North Carolina Newspapers

Mr. E M. he, Manager of the
to the effect that all asaaaiment ft»
tnree far the Baenaki Fair to be held
kn to OtHto aru rapidly taking
fcm and wuj department wfll be in
IMUMN far the big event.
The ftre uoahs awl free attractions
hare already been booked and every
the drawing cards necessary far a
great fair. Then will he exhAitioos of
enriena kinds, including the elabor
ate display of ftre works and the »-
nal grand stand attractions. Mr. Foe
has secured the aerricae of the Madi
. son Sqnare Garden Band of New
York and wishes to state that this
featare alone will coat nore than all
the free acts combined of last ynr.
Without question the free attiaclons
wfll be umch better than those of the
The Zeadnmn and Pnltit shows that
are now located in Punxsutawney. Pa.
hare been booked by the management.
These shows make np the greatest
nMwijr in the states today and ex
ceed that of any other show that has
been here ir preceding years. It is a
thirty car carnival with every thing
in the show line. These shews carry
positively nothing bet the beet and
raahes every effort to have nethhig
aMaw gambling on the midway.
The program will be one of the saset
elaborate ever praeentod in this aer
Uon of the state, with a change of
prrgiei etery day and night.
Mr. Poe says. "Without a doubt in
the world, the fair this year at the
Boenake Fair Grounds wfll he th.»
biggest and best ever bald in this
■act ion."
. The Phflathea CJa— of the ftlemori
a! Baptist Cbnrch wa* •teiixh'.tuliv en
teitained Friday nipM by Jlr*. 7L H.I
Base at the Atlantic Hotel.
The dfaung room and table were
decorated tastefully with marigolds
In bias bawls. The ana censisted of
frsaea Mt salad, pickles, fried chic
ken (country style), corn on the cob.
English pens, fresh fried potatoes, to
mutoe and lettnce salad, hot rolls, ice
tea. home made cake and vaaPla ice
Mrs. Wheeler Martin Jr. acted ea
toast mistress and there were three
toast* given, one to our state presi
dent. Mrs. Z. H. Kooe by Miss Carrw
Dele White, another to oar teacher,
Mrs. B. L Shirley by Mre. Hagh G
Horton. and a third to oar class by
Mrs. B. L Shirley.
The regular business was attradnd
to at the conelasion of the dinner.
Tbooe present were. Mrs. Wheeler
Martin. Mrs. Sam Getainger. Mrs. Joe
Owan. Mrs. Dick Taylor, Mrs. Kader
Bagerssa. Mrs. Z. H. Bose. Mrs. Lee
Brewer. Mrs. H. B. HoUomna. Mrs.
Harry Meador, Mrs. Boger Critchr-,
Mr*. Warren Biggs. Mrs. B- L
Shirley, Mrs. John Ward. Mrs. Hagh
Horton. Mrs. P. & Cane. Miss Carrie
Dalle White and Mies Margaret
la the preaenn* mt relatives and
tot knelt friends, a quiet heme wed
ding was solemn iaod this morning at
ten thirty o'clock when Mrs. Eva
Haasell Hackney heeaase the bride of
Mr. Herbert Covington Bonner.
Ike bride's only a'tendaat waa her
flaaghtor Kins Eva HasaeU Hackney
Mi the gresm was attended by Mr.
Lindsay C Warren, who acted as beat
•d by Bev. L D. Haymaa. took place
at the home of the bride which was
I with • t ,.fnri.n of
Mr. and Mrs. Banner left far an ex-
Only News. TTlAfalllß
Hackney wedding wfll he af totM
to the friends of Mrs. Hackney, who
•» • Mania cauaty giri end
nlee of Mr. Bonner who has Manny
Mill, to Wflliamston.
the for the tilillf
totanal of a
***** M a#
One Arrest Leads to
Others; All Admit
Their Guilt
For several months the warehoase
at the Williams ton wharf has been
broken into now and then and qnanti
of sugar s.olen. The police force
waa bttiuetl for a time in that the)
were no: able to get any due as to
where the sugar was going. Recently,
however, a little information leaked
from the rubbers' combination which
reveeled the whole scheme and a trap
was set.
Saturday night, Luther Peel the I
Deputy Sheriff and two extra depotie»'
went to the warehouse for the pur
poee of waylaying the robbers. Tbo> j
found that the warehouse had al- J
ready been broken open, but no sugar
was found by the robbers, so th*
drayman was told not to go down as
it would be useless.
The oflkers thinking they had
sufficient evidence to trap the rogues,
they started to the home of Ben
Biggs, a negro. At the home of Biggs
they received a thread that led them
to the home of John 1. Hyman, a negro
thief with a reputation. The officer*
rolled Hyman out of bed and began
to quoation him and for two hoars he
evaded their questions, but ftnaDy
things became too hot for him and he
came across with the whale story, tcfl
tng how he had gone into the ware
boose and stolen the sugar. This he
did on several occasion.-: r.nd delivered
it to Jesse Bogern a colored man on
the Skewarkee road. Hyman was then
placed in jafl sad the officers went for
Rrgere who also came across and
said that he was not alone, bat haul
ed the goods with the car of Wdl
MiUr and that Mills war. along, driv
ing the car and acting as a co-pnrtner
in the game.
Bogota and Hymrn reported that
the stolen goods were delivered to!
Ben Biggs and Tom Mills and that
they received four dollrrs a bag for
Upon this evidence Mills was arrest
ed aad he too came across with furth
er evidence to convict an involved.
Mflls was plseed in Jail with Hymen j
and Bogers.
Then the posse went after Ben
Biggs who, at the time, was net at
hooae. bet they panned him until
they found him several miles down the
Washington road, apparently peddl
ing whisky; for he had a jug in his
car which contained half a ration aad
which Biggs declared to be the prop
erty of one Woolard, a drunken negro
who was riding with him. The lr»t
statement was disputed by Wool.-ird
This combination of thieve. hat
been stealing for a long time, running
sugar out to Ben Biggs' and several
other men who manuftetare the sugar
into liquor. The gang has had the
fair awing, stealing, making and sell
ing liquor and running rough shod
over the country.
The trial of the four men is before
the court this afternoon and while it
is not yet settled, it is though they i
wfll be bound over to the next t .-ns
of the Martin County Superior Court
Bobersonville, August 4. The'
most enjoyable social event of
the summer waa a bridge party given 1
at the home of Mrs. Ethanor Anderson [
Tuesday afternoon from 2 te ft by
Mrs. B. F. Heydenreich and Mrs. An
Four tables of bridge were arrang
ed en the porch which was decorated
with lovely pink and white flowers.
After several progression* had been
■i lie it was found that Miss Fannie
B. Pope had high score, her sister. |
Miss Elisabeth Pope had low score.
First priae waa i. beautiful lining
bridge cover. For consolation Miss E
Pope wee a lovely set of three flew-
The but nan assisted by Misses
Alice Norman and Emily Bohersoa
served two delicious coursaa. The Ant
raueiatH of chocolate fudge, salted
pmnwta, fhiftfH nlid in IcmWlcb,
saltiaes. sandwiches, pickles aad ice
toe. This waa followed by delirious
poftdi iff cretin, SMI COCM
ant rake
Those enjoying the delightful affair
were. Miaees Marjorie aad Mae Beß
BernhOl, Geneva Jamis. Hirabilh
Pep i. Jeeephtoe Robertson, Kathertoe
McDonald. Fannie B. Pope. I Mien
Einott, Haaei Everett, Mrs. B. I-1
Reggie. Mrs. D. B. Everett. Mrs. J.|
A. Em«M. Mrs. Arther Johnson, Mia.
Miaees Mary Hardy aad Nanni-'
Merrill. Pattie Harris. Evelyn HnrrP
aai and Kniant Manning are ipial
be the afternoon in Windbar. *
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, August 5, 1924.
National Leaders From
J West to Speak Here
Next Saturday
Eastern North Carolina wfll have the
best ippanunilj yet offered to the
farsacre of this stale to learn the
pi ogres* of cooperative marketing
throughout the caire na'ion, when
1 Walton Feteet. Secretary of The Na
tional Council of Farmers Coop*ra
' live Marketing Association*, and
Suwd B_ Guard, of the Sean-Bee
(j bock Agricultural Foundation, ad
|ttteu» the mass meetings of Eastern
itaidto tobacco aad cotton growers.)
| which are scheduled for August Bth.
| MB. 11th and 12th
> The schedule «•( meetings in East-
Jera North tars lms which is as fol
lows wfll begm with the annual bas
ket picaic at the State T.-st Farm in
Flgerimhr county, between Bwky
Mount and I "metope on Fnday August
tth. Waltoa rHert. Secretary Nation
al Couarfl of Farusers Cooperative .
Markrtiag Atwcul—i. of
111 . wfll at the foßowirv-'
Sssrthfieid. X C. Aarust 8. 2 p. m .
Kjtataa. N. C. Aurust 9. 11 a. m ,
Gmmfle. N. C August 11. 10 a. m
Wakelm SchocL Aa*ust It II a. n j
Saamel B Guard. Director Sears
Bin hark Agricußaral Foundation, of;
Chicago. 18, wfll >pcak at the fol
lowing places:
Bock) Mount. August 8, 10 a m
WdMimstoa. Aegasf ft. Ift a. as. a*
Fair CM and.
Beulavile. Aaeart 11. 8 p a
la a lii Tim to th»- above speakers.
Dr. B W KPeore. Dean of North
Carolina Agricultural College, ami
MAS Elizabeth Kelly, Ptesiden. of
Nnrth CM ih f Terehers Association,
with rnal messages of interest to
farmer? and farm women will b*
, present at wnnl of th* picnic cele
At a jeciad basket picnic on Aegust
wk_ to WHtoastem, Mr. Guard wdl
i ■ plain to Ea>4erß Carina farmers
the progress made by a million organ
aN farmers to Cooperative Mark-ting
i Aimiilmt. haasflmg na«f different
Ipnducts from the Western to the
Eastern Coast. On August 11th Wr«-
[m PHcrt. Secretary National Coun
cil of Farmers Cooperative Market
iag * iilism wfll he the principcd
speaker Farmers and their wives
iliull he purtmdaHy anxioas to
hear Ik muaagei that wfll be brought
by Mr. Guard ami Mr Peteet. both
of w*»om are recogniaed authorities
oa the >ubj>ct of Cooperative Market
■g. Firnm rwd their wives are
arged t» knag their basket.-., thus do
lag theu |«t to help aaake these all
day cehh-atiear a complete success.
Hardware Store to
Open by 15th of
Tftis Month
Pre pa nl war are being made an.l
pudnl fur the epentogj
of the Calpepper Hardware Company j
utn here en or about the IMb of j
Mr. W. T. Cnipeppet .f ElixaUib
City, part owner, wfll rjriwe ts-a»i
'row la aaiiil Mr. Brown in arrant
.iag the stock.
I The stack to be opened ep will be
I sue of the most complete to he found
anywhere in this leetisn and wfll seU
at wholesale and retafl aad will sell
Mr goods at prices to the reach of
Mr. Brwwu bus been supervising
the remfliag of the store, the Haasefl
ITnaimg. far the past week aad has
grea*ly impewaed the looks of the
'tratoc balk totide aad out.
The opening day is aot known
>i hiTi*j_ bat the large stock to bo
placed wfll raqnke several days and
ja»t as seen as k eaa be arranged, the
iw wfll be opened to trade.
The Calpepper Hardware Ca. of
Elzzrhrtb City hao a strong repntn
ttoa in that city and B is with plena
are that we karu of that ftra and
Mr. P. H Baoua of this city opening
t store heae.
Mrs. John A. Miuiiig baa issued
hniitiiaa to ahoag thirty friends ta
leave aut week far Sflver City. Hew
f" r
is viritmg Mr wad Mra A. j. IkT
Tax Levy Postponed; A
Proviso Jury Was
The Martin Chanty Beard of C>m
aainioneri met to regular session yes
terday to their mm at the court
honor. The feßpurmg member? were
present: H. C. Green. Chairman. ;.
G. HarnhiH. T. B. Slad.>. Ji . W. B
Harrington nnd C- A. Askew.
There waa liMfte basinet to come
before the Boned during the day aad
all matters wore given careful con
? toleration. The bar-jew as
of follows:
Ordered by the Board that th; jr•-«
laawp. now in the office cf the
ter at Deeds, be given to Brodicfc~>
Grovt Church.
That Joseph T. Lte end wife be al
ot vl the sum cf ia.ftO per month
That the porperty of W. C. Whitley
n Griffia's township >e rednce! Jilfl. I
That Dr. Thigpe?>"s laixi in IVnbr
'Point he ledncid from |m»i to 15.-
'ent valuation.
! TS-it the lands of H. C. \ rmrn in
( 1 rnJtjn township be redar .! a, f,d
I ws: Stalls land from to
!'"••burn land from SO« to
I'arpfoa lan-l from £*.ftn» to flWft
I I' was ordered th=t the W4li.-m«-
t«*n Telephone Companx be pr>»l the
-um of S3OOL fw drmare> tU-nr by
road farce en Hamilton.
vdle and Washington nok
That Wiadaer Abuohr, colored
of Jrmeaiile be allowed 12 5t prr
That W. B Watts be released from
payment of tan 1923.
Ordered that Jaaw A Everett be
pa al the sum of )4hi fur bmarrs
Everett or Mohley Mill by State
A prwvisa jury was drisrn to *rte
in case the September term >f the
Mertin County Sngerior Court ran be
restored. This term ml court slipped
•way from as dnrta* 'he last neajjuu
of the I igntolnw and its restoration
1 s not yet certaia
The Board of Comity Csaaminiiin
t» deferred th- tax levy until the
ftrst M sudsy ia September. This was
done by reason of the heavy drmarnl
by the school board which Tor
rn increase of HOjOM over last jr.-ar.
This tocrease was »nch a Jwck ta
the board that deferred to think un
til a later date.
The school taier. hemg JlOt.til .ca
a 1921. pC.A3r. -.\ to Itt aad *106.-
69a J? ia 19Z3 whale the scheo: board
i una asking for lltiJM) ia 1924.
this, increase wfll call for ia in
rrase of cents on the fit* vale
i-tmn over IS3. which sa> Oi «nb
and a raise of 41 1-2 over I'jSt which
v.»> cnl, 4C 1-2 for i:?at year. I.
Tbf tocrease woadd seem U ir U
aad ox third per ocst over 1922 and
4ft and two-thirds per c*nt or * 192 X
Miss Bath Matthews who has te'.a
visiting Mu#e* Helen end BM Daaea
port left yesterday for her home in
| Miss Kbarhe of Franklie
tua is vbjtiag her mother. Mrs. M. L
l eltomy here this week
Mr. K W. Salsba-y is speading sev
eral days at Myrtle Beach. S. C.
Mr. aad Mrs. C SL Bichards rad
Mao Margaret Ernefl sprat Snaday in
Mim Delia Purvis has i«turned to
her boose here after aa extended visit
to New York
Miss Irene Bellamy retaraed home
Saturday night from BaHigh where
she has heea visitmg her sister. Mrs.
A. P. Cpchurrh. Jr.
Mr. G. E. Htors of Ahoskie speat
the week end here.
Mr. aad Mrs. J. E Eilmsn li an motor
ed to WWlrsassloa Sunday afteraooa
Mr. aad Mrs. Lrßoy Krere.t aad
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Everett spent
Sunday to Hertford.
Messrs. D. G Matthews. J. A. Dnveu
port aad F. L Cladrtaue spent yester
day to Wflliamston atteadtog to hnsi-
Mr. T. B Slade. Jr. spent Meaday to
Mr. W. J. Starr mi Suubary speat
the week end here srith fHeads.
Mrs. Parks ei Tarhora speat the
week end here with niuliiia
Mr. E. E Inecoe i Milan to be
oa the sack list.
. Dr. B L Lsag speat yesterday af-
Ike Ladies Aid Sacfety of tke
Mrtbadist ihunb wfll have a sflver
ytm at the home mt Mrs. L B. Harri
soa on Hangkton street Wednesday -
.afteraooa hum 4 to ft. ,
ISaptist, Episcopal and
Christian S. S. To
l*icnic at Riverside
A j. int picnic of the Baptist. Epascw- I
(al and Christian Sunday Schools a ill [
be hrU Frulay jl riverside Pa*k >
Although the ilelhultt- t»ve rrrrj -y j
held their picnic, it is hupe>l that a J
large number of their pe«»p> sill g»t
All the pupils of ,h» various •ciwsl
are urce«i to meet at their r»—pectivel
churehe> promptly at 101*.' o'clock I
FrWlay n«»n.injc. Trans|KrU!vn wdl
b» pr for every bjdy w'to has iu '
way. It is urge«i tl * .v>ryl>»i) t» ,
at their respective churches and pr> ;
vnie ways for as many as possible ,
Everyhiwly w-.1l take dinner, (iiae
and various dry land sports as well
as water sports for all. An ibo> 4 IMV
of ire cobi wili bt provided. "
llenty of fun a .«l frvtic f-r both ■
(II ars young.
IV> not miss this bit day. Come join
the party for a happy holiday.
(Greenvdle Ketlertori
Both college ami town enjoyel
greatly costume sonc recital riven M
East Carolina Teachers College la -
evening by Julia Culbreth Gray, if
Washington City, an artist -tho has
made a distinctive reputation as a
stager of folk songs. Her prof ram. ex
cept the first two numbers, was air
voted to folk song - ami she*che>. tfc»
second part entirely Afrw Am-ririn.
The effective costumes ami the
dramatic rendering added charm to
the artist's interpretation.
The beauty ami -f her
rnier in the first two »«mr-. *"Yoi
che Saepete" ami aria from M«tin'»
opera. "Figaro" aa Se Sar a isb."
ar Italian Waltz sane, by Ardm.
mode her aadience wish she sroabl
give a full pro* ram of »nch
The Bassaan folk soars "LKb
IhcUinc" ami "Jealoasy" vane
with passion aad fervor. Ter strik
ing costume was mode by a Rossi n
rrfugre ami was that of MoMl Ku
aia Shr next »ppeare-l as an obi
fash-met girt ia Imp shirt ami trap
feat and with a cxHprrtttsh air cave
"Tit-for Tat." "Loyahy to Mea" ami
"Eaty-Did." She to star
another ;oag "if there be marh
rlappinr - and there was murh clap
pinr. so she gave a Carolina folk
song composed by Eucene Putnam of
Sncth C-indnu. "I'd Bether Have a
lot-ng Ilia.*" ami th.-:i rn' • mrber
encore "Her Dream."
She anaoaared her program ami
gave hits of apt and witty exptaaa
itiana that gave a personal touch to
■|» rotiam ami c-strblashe>l a bead
••f mpothy between herself nad
ler aadieacr.
Mm Bertolet playol heaotifußy
the accoaapaaimenU ami the ma>aral
netting for all the numbers and up
peered twice ea the program playiag
artistically one of Chopin's Prrlmies.
Hark, the Lark." aad Schwann'*
"Prophet Biro."
Julia Cnlbreth Gray wfll be ea
thnstosticnlly welcome.! by a Greea
vile aadience if she retara.- for aa
ctfer engagement. Her pragram« are
eatertaiaiag and distinctive aad her
penaaalHy charming.
Mrs. Gray comes to Wißiaaaatoa
aad wfll give her recital to the Opera
Hime. August iSth. Mr. Dsdd. wrko
ha* known Mix. Gray for years. a_- -
antes us that it w3l he t»l TW j
profits, if any. will rt. into a puinpngl
farvl for the Methodist Church
fi I
The Woman's Mil iannry Society
of the Christian church wfll meet next
Moaday afternoon. Augnst II at i Jft
o'clock with Mrs. R. J. Prelr. The
anhjta.l for the afteranin wfll he
-Stewards of the Grsce of God". Mrs.
G. H. Hantaan wfll he leader.
The program far the aflemaaa is
QUl—Mimianary Scripture verse to
laipiair. Buimtm Period; Dtntiau
al Serriee; Missionary Topics:
"The Inflow mt God's Grace"—Mra.
B. J. Fade.
"The Outflow mt a Faß Life"—Mr*.
J. W. Anderson
IhM Tbi Two Seno"—Maaa
Eva Irene Fade; Offering; Benedto
tion Psalm lft:l4.
Premiums Have Been
Raised in the Various
"TV KoiTwb Fair of Williamstoii.
lamnaannfs Ihe I>J4 promiuin buulc now
r»ajy for .ibJribuli«.:i and they are
' |*«w to ar.-,.ar** that this year will
i hw If* hr-! in the hi- tory of the Fair
I-a rrm ny.
I'iraun- have been raMil in the
I |»>o"iry ai» Ire* stock .iepartment.
lupttl IV» are positively the best in
I the -late by any district fair.
Farm ami fruit- will this year be
-pwial attention and will be in
by Mr Pace of Washington
■***' Mr T. B llraixion the Kami
(Agent of Martin County. Es pec la Ily
*>wi wtß be the county exhibit.- in
Itbe farm .iepartment from the .-ever
i*l ro " !,k - » the Knanoke section an.l
bijcl, prrtnium. have been offer*.! by
llw Aamil'iou to the Farm Agent*
tfcis Jrfeitarat
Hone Economics IVpartmert in
charge of Miss Pauline Smith. Dis
trict Supennterxien* of the State IV
partwral i»l Miss Violet Alexandria
of Vvlua(tan will again this year
be ait ouLftaxhiine f-ature of the fair
Your county home a pent will have an
■ this department an.l your
be-t eff«ti ■ this line will help her
"■ * large premium.
la tbe Woman's Department the
Indie* of tbe Methodist Church will
bav» '»prn «• and they promise
that it will surpass anything ever be
fore plarM b-fore the people of this
Tbe eve-ate*! midway in the Statr
t-» -b\ ha. beer. contracted for this
|>HOMS a mammoth thirty car rami
jval with every thine in the show line.
| "'bis -bow prtvitivrli carries nothinr
hut tbe hr«t in tbe -how line and
aake- every effort to have nothing
i »at dean amusement and does not al
'•v aay ramMinr on its Midway.
Mr. 1W Cannon one of the best
known horsemen in the South ha
-1 keen drsitaataj Racine Secretary' and
k* ba» amnml a proeram of races
leciMl to nine in the state, ten races
wil he ran in the four .u.ys_
Th» thang 'hat the Association is
the most pe«u of is the securing of
tbe Madii Stfware Gar.len Kami of
X** Voefc City. Thi» feature alone
■»»•* !hu was ever put in free I
acts fcy fair in this section before,
'bil afternoon and nirht a concert
** riven in the gTand stand that
win rank w«h aay that you hear in
the rml parks of the bt»f cities. With
tbe band arrangement.. has been male
to have a lady soloist from on- of the
grand opera companies an.l she will
*«» bi tenral nam her- daily with the
Free act*, the kind that have never
been in Ibis section before. TV» Swan
W»ol laancwr revue from the bi*
! "ne cimuts of the north, a whirl of
*  ii I»■ king girls in several number
that are up to the minute
Comedy acts by Karl an>l Mack.
Starthnr. darbf u well as thritlinr
maim of the f.ruijr Wilsons of cir
cbs fame and others will be presented
At waght you will have for your
ulirtin—l the greatest program
of imwtt ever in the State, chang
erf aarbtly Oa Monday and Thursday
nights the battle of Verdun will be
pal ta. Over seventy thousand shots
wdl be ind form the tanks ami other
■npednments of war.
Tke Far this year will open on
Mantay ajfbl October 2Uth ami con
tmnt for fonr day* and will dose on
Fraday anght, October 24th. A grea'
show ti narbt* and four days.
Mr. C- W Jaca- will have charge
of the poultry depurtaaent ami Mr
ju. M iakew wdl have charge of
Ihr Sam >nd lire Stock Departments
Tbe nuam. H . M Poe of Rocky
M«art wil (lady give any inforuaa
tM ywn desire and will mail prem
iuaa 11 iki m the next few days to
the peafir of this irctiaa. If you hap
ten not to ret one and desire sane,
notify Mr. IV, be will gladly send
SataNay afternoon at the home
of Bee. A. J. Maaainr. Miss Myrtle
I Kmy km—me the wife of Mr. Jasper
i Weaver. Mr. Manaiag ofKciating.
Tke aaMiai was a complete sur
prise to the flit all «f the contracting
partita, mho had expected them to
■any m the early fsH
of Mr. 1.1 ii Perry of Hamiltoa and
a she kns aande her how with her aaat,
■ Mix J. r. Jaaca fur the. past seven
yeari. aaaoe the death of her mathar.
: ia> a cmTLaay friend. throughout
I Washington I *r.ily News)
Another of th» ftw surviving
I tonfiterate soldiers passed away this
morning wijec. William Charter Russ
of thi» city >!* i she home «f his
•laughter. Mrs. J. W. U\>olard, at 6:20
a. m. after ais illies:. of three weeks
, j-t the ripe old are of SO years,
r The late \* iHiam Ru.-j. wa.- bom
. in lieaufort County. May 16. IM4.
I At the as* of eighteen, short
■ ly after the Civil War broke
"u: he etili-u-.i urwier Captain Reeves
. of William-ton arw Colonel Stckoj.
i He ha«i lis •ii-'u.ction of being
i aaat mportrnt battles, of
which th«.e at Gem.-sville Mills, ne-ir
. Seven Pitse-s. Va.; Gettysburg;
ChaneeOorsville Court House; ami
i Sywtt--ylva"!sa Court H..u-e; w re the
, ns»-t important Ihe latter or
. K- K'IWT.: wa- th- li-r he t""k part in
! 14 bote Mt Ru - wa- taken
prLs-fner afi Irttr carrk l to Klmin.
, New ork. wher- 1> ■ was cor fir. 1 for
.? month Or the -ieiiinjj of pe:tce
Mr. Ru—- r^yr*v— i h.*nv ;;,p.i live.) op
the farm up to .1- -ut t*u ye*.~s a(fo,
wheti he c i»">- *» V\: ihinctoq t>« live
with hi, chibsr?^.
He was married to Mis- \';:ncy A.
Warren of Pit' Countv. January (8,
ISTTo ant i- »cri'ive.i b\ five chil»lr?n,
follows: Mrs. J■•♦•7' Wool;lr.I. Mrs.
I esse R Wnstard; W H Ru ; C.
1 W. Rus-; at»i J=n -- R Ru-s; :II of
Washington His wife pre-.l xvascd
h.m --veral year- ago
fVath t.—k place, "-fter an ilHoss
'of three w?*k- at th" h .roe „f hLs
I daughter Mrv. J. W. Woolanl on
Fast .Vr»»l Strx-rt fr*.m wh.-n» the
funeral will tak" place tomorrow,
i Sunday, at 4 o'clock, p m In'erment
"ill he m>i- in the f.vmily p'ot on
* the old farm Tbe late Mr Russ was
■ for many year- a member of the
. I"rimitive Rapti-t Cliurrh. lf k i;ig one
of the obte-t netnli *r- of that ciiurch
at Smifhwkk's t'nek
It i* a matter  f not- that of the
( hi* men wlnicb roropo-~*sl the coin
. p«any with which Mr Ru-- was an
. enti ted m>m!. r in t'e civil war. he
was the only survivor M the time of
I his death
i The following are the pallbearers;
I Active Eason I alley; Solomon Ev
( erett; K K tousins; A S. Jourdaii;
t l». T- Ro- - i.n-1 J l». Paul.
Honorary pail bearers— W. R. War
, ren; F S. Freem. ti: Gso. W Free
r n»an; S. F. Allirot; W. R lloyd;
r FSemuig.
1 Following is tbe County Agent's re
-1 |»»rt to the t'oUTity lUiar.l of t'om
' i*.i-. feftrr- for tbe month of July,
* 'Si days spent in field work.
I i days spent in oAice work.
' 241 conferences with farmers.
78 letters written.
r »4 farm visits nu-le
> Ml farm demonstrations visited,
r 3 ave-ting- t*+S with -n atten.iance
' v>f 4i> people.
' SQi mile- traveled in perfi.rmanc?
>f .tutars a» County Agent.
. II farmer- a.—i.-te>t with their or
r jfapNiK. ■ ' —~~—
Kl bogs ircateii for 12 farmers.
I 72 formers vi-ite>l in reiranls to
weevil control work
r OSu acres of cotton inspected and
i afestrtim detrnaineol in or.ier that
■we w Dial i know-to poi.-s>n or not.
r Sbowe>l aaoving picture- at two
■ school bouses, two reels poultry ami
. one on weevil control work.
So far as a whole over the county
tbe weevil infestation has been light,
i excepts in spot- about in fields.
 farmer- a»dvised as best methods
i of feeling hogs.
I* farmers advised in re"ards to
cultivating cotton.
18 farmi is advised in regards to
• of fertilizer -
i County Agent.
' Hamilton. Aug. 4.—Mr*. F. L Clad
- lone entertained last Saturday after
, noon in kaaar of her niece. Miss Rati
1 I "arks Kitchen, of Scotland Keck. The
cwlor aheut was lavender and old
gaU and it was beautifully carried
out. Two table* of rook were played.
f after whack a iMifiaui course of ices
? and baa baas were served.
r Thnae pwt in Mi-ses Kate
Parks Kitchen. Martha Splabury.
' Maty Waldo. Myrtle Everett. Sarah
I Moore Fiuaailiaa. Mildred Ever.Ht,
■ Flaana Dlampart and Evelyn Hines.
r ***•
* Ike county.
I Tke P aiu f k a ymmg aaa af Mr.
■ md Mr*. W. R Weaver and he is a
r - vary aaduatraaua ywuag farmer. They
 »»* at baane vU (he parenta of the

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