North Carolina Newspapers

The Sunday Afternoon's
Service Was The
Crowning Effort
The Tabernacle meeting l- gaming
strength at every service. The build
ing has nut been filled to nyriti but;
the services hare been niß>aaUf >tir 1
ring and a fine spirit ha> prevailed
from the beginning.
The choir has iiti eloped ictt. a real,
one and its members sing with a -pin* j
of earnestness that e very inspiring I
and lends great assistance to l>« j
The Sunday afterncosj jwiitt was!
• perhaps the crow ring effort so far. I
because it so closely tcnched the
, things of life that cone daily before
The base of the discourse was I ila ■
i from the story of Sump»«m at Gen.:
wh*n he fell a victim to the lov* of j
Delilah. The text was applies to the!
everyday fellow who walk- ihe streets
s* a professor of Christianity u«i at ?
the ■anv time pursue- the heathen j
practices of life, just as Samptson let J
the love of a wicked woman com ■ is- j
to his life and steal hit power
Samp on just like the fellow- of to- i
day had respect for God and hoc.? red |
Him by maintaining ami withholding
i the source of his great physical pow
er from the Phitlistian* for a while.
I tut the love for DrliL grew am! j
finally became m stner (Tial b il
lo»«l her to cut off hi- hair. He liM
ebout it once, then he lied again, but
after a while his lw« wer- fnuJ to
be so worthless ( ir»' to The
woman's vanity, he co«rhki»! to try
the truth and then it was that te was
so weakened by his fellies that he lost
his physical power. HLs lies »■»! di-
, obedience had loot him his self respect
and the favor of God.
After he~had lost his strength whirl
lay in his hair, it was easy for the
PtiUutm hoots to charge upoa him
end pluck his eyes out. So it is with
all men, it is pre*ty easy for z person
to ao blind himself by dijohedx nee
that he is incapable of doing th- work
of the Master.
The sadest part of the whole k»-
-on was the picture of the diteased
man dying, when fever, pain and
anguish were the only thing-* left of
a misspent life. When they ctww and
tortu* it until life olh out ami
casts the soul from a diseased Mi
into sm ur.lighted eternity.
Sunday Evemmg'. Si.mau
The topic for Sunday erraae't ser
mon was. "The Waiuhrntf Bird."* It
was taken from the Bth chapter of
Jeremiah. "Yea. the stork in the
Heavens knowrfh her appointed
time-" >•
When Israel had gone astray a»l
Jeremiah went to God to int-reede for
its people. God would not allow him
to plead for l-rael but He tsU Jer
emiah to go down to the pottery and
watch the potter for awhile There
God told Jeremiah that Israel bad
been broken as the vessels had beet
broken in the potter's hands ~Rv*.~
he said, "He would gather up the
fragraments and mak- a coarser w*-
ael of the whole but he rsul t bd
mold in the beautiful patter* thai it
had been, ami it could not he ued for
as large a service."
Then after teaching Jeremiah this
lesson, God directed km to ua«el
which Jeremiah did, aad he traveled
over hills and valleys aad finally came
to a piece filled with beautiful birds
Jrremiai. observed aad watched these
birds and he saw that lV>rr wa» a
leader of the fiock who romied imto
the Heavens keeping «* eyes aad
ears looking and Itrfnar aad when
no danger was found it gave a signal
tr the other birds. They wene up al
so. cautious as the leader, aad ihea
i they started off ia a perfect foimilm
to the Northland, where they wool j
raise their young and enjoy the hies
sings of thet dme.
The thumght sUmk Jerrmaah that
the buds obeyed the pes feet law off
their kind and knew thew ippiuHl
time, but another caaae, "Bd my pea
pie know aot the ji %■!■« mi th;
Lord." From this teat the B»»i hit
illustrated the return of the fiock of
birds to the SomthfeEd whew they
would mil the kink «m li ami long
nights of the North.
The call of Jesms aata mm. when
He said, "Come mute Me and I wfll
give yam rest," in the some law of
safety for man that the cd of God
to the birds is them, aad M mm ac
cepts the call, he «■ Ami safety and
1 happiness just am they da
prdmt wfll he? dues ha? What M he
doas not? The hmd that pmt off the
the retarn of the saaw aad ice aad had
free aad safe for aae days, hat the
C? jadgment of God fccgaa ta pear dewt
; 11 Mrs. J. O. Guthrie died at her
jlm me in Kr.l-ii;h Surxlaj morning af
j ter an il!ness which h-d extruM over |
I a number of years. The funeral serv
ices wsse held yesterday afternoon at I
' | twee o'clock at her hom, in R=i
eirt, and interment was made in Oak
I wood cemetery.
The deceased was burn about sixty '
}e*rs sgo in Will-ants..on. 'he .laugh- !
te: of the late, Jesse K. S;ul-b- She'
ijwas one of Williams ton V mu-t chirm- '
jirg young vnmeit and although she]
I has not live*] nu.n\ years, j
j she still has a lrugje-ndinber of frietxl- t
jaiki relatives w(f>o mourn her .ieath
I In earl v womanhood. she «i- inar
f _ 1
|r*d to the la'e I>. D. Simmor»> ami j
to this union wee bom two rhOdrra. I
Lena, who died in childhood :uttl Mac
gie. who married Dr Harri- ai*-l now
reside- in Elisabe'-h City.
Her econd marriage wa« to R-v.
j J O. Guthrie, a Methodist minister.
Ho was then living in Will jnt to:,
T this union thcrr was b»ro one
111 aught I I Elotse. who married Mr
jk«rae) of Raleigh.
I After her husband's pastorate was
ended here, they moved to RaJ.»igh
Iw+ere they have made their home for
auiy years. She has not vi-ited here
] very oft™ in late years or of
0! health
She haves beside her husbanl ami
children, one brother. Hon. Harr> W.
Stuhbs of this city and one sister,
Mrs. Tuttle of Italy.
Reverer«l> W. H. Stan-bury. W I
Gla-> ;>nd L. H. Jovner offrutoi at
the bur La I -er\ »er-, ji.i Messrs. T. |£
Mooelyn. H J Young. J H. Sheet-
R El Getty*. Graham Andrew-. |»r
T M Julian. H. C. Beckwi'h an»i R
T Cobum served a- pall bearer-
On Satunlav nigh'. August "50. the
Heath Antral vfajtod the home of Mr.
J. T. Ausbon and took avrav his wife
and our mother. Mammie Aushon She
was in her forty-sixth year and for
four year- she had been in a bad
state of health, ami during the great
er part of the time, she suffered murh
but with great fortitude. Hut until
eight o'clock before -he died at ore
on Saturday night, she wa- as well
as usual, but she was stricken wrh
raral) -is. from which she never ral
She was a member of the ChruJian
church and in all her relatiops in the
church and in her every day walh of
life, she was true and steadfast, faith
ful k adl obligation- that were plar
ed upon her.
She leaver to nu.uri her death. a
hmshmmd and five children. !»■> grand
' children .two sisters ami four berth
era. two brothers a hom -he kai not I
' seen for mai.y years.
TV funeral services were conduct
' ed hy Rev. Lolli.- ami her body was
bur act beside that of her daaghtei
' Una Belle Ausbon.
oa him ami he fnami himself c*»v re«i
with ice and snow, trembling aad tot
tering with cold, wishing ke was m
1 the a-rrm country but m» weak-*!**
L fr rr. edd an) burger that he is not
r aide to go there, and has ta rtaaiii
where be is until the .nd comes_
* So it is with max What if he doe
' r«t? A man says practically the same
' word , "I have another day yet" ae-i
f b pu*s off from day to day the call
* of God And he is I»1 before he
p kz.oa> it aul cae;M>* make hi. way a
-1 low to the throne of Col
* Last night's service was devoted to
' the giving of testimonial- ami proved
8 of great value when the invitation
was extended and na?} young se
and women turned their all over to
" their God.
j This morning. Mr. Leanta-. took
the "Church" at has subject, stating
that sumbrit did not make the church.
t money did not make tmr church, for
I it wis today tne lead lag orgmaization
- the world financxaly. but that ats
■ ■Hey was not turasd louse. He :tat
,ed farther that the mnrlisnj of the
g mot properly oiled aad not ruaning
y as it should.
r Referring to "And you -hali be
bapiml in fire", the Evaagelist -tat
■ ed that when the ■■■ln - of the
D dt> had yielded their lives ta Gad
f the machine ry would begm ta work,
4 the appeul far momey wall he heard
«- as more, fog we woahi gladly give
d ta it* rightful owner the onc-teWh of
oar wealth which aidil mare than
it double the power of the thmith in
a faresga fields as wj at at home
d Oimich sales, cake aad ran iy l iimg
i and ether nrartaceo of the ihmul thai
If mmmeyighi be ramad would he itaap
a ad ta mo ■■re. oaoc the ptriom k bp
tj t ued m fire.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 23, 1924
All School Children To
Be Successfully
I Th, Martin County IJoar.l of Heai.h
met in call session on Kridax last
jfor tne purpose of discussing vaecina
,tion of school children, both white
laid colore*i, with Henry C. Green.
jOhairman. J. L. Hossell, Mayor, li A.
t Pope, S*-cre' ary and Superinte;i.ient
j«f Sciiools, I»r. Warren, County Health
lOtficer who also held proxies for
j I*t - Sinithwiek and Wan!, present i.t
II nj ; -~ting.
Itlidrr I'arssed lor t ompulaori Vac
| einaiion of School Children and
j Teaher* Ketoeen Sept. 19 to I let. la
IVi» was a discussion of public
sentiment as relatetl to vaccination of
.-«rhoo! children and it wa. agreed by
all jwesent that the sentiment wa.- for
irtualKT. and it wa* ordered,
i hat all chikiten of school age :!>
Martin county must be successfully
-accinated against -mall |>ox or show
hit they had been successfully vacci
rate! That all teachers must be vac
c rated or show that they have been
-iMcessfally vaccinated. Thi.- order to
be in effect between Sept. 19. 192.'
sixi Or*ober 15. 1V24, ami it should
t«e publ:. he>l in two local paper
.w-'ce sr The Enterprise and once in
" - e IMer-wnvillr Herald
tiidered thai Water and Sanitary
Cou«enience« lie Provided
For I our I House
A mot hoi for adoption was made by
Has sell ami secomleil by R. A.
I'ope. Supi.. for an order, which «i
--tarried by l»r. Warren with 'he prox
ies *f l>rs Smithwick ami Ward, vol
n.g with the proponents, which aa.
a- follows:
Ke it hereby that we deem
it a necessity that water and sauti
'ai) conveniences be provklet in the
Cam*t House and we recommeml that
steps be taken by the Hoard of Count)
loner- to have proptr cmi
venieiie»s m.-tidlcsl. that .the health of
the public he protected.
That a copy of thi: re.-olutio-i be
-pread on the minute-, a cop> be sent
to tin Chairman of the Count)
■ I t'omnn.--sinners and -ante he pub
I--led in the local pap> t.,
Henry C. Green. Chairman.
J I. lla.-.-ell. Major.
J. K. Smithwick. I'roay,
J. K. Ward, Proxy,
Wai K Warren.
By R A. Pop-. Sec'y
Vacriaaliou I'ree At Countv
Health iMhcer's IHhce
1 Vaccination will be gievn by l>r. V.
K Warren, at hL- office in William-ton
ai*.-dutely free to an> bo«f\ in tlie
county. H? will b.* in hi- office -acl:
I Raleigh, September 22.—An aver
age of t -n new members for every da>
I is the record made by the North t'aro
i lina Cotton Grower.-' Cooperative As
1 «iatioi,. -aid T. W. 4'hamhli--. 11l
i lector of Information, la.-t night. Con
racts are coming to the Raleigh
» headpiarter> by every mail ami
> many of these are from farmer-. wl.
I ant L-.milords.
I Th* Association ha- now over 35.-
t UM> members and the ,-pirit of loyalit>
- shewn by these men, according to
their letters, is stronger than at any
a tune during the life of the Assoc:-
I a lion The cotton crop is cor. uleiabl)
i J later this season than it wa- la t
5 year but the deliveries of the n»w
L. crop by the membership imiicates that
the receipts of the A.- ocia ton will be
exceeding satisfactory. Warehouses
f are reporting steadily growing re
e* i(i.- aid members of the A.-soeia
tH.r 'ar»- expressing their sat L-fact ion
with the Association advance- on the
. new crop.
>■ | o.
The receiving agents for Martin
f county this year are a* follows:
y _ Jrin? vflle. O. W. Hamilton; Wil
liaat-ton. J. W. Amlrj-ws; ' Everett*,
c;, to. Rad.lick; Robersonville. C D
Cureway; Hamilton, W. S. Rhodes;
* W. a Rhode.-; Ozk City. J.
" C J*oss.
e • ,
f Mr. George E. Roberson of Griflin
township is the champion crn grow
er of the county for the pnseat year,
B m far as we have lesm?d Mr. Rober
" som brought into our office yesUr-
K «l am car of corn measuring full
1 twelv* Maes in length wkh KH
*- grains em the cobb.
*- This fa good fruitage, one grain
mMhipljrimc iUaif *2B thmer.
Lawyer Runs Over His
Client's Child Was
Ollie lirowr, ths five your old child ,
ji" Lcuis Blown, colored, who lives on
-he faun of Mr. Henry C. Green, was |
iuii over by Mr. Junius D, Grimes |
of Washington yesterday evening and |
was probably fatally injured.
Mr. Grimes, accompanied by his I
wife, wis returning to Washington '
from Williamston, driving a Ford car, i
.nd when he had just passed th > I
.e.-id -nee of Mr. Green, the Hrown 1
•hiMron were on the left side of the
r«.»a«i with one of the larger ones push
ing a little wagon ill which the in
jure.! child was riding. When Mr
Grimes' car started by, his car hit
the wagon, it seeming to htve started '
♦cross the road in front of the car. '
Mr. Grimes could not stop his car un
' I
til it hail run across the child that
'.ad thi own out right in front
»f it No bones were broken and very
f ew bruises were found'and the child J
•s living, but it is in a very critical
condition. There are Internal injuries
which an' thought to lie very danger
".he father of the child. I ouis Hrown,
was s ruck by a car driven by Mr. ,
Jos. Griffin about two uars ago,
which broke Brown's leu. Hrown is |
f-«.w twing Mr. Griffin for.Hs,t>OU dam
and Mr. Grimes is his attorney. ,
It is rather a coincident that he should i
I ave the misfortune run over his ,
client's child. His accident, like Mr. i
«ii .Hi, *l-einj: almost identical in
thai they were practically unavoid
It is practically impossible for thr*
Miu.ll farmer to even a reason
able profit from farming without
trrow>ng winter cover crops for soil
impn-venieiit and winter grazing. Pos
-s'dy tin most important item in this
(•-niter 1 ion is the present price of
f>il. IVrhap you have plenty of
f-*d to take care of your stock dur
ing the coming season. Even if you
have, by growing a cover crop, you
issi i-avt part of your feed and sell
it. If vou hi'ven't plenty of feed, a|
K-»er crop will make the feed you
hive last longer and save buying so
much feed next summer. December
c«.rn i> row quoted at $ 1 ..'ifi per bush
el ami doubless it will be much high
er before sp. in«f.
I'hint winter oats, Abruzzi rye or
clover fir soil improvement
; .i«i wir.ter grazing Oats will help
tak- the place of corn. Winter outs
: re much better than spring oats. For
results with oa.ts on thin soils,
broadcast from 100 to 200 pounds of
N:lrate of Soda per Acre when oats
£re from 4 to 6 inches high. Plant
oat.- before (Jet. lf»th if possible.
If your coiton is not too rank or
blown down, you can plant Appier oats
between the rows after the first pick-
Cover the seed with a light har
row and cut the cotton stalks during
1 the winter. Vou can get a good crop of
als this way.
Abruzzi Ky >, planted this month
will be ready for grazing in Novem
ber. Thi. is w.thout doubt the best
' winter grazing crop that can be
' grown in thi.i county. (Abruzzi rye is
' very much better than any of the
other varieties that can lie grown in
! this county.l The earlier it is plant
-1 e«l, the belt, r growth it will furnish.
' Crimson clover is more valuable ar.
l a, soil builder. It is n fine grazing
p crop too bu does not provide much
E crazing until i.pring. The seed or soil
" .-Sould be inoculated before planting.
A cover crop will make a beauty
1 >pot on your farm this winter. The
s land and livestock will pay for the
investment. I will be glad to help
1 vou get your seed, advise you regard
ing the planting, etc. of cover crpps,
- and render you any other assistance
■» tl at I can. Don't hesitate to call on
I me.
• Mk» your farm pay dividends. You
* rant do it bying high priced feeds to
operate a rundown farm. Grow your
fted LTd improve your farm. Think it
t ' T. B. HRANDON, County Agent.
w - 1%,' .
The Evangelistic Party visited Ham-
II ilton Sundj. v and held services there.
B The church was filled and th"re were
seventeen e nvrsion*. They had a very
n  nthusiastic meeting and much good
remitted to all present.
Was Carrying l»ad 01
robacco to Greenville
Sunday Evening
James A. Daniel of Griffins township
was killed instantly Sunday evening
on the Washington-Greenville road,
three miles west of Chocowinity, whin
he fell from a truck loaded with to
Mr. Daniel accompanied by his
brethers and Mr. W. G. Hardison
was carrying a load id' tobacco to
the Greenville market and on tin- way
he raised up in the truck to see if
his two brothers in the rear, were in
sight, and as lie arose his foo? .-.lip
|ied and before the driver, Mr. \V. G.
Hardison, could catch him he h«d
fi'llen on his face on the pavement.
It is thought that the rear wheel
of the truck struck is head hut did
not run over it.
Mr. Daniel'had planned to carry u
load of tobacco to Greenville early
Monday morning, hut owing to the
fact that he had an appoiu'ment with
a specialist in Norfolk Tuesday, win re
lie was to have his boy treated, he
decided to carry his tobacco over Sun
day night. Mr. Daniel expected to
sell his tobacco early enabling him t"
nice' his appointment.
At the time of the accident ill
truck was moving at a very -slow
speed, not exceeding ten mile pet
hour. He was taken home end buried
-ye?.terday--iiftcrne>on. The funeral w.n.
conducted by Elders W. 1!. Harriiv:-
ton, E. ('. Stone and Sylvester Ma.
sell. The burial and funeral were at
tended by a very large crowd.
Mr. Daniel was the son of William
11. and Hannah Daniel, lie was 4?
years old last February and was in
good health at Wte time of his death
He married Miss llattie Hardison who
with three children survives him.
to ji • ix; e rum chops
vi sr Ml. run
Raleigh, September ~2. Over six
hundred farm hoys who art students
in the agricultural high schools of
the Stat-' will spend two days, Oct
ober Hi 17, at the Stat'" Fair to judge
livestock and farm crops. Coining from
eighty schools and representing sixty
counties, these hoys were selected
from over three, thousand contestants
in local high schools.
This is the fourth annual judging
contest for vocational agricultural
high schools and it will bring to
gether the largest number of farm
boys ever ass mhled in North Caro -
lina for such an occasion, says Hoy
H. Thomas, State supcrvisior of agri
cultural education, who has charge' of
the program for the boys.
A consolidated vocational agricul
tuial high school display, put on hy
the high schools of te State in which
vocational agriculture is tr.ught, will
be one of the features of th- Stat.'
Fair this y :tr, Mr. Thomas announces.
Probably the mi st interesting of all
the exhibits in this will be
he one in which the farm shop work
will be sown. Hoys from the various
schools will give demonstrations in
this section.
Liberal prizes are offered for n'l
Contests. Over two hundred dollar, in
money will be given in the livestock
contests and the same amount has
been allotted in th crop judging. The
boy who makes th= bejit score it. judg
ing livestock will he given a pure
bred Jersey calf hy the department
of animal husbandry of Stati? Col
The boys will Ik- gue.-ts of .Stat.
College while at the Fair. One of 1 h
features of the enterti inrnent will be
i the banquet on Thursday evening,
Oct. Hi. At this time the farm hoys
will be the guests of President I'. C
[ llrooks. Mrs. Vanderhilt, president of
the State Fair, will be one of the
■ speakers a* the bani|uet.
! Messrs. Jesse Horton and W. W.
1 Ange of I'lymouth were in town ye.
' terday.
■ Miss Josephine Harrison and .YD
! Stanley Sessions motored to Cob-rain
1 Sunday and spent the day with Mr,
Sessom's mother.
I Mr. Simon Lawrence of Hifhrnopi
> arrived Sunday to spend several day.-
r .hsre with Mrs. Lawrence who has boimi
t very ill at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Manning.
Mr. J. A. Abeyounis of Washing
ton spent yesterday in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Manning re-
turned Sunday from their wedding
tr ! p and are visiting Mr.
parents, Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Man
- ning.
Mrs. L. B. Harrison left yesterday
► morning for Petersburg where she will
r oe the guest of Mrs. F. L. Minga foi
I several days. While away ahe will
visit in Richmond.
Hon. Josiah W. Itailey 'will speak
in Washington tonight at eight o'-
clock on the I'ort Terminal Ship l!ill
Phis will Ik? of interest to the people
( f Williamsto'n, for most of them are
heart!!) for the measure. If they want
to hear the facts from a well qual
ified man, they will «U> well to hear
M>\ ltailey tonight.
He is one of the State's most able
and eloquent speakers ami tonight he
will .speak on a subject that is of
V'tnl interest to th" people of Eastern
Carolina. As the Washington Ihiily
News says, "If you favor the Fort
T, rminal Mill, heir Mr. ltailey; if
you are opposed to it then come out
ami heir ihp affirmative -;««•• dCcu-;-
t \-nii» \k;n now
Announcement was made recently
hy the Ea.-'ern Carolina Chamb-'i of
(Ymmerce, Inc. officials that a con
tract had li "M lot for an advertise
tnent to run ill every weekly p.ip
ii Texas, for one time as an exp"r
nil lit. This contract according to ihe
.t: ti ment of .h; officials calls for the
fit to rui one time in ~!iTi* dltfeieiit
weekly lie pap vs. within a month'
'ine. It i not known jut what the
total circulation of tliese !>. r > pa [>«■ r
is, hut a vi iv conservative « st»ni.• t• I
V.'ouhl put ii i.' ah.oil" :'oo.l'Oli f nt j.
It it is true tha' every weekly news
paper is read In fix* • different fain
'lies, this means that l,l)00,(MMI |nup|e
will rend about Eastern North faro
lilia's advantages, i : differ.ei:'
families. A similiar contract i- be
ing sovht in lowa. Illinois. 'r»«l»:«.-u*
Mehraska, Wisconsin anil Kan-a .
According to the plans announced
for the new membership campaign
the week of Del. tith. every town ia
the 46 counties, ami there a • about
1211 of them, tli'i' In comes affiliated
1 with thi.. organization, will be furn
i ish.'il the name of every inquirer who
i i in>s iirto heaili|Uarters at Kinston
I The local town can '.leu s, ml v.nat
ever local advert i in - i" mi;) le v: to
induce new pt ople to come ami s: ttie
The Industrial Bird' Eye Viov. of
I laistern North Carolina tint the .
hona! I.i Keniz.itio" p'ansto publish
i this fall will carry .""very town that
• take;', as mi ny as a dozen sltUMl m in
' hi rships or the equivalent I her'of.
Win n this publication is out, it will
' be a complete "I'rospect us" of the
industrial advantages of Eas'eru
North Carolina ami every town will
be flier,' for inspection. I bis is a v i y
' liberal proposition that the Eastern,
' Carililia Chamber of I'nmmerc' is
' making to the towns of the district
• ami should be taken up by every on •
' id the 120 towns or more. "Wlie.i they
'' find out what we huv", they are coin
• ing", a prominent citizen of Johnston
: County -iiid r- cently. This is tin' way
II 'o inform th«m and it is the best and
ineapes t wry "we can have.
I .

Mr. and Mrs. Emlick Wynn and
family if Wilson spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. A 1.. K'ynor
( Miss Jessie Pei le returned bom •
Saturday from Littleton where she
hai-. been visiting friends.
Mrs. (J. W. Ilarilison and Mrs.
Mary E. Feel of Willlaniston spent
r Ehursday afternoon with Mrs. W H
, Rogers.
s Mr .ami Mrs. Albert Hardy and
■ family of ne..r H'thal sp. Nt" Sunday
f with Mr. and Mrs. A 1,. Ray nor.
Mr. I, sier Rogers went to Rocky
Mount Saturday where & received
medical treatment at the Park View
, Hospital.
Messrs. W. A. Burroughs and Ira
Feed wont to Williamston Friday on
r business-,
Quite a number of the local people
r have been attending the revival m-et
ing in i Williamston.
,1 Mrs. Elmer Chesson spent Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. W'. H. Rogers
Mis. Juno Grimes of Washington
visited Mrs. J. H. Saundeifc Monday.
Mrs. Joe Fender of Hamilton is
visiting her son, Mr. Joe Pender and
.. Mrs. Fender for somj time,
g Mr. William Clyde Harrell of Mac
's clesfield spent the week end with hit*
i- sinter, Mrs. Mary Bell Osborne.
Mr. Lynion Cox of Rocky Mount
y spent Sunday with friends in the
II city.
r Mr. T. C. Cook of Rocky Mount
II I visited his family during the we«k
Two Yountf Men Give
Leg: Bail; Ar
ranged Their Trial
l'ui sday. Federal Agent, A. .s
liarri- and Deputy luscoe with
I'epuu Sheriff Claude Jones, took a
trip into the Frecti I nion set. ion of
Jamesville township, where tiipy found
a well made copper .--till. with two
still cap.- and three -till worms. They
wire unahlo to tied the other par s
of the extra st;Tl- It is a habit oi
moon hiners to hid.' the different
part- of the stills in different places,
which mak 's it hard to find complete
outfits unless they are in service.
At this place t'vv found no beei
nor liquor .but '!ie> procured enough
evidence against a colored man nam
ed Hnniks to coii" ci ■him .with the
ejM* ration.
t>n Friday Jiiorning. Sheriff
a si ie.l h\ C'def of Police I l> Man
ninir were c ilhil i lit about four miles
fri in Wll11 allis 11 tli > found a
plan' in operation. Tl.e -till wa full
of boiling beer and about two trallohs
of monk was taken. No oth"r be-n- wa
ft und at this plant.
The two young men, Mr lennalil
Swain and Mr. Ir:i Price gave leg
bail, but old t'nele Fate Cross, who
.aid that he w not above running,
and in fact did nit evi w: le to, as
In was not interested in the -till, lilt
happenii g ti| pass nearby, lie had
n tlit'" .-inok" and lied drop|>.il in
to. get I drink The Shelitl
officers feel 111 ' th:>t the . in -n told
. ii. l truth am I iui dial lie wo-- ;u.ii I ■
eailist him. Tin- otln i fellow forgot
leu coa 1 .- and tin- Sl* '! ; ff -n .w -ax
ing tin in for the • wl'"rs.
Swaill and Price hav" since com" n
anil arranged for tlisir ap|H. ranee l«*-
fore lie Record >r on S.'ptemlM'i "nth.
The Hamilton F!e ■■•n'ar- High
School opined Momla\ : j -r tlie
it 1 ■'ith the largest i ; ilment
i'i the hisory of tie.' school uhe en
rollm nt increas"d so mud during
•111- week !' it of tea r will
hnv" to he iHilt' l to the pre. num
Ihe M'hool is in charge o* Prof.
I 1.. Join's wl o a 'riadnat. Wake
I'' re t ( «.Ile^.- aid i oill1■ *ll t I' ruit
land Institute \ here he w. at th"
head of the Sc nee and 11 r\ de
piiitment for thro" years. P■■ Jones
la- associnted with him in ti> *ork a
strong corps of teachers 1 1 » come
highly recommended and hay already ■
demonstrated their ability teach
er-. They are Miss I.aura Hi i from
| Irosse, W is.; Miss Hlanr! ■ I'oe, of
\|h'x, \ C and Miss Fucy P 'mrr of
Athen, (.a. Mrs. .1. I Jones is in
_ charge of the music class ard 'eaches
Hist ruinentaf mu-ic and also y - ce cul
ture, and another teacher 'or the
( primary work who is to (»• I re this
I I'll ■ outlook for the sch . is the
lust it ha;. Im'l'H 111 the histi-r». of the
echool and with the help ai d cooper
ation of the patrons we hop o make
the school tiie be.-1 in its h tory.
I I'lv new building Which ha already
( I.i en under coiiktrwciion fo. some
time will be ri ady for occ p—ncy a
bout the middle of Novenil. .• or the
fir,! of Oecemher. Everyth in; |K>intx
to a successful cliool year. Yiii build
ing will- be modern in every re-pect
j an.l will be one of ths liest t, .ildings
in the county The of the
.school is due to the untiring work of
I the local committee, who has worked
, faithfully fur a muted ciipiiltti iity T '-'—
One 11 nek is being o|ierat'd and we
ex|M'ct to put another on b- «m>ii as
I possible to take care of those who
k , ile.sire to come.
Everything points to a successful
, year and with ths united efforts of
~ ail the ,school will lie the in its
history.— Reported.
Mr. Wilson of Norfolk is a bust- '
nests visitor in town.
> Messrs. William C. Harrell and
Hugh Hurras, jr. of Hertford spent
the week end here with relatives.
™ Mrs. A .T. Crawford, Mrs. W. H.
Crawford, Mrs L. C. Bennett, Mrs.
h H. W. Hardy and her guest. Mrs.
I Nichols of Enfield motored to Wash
ington yesterday and spent the day.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Pope visited
s relatives in Whitakers last Sunday.
Miss Eleenor Stan hack spent the
t week end in Lewiston with friesda.
s Judge J, C. Smith attended court
here yesterday,
t Mr. John H. Wynn of Everett*
It was a business visitor in towa ym-
Iterday. „

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