North Carolina Newspapers

Small Docket Before the
Recorder Tlus
The Martin County Recorder's court
was tatted this morning with Judge J.
d Saaith of RobersooviUe, fmidiag,
and Attorney Wheeler Martin prose
eating in U>e absence of E. S. iVH
•ho was called away a few days ago.
The docket, though ..mail in qou
tky had some important eases tad
which were continued to fatarr ses
sions of the court.
TV> following cases were called:
State T3 Haywood Gainst. The d»- \
fcndant, Gainor. was charged with as
sault with deadly weapon and war
found guilty by the court. He received
a jail sentence of 30 days, fined f2S uO
and was nqoiml to pay SIOOO doe
tar's bQI for Henry Spruill acd dl
the cast of the actios.
The next case on the docket wmi
*hat of Henry Ruker. coined whs
was charged with attempted rape.
A probable cause of guilt was rhosrn
tad defendant was bound oier to the
Superior court under a S2OO bond
The third case and one of great in
terest was that of State against Wm
Sykes. he being charged with as
saah. This case was cscrtimed until
Tuesday of next week with Svkrs
airder a S6OO. bond.
Martin County a
Great Home For
The Rattler
In the southeastern part of the coun
ty one finds lance areas of thirk un
dergrowth which, from all indications,
contain many large rattle snakes.
Six weeks age a namber of stock
men were riding through their ranch
aad the herae ef Mr Ben M'—Hg was
bitten by one of these reptiles, the
horse dying a few rainates afterward.
About two weeks am the same parties
were again traveling the ranrh and at
the same place a male which Mr A.
E- Meaning was ridiag jumped «verj
■ huge rattle saake. Mr. Manaaig dis-1
moented aad iaaemdiateD kifict the!
snake Last week while hsatiag cat
Ue in the same territory another
saake was killed. This one bad IS rat
Mr. G. A. Baynor killed a eery
large snake about sae mie from the
ethers Just a short while age and it
is thought that this snafc- killed the
hone mt Mr. as that WM a
print of a horse's hoof ea the body of
the make.
Hue dass ef make steam to thrive
ia the Midst of a fine glaring sertisa
for cattle. It is known that they will
aot bite cattle bat are sure to bite and
kill horses and dog* if ran ia can
tact with.
The rattle snake b eery virion*
aad dangerous when aroused, but gen ,
errOy he is eery peaceful amend men.'
that is, when he is unmolested
mom LEACt'E
- —r~: *—- ——■#
On Jely 21st the Jniw Epwortk j
League was organised by the Junior
Superintendent, Mrs. L C- Larkia The
followiag ulun were elerted.
Evelyn Harrison, assistant aapeiia
tend tat. Mary Carstarphea. president.
Jalia Ward, vice president, Margate*
L Mfw, secretary aad treasurer.
HibMa Liverman. correspondent secre
After having fear meetiags. we have
Although small m aember aad
have est begaa ts ds much, we bave
tH deUimination ts askt 'nek tun
her a "Loyal Epasrth Lsageer."
Hibbte Liin—. Car. Sac.
Eidpa Harrison, Asst. Snpt.
Little Miss Geaa Watts received one
hundred mt her little hank at a
party la boner ef her fourth birthday
at tfce home of her parents en West]
Main street, yesterday afteraeau from
played, iifmbmiali in mi llm of
*3- 11
Chunb Sunday. Aag. IT. Wskh a
bont afae mt SOc piece. Notify Mrs
EH WUK BNto S sr I li|lioi
MUt and receive reward 9-19t
83 BBLS. tti&R
{LiQt OK uLiLciLS Uk>L Luiu O.
I Thursday, revenue, officers. A S.
j Harris and C W. Baker of Nashville.
W tv Kf tJy and T. M. Hiliibortxc
ef Salisbury, with depntry sher'ff Lu
ther Peel and J. R. Ikxiing, rakleJ
FVeea I'r.ion aad Gawk. The day's
work netted them three rJUs and JK
fearrvls of beer, all of whichrfpas four-.!
at thirteen different places-
Tkr officer* saw no one at or Ct;.
try of the places of operation
This pedicular section ha.; the r
tat-of of being able to *r«l a nut?
,of working of the approach of orhcer*
••uicker than any other place in th*
county aad usually when the note is
funded every thing into hfber
The still- uere all -mall copper ket
tles. each holding about ore barrel
August Ist to 15th.
Weather. Aagust has been hut an-1
dry ia North Carsliaa since the first
of the sasutb aad crops are now -bow
ing the aeed of rain ia several sec
tions. Welcomed rains occurred in
many eastern counties on the 13th
The northern central counties report
the weather as favorable since the
haavy rains early ia July. The central
sr Piedmont territory has hern far
more favorably weathered t!iis ye?r
than the eastern counties.
Crops improved ore* the state a. a
•hole during Aagust. Houever. tK»
excessive rains washed out mar! fer
tiHty aad left cropa rrmasy on tnjm* I
firm After the beating rain- of
Jaly. the sods were left in a condi
tion to he easily affected by the la'er
dry weather In the main, the condi
tisn of the ni is good. However, the
dry and hot weather ha* bcked -oH*
•a some areas, making them dMfirult t»
flaw. Fields are generally dean ami
[the aojmky mt crops are wefl-cvlthnt
jed. The attitude of the fanner een»
(a be aae of optimism Maay report.-
from the southeastern counties indi
cate that crops are m poor shape and
the prospects disc out »ring This is
particularly true on light, sandy sod- j
where the pkuits are generallv small
and fruhfal
Cotton. It is evident that the boll
weevd is doiag little damsge at this l
hle except ia three general Ural it ie*
These are a Scotland-Robeson conn
•■es, Edegcoaffie-Halifax aad Chow «n
While they are present m mo»t areas
the are aat as active as was expeeted
Lower Halifax has over lOrt dusting
machine* in operation and are ex
pects- to rounteraet mart of the boll
■weevil damages Cotton has improved
jfver the state as a whole Plants are
!*hewiag better color and fru ; *'»>!n»~«
(The bottom crop is reported as qui*'
'hart. Many section hav» sported
heavy shedding, especial \ where eon
daisns ere dry
| Tnbncca. Moat of the tnhocea cran
'*» harvested ia the ear*em rouatie
and is anderway ia the Old Belt. The
ctaiHiant are only fair, with light
weight as a rele The color a general
ly reed The Jane aad Jaly raias wash
ed out muck mt the fertiliser, leaving
the textare thin Mare wax is on the
kave> than was at first exports*
Much premature ripeaiag has been ex
perienced. Local rennets of firing, hnd
stands aad poor color been re
reived, as u-ual Mar . —-tjaus have
rtpaited henry skeddirg especially
Caen. There is peHup the aat*
variable car 1 it ion in the corn crop
than has existed for m-*nv years ir
North Garalir: f'h-r* the h*avy
■■ aanatraa, the earn ia very peer
" Htkt aafe, wide It is fair to quite
••ad an stiff lands. Maay iaterwr
counties bave very gaad earn prns
|The abik is far a fair ts pod yield
| Hands are genu ally regular jp stands
cad have good color aad sin. fallow^
Tbry we paggiag aicely The
Is considerably Deficient
pint faad by knduege aaay affact the
fianl yields.
Farm Lnbar. As eapsesaed at tk>
Teat Farm mm the 14th. the farmers
aae to the paiat mt depending
ed hired help caanat he piiiaii I- la
sthm onk, they are adaptiag tkeas
* - r-
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina. Tuesday. Aujoist 19, 1924.
Boat Bill to be Voted On
In November
Three amendments to the Slate Con
sl itution are :w» being considered in
:he St; tr Lrprfatc* for - übmi.-; ion to
the veters in the Novenber election.
The first is to * a sinking fun!
for all bon>! issue- with full puami.
tee acain- usirg same for other pur
The -ecead is t* the judicial
. inacSuneiy of The Stat;'. t.skir.R tli? big
. - ('h:®? hsv ;-.f otl.OllO popula
, tion or mo-ci. oe: of :V judicial cir
, cuit- anl niaki"- * imiepen.lent dis
trict.- of them. These dist.icts will
Krie a locs' judge, a-ho shall have the
seme poaer as the Supreme court I
TV third is to ktwr-'.i e »iir pe «* |
■eembr *-.f l'-e letU"'urt fmm i 1 '"-C
to $l rt dO o»r day.
TV- bnat b-!l will !«■ |vi -s«*l in :J
fotst atwniU:!»»r it to the voleo- r
|set.|4- if. Nowrabfr »hic'» is of c a:. •
- j
pie r i: i;e. the fricts ret..'
1 to tne bfll •
Hw b.ll to j the j>r.y  f -
ani 'mi of lh- - was i. Ir..
uiatU by Mir. I'atl.T.-on who does not
' trtani at the n it re; >.on. A similar
ume>>lment was pn-.-oi in the l!i21
session and k ughterrd by the people
I- the g- neml eUction of 1922.
A large cumber of bills of an in
«'i-firs V nrsture have |.as*e»|.
kik>l ivm! to c*»rr*ct errors nui.'e in
the last assembly aere s 'so |>asv
Green»horo. Aug 18.- The Stair of
North Carolina with a U.tal of ap
ptcxiacalely fI.tMHIOM) collected in
' fenirral 'axes for the year ending June
1 "V. 1924. has passed Ohio and now
•auks bftti in the entire United Slates
acraeduig to a statement maie h -re
vrsterda> by 4 .illiain Grissom, of
Kaleigb. internal revenue collector for
the stair.
Mr Ctbaon said that lie obtained
bis figures frvm David 11. Blair, in
ternal revenue commissioner, who is
noa- in V r -tun Salem
Ne. h t arolina had previoii. ly
' >IM ixth among the states.
high •• •una far the year just pas .1
pusi her abend of Ohio and li.'.x
fifth -uitM. The states are now iri
this order:
First, Vew York; second, I'ennsyl
' vaaia; third, Illiaets; fourth, Michigan
fifth. North Carolina, sixth. Ohio.
I Furthermore said Mr. (iruiom, at
I the rate at which federal taxes are
' MOW coming in it appears that North
«"arolina during the present yt-al v. ,i!
urpass the above figures. "Ami il
I they wooM only quit making autuino
b>le» ia Michigan we would gu aln :.!
of that state." Mr. Grissom added.
Ihe federal taxes include uiU'Tiial
revenue taxes on tobacco, incon , frati
i 'htse and other taxes Of the approxi
ciately f irkjtluOjMU collected la t year
m North Caruliaa about
ciime from the tobacco taxes.
Miss Margaret Calhoun of Ko ic
1 Mount is the guest of Misses Paulini
end 14«o'»e J« hn-on
' Mrs J. W. Ila ten port, Mr. David
' Davenport and Misses Vivian and
Uaiw Davenport of Kocky Mount
♦pent Saaday ia townvisitingrelativ-i-s.
> spent Saaday in (own visiting rel
r Misses Norma and Kvelyn Ht!i»
>!ent several days last week in Leea.
. \tsitmg relatives.
Mrs. Jesne Everette ia visiting rel
. stives Whitakers.
Mr. W J. Starr of Sun bury spent
the week end here visiting friends.
Mr. W. It. Edmondson of Norfolk
visited relatives here last week.
MB* Irene lie! Limy is vistlng rela-
Ihe ic Ahaskie.
4 ' Mrs. A. F. L'prkerrh. Sr., and Mrs.
Jr.. of Raleigh are
[ millet the tatter's mother, Mrs. M.
| L Many here this enrk
Mr. G. E. I lines of Ahoskie spent
the auk end here with friends and
Mrs. a. F. Meyers, little Miss Dolly
Myers and Mr. Boacot iJowns spent
yeseetday ia Kelfard visiting relative: I
' Mr. aad Mrs. J. A. Davenport and
r aa Clayton. Htx Lacy Coaaeffl aad
- Mr. Karl* AKguod sport Saaday af
- Mr. V. J. Bench aad Miss Maggie
» Baaek spent lad week in Greensboro
****** their afatar, Mrs. J. B. Jmmm.
Kev. Mr. Leaman W ill
Arrive Latter Part
Of This Week
Rev. G. C. Baumgartel. of Yoakum.
i Texas has arrived in town and lir-f al
i ready beitun the erecting of iht taber
nacle for the meeiirg Co soon begin
1 here. Mr. Baumjfartel sa> s that th.
tabernacle wfll be c inpleted by Fti
ilay nigh».
The .stating capacity of ihe -truc
lure will be 2500 end a choir plat
form that will seat -f# sir.gers will
be constructed. Mr. Ctwtcr. the chor
ister, wants all sint -rs who come in.o
. thr meeting from the court rt to fe-l
at home ami sit in the ehoi- a Sopg
as there is a vacant seat to be had.
I This meeting is not only for ocr
town, but It is for a'l who will con -
m :uid join us.
) Kev. ;uul Mrs. teaman v\ ~rri\ >
jl.ere Friday or Saturday ANo Mi-s
IW.-ell v!u is to preside p« th - ■■
and who U a wonder a~ t->- pir>-..
a ; II arrive either Friday or Saturday
Mrs. Ler.ii'jn will have charge of t'
ycurg girls while the m k It
progress M rs. teaman i- a • |
l°ul voun.' ih ople's wort »r . »d >h .
• ti'v-- l.j' to direct th«- * ow:»g lif
into the spiritual awsketi-i, tliat
I'elp them to realise that serving God
is the happiest thing that has evei
come into their lives. If the yoan*
jvcple fail to get the training under
Mis. l.eaman they will r*pnt it.
This is a great enterprise that w
(■ antr.ow encaging in ind it means t>
build up th." spiritual at in-- phere of
(he churches as well « the (n«avtil.
CALL NOV. 11-27 th
The eighth annual Re I Crass toll
call for this year fa schedule*! »o beg:n
, November II anal extern! to November
! To some extent the people hate
, lost interest in the Ked t ru-s orgai-.
, uiioii since the war rlaknl It is true
that there ere not so marts opportune
, lies for service as there wu during
r the war. Yet here is w.»k to be don.-
. some where and at all times- and this
fact should not be ignored. Only a
I few months ago the Ked Cross came
to the aid of Martin county people
when a tornado swept this and adjoin
in;; counties. A number of our peo
]«!•• are living in t-nts supjda ' by the
threat organisation. A large runiber of
| people w> re f•>«) and cloth.s' . ■»! medi
cal assistance was adm i ■ -t*-r *d in
many eases by the Itisl Cr. • . Tl.i.
' brings us to realise the rtunce of
such an organisation and that it is
our duty to help it.
1 There have been -ulfervrs in the
remotest parts of the earth ai*l or no
I occasion were they forgotten by I
Ked Cross.
The great Chinese disaster thu
■ h'ch 5l»,llOO pe-api-. . •■re ilnan si
- ill r million or uwrr ki". Sinarl-s-.
will find the K*-d Cro-s >he
a; e:icy af relief.
It i.s very important that all pen
pit- w!io can li.y by in the -,i rr hwi
of mercy and service at !k4 on* dol
lar to be used in 'his ereat work.
Wilson, Aug. 17. llermai I'eele.
toe Bissett, Felon l' rry, white men,
■ ri'l three negroes. v.i.ooe nan.e - roukl
iot lie learned, will be given a pre
liminary hearing be' .e Justice of
| the Peace Jules K. Hardy w. August
I :'9, in connection with the Hoggin*
I of Percy I .isles, Oldftehb U wnship
fi.i mer on last Tuexiay n.ght, ac
. .••tiling t.. Sheriff O. A. Glovt-r.
The three white nwn have been
. flowed bonds of (51410 eacl . while
.lie lie r ,roi.> have been released under
smaller bonds, pending the preiinu
. nary hearing. Herman Peele was
the last of the six men to be ai tested.
I he having been taken into custody
Friday. One of the in g rota was also
, arte*ted Friday
Miss Elizabeth Burras is en*erain
ing her house &us»ta. Misses Gotham
Mid Thigpen, and several frieuis with
a picnic at Riverside this fcfter toon
Messrs. Brown awl Cut hretl of Gran
ville are visitors in town bxfay.
4-..- . —..1
rj Mr.and lfrs. Aaa Johnson motored
11 to Greenville yesterday.
I Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Richards spent
I Sunday in Washington with Mr. and
ItMnk €. G. Rue-
Miss Margaret Ewdl spent several (
days last week h TBI try visting lei
t dives. ,
>, Mr. and Mrs. P. L Slithery and fam
lily fi—M to Washington yesterday.
j " Sy. ..." *
Association Has Been a
(ireat Asset To This
The kanin County ituilumK ai>)
Ua'i Associalioit will open its sub
scriptum !xx>k- f»r the sale of stock in
the fif'.eenth series Satuniay. Sepiem
t-ei 6th.
Till- associate a ha succeeded well
since its organ; iatH»n arsi Has hel
h-. -.lrvis to save systematically an.,
ha- it pesstble fur many to own
their homes. *'«> o" Iter* would have
beer to do so.
For a >rood an! safe investment,
without taxes and with th" best of
real estate security, the huildint? ai.!
loan association leads them all.
1 he significant jmrt the kuildinK and
loan associalitm piays is ill the huihi
ini: of home*. This results in the
irrowth and bt-autifymc of any town.
K\er> citii" '. >hou!d take out a few
in tne which in
-les a savings account and the prac
* se of thrift. Heretofore the associa
n ha- been subscribed to by the
i«r busirse - men i.f the town. The
. urpose of the association is to afford
I . sneans for the small man to build
d save without beinK taxed for any
lietiiii'f amount -Nt- tlie 'secretary or
the pie -taient aid let them explain to
you the terms an>! advantages in sub
scrihinK to the :t et of the buih.uig
an-1 lua.i im.
It is needle.vs to tell of the thing
the Martiii County Building aad Ixun
AssoriatKtn has accanipl-died, f r -l ev
sfieak for thenw lv -
iuiuiiut .*imi Id W a geii>->si
ft».hln>. day .• moltir *! -doietl j> ,
pit of he rjtmy.
Saturday about S o'clock.
Fiaiik rut Joe iki*is to the
extent that tus / uit»tifir> dropiMsi
fioni his bell) and luui to lie held i.i
tact by M dkiii . l»r Klh-I«- gave tin.
wouiwleal ni.ti. semporar;- atte»lioii
and sent him to W a~'i>ngtoii nh rv la
is Kportol to be improving at lit*
Washinvtuti >■- } iU-1
Griffin claims th it Wdkats culled
him a- *lo to tonver-e with him about
business affairs, but on ih- contrary,
he asked him about certain things In
had said about him. Griffin claims thai
he denied the -
tpience lie «a struck twiee r. ' kii x. W
tH I'.rs K— Wilkin-. 'I- ei reported
that ui r.l tijkav. m!k.. was t;«*t
ting up fioni the grouml.
In the afternoon of the same d;.\
Hayuood Gaynor. a I? year olu culoi
ed boy livinr near Robersonviile,
htd arother m-groVs throat Th«
a ran from one etr to il"- other, rut
ins; a deep rash 1,1 some places. Th--
eat was !•• with a i«.ket k'life
*Ui>nor i- miw in jail awaiting tli"
i:,ve'i.ruf of the r»conk-r"s court
Giyi:. r claim- Out th« tr»ubU- *a.
all over !0 rents wharh one Spruiil's
hoy owed hiiu. Win,, Gayi.or askeil
the boy for the moniy, his fath»-r pro
■ rt'W to r. :.-e a fa - aud ti k- up
ihe mattei (u)nor further sUstes !ha.
lie left tKi scene an>l was followeal by
the e!der Sprudl to several |.lar« s
and that he rut h>m; he had fol
lowe>l him to th- e plat
Ikith ,r iffir, ar-d Givoor present
their cases in a very f: vorahli man
rt r to UwmdlCs, e-*ch f-oping that
their aahrers&ries will rec.v. ».
Ttiere is :cme suspirio* that w'rsky
lad -on. -thi.v to to ii'ii th« trou
M« in botii »»• rases
Ml! l.'tlNS OV IIS IIA!!M>K
l«ie city .f San K. t : to i ;.re
p*au.' U, „ . u nur>y m.  ...  / dol
lars on its haiLoe aixl to Hi#r.d it
about two The improvement
will be 'lone b> the city ai.d S'.nt.,- of
California with the ureptini: of the
ehao.sel leeding into the h. rhor
which will be done by the goverr ment
This unpsuvenMrnt will ndd to tlie
fifteen miles of wharf space will givs
the city a iiart»or «i*h a dotki. g
frr.ut i f about th.rt) fin- miles.
In comparison wil l lite prcposei
wa'er Lransfwrtatiori iiae improvement
in this State, the San Frai,ciso pro
ject wdl eo»t nany time more. The
people of thai city know the impor
tance of "oo»i tr-xnsportati"i. facili
ties. "
We wish to lhank our kind friends,
■eigkboii and physician for their
( help during thr •Sines? of our son.
Corner G. laylor, whs was seriously
| cat by • stalk cstUr. We era glad to
say that he is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Taylor.
Raieign. N. C., AUK IS. —Partial i
solution of tin" question of non-taxable J
securities, which ha» aroused much tis j
cussion Hi legislature.- ami other I
places of recent ye*rs, ls aimed at
lij a constitutional amendment bill in
nJiWil in North Carolina State Sen
nte by Senator \\ iUon of Vanceyviilc.
The measure i aim,.! ai i Mttinu down
taxes (.n moM> in hark- ari i loans or,
u-al (state.
The hill as introduced recites tha.
theiv are "various an. I sundry,
ami legitimate securities now being
sold in the state, many, of which are
I non-taxable, but are inviting to in
vestor* ami the investment in whicl re
moves funds ?hat mu'ht otkei\v I-e (>■
used in the :»nd development
of thi* stat« and a con iderable portion
Jtif s'jc-i funds is hoing tak-n out-id-
I the state." It also recites that it i-
I to the best interests of the state tha'
jail available resources should be kept
>r the state and that assets from with |
out the state should lie biruirht into
the itate
It also (foes on lo state that limii.i
assets often are renioveil from or ir
vested outside the state or in non-tax
able securities or else concealed jusr
before tax listing date?:.
The amendment proposed in h
measure I - to section three of article
live of the Constitution inserting the
( "Provided that all moneys on le
i* -d 'ii a•\ Itank or trust coni|>any in
Si- State of North Carolina, and notes
si cured hy mortgare or lee. I of trust,
en real estate situated within 'he
state, if listed for taxation, shall lw>
taxed, in the discretion of the (ieneral
Assenihk. not in exo"s-  f five cen» v s
for state purposes, thirty cent'* for
.county purposes and fifteen cents for
mui filial purposes on each one hun
dred dollars (»f \ alu» thertof."
Tiie amendment would lie submitted
, to |ieo|i!e a' the Novemlier e!ee
, tion.
• At'raelive Premiums
J'or State Fair
KiiUirh, Aug. IK. Ihe North Caro-
I l.n.i A/ricuituial Society is sending
[ out its annual Premium lists with thir
ty thousand dollars in tfood money of
fered as prizes for exhibits. Thi!- i
the best guarantee that a real hair
will b." In Id this >. ar
i ' 'onten.platid changes h. the owner
i ship of the sixty odd acres Use I for
be l-a'r site w ill lint into effect *h
year xn.l the Fair will be held in Oct
«her as usual. The attractive prem
iums Kuarantee u hi* an I interesting;
line of exhibit.-, the management an
pounces, but will Ik- by no ine::ii
nil of the attractions. Some of the
i*>- t fymnast# and i-a assortment of
•I ow will lie provided for amuKA
rnent. 'IT
Three thou*i;;inl fi.r ca'tle arid
over tluee thousand dollar.-, for dairy
ca'tle ought to brinir some good live
i-t-ck the fair, H S. Curtis states
while W: W Shay is e(|ually sure
that twenty-live hundred dollar- in
' premiums for swine will- fill the pens
'n ki.i division.
Allen CI. Oliver lias been aliotel
% twenty-seven hundred dollar.- in prein
iums for poultry, and G. P. Williams
lias a couple of thousand dollar.- to
offer sheep grower*. Altogether, more
than ten thousand dollais if offered
' in the livestock division.
C. It. V. illiams draw- four thousand
live hundred uillar.s for his division of
agi icultut-al products whils a thousand
ihdl.ii:i i. offered in the contests by j
afticuiicral clubs, and nearl) a thoui.-
ar.n doll in in the fruit division.
Attractive money prue> are
ir> ilte various other divisions, while
five thouaaiui u act aside for th?
rices, which are always in important
part of the Fail. * —-
It may be proper for the State to
|ia> fifteen hand re. i dollars to the at
torneys of Dr. L. 15. Mclir&yer, who
rtood before the legislative investigat
ing committee and a court of law and
was found guilty but it is a bit hard to
conceive of such a thing. Mcllrajer
was fo.ced finally to. I -ave the employ
of th. State.
It is lather unusual for a man to
act in such a way in the performance
«?• an act that he has to be,,investigat
ed by the iaUt He lia*fMt Uu date
to a great expense and ihen aft.r all
, the preceding trouble he turns and
suiks the state to pay his attorneys.
■ ,
Miss Annie Kilpntrick of Kmstoii
i rrived last evening to visit Mr. and
, Mrs. P. L. Edwards for a few days.
Miss Imogene Riddick of Elisabeth
City is visiting Mia* .Sank HamlL
'. * i_ * ■, ■ , .. j
' ' ■ I
'September Term Slipped
I Away and None was
held last iSeptuniber
louring the last session of »he North
Cmohna l.egi lature. Martin County
lost its Sejiiemlier term of Superior
It has alwa) s- been a bit mysterious
that Martin' lie.air represented
both in the li. u.-e ar,d Senate with
-. cliairmanship of the judiciary com
mittee. t'iat sucn a thine should have
I : pjvnei! N: -h »oun'.y tmk the dates
hat we had a-wa\s htd for irener
at IOI.S.
l:om j>r« ■> r.-,~ir;- e-- the Sep
i alitor i urt i..-. ij.*j . > lured to us.
This makes a much Oeiter scneiiule of
our court- A : «a-. nc had a two
weeks t :r M urh. • week each
in June and IV*eiiu>er which were al
t ~»■ !k - ir-i.'t iuate ..
li tvii ; f iand an*t r«HMv»nsi that
i l ull ',vu- lot ue -> -u'd t'laflk our
i« maker- who luv» us a two
week " court, be-^ir.niiic.the thin' week
in Septemher
Friday aad Saiuiday
Busy Days for
Fire Company
The fire roinimny had i-comi call
la t Saturday xvhen ;-n u.arivi was
■ent in from Church street. Up until
this time the company l.; : lufi en-
ioyiiig 'rJt'.her a:-, -xt. ;■ i- ■' •*s -t The
ral' Krid iy fout"t the ountcin n fin*
s.m;* and Satuniav "s call wa- answer
ed even more i|uick!y 'kn the i-'s of
thv day The weekly drills are
due .to the Uam u.irk dr.-i layed by
iur lire fninjur v \ >l.ould be
«ncouraifisl h> th - m:,'. i: r \. Say, for
Wist nee, the !aitie*"i\e ! b-«!l arid
- call it th - "Firemen - H iII" We would
!•;• e r rr ilarce t»u! .hi. ni -mliJ-r are
the kihii tha' do -uit danei- It would
not h* necessary to have siich a "knock
out" as hall —a for tin. (Ii?-
ntcn would do. We ki.i-K 1 }i
tion »ill nteet the ip|>i.ivbl of the fire
fighter- end sincerel' hope it will
meet with that of t' i—oph a.- a
Now. hark to *he fire Wells it did
n't do much .!am:-ri t " ".unt" l*>u's
cntt.Ttrr, TO t . o rr'ied the chimney
aPit fl i:*!t*ened tfv? ri >f.
( (tlJiltHl Miri IIOIHST (HI K il
>1 NDAY Mllnol. WOUKEK'
James . Eichelbcrar. i;iieral
mi|>erintendent i f Sunday schools and
the African Methodist Kp.scopdl Zion
church, with hea (quarter- at Chicago,
\ia.s at the l(H-al colored church Mcn
ilay r.ight He lectured on •! work of
the Sunday school-, the  hur ii and
!.is ret-i nt visit to th World Sunday
: Srhool t Wvention winch WHS held at
Clasgow, Scotland.
t a Sout f i Carolinian
by bitrh. He ha- *nade n ( id progress
' in life and now statals hi-*h tinong
his und a, an Amerkaii ci'izcß.
.Mr 'I. It. SLade of Hai..ilton was in
•ovui yesterdax morning tittending to
1 nt- maliUKeint nt w . lies la au
la unce tlia> on Ihursd:-,. I-ii.a) and
Suluiday of thi- »«k tiers will be
tiic folio* II. g:
l ——
Kithaitl lUrlhrlar» 1 l*erotii) tiisk
"l HE bKIt.HT SiiAWL *
Ja .and 60
Mil tea Sill» '
And a two reel eomedy.
25 and 50
, I A real wtm of r .mance, action
I' u'al thrills and • two reel comedy.
20 and 40
There will he no Mgvlar tun mt
1 pictures until further notice.
A special will be shown new and
theft—watch for

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