in Ha*s .room* hy HJft Hlgk call, retarn to aadi- 11 Son*. No 3K. "Jast a Wonl For Jesas""; R*P»|l of the Phifethea Class; Report or the Baraca Class; Report of the General Secretary; K'- poet of the 100 per cert Pepil in Class No. Par the Milt; Recitation. The Eaok- of The Old Testament; Reeit-.- tioa; The Books of the New Te tr im at; Auamnsnu for the week hy the Pastor; fosft No. 107. "Ut Htm Ia~; Hi aflaal AT THE BKfTT HOTEL F- Moore. Norfolk; J. B Slade. Norfolk; F. B Cwtler. Portsmouth; W. F. Oedle. Raleigh; W. E Caskey. Rwhaaaad: W. C Jones. Charlotte. J. B Svhrs Norfolk; Mrv P. a Oak ley. Norfolk; Earl a Ballock. Baler**; T. W. Whitrhwrst. N-rfolk; A. S. Morris. Norfolk' J. H. St wart, N C; Frank Hart, Tarhoro; J. C Gardner. Tarhoro; EL P. Waddefl. Charlotte; A. A. Wefts. N. C ; R- L Graveh , Vk lutaker; John H. Boa*}. Raleigh; W. G Skaaaaaheaae. Ginibora; H_ S. Jdmaa, Rose HI; P. W. Graves Washington GR. Hi I—i. Watiht Mr. W. E. Daaa of the DM Wiafc mr Company spends every day in Eveietts ahtic he has the contract for the piamhmr of the new pa4ri school that ia being contracted in that Www- Mr. Daaa says the hnU hwr «■ he ■■lin m every detail ami tkat weak h heinr ia htd to that the hafldmg amy he lomphh I for the ijiaiar af the fall term of the Mr. R. L Stahs spent the day ia toon dakae hands with friends. Mr. lon Hasaaß risked friends ia Mr. Leamaa Haiahfll of. Everett* was fa town jr il'rdaj Mr. P. W. Gmu, who is now hi »» ■ torn yesteidaj en rawTt to Cikicli Bwh. Mr. and Mrs. Asa Hardiooa «f ■» Cdn.h at- Ifcm K. L Crimes ami ES be time ■ town this marehwr TFXACO ma»ar *8 hi md. TFT Afy "■« i» Try IRACD. ad THE ENTERPRISE RECORDER'S COURT • HAS FEW CASES - The Martin Coanty Recorder's Court convened last Taesday with a eery few cases an the docket. The were dbpoioi of in H«r with ■if*'re Smith presiding ami Solicitor Peel prostrating. Ticks, pistols and antomobiles re lieve*! the charge against the whisky problem in that they famished falter for nearly all I? - criminal actions. The tx«s called were as follow-*: Stale v> W. H. IVttx . failing to dip cattle. IVfen>lant was fonnd guil ty and was released apon payment of the cos*. State v* Elijah Marr.i~i rsriT!"•; pistol. I defendant foam: cailty and! settler ee«i to foar months on the' roads. StaV r- tlijah Mannini,. -'«!>« sntomuhtle. The defendant was bound over to the next term of Superior Cmut- State v Leman Bennett, assaalt. This case was continaed with the «le ferxiant under a SSSftJM hoo.l MRS. REBECCA ROEBUCK DEAD Mrs. Rebecca Roehack. who live! near Rofaersonvflle. passed away this morning, after a long siege of hrights disease. Mrs. Roetmck. before h* ma ma re to Mr. Thaaaas I. Roehack. was Miss Crawford, a sister of the late Sheriff Crawford, who •lied two weeks h?fore the death of Mrs. Roehack. They both died from the ume .u-ea « Mrs. Roehack was &S year- ar»i was greatly beloved hy all who knew her. The body wiH ha bmil ■! to-mor row at the Konnofce baryim- irrounii near her hooae GAME CALLED YESTERDAY ON ACCOI \T OF DARKNE>S I Washington Ihuly News) Willu«ston town team and the lo cal town teas? after battling for e'chl inn mi; fcoerdat on Eagler Fail had to call the canr on arrownl of •larkness. with both teams having the same number of raas. via: h-S. B-iti for the visitar* did fine work in 'he box for after the first frame the locals were baffled with bis deliver}. Whealton far six hminrs and Potts for the rem lining two gave a good account of themselves against the visitors. Three hits and (oar error - ia the hr>t six i—iiigs gave M'tlliam-ton fear im Wißtam tan'a short fiehier featured with the titk This is the third game of the naai mi hetweeri these two teaa*. M'ashiartor. has wen one: Will una-ton onr ami )*»- tenlay was a tie Raaaa. . OAE CITY LOCAL NBWB Mi Paiiliar Phi—port spent a few day- in R«.Vr ville this week. Miss Anr.e Milton Norman of l.rm-lura left W r-lne>*iay for after -pendaar a week here with her j grand mother. Mrs. Long.* Etdja and Pattie Weeks of Seutlaol Neck are visitinr relatrraa here this meek. Mb« Pattie Callia. of Kir.- i» risrinr her a ant. Krv Htmi« Ether-j Mjl -»r | • •v | Misses Mildred Davenport and Gladys Everett base retained from a trip to laardy Gave in Virginia. They both report aa enjoyable trip. Mis* M mae Oatterbeidge ia a visito' Mara. I Mr and Mrs. T. W. Davenport and daagh'er accompanied hy Miss Wal stoa ■etnrei ore» la * a-hmgtaa oa Taesday. We an glad .• wkimf Mr. W. G Andrews aad famt! - U '-or town uid hope they wfll f.»t the.r stay eery | plentant , Mr. Mtrra Everett rrterafd home _ Moaday fna C:?r! Hi 1 ten he' atteaded sanamer .cnool a n- I nhrer* I By of Narth Carolina. Mi» see Melini Warsley, Evelyn Weeks and Gladjs Everett motored te Hamihoa yesterday. Messrs. T. W. Dauapait and H. S Everett weat to Giuaifc Wednesday We Inarday' "In the iale-est of the school at Oak City. Messrs. ft. M. Wwdty mti Robert aaaday. after *Hla« friends ia Scotland Neck Mrs. J. H. A yen nrrom|wnird by Holt, left IWifci far a rant to her Mr. T. ft. Sfade. Jr. of Hamiltoaj Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina. Friday, Au.unst 1, 1924. •EAST-CAROLINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEETS County Commissioners Attended the .Meeting Yesterday Mr. tieorge C- RovaU of Gsddv horu. President, J. IL Warrea of Tren ton. Vice President ami N. G Hart lett. Serrcary of the Ivastern Caro lina Chairher of Cum—ere* and repre sentatives of the l'»oani M Coaunis sloners o! several roartws leki a ruN-ting at the Atlantic Hotel yester day. A luncheon was given in honor to all visitors and a tseiei of prvple in fUtis section an»l town. Mr. Ilufh G. llortu*. called "he! •wcting to ortier a». ißirvMtacnJ Mr. N. G. I'artlett. tW 1— trra Carolina Secretary. Mr. Kar"lrtt has been secretaiy since its organization an-i has promoted its g«»o! irihruv into every section of the Eastern half of this great State Mr. Ikirtlett came from IhNi" tie«.rge after thaf sect.• >ai h- | eaten out of ar home ami foam! itself with no sac inn- of rem per ' :>! i'Ti un!c~ - it mettot to a system cf diversified farming. He did rue to re tore ;itat section armuag IHi -!. . !j iiurnak>. b\ indacing . .s farm -r to rai-e thetr fool stoj» their >ieprr.>race or. sale. crop - ami esperallv cotton. Th-~ teaiiy pl>»Lime alorse the s. • line* has :n>tace>t man} of the fanr crs of Ea-tem Carolina to diversify and improve their airiraltaral mrth »is. Mr George C. R»>. II of Odddaorn rna-fe a mo t ir.ter—-tirjr a?*.: Idpfnl talk on the activities aad nrcds of th? ra-» rn t amiria Chamber of Cor- TTJ ami ahat it has anroncpli »*>.! n the short period tkat it ha- h*—n ~.n apccation. The ler spraker was Hoc. Ftaici- IK tt a-tor of Wmd>or. w\» wa- im> ■*nte»l by J. K_ Wmm. atw was m charge of the meetim As he always •foes. Jmire Winston mi»ie a rw.-l -ptorh, not an oratoriral est -rt. -n mrnt hat a feat of food for thoaH '. for those Irrinr in this seCion of nor State. He. especially mm If plain the relatiorship of arriraitare in the "ast ern p,»rt of the «ts»? anl dwwnl the ee«l of at? active r*m n*rce at 'he he»l of the whoV sec t*a talks were n»r by IN Jdm D. ISirr-s, A. R. IWr. J h War ren and Seaator J. S. Ilafea*' of Treii ton. MKMORIAI. BAITIST CHI'RCH NOTEf Sam s y S«i«d. >:4i Morning Warship. 11.-00 Eveabig renin, ton An attcmiance af Itl with aa after ir.r of over !3tJ» at Samtay School last San>tay. Attiduce at Prayer Meeting was XI. Tie* record* are eneoamrinr for this seatsoa of the J" ear bat let'- k" p /n»wnr R» «»• J ls-i j|| the oryice» *-me r i n-] flfi >— I»a i YaaTl always A.l Weir Ime await fag y«a ar-l ywar pns ence will plea-e ami eanarue R L SHIRIJ V. Past..i | PMILATME \ CIASB f»E CHRISTIAN t HI Rt H Til KEKf The Philathea da» af the Christian charrh wfll meet :hi» -P. M. at a'dock with Mrs. J. O. Maaaiar- All meiahrrs are atafltje jrr-et' CABBIE L PEEL. 9mff. Mrs. J. S. Rha ic« aad Miss Lyda (fooke attcrvied the Maiaair pirair at Colerain 1 teach yestetday. ' Miss Margaret Everett aad Mrs. 7. H. Rose motored to WathiartM pes lerday aftrrsa— Mrs Oscar Aa lei na. Mrs. P. H lir >wn and daaghaer. Miss Theiasr Auiihil the pacasc at Colrraia Tester «iay # Mrs. IL A. Critcher aad childrea. Alta and Barras, Jar Mr. u laad this week from Baltimore aad Cardiff. Md where they have beea wita* rel atives for the past two maw'ha Mr. Pari Jiaei has ntsnrd from Yirgiaia Beach where he speat the past week. Misses Sale Mi Phi Harris aad Mia Al Clapf wfll arrive Saaday eveaiag from Rirhmn I. ilaa the •irter. Mrs. Clapp »d Mr. Oapp far Mian Mary Cook apesJ - f ed idaj at Cclana. Miss Pattie Fima I ia has i*tas»l from the Washaartoa Haspital where I he rnas operamd apaa far apprmdi Iciifc. Her fHeads wfll he glad to flan that she b aicety. DISTRICT AiiENT IN COUNTY THIS Wi,fcJv County Agent For 'this County to lie Decided by Commissioners Miss Pauline Smirb, linnet Akm: for the % unvr."• li .nie |hrnk*n>lntMi work, was in Martin Corn!) UMnr. «iay. Mi*.- Smith c iHaetei .u r«uini w: an awnt in this muji at an ml) date ami >he hupe- ta up able «• to «' before very long. she l> n»i} to Ifci" work jM a- mm as the llmni cf t uunt) C'omaiK~Hifi - approve it The living Mfciilnxi - of the present (Jferat ions have been cmlli improv j«l IhroufhoW the nmr.iri a" larve. ami principally because i(ar nrk u»l tile of people have hat pntrr ..p port unities to learn than they bad in former Uays. We «io no- notice tiie-e itnpnnements becau-e the* ome » cni.lually bu: when we :htr»k shod it *> know that Itxir.r mtiitioiK are much better than ever before, things that were rarMrre>t lavur rn! for ,' He few are iwv consihiere*. umnMi e« ...f life anal *ri- h> 1 One of the rreato t striae iw#ir ha- Ieen in bet 'emu; the heal f. a»».i |TO i '»RW|t the Ihes of the tl« fverajre life kariiq; beer: j«r-S >«% eel !'•« year- .luring the pt' ic.ttj. I: |»- l-anl for u- ;o apprpra:-' ite -J«». ' trady pr.-oi - a- we a»lmii« the rtate jl» »k thai Ka- miaimf \r .r of -lo J j rowth to i*a h maturi'v. v .3a no* want to watch it to »ee its «m»wth; >* we .lon t want the trouble to make the Kiwle by the ria-liu] rlimh m stea.i of the lon IT leap *> all aalmire the beautiful yanls ami well kept huiws ar>i .IHiciv«s cookinr that we in the no-l pro Kress ire sWmhi-, ioit w» iwt alwat - want to jo to the to teach our children how to make :he-e thiar pa—ible. There i» r» limit to lie 'hinir« that are kn-irr i* the firi.l of hoaaefcolf •CMomK at thf. preser.t time an-l the more ••or etrl- are taurt't the better housekeeper- Ihey sill I* Mis* Smith says that she lias no» only visible e-tblenre of the re-ufa a f her work but the repot** she ha* is her office show* the anwn! arsl i|uaJt ty of work >ioiie an-t whirl, is rratify «nc to her. Ihe Home l*emun>lrat»-r «»rk in Hu-les everything from n.kir« tic ancient hat tlown to the hui >.V l ta k of dishwashing, ami from «>4ii.r lU plain com cake to the cak* *-4iirh is. (alleai fooai for the - Martin county w>>ul* |» (rreatly hel|K-l by a K—»l denxn Ira* Km a rent "* Iwie to acquire one at an raH •late. Marriam License.; For Month «if .If 113 The marrujre license, for the mootH of July are than that* of the pre ceilinir month. Such a derrrt&«e i.. very natural as June inv»te* July's I err. tor} when it cnur.i to marryinif While Jacob K. White. 21 Eva May «a luii-. I s ; William 1! !.. wee. 11l Ea«a I>ll Moore. Is; lli er. |. Ijrr pH». £i— HUM It Tell. M. t*«l 111J l rw-t W. Ikvititg, 3 l:«l i A A»lrews. 2|; Almua 21— Olh ia II . man. IS; The« Sore firm mat-.-. :•>. f.aia A-kew. 1*; llalle An drew , 2-llitdle Ihram. 2S; Watte) latham. 2t- Sophrnua l-rvlrer . 31; Mack Williams, 21—Marina Ifencey IC MITHOINST SIMMY SI IMMII. KVJOYS OIDNC AT TBI nmntiv R> UH The i.ieii>ler.- of the knl tJTTfcT «li«t Sumia} School UMM a oomhr-r of truest s -pen; V. ajerain liearh ami .e» of the toowi«alive member- »ay thai .1 ia> the best picnic they ever attruM. Irey said the way *a- a little hmp hut* the water ami amusements furn islierf plenty of fan after they ariimi there. A mnst excellent luoch wa* ■ ill. Mr. J«ifcn Spork> ami oo of Roh ersom-ai? were in tom t*-4ar. Mrs. 11. M. StaU*. left (hi* m» mT for Wake lon»l where she il visit h?r 'c.rents, Mr. ami Mrs Harris.' Mr. Henry k beuou of Cnflv war a busiae . TMitor m town this mn> •*- Mes-rv. J. W. Watts, Jr, Lou lia*- "•I. Jr, Rat mm I Taylor. J4ius Hurrm. Omce W'ym, Cliulr Lrrxett aad John A. PMpott wM Irirr to morrow ammiar far Xar- Head. Mr. R E. White of Plymoath «v in town walai it ml Hry TKXAOI a 4. TEX ACO motor ofl is pamL TEXACO lIXKAL CHAMBER J OF COMMERCE MET TUESDAY Tobacco Market Main issue Discussed At Meeting L 1 The Chaml*r of Commerce met in ile cnart K'U-e Fuc-uay niglit to the twhacm market. : Mr. tjfufsi- l"rp~i«-r.t of tiie t lut iler of ' o«nmerce via- absent ' w Mr. K. K. Crawforal prvsnied. lit ' Hkfh ■ ll»rt.-:i. Sccretar.,. pre-sert«-«i j ' the I|»'.tton to the meml«-r atvi tav« ir. ie a.l «he purpa-sc of He meetini: Mwiiuns were put Uf J- ri- . '«r n*-n; ' her - -ugge.stine various m.-»» >> " whwi. to *iterti.e the t«4«.«vi- m:irh-; I ' All w«-re carr»i asol tin-1 variou- i>wan- »l ohetli i'i;- were] agreed u|»ti SevenJ iitloiinall r were made ar*i a (."« ral di>- ' cr-swi i»l!t«M bv the entire inaci- ' I berrup T>u- mec'init marko: the leittnniitt; ul t!«c w«>rk tlv l»c.i! l«l«:a' e** market. The is hein»t sutol hy the Chamber of Commerce in a very tin*- spirit an-i it is hopol :.i the of W illiamston arid munitv will take an interaixl « huoot the market h> tdlini; thi ir 11 .end* the advantage «f the local saa.ket taive yowr persons! intere-t .. «.i time and y«>a will I*- p»r»«nall> l :rfitevi. * mail, feature «f the nw-etiiii; . _ the te-«l«!io!t to !«ak aftor tlie ' farmer"- interr-C To tell him that lie ts»i to visit ur market and -re fi-r him-elf the price-, the inert ar>! cnurtr . rrralerol hv tl>e wareh>asen«en ara.l ri'iien- as a WIMUC The mrrtin-, wa- v.'ll atlerxie«l hy citizen reprt-n the maiv arid \ar:.m profe-ssnns atwf all wa-ia- en tha-ia-ta- a>ver lh* «aitl—•k of tlw loral ( ncrkrt The lor;.n aaloptcsi at thi j. dase t>f the Hfcettnr VS. "N4I MKII I ta.harr« m W illumton a here hitt'i I aro niirt.t. mVrv fair treat mrnt i» rwaranseesl, ami ah re coat I te.) i- n|arome " • PARTY FOR HOUSE CH ESTS. At her havelj lh»me «. tipfarr Mm. f» -treet, Mr-. G. II llarri-a-r. a-n'ertain i **' la » eventnr fr«-m raioe u"'il twelve r sVl«k with r«e talde a.f |.tsi)*e and y (hr tables rod. complimetit trie !»r »i-4er-. Misse.s Nannie atnl Marr y 11-rj. Varrdl Rafilatsi I Mints were (ixol «.r, the lal4r r the ramrs were en>»>e«i fa»r —•toe time refre-Dtmenl f>* i.t in:" of an >r» owr-r were r enhl. 1 Sor inv itr»l !•> neH ihe cte-l- «.f | iobnr ae.e. Call a- lx.*H'eel. " J'.t'.t !'*r»" in. R«i*\ ?!a • * Mjrt Wynne, aneama l!rv*u ivaiao llarroll. Margaret Manning, Martha llarri -.n. Josephine Sjhs. Mart l-rcgett. IHive Morrill. Marrara" Kvenrtt anil lira [ J IV Woolar>i , ltarriM, i:.4»-r: Mar.iiiiijr, John . ICrace Wvnne, Taj •Sa.rvil. \.. I.aoi lludgr-. i'r. I. I.yr i ■ zj. Kntt Mr. S. » Pert Caea With I be al| i ppii Hardware tampaay Mr. S. C iVel who has bevr. a«- j -noatral wis I. the Ifarra Oil C»m --! pun . since the ur t of January, will ; herin work today wrti. the r r Hardware Caaapaay at thrir store in this city. Mrs. Jack Moore ar-l e! ihlrea, Mis- Evelya ami Ma-ter Jane arid Mrs I L H. Walker of Vorfolk arrived ves- I teraiay hy motor to risk thair fai!-er an-i rraiadfalher, Mr. Jamr- Wat. is f anat Mi. an-i Mr-. L C. I:«i.v on. I Me- r*. J. I- lla--ell. 1 |i Car- I s'arphm. EII« rt SL IWI. J l! Parvi k A. Hatiwll. II iteU Everett atta i-Oil th. M-'.-aur penic al (V4erain liench , yr-terdvy. Mi. and Mr . X. C. Green t ieen j visiting Mr. aad Mrs. Jack Moore for a «** P« Mr. L H- Straw-, Preseient of the American Paper Compnay of Rich . m> al wa* a ba-mrs- visitor in tawn yesterday. Mi-.- lacy Tarnage of SmltliVM, I who vl be the primary Inrher in the Wflaat«a Graded School this rom ■g year. Miss Mabel Ripley of Dur r ham aad Mrs Otis Akrn aad children MIMV Mary Francrs and Virginia of Crerdansce are visitiag Mrs. Aiken's >Mer. Mrs. ft A. aad Mr. Pope , a their haaae aa East Mam street. t Mr. IVrlie Perry af Alnaikir is vritiar has amther. Mrs Laaire Perry at her haaa ia Mew Tama. c Mr. aad Mrs. Earl legxett of Bel hiwa we vintiag relatives, h. re this week. A L r Mr. Henry Crawford mytoml to Beach yesterday. SHERIFF KOBKitSUN CAI TURKS STILL Sneriff Kotwr a»i IVputy IVel capture! -till We.ines.iay. The -till la- «-r. an m CVnoho near ttw .4c mw. It «.i --•i fifty gallon -till of If* r>|-per t\ j*v Ihe .* l*rilf four..; rttK( lairrl- of corn meal ar>.l ..«te >-ther r.m rna tcrial. Ihf operator. a isfrt" 11am I>ll. . his e-c.i[»- by iJur.Eii.e its the ■w|> water- of Coanho rnrt Tk? Shcritl «>5 he i- piinj- to an invitation to IV!I to visit e Smith's court. MRS. AUKKIJA WHITEHEAD DIES i Mr- Aurvlia U .*Ni jc I at a hospital in Iwlfiirl; vhrrr »lw ha- Iwj for Ihe |«.-t ff-i ««*k-. KwHine treatment Mrs. W hn»V.iil j. a -i ter of Jlr- K. k H.«i|-»-- aini Kai Woir mini; In Raleich nia le h#r Sw* with Mr. ami Mrs. 11.»1k.e- for t*« i.-jr. ami a half. She '. ill Iw harin! m IV ni«itl I Nux;.iay mortim.- at H* ->V'.«-k. tie . jJ.ii>' where -lie kai lno all tier life , uiitil slie cam.- to William-tor?. Mrs. \\ hiteheu.! *1 - a • i .owl - ■ . , f the late l»r. ar..t Mr- Kerry Wolff ..f Ui-him>t4i 'v «iie I. -urvive-l by three sU»rs jr..i threv i.r-*t)ier-. 1 I K_ .of ilium-tiHi. Mr-. J. A. I'arker V a Mj -- IVarl \\ .dff of South Carolina af>-( |»r. Ilenrx tt.dff. Jr of lltim-ulh. Hmrr Wolff of lauren-. S. C_ w.i Kolan.l W.-Iff of liirk\ M.-a': Rev. I.owe »f tlf M K Church of I*l\ moatl-, of which the -Irrr.i s*>l was r me?i.her. will --AW kite at 'he huml ( icew 11. II HIM. IMFH AT Itl o\\ IM. YESTFUKAY I'r l». II ll*ll .(mi at P-I..Wme K«ck v«--ter.i.«>. I»t It ill was for a : umh> r»f j»ar |»rr- klml of the Stale I "llet-e. rhirti gaosition he re ii?w.| t« enra-.-e in ht-toncal work a S« cret-.r. of I!* \«itli Carolina lli i..riea! Soci.-t>. As a ritizer lie n- one of 110 1*- t ielovr.l in our Sate ami the nmln hr aadr :.. fhe »tate will le 1 hnefiral to mar.\ r r t^ralM. UIA. V V -IH CHFS >l KAI.FICH Visirs 111 Ki: lle\. t iiucfce- urhot Uir ! Tue-»lay rtrrik; fr.*i W a.-t a here he hi - heen \i sttr.r frifni -, to viril of ite l>.\ - who » n- an •irr his rare (i>m he wm» pi j«r |ul >f t :h«- t'amows obi ea-len, ai-Jiiu -chool at » h.rfowir:it>. several year- ago. Mr lluirte- wa» birtdy te pfcte-l ami ■ i.-arl v |ove«t by e\er> b»j tiul tame into his .rhwil for am hurth of t iine, iw. matter !>■* had le w-a I ..r I hi- we ran v. larli a- J-* tlo.iar»i Jr ami IV!e F»w.ien are two of hi imi-t nr.lent »fmirrr.. Wuile Mr. Ilurrje- aa- lu U illuin t«, he was ef.terta!re»! by Mr ami Mr-. Fow.len and Mi ami Mrs. b»l ar»i ami «n ttflnt.-U} jflrra— they Mrrwl hiiii to ftrWmi »i i* lie "■ y tL-.ituif now. ——r —■ ------ ( \KI> Ol THAMLS Wc wi-h to Inkirr war i. ii. i ami thanks to the r«wi |«-*f4e of Wil- I ham-ton ami romimuuty f-.r ihr r lov . u.r ami temier rare of oar l«»Ji«i. | W. I'r uk (>urr-'.u- in hi- .leath sirkite- ami for tlneir b.vinr i4n of »m|>athy ir. our k>sf. HIS ItROTIIERS AN"I> SISTERS. Mr—r- Jaliu- S. I'eel ami Frank ' ar-tarjih'i. Ir't I > ur->la> aftrmn«i > for Panacea .-§*»*>- - ami from there Mr. I'r-i will r» to llirt l"o*nl on a husim-. tri|> Mr am Mr*. J me. G- Staton have ' ret«rr.**i frem Baltimore, where thej I |nl a few .lay*. Mrs Carrie lEwr> Wffliam-, Mrs. i John W. iLbiuw. Me- r- ami ' llhert IVrl fral M'eiar-4ay af'-er. imm in Wa hortMi Mr. ami Mrs W. T. Htuiter ha\e re • torne.l from tJreensboro where they i visiteil their -«• ami Uawrhter in-law. Mr. ami Mrs. W. Jack Hwnter. tor the . pail weeE ! Mrs. Myrtle !trx-wn. Mb- Erfher Harrison, R E. It«t*ra« ami Stanley - SessoaM rr'urwl la-t nijtht from a i motor trip to Vinei>i> Reach. r Mevsr- Ilakert Morton ami W. R. i Watts returned la-t nirW from Her ■ tie o anty akcn they hue beea in the interest of the H ilhwKtiw To i harro Market. r Mr. Lester «f Cittarifc w» in town y*-tmbr Ai a law, to iai'ia i . Miss Genera Caihf has itf ne.l from a wrml days trip to M«hM City. }• ' SI'RSCRIRE TO THE ENTERPRISE I H" ATCH THK L\REL ON TOLK PAPER. IT UCKIRn THE I».%TE VOIR SIBSCRIPTION EXPIRES x=o ESTABLISH Kl> 1898 SATURDAY, A Vii. 9 TO UK mi; I>AY IN MARTIN'S HISTORY Samuel li. (iuard and Othci Notables To Speak Satitiiel 11. «iuar.t. rrpir-er.!a#r the Sears-K.ebuck Kviii»L->tK«. who is a l« .W.'i of r. wiU >(cak to the ..f M .r in ami »l j«.iiiin£r ciHintie- Satunlay. .Unit Wh. H.wl.urk |om|an> ha\e uaiie irillion> j»r:is*;|>.tli > »>n lie f .nxei ami UUror aii.l f«*lti\r Imii "4 (alions "• them, thi*; are rr»irav.ji(i« j« av -i-i them with thru art- s.-ihiir.f Mr. iluini It SoU!-htoat the I nitoi State.- to lecture ami Rive !> the ;he mforma'km ano3 \alnabic let-««us Inriml by litem. Mr Ouur.t a ill 5* in ~Jy four j>L.«-e in ••ur t.i'e j|»i .«i arrtiog : m t..*r l .-ul - .HV-ntni to liave him. Mr. Oli\er J. Str.i- of Kvltmoal, maruiirer of the T»ham* i,r.i»i-t- \--«caii»i> .*il| al .. Jb* ftresent rtr,.i n. ike ir. o».ire . Ml-- I li£.ilw-th kell>. f..rmer Pr.--i.ic!;? of h* Ttwrser. A .-.«i;.tioß, «ill .il .> :itf.-fwi a: .i iHrfs- th- Loiies :io.l *4>ihtren ■» -uhjrC 11 :,t kr- ve to .o. w ith - life. Tin. nw-etii.•• *.fi bl pmrtsrily -i!l .lay. he- irnin'-r it !P-"W ."ilur.lay, Vuru-1 !Hh, at th»" Kair t,.umi*. where |Jenty of water. r-»»l atS -ha.le an.i all thint*~ -ary for :.n enj»yal4e time are ;>i-- e»st. ». Kv-ery one i> m«r-:ol to % gk-* a- . I»nc lunch. Tho-e le i able ami wiF Imir mirht t ike to a tiTinjfrr. William-'on ha. an- -j.j«.r 1 unity to :t.fv«rti e it-elf in itijs •> -*i int:. As * |r..|ile fraon a.l "n :inr cHititie will in ittmbw. so the t«.wn -h.-ul I et it elf in «r««-*r. -k...... All n-.en. women aw chiV ren f r..r everywiiere are in\ ite»i to o.w out jt.i enjoy .. .Li> ..f erul rtijuywaL ItR. J. IMIUKII IN H 11.1.1 \MSTI»\ 111ß - >llt»Rr UIIII.E tI>TERI*\Y l»r. J Spricht I *» ?1 imi hi two liiiliHiler- of V' jia»>- e»i thiourh here ,c-teMn en i otr to New \.>rk t.y motor. Ihr. I*..well ls a r.»rrr» r M .ilom-- ton !■>>, having live he-e for n.any ?ear- while hi- (alhrr. ISit. t.e..rj»e I I•• well, u a pa >->r .•>* the i:i|4i t church. At |»reserjt Mr l«..we{l of Auhurn I nher-fly. one oe" the I .rjr .-1 n.llej-e of the StaSe of Al iluma. I»r. H.oll, |>riwr to f.»- l» o.t.iuir Kes.l of the t niver ity. was tie State >u|*-ririteiMieiit of IVlne l«4iwtiun ••f Al ihiu..! ami he wa~ sr»'r>l by fr..m all to iecvme a camihlate for iMenmr. hit he -ie rline.l leenii-e he *i- ater*e to ret T ini- in |»Jit ic.,. It -hk>ws that Mr. Ls well known ami i '*l.l in hirh rnKMt by the pe»|«le of that State. tt i.ilf here he vi-itol Fannie llicir.s f»r a short while I. -re k-at ill); for \ular«>*er ai«-t» Iw abi hi - faimlv will \i-il rrLi'ur. IW ore cteiiiiiK on their way So New \ork City. LILLET'S HALLS; JAMESTIU-E 2 Tlie l.illeyll.ill larf 1 hull teai.i le fcate.l J.irw-i .lie. Sa'm. ij by a core of 3 to i in their "hit*! :*an»e of tlie season. The w .r.n;i. - of this lame five- lill-y"- ILiU two victories siml *e -iefeat. 11. Ihnlier pitchc>i a r».i rifi* a ranist the l-wuls ami the ft ■ ler . ire their best -upfW. THe .me ns rui.niiu; -moothl} when Ja . C Par kin broke the 2-2 tar. A .. rkia pitchenl a koo.l came The iattio - on both .-i.les were aI.M (eaititt to the Kame — Rem >rte»L Mr. W.'C. Harrow. inJL- of the Carolina Tilffhiae ami Tele- - rrafih Company IbllM thr Wiiaß ston Telephone eichaare tin week. Mr, Vance Kofcerson of Eabrrjaa ville was a visitor here We larnfay. Mr. Sowtax of Kostoa. i (ariialht the Walkover Shoe Ciaapr-ay ti M Mr. Irvine Marjrolt- last r. H*t- \ Mr. ami Mm JaHaa Ward aai oiiklien ami Mas* Lam Vluattr sfl leave to.lay for Xnp Head wham they will speml a week- Mr. W. J. Hodxes ami sm. Wdliam retarned yesterday frwaa Kaiftli i where thry spent the past week r ith Mr. J. L. Croom aT OOd fW was J in towa ta day aUmhar '«*hw r icaaa M

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