North Carolina Newspapers

Died Early Yesterday Morning As A Result of
Heart Trouble; Was One of Wplliams
ton's Most Prominent Citizens
Dr. J. Burke Haywood Knight, one,
of Williamson's most prominent and
best loved citizens, passed away yes
terday morr.inir at six-fifteen o'clock
as a result of attacks of heart trouble
bit which started about six weeks
He was born in Wake county, Oct
o|>er 12, 1856, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Knight, leading citizens of that
county. They educated their son for
the medical profession and after he
completed his college course in North
Carolina he went to Baltimore where
he was graduated from a medical col
Dr. Knight came to Williamston
more than thirty rears ago and since
entering into the practice of his pro
fession here, he has always had an
extensive practice Today there are
many who have been patients of
his for years, whose hearts are sad
dened, because they loved him, not
only as a doctor but as a true friend.
He has been physician for the Atlantic
Cosat Line for many years.
The deceased married Miss Ada
Bullock of aßltimore and she with
three children survive him. Mrs. W. K.
Parker of Williamston. Messrs. Bay
wood ami Charles of New York City,
Haywood being a chemist of note of |
that city.
Dr. Knight was one of the leading
members of the Methodist church and ,
had been since young manhood. In |
the affairs of church as well as state |
and country, the doctor always lent
nis moral support ami force.
His hearty laugh! anil his genial j
ard sympathetic nature emleared him I
to all those with whom he came in
contact ami he will be greatly missed
by those whom he saw in his daily
walk of life.
The funeral services were held this
afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Methodist
church and they were conducted by-
Rev. E. D. Dodd and burial waa made
at the cemetery.
Pall bearers were. Dr. J. H. Saun
ders, C. B. Hassell. Dr. H. H. York.
Laalie Fowden. Dr. P. B. Cone, Dr.
J. D. Biggs, Wheeler Martin, J. G.
Godanl, W. H. Crawford, Dr. Wm. E.
Warren. Dr. J. S. Rhodes. F. K
Hodges, G. W. Blount, H. M. Stubbs,
A. R. Dunning, Clayton Moore, J. G.
Staton, K. B. Crawford, S. R. Biggs.
Dr. J. K. Smithwick of Jamesville.
ami J. W Bight.
A pretty weeding was solemnized
Saturday evening at the home of
Mr. ami Mrs B. F. Jackson, when
their daughter. Sabra Mary, became
the bride of Floyd Elmore Wood, of
this city, son of Mr. and Mm. W.
R Wood, of Charlotlemrille, Va., The
house was beautifully decorated with
palms, ferns and rut flowers, ami
the ceremony was performed by Dr.
R H. Cross field. Just before the cere
mony, Miss Mildred Dorothy Jackson,
a sister of the bride sang "I Love You
Truly." The wedding music was play
ed by Delmar L White.
The bride was given in marriage
by her father. She wore a gown of
wood brown Kashmana cloth, fur
trimmed, and with accessories to cor
respond. The groom had as his best
man, John StrolL Immediately afte
the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Wood left
for an extended northern trip. Led
ger Dispatch.
The above account will be of in
terest to relatives ami friends of the
bride inthis county, where she form
erly lived.
Mrs. James Manning laft
this morning for Saulaton, N. C
where thay will teach for the coming
school term.
Mr. Joe Taylor attended the foot
bt ll game in Wake Forest and the
fight rn Raleigh Saturday last.
Miss Lucy Turnage of the local
school faculty, spent the week end in
Wilson Mills with relatives
Mr. C. D. Carstarphen spent last
week in Baltimore purchasing gsxx's
for the fall and winter trade.
Mesara. N. & Godard and R S.
Biti motored to Smith field last Fri
day night and from there they went
to Wake Forest and Raleigh Sat
urday. ,
From Baltimore Mr. Carstarphen
went to New York where he visiter I
his son William Carstarphen who is
connected with the Hanover National
bank. Mr. Carstarphen will reiun
this week.
Messrs. Irviag Margolis and Frank
Margolis ulwaed from Goldaboro thi>
■sraing after spending the week end
there with friends.
The joint meeting of all the differ
ent federations last evening at the
church was well attended.
Mr. Coston was leader and it was a
great meeting. There were many testi
monial from the new members as
well as the old ones and it was plain
ly ste-i that the good that the meeting
benri has only just been started ami
the good work will be carrie*! on
j with great zeal. There was no business
transacted at this meeting but at an
early date arrangements will be made
in regtrd to places for meeting for
the rent organizations.
Se\eial ago. E_ G Lofton io»k
a r'oiii car in i r near Wilson am!
drove it n the direction of Williams
ton. A rv»* an! was offered for his
ai rest in i l ie return of the car
The heal police authorities were
notified ai.d began a search for the
law > lolntor. Monday night they found
that Lo't in was in a hotel in Washing
ton. thief Manning drove over to
W-uJi'—it m fhis morning and carried
h;m to the police station. Lofton is
u twenty year old hoy ami helped in
jtlie street grading of the local streets
lust .•' ,r. He has visited William-ton
very fieouei tly since he left here and
on rial occasions he gave had
th..' It-
Senator Declares Caaalry U Reiag
Rained By OSre- *
Holding (tea*
Lexington, Sept 28. —"I tell you thi> y is being ruined by an office
I idling oligarchy." declared Senator
I-oe S. Overman in opening the Dem
ocspetk>- • imfaigr. of the
, county at the court house last night
"There are now 175.U00 more Fealeral
, employees than in !»15." he said
"and the cost of salaries has been in
creased $ 16x.««0> >.*■> per year "
"This great payroll" said the Sen
ator, "has become a political army
with power centralized at Washing
I ton ami is threatening what rights
t yet remain to the people through
the State.
"They are srasting the people's
' money ami stealing it too." said the
Senator as he turned to a brief dis
cussion of the charge of corruption
levelled against the Washington ad
' ministration.
"Six great constructive inea-ure
were passed by the Wilson adminis i
tration," said the speaker, but he
' declared not a single constructive
1 act is attribute*! to the present ad
ministration during three am! a half
veaas except a tax bdl framed by
f Democrats. The naval limitation
f conference, he declared, had resulted
r only in the United States junking
- some partly completed powerful
t ships while other nations have rash
ed ahead with the building of grea*
t battle cruisers.
These fliers who recently circled
the globe, traveling in 117.532 miles
I spent only 351 hours in the air. They
■ | were about five and om half months
g on the journey but they spent most of
their time waiting for storms to paw.
t for fogs to dear or making official
t cells anal sight seeing.
- S
1 Hearing the call of hand red. and
* hundreds of school children, the Ford
has answered manfully in taking the
>- children to school. Ia owr town this
i- morning Henry's product* were lined
up smiting a chance to discharge'the
t- passengers. The little old Ford con
tinues on its way to help build a bet
n ter world. Of course there were a
d few other makes of can on the job,
Is but Henry led with a large majority.
Mr. Brace Wynne is teaching it
Farm 'Life school this session.
k '
is Rev Runo filled hi* icgular foi'l'i
d Sum lev c, pr-intipent *S the Epio-oj i
church a* Haauton Sunday.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 30, 1924.
Will Make Several Ari-j
drseses at Various
Parts of County
Miss Susan Landon, who for a
number of years was officially con
nected with the State Kducational
Department, and who is now connect
ed with the N, C. Cotton Growers*
cooperative Association, will visit
Martin county this week ami make
addresses as follows:
Thursday October 2nd. 3 P. M.— I
Sandy Ridge school house.
Friday. October 3rd, 3 P. M.— |
Cross Roads
Frialay. October 3rd, 8 I'. M.—
Robersonv ille.
Saturday, October 4th. 2:.'10 P. M.—
Court house, Williamston. j
Miss landon will alekl with those
things that go to help make home
life easier. Every woman as well es
every man should hear hear as well as
make it a point to attend the: ? meet
tings. Keep the dates in mind.
Messrs. Chapman and Hurnette of
Greenville are opening a sales room
for the Dodge car in the flat iron
building on Washington street.
The agency will handle all models
«»f the Ihjalge car and will carry
everal on display. Wrtliamston. for
some time has been without a'Poalg? 1
agency and with this one's estabiish
iM-H the list of auto dealers is very
near complete
The lower floor of the flat iron
building has been remodeled and very
l ttractive show rooms have been
wade. _
The resolution adopted by the
Realtors follows:
Having heard the address of Real
Isr K. C Uiuc An Iha .ulijarl a f
''selling North Carolina" and it being
I rop-jsed that the legislature for 1926
authorize the appoiutment of a com
mission by the Governor to prepare
a volume of authentic and accurate
information pertaining to all of the
iesource- and assets, life, opportuni
ties ami progress of the State of
North Carolina; therefore, be it
Resolved, by the Real Estate As
sociation of North Carolina, in its
r nnual convention for 1924, assembled
in the City of Durham, that the said
proposal be ami is hereby endorsed
ami the president authorized to ap
. i - int a committee to take this matter
i hand, said committee to secure such
t formation as it may find of value,
i to call (linn the civic bodies, chamber
. of ca.mni.-rcc ami other agencies of
'lie Stat* f»r aid and assistance ~i
i -eeuririg at the next General Assem
bly the necessary legislation ta mak
'his pro|.o«al effective.—News «>»id
.) N. C. llines is a Martin county
man ami wis raiseal at Oak City. His
father, John 1.. Hines, was responsi-
Me for changing the name of Goose
r Neat to Oak City.
r We are alway- glail to see the
i Martin county boys on the front
* .eats.
* ■ ——— --••'* j
H. M. Poe, Manager of the Raaanoke
Fair Association, will arrive this week
from Rocky Mount to make final ar
► rangements for the Fair this fall
While Mr. Poe has not been station
j ed here, he has been making arrange
f ments for the past several months for
f the Roanoke Fair this fall.
I Mr. Minga Rogers of Hear Grass
spent Saturday night and Sumlay with
his parents, Mr. ami Mrs. W. H.
j. Miss Jessie Peele spent Saturalay
with Mrs. John Simpson.
Messrs. W. H. Rogers ami Sylves
■' ter Raynor motored to Williamstor.
'' Momlay on business.
f Mr. ami Mrs. H. A. Cullipher ami
* Mrs. J. H. Rogers motored to Waah
■' ir.gton Saturday.
' Miss Mabel Price of Washington
h spent Sunday with Mrs. H A. Culli
•' (her.
* Messrs. Lester Rogers ami Haywooa!
Rogers motored to Williamston Thurs
'• day on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chesson motor
it ed to IA ill lams ton Saturday shopping
Me#*.-?. A. R. Dunning, C. A. Har
> if-ii; .Til John L. Rodgerson at tern I
i i■' the d'ake Forest-Carolina game
't V rt( Forest Saturday.
I r ~
Musical Instrument vs.
Razor Indicated
By Name
Marriage lictnats issued during
September show a r.wing back to
matrimony which is an indication that
conditions are becoming better. Mar
riage licenses issued during August
were very few compared to those is
sueal in September.
There were more inan twice as
many colored marriages in this month
than white. One girl 15 years
of age ami one 16 years of tge are in
the list below. This seems rather
young when the ggneral tendency is
to increase the age limit. The State
permits an IS year old boy and a 15
year-old girl to unite in matrimony
when neither of them can make a legal
contract for three years to come. Mat
tiimony at this period in life should
I* discouraged.
Th • most peculiar name in the list '
is Piccolo Razor the name of a col
ereal pic. alo is a musical I
i instrument which Would certainly up
' |ieal to the average c'o|ored person hut
on the other extreme he has a razor.
Licenses issued were as follows:
' Thomas McKim-Elizatieth W. Pope;
W. J Starr-Pattle Sherroal; W. S.
McGee-Nellie Roeburk, Jasper Scott-
Sialne) L. Whitgker; William 11.
Ma allm-Sualie Martin. Walter E. Ty
son-Hessie L. Moye; Phillip Ambrose-
Virginia William.-; Raymoiul II
Stalls-Alice James.
John orship-Num> Williums;
(allepsie-Annie Eborn. William Ste
phensain-Piccolo Razor; Freeman
Camp-Polly William-; Walter Parkins '
l.ula Hines; Charles I»aughte.ry-Lil
lian Wallace; Flo>al Spruill-Ma' tie L
Hill; Isaac Gay-Judie H. Davis; Thos.
Overton Isaalore Holloman; Freal Sim
m.n«-Marj' M- Parker; Waller
llattie Jones; James Scott-Matt ie
II .IWJ.-j. a I ■■ II
Albert (Jray Cherry
Died Friday Evening
Albert Gray, the ten months old
son aaf Mr anal Mrs. Nathaniel Cherr>
dia-al Friday evening after a few alays
* The chilal was hurrieal at the James
II Waral burying ground Saturalay
afternoon. The funeral service wa»
camalucteal by A. J. Manning.
All the alirt roaals in the caiuniy ara
in ba>l comlition as a result of the
long anal heavy fains of the past few
The Jamesville raiaal is unalergoing
construction ami detouring has to he
I resorteal tai in order to reach James
v ille The Hamilton highway, which is
r is usually a gooal road is now cut up
baally ami very mualaly. While all the
alirt roads leading into Williamston
h are all mualaly ami sticky, they are
all passable.
The state prison sanatorium which
v ill lie the only institution of its kiml
in the L'niteat States, 0 now in pro
a-oss of erection on the State Sanator
ium property. It will be reaaly for oc
* cupancv in liecember.
- * —_
Washington, Sept." 29.—The follow
r ing hurricane warning was issueal by
the weather bureau tonight:
Aalvisory hurricane warnings or
dertal 6 p. m. iit. Amlrews. Fla., to
Cealar Keys, Fla. Tropical disturbance
approaching the coast between Cealar
h Keys ami Appalachicola will causa
alangerous anal probably alestructiva
gales tonight. Southeast storm warn
irtgs oralereal 6 a. m. Jacksonville ta
Fa»rt Monroe. Tropical storm will aal
\e.nce rapially northeast waral anal causa
strong easterly wiml.. anal gales to
h night, shifting to northwest.
n New Hesn, Sept. 29.—A report
brought to New Rem toalay by Dr.
E. C. Armstrong from Havelock
'' where the Pennsylvania Drilling
'* Company is sinking the first well in
search of oil on the Great Lakes
Drilling Company's holdings near
I- that place saial that a stratum of
what was described as "very rich oil
rand" was struck late Saturday ami
I- thai the machines were cutting
e through it today at a depth of 325
'feet. i
i I
The advantage to be aierive*! :"rvn> |
"iie development of water rout- - jsj (
veil illUsirateal by th? experience ol j
Maine which has only this yea. ca-ie I
plete.i ti.e first state-owned tetu.rc.Uj
st Porlla:Mi, on a site h>iuite: •>> ae |
laiunit >| ulaties. The st-ite ha> ii've".- j
e.I "Jt (110 in buihiing a iraiatein I
t\pe o." i :er with ample freigb; j'
l>ng eajuipment adapted ba>th for a-er j'
seas a:i«' coastwise traltio Th? i.e«.a!
•■f this p'er was so great >hat !jriH'4l
the a-i'i-11 uction a.- fi.-t a- one |»>r |
tiorj. *a. complete! it put lo u--j
! r>r tl j ; ocomoaiation of ships.
Self-supprting Iron the IW-ginniag j
During construction a new line of j
steamships between Portlam: afiai '
.New Ya.rk was inaugurateti. Karl\ in'
19*;: a pairtion of the pier was mi far
completed a.-, to permit its u-e ht a
line of steamstripts running Ir>>aii port
lanal through the Panama Canal aa
Pacific paaints. This -ea-a>n the pier is
lieing fully utilize*! ha«th f.»r caaa.>t
vise bus iness through the Panama 1
t anal, ami for trans-Atlantic bu-ine.-s
anal during tha» |O-1 -uminer its us«-
so increase! that i»nly a few week- a
gai a steamship latadeai.with Wr»«! pul|a
from Europe couiai not !«- acorn
rnoalateal at the "tale pier which W;as
that alay being u-e«f to 'ull ca
Even aluring const rucfor *» e.only
partially in Use. the pfer a- .a*.. aaper
ating propositia>n ha- pa:! ,.« n
way. Fair the twei%e nior.lli- jaeriamj
enaling June *ti». t921. th«- ra-reipt*
have exeeealeal aaperatnig a-\|»-ij.«v. In
more than SlO.ihni Wi»h ih• pier
complete ami in full •.p.-mtio: ar „j
\vftß tha* huilaling up of Jf-." '
t.> a normal Rrun'. !!*• pip r -houbl i
show a very -üb-tantul -urplus ap
plicalde to paying irteivsY at?d a.ther
charges a>n the investment
ltenelit> to tha> Stale
The the frsr.i *!n
proyision of tin- moalern i>ate: iia t
terminal have been th- aU-\elapment
a>f new -teamship lin.- . iiw l.awerin t
of freight rates, the «i.ieriiM>; of aa|.i
market.- ami the ieve'aapn»etit of new
markets for new prualuct- This !>j.
haarn iKtrticularlv tme with referetw*
to the business carrieal iaatw»-en
Maine ami the P.ioitic o.«a-t states
Through I ha- nieaiiuln a,f che-aiaa-r water
trans|Mirtatiaan a >Kaa>
in an inlai»l city a.f Maine can slaija
I'is shoes ta> I'a iby rail ami at
the state pier lawl them alaaaarl a
Pacific coast steam-hip fa.r tnuispaar
tation thra.ugh the i'jru'iit Ckiml ana 1
lanal hi.- sha>e- at any paart oi- the l*a
cific coast at a tran-portatiai .-t
considerably l»-low that a.f any -haae
manufacturer at St IjaauL-. «!«> mu-t
pay rail ra'es fr-.m his f.aa-l..r\ taa this
same Parifia- marko-f
Kalrn (aw pa red
t>n the freight movwi tlnaaugh tin
state po-r in one year's t,naa l«-t»eeo
Maine anal tlx- PaoifW- cuast la) way
aaf the I'anaiita Canal Ilia- avmgs in
freight rates, over wfiat tt.r.- merchnn
alise waauld have cost f»r rad oarriaga
across the ea>ntiner>t. have amouiateal
to appraaximata-ly a>ne-|uarter a.f a
niillion dadlar-.
On the water line la-:weeii Port
laml anal New Yaark City the railroads
: ml water carrier.- have maale a lif
f'-renc»* in rate- which average aroum! I
* 100 |aa-r ta>n, arwl the result mi far
is a saving of rmarr than on
freight rates in a year's time The
t'>tal savings in freight move." through
tne state pier ami tran-porteal by the
variant.-' water line- for the year eiaal
ini- June 30, 1924. have been a.ver
s:ttJO,liM) a>r more thara 'Jn per cent of
the state's investment in the tate
terminal, ami this result has been a
-0 hie veal aluring a period in which the
pier was still incomplete and useal to
rn'y a part of its- full capacity.
Water Sen ice >«perM(r
Transportation by water, regaral
less of t !.e ra>utr, ha- laeen fa.un!
ta shipprr- laecau.-e of
Ihe ii tin, awiw rwra ein!
by •e, el- -;.."inj a>n re/u ar sche tale.
Tin- has letii s.i. ■! factaar ir
tlie ato- eiupiair .1 ad las throu n .li
the* po-r IKc :«■ 11 er.- I»etwe -a
Maine poo.;.- ami NVw Y-.rk City can
me'e t'a :r |a«-gl,- » ■»! nrUmty an*'
in il - i:t i*. if i* e !iaa t.y water that
W-jt.l-1 le >tonel iu the maavement
i.f the -anaa- fa«-igtit !•' an allrail rnjute
1 he ships engagr>i in the Pacific coast
.loaie run on icra'ar -claealules ami
. -ylliiiae-- rrsfcj t ill ji a alay or two
iriei. tr «ir «jai J -«r. a :,t> are due at
any poirt.
Tiie i:re.T« r . i»i -■ .i, well as car
; faint a of r ir».e leul •' water freight
; m\y !».» a|- iieriattal Vr we consialer
i *i. at, tairir.f. e*.%nlty over, the
i avera -e *rei*fct t-t «.j our railroads
r m*ive- !eu than 31- ■ «es a alay. An
r intere.-ttog c trior n c-f the mox-e-
I inent of '.eight Ly *4.ter and by rail
| -h" m in 1)4 transportation of
r ?Sin or- the .i«-..( Lakes and thence
ajty rail to 'W '.jt rr parts. The average
jlake 'ate on wheat from Dululh to
Three  Federations To
Carry Work Of
Meeting On
j The meeting at the Tabernacle
i closed Sunday night after a period
!o* live weeks.
At the beginning of the ine.-ting
| there were only a few |ie»plc who be
| l eveil that the mpetiin; r»uM shake
] tlx. town to any treat extent. Ho*
ever, these few remained intact ir.
tl.eir belief anil are largely rv-pon.-iblt
for the success of the meeting.
The churches of the town rendered
(support from the beginning and help
«->! in a large measure to get the
meeting started. The greate-t cor.
tiihutmg factor to the meet it, *
the frequent prayer meetings hel.i
at various places in the town ami com
inunity. They brought a new vision
t»> Hundreds of |eople who had never
heard nor -een the teaching- of
JesUs Chri.-t through the n 11.1 i church
service In this manner tlwy were
able to see the person:;! application of
(■id's love.
The results of the meeting will
evidently lie a bles.-smg t.i th- t»wn
ami county as w—ll a. to hundred- «.f
individuals who have taken th • ii.iirf
of then laird as their guide through
life While this meeting ha- not
the town perfect, it Jui heJprd t.> .•
I'res* extent to awaken the and
help them realize th? nece--it\ .if •
righteous living. Life ami pr»|>ert>
will he -afer ami the -ociafUife clean I
er that it -hit- lieen in Ihe ■>'
MfwS.'Jiave o|ienly -It*..! ;>n>l a.iimT~r
tedjheinir wholesale dealer- n lupior j
Many have admitted gambling. tl-. ft |
ami other debasing thing- ami now
they are denouncing them openlt ami
declaring their wil!ingne» to live
the clean life.
The earnestnes-. ..f most „f these
young men cannot lie doubted iml it
means for them happier and im>re
profitable live- One of 'he Ui*lie-t. as
well as one of the most u-rle.. that |
has prevailed in our town was that
* : ..r «.
o|ienl> declared that the'\ will not
cur-a* ami will do all |fc«ssilde to pre
vent others from curbing
While the meeting ha- cloal am
the evangelistic inrty ha.- left out
town, the work ha- ju-t -tarted With
three federations, one of the men. one!
of the women ami on® of the >i.ui*«- I
ladies of our community, a i-reat work 
tan lie expected.
Mo\ |\(, OF TAItER N \« LE
TO |»|.Y Mill 111
Sftllfr* Will Itrgin In llymoulh
October Hth Instead of
Ne\l Sunday
I »ue to the bid weather, wk tia
been delayed on the tearing down ana'
' moving the tabernacle which has been
u>ed for the pasL h\e week- in the
union revival ai|d instead -if le-gln
iiing services in Plymouth nest Sun
■ day it will lr impo-.-llie to bt-gm the
meeting liefore Wediie-«la>. the Ma.
I What wa- a -tructur-- yesterday
■ is now in many part.-, -ome already
i loaded on railroad car- with more
• waiting to la- shipped to Plymouth
LEAVE Toll % t
' Kev. and Mrs. Mel l. la-aman left
' Uh'.iv (or Elisabeth City where they
• will join the Ham Kam.-e> Lvairigeli.-
• tic Party and spend tbi- week Nest
> Sum'ay they w go to Plymouth to
be;rin the meeting which the
IVjUin Kvangeli-tic Party wili hohl
in t. at city.
r ill* fain for about three year- ha
L liee msl under '.I cent- |ier bushel,
. nl u» one mill per lon mile,
IS * . ana: wheat mo vet 1 by tail from
i Ili iTa.o to New York City, if 'le-tined
i It . the export trade. is carried at
i t'>e rate of 7.1 nulls per ton mile, ami
I lit for ocme»tic market- at 'J.7 null*
I jiet ion mile. In other wonL-, in tran
t J. i t in,- wheat by l-ak- tail route
• frorlluiuth to Sew Y.-rk City the
L tran.-|«o lition charges lor that part
i of the distance carried" by rail- is
i fr. hi .-ever to ten time.- the cLarge
t f»r t airying that -ame wheat -by
The people of Maine are eminently
t s;.t i.-tieil with the result of their un
r «k rtaking to dale awl look forward
s to the continued growth of freight
 movement by water routes to such an
t extent that another pier will soon be
- needed at Portland to accomodate
I the growing business of the 'Maine]
f industry.—F. Fay. of Fay, Spiigj
II itntl Thormlike, Consulting lUupneers
f in planning and building the SUJe
u I'ieTs at Portland, Me.
WK. » iisio \ WILL BL I.KICL
Another joint meeting of ttie free
local Keileration- will be held tontgin
at the liaptist churcn. Kvery tnera?x»
a- well as non-member i- urge>i to w
there. Mr Coston will be at tht- mw-:-
n.g ari this will |>robabi> I* Eist
ap|»-arance a* a meeting ir. vir cst>.
Il will !ea-i the -ervice and it i, es
|-"'te>i to be one of the m>»-t®-i
a-tic meetings held {during the er.tire
-eru-,- of meetings ltKat begin. With
'ln revival here -e/eral week- agw.
t Hi'ii'i: t«» t.eavv runr* vurm
r«»a« • ut» t iaVt* |—tjior,p»! the
a I I i Sprmr- to later
«iale whir! w i'l w announcefl ir ?lle>e ,
i *lurr.Ki- iat# r.
!i th« uraft.ei break- we «ill fee
a:in ;» mtp'»i ,t" at \>rnwi c -.aief*
li»ui -ia\. JKi.'Ur The eentM
i..i- arre#*s t.» r«»n*iurt thi> riwetiprjr
. r 2.x U*a-t srteatU the
i i li
W\t a> niorntnif it the
\l«-U iMiist c\ urrh tie *io«»rx will be
«? ( >en i«»r i!e rervpti»t) of any ciut
»»•..»> .• it*" t«« join i.ur chitnrh
'"|i p':nl rviv will hp aS
*i %- f v,>n k*»* The pabfirf- a
;l|\ i»i\ ite»i.
Y l> |Nk|V|»
i.1.'l I I IN— I Hi Ik'ION
».(.|.i, Se|» .' Jn \ rr-.irrttce
h J ti*iK*h if tfit*-t to the fneftefc* oi
' l»p rout ra* t »mr |Ktrti«*-' c«>«.4 ■
M»«* Christian rhurcl. NHf
Irt*it* Klizaliflh rhorn(t«e Mie
*nn»>t ar«'oiti|»ii»he«t
|M>|>ular la.ii—. t»eeair»nf tfee
« f Mr. I Inyit t»r»ffcu. v«>it mt
Mi and Mr- A I t;r;lTir.. ai-« «f
I llie uiarriaiep ¥ka
witne>M»i •►nlv b) jt few
tHrmK yf tJie ti uirfe, arwih p*r
f«»rn»iii r»\ Kev i irmer.
of I hi- church kftrr
, % ! r r ,j ilry l-r ifi-e
Iff! f r |M»int«i iti \ »rifinia» «be*e
w ill >iat*fi«i t«»n ia> - >»i m«hre. rf !um
!•••" to i"«»|«f born to *hetr Uml
j J \r; >I i HYING '
V« a .loiigton, .V(h is
'«■!> iiir Aim ricai. methwL- n(' t>itM*
m;,rk»-tiiig ami toiiacco giotter*." €&-
o|*-r.ative orgamzatiuas. It Y inu hjta
romniK-Nuii-r of the la
ti nt 1,-tiacc> rm-riopoly Ks
■iiakiog a tour »-f SiiUthem f
rrgt..ti-. it wa- anniMnrM hy
the 'e|iartii,en: of .tgrirultur-. whach
i- ii--L-tiiig the -tmiy
Jl Ik .L N A. SINt LAIK Hi>U>-
l-«: I 111 Kl IN HI %l loICI 111.
N A. Sinclair. *(!•■> Ww» «•
ern.asly hurt in an ant. 'tt.iMtt ac
c»••«-! ' in Wc.-tern I
li" Mils ago, an.l which th *"
health, ha- recovere.l ar«l t- tu>* -.544-
iiig oiuit in lleaaf-rt c«4.nri
.'edge Sinclair k- ws* ~f tke
a- well a.- i»ne of .rhe Him-f ,>ta&ar
jlldi-e- ill the State
.Mr. Klliert Marifung ti-itH 'euem&s.
m V. ashiiigtun Sur .Lay
Mi ami Mrs. John ( M> ail peal
Sumiav in W a-hingti.r ' •
Mr and Mr . • C.  • itraw
children of KiHite I vt-ite»i frwais
i ere Sumlay. .
Mr-. S. S. Lawrence aarf htl»
• ■aughtei. Ihhy, will Wane r
fol their home in Ki-rfawial a
i av l g -petit -ome time here.
'I. --r-. B. Haywoo.l aarf Oeaa/kttk
, Knight arrived^Su»i4a.- '" ni " la hi
i t'if bedcide of their f-»t*er. Wr_ J. R.
i l! Kitigi.t, who dte.l "Jt.j -if Milij \
H. .I. ing
I Me->»r Norman H: • il-h. It \ljL
. t'..huin am! Stanley S-.
«■ If A lison Sumlay ¥s TtstS. fin4l
' a :t t rtrss t tan cwiiegw
Had Iteea Rrpwlcd Uo! la Jgw
tior In Fraa-* Barf) Kitaarf
New Orleans. Sept. Hl— Ft HUT &
- Claire a tianiH ia the fc*ii ynaaa
I at Atlanta. Ga. has heea iialflai
l as John Bergeron, ai hi ■ iam Vk,
i who was list ad by the war li p—| .
i me nt as killed by the war a
it was learned here WFM tha
■|r» turn of F. W. Hll|i lea, LA CATHAC. I
r|TL-e hotly af » I ilMew itatiM AS ;
A LINK of Bergeron was ntmri " » thia j
f coun' ry and BOW ret * r r RTM |
in Wiscoasxa.
. - 4

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