North Carolina Newspapers

OMKKBC «ff Scnaons For
- Past Several
HMC** tkat he kai tmrtufw de
liimud to hit people Hi* in* m~
«• affNM the eel af Christ came
rtin they •• A* teqairy room
«toc Mr. T chewed the* *IW
Way ef Ufa-"
Tihi. is Christ alliaf yee? Are
yea heeb« his call or ere yea again
rejacta« hie? This may he year liit
ipf ineeity to ackneelulge Hie ea
eer piece yee «m that fatal *deed-
The text of the erew nu tehee
fiem Matthew IMI. He aM, the~
the Tapeitaahk Sui' are the chereh
ted. the aarsaa is Inetil He tea
—I the 'deadline.' aad there.
Gefa spirit erfll eot follow Ihea
The -L'epantooahle Su' ■ not mar
dar er aMhqr er theft, far those
site trfi to foagiiea. hat it ia palliin
«f the eel ef Christ, rejecting Hies
fraaa dej to day until tore cone
*a far'that it is atterly iwpn nbl
for as to kteaae Christians. Are yee
isawsdliog that sift today? Kow? If
•a step, toed Gad's call before it k
toe lato."
Slediy E»reiog*» gnaw
Sato*day nighit. Mr. I ee— Mt
with the ipattMa "Is there a*) teste
ie the while ef tm (gf?" The text
Jeh«A * j
to deMhfhf this text, Mr. Lea- •
ll I kill! it then by neglecting the j
ilaaih Tea always get cold with
Gad before yee leave the (touch. l
Becfcihdiag togiaa ■ Uv heart. Fteo-.'
Mr JIM ib tatters are backslider*. ~
persse. eto are eat to the church
*1 ted that the waiu nana why pea
pie weald eot jaia the chairh we
beceeee their hearts heea gattau hard
and away frees Gad. "So way" to
eaetoedad "refuse te biliiai that
teat aa their ewe. Bat Gad deae eat
ee wfl fat gat ear daaaaafaetaaael
vmM fcwi wbk. 9m *
of the egg with the iidieaaiia of the
church, hath baea* ae life. Be stated
that the yeft of the has the life
tmd aa baa the eater of the ihenJi
whidb ■ Joans Ghat the white af
.factnf p
ii into* taiaiag ever, ae that we wiaH
—tohi this paiwt hy c4bg the
ma withie a erieato af the rfeht
time. tai aiig tor a«g» ae that the
In i Z;:Tthe emaa Bk* Lea
man till I. "Bmj ate af aaaaaiaatoi
ud imi i i baa the blaed af
Chrtet aa it aai we ahaeid tare f ran
it te OhriaL-
Thfc ii ■ll wea aea of greet
depth bat aw that oawh ptraaa maid
Mr. Laaaaaa read a few verses faa
the Bait at the tahy dlaaap
ate*. M prwawd te ha cm af the Mat
aagr told toee. Ma saa» madefy
•apr w&th
ft we* bfaatafaS af Gel
Farmers Well Pleased;
Average Price Was
23 Cents
Large numbers of tobacco fanners
are leaving the local market highly
pleased with the sales every sale day.
There anere 75.0U00 pound* of the weed
aa the three auction floors this morn
iftg and sold at an average of 23 cents
The grade of tobacco is above th>
average and seems te be selling
higher than the advanced grades of
The local market is adding on new
customers daily and throogh hard
work and courteous treatment the
warehousemen aim to hold them.
We stated before the opening ef
the market that Williamston woeki
have the best market it ever had and
basing oar statement on the sales
,-ince the opening, it is nothing bat
the truth.
were is hiding in the Garden. When
God caaae, aa He always does, and
fuend them ahaent. He called. "Where
art theuT"
The same question might be asked
by ear neighbors or frequently by our
faaailies of as, "Where art thee?"
He described many children as having
as goad as no mother. The woman who
should act the real mother is too of
ten at the card party, or nerving a
"poodle" rather than giving h*r child
the proper care and training that is
so esaential te good health and goad
Mr. Leaman answered the question
"Where art thou" for some, thet they
are hiding behind the tree of inactivi
ty. They are leaving alone the thmg.
they should do, they are not taking
a a ami for (Smat, they ere not fat
filling the greatest command ef
"IWh the Carpal te every creature."
They are letting opportunities te do
'thr work ef Christ ge by every day
without taking advantage of them
4 Others are hiding behind the "tie
afraid of being laughed at." TV)
wfll not testify nor take a etenrf
far their Lord because they are a
fraid that aome one will laagh at
them. In their everyday life they will
sat ewa Jesus bet they expect Him
to know them when they get ready to
Aeeatding to the Evangelist, one of
the greatest trees that exiats every
where is the "tree of plteaai ". There
are more hiding behind this tree thar.
hah toil any other. They travel in both
high and low society. Those in high
aaatoty do exactly te aaase things as
thaae ia lew society and (heea ia lew
srriefy do exactly the same aa
these in high society do. The worst
rrimt i aad the moat loath roaas and
dastardly are done in both rlaaar i.
the dance halls, the moving pictai-s
aad bcachea being seme ef the ripest
fields for »he work of the Devfl a-
The "tree of neglect" wes anather
tree af good aire The Lord ha Idr
those who are in high position re
sponsible for neglecting to rare far
these under them The baaineji asi
who daaa not carry the mrtaage ef
Gad to hia employees, will base te
aaawu to them before Ged
If we ere hiding in sin behind eay
of these truea we need not think that
we are foaling Ged, and iaatead of
calling apoa Him when we have sin
ned, we de jaat Hkr Adam did. we
fad that He ia angry a* ua aad try
to hide. But we are net fooling Ged
aar aayone else save ourselves.
He tried to beep us from leading
the path of sin by cast in ■: the bod
af Hia ealy Son, Jesus Christ, ia the
way. Bat if we do fall whea Ged
calls, "Where art Than" are -'.oald net
try to bade bat rami out aad aeek
8 abject Teeight
toe toaight ia the "Madera Dame ~ _
It ia geaerally expected thet it will
he aa artißoy char— ae the line u
very ah sag aad Hght anaa wB net
reuqarr the enemy.
A large audience ia expected te heai
Mr. Laamua'a awaaage tonight.
d days hi Baltimore.
Mr. Arthar Aad nun ia ia Balti
aerre purchasing goods for Aadenaa
Crawfaad aad compaay.
inlwi ef the State Board af thi
Chriataan chareh af which he »>
t poeaidaad. ytotorday ia the city «.!
-.eaul days af this weak at Mat
i Baach with a party ef frtoada aa i
cfiahing party.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 1924.
MfcfcT IN AN
investigation of Light
Plant To Be Made
In A Few Days
The City Council met in extra *s
smb last eight in the Mayor's office
to take ap and discuss srrcral busi
ness matters which were impossible
a came up at thrir tegular meet
ng of a week ago.
The aaam quertinn before the Coun
cil bud to da with the city's light
plant. Mr. IL H. Crews, representing
.he Fairbanks Morse people, went he
/ore the Council and asked for an in-,
vestige*ion of his company's engine,
Utmc that a would net cost the
Uwn one cent for the investigaion.
He farther stated that it would be
a great help to the town in that it
would show in black am', white figures
dww where the profit fran the city';
plant is going. The four members ii
he council heartfly arreed to hb
proposition and the investigation * !'
be made ia the next eight or ten days
A special engineer will be sent hr
by the Fairbanks Mone people ar.
he with Mr. Maurice Moore, th
plant'* -uperm'endent. wdl start tc
gt.the ring data ta the present plat:
aad its future.
The way that such aa I
came about was whea it was seen that
the local plaat had entirely too much
power and that its laad was ae un
qaalty balanced that k required the
watap of about fear hours to run
'.he plant the other St hears During
the aseeting it was shoom that the
aresest autfi* was breaking even, but
was dat mabmg aaythiag.
The City Fathers, working for the
beat of the town have been' inv-sti
;ating the sraetiea and have founV
hat k wflL pay to iaatall either a
small steam aait to handle the smal!
•tad ami ase the preaad outfit to
,1e the huge laud or to install oi l>- The use ef the "latter to be
•'etermined hy investigations made b>
the Fairtoaks Morse people.
The installation af aaore machinery
m our present plaat aaay look foolish
•o ear dtiaeaa. bat a thorough invest i
-atieu will pawae that it iaat ami th.
Cfty Fa then are to to congratulated
foe their eurnest work in behalf of
all af us, the taxpayers of tie town
The result af the investigation will
' he known in a few days and it shoul*
1 to af merest te everyonevespecial I y
' to the far r tax payer'- of William
j mm. . - v __— : —
Sectiau MB—Cnnaaliditid Statu
Ne pen on ahal aSew hia dog evet
six msnthi old to run at large in the
night time aaacceanpankd hy ie own
er er by aaue atahir of the owner'.-
(aai;, or same other person by Uw
rvaet'i pamsiisa.
Any person iateatieaslly,;
ly. aad wfltfalJy vialatirg this see HI
to guilty f a misdeamanor, ant
apoa ton vidian shall be fined not o:.
n rdiag fifty daßara ar impriaone.; no
eacrading thirty days, and shall
•» liable ia damages tc any p-r.or
f irjaitd er saßti ag lam to his f-c
t p rty ar chattels
Notice ia here*; rivea that this
lew wdl he enforced '■» Williamston
J. L HASSHLL. Mayor.
i There wdl to. in the near future.
r tioe ia Jaaaesvdle, end when this is
■ completed it wdl be oae ef the mos
a up-to-date fill sag stations in this part
I f th? state. The plaat- are beinK
it drawn aad the jlatha wdi be ready
k far ipirarisa ia the aeer future.
Mr. L F. Horathal af Plymouth
r * wes a busmeaa visitor here yester
n *+
II Mtw (Uhel Griffin has returned from
* Chapel Hfll where she haa been at
* ti ailing the aeaafaa ef the tawmi i
* " Mr. aad Mrs. D. C Cowing of Bear
Gram passed through here Sunday af
terneee en rente haaae from Farmville
whaaa. they visited friends and rela
' trees far several days. They also at
■ tended the yenrly meetine of the
Gum Swamp Piimiliii Baptist Choreli
■ Mam Emm ia rutin p
* friends m Greewrffia.
« Mr. Jamea Griffin visited friends ia
* "I Baaadaa*. Good reeana aad ae
See Mrs. J. C Oawford. phoae 48
Kaleigh, September 7.—Announcing
tint everything is ready for the re
ception of the 1924 crop. General
Manager Blalock of the North Caro
lina Cotton Grower*' Cooperative As
sociation calls attention to th„- fact
that the Association has successfully ,
finished its second year. With a tninii ,
force of workers ami with the most j
modern labor saving and economical
office machinery, the Association is
prepare*! to make a considedable sav- ,
ing in operating expense the c*ain( {
season. Lower insurance rates, lower
storage rates, some concessions in i
freight rate* and a substantial redar- ,
tion in interest rates are among the t
features. It is estimated that the sav
ing of the members o fthe As. delation
in operating expense wil be Hot* to
$200,000. |
The first year cf operation the As
sociation handled over 135JNM hales ,
of cotton and averaged for r > inem-j,
tier* slightly more than 2» crr.Ls a I
|M>und. Approximately kS •(!
ne cotton r?e-ived was ol>i cotton .k L
vered by members wK ha v.- f
.he Association. 4,
lie ports for the second yt.ii ftow
hat approximately iolr
were hcniile*' and that the U.lal opei ,
it ing expense by reason of ■u-lhng d>- {
vect to con iiiur was very cbstit j
-ally reduced. The member.;
29 cents a pound net for MiAUinr
esttan— a very good price for the
season and in fact the second highest ,
average price in a period of over half
a century. In the beginning of the
reason, the management mapped M>t
a program and Mowed it. A liberal
advance paym-nt wa- made on de
livery another payment was made is
December, another in the early spring
lid the final settlement in July. By
this program, the membership lennad
10 per cent of the value of the cott—
jefore I December 25.
Now with the opening of the third
i—on. aad in vtaar of the fact that
-everal thousand new members have
joined during the summer an- ha, tha
management looks forward to a suc
cessful season the A wcalwa will
make an advance payment to all mem
bers of S7O on every bale weighing
00 pounds anl over with slightly
educed advances on lighter hales
-Ihe Association has arranged with
he North Carolina Agricultural Cred
it Corporation for marketing loans MI
all cotton of the members, time
Irons to be made at the time of de
livery and at a very low in'erest rate
. lieae marketing loans on bales weigh
ng 500 pounds and over are set at
?20 a bale—by tlii.> arrangement csens
iers can secure J'J») on ever)- sto
found bale if desired on delivery.
The condition of Mrs. i. L. Woolam
• cording to a statement of the atbaJ
, ir.g physician, remains unchanged
fri m what it was one w-ek ago. For
z while no hope was held far her re
coveiy but as she holding her own, |
slight hope is entertained.
Mr. O. B. IJpscomb of Tartoto aa»
ir. town this morning on bu>inei. and
visiting his grand daughter, Mrs. &
1. Vick who is now residing here.
In our last issue we state.! TV«
. the son of Mr. GriflSn was bitten by
a bli-ck snake. This wasat true, the
7 bo> thought be was bitten and fell
out the tree.
f ~~~~~~~
t ' Price of cotton giadaaßy k«u".
t The price of spot, middling aa the
f Norfolk market yesteiday mas 24 1-2
y - Lout a half cent lamer thaa the price
one year ago. This is lae fent time
in several months that the MM pries*
h have dropped lower thaa iM pkm
The anticipation of a large crap is
the eaaae for lowar prices.
r That it shall be ndnrfd far dag*
to nut at large on tha itaaala it Wi
e lUmaton. N C., or, and after October
I- 1, 1924
Owner violating this ordinance wfll
e! be fined one dolar and caata far each
I' offense.
g f Passed by the Bcsrf mt Tama Com
miss inner* in saaaiaa. Sefdcmher S,
a 1924.
J I. HASSELL. Msi«r.
t-' Mrs. Sal lie Biggs' Pto-ar Work
r. wfll he eaatinaad by Mrs. Ma Nr
I and Mrs. Warren Biggs. i*eaa ITL
Sunday Afternoon Serv
ice A Very Im
pressive One
The mast impressive, as well as the
moo* mill thing that has happened
taring the Leaman-Coston meet.r...
here, occurred during the mctirr
Nmiai afternoon when Mi. H. B.
Hdsnaii came to the pbt!»rm ait.
stood be»ide Mr. Uamjt, a?>l m_«ie a.
great confession.
Mr. Iluloman stated that He h»>
been a liar and a thief ard in hs*
cvefts-iMi he cleared a mystery tk
'has bevn standing for two jea.-
T»o >ears ago ahite collect r x.
Mr. B- S. Coon*) in the Dardeir
section of this evianty. Mr Hdlonac
claimed that he had been robbed He
r;me home one night a little Late aitst
urder a spell of great excitement h
r'am»l to have been held up at tK»
Hector Moor? cedar tree on the
J.-mrsville-llymouth road b> two
letww, who he saiii. stepped •« th?
ri - ling board of his car 2s he roon-i
nl a short corner He further dainw>)
tiat one of the men b+l his attraln*
j*i«h a pa-t«d p lilted in r.r ftee »ku
l: e otner the w itch ke> tip
I proceeded to go tnr.-ut.-ti ii- pockets,
jkffit thetefrwrs $1320«> in ca»H an»«
a Ct} d dlar check
Mr. HolLtman came ln»
with his statement, saying that on
tl as particular day he Ha.l good col
lectic-ns an>l had been drinktag C*-
sidrrable con- lt|U >r That MI hi. ia;
lo ■«- satan im|>;> s-ed it on ha- mi»l
that he owed >oi«te -maltl bills he
should pat. if he expected to ao#
tain the respect of the I f'*k> «»
the town. He thought that no WW
would ever know it if he were to ap
propriate Courtney's mone% to bl
own u«e aad leM that highwaymen
had nibbed him.
Thinking the Devil's advwg a ptjJlj
g*»l eherne he a>opte>t «t and The
added aniWher "tn it by lymr 11-
said ttiat the Devil »a better please
with him for stealing ami Ijrmc ttnai
simply being uiaMe to »«t ha> debt.-
The hunlen seemed to be more tha'
Mr. Holloman couhl bear so hr ma>i>
the cwnfe>s»ion before near eaght»e»
hwmlrrd people During the cwwfes io.r
Mr. Courtney procee>ietl to the (hi
ferm ami presented his harwi and of
feted forgiveness for the wrong dwne
L T a>ii-ri h the rfj) so* *or the
maam»«r U | of the ate u. I«np4i
and Lath, the famoia.- he) mwrderert.
The case is cau-ing mwch interest a I
mag the people. They are fuwad to
he on both side.-, with the prednmmai
: sabrr tor the •te--tk peralt>
t 'a»
The udtf|ia» at the Atlantic Caastj
Line RaiisMd on West Main street •
Ulug worheal on again astl the >J!a
at en looks mote hopeful than it has
> m i ame tiwte
This ha- if vived the hope that it
■say be opetied in time for the fco
noke Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. G. ti. HJl'a***«ti
left this morning for Norfolk where
Mr. Hailing: worth «HU sp »i several
weeks ■« the hospital He has not
, teen in god health for several manth*
|and friends hope h- may permanrs.tly
U-nefitte*i by the tr-ataa»r.l h will
■ K.Tik resowrr- tn Jisitf Cara»*i m*
I ircm f1»3,!H.4-t« m Ifril to *473.117.
I mt- in 1923 or more 1k.3 K-r
The hank n-»o«irc*s in this netaod
' Tir-- from 944.98 to 517«.4a foe
ach inhabitant in the S'ate. Xe *
1 Hanover County shows for each i'-
which is the great
est amoauit per capita rf nay coe.*»
in the State. The Md hoe hpes!
" «uata» in the State are MeeUewatrr
Durham. Forsyth. Gwlford aad Pas
Martin canty is fortieth m the list
r with 1122.43 of wealth per capita.
This «** that we are art M
I low hot with oar natural iti.mrrr mt
* should he higher. And we wfll be be
fore many years laager at a bighei
- plue in the list of !«• eaaatiß#-
Catawba Coaaty formers mafta
crimson thai soed This year thej
Every Parent and Child
I'njed to Be At
In Monianre with the announce
aent mole in the last issue of this
payrr. the l*ub!ic .schools of the cit>
will oprn Thorsatav afternoon. Sepl
rnsber 11. at 3 o'clock in the, audi
tcriam. An appropriate program is
(*ii-ic amnifci), It is the desire of the
Imcm and faculty that every parent
*•>" cuarxiian be on hand at the formal
(wnim;>. Since this is a
: mil! >ch«MM lay, every child who
r\(*v »to attend school this year
ihewld he in their respective rooms
r. at later lioa 3. o'clock.
All parents an-i iruardians. who have
cfiWren that will he si* years of ait«
prior to the opening of school, are re
quested to mail a postal to J. S.
Seymour, prifci jii-l On'this can! state
t*ie name. date of birth, end aite >f th»
rftiks This is highly important in
riassificatKwi of your child. If possible
i*t the cant reach th? hand of th?«
principal by Thur lay morning.
The teachers coming se*
>»n> aie arriving and everything wiP
Sf reviy for the opening Thursday af
I-rrooni!. With the corps of teacher..
that Ihc local school has. a splendid
year's work call he extiected. in fact
"He w»ik this year promises to sur
pass that of years before.
Many of the younger p?opl of Wil
will at!end various schools
a.*i*l cJlege- in North -«iul South Car»
Iwa Yirpni;. during the school
y» of llrjl and 192.V They are now
leaving daily
Mass Sadie Perry left yesterday
- Miiinc for Wilson where she will
a 4lfcifftt at Atlantic fhrisltap
4 . Ile^e
Mtsse. Ltuitf. Mar*lia and Ksther
hamxiii a ill also leave soon for A
" C. vhrp they will apend thr com
ift y far.
Miss \ elma Harrison left this after
tx«« for Uock) Mount where she will
*-■ l. Miss fclizabrth lirsswell and
tlae> will leave tomorrow for Winston
> ilern where they will enter Salem
• ~Jle«re «.—••
M srs. \\ 11 lam llmlif : and Herbert
I Vel. jr. wil leave th" sixteenth for
H ikf Forest where Herbert will en
let as a sophomore and William as
a freshman.
Miss Pat Harris will leave the
last of the month for Itichmond, Ya
\,a_ a lie re she will spend the com
iMf winter with h"r sister. Mrs. A.
M  lapp and study at some secretar
aad school
James (iriflin and Frederick lloyt
1 la-ate te sixteenth for Hurliam wherr
1 wail be a senior this year and will re
K ** ve the It. S. degree Frederick »ill
enter a.- a freshman, having tinishei
* tM Williamson 11 i|f l> School las I
' Misses Knuna Hell Harris and Hon
wr (jurgarius will leave soon fi.i
«»«e>?iisl»oro where they will be sopho
ia !*> this scholastic year at ti>>
1 \« ilii Carolina I 'ollege.
' Mr. Bryant  'ar»tarphen will al.-a
' I* vac the sixteenth for Durham, when
' fee wiii spend the winter as a stiaieni
* at Trinity college.
Mr. Gu- Hanson was in Norfolk la_-i
»eek la* the interest of the llarrisoi
oa «w.i pan). the Texas people. Mr
Hartison. while in Norfolk, raa-te new
plans to erdarge the local company':
oil business and take on new territory
fIM»AY St"lHMil. AT
r On Sunday September the ?th then
- were &0 people at the Baptist Sun
4ay school, 148 present at the Christ
f iaa Sunday school and 105 present a
" the Methodist Sunday school. TH
r Fplinnpal Sunday school 'enjoyed i
*- Ui(tr number but just how man;
CMM oat be learned at this time.
* The various Sunday schools repor
b by far th; greatest al
* in several years.
' This is one af the testimonials a
s the ped that the Leaman-CMtaai E
* vangHutfic (Campaign is doing.
If your label shows that your ar
* in arrears send in your renewal to
•* day aad help those who try to kelp ym
" Wdlamstoa White Schools, Appl
to Mr. John D. WW|IIIB
IOIK stßscurnox FTIHW
| liainisFor i>ama&es L'p
At the Mee
The Count) Boani d Ciairtva
. t-ts bw; in spectaJ yfiSrwiiijr
ux the tour. Hocli? far the pii|i~c
ai hearing cZasii- tor aaraages ia
4d*lk*t ***** IMt # i '
>tru)M by ihe Siaie Cam
The com 7
Messrs. H. C. I rfwi.. C. A Ashew,
W. It. J «. isan>ll acxl ,
( T. H Slade
Ihe MMIBCM aw eunra
can.*' before
Ot>trt! that k-i Uttrgaawas « ja.l
Unieto' trat U-t e.iale ui Jas v
hvrrrti he pa* 2 Sre •»« d
• n-magc-s to cr>-j»- ,
t>r-terc-> that '.?* c-lale o! M. t'-
Ia) l»r be pa *! ux -WB i>f 1 - 'JW :ar
civil damages.
Orderett tftat J U Stat.-, te p»s!
th«- -am o! t>i V for .rop aauges
C. A Askew atA' ra s **»■:. pit'. «**•
ly apfvUitni 'e ;r.\ :.atr the bar
ren Neck nw:, it-pu>rteu Ual U-*
amc *a. - p*a*
n>ad ahwut li years ago aM api-a
I nktk>n tlfce ttwar.' refu*e«i f«utn*r .
lH.n >ii th*- a?c
Ihe clerk was .«*rrx> io twZn .
.1. pc.wh». .avc ma?e -aat«l
lor laisi b> tHc SLate Hag»-
way. that claims were -» is*fc tlMt
ine It->JM (ur.tar.afi S4»" foa
I p>>n motive by C A Aha ai>
-ci>n. , .-.s by- ft It. H i-rtmartoT. the
•;ue>'tion of a|fn>pnat.c,t tie -aai of
ItWiiO or. the loal leaau r froars Ha*
in GnSs- towr-.*:p to '"i>rey s
' atbie in I tear t.ras- twwwship. »;>
dLscosseai at lenarth- The trV,|M was _
Vl'loi down.
Mr a»l Mr J. i S*« »,i ui NWtfe
,l3 t*inr> are * i-.tmr fund* a town.
In hI.MI ' hi BY litUH
HI Hi> t.Ki»l HFR
Ke%. 11 l_ SfciHey.- (U !■« of the
I Ylrntorial '. • hanrL, . trim a
j • lephti-nr if t !"» I ■ u.*.t«a.
krbtuck) SuiM.ay ai|M ÜBf IKat
| his bruthtr. Mr. H I Slairtey. «ad
been kille>; ir»-tar.ll> in a raliusfci ac
cslent wharf, t • A fher at 1 laakfort
1 Mr. Shirley Wt t»> wu"r !•  k k>
' Mouii! ahe re he vnh a*, eariy traaa
>e»ter»!a> nwrsiiif fa Uia«tac
s > herv the h«biased lh»i et*J «■ d! be
>Ol el Mr. ."Jstrtn r.iura
'' tme .Satwitay
I Ills many fiMu fcere e*"*«d kip
■ warmest »>|>a'n for *ls lass of
I- his brother. mi>. away s»
t Mrs Stolne l:a>ert-«. M.«> Miaade
* Robertson aaol Mr. VkiH lto*er , »en
* rdariaul muu ft«a h»r
tvarky wbeio- Uey nael Mi Ibleit
li -s«»fi"-. **» ft, Mr Oi kubitaa. They
d r tuniM by the »sy of Kashß.toa
>1 City where • ne> rsuid lei «M(Mtr,
Mr- H II UoAt aad M(. f-«hr
1- (or several days.
" Mm- I wciltr Hassetl ard Fraart*
l Ydiiaar- and Mr. *floa t 1 rhe
* Mhunl to II) wi nth Sues.*).
Mr» A. T- Crawford, Mrs. Came
* Biggs William-, MR- J. tt MIT,AF
f ai»l Mrs I C. Besartt aMar .! to
II Washington y ?>terday
Mr. an.l Mr>. Tom Hot hh. Ms*
tlihet Taylor. ML--*- Mo»-» ar»'. Mr.
-t 1 ergett of kia-tM wciud M.sae*
a Mary am Gncra l«ak Sr »ta)
r. Mr. J. I- Jwfcft af Arte spa*
w -e*vral days of last week in tew*
*s visiting ' rah.
f. Mr. Jack Ha-her ami >*-epj New
suaae of Atwloe *ae an tj«t Sb
s; Miss Mary Ct>4* lr* *t fcar rw-
EhriM fioea lUky Macs' where she
w viMtiJ fiaan Ir htac hit week
Miss Laan Orfcaas tir -jiitd Stc
j. day froaa JSew Y*o«k wW.e Ar h» '
,1 ei-ited her sister. Mew M «ti. Or-
M leans foa i«Nni nils S&» «a> Met
4 it Kuk) Maait by h-r father aad
„ another, Mr. aal Mr*. Vatkaa Or
t*as». Mrs. Waller Orleans ai Srilf
it Orfceaa.
4 . r Mr. W. T- nil 1 left ye* rday
a# a ail at aa early date fee w® ,
" m WiliMM.
»• K. J after ndiw thefr nMfee* bee* {
for lal

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