North Carolina Newspapers

1,291,734 POUNDS ]
The lata! tobacco market hid two
of the kiRHt breaks of the ««■
jmiiil ■ j ami today. Prices, which
were a little off an same gwte last
meek tiac to tahjr weather, hare re
nral ami are as pwii if not better
they have been at any time this
The continued rainy weather has 1
been very hard oa the farmer* wha
had tabucco ready to brine to ■arkc.
and sane of it was damaged slightly
bat not to any great extent. Since the
raia* have ceased. the lows have
been uawded and the local market is
getting a larger following each >lay-
Famen from arras* the river say
that it is no use to pass the Vißiaa
ton market when the price? paid here
are as good or better than they are in
Green ville.
Read the awrehonse fchrettwaeitl
in today's issae. they speak the con
The local market snrpa.Md all
records in pounds when it sold 1.291.-
734 pound- last month at an average
of 21.5* .
B—dtoy gthaal. ML
Morning Worship. 11 *
Evening Service. 7 45
Saaday will be hoar-Moimr day a
oar chltl. Oar Sunday School broke
all lacatds last Sunday with an at
tendance of 227 and an offering af
57&.49 Nearly SOU people attended
the prayermeeting and Baptismal
•arvice Wednesday night. The haaarf
af charch fellowship will he given all
new lather l Sunday morning. The
pastor wdl speak briefly on the «ak
ject of "The Christians Signature
at the laiimi of which the Lard's
9m pper wiU be arwd
At aagbt. the pastor wdl repeat by
request a sermon on "The Piuphstir
Call of the Church." He is anxious
that every per inn who pmiily car
cmm shall he parsent at these serv
ima. The newly elected igwn wffl he
ia their places Sunday Already the
aew Secretary and Treasurer. Mr aad
Mrs. H. G. Horton have began their
duties. A carton of imthp have
haea mailed to every member of the
church Pledge cards will be detiibat
ad Sunday marniug and oar church
will be off far its aew. aad we trust
aad pray the greatest, yaar a* Ms
L;. t __ . *
k I- SHIRLEY. Pastor.
The District Get-Together of a>
the women's organizations of all E
paacopal churches in the district wili
be held Oct. Hh, beginning at IO JI
o'clock ia the morning. The utrt
mg will caati—r all day- I aark
will be aerred.
Mrs. J. G. Stale* of Wißmmatou
will be present aad also the cuavga
tiaa chairman. Mrs, J. D. Cos, of
Miaahin of the charch organaaa
taaaa ia this parish are urged la
make the* ptaai ta he able to atlead
the mrrtiag October Bk This is
the to* ■at rag to he held m Wash
aagtaa aad with the urn aparatiau of
all the alibiw it shawl! be a great
sneeem.—Washington Dady News.
I than it had las* year this
thaa'it has aay year m its hiatavy.
The warehousemen of Rocky Mount
the farmers aad they mack fag the
highest prices far eiesy laud of to
bam sold aa their I 111
la Oa edition «f The Flakier
the beaks aad be alar n of Racky
Moaat are advertisiag their market
aad they are taapttufmg ia every way
with the tobacco am.
Mr. ai Mrs. ghtnad Carey al
GriMaa were shoppers here jft tor
Chief A. I. - af HertfoW
left this mora
speaad a few days mmd attend tha
A Part of the Industrai
Development of the
State and a Necessary
Requisite of Our Trans
portation System' Rep
resentative Connor Ab
ly Discusses State In
vestments in Railroads.
(By H- G. C Jr. in the Wilson
Times. September Si, 1924.1
One of the dominating idea* in
the aimLs of many of our people |
just now In Wfl the propose.l Port
Terminal Measure pay; Will the re
toras be >uftcie:t to take care of
the interest and the principal, or
WiU the State 10-e money, an-l wor.T
the money he wasted?
TV allocating the atop* ion of
the measure, the expenditure of the
money, should not object to the put
ting of the «parstaon. or attempt to
aioil an atswer.
Suppose, astead of putting the
ipedar. mi this form, we ask our
sdtes: Are we going to spend this
ataey or are we going to invest it :
Are we really spending money or are
we baying property, and if so. Will
the property and the returns there
from he worth more than the orig
inal east?
•"iiamnnr ha« right!) said that *he
only gable for the future is a know
ledge af the part
Suppose we appl> this tot to the
proposed expenditure for the Port Ter
minals and facilities. We are not
without eipenrnce in North Carolina
The |ae*4iea of transportation h*
beea one that has been discussed D
North Carolina smee the foundation
of the colony. First one proposal ami
thea aatther was advanced. Finally, in
the early part of the last century
the laßrod came in and almost im
mediately the Slate of North Caro
liaa became «twrsle>l
Sa great was this interest in the
baddmg of railroads that the State
labnadii 1 for stork in the Wilming
tea and Weldoa Railroad; in the
North Carolina Railroad: in the At
tar.tac and North Carolina Radraad
aad m the Western North Carwtme
There were other investment.- by
the State in one oi two other rail
iad*. but for the present we will
•aly cwasider thote mentioned II
he others were brought into cwnsid
ratine, the eanclujaor arrive I at
>dd aot he daafid.
The Wflmingtoa A Weldon Rail
nad. begmaaag at Wilmington, runs
eathaaN aad traverses the coun
ties af New Hanover. I*ender, Dup
lia. Wayae. Wilson. Nash. Edge
-ir —he aatd Halifax.
The North Carolina Railroad, be
gaming at t'oH-huco. runs west
| ward aal tracerves the counties of
Taym. Jd—ka. Wake, Durhaau.
. Orange. Alamance, Guilfonl. Ran
lilp*. Davidson. Rowan, Cabarrus,
aad Mecklenburg
The Atlaatar A North Carolina
Radraad abo hegins at Goldsborx
( ami rwa» eastward through the coun
ties af Wayne. Lenoir. Jones. Craven
f aad Carteret
The Vntm North Carolina Rail -
. mad starts at Salisbury, in Rowan
t -runty aasi runs through Rowan.
I ireddL Catawba, Buncombe. McDou
f ell. Burke and MaJisM counties.
The State af North Carolina hav
( ag anefed m the budding of these
1 Radroad' through these twenty-nine
imm til i. it remains to ia«|uhe what
it the paeatarn as to population am)
wealth af these counties in the State
of North Carolina.
K According ta the census of 1930
being the last 4he population of the
" State was 2JfcM.IZ3 and the popula
e tiaa af the e—atata named was 1.
* >».7at "*
r Aa *——'—*•— af the tax valua
* tiaa af 19X3 diadaies that the total
r- fur the Stale a 525?«,33ft.42«. and
4 af these twenty-nine counties it a
* Bulaii lto averages*, we Ind that
>- these taeaty-ame caauties should
have a popatatien af 742.129 aad a
t. taxable valaatam af
y la other the result of the
4 mnalmial ia that the tweny-niae
y eaamties Uaieaaed by railroad* built
with Stole aid, hi population exceed
the average by M7*U, or by 11.-
9K to the ciamty aaad exceed the
average of taxable wealth by $394
653.179. or Sl«J«lv«« U the caan
«y- \. ,
Sat ae bad that there is every rea
aaa to i luilafi that the State has
we Mat Bat forcet that the stack of
the North Car ■ baa radraad ia pays*
(OMtad aa Fsage Three) _
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday. October 3. 1924.
— * J
(.Ot RT Hoi SE |
SAT IR DAY. !Jt P. M- 1
Mam Saaaa Laadoa of the | .
Narth Caralma Cattaa Growers J
Cooperative Aaaoriataoa acd Mr. |
J. K. Swam, also of the Cottoa {
Anaiiilaaa. wiD speak at the
Caart Hoase Saturday at r3b
P. M. Mho laadoa aad Mr. i
Swaia are exceptaoaally good
speakers aad should haie a
crowded houoe.
Men. Women aad thdurew
nhould hear them. The speak- 
era wiU daarmo the thiags thai
go la brlp badd up rural life.
If yaa are blemied m a
| better commuady ia which ta i ,
live, thea hear Mas* I mdaa aad
Mr. Swaia tomorrww afteraoua. '■]
in appreciation of the un iring work
ami the faithfk! service ren.iere«l us
by our friend ami brother. J. C. Cos
ton. we .the Christian Federation of
Williamston. hereby resol\e:
FIRST. That, we most heartily "hark
Brother Coston for his leadership that
has done >o much for as iadivWlaally
a- well as for our friends am! nrigh
bors. Especially do we apprecite the
spirit of Christianity, that he has Wp
etl to instill in our souls
SECOND. That, we commend him
to all me> everywhere arvl hi>l him
Godspeed in the great harvest field
And we hope that, wherever he may
go. he may be to others what he ha
le* n to us. in brinaring as closer t.»
the kingdom of God.
It D. Crite her. President
Rural Route No. 1
Has Been Extended
I'ostoffice (Acial- have ordereo thai
' rural roate No. 1 of WiUiantstor. he
extended 3.40 miles. The exteaiann he
gin.-, at W. I- Taylor's ami runs a
long the Mill road to W. 1_ lones ami
retraces. This brings Route No. 1 up
! to the staadard K mile ran. The ex
tension nerves IS fanile ami fifty
people over ten years of age-
It was ordered through »he effort -
of Postmaster. J. T. Price, who is al
' ways on the lookout to give first
cl&ss service to all He nope- to have
up ami have them painted i»
•Undanl form by Orrober sixteenth,
the da> the service begins
(m-soline prices droppe>l four cents
- t B the gallon. October the first- Th»
tialf Refining Company uroppeai four
r cents at one jump and 'he Standar
i. onlereal a rut that would compete with
that of the Gulf The Standard ha;
. previously dropped the price one cent
ami to compete with the Gulf they
i came down three cents more. The
l> Texas ami air other indepemlent com
(nines have cut their prices.
ii The tank wagon price today is lir
ami the retailers are getting 17 ami
- 18 cents in William-* or. This as a cm
i siderahle drop and the coeisamrr* wil
i. he greatly benefitted by the cut aad'
- by the Gulf Refining Company
t October was a-he red ta Wedne—lav
il by winter winds but they were ac
e compananl by a blase of glonous >uo
shine which was very welcome after
I. the awful rains of the post few week
r But there was enough tinge of winter
t- in the air to as that it is
1. time for the harvest and to make
ready for the winter wealevel whirl
- will soon follow.
J October, the harvest month, is a
d glorious month At night the moon
* shines brighter and softer than a'
»y other time of the year. After the
J long hot tanner days the ones of
d October, with a touch of frost in thr
a air. give oae new life and hope and
ir ia with joy the harvest is made. Thr
e red apples are gathered aad placed it
e the cellar, the peaaats. potatoes, con
It and cottoa are brought from the
d fields before the wiater's -now gets
r them. v "
e Of all the month* there m none so
I- sweet as October. It bamgi as wel
*- come fruits of a year** to3_ I* bring
us mountains of scarlet beauty aad.
i- ia fart, it caall have beea the month
is af Thaaksgfviag.
K Greeting Card*. Christmas. Birth
if day. Friendship. Peace. Tally. ChH
g dreaV Birthdar. aa U aad M cents
each. Marian R. Abrtley. Phane 17L
Train Service (*reatiy
Hindered; Another
Rise in Roanoke
The high wm!«r ha* wrought }
ii st ruction tkrgughMit the wtm
section of the United Slates. Brkipr- j
have been swept away haw!
been broken, lives have been l«*>t an»t
Kreat losses have been sulferea from
the water. The highways have beer,
•lamafot conmleriNy anl the rail
roar!.- even more. Trains have beer,
ranning on a delay tsl sctuMulr for,
several itay* and mant places art j
without lights.
Easiera Carolina T«rw See
Hi shea* Water la llalw)
ROCKY MOl" NT, Oct. 3 —The river j
L- receding and the city water ami j J
light supply has been restore*! All the'
turbines of the municipal plant aere
under water excepting the two that j
l'urnishei light for the streets iwl (
all other light anl waiter -upplir- .
were cut olf for a day ami UMfht.
TARRORO-The river is -till ri> ,
intc there at the rate of one inch an
hour ami at twelve o'clock u»ti> it
only lacke-l two feet >f reachim; the 1 ,
■nark made by the 191 V llt-od. At that
time the water had reached the rail
rnad bridge and loa«i..' cars .standing
on it were huldinr it .lown. It was |
further reported thai tlie county 1
bndge. leading into Tarboro would be t
washed away, but at noon today. Mi '
Walker of the S"itr Httdiway lW .!
m*.**ion >tki if was holding up all ,
rirht ami it probahiv would not br '
washed away-.
The water had alrva-ty covered the
roads leading out to Williamston
end So.tland Neck and all traffic w»-
r~a rated so no attemi-' wuuld he ma>l" |
to travel uver them Many houses in j
l*rinceville .the eol«»rvd section of j
Ti.rboro .are all under water and [
others are partially covered There
r- Housands of acre* of laml atoniKt
which were umler cultuats-i
that arc entirely tnltr Wbfa-i an»
ereat los.*s will he suffered. One |
farmer. Mr. Cliff Rufhn. has acres j
umler cultivation entirely- covered b> !
water, most of the acreare was plant ,
ed in com hut there were 20" acre - j
of cotton.
Trains brine unable to cross »he
railroad bridge, mail ami passengers
are carried on. the_William-ton road
to Mildred where they are transferred :
to a train. Pa.- ami mail service j
to Norfolk is hamlled ii. the same;
Roanoke river reached the highe-t
point vestarday morninr at Wehfon ;
which was 4H.2 feet jukl there was I
no •lamage of importance .lone to |
rua-l- or fills at that place »r at j
Srr4la»l Neck where a bridge is he
ing built across the river The water j
is coming alown f ran this rise slow J
(ntujfh that it is doing little lamare |
to torn ns on the Roanoltc
WILLIAMSTON—There are noj
~igns of high water of any importance |
. yet evident here. The river is berin
ning to rise slowly ami durinr the
next two day* it will go higher bait
. it will not reach the high water mart j
Highway official- have machinery all
loaded ready to be transferred here |
in case anything should happen to j
the fill across the river, but they an ,
* icipate no danger as the water did :
rat >;> as hieh at Weblon as it «-
Official reports from Virginia, thi
ma rning. tate that there is another
. freshet there but the water wdl have
time 'o receale at WSliamston from
the present rise and take care of the
new freshet by the time it arrive*
* _______
Services at Church
Of Advent, Sunday
-Sumlay. October sth. Rev Clarenc--
k O. Panto. Rector.
, Holy Communion. 8.00 am. -
Church School, # 45 a. m
Morning Prayer ami sermon 11
f Evening Prayer and Sermon 7:44
Everybody welcome.
I _
Mr. E- w. NoUes of Rocky Moon
was a business visitor in the city
! yesterday-
Mr. Milton Norman was a basing**
e visitor in Plymouth Wedrnsday.
Mr. John Selby spent yesterday in
» Washington.
- Hon Harry W. Stuhhs attended
■ nan in Washington this week.
Mr. Clarence Ansboa of the Kaa
■ roke Beacon of Plymouth was a basi
neas visitor here yesterday.
Mrs. Oscar Anderson, Mrs. Wktdti
» Martin. Mrs. J. W. Maaaing and Mrs
- J. G. Codard spent yesterday in Wash
it- Mr. J. C. Caaton was a visiter ia
-'towa Wednesday.
Hon. * R. Reauia. Serre
tary ol the * ih—■ Chawher of
! t ommitt i wdi speak al Roh
etMnidir m thr school aodilor
ium taaigbt.
Mr. Beamao as MM- of the hrM
qualified experts m North t are
liaa. be hatat sriifd many
years for lb* Merchants taaari
alaoa ia Ihe capacaty of freight
expert. He as a>» working for
Ibe Committee m ports and iraa»partalmn. The Hd
mb • hamSer of t omaaerce he j ,
at *• much interested « the j t
pasoage of the measure, haie | ,
j Usaed lum to the Cowmrtlre J ,
j ** 1 ;
Mr A. I- Wynne, one of Martin •
( unit's no—t highly n pefe.l an«i ;
l>rontnen: plaaiers diesi Wednesday 1
l ornuag a; his i.onie rear Spring 1
• ireen. lie ir_« : lw«. - «"i f-»r only a
teavint he*ti stricken with '
;s.r jl> -is without warning on V. d '
nr ,bk ««f last mrrk and era Ually 1
snkecnl unti! the end cam.-.
Mr Wynne *a- fit> hw oar
o!d the sineenth of U-! May. the -on ;
fs»f the late M ick ami « ri--ie i
V >nre l.> }*- marrhd Miss i
i Virginia tiurgano-. vh" d*sl Octidser.
. 114VV To this urh* w. r-- is.rn l«»ur
iliiklleti." tK?ee o h.»m—ate liXXDg. J
| ).ark G. W yrne of - I
Robert Taylor «if Rj.hrrsonvdle ami
i Mrs. \\ Itailey >-f W «|son
j. In !>'T. M? ttiws- nijt»si Miss
; I eoeia V- Watren al« with ««te -«»r ,
, xtTivc him Mr Wynne al.-.. leaves
it**' brother Mr J II Wynm >»f M.i>
iville ar . five mterr, Mrs. John II
jlrtfett -d Iteaofort count.., Mrs. A.
f I Roebuck. Wiley koCT'-nn. Mr
i S.mon E R«d«*rt «n of li l> r -.»n* ••l* >
j«j' 'Mi- Join E"imonilssji of Wfl
IV fanerwi was l*l.i yestenlay at
| 'he Christian ctmrirh of Rohersoiiv oie.'
I.d which he was a hadii.g tr.« mher. bv
the pa-"or. Rev Janie- laimef ais»>
! burial wa- aVJe at tie Wynne grave
ys.rd on the J. Henry V* >line farm
The ■lecva-esi mas a «,uiet anji ut
ja-sum tig man wh. was note.! f«»r hi
! k nl ami gentle manner ani wa- al
ways eeking to t«» for hi
! fellow men For maii> years he was a
I ICSste;.t trf K4*rs.a,iille iml the lir-'
[of this year he moved to his farm
Sear that place. wl>ere he died
Sunday Services at
Slelhodist Church
! Suadat Stiool at t !-'• Mr. Jol.K
||Vpe. Sup*.
| M««ran»g serviee- at lid Kev 1.
|D. Ivdi. pastoi
j Kveu s g -en ire- at T ci»t.-l'Jcte-t
(by «dfceer- ar*l imnilei- of the Kp
Iwortf 1 league Mr> J I Thigpen
j I'veryore is cordially !ii\ te-1 to al
|te»i these -eniec--
( I MR. (.EX* ». HUM NT A
Frarmt- of Mr. lUount remember
! f hat '«Ji a few m« tiths ag»» he wa -
to he slowly but -urely
dying l.ut "I nele" Oorge fwdesi
even !he wisest pliVMCians Not ftsli
is he well e»-ought to haul m«»re go.»l
--eR more roui> i-r milk a f»v i|Uiek
■e; than anyborty hut proves himself
. a better Hunlsanar "han tie '4>l arei
- easMxr-I a«oilsnje-n. Thur»iay. he
wvat to has Warren K«ek farm near
Plymouth to look after hi.- farm af
fairs. He wa- not even hunting, hut
> jast kok Al- gun along a- a matter
of pa-.- time. When he returned he
bnught a eight -«|Uirrels an-l a live
fox. —■
When we think of. hunters «f M»
Bloant's da--, it just make- u- a
shamed of tlese drug store, street
(*rwr. earb -tone. 2xl fellows al
ways talking ahout game and guns.
Mr». Ihtk Taylor. Mrs J. D I Urn
bdl ami M.-s France- Gurganu- motor
ed to Washington Jes'eniay
Dr. and Mrs. J. S Rhoiles wO! at
' tend the wxrfW ene- in New Y».rk
next week.
Mr. Eirua «f Lynchburg, who ha-
I been vintiag Mr Ihoma-. reprnen
tatrve of thr Hughe- Thomas Tobacco
Coaapacy. has returned to his home
at Lynchbwg.
Mrs B C. Home- and little son.
, Coartaey left this msramg far Bayd
toau Vwgiaia. where they wfll visit
Mr. Humes' wether for several weeks.
Mr. Spank Alexander of Plymouth j
, spent Yesterday in the city visiting j
Three Schools in County j'
Offer Standard High =
School Instruction, Two,
Others Kxpected to Ik'!
Added to List by Term
1925-26, Many Others ,
Are Recognized High
At th« jrhool> in Martin
County. llico School InstructM»r. ha- ,
hwn provhlo: Al * »*»tinß of Ihe .
1 'ofant it ' IT nkrn *»( 11* county a CHUT t v
• plan wa- adopted for High School ,
Thi> »»- UHif in 'he ,
Spnnc >1 IK3 that there should lw|-
. >t«H|Latr Hw» !>dw»l Inst rocl ion f.«i j
very c d»i IB Mimn t%mnt».
Mak « lt>. W ilim«>M! af*t Ko!*'
•Hiiflb rdw4.» .ffw Slain!
ard ll«sh NrttnJ InsiiurtHW. 1 ■r.oiu
iir front the above schnols will c"
te(«cr.tUn !.*• fout year wurk '
when lhe» for S ate nrtilWj!' I
lint havr rrtrim* In cla— V col
Jin*-villf lltrh Sfb>«4 at«-(
rtmrlt llifli School, it »> empectr>l.
will he wMhl Jo the Standard High
li>t hi the term IW- _'»•
l"a»n*l«-. Karm Ijfe aifl Hamilton
jrr mil lli»rh Schi*ii>.
• ila-itute' front the above will net
iwoKMtwn of !»« year- ot lltrii
School work ai*l be lea-i > to enter tfie
IHh trra-ie of any St»»v4ar»t lltti'
-Srfasal. 18. *he * unfity "i State l iolil
Point and *.ra-- -c.n«o)> have a
ilicK School teacher a" each -chons
THe> n|e«t to (■rti-mr -Recognize.!
ILch. School- In Ifl • J*i term. I vn>
chibt «hn ha- ft* " Ji«d the v. .- full
tear- of llifh ScHi«d i en".111«-1 to
iilmiuieit free of>' to »i y
Standard Hich School nhr'i L- a
peart of th«_- t «»uiit> sy-tem
T?te Supreme t'oiirt of .North  aio
Ilia 111 'he tiianville I -uiH V Hi
I \«th I af-iiia 171. |un- 4. li a»«:
-lli K h St«wl- ate pt..petty A com
|Mirnt I.lft of the uniform -> tein of.
> aliii I 'I
.i.IKI .W atwr i> iur, tiie Jiar4.ii
(Mini) l>Mfi of blucatioii •- "I'll
ratrl a>k tin *v . rll>.
9W*rr lo (HMVUI fuixl- uill) whicli
to t urm-n ilae .vtB«J m -inaction
toi the Cora >iiuiiuiul Uiui «•! .v
pli'tilh in iif lot that |ui t of thv
cbowi p»fMila*ton «|UaliiMii to leceivel
•t. I !«*ie a- a further cutnoiaml lo
\ mke tie- NIIIH ii '->■ i i.aji.v.
I * Nhl« Law- ItCJU. "It i.- thf uutt I
»I tte t WiiMt; laal'l of Mucaouli
ai a-aenfuale (ni4 »--elil 10.
(lie bright of ail Uir twi| ell lilt ti II
of" the (14U1Iy a» directed l»y law.
Ihe bwar>l of lnlwalMi >hall -«> •!-
trtct the I'nW.t ami locate tlie -chool.-
ti at l>aw'.Ur> ami Hirh School In
--tiiart»H. ma) 1" axadalde lui all 'IK
chihlre* ir. the I uunt) " No mattei
«hei» the cß.il-. aim ha- completed
.V -eventh rraole re *lO 1.1 the I nut.
!- ane penva-iarti lliu«> be li
-i-rtinn 1> ami t$ of the I'ubltc School
la* - of IK? there 1- a prohibition of
Hix;> Sch«d lii-.ructmii bemv offered
"1 oae teachri The i|tie-tit»l
„I-«-e IM>W -malt a can |ino kli
:-*ei|uate I lie'. School Iri-tructh'ti. In
!hi- matter the Hoard of
l-iucatiua was rurk-l by what I
rot -rlaol practice
Ihe Imu>! of blMatiuli uf Nortr.
(.'aruiuu ha- compde-l a pamphli t 01
the tia--Uacatorfi of liif;. School- lln
iioauil of Ijiwation due.- not think
it ai.4 so jme High School 111-trv*
Imi «r. a -cbwuj havtnjc le-- than four
tearher.- u. the faculty hrom the a
bt.Te nrDiMiH ,-!»ijr it i» tU op-ti
kr. of the IVuaf-1 that :t will be hilar.
cta!l> liuntrnuiiK for our fount) to
Lwihl aa>i operate Stamlanl High
KcW- with 11. a frie mile- rspitu- of
earn other ami that an attempt 0 aio
four ;ia4e> of SlaiKiar-i High School
cork with les- than 4a pupil- ami
three whole tune Hirh School teach
eu abl le-.- than -pe*'al
tai nJletlM annually for the par
t cular xhool mill BWrl witti failure.
SLuubf our ipiTiaJ ctiartere»i high
Mhiak. WiHunUM arm Ki her rvill.
iecwme ru»;ni»iit (arte- of the
(Vault ami the n-miiiiiin pr -
pert ire Stanant lii«h Schools de
velop to the -lamtar>i attained by Oak
City, we- will have a sufficient num
kei of StaManl Huch Schools. Ami.
tin* mil! «*aU be irrrat honor left
, for the other schools to attain by. be
. win StamlafiJ Elementary Schools
However .we have **al that aiie
. owate H«h School Iwrtrartioa ihouhl
he piurifcil far every child however
rt—te the corner o t the County in.
. which you resale Also it afptin
, that a iiwplication uf H«h School 1
. teacher* -WU* «rre oaßes of each
ON LOC AL i^OPlafc
t \KKIEt) T«» «»»_ «»> 111 MI.rTT
Karl Ijhftiri. iiw »a- Ukn-. lo l*tt
-, i, Wninesia) 6> pti** o"~oer. I* A
l'rce of that town. «3i \ar. 3a.-
k rit- of warrant.- to n.-*er Aimk
them w ill h- check for*ir»c wiiiCM is
irai'io in nKurh he ''m jf.'li in
• iiiiire- .! apjei;- it k_- been
utiiy recert!> that he Mr Jul-
H I'urv-:-' nanw to a cs**ck which
he ha>i ca-(«i m l:.tfr-oavj!f bj a
Mr J.ime
|«t-t .-prinit he .irew a +eck with
tin- name of Mr Puriv- signed to it,
ti- the Mar 11. Cour.ty aivi
|Trust t Ths c eek Lofttit -
| tather ntztle t«ot to Mr llirn.- ami ,
the matter »a- .irwfpn
Other charve- 'Hat w:ii !-•
apjin-i I iif* tit are btte:> a«'«-
iHyiiil- a:.-1 I'iti.i'tt j. '.-ti - a
e\ iral fiao- H* nf- itre tM Tw
oa> at the llanti fit hotel. »V - -hut'
ta\i!. «here He «a- rei i-".ere- uf ter
the name «f Ji»hri- r
He i- a > .-air itaß of 'i-tn swoi
.iplvarance ami [*r-«Ml't>. Le'
|»-ar to lale r.o r—wer to !► no
:r.p an\ t h;*iv: he pU a->e>- He ».11 -taml
trial in U ;Imm c*uni> r.r tar« ttier.
he «ill t'aie t.« ar-wer CaTPfs io
e. era! ..tier onir»- .«
lifv i\ 4I wr* " »it at Rh
(it«k > t t r«»\r jt '
ivVinrk n+xt Sb(nta>. K 1
Sn«r». > a.!! .*«» l r >* ptrarhir^.
lit* rvprt-ts to ha\f jt
•if uir !V.u rittt»r • ir. H>BW of thf
ir-: «r-isprl
prfachine «lit frai .-rr» «»f thf ,4!i -
\ l.*r*o- xttfimrrf ant*r»-
•»' Ilif hovrs of
•frfMV •as!! ii* »ritaf-libr
• rivirr >ur»Li> |"*fr)Wd>
i » Jl)
T v o * \« i IT:«*M V«»KV
I -i.nJ-.'ii, lit* J. ee? Way
• I f IC>»! iitle aiJ I t-a li.etrVk
of S«*ith Kw'!».••». a\ M*r» ktllnl
11 -a- a* hen tKri fell !«• ';r.!fwl and
twer!f '.. t fri-f i ;i«* ti-|. a n.-ke
-"a k • f -l e t.e a !»ati»sr r«2i>l .»f the
\ .rV I 'o! I.a • —lle-re f't V- • tarn
ih> i?ei: -ait i.-iurOirerT-l to piace
I'l urttimri.' i'i; t-.f* of lie - wly wn
i>lt ti-i -tack M fee'her 'Kri im; their
f.w'mr «»r the liailier
L- i.-.t knoan
I:.lie tar';. N. C.' yt 1 1 *re I f lie
fce-t coatbutation -i*a-env -1 ■ a'trac
t».! ever -een at *»>e Nocii. t'andiria
Sta:-' Fair t- pr—tußnM thss- tiir u:
I the fi«rt«t .»f Hinatflaf's H :(i>-n.rv.
•* L.N h L- cnnipi-ol ~{ fnae'een IHCJCS
fourteen per-oft- a:.i a CUM plete auto
(«4- >iut tit of five tar- ac„-i Ave !5«4e1
(■la. tk Thi> wJ! fce i*are*i «-i t}e
ran- track in ful* vsew o* ail fair
. VL-itor-.
h:e of tne n«a«r. attlMft.-ji.- - tlif
eutopola. which fc >Mami *• 'e tic
ir> ! eve lilt r t-f "wterr. ilMIt Wl T
Coir tile* e rarra-- will he tJ'ieu daalv
tn'iivei. the "llo.»-er Tim-" ar*l thf
"It- an l!ear>."
Ai,i.ther "fir.«>vat « wiH t* pu-h
hall, -taceil her ween tea*.- « H»rfe
hack ai. ~ p!aye>l wit*: a hill over
four fee* ir diaßteter Thfrf wail aJ a
lie Hon tan -tar«imr race-. emthiee
'e:.m- of two hor>e- at! rM*. -tarai
titsr hiopufr»me rao - .- - -tiiijf »»f.
fwo team.- of three hor-«>. ami run
nirr race- between th-xuuthhniU. "
For more cotnaral amw-ew-eal- tiAre
will he the urir» leahV- tsaSe an eiirht
chiir horse elimnta"* - race ar i la.-t *
:«ut b> ito mean- lea-', thr S ekiac
fi.nt.ia novefcv of -ese- prw
pi rt..*..
In uMitme to thi> b:c -i-t at at
tracfion, there are also «a. '.he list
;f the fr»e hill -he I Wire- troupe of
C> and the S% Frtt: trwape of
trick am: comedy cydifU. These acts
ail! furm- plenty of ihrib. it » de
clared. ' ' e"
On the Rainy this year will be the
Johnny J. Jones coßcctioa of rhows.
which are weU lwi> a this >cctioa
of the country. All at the
Sta'e Fair this year wiß have la acit
the staadard set by Mrs. V mttihil,
when she fit i■— piiiilm. TWjr
fttL-t be whdefMW aal there Mat ha
'j Mr J M Sparks wsa m ton this

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