North Carolina Newspapers

    ADnmsns WILL HUD out
Farmers WeM Pleased
With Advances Made
By twriiliwi
The Tifaarn Growers Awirirtiiß
TOTMH mm IK* IMTL AB of Ike tabic- j
ft wan mt Ike KM variety, rwhing
Mr. Lewis H. Feel mt GriAns tsn
•hV was the first mmm to faring a
lead am the sarfat this aanix The
per fHai We dU art gat the irntft
fmera am satfaked with their first
»My kicker adnMeattfalLaaa than
it "W last year aa all law pades and
it fa aaaae itif as tke better
I' ad ■ Ne adiaaae is leas tkaa two
etrte per paw! From tke faaaka tke
kraos caa karrww eae fourth af tke
er paapaali.a af tke valae ef"ttoir
crap tkaa ever before ia tke history af
Tke (sal pajaaat mm tke IMZ crap
mm tke ISB crap wB eaaae ia tkis
Free For ALL Fight
Last Evening in Col
ored Section of City
Tke Mayar** court roar was tke
wkea fear cafaeeni women were before
tke csart far a rn H a t wkick seem
ed to haw* beta free for all except
eack had to pay IMS before facia*
granted piilm to pe ty tke pe
l«e Tkey aU nftod to par far ex
cept aat, aad itan d tke city peliee
tt marl tkat tke fight began
arke* a haack ml cUdrta ea'ered ia
represented ia tke altorcatiaa hegaa
aa diCmal that Mayor Heteell could
tatty, yet taw kady did what is
to* aftoa doae ia coast, bed aad ike
a* nana at Hay have irftui
Tke fnadoa of people is oal) too
eftea lost hacaaae people have too
little regard far tke truth.
Sow ml tke wimra arke ware charg
ad aritk tke tnmm stand high ameag
Tkis aonai at tea e'caock at Ike
M mt MM. tlian Mckia. af la
dkaa. Tke aaMk( was vary qaiet
tke ! i ii'i'"'af'oady Mill
w*_ wad of faaaar. Tke hrtoe. wke la
a »■!} paatti yoaag lady was very
ilaiaig kiaitaf Mae witli ac-
Nn Mdta fa tke oUest laughter
rf Mr. aai Mil Herkert Pope of
tfna fatfafaa falrik die North
for tke paat few jaan aad fa aew ease
af tke aaaMat eagiaeers at laknah
aa! 3ft Ma Mhpe agi oaa. Ma
fecal peat sAee aad faaaka aad a lew
I. keaasaa j i In laj.
a day of g I I fa tkej
''All Prophecies Lndia; 1
to Coming of Christ
; Have been Fulfilled
> Oa Saaday i nii g. tke feigest
crcwd ever aaea at a retigfaws serv-.
• fae fa tke kistory of WMaauton ay'
preaer.' at tke service. Can '
tke exception af tke fekmpliia wkea
tke frawa were called oat to g* to j
There had faeea a Saada> after !
aooa service aad tke anbjact. Tke,
Signs of the TfaMs aad tke Fdken
TketeoT* takea froaa the teath chap
ter of Koaaaaa. was began ia the af
tcraooa aad Maisked at tke cream*
Mr. Leaaaaa said tkat after twenty
sevea years of carefal stady of tke
Bihle aad alt other books writ tea aa
the sabjcct. he was coaviaeed that all
the prophecies concerning the second
cfciiag af Christ have faeea fdMed
aad to tfaae fa acar at faaad whea the
Lard shall caae aad call His «n
lbr prapbin ii i
as they related to the palilii al sita
atiaa of the aarit He said that cavry
that baa beea held far
making a world treaty er Icacae af
aataaaa has beea very distantly fore
told ia tke Word af Gad
treatment af tbfa aliiilfag sabjcct
was the eraae far pleasure that ek
aaaaes the world today aad which j'
sprang ap ataaost overnight. Ttap.
have so aaacb fa the last ten
tears that there fa aa deaht fa the 1
mind af aayeae if they aaalyae the''
situation that the period a* are ia f 1
fa the aae apofaea of by the Ptopkala |"
A natter prwof be dwelt apea was)'
'he spriagiag ap af rufca aad form*
of reUgiaa that Make aabclimia aad '
W paapfe away froa tha. toackiag*
of iaaaa Christ. He said tlmt tke rwl
far tke dfakelief of asaay If ttelJ;
I radaates aad pa»gs. their tiarifar
fa tke raaba af arieaee leattg he j
yoathfal mfadi to the i laitaaha that
the m aliaa of the world fa a atfaa '
tike fact faatia I af the *— 1 *-
af Gad.
earrad wu the malatiaa taenia
fag tke lews. H fa prapkeaiad thai (
tke Jews weald be fa control of the.
world aad the statfatiro aad fact*
show as dearly that they are daw
anting certain spheres of the life of
ail aatioas af the world today They ,
central faucet, with aa rival,. Tkry i
are at the bead of aM the gnat ,
•-ewapaper*. aat oaly of Aaaerira. bat ,
•f aH the warld, aad they are swift- |
whale world over aad whea the Lord ,
cow*, they win he r-ady to take ,
their position of -rprraij fa tke ,
world. j
Marriage license for
Month of August '
' \-i i
■cgfater of Deeds fell a# several fau
died per ceat feat aaoath whea thrae
were oaly twa ia the white calaw aad ■
oaly twice that way fa the i iln i I •
larhelar af today, aa aaatter haw aid i
he be, aeedat give hap*.
Jasper Weaver. IP—Myrtle Perry.
18; Lewfa Everett. C-Cuice WbUe i
bnat. IT.
oaa. m Take Lopkias 22 Daisy
Kwuß. XI; Joha llowell, 23—Ufaaheth
Jehaaea, IS; Itichaid Jaerf, tt—
. > i
cad iiiai i to he aa alfalfa
A "T» MB. Me C TaneA. XU May
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 2, 1921.
Fire Department Called
But Too Late to
Check Flames
- *
Saaaday night just as the services
: at tke tabernacle were well under way,
the call af ire was Riven out and the
Are caaapaay rashol for the station.
.Tke caaapaay lecated the Are at the
\ Maaasfae fair KTOOIHIS and rushed to
the sceae as tpdckly as possible, hav
jfag to attke a detour by .^kewarkee
! uat) -five of the* horse stables
*-e«e barnine and they were so far
'taw that the fire coni|Muiy was un
able to do any good. They had started
fawraaig froaa the middle and had
fara J alaaost to eaAi eml when the
Inau irrned This set of >tables
were the oldest on the rroands and
•ere valaed at s3ofa»-0g and cwvered
hy STSP.OO insurance
There is no Hae as to how the fin
originated, bat froaa all tha circam
stasees. it woaki seem that it aau
have hem started aaalicioasly or wa.
tke resaalt of a lighted match hem;
careferaly tha oaa down by war oat
who had paaaakly "shootiax crap" fa
tke rtahla
Waihfagtoa. K. C, Aug. 30
IJoaeph r. Tayloe. M years old. for-
Iwty chief clerk of the U. S Sen
ate committee, died today of
yaraliaaia ia a Sew York hospital,
iwailn to a message received here.
; He aerr«d as derk of tke Senate com
auttoe whOe Senator Sfaaaaons was it>
Mr. Thylae was prominent tkrouKh
cat the State il Democratic polities.
He fa aaarvived hy three brothers.
Dr D. T. Tayloe, who was with him
|fai New York when he died; Dr.
3 ■ rhaa Tayloe and Dr. Armistoatl
Tayfee of the Caited States Army ami
teaee sisters. Miw KUa Tayloe, Mrs.
Thrma Prichard, and Mrs. A. L
(towers, all of this city.
Tke funeral will lake place fa Wash
iagtaa Tuesday and interment will be
'■ill at Oakdale cemetery with serv
ice by the Elks-
Praj_ services are tx.ii.* IMM in
tn ly R\ .m: of the town every if
IcraMa .«e for thr women ami chil
dren ar >ing Md in the home;, ami
tkiae for the men in thr basine:* of the team. There aras a ireet
mg at three-thirty this afternoon in
tke MoaUceUo Cafe with Ke%. Ua
arae aad Mr. Custon leading. It was
well attended. As these mcetmie last
far only half aa hour .it is pocvsibl?
for aaast everyone u» go.
Soaae mi th> good wromen of ih.
Law are lending the women's * -
■ags the children and the >uung pjo
pie's larctiags aad they ar* dotikK -
gnat deal ia ailing the mertinc IK-
Tb aaea'a prayer services that
Md at the tabernacle just before r.
iin fag aeiis'j, are resulting ia
great good.
Mr. W. L Tatum has beea employ
ed as teacher of vocational education
k tke JaaaacviUe High School for the
aafag araiaa At preseat he fa doing
half tfaae work fa tkat community,
peeparfag far hfa wgk during the
Allaatir—W. M Sitter-in, N. f;
C. H Haaa, N. C; E W. Ragla .t.
Hahamare. Md . M. M. Sesiaaa. Wil
sea, T. W. Cobb. WUsoa; T 1. Hack
ney. Wflaoa; W. S. Pike, Buck:
Moaat; D. E. Joaes, Norfdk; C. H.
Belford, Norfolk; M B. S : r pson,
Charlotte; C B Clark. Norfolk: D. K.
Lmga, Norfolk.
■rina—E. C. My era, WLa, P. C
"" . High Pafat; J. a BernhiP.
Bab Me; B. M. Oak
City; W. H. Holliday. Baker-wih;
Nathaa Bagefs, Bear Gia>; L B.
Crawford. City; Gearge C * iuteol
Baeky Moaat; Mr. aad Mrs. W. T
Ctepepper. FliiahUfa Cty: J.' P.
Skfae. Pafaoa; Mr. aad Nn. J. C.
Perry. Edaatoa; Mra. J. L Phfeaar.
Mr. aad Mro. C HL'
N. B White, llradrraan
| Everykody fa iavitad to efafa tke
| Raleigh, Fmtr> of North Carolina |
M aia ■■■>!! of the Cotton
Graven AuoriatiMi will
lecetve an Wturt cf «n each 50"
poard hale «f UtM cotton deferred,
i fi* ScplnAi* 1. whet;
far the «rr cm -\cre
i UiiMiu *rrj.;! accwn'-i--'
L tc a uicaaf iuar fim the ».ead
t q a tm ■ hhigi la-' n>eM
, IV association «in 4>kw for the
st-an n. said T. W. !Xin>U.-> Duir: r
. of lnformatiaa. aal r'-Ka,' agkt-tsj
lave* been ■ppsaitCM ti;roe-h.-«i- t.Se'
territory, and roc tracts have Irai!
" r made with Wri> for the;
coming *•■». The association US I
I beer, abb to Make even mote
I liftiM cmMM* villi warehousemen
and in aHiHw has wtwri reduced in
' «mw rates ted it is estimated that
' cared the acabrrs of the association
rill he saved approximately s>oo,ooo
n »he=* two Reins. warehousing ar».l
Concern lag tie ahaate, MrstHam
JUs said that the Cotton Grower*'
Cia prrativr A— ciatinn would ad
r *nco $79 oa mi) StU pound hale
nil the North Carolina Arricaharal 1
tVrpa ration i i«IJ Make an a.iditional
'vaace of SW the bale, tukint the]
«Hal advance of WO a bale or 75 per;
m of the naikr: \ aloe of the cotton!
J»d la the ffMit state of the irarkr'
practically al that aay fanaer could
| expect to >■« if the cottoa wa>
•lumped oa the Market aad the cooper
■tire market iag a**ortatiaa wrs to
withdraw float haiiiu v.
The advance to be made ah bales
r weighing tkar. 5M poaadt will
he ia the aat proportion, as fallows.
Mnea 4io aad iIW poand*. total
M; hetwven 400 and 450
. •Utah, f»; httauii 350 and 400
pounds. j
I Mai Rolls Brothers and Brooks will
' hare all arrat wafnU for their baffj
fali opening an Friday ia their store I
which has bee«. rraoratol ami enlarr '
rd to twice its furwrr >ue The store j
f« rmerly accw| »>l by J. A.
ami Compasy has bees added to their :
old store by aii archway ami is ased j
for the ata> aad boy's departments ,
and a shoe depart—t for both men
Th- fonaer sioie has been teato-lel .
d. new cabinets installed for the'
' .die* ready-to wear aad for the new j
nOliaery depart meat which will be
• -lite an added at tract ion to 'he
The referral arrangement of the
store has been so ind that when one
enters the store of Margolis Brothers
fad Brooks, he might think that he
was -fiterin* a metropolitan store '
Mr Prank J. Margolis has been an
vuHto to k»f» his starr arranged in.
hi r-yr.ner ever star*- he has been
i th* mercantile ha in WU
'iaaas'on and not untd recently has he
heen -Ur to ret larger accoaioda
!»• >he benefit of all his friends'
nd i a ileus. Mr. Margolin has
arrtased a fall line of goods that will
'* large caaagh aad great eaaagh in
rariety for both men and woaarn to
get their complete fal ami winter
outfits a the latent styles at the m»t
reasonable prices aad he assures them
I that it will pay to hay ia Williams
ton daring the fall of 1924.
> Mrs. C W Haitfiaaa. Mrs. It. A.
! Critcher. Mr. aad Mrs. Rogv.- A.
; Critcher. Mr aad Mrs R P. Pop*.
, Messrs. Perky Jherry aad CJ. Coer ot
; s.tended the revival services ia Ta--
! » ro last evening.
Mr. U>>d Hight left yesterday af
.rrvooa for Waihiagtsa ahaie he will
ia the ea&ploy mi the Knott Ware-
Mr. E. W. Ragtaad of Baftiamre
■peat «be week aad hi town visitiag
Mr aad Mrs. W. T. Culpepper af
Pi-rahetb CSty are spending a few
ways ia the city.
Mrs. Alice Yeager ml Wilaungtoa
vaotiag Mr. aad Mrs. Joha Me
Call at their have aa Smith wick
Mr. B & Tswaaiad. Jr. will arrive
in :W city liajgK to apead several
aroathi «o the lacal tibarti market,
Hr H. T. Wuna wdl arrive to-
fna Darham to spead same
here who are always glad to aae him
return each year ta upnatal the
Li(Srt-M)(rs Tahacxn Campaay.
Mr X R White, grader far the
i arrived hi town iwady far the work
Tax Levy For The Year
1924 Was Estab
The Board of t'oanty Commissioner
n«M a their regular esaite voter ,
I day at the cowrt hou-o with the f« j
I lowing members present: Vi >rs. Il l
C. Gtea. chairman. J. U lUirhdl. T
F S'mc. jr.. C. A. Askee _ut i W. B
Iliai r ngton
After •itspensinf; the mir.»>t Hu«iaes-«
jtfce Boent procee«kxl in
,a tax levy for the >ear lKt
I The business a- >it>p»x-«i of fcl
Ordered that Clyde Ty n»r he re
leased from payment of II.Mt .k>
Ordered that allowance to Geo
Kiys he discontinued s.nd that he be
admitted to the County Hene.
C. A. Askew w*> directed to in
trtlfa"» the ree»l for work on thi-
Warren Neck rvcui in Jamr>ville t. wr
! Oi«l-*re«l that John Oi v»or. (col re«i I
■ U allowed ihe -um of H«» per moeth
j that R. T. Robert n be =d
I ".it ted to the fount > Homo
The >(Uest-Vu upon the proposi'ioo
|t« f'lin*.' the Haiudtcn-IVpLir Pou.t
Jt -hip lines wi> d -f.-rr>-i tr- the
first of October
l umber was provided for to build
a bridge on the Everett WJd Cat roal
lear J. L WynnV farm. The bridge
* to h- 12 feet fa length.
C. D. « arvtarpken. Coaaty Treasur
er. presented his datna-ni as Coanty
Treasurer of Martin County ami
saw was accepted.
Ordered that thr Main «.f  tOOi*'
be appropnatei to be in placing
the Hard chil-tren in a proper insti
The Uanl (he 4! levied t—\e. for
the year a., follow:
General school fund 75 ml* on ih*
IIOP.OO valuation Interest and stak
ing fund & cei.ts on the tIOUdO Vj.l
nation, tfeneral County fund 15 cent
en th"4lft'M' valuation Kor hndg—>
IS cent.- on each fllaiuO irliulhin
Special ruaJ I air- wet* if-taed a.
J f4low]> ■
(Jamr>vdlc town-hip . „ . +5
Williams town-hip , 20
iiriAn> township .Ji
'ltear Grass township £>
Class Koa>l- town-hip _ 25
I William-ton township .25
Goose Nest township . 25
«*»e Nest town-hip (I'olll .75
I Hamilton township _ pi
Special Srhaal Tarn
school- 311
I >ardens «hools .20
V;da P :.i ch. ol> .
Ange sckools
Everetts schools ,t>>
Pbraaafa schools 25
«U4d Point school.- 2- r .
Ha--ell schools „ '
(Unoaa Nest school- 25
Ik u.ilton schools _ _ - _ ___ .15
A petition for election to authoriu
tlw of special road tax in
Williams township was r'.ntnl
!Supt. and Mrs. J. S.
f. Seymour Arrived
Mr. and J. S Seyanour arrived
So. urday ami will make tkeu hum
with Mr. aad Mrs Jno I' Simpson
on Main strwet
Mr. Se>ni»Bi will be super i.lendeat
f the city schools doriag thr coming
ocniun. The Wlliaaa>tuo • traded and
H«h School wdl open for th? year s
work September llth
lull details a»l an oatln of 'he
work with a h-t of the t»a(.:en wil
be givea ia aa early Lvur of this
Hamptoii. N. Y- Sept. 1--
Sia -L-.. vor> of the four iiS2SI
schooner "Samuel W. Hathaway"
which was wrecked at .«a last Ta?»-
dry. wre picked up early today ky
the steaaaship "Soothere Croaa."
The rescwcd sailonaea w~re found
ftai liag atop of the ackooner's sky
ligkt where they existed for four
dry_» rating sack i) ing kh as they
coald share aad drinkinr water
i nag hi ia their hats They report
-'•Tor wy drowned. «
Cap*. BKatt of to Hathaway was
aeea Twesday night dinging to
a raft.
The Hatkeway was bound froaa
Ckartestoa. Sooth Carotins, to San
Mr. Praak Caritirphrn fans accept
ed a job with the Eagle Braad Shoe
caaapaay. We ranridrr the Eagle
Brand Ska* Caaapaay aery fortaaaate
to aecare tke aniiaa mt Mr. Car-
' —?- - -•» -■ -—.
Average lYice Ranges
From 15 to 20
Cents per Pound
The larger tobacco i:ork«t» of Ki>l
i»rr Ctniiaa wero flood*! with tohac
RE today. Wlmo r|jim> to a
million pnamU on it-- warehouse floor -
with »n av-nit* of twenty cents per
p> und beine pakl for it.
According to a late (depiuw me
saj. lortav. it will bp impossible to
tu>Uh the, sales fn Wilson toaiay.
Reports from Greenville ray irterr
lb around 754J800 pounds of the «i«»l
|« '» the floors th»rv today aroun:
fifteen cents p?r ponml is the a*er
asre price brine given. The report -
say further that the Krate of tutor
c« is Mi.«- the ?»--raKe
Sotk> M >urt has rrp.-rt-si heavy
sr-le- but prices were not available
at 'hat :ime.
Everything is m ie»!inr» for the
« pening of the Wtllliam -ton T«ban»
Auction warehouses tomorrow a* ten
o'clock. The name of tfc- warehouse
that will have first sale wilt oe drawn
i'. the morning ju-t befo« v - rale time
The buyers for lh» J itTerer
panic* have been arriving »"l  eek
anil a few will arrive tonight, n_«kin;
•he largest corps of bu\ers *-• 'a»
ever bad.
A huge crowd b expected to oowv
to William-ton tomorrow and it is
evpecteti that there *ill be more to
hurro on the floor than there ever Kx
b«en- From all indications 'her- will
he; for before -even o'clock this
iroraing there was nearly a whole
row on each of the local warehouse
If the people of our and surround
ing counties want to make money on
their toWr*. then brine it to Wiltun*
«ton. the nuied an-1 bnt plae* to
sell it
The local warehou-emen a-sure
th. farmers that th" will get the best
prices ami the faiiest treatment
C hampion Handsaw
Ilayer Visits Here
Mr I- L Pierce of N t"
was ui our jflwe last Saturday imiir
some estimates made iwi * rotioo
a leather ca.e about thr SJT sf - No
7 handsaw anal of such a >hv»e. Oui
curiosity led u> to ask cpaest '«ll> "f Mr
I'irnr and «-r»e nur-tn i k l »H tu an
-0 s>er until we Sad him play: t; th?
1 aiMlsaa with a violin b"»
Sjl v many years ae«« »h-n lb.l
nuulii cka."* we boy- out t*> fIW a«»l
• he. I awl have Us -a* the Wow.l for
the boaters and fiiepiac*. the only
sweet OUIMI I ever beard i«» c-mr mm 1
• ne of *n was at. u a great
L'K piece of >r*een p-ne «■■« «l was
ju?t atc-ut cut thmueh aivl tie sr»
«t..uM bend awl * |Uirkinr soura!
rouh! be beard. Not until last Satui I
•lay d*l I ki>ow that other sound were
ir the hand aw.
Mr. Pnrce played several |,ieo
aiad that of "When YMI anal I wer •
Voatir, Ma-gie" was must -tnkini
Mr. Pierce has practic -.1 at this for
most two year> ami K»> &lU>r«l the
(.lace where be calls himself th • cham
pn-n hainlsaw player in Amerjrr* He
i* that all right as judged by us
As to the class of music re-sJere>!
Ly such a combination we are ur abi.
to say, but we do know that it I
qfaite the stuff
Mr Pierre is vi-Miif kt br» tier
near he/e.
Messr J G Godard. J G. GnAard,
jr.. Joseph Godard, third. J. S Rhodes
-.nd Warren H. Hires attended the
opening of the tobacco market in
Greenville today.
Mr. WiUte Watts is attending the
tobacco opening in (treenville today
Dr. J. F. Thtgpen and Wkit Purvis
are visiting the Greenville mraket to
Mr Wilson G. lamb is spelling
; nmetime in Baltimore in the house
of Daniel Miller Cumpnny i
Miss Nellie terras of Richmond
visiting Mrs. Mary Bed Osborne
Mr. Norris of Washington was
Messrs Hubert Mnrton and V.
Pike ilwri to Gnorlt this MI.
Mtw Eva Wynne and Mrs L C.
Bennett attended the revival anim
at Tarborc Inst evening-
Mr. L L Pierre mt Wr remary m
visiting relative* in tbe maty.
Messrs Harry A. Bigg* and Mm
& Peel retnrned Sunday ewsnng from
Bu#alo -Springs, Vn.
Boy Breaks One Arm
j While Sister Breaks
Both of Hers
The r.ine year old -on of Mr. W.
W. tlrdfir wis up a tree snthering
wilii >rrapes last Kri-iav while his ~
sister wa> eath-n»;e ntpes in an
other tree rear by. The young boy
sutMenl\ -creamed that a s rak? had
bitten him ami loosening his hold fell
•o u»e ami "brofc? his :>nn be
treen Uie wrt-t an.: eibow. He SBC
eeslnl i:i *ejchir-e th. l rouse, nor
rso* icuie his sister.
While the moth"" w-is a>im:nbtFr
itat ahl to h»-r .-on, 'he littl" tfirl was
hear»» cr>ip? awi the mother ihink
i«* she was on!> fp *f ierse>{ paid
very lit:I - attention to her -cmou.
•'"WO' f»Urri> vert at the houae rthl
tli-y nw. the little g'H a>! foun>l
thct sfce ha«* fallen from the tree
i'-d ha«) b»ok-n both her arm'. Af
t rviP' -.lh sta-eil that she knew
riethine of what hapvnoi nftrr tko
ls»y fell afciil she had rrachni the
Kou-e. It is thought that sh« fainted
fr»m the frieh' aiv! fell U> th* rrwnad
Vo«ki »e bi-th her irws.
TV b- ken limb.' of children
•ere >e. b> l*r> Smitnwark aiki
thwle- aiwl the children, at ;m.-»nt,
?re cet'ing along nicely.
TV boy was bitten Nv a black
■ante. Injuring him very littl*
i ounty A«rent*s Re|Mirt
To County Commis
sioners for August
The r~p.-rt of the County Acent for
tbe nv.-iih of August to the l'iunl of
t'ounty Cnmiinjp u r.- ; n session here
jestrrvia> is a.- follows:
13 days -|*ri t in fiebi wo.k,
T days . i» rt in work.
6 «3ys -pent as annual leav.v
ITS mcffences with farmers,
ft' 'etters written.
SI firms vi -ted.
i held w,th an att 'ti-Vnce
j miles iravrlnl ■!n p>-rf>rmai>ce
I«-f -lulies.
»-t »rtd.'- written.
ITI hoes trea'ed making «. total
since April Ist of hojf- and pigs.
&etnl contrvi work.
* farms »:>ited in regru.l- to live
5 farmer.- visite«l in regards to use
••f fertilisers.
3 farmers visit in rH' -nl- to fre.l
- l»r twk.
I farm VI-MVNI in reeard- lo Vaising
a farn-ei- vtsitet in reeanls to
I* farmers advised in regards to
culti\ itii.f cotton.,
Wen j n.fe tatK>n ; opears lighter
this >ear than it was last year.
I ho;*- .to have ome valuable in
fr>rmattoi « »e--vil . p»i-.«n work
I s-ne tin." toon, as soon a- the n
u!t.- can lie colleCtet
At pre-efit I have rvuu* -t.- from
tmkn to ileal neady 3UU haa»' nf . _
'■( bogs and which will oe .Ion?
-a. the i>*vt ft w days.
— —
' I.
M-s.- i Harris aud Mr. & ill tun
V. Lilley. both of Grtfi..- t->«ti
aere nuirml Eriday, the twenty-ninth
. f Aucust at tbe resi>h-t* » »f IJev.
uncord Hagb> in Washington.
all. and Mrs. Lilley are aoth vtrj ,
pular >ou.ig |>eople in their ctn
mnnity and have nant friends thrv ugh
-ut this section. .
The meifciing was attended by only a
few frierxts and it was a surprise tn
: rood many. The) are now |m lit
£ few days at Virginia beach.
Upon their return they vfl he at
home at Mr, Laßey's hone near
L*Uey's Hall
iants j
Mr. Surry Parkcraad faafly pmj*'
tr, rough town yesterday en Mate tn
•heir Imm m Norfolk after |i H |
•ome time in North Cnrslmn.

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