North Carolina Newspapers

    iomnsns wax find oub
Mr. k. Gawd of £he Sears-Roebuck Agri
culturai foundation and Other Notable
flynkcrw Addreped the Meeting
, Farmers of Martm, Beaafort and
Bertie coontiu gathered at the Ilfaa-.
roke fair groiuni> here SatanUv,
where a real day cf umculim «ra»'
enjoyed. The meeting*was sut «•!;.
enjoyed and well itu tceo by farm-'
ers but va» well t»> the
business ma of tins sectioa also The
Luli»s were also in attertuance bat sat
as large a number of them as there
should rave beea.
The ueeting was n'lM t» trJrr by-
Mr. T. Jones Taylor in a i.w
of welcome to all. Mr. K J. Voit
then introduced Mr. Sama-i K. Gaud,
director of -the Sears-Reekack Agri
cultural Foundation. ahsio sabject
wan. "A three-way system of rowfK r
ation—the joining of commence, labor
and agriculture f.»r th- common j #v
pei it v of all." This. Kr. Guard de
clare, i was the sola . aiclun of the
many rwtU which now ban both i-*-
uustry and farming. Mr Guar' b
touring is the Souto where he it mak
ing a study of farm randgisni. He
addressed a meeti->~ of EJfeco.nSe
farmers at Rocky Hount U Thurs
day before coming here Satur
day. From here Mr Gtaard we t ia
Duplin vrh» .e he *»vke • the fans
era of that county at Keaiahrdle last
"Cuuf.raUvi mark tiv as develop
ed by the farmers of Sort ■ Caro
lina," Mr. Guard said m the tiars - of
I is address, "to improve the distnba
tion of tbetr cotton ud I nharc i is
only the beginning of a aati nil
movement of' com- -»juenee to ail
groups of sacirty. It contemplates a
speedy development of a larger phis
sophy which will bring cuoper-u* i be
tween classes ca well a. hfua in
dividuals in thr nae croup The
trend in this direction b plain!)
evident. The d»i el,,pirent of the co
operative forces alr»>ly at work for
the rehabilitation of farmsng ill «v«
America will kr ij a-ain Sle Golden
Kra of the Grurk.- and the Era of
Good Feeling b) 'his na
tion under the skdlful - * n tratim
of Praaident Jaan-s Monroe
"Already wa ha* • farmer. in every
(|UarU r of Ancrin rett.i* together
ca the sound grot.;) tosii of 'da unto
others as you would have other- do
unto you" and marketing a Mfcs
dollars' worth of stuff m aa oederfy
non-speculative way. This caaperativi
effort results in a ibartar. more direct
road to market. It Migi the mrvßakte
economic result of a higher peine to
the fanaer-prodncer and a burr ml
to the city-consumer far food which
workers must hare This ts the
tween the farmer and the taharar
which politics nor greed caa diniaid
"At the same time we see the third
great group—Commerce—r a
definite economic interest in the pn*
perity of both agricaltate and Itkor
la order to keep gem* a—— —ait
deal with both the farmer and the
worker. If the food that furnishes
energy to ear society caala lahar leas
•ad brings the farmer more, thr tap
ing power of bath is iniiiasiil There
fore. commerce seea a >U setfin
terast !■ dmbyhf tafnad diatri
bat mmi of staple farm esmmaditaea.
playing U knpaitial part to to tog
iing the new condfthni about- That
wa bar* Sears-Roeback and rsmpnay.
. the largest atare la the warid. inviting
a faiai litlll aaa toaat Agri
cultural Foundation. with avowed
educational aad social parpssew. And
Idea huJbydLhar e.ujwhaar
It is all part of the drrrlipmewi af the
' dawn of the Iwialitlh reatmj Bra af
Good Feeling."
Mr. Gaard's speech was the maat ef
af his actaal farm upmiiam. trou
bles aad lasses, ha having actually
plowed and hoed the cm m the
Ohio valley He pictured the price af
liiam aad other farm camsaadftim
as a shin ting star. His upuksa
with the wheat gnunc to the Car
West was qrih imiad a brie jaa
cither have wheat aad aa peiee ar pefae,
and aa wheat.
Misa Elizabeth Kelly. wb far a
number af pears boa hear engaged ia
waa to the patot aad aa trae to He
that k held her "i 11 sp«R*emi.
Miss Kefly b a natural speaker, an
feeling af ■ J filly she ZZi
Vtx ynd haw >,
\'. ' ' ' ■ \
HERE ON N. C. 90
Ti .nitdluld camp a./. Jet:
tors A Bethd-WJlL'w>:«n roa«i
is its mach rt ry here to h>-
jrin «j in th • : lr\- da;*
Thi- c;:»|c.".« has bo r » j:iirp •«,
the - W illuirsU- nH-for P
pk.-t ye. r inii has |vi:!c>. csarrS
frm.- iioth«i to about I rail- :u» s.
of Ev i. The sea re it > jf - at -r a
the jner -.t near Everctts :vU*" Iv I
compafi) to move its plant where
water is available. It L. Un- or
connections will bo nuur will. the
city pipe*.
O-we the company pours from the
tv' of Mai.' street to wnere the
Greenville and old Evertts roa i brs* r
uafbc will be hmd;re»: very little, for
the ol>! Everett* roal will handle th
traffic unt3 the stretch of new no» t
It is untlerstood tk;' *h» read work
will rot interfere witi the Rojr-k"
Fair here nest falL
Williamston will compete with Tar
boro for ba.«e hall honors here to
morrow at the fair ground- The
teams are evenly matched ami a good
game is expected by the fans Britt
or*liiggins rill twirl for the I jo!>-
The ram? will **art peomplly at four
Raleigh. Aog. II —Senator H m
Stahbs. of Martin, scaped injury al
together Ust nirht »K"e boker- on
expected to see him rr and t > powder
The sefi-tor urns lusuriat ; ng in 'w!
of the Yaibotouxb when a womai
driving aa aatcufWe aC«wv>! th.
machine to jump . -to the • iiler .JV
The auto kiocko.l I- m from bis chnii
and gut him down under it. bat did
rot hurt him.
The upon a Federal war
rant again.-! W. J Manning uf KeOi.l
chnrrinK him with vinlatin«r certain
sectoa of Ike hul Code of the K«-
vised Statues of the States,
set for hearwg befnre L. R. (•
ai- -toner W. C. Manning here to
morrow (Au»'u-t 131 at two v'dwi
promises o draw a gathenmg to the
city. The Knterpriw hns received a
of ii-*pi.iie» as to the time
of ti* hearitijr an*! after inv*stio»* «r.i
it was found that it wwabl l> ».-id at
thr above staged time.
Ihe Inoe upui which the late ie»t.-
and upon which society dej-rf-t. He
all hrriair *«ual whe* *«
rnd bare amny alvantoee
■Ve witbaat cooperation. No l* r -"
can have his uwimdual church, school,
rtmd. town, eoanty or state. It takes
people associated together for such
iiMlgulinm af hies iing* and to iM«m
the most perfect of snrfc
Mis- Kelly described bow the Mtmol
toft, tonkers. iarrchnnt>. meicbsniri.
aad ia fad evert da af people ex
cept the fanaot hav* or an tied and
At the cbse of Mi— Kelly's speech
dinner was spread in the "Mbit Md
ing where all partook of *.he many
gaad things tn eat
In the af««r»i '.on. Mr. Oorgc A
Nhi used, haui n>: of the Tri-State
Tokacm Growers Aauocntior.. -poke
He gavu a daacriptiua uf Kit raceat
trip to the Old Cuaaty sbut he went
to the iatoeat af the Tobacco Grow
ers Assort-1 ion and where he visited
Ike baycn af aar bright tsboroi
The Aissriitisn erperts to come to
claae cautnct aU the asers mi Ike
.lihacri unleaa satisfactory arrange
o«ml > Baak af C.Urkaru
Short talks mere amde by Mr. R. P.
Halt «f oßcky Mouat ate tali af Ike
apeaiag markets to Saatk Caraliaa.
aad kf lea. C. t Lae. a Baaafat
grower, who .. his en
thasmsm and gaad faith to the As
|» ' --
Willianiston, Martin County. North Carolina, Tuesday. August 12. 1924.
r* " * - -r W
;> f *
Jkj -/Sliyiv V
Jutio Ciilhrrib Ur»y. *j*r.-.ial»r,
n:efr, tntfiUwr, naif a reciUj al
vcr collar* Jtsly Jlti. 19".M tl«-r te-j
rtal a c-niplelt -itrri-v. Niw hs'l j
a fuil h sii >he hfll th- J
:«« u! .-very RKwhrr of hr au-iKi>•■?
from fc#r first appesraiMe to t.-ir !*st
i, ippfir.i:' I take pvi: (iita.ore
iri e h«*r &> ars cvrtllm cn
K M»-a low*.
Dmrtor Summer Trriii. !>«■
'ir.a l>a. iier> lullfff.
Cramrille, K. C. Jul> 10. !«1.
To W)mii it may fonfwn:
Vlr% iulu ( ulbrrlli (.ray.
alor. >in(f»-r and rnlfrUiwr *»«■ a
.M.rMfu! |,n.»r i^m In-fore our
inn -rhool student.- ami friMnls. 'r«>m
i.rmiviUr uii U'Mftay. July 11. Wf.
All wlo. knni her wif lnJ in their
f i lami ndati in of the ran.her* m ihl i
'«• . »M» and rwonuneo-l her ;«•
«tMr- .. a • imaii of fir* per>**.a!r ,
aio ' !er -« Mjrh fiav pru|Tim
• K W l!rucknun,
Itu aa.- Manager. Kurm.ii. I niw
 )i*m rHIe. X. C.
Jrfy 15. |y?4
I). I*. Store Served
I'unch Yesterday j
The tonßsitllM) of the >
I tarl h> the man i-; of thr
ye-.le.xlav aft- menu froi- ft
j«.lil til «ra_ liijuyni V . >
• dly of jvi t *
■M n of the =tt-re.
7ji Hex i a mmb.ik iy a «f 
•-rated frst' jt:w- ai.l i
•leSrioii- -Irii.k when -ii!ut«l with
sevefi pirt of ice ws.*er. UiUs U*
Mfidi. Mi Moore atrvcJ the w.ll
I—■ i D. I*. SjK.-i-e rake ar.) togrtV
ei Uwy made a vnT iMii-liL'ul r*
fr* June?.: a the Hot -lay
MB. r.roKCK R. to RBI  K
Mr. O*orre R Roebuck »rave an m
h'batiaa with hi* oiunthl Kor «■ at U -
Kqanoke fair rmi»L. here last Sat
oii'ay before the nwlii* of farmer-
T thercd then to hear Mr. -Samuel I:
■ Caani and others apeak
1 Mr. Koebwrk ha> ai> usa-ual horac
1 ar.«4 hau> trained him to do almost
" eTery tMnjr from wflJ wot burking
' to fnary wdrk. The horse tnob hi"
to rot a >hort alij> of paper
» from h*> mooth with an Australian
' la*h ami then kit** htm with an aa
amwag MnMratr Mr. Roebuck stand*
•a Kir head in th? caddie while the
I h— w naar at full »peoi. If- nrin*i
> Wpadf by one font mm the horar*!
' sUe which ihon that he h>> tir.a
this trick much atbatioa and pear
> The *- T rma I dtin: th-re Ins n -t-er
• h»« a haiaL knew •« strni and IM Id
' *■ aIMH puce mt friprr if iU moKh
and have same aa; rat it off with a
' »d load owkof Ush and that
hfnemm with la:** tsJ rarisd ex
-1 —~ *" **
The Mvni:>Z H«»U.
Maryland ha- ifci foH«wwwr to mj
Mrs Ju|>a Mr*
U.iay will apptar at Itm o|--ra
>*it I'rtiT i 'rht at * *•
"The or*-"- " f tS «"
TreWe Clef H»k MV-S tn* V *--C. A
au,iit»ium 'if! i iyli' to
with an apj»r-*»*t?T» * for lb*
a|«*iralK* «f J«d^
»it:grr, impMotta'ur &nd e--tertajne»-
"Julia Ctit-ntk U»> |tv««. Urx4f
a i able .iib> r li.-r >*» «» nrfc
ifcu! .-Jo'fol -'..1 sl» •** tu os«tJ an
• in aai *k rec. «ttllrt
|Hm!um wa» vormi iaJ . El Ike
U-r> k»i !•**'♦
: •!tt , ior>.s s»--ni be- * u (ft» 'J* b»s»rt
«.f h#-r . u>'» TV »f>rt of tb»
y.!U> (Is nifcißfl k? Ikf I Pf*
r* -tun»e.- the >»* 5« - *° (T
aw -»H K'-l »> CMMIr ul !>■'•*
4 (i«i Fir :kr *«!sd rmp. !'>••***
n•* !*jre K* ««* lb* a e~>-
1 ;! llus i -t ?ir !
For *h« «n of -" Ifa «m ■>■»- «*«»
VlM> (■■ \ ..I "i ». *"» —f
t .mp n J -i >ik tt «h If.** K~f"
kirt -- »• !?*■ W ■-' -*J >
jl«-f »>mM by S4i» lira. * a
!»rr lial ri - -njr> ar.j-i s*r hat I.b»
!*i> ««ir ui.r jk ikf
Mr. Purvis Hurt Wh-*r
Pony Br**** to Run
f pr'.iiMt ./.he ii nthi
i»* . »>n »• ! »r a *«-
I Sh .x>'nai|! •"* tlw «-f litU.
,Hi.:r .~tuiir rj a«t) »ith Mr J
H i'uni* a»t tKr « h a out -f tbr
■ h. 'irtiNC -wt »»l »• 1 Imi -
: i • jnawr - » » \r. «.
'| "I wf Jaie" 4«k U the |» L) lik
'•j nan jtil i.Mtr Hw.: bin k««r
'levrr. ifter 'b» rait hni? »if ami
j i«• fia-i fallen to the |«iranl
TV pjf f Ka> no* l«e ki|. m to
r (-1 for >t»r! r»»i so! ak* the
--tnne loose be bmae fri» Imed
ja-d «U
".'|l Ml SOX OF VK- W. I_
(raivr 'I Tajrb»». Mia of Mr a»i
I- Taylor, •sra* rw. •.-■ «-r by
a niUn this a:«i badly Th - greater portioa mi the Mi
f ! *.- cut off the lack of kt> left arat.
I {the rut r'>iiir ail Iht wjr to the bone
' There xrxt another had rat aoil i his
|; r>rht arm and hit kr- za4 feet vet*
r «ai-&. »re rely rat
, | The boy was nUnr tohaero 'talks
. jwhen the f*tt« starch a rt—> aad
. threw bin in (net of the mmMm
tjwhx* »•>. bare roa entirely »m
t jhiaL
i j Notwithstanding the aad
i 'the paißfaice** of the nu, the little
IfeQow stood op mil aalrr the ttrala
and walked Mmal biin'ml yaidr he
for* hi» father wa* able to retch hiaL
i 'that he vfl e«t he >nnaialj m
-j The larc* aad ir ace eajTtd Mr. Eae
1 jlil'i tthaM fm gMiha »f nd
J b». r-rw. ~»Iujl
LoAKCaESl 1 b'lilJa
— *
Oiaars Active In The
tYee t nion
i'tohibitlou air?nt. Karri., as>iste!
!>\ C. «. leaker ar*i twi- ao'i t- arsl
iKpuly SIKT.iT I uther Peel. visite«l a
vrnodrd h.l'.-iJe Satur»ia\ nio ?.;.ir
whrir tiiey captured tho urord >ti".
er-r: in >i.trt.r. > :t ha . _ j
-sr.i'L- . «i[ iqtul nt sire ,hat o. J
-» b.- ««coan lin r ,»r-! - it i j-l
r". lii-im upon i »ioubio feor-r war- '• |
t!r t !r|>hore wire- »n VI.. n strev:
hi-l ! > b- raise,! rn anbr liu: it
r ■ c- !•: ■_.ur.>>.--:o>l. X- !w e\ac: i l . j
wa- ti. joe foot aad thr, v .nohe - in .' am: tiirve fevi ,i:«i six j
t vhe higtv
H-* :nuV i Hit ti>. (aiurilt of Iht ]
stal! from :**• to Tfo-ol
(,ins>.s nowrifr. >»rte * rj!"- a> th« •
capacity of the -till w>- al>«( j
srallt n.- and would ho'.i yj-t a ltti ;
Se.-s U«ai: l-Hir harrei- of I
l>e idho-rs tvuk (ihturi . «.f the -till
r„. c .rr :*>i Hto tl*o t. urt h»>u-e wheie
\ u- it or- drove .'own to view it
.. ,-ttli wa- »p. mte>i unicr • t»e
IM'.np system. u>ui: u wlen vo>
H the prutrjs. Sevoral larco v_;-
• Soon con ait.' »er." *".!!ol
S t*i r ank'ualui£ !u or ni»h
iva-. At the 'irne of th- ras* nj
»»• at the >ti!l. It ha>i k*n run
t i)>iai iiaciit ait'i tiro .>per_itor- were
i-uay wlien the olhrers n>ach«d the
plant IV still was licatol near a ]
-» jni|i on the K«rers or Taylor land-
It w- estimated that the -till wuul.l
run uut hartel- of li*{iK>r •taily
Tm idßorr> ha«i ca|dure>l thr* stills
-,n Flub) in thr Free l'ni,»n di-trirt.
TtjO e plirit.- wt-re jll rj-l»r«o lank
k- ttl.- No >|iorat >r> wore
thero as the\ use nlai» «r menial
tole:'m;di\ or -omo othor -\ .Jem «f
*.fin to -pread tho news alien trouldel
begin-. At tho-o three -till• the dficrr- j
•V-tfoy—l larro >|uarititi- uf heer anal!
•I :h»tr hunt they foun»l wore two
pa: nt- l atl'beon takon i.(l tSo fire
cariie.l away
Poultry Department To
I>e Amontc (He Rest
l.i I lie States
11* p.-ruituni It-t fur tho :hir>l an
l ual llw i.-'kr Fall ha> ju -t been corn
l>n .* is liomr u«aik->l t« tho pro
u! i«. Laud adjoin.: it..—ties
"h 4 .i.iHii: in rx-r* •! artmets!
lute torn imreo-u jau -»ie not t«>
be osoel'od by any fair in the stato
Tie livo >tock iii'l |Miltr. 'iopart
no lit - rr*- lour enlarire»l with an io
en a—- of Ul pei coat in promium- mor
-o of last year
lit i" ultr> Uiikibif fc boinr en
r I arol In *wo und one half lino
.•nnM :i -110 Ihf
: ti>o i>.j| r> buik*tnr is "ui chirk-.
Uut w!« - *. the kuliiiitr is rea*odie«i il>
»:|n:iti o-rll to rai-0.1 to 15") ch*k
oij,. Mi C W. Jacks is -upern t«-i»doi.t
• * th. »> jI ry •iopnrtmont arol Mr J
l!.*rry Vol ; ffrr «f I'hdaalelphia fc
lire jodjr- ■ -r.-. Th t. Kuboi »«"!i and
WalUr Hdibrr-tadt at- assistant
For the sure* - - •■( thi- fop-rtment
»*veral of the bu-1 .♦ .« Mr:» and firm
01" Williamston kai» cwi':ihited Wo
print th list in or>h-r :iat those in
terested may see the . itra. maul yoa.
otlr.r I preen rum Thr list follow*:
Tr«o WiHoao'Mi Chamio > of ( «s
--nene. |1MB; Ihe Far :• -o> and Mer
ctiant. Raiik. $19.00; V. an-l Mor
toci. Proprietor-. The Eet-io-kr Wiji*-
hnu*e. $!«• On; tlark-Benn. :• I»r-j-
Corripan). !> 'i#. An-U r.«i, Cr**fuirl
avl hum 1). So.Ub; 'V I>, Aahr
Ic.- I'vasi KHor, (lit.
ney Furniture. S&.00; HrouL.
dry goods. sa.oo; Thr Eaterprur.
Inree year- subscription. Aheyoanis.
merchandise S, Collie % Poel.
Texaco ks> RM; Manrolis Brathrrs
and Brocks, dry roods. t7i»; R
Orleans. V3JA. Stalls Garage. sS*;
B. K Barnbai VU+. Hilars} Fdling
SU'xa, $300! C O. Moore Cam
pan>. S2.SO; H. T. Roherson. SS.On
S. R Biggs Drag Ca, | VW». Gargaaas
and compaay. 9Z.SO; F. K Hodges.
tt«o. Harrisan Oil Co. UIO: R H.
Harris. 250
Miss Mary "Haney" Rhea from the
Castle aa the Cashie ia Wntor. and
Ma Cacdia Beß aha af Wmdsor ate
■peadiag several days with Mus
r «I'H. M. N». Msaager of the
l-lt Pair warn m torn last meek
Made Speech of Aeeepianee Which Lasted For
One hour And Three Minutes Speech
Interrupted By Much Applause
—. ■
i Mi UV. :l!aiiu of I tear ;
t a". hi.4 home Saturday niutnri !
el-veil o'clock an illness !
. Krrk>. lie Lki hwi. sufTe."-
j: •_ from a complication of .!i-»-t-e- !
'1- -jtrw Ti-ontl > but hjil no- be*-r- c*-:; >
u» lu> room until recently.
1 He h.i'l :-lmost iw.kil the- full *
x\ re of nun'v allots! tin*. I»in». al «
InH»t went) year- of a*e "I oc!e
i:iU> it.- he fi'iiiiiiarlv kav*r ! !
i mi i>n\i!iiuiA..U i »nil at . (f ar»i -
■ «a> a be!tr the i"'... e •
i Baptist It- ua- an . ctiv.» mem '
j'er of tin- t'hairtabke Itrotherhood. a|'
.'fraternal orcan.zatio':. for I'
y«-ars, H>* kj_. a niai who !•>*) I'
WithtMr~ an-l liini-elf |.>r«l by a j
buir circle of frit-nil.. ami n-!a;n.'> j'
About forty-five \ear -
rseJ Miss I Vila lkiilr\ an.l she with
five .buirlitiT ar.l on*' son surrive
him The children are Mrs Sarah M
r .
\MiiUlur of (iiraiviCr; Mrs \ituisL
I'uUock -,»f l(ober»onv:l!e. Mrs, M>rt!e
iln.-ham of Washington. Mrv >l;v
(lisp of Greenville and Miss Aui»
IWI tt illiair- of Itear tin" in>i Mr
Jame William- of Itelhaven.
The fun. ml -ervK"e-- were hel-i Sun
ui) afters.oon with Elder- It S.
Hie an«l John NT Rogerson olliciatii r
at the home ami the I'Kantilli
l!r. .herh.wfl • ik:m- rhatK* «f the in
was i:t. ilt at the Kail. \
Ka«—!v t'enietery. (
tMi.s* Marx Swiintell in Hertford
I 4 ount > He rah 11,
, laist Monday. August 4th, it »a- my
I |'i* j -Lir to \is it !hr pearl virhaM
and p.ultry lot .«r. "Pecan liioir
Karm". en miles U-)uim Killian -
on Tlii.- faini is owned by Mr a~»
Mrs. (iiren of Martin count\ ar»l i>
1 >ll uatrsl on the concrete riul Mwir- i
1 Vtillum tun ai»l M j l.iiit-toii. N. I*. '
Mrs tin-en. although a strangei to
iiw. chcvitullv >hu«e>l 11»- the »rchar.l
| wiiicii had ri|ie fruit on thirteen iaiir»
IjlmtU p«acli tne. to tV
full capacity of the limh . I have a
feeiihy tluft llw S iiel 11 ill -#et»'ii
soui.l not rival this llrl—lr
. le; \ lit if t a p!Ctule »l tot- >e -ie
. jifcl titen Wr walked o»ei 'tl>e »i
--. try yard I saw the birr>! poultry
!ot I i>a>l ever «*n Ueti>n- 1)•
I toeil- on this iarnt are U Kite li K !
. born arid Kliul' Islund Knl>. tlx j
irtealt'i number brill' the latter They j
were m several d.tfereni Ic j
taoflt.- of the lo ali-1 I WU> UdUni to.
, le; ri. that Mrs. t.reeu tia.l Ml th. 1
jot twenty one iniixired hir«t- Sh.- j
loml many beautiful white l-*etoorri
iatrln-il in May ai, I reU an. avera)e»-1
1 o! two liUf.-Ir.-i i-eip- .tally I IXNICM I
the moult iii* ns>n wa - l> r».iiiui
p Mr- Green inmr*! ni * the gra|> '
like- and flowert in tlie back yard.J
I ai «• '.he I'amiriig iroui.i- that were
climbing on a fence near the kitchen
T'je-a- four.!- are half black awl half
j yellow, lite grapes were pink a»l .le-
I lien us An we returned to tl>e porcl.
Mrs l.reen rave me a most «ele».' »
! irritation to have dinner with her ai»l
s I esperience.l the wonls of U'ashin-
tor. Irvinr. who vawl, "There is an
etnina'ion from the heart in />T.u:re
ho'pitality that U immtiiat>-ljr felt
aiel puts the stranger at ease " So it
was in this rase.
It is alway- fine to see oM southern
I hospital i'y in the homes of those wh»
live b\ !h» side of the roa.l It is
•hett.r '.:ll to kiaiw- c»untr\ homes of
this ounty* are always e*ter: !ii.jr a>
jftarW- ho-pitalitr as «h>eii it- neirh
tboi countv. Mar l in.
• Tine Ladies' Weekly I aiuo prayer
meeting which has been held each
• Taesday morning will be held each
r iiifkt at 8 (.'dock in the Itulathea
- room of the Kaptist church befiaaing
• next Thursday night.
' All the ladies of the town are wrgeri
'• to attend The meetings last only
L thirty minutes.
( -AT WW
 The follow in ig bmtatioa hao keea
e tin we J lofmb hi ton:
Tharaday, eight-thirty o'clock
e Mia. N. Cortex Green
At ills i..»n»e i«.w n. I Laek.-r.urK, W.
\ Joiui tt. itails, who has
!«TII a tK i: at jtiiiy of New
V.-rk i.i) :or !.«• ;i. i xv. mi ..ears.
«-t - foimr.lij r. > it;- - ai fits t:.>:mna
l.o«i oy ti. l»-ni,Hrj.'f lu be
t!.e:r e:;i:«i. :.-te f-tr th* I "re of
tlie I n-U*.: State . last r.sght
lii- of which
•—-*e-. tor v iisii jfjj ;jn, mi'iute.s.
v a- Co.-.-; •: tl\ ir;.-rrup:r i by the applause :h • th.-a.-ar: Is of
' : -tor - ;,p-' rone "iJk- a»- emhl "d lo
i.t. i his ni.---ai;?
Iksnnnu. -p' th'w ti a t.ibuty
t.. r . p 'e. h- in * »-me, : -wn
»;>. re tr . . -an he ;ia-i
fe-ueh'. u' a-i. • . ', i ji - prmcipk*
ar .l :-i-'al -of tK- 1 K m.nui.- p. rt ini
the tliv tf:;«l V. V- • si; low
WoUMI le . I ' \ t » . n - ■ j . .
of th~
— TSe Ik- mrty :: vittki
• * . * *.he rftr - of |
I Isave "es - .t pi.' '--'T-t ;. r.w
!- ars ;, y -sprtw-. e it" . - ; - : s first ut
*.e»anc' m renM wi of
ts-e policies ,i t'e r--t\ :-s .U-pte.!
at the corsv -r" r.>'
H tV:: -crt.. :» t l - rL-.rron ud
|tr-aik.s| ».o, f.t oiroJact'Mi in
which he ha.i eiv a the Jvu-t hi-tory
•f lb". - ! i*,e. .iuiriii uhirh
time h- ha.l -w|.| h-s » nie.. to his
'Vnl. l»u" n-»t hie soul
He CO. tinue«i. ■" 1 ha\e nJ client bat
•.hi- IVii>-M.,'.i pirty a.fl With its
■a|»".r: ami approval 1 . to letul
•- to lie' - n - the
problem- of she hour but tin- lipiirt
1 * - I.- I»: '-. it k U-- (\.i f.-i-.-ce of
the (•.stpV in :h- k uWi i9ent AII the
f« rce of .I. e. r'e't a."e fanrmK the
c»«!s_of .ii-coi.: n i inerry lames.
• l«>iicy of tin- pir'y .r lower .lur
n  \ ear . tj- not only
I"" "he American pe-pir ,i; a state of
for th- goier»ment !ut it
ha humiliate*! u
\fsi even aiUi all the .li-ruutioir
•!' r-j;ar>l for ihi lav. ami th—
Constitution a- a re-ult :Seir policy,
are *er no re|,-«,tajscf B»| .to We i.ear
any f-r.of r 'form 'n>ir. that
"Aisl *»- -ee the Secrttary of the
Nav> awl the Attorney (ieneral. who
w« f* foretsi from th»,r»Viei of the
l*r»-s>ient. charged r;t 'mjJ
Is y--t m.1.1.; _ mi - ..-it tru:- we
fan to remember the ;-vii.g vear» of
I!#!. at-! !s»!* r-isi contrast the
UiuMieiit of the tnen in
j«..«er and the way tl.e ».-\er. hwm.l
-a Ue„ han, 1 !.-I in i.■ >.-ars :ixe.
| ! rh-re*- frtsu-l ars«f f.* a- the
j"'''  4 •' of t£i. eoi .;i! toa of affair-
I.' I JM-:t tit t i..» party t.a- the
r«i*M to tie rein- «»f rovernment that
ranr.v maintain the re-|*et of the
• i .ler four years of Krp» rule.
.M-r rovenimeet l>.a reach..l the point
'vN r. it does not 't ie to -peak its *
j niMel iie>ord tfse three i:«I|» limit
j Aj»l upi-r. it- re*-..r i. I ! -t'sdl a-i. the
to -a> h hetlier such pr;r oiple-s
11—' tolerate*! or not
| "*l woulti buhl in a:i> pub
lic . tScial who wchil.l Hut upho'-i the
Con-titutK n of the I'mtjsl State- and
II forre the laws of the t'.mntrr.
I promi *. if elected t« the I'resi
wi. in the of the
thousana- of official - to e„rry i. the
w—rk of the government, to : jxint
M-ly those who are hont-.-t. coiopetent
if»l faithful to the Constitailor."
ibis mcfii a.»r at ber heme .en l.aiigfc
ton -tr*t. Miss Evelyn 1 larn—»a en
tertaine*! at a rook par.y fr.m t»
thirty until twihe o'co-ck. . -inpli-
Mi .-e.- Mary liar -J zj a Nan
i* Kiinll jf li
The front and Lack | arlo. - ere
r*>l for plcyinc r -ik an I & ; vrtrc
made inritiog by the us* ' f nvi-.-i-s ct
:umiatr liusn
A saL«d roar— was by Ce
} our.e r-o-t. ?-. ,
The.-e playing were Mi.** Nacnie
and Mary Hardy Morrill. Rn h aaJ
ituKiret Manning. Lanik Hnmil.
Tianraivt Jayatr of Wai.cngtos. Ar
min.i Sawyer of Wind-or. Uarthn
•ml Esther Hamwn. Carrie Lee IVcl
tad Veima Harrison.
41 - » '■
Mr. T. r. Harrison Ml Mondajr for
New Tack whne h* wtf pmm
«■ he Joined ky Mn. AuafUniM

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