THE ENTERPRISE 1 - ma Tnenfey M* »>*»> by **• KKTEBPKISE PUBLISHING C». ffiiiT— N«rtk C»rrfi»» ' w. C MANNING, Editor V. C MANNING, JR-, Bwiim Manser Subscription Price iStrirdy Cash in Adrtncel i jw - 6 months ■®®j 3 liMDlks | nt. rr; at the PosJ Office at Wil-j Insi North Candina as second- j clns- mat it. un.ler the art of Slarrh S, IhTS. a" WMUBIWU tii The Eatoi|ihw. Wflliamston, N. C nrnuv. aici st i. im 1 HI. SPEtTAL SESSION 7f,r - Stsion of the Generr.l ASN«U) will convene Thursday. Au»u : Tth. Tlx rs -rem- to he a general silence aloir' the line whirl is generally the i»men of a rreat tattle ami doubt les.- ~£cks are brinr cleared trenche deepened ami lances sharpened for the fray Th • i|ur>! tor. of wo«l im|Kirtarof to be cuitsiJml k «'«e shipping mea-urt Th? committee ha- ma»ie a very fav orable report, declaring that it would he one of our rreate-! wuimmif steps. Thi- same committee alio l«-rlar«- tha» if» g«»i effect- w««W help thr entire two and one half million |«'«- |je in North Carolina by giving fare, freirht reduction*. According to tte report no one | wouli »* hurt other than the tran portal lot. people. Tie lerisiuture will ui» Ijtf ,tne facts of the and ate eipected to use j them It «.«M >fem that the mea ure would l«e put on 'he track an.i move promptly lhat it might (five some early relief to the people of tin- State The Wa*hington UtaUv News comes across with a short l*it concrete state mer.t of the statu- of thing* when it assert- that all are for the proposal except the Kail K*«® and a fe« politician*. Tie N«-w- i"- conservative ai.t evhiently krv.m whereof it *prak* If the -tatement is trt* then the pa*>a«e of the bill is hy no means .1 berau-e tl* leri-lature is up of many rail road attorneys and a fine sprmklme ..f politician!!. Something m the form of a substitute may boh up at any time. It is both interesting an.l gratifying 1 to know that the lea»ier- of the State are for the aeveplanee of the report Senator Simmon' say* It Is an op port jnilv too fuol to miss and that with the passage of the measure the National r.t would -hell out appropriation- that would rive this part of the state economic freedom un heard of by our fople. Small suns invested in water tran-- port ,tu.r> seldom fail to pay fine dividends. In the ease of our own Koanoke river, we are Mill saving large -urn fiooi the^ investment made by th« United Slates many years ago. when it prat S24M.SUI fWnnf the channel In 1922 there was shipped on the walrr of the Roc.roke rim 76.425 ton' of (mckl Thi* water transporta tion and tkr people »Ume the rivet ■»t iahwl part' mote than a sl.2f» ■fence or a to the people Ihr inr aloair the rwer aboot »JOOJBf«. Thn iMWtod to an umul dhriM of More than forty per cent on the Gaxmm'i expraditare of 1248.- fN which hjr aa art of C—nrtu was panoad S3 jean ajro. kbit miMmt why the rail roads TWOTOWGHT 1 CHAMCELAI ITS TABLBTS^ — of the bout lines off the » river, ami h is just a» plads why j 1 they are moving heaver, and earth try to defeat the proposed relief 1 measure which rime up in the capital « at Raleigh next week. ' It in said that when the City of, 1 New York derided tu spend fino to dir the Erie canal from the 1 Hudson river to the Great lakft. a distance of US miles, it dhi it for the i purpose of freeing New York from the I clutches of the ra3 road* that were I I then charrinr a ratu of I1J« perjl j hundred, from the lake* to the sea at J I ' I New York. Just as soon as the canal vi put in operation tke rond drop- I peal their rates from fliO to B cents. Jther Philadelphia and Baltimore de- J manded the same advantages and with' the puttinr on of boat line* from j Philadelphia to the Lakes were im- 1 mediately rro >frr.:xe>i »w( riven the J low rates hy the rood* Their action renletnl tie- canal val uless as an operating yet . it saved the people who built it twice its cost every year. t IMtPKK %TIO\ "United, we stand, divided, we falL" Ju.-t a few wonts but what power they signify. Spcakinr of ew.pera'ion here arj-i | there, why not stop and see it u «pf' ! ation? Someone r»me- ahwsr ar#: '.di- | the farmer to cooperate witi ar. ■'h ■ j :irn>er in or»ler that fdk>» j farmer miirht tie Tie farm er stop- an*t think- only f«-r a> :ilkl rrailkUy admit- the of rt- j • •fieratioi. hut I* will -ay I will if the "titer fellow will. K:*•».! ifcierr ex. j j 1 operation lost* its i- « r It i- lik •Mi.-hing a wagon-up a hdl tire f«il»v ' -ay hell pu.-h if the other fellow will | ! pu.-h. anl while they are already •»u-h they wont pw r.t It- an t .me; so the war"n w i- pr d'• l« | ' i and tlien allovre.l to n-'! 1. sk wieii iiwUur wdl pw h und r wiH | I ridl Inck. That"* what >. m nifi ei!" ! near Cooperation, so near yet *» far. Wlien our k-eai people -lift to |«-h the wagon up the hill ill at «we tie and not allow if to r«J" h«ek. we •: let on atlvancemeet TW» al! »ay boost this an«l booi-t that ar-d »H. r h.* time come- to bnu-t the ivlndtul -ay> I mil proi >kl hr wsll T>aJ aint -M>peration. that's -tamed fdli-iinM. Water an*i hotv- «»f mvt fj«.: .It' IkMttleggcr an«l - i-liler a> -vary ways, t*u' the m»-t two i'rom th«- law breaker'- -taixiioittt 1- iiat the idhcer- eant react, him very well and when he *e- hun h. .an due o\er aid eva»le the ' We iton't knou h»w often *nr ii iriiirl take- a l«th hut h.-, taK • one vhri> 'he .dicer- arrive o» tl I > erne of Ktwa. It i* a hit hard "T» UPBirr-ctir** V -" t in the V.e terve par. «d N. t" r hould say the Water t I:ill is O. hrh ami on the other nard s '>ne In the Ka-»em p&rt to -say there i- not much future to the Ibß If it were the reverse we ml i rraddy -ee why e ■rr The first of Augwst ha* erept upon us. We have been • W \ -.-rry n«- e over the ran- and crop that we ha* c p iid little or no at tent MS to lime DODGE BROS. MOTOR CARS rHE RimNc; is EASY THE QUALITY IS RIKHT THE PRICE IS IjOW LET US DEMONSTRATE THE NEW MODEL DODGE TO YOU John L. Rodgerson Wll.l T.VR "OV. NORTH CAR. —— .—i Now. the work, or uat at the work k| ! behind the farmer, only a few more ( days in the hot field and then to takej 'a peep at the mark*- W fll farm pro- • duct* sell hirh this fall, will th? fsrm- j er he justified for the «tayv of endless] tod through the hot balmy days*j Hi* life lay* in the lisaU of some on. Who will make the price of to- Icmo * Will h be gwd or 1 bad* WtHildnt it he n*e if one could r». I to vrerfc in the -arly sprinsr an.l know that he will be ofTer-.I a fair price. I _ 1 for his various cf>minc»iitie> in the jf-JI? I tut. though, nice it may teem, ar all have that love for the gambler"- jchare—, work like a dor ■" nd lake a tzs any chance on heinr pai«i for it. ! j Th - court hohis that one cant be, jinsarc ai*! -'ill jdead guilty. The j youthful ,-U.yer- guilty and | "vet tneir lawyer- claime they are in-| r . j 'sar.-. Tlie turning of this p-.rticular ca-e is far r. rarhir g in its effects. ' The mn;ilt: of the Wilibir.-toii ■ Cljailer f'» r.;mrsrre h- I '.la> i.irht ut 'I. court house w>- ; of real benefit. The inters was rr»at aid .he crowd was m-ic'. lrrger than wn- eipecte«i. The tvre. >|«-:ions dL— ,rasd bro'irht in nary new thought. lan.l ugs?e lions front which it i* hrp - led mud. good will le «ler>. . ,-aking alniil t'hamber of CV m n. rev mretinr-. it wouhl w>t be a hod I idea for tie Chamber to meet at ka>l or er a month or more often than that ■ Ti*- -i- ire- of wait:n»- for prohle-m --jtn ..rv-e- isn't real Im-ite—ihat's j y«.u mieht call near-bu*ine>-- | Wher. anyone goes ami makes pro jhleiai.. to le disew-sed. that's what you ;-:dl real bu-ine--. | «ut in ai. »»hi«. town, tiie l«.inbei 1.1 I". Irfmerte ha.l regular meetings an.l at each one th. re w.t - nie >t!. -Urol. At i-nr meel.n— the e«i tor o tie town's lien-paper wa- shot aiwl ,mme>liately after tlie -nootmg a , p-cial e.iitH-1 wa.- di-! ov.- jthe town and a- a re -ult the meeting |J-mv *a.- cr»»w.le«l an*i *he la-t oi*. »a!k in was the -uj«|*«.-cdly shi.; 'editor. TVy had r. rr>w>i all right That's a fine scheme all right but when it get- that close home we would *ugge*t some scheme of a calmer rial ure. HtiMP |I|MH\>IK \TI«I\ AGENTS iMEED -To maintain tie highest i-leals of home life; to cunt children the most ii..p»rtant of crop-: to mother them ~ W ' r »>H«— iMtki mwu• no l /aflisi mm TBS EHIRRFEISE. MnLUAMRTOM. MOOT CAMUM. 1 thai their bodies may fa* sound, iMt muMis dear, their spirits haw. I their characteau renerous: to place juiiu ilan cam fort; to let bjaKjr ■to high purpose silence discordant i notes; to let aeighborliness .1 applant hatreds; to he discouraged nerer; to . lose self in tcrner u- fnlh«.-ini; to j extend to the less fortunate a help iinr Hud; to belie* e one fommimtj nay become the best of conuaanities. 'and to cooperate with others for the •# a Mm home and community." Sell you tobacco here. EiniT(trs NOTICE Hariri? this day qualified as »««■ Jtcr of the estate of Mrs. M I- Jan*-- !late of the county of Marin, not*-' jis hereby ufren to all prisons bobl- I in* claim? agaLvt said c-state to ,r~e j sent same for payment on or before .'the 18th day of July. UK. or this notice *1 be plea t*-: in bar of their ieeor~iy. A!! prrsons inirblnl to said estate ! will r ir* nnd make hn iwilii'.f pnyment of 1 air-e. Tiii! the IKth .lay of July. 19SC EDWARD JAMES. r.secutor. SHOE REIMIKIVG Shoe repairing at my shop or. the Hamilton road, near cemetery. I am a cripple and urablf to collect an.l d.diver work, lut my prtr*- make up the lisfTer^nce. ALFRED HOICES. APPLICATION FUK l-ARDON OF JOSEPH LEANDCIt H \KIdSOY Application will be nude to tb" 1 ...vernor of North Carolina for th« ponton of Jnoeph I-rander Hardiaaa, rvnvirted al the September, IWU T'rwi of the Soperier Court of Martin County for the crinf of ar.ur>kr art] ■ iitetire-i to imprisonment in the State Penitentiary for a tei «n •' weniy-fre years. t All persons who oppose the irrart ir.~ of said pardon, ate invited to for wan! tb»ir protest to the Oorernor without ilday. the lOth day >f Jane. 1924 No pile of Tobacco too small or too larire for The W illiamston Market where hijrh prices, fair treatment and court "tfm vice are supreme. I TEXACO mo*or oil is mmi T*"* KKMfiae i« pood. Trr TEX Am. >( r ' I are: MaagaffiHffiM | LAST WEEK! | I OF OUR JULY 'J S A LEj I I The Bargains We Are Giving Will I | B|j l ' " 9 "' I _| Surely Surprise You When You See f I Them. Do Not Fajl To Visit Our Store | This Week. " | Harrison Brothers & Co. I WIIXJAMSTON'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE I WhAaar. K. C ! | OFFICE TORE i ttmm ltol LOST: SOMEWHERE IN CDUITTT. •STRICTLY FAMT SELECTED m httr- r" F. Ol R Ship ment day order wei—i to any ad •treaa. Send I—ill 1 are with order. Add expresa if detire prepaid. M. C LADIES WORK AT HOME, pleaaaal or put time. Highest |«nili prices paid. For Mi iuformni— address L , lones, Box 2. Otaey. 01 sorer * I will he delighted to da jtmr or ' aba your lUd— I wfll he opea far 1 ii|. hi mi at ob aid after Jaae let. ' iikl if yia have aay rf the above K » V to do )M may stir or call to 221 snath IVarl Sire*. WEaadaa V ork liiae in uJ Mt af tow. Ceo. A Ca«en. NOTICE r O. T. Saatia far* be w-ffl hare a fall line of fre»h bmbU a his market 1 fieiay and Satarday and each day r t: er. -fter and wfll ell far cash only. (I.K'NINC. I*l EINC * PRESSING I are spear I ap a pns»a« e»tab i nM-nt at any Uae «a Sycsmorr 1. ami am a a pMtna to do Vesi i>i>. HnKsk* tßi* nyeaf and n ,»ir at -a.ruble pr*»- .V.-jk caßed for ami dtlrrered. WILLIE THOMPSON. 7 2* lm Nfmo: OF SALE I nder and by tutor af the paver •f sale CKlaecd in that eertam deed of trwst esrrated to the —di 1 |pw d '* • n the 131 It day of IWewber. IMI, * by W. O. Andrew* oaJ wife. Ijula An lmr>. ar i af letwil hi Martia Coun ty Public Registry a Book A t page ) "**""** 1 HOWS THIS? ■au. 1 * riTawn mmarm «■ I hwlundHßhrMHinraaa •I Catarrh w Inateaao «aaad If I" Cktank ■ uxi riTiau UEoam cm • Om or aa oau .1 qauv Mmu ll* maniti aflnawlha. ml tb* likful Mian-. n TMk. stock »rt» »Mo*sa IW toil I «o tU Moooo «art» ML tfcao WII ■ « kAal tn»m --™ two* ■■M T * uiaii he *nr a» Ton. I. F. > flan *C. ItooAa. Otoa. 11 "T| ml T maHM af tMt art 'km« bn nwfliil with aad at the 'ill > af the mm af uid koads |tewtm«Mivl«lkAi4rrf Aacast, UM, at the Cart Hmm deor rf Maita Caaaty, at 11300 o'dMk. Naw. offer at pahlie aactiaa to tb highest bidder, far cask, the fdlariaf I—K nal property: ike koaae Bad let la Watt* Gran in tke Tawa of Waiismstoa Bad fsi inlj sicapsH by W. O. Aariia n and wife, Baef Cleary «* aac side aad Kay GriSa aa three sides Tkis tke ltth day at My. IM4. a DUKE CRTTCHKK, Traatee. 7-11-4 ADMINISTRATORS NOTICK Haras thie day Miilili I aa Ad akhtnta af tke estate af Joaepk Carey, late af tke eaaaty af Martin aatiee ia kereky fi»«n to all pariaai fciMrnj 11 iin against said estate to paumt same for pa)nat aa or befon tke Mtk day of Jane, IKS. or lhi» aotice will be pleaded :a bar of tfc-ii AD persaM iadfhtrd to said estate will come forward aad make iasmed iate payment af iiaae Thi, aOtli day of Jaae. 1924. MARTIN COUNTY SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY. Administrator of Jascfk Corey. NOTICK City IJceaaa Plataa f«r Aatoa and Tracks for yaar 1926 caa be obtained at the Mayor's OMca All motor relikki within the Town af WBltamston. N. C. aot eqaipped • ith a city liernse %/ Jaly, 15th, will X !« allowed to operate oa the at.-ceti of WiUiaautoa. N. C, aad ay o:.e violating tkia ordlaanca will be Saard tor: dollars aad coato ia the •brrttioa af tha court. I:> order of the Beard af Town G. R FARRISON. Clerk, laly 7th, IKt ——— ■ * » ■ ■ »■■■■•■■■ ■ People— If it's PLUMBING AND REPAIRING call "little" Joe Pender. Price Rijjrht Phone No. 50 JOE PENDER WILLIAMSTON, NORTH CAROLINA - - - - - - - ■ ► M 1 kaaaa -1 HT t Apply at IWpbi afca mtm REPAIRING ekairs aad fa tbsmm aay way aaeaa toa street ( near Spellar*s store > Wfl- KBGPLAB COMMUNICATION OP 80WAUB LODGE m Nol NAP. aad A. M. are cotdially iarited. Car tops made water proof by W. H. Williams. If year car top leaks ks W. H Wil liama ke wfll maks it water FORESTALL DREADED ' CHILLS AND FEVER ■art I HJiatilr^ar- Ngyim aaaaaav eeaaaaaE i osZaisi »d ■—*

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