North Carolina Newspapers

Fair Opens Monday
Night and Continues
Through Friday
(hly out more ank Wfarr ear
grates* fair will «pak The Roanoke
Fair will will begin ant Vcou) nigtu the mast daWrtt peeparations
ilal hjrr ever Men — » H far ui fair
in this
HriKalMC.- the peopie of thi> «KtMO
«U fipfrwnw the happiest week in
the year. There will he plenty of fan
2nd amusement for all and fna ir.
rtaraUonil -:n»ipoir'. the fair tfii
y—ar will be north nwr thin it has
•w before.
The wnain'i baihtinn. « la dtarrr
of the Ladie» Aid Society of the
MtHatet c hatch with Mrs. L it
Harrtot. cfiurmut and! witl Mr-
Hamson as mum m 'fc? buil-img
all exhibit.- will be carefully handed
iml the mo-t excellent care » of
them, so brirg all the things thai
>«u think will imr - prize or a Mat
ribbon ami they wfll be safely budeu
ml r»'#rr*>' to yoa
I. noer the MfuibM —ef-Mesrf.-
Jacks of Rock) Bowl aikl IWrr>«o.
and Halberstadt of this city, the
poultry iieputaeet * ail he oar of the
prates* features of the fair
Me>»r». Ihni kokenM ■ ctiaig*
of the >wine aat cattle ietartiwaLv
and Mr. T. B Brams-r. ta Me farm
exhibit bwUap, the p'opie
that this will kelw*f»*rthey
lave i»elpe»t ta put w
This year the Fair wdi
give the largest am# the rwalrst
number of prrnius- Kit it «a- ever
Siren. They wfll be fiw. on t«r>
thine from the faanr>; «*r>e 4®wi
to the tiwe>t plan: It mah= no «Jif
ference what the emhihM »>. t.-ft «■
a premium oa «. if it is the best.
Remember, a ha* of potatoes or a
hunch of turnips may bra* yoa sever
ai 'lollar- as well as a eh—pi—Alp
in your particular law.
Martin roun'y ■» a typscau wait)
and it should 611 every mch of spor
ui the exhibit hul-imf that is not al
lotted to .oaae other c«mty or wr me
Cattle Dipping Ends
JLn Martin County
Cattle •iipp;r.-r «fe4 m Martm
county Frtiay with the of
«ne or two vats that wfll kite to dip
The faithful cattle that k«»
iSroarti Main street for • many
mouth.-. parsed t' n .#fc Fi*toy with
apparent J»y ami jhrtnesj.
The men le»iar aid he k»* - 4w
ing the cattle were all -mfles- fr»e thr
rlalnrs- in theu Urait. that there
rouki be no ihore eow-s u> dip. (He
man said that it «- gome *o he an
end to lot# of tr >:U J another «MH
that it was rota* t* h at end of
.til his rirswr
Official- fta" - feat wgh the rvrrp
t j«n of a few wtmcril pastures, the
„ tarantine wfll me Ns IHM aid we
■*ill have the S*E- -Hppwg privi-
Irjts as any otbe- county.
Craven com -11 be he nearest
county to es fe" is yrt m the ixk
•.•strict, after January hrst.
Car Ac ,: d:: 4 . on
Wash in ton Road
Another ni amdrM TO ailei to
the already «. * unit that have oc
curred on the Ka-k-atton Wdlia*
.-ton highway b>t Sonday. It hap
pened near :V East S-ir farm of Mr
J. l_ HflMay when M'. TW Bafley s
ear struck a mule to Mrs
lena Mikley The vale was hJy
itippled and the tsr r» almost total
>r ■ itched, it hekt* smed over sevor
*l time* Mr Bafley was hurt hot
rot very jeriinrly ax 4 at this time he
• itet'nr along righL Speedme
. \ .9 tie CWK of •he anflrtf. aetoni
iq; te those who saw the aceifct
Dr. Pritchaid of Vaiw was a
Hasine-s vn-uor here this mr ruing.
Mr. Herbert Mi-iumg of Grfc
township was here this iiitm-
Mr. and MIL lalnts Cadoin and
Mr built VOiam of Farwflr
visited frieuiili and nlatiii i. heve Sot
Mr. and Mis. J- S. Shades return
ed Saturday from Seu York and Nor
folk where they spent the put week
Mr. Jesse D. Green of Ihk ma ■■ r is
visaing hi* ciMta. Mrs. Ot» Moh
tey and Mr. X. C. Green far several
Mr. Joe W, ■—m hf the
Kxmcf iur ntnad jw
-erday farm X«u Tank uhcie he has
Mr J. J. Johnson of Near
Windsor Slays Son
In Accident
While hunting for ileer Friday at
iemoor. with son an>j severs!
■•triers in the river swamp. Mr. J. J
Johnson had the misfortune to ac
cidentally .-hoot ami kill hi; #°THI
teen year old son. Roosevelt.
Mr. Johnson was
-landing in a path when he hemi the
•logs brtnpnfr out a deer ami wj.
waiting in a -tate of nervous expe*-
>»»wi for the deer i« emtige free
he thicket when his son steppe*! cut
from behind a tree zn«i wh-re he wa
looking for the deer. Mr Johns***
fired "he fatal shots before he wa?
■are that it was hi- son he ha.t shot
n-tead of a deer. The shot went
.ti rough the body of the yiiunK mar
«nd he liied instantly.
Mr. Johnson wa- no' a*ar- th..*
his son wa> anywhere about or h»
xould have thought of ihe ib'ieer of
hooting without examining mor«
He Has a double trouble, the li*-.-
•,«f his son. ami the fart that he kill
him and although he has the svm
■athy of all who hav? heart! of the ae
ftden'. there is nothing that can lift
he load of ,-orrcw that is beartnr
lown on him.
Mr. Johnson is a farmer of Bertie
"•■Bty, living annul one mile fron.
te county sea". Windsor
At a meeting of trie citizen- ..f the
Be>r Grass School District in." night
the -chool fcoi'se in Itear t»ra
slaft? were formulaU-d nhetehy ah
election cwuki be he 1.1 ftr tl;e en
'anrement of the district and the
twiMinr of a high school. A pe'itior
was -i|rne«i by a number of citizen s.
-ame to be submitt 1 to th« Boa'-i of
Education and the County Comnis
i«ner'■ at the meeting if each on the
first Moixiay in November- At thts
liw all committeemen ami patrons
rt«cerne«l in the formulation of a new
•tis'rirt are invitel to be present ar*i
»epiese«st their interest.
Sup* Pope was prr «_nt last night
M»1 explaineal the la..* ! n the matter
as>l Hon. Clayton M CM- j» k>- on th«
Count) wi.le plat fo- High School
Dixie Makes " od Avyr.
As Sh* .!« by Adv.
I r*t.- ami avfrij;' - Ei* along the
l«e-t U- be fouixi a.- slwwn by the a>i
•■ertisement of tlx lime W.-rehou-*
n the las* page of tills paper.
Lank the ailvertisement over and
te if h can be b-at anywhere at,.t
js>k the customers if they' not
I*ea-ed with their -ak*..
The uixierpau-- a ti»e end of M uii
- treet will l«e ready for traffic b.v I
Residents of upper Main street se
oort that cars are daily goinr up a •
far as possible on o l *' Main an»l -t -f*
to take a look "under the trestle"
to .«e how it looks out around Gar>.*»
Terrace. It has been about a ve*.i
ince they've seen those part.- an*t it|
-ertamly look- jroo.l
ZR3 Expected lo
Arrive in IT. S.
Tonight or Tomorrow
The ZB3, t-ie frr&t tiiri.-U.. bo lt
«v Germany for the l'nite>i '"State.-,
i expected to arrive in thi.- C">ialrt
either unight or early tunuirux
 oniine It left Germany Sunday
rx-minr and is coming by 'he *:• > of
te Azores and Bermuda, arrvmg U
rrat craft the longest flight over
i ethmir bat the deep rea» that any air
teaf" has ever travele«l.
The dis tan re to be covered bap
he made, if the expected -dvrdule i>
»»-amtained. in about sixty hour-.
The greet flying ship is more than
A yards lone and it strong enough
*• carry a large company of peoptr
and a root, quantity of snpplio. The
ontSt is complete with witness ap
r a rat as and most of the modern con
The Germans built this rnat air
-hip for 'he United States and far
fay mint, credit was given her en he*
car debt. — ~ 7i
Mr. McGowan of te Taylor Stndio af
Norfolk wfll he In town tomorrow te
tate pact are* in the home*. -
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, A\iesday. October, 14. 1924.
Small Percent oi Breed
ing Stock (k>es To
North Carolina
Mr. Walter Halber.-tadt. a local {
!k eltry mar shipped iJtIK Chicago
i nreersity recently tjfle high cla>s I
i.ight Btahma cockerels. The ,-peciA- '
.*s.sions on this onier calle>i for birds j
! e' true Brahma type, that is long?
f *«le hsefc. carry me their width to
tail, deep full round breast with leg.- i
set well apart, high "nough on legs
to develop a -pecin>.-n weighing twelve
' pounds or better whet, maiund
It was through the recommeiHiatior
c-i a very high authority in heavy
' i ultry that this or>ier was received
1 I-* our local breezier.
Mr. Haber-tadt who L- im»W apprt>act.-
'■•r msiWle age ha- h> . n i.n anient a.i
ftrer of the grarxi .4«i Hrahma since
childhood and while ne i- not com
r I- 'le«* to rrise chirk us for j iiveli
fcood. he Kjs found a handsome profit
"i- well as mart, ple;--ur» in his favor
ite |a*tiire
He regret?, to tit. however, Sia!
a very -mall pei cent of hi- »>ut|>ut
■rf breeding stock aid hatching egv
, wfere tliey >houki —in Xorth Caro
. lira. He says 'hat Martin county
-hw«hi take his er.tir* -upply of
f tatchi>>g eggs for the nest throe
Mr Halbrr-.arit an ailvocale of j
a pure ir*oi of chicken- on every
tim because pure breed- cnea\t* ih r "
terest ares mtere-t lead- to investi
■ ...In* of If* -ulijeft Inve.-tigatlon
• t »«alifys ore* for t.rou r operatior and
i wot any i4i>iii *sj*ope'ly operaU'.
I t-uailv pays dividend.-.
1 .•Kilt HKS «> « \TKI; BILL
Mr. R O Lverett will -peak in the
j -chool aanitorium ir« Ki berx - vslle
i rWi) night at h o'clock. Tl>e public
P omlalli invited to hear him.
Saturday afternooi>. Mr Everett
•CI -peak m Jame.-vdle on the Mater
i ■jn-p-itilMi B»ll ami Saturday
I eigl.t at s e'click he will -|Hak in
"be -CIMMJ anditor.un in Ila'nilue
Mr. Everett is a g»o-l -p>aker aiei
large crowd.- are e\>iortei to hear
dl-CUss liie i--ue- of the \V;iter
' Trar.-pu*tatM Bill.
I •
Kpworth Ix'ague
Visited Windsor
Sunday Evening
, TW Kpwoith of tl* local
. Methodist cituicil visit. >1 tie- M>-tho
. i«us church of Widior ami field erv
ke by tivmr fcw «f the it-iulai
| k-agne ptucram- Tie Wmd-or league
I ju-I bees organized ami it.- mem
I b»rs invited the league «.f thi.- citv
io e»- ov-r ami give »r»e of il> ;>r>
.'tan- Ttxoe who ".•»-k part in th»
riem.-es »ere Mi -e- France- t.ur
?a»a>. Mary Clyde l>egge"t. 4«*se
pNiite S\ke-. Battle Fjdmondson. Mi»ry
Harri—c.. Ellen Cowing. Olive Mur
rill. Mattie ljum Kogerson. Fannie Per
> ry. Martha leggett. Christno- IK-1.!
1 rulah Ward I'age. Hiuletl. Gur
; ai>a- Emma Robert Mrs. t'arl I
Kelly. Mrs. Jair- A. la-ggett. ami
- jirs J. F Thigpen are) Me.-.-r- Bill
Harra-an. Bill Harrell. tiayhnl Har
rison. Joe Fvere-1. ami V jrr.: I
Everett. The league wa.- accompanie-l
1 ta Windsor by Mr. ami Mrs. W. C
i Lrcermaiii and Mr. Charles (iolvin
Misis Wale Able of Wilmington is' 1
(eitiaf her sister. Mr- loin Mc
• 'all oit Switkmirk -tree*.
•i the city yesterday.
Mr.- Spcnfll Spam ami little son.
Sprnfli. jr. have joined Mr. Spain ami
f hey are making their home with Mr-
Fanaie Carstarpheri on Main street.
Messrs. O. 11. Hea«i. J. G. Gcdard,
" j- aiM Jaliu- S. P-el -pent Sunday
' sa Greenvflle
' Mr atd Mrs. Johr. L. Botlger.-on
Mai •saughter.-. Misses Mary ami Mar
r raret ami Mrs. Anna visit
r •>' Mrs. Fraley and Mrs. A. D.
Mizeile m Sunday.
i Mrs. Myrtle Allen Evan- ami Mr.
i Lean Herring of La Grange were
> ia»nnd Sunday at the home of he.
t brother, Mr. Wesley Allen in GobU
- ton by Rev IVrry Case of Wilson.'
:■*. c
Mr. aad Mr. Wesley immedieUly f
' after the ceremenr notoretl to *.Ye*t-,
r era North Caraflisa where they will >
f spend tergal day.
Mrs. Herring is the daughter of
Mr aid Mrs John Allen of .James
f vflle and wa* for a number of years
» employed by Harrison Brother* and
Compney of this place.
' " ,_ r ,
S. S. Workers From All
Parts of County Ex
pected to Attend
Programs are out ani plans are be
: i'g rapidly completti for hobiaig tb-
I Martin County Sunday School Cor
v en'ion on Thursnay night ami all day
, Friday. October .%» and 31. Tue c*»n
»«ention will be he4.i with she Bapt:->
c turch. at WiiKam-tcr.. the opening
-e—ion held at 7J»
Thursday night. It i- expecteol thai
there will be a p«»i a!*er«dance from
vj rious parts of the enwnty a: th»-
first meeting. o"het sessians w»ll be
i«eW Friday mnming. aftemoor ani
night, the convention rle-irr with »he
Frtilay night
The Committee in charge »f |4a -
~»nd program for the Convention have
autounred that the •»r.»rtm b. hp. e
prepare.! »ith the h»ea  f laimg ~a
convention for the .«i-cu— IOII «f to o j
tical problems-"* TW plar i- to make
if |»viMe for worke' fn-m all .w
pert men's of the Sumlav Sc*to.4 to re
eeive practical concern
ing their specifir v»rk
During the cnnvention fKere will he
•»aestion ami di-ci. -■ w, pereaL- I ee
those pr e-ent will he given ar> t*p
p rtur.i'y to pre*T- their Sur«lay
School problems for disntss-ion. ami
•:d any t|ue>tmn- on SritaJ
The convention i- ;nter tiemtmirvs
_ JoWtL ami worker- from all Sunday.
of all evan--!,cal
tsons are invited to partta-ipate ia the
-1500 People Attend
Sunday Service
At Hymouth
"llie ."»ui.-ia> evening -ervice beht by
*he I eaman-t Ve-tar Evangeb>tir |or
ty in My mouth wa.- at*ende>i by at
lea.: fifteen kiumol people, aevurd
uig to Mr Co.-to- *ho wa.- in town
ye-tenla) The wa_- tille.l ami
the house *a- ••verfloaiag.
The ba-inn - lw»e. are beginning
to clo-e fur t»ae ■nee*mg. all the
churches aiV o-operatmg. ami tbi
meeting is lUui t.- akmc with eapec
tat 101 - of a great nntrune 1 »- v -n
•>a- tieen no itivitation giv«-r. yet bo.
• .re »ill be given very -wo ami great
results are expected.
The party will hold service- in the
I'ethel Hetbsti-I etiureh «n M.-t>iay
i.ftenH»on. October s>th at 2: ri «'
The Poult ry liepar* merit at i ."e
R. anoke Fair. ' act. Jwr .»• to 21. * d :
le* .«>e of the greate-t ii. t !.»-"«ry
ami will lank *tlh the be-t ir. *bt
>«uth last year poaltry
►eu-e- were bud;, thi- ;.ear th.
• umber ha. been .ucr-a-e-i hy tai
ai >i yet tS-re is r» sign of -larfcinr
ar in its pace
Th*. merchant- and (-tun.- of Hil
!»m*t»a have e tablis'ieil £ (eei I
! etze fun>! an I - teral babimi dol
' mdl le given by them oat eh
«f the regular |«emuai-
Thi- dnarat«t i> ->f» r. to all
wril ami ar.ile She four eorr«er
might r«o| le- fepre—ated all part
-1 S, will he Mr C. W. Jack-. Supr
->f this departmert is highly (dea-*-l
with the poultry department here, a
ire that it is the i» -t to he found any
V«M poultry department ami
one of the mu-t beautiful rdler
Son of hard- you law ever »een ~
Mr. Joe Carroll of Aidandrr wa
u busine-«s visitor here yesterday.
Mrs. Nathan Rogers of Bear Gras.-
n- her» -hopping yest-nfay.
Mrs. A. R White ?nd Irt'le .tangnui
Miss Rent, will leave this afternoon
"or Washington where they wfll visit
relatives until Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H Harr-oa. Mr
-mi Mrs. J 11 Muolard and Georg*
llarrbon jr. vi>A(t! relatives in iiltn
v die Sunday
Mr. and 3rs. J. I. William- i.xrfor
*-l to Grifton Snseiay. Mrs. William
is spemiing -o»we tm- there with her
mother, Mrs. I- J. *hap*ac. who is
>.oite ill at her hoaw there
I Ml-.- Mary White of GreenvXe was
here for the week end with her mother
, Mrs. W. R. White
Mr. and Mrs Gwdwia iMuuag d Ac
lander visited Mrs A. ii.
Miss Mary hmg FBim of BH
haven spent the week end m the]
city with friends and relatives
Mr. Wfll Rhodes of SMe Rhodes
. • - —; — ■;—* ■»» 'i:
I Speaks On The Port and
Water Transpor
tation Hill
Mr- Carroll VVeath.r- of Kao-i«-*-
f*»k. on the Port ami Traa..p>r
'i H-n Bill at Kterett.- la-t Friday He canv to till the appoint
ment of Mi Charie- I . Harris who
wa- uraMe to attemi.
Mr. Weather- fir-t «!L-cu--e»i th?
•real progre-- 1 h:.t North Carolina
«5 mr.iV in the la " few year- "She
"ow -tandmg wi'hin ea-> of
very top in she agnrultur .1 » »rl->
' *r.i -h-- L- takiiig a long lfa.i . \
I many other -late, in manufacturing
■ Ami N««rth Caroli; a pay - more fe«ieral
'2\e- than any other -tate ir. TV
■ 's 10l with the exception of Vew
" Vork. IVnn-ylvania. Illimti- ami Mich
1 »an.
\we derive !e-- breeti' 'rott,
our iatural re .»urr.-- .. pr-- e -
.tr many .-tate- Ti...t n... . -•
•• high, at;-; they are the -t.i ► lit
save »a>r opi»>rtunitie- ami r»tak.
' of them ""
Mr Weathers ait that »E * -e
r ««i to ay nuhh ahon ..ij x f -^l
• "artdiif ntnl 1 h-t » "' *r.e
•>e-t Our -.-bool- ae.' «f f -■ *.■
V .I'lrv-t ever;, liiu*. we rank » "i . «
'•est. wrh the evcepthtn »:* .w? *,trk
f p.*rt teirminal
"Of cour-e there a.e a
•oat bnrfmgs at &. number > f thf
voter town-. \V Omir«!to!t. N» . litrr.
.Vashinglon. I>ieiror*. K>- .:•!« • »'tt>
Wtlliam-toii. Ilam.l a- .• i.rjl
-•her- Tt.e . vi har>r in mo- cj-#-
sre prvatelv .■»f .i ...■. >t - , . a
urai se of rmi|t ti'ive ► ih»' that
v«r. F-r !•■ no- l ca-»-- :he r iitrvad.
I «?ve Men c»-nteo? of 'S-- i*-. : t imi
I'll- ; ,h-y havt never m ui In
to /i much in ra>.* when '' - >j -I
jot happen. -
ha- f »«•'.( 'her »e down i««
•» mallw- tfli ::r.i (h' rulrKsl ha»-
r.s>t ho-. .-:i. ugi> competition from their
to mak- any difference IP fr*i—F"
I rates.
"A »' a"' .he pre-ent lino- Nor»"
,* a rot In. . . T ...g iWi » .iv
. tre«el.; a. - •• _ t r- i;.-> .•t» •
.-.lne—i an. ,-iale n t»>e I ni>. \ - ;
l>r»»of 1 . *..» l.i . i.
«i«arge»i 1... it- th- f.e-.r>
- f 'l.e Atl ;ilc Coast I 'r«e. ttr- Sou»b
ern R- .» y vmi th« Sea |UuM Ah
lane are aZ! sn -t. iMvh • .r. nr
• a mini on tie .■m I - nt N « thai
on Ihei; *-• . .r«' \ t» m- If u' • .. b-;
tate- fi Idnetl.
""Hie » • nut '?• : * more ;>
"ole ir- *,i..: # i CrnJir tiiat. «t mikr
on a mile n any other -tat« !ia! it
• perali -in I ;.e .*i .tr>» make r.r j»
"v Ja,i«« i.i..r>- |» r mile m N i than,
n any other ta'e Tie Suuthern al
-o get- it- largest .iivsh-mi ft. o- it -
".orth t .-irolin i traik
"Ihere t- no >iouh' then that h
railroa-l ami it- alls - ami ht;»-ltr>g
.te working ovi-rtino- to .lefVat tk«
.oea»ure To -how you * hat liw t C
I. woul.l |o-e in Martin f.-ut,'v. Its.
■'•2 l yearly, if they charged u- th#
ame nls that thet ilo in otler 'ale
«aild convince everyone tliat ..nF*
"he rai!r..a.l- are the only .*e- 'hat
rould m.t »-ant port terminal- ami
-rater tran.portatii n
~I he city of Ral.-igh 1. a.».ni ti
y ll. il.— marer Ih-trmt than Nor fo %
• irginia. yet Norfolk only plt - J; I 5»
Ireiiht on a car I ■•.el ■> i Fords ohile
Ralesgj, |i y - |l*«». which i a l.ttb
litre iiaii fifty per cent. %m! tHal
fake- a loni cat alenit 111 ir.
•frleigfi lliiii in Vintstiia." d
Mr Hiatiim i? not ar 4i 'no
,«4itgi in irtit just a young nan *b»
*-a- the intere.-t of the p. iwpb- at
tart ami he makes char by fact
•ml figure- the roo.l that m;y he- de
-iveti fftfli adopting rl*- p.> : -t Terr:;
'*l ami Wa'er Tran.-portati «n iva
Ther* «ill lo- a County-w:'de aiee»
ing of the teacher-- i f Mart!"! founty !
ai the tt -lliarn 'Mi gra* -*• i i thill j
Satur»l t> at two o'ci>L ,
Ortober IMh. IWI
' TFe teacher.- who e school are I
«p~ned ami tho.- no* now tea» -1
but *h i hat e bee i engaged » stpn
a %*.! at» urged to te pre-r I T> i»
are some very important matters aa!
•gr. fir -nt plan- fiertaimng *o the
aork of this school year which wdl ]
Is p»*,-**T-d. Come all.
Supt. of oCuaty Schools
" ' I
J Miss E-telle t'rawforil of the Bel-,
'haven cheat faculty spent tSe weH (
'lend here with her mother. Mrs. J. C.'*
rvawfont "
I a—
~.'' 1 S r
Out of Twenty lYizes
Offered Jamesville
IJoys Wine Five
Marina County a true mat >»:
\»rU. ( jn»!i;u. f..r iik» the Su;e. it
. aa\ - -it at iw '•« ai -ii •he tabk.
» ••er. rt s»t»- from •!*•?>.-K l> :
rnent come - real in the winning «>*
- by t«w cU - in V .*a* :i !
I raminjc i»4 Iti*- Janje>vilte Hiri
x-*'.«4, at the K-ck> M«ui>* Kan- thi
«r»«sth \ .-:«t i«* I mmmg ha-- tush
adopted at Jamr.-ville si:
S- tn . «tek commence* t on t"e l»th
■f Sepg«mbri. the ih-tk!i»'
»' fi 'lr—T M I Tallin'.' nf ha>
. "ei !le. mho *drt t«« J.hih \ He fn
Vam-! to ret the *..ri m line Hi.-
«'>'• Kit f»r. jim»y- Iniininr. ye
*as of the twciitv nrire • !Terw«j f»r
s..«rius; live- -tock ,*r«i |»»u!try . >le-.
- bronchi hnmr five |»r te I t*ir
";r l;!f at l'ork\ MuUr ' m*i:W
' em e-:ter »} «- n.»r;t*>-i a* the S'a'e
s a«r. asci thri -*e..t 1.. Kaleu
T 1 " »-tk «f 'he cla . an-> !f
trwrtor i- biatbly i-ratif\inir !» the
' *ar-- of K'tucatN*fi ai»l Sum* !' >i»
* - tive fapev «iee|>l\ intere te-» r
S> t- !em ■!( part men* in Jan- » il'e.
" J «n »a» rrarste-f by the S - ate |>i
-*•* »* f VaratiaMl Train trie •• i
"S-HirW tf a; m> better «..r k »>.» he.-
t--tw sn the State in -h«»rt ;• ■ *rT'-
IVlmi- rinnmi' are 1 maw--
Kmowtes :*«« pnir in |«mhi> : lirotn
H ihlk*. prize in • > . H- «ir*
* r»l prar in mule- an>' i»h ir
a;r\ com
"_ * I
,•« •*"+ \ !*»* ?ct* a*. hi
t nwi,iius. Mi I'err
*« .ti* u! % ear «»* ! and «...
SSJ fe-3 ti; 'ir I'ott.l
m .i Wt *rc cir«j!. H w » .* * rW>
* pkr 3 jih l *mh\ nliif
lie k-*vc hiMr-% J I
i* § ilt *r»«i S.. V. I k-rrr
.- 8 V141.1T l.iulHt of I o|ri.»i
I i Sli- v, i f # j»ft *i bw. ir
- b) .!*»»«! figh' *ejir^
Mr IVif*- Ka«l lw*ri; u r r . '
l*i»- is \r lu«f* k irtiurrK i»t
* f*« 3a i«»f >r;»I all"! **
- !
*l»* fuitrraf
-■a- f »jwlurte«i 1«\ I !«U-r It S * * -a k-.* >
-!KI»Mi»VI 114 II M IHi
>ll|c\| Wit: I s IIAK I ii \
i kim %\ \I«;HT! n
Tlhr |Vi«»«mi? I yreum »»f A !•** Il»
*■ll |«ul **9 i a |H*rf«rilUli4>- life thr
. «ft>f3lM(»«at9i of tlw- Hak  l?\ MriltMtl m
f r>!U> netiinj;, M *ii»»r 17tl» TK-* «4-'
* Jk4.> M.,k 1 v »l! Sf v.• I>- f.* I
OJKbirJllM4: «f li» M»f»lE*- >•* I
hi »itli Um> in-lfufiwntal mu ar «»f i
ita kkl.
TK- prafnm * ill l» a* virKl » |
,-I *.X jHims- rt.ii *.ll »*• nft> |
fi.t *tuh ufrtl f'*»t
li# l • u ill »1» !•> y f>
4 tek f il% »"haul.
Tl# i- :»
I ti* 4*fl is i> t«.iiur»s? f K*
Sml* TKH (kfiiirrsm w;*t f *
* 4 St*- - irijrifir>, »r*? a
IfMfu! (r. -
v-ikt ftf th#> r|*cl mukirtf *arl> *tav -
it. «wmr SatMuJ It »«H
mwrlk inft'li fb«* 4i«n
Father and Fon
Sentenced t» l>ie
In Klertric 'h:»! r
.SMl|»rt. V • , "tt 12 I
Stem art aui hi- >«, 13m ? rt
*rrr 4 litw --1 '«« th. ei. r" r«e rhsl!
Inbt l>t Ju.i.*r 11-nr A !r»ls
T>*v ■« n ranrtrw*! b> a l.r"»n «:ek
umbli jurj j>' irtv IM- i
ir,r after kfflr
I'm fn rr (1 1 iiirii *!»•> » •• c««f»
irt(>i «*- It* ktllirx .f
I>» r«r»-ar t I • .  > ..r;*" an-! I"» ie-t>
I Mtnlitll. Sain U!"j «f V. i!»-ir.ri e
|«-i a Imjelj n*" i*» ltrui.-» irk n
it Jaly «-f this. yevr.
Ihe (4k-r> wiM. *■ rr k lle-i. k»i
- leen* 1: to ar>
J1 r-1 mfef-n ;feey airinal, ti#> "• r- ar»-
* I n M arxl -*«»t t«. >Wath b> ike Stem
| art- unf theii hey mere 1 :«l*fk»r te
IfiKtt- by tbeir avii'a •>y
1 The caw ma- I »;i - bf>i
ILotli -*ie- biiif rep«--~;lit*-.' b>
I' - |
jnililßMl M%\ BEAT TO WE HTM
Mdiuc Bel!, a *4cre>l m.n wai
teatn Uriemth in Chirac* »WnH*J
rixbL Bell ns with asaalt
mr In y MWfr mhi'e
' Akimt lira huihireii men ami boy
• jufrd «■ bin ami beat him t* intfi
He was ih»at thirty-'** »f
agr. The UHh| took place in a Je*M
: 1 nun if the tMj.
SOKE I mloßkk 20-21 TH.
TIIL kADtLit-Fc,
Hr.Kt-, vH 1. L 6 Jb
( omes After an Absence
(>I Several
I . wiu a
vatr, mM*- si- «*r-ijcr iuu* \* ill wm
t»-f. jk -eveu. > ar- ab-e: oe.
i' *- **f a lihiiee
_ »- . * 1
._* Ir, i* *> a tr re^P
• ■>>« »i ! u sc, nwreatkn. 3i*«i
is -|Mr»ln«!
• V *.£r a .il 4pp>*ar !>r.
.tiivft «■»- Hi. v l*r. «i.
Xart£r. ar-r i # r lecturers
• tv» r»i 4U»r.r! .n
'-!r- jiil w"«#' v c* jjXi \ It H vie
• >
• - a C*rjHfctAsa»^iwiart-r br' |irr»!e
•»-r. I«f V! sfl-t 1- j-4» t •
- ji.»i a!-*- '5-*-- « lectar
ir V" I. I' f »;.-u ar sh |m»f« >^.r
'"isrk* i- maifi *f:« i»a^
■ trirsf to %.?/*' nIW it.
«b»fer ■ * 1 h-v -
it ?» lrr * 'Lsfk- \« cc»?f*psaf->.
-■• .- J®t a" r r-it? «»f real
- J»T *>liik
, ji He
- ->.«--»« I>f>- 1* * !i>m« tttit nulf
» tLjirtrfle * - jrrt) |x»^h
■ -•ar
i »>«r* > * i!S ••? • itie l»*i ee
' '-3 I» T"*^ > fnr If J« ' -4H X>!o>.
• ers JIIMJ
*ai* -
;»r - •*■#» l* s T'tf •- , Sfira^ae
ifee *.. m- a» ileffi^rt
■ •^f>p,.^" i ar ——* —twi tfar
I - *' ail* t-*r
»•' prPx nt
•*fW l*iaeF" . sft giif i 3 - 3f-
t fc * w *»A » v -i? I \
II |* i'mr; \\ i? k! *
FtHeration Men*h»T-
I "rued !«» Meet Friday
» *er> m mstf ! tas4 r-\»r> 4
.» a a*•• e. T* • ''t Ihrte I e.ler
.* . .-.rt •- ■> mjik-iM u fleet
' tr»e Hth»;H»t >n nh Krutav 'iirt**.
• i:.. •«! m t '.' ;-
4 I •. r V 'T'  JI;
.»ii \ »-n:i.
i: l»« kl ci!iTlll ♦
Kltll K I'll I IKS *IM» In
|IM.K» "I TH» \r
i . - -o ' . i.(> in
*-• r» ,• ' ; a'' * Hotel v hicri.sup
.» rt . - ' v *a i ft .d »■! much
»•• !lie S-»-k- ft IK hßikllßK. It alx)
•»>ark- •«* r --- r ' " - »* *k-«
- ...if - •.. a■ ■ -v j i «f Mam
(i.e' t . I'.rtt ti. *«-S ii'it*t
Ufteii Mil* ii - •-* i at- . ■ |*>reh
r.j «... ,•*»! - 1 «- ii: ildwh
t* * ■»( a •i, - *• -en ■ • nC* •-.' by
a **«««*,
\l I MM HI-HlK\ 111 1 iii:
I N|\ I KMI \ «»r \. c.
Ike At«»»»-*-! ii'.-ti - f n.vmi
-» *-■ " I i— jt- . oT the
rle-- ia»i =i - .-■ -al - ? ■ 1 " *l* ver
It a*i**? fa- - a -u!t
, rati* e . * He '. m
-r f ■ im ;t -errlore
_ t.-r i-f*- ul * - rm/ru!
fstrp»«-e_ t)*B* 0 »- inter*- '■' t«• trie
•lair -i *4 I'e I f,n e-i' > .he.r
• rieret- a«a> There ir 13,-
»*» »«f 1 ?ii\er- t> men
*»! ■ i use I. -re —.me of the 'ih>-t
nr«l -f \. rt' t'ar*«iii - ■«-.
>1; a'-" v I l; ,Sv.'. T. Mrs.
f II Bntt, Ms- J I' T' «• --r awl
\.f*tte St»- IJlTlhrtfc II —eli ami
l!r I insai l;r»tt . »i. Uy Ir,
'Obnl Vvi
Mr |ir«»m«i of U+ lmi l*rat C*.
ma- a l»m iiiiir* i»- it**r i*iv i • -teriiay.
l»r a&>> Mr- (. J. Sawyer of Wimt
%l» J.e - -ew, uf Hair *l*on
a a.- s® 1,-m r,-. ye-te--tay "
Kr-s I l» Ifillers hi- re. alzr
«r Hamilton The
frfpi- of ibe M. E church h»r* *a>
■ e*-M|>»e.: bi Mr B. I Nike l'r:trt 'r.
Mr J C r«»tc of the
' pom »f ma- here for a
-ba*t mhile M«e»ia\
Mr Uorrr Hanvae *4 My month
■is * tie city »e-ter»tay
Sir fc H R«v *rt sirm! day
' ii W&-9B ud (onnlf last
"• >k apfws-isiw. f- nt for *j * North
f inlha Joeat S«k lar' Hank
Mr. Jaor ■ pieviJri.' of the bank, of
Dttkaa. praie- Mr. Ke«e an a land
•nwrji-er rrrr UtM; mad h- teils th 1 *
i*iflr of thb «N(iw that he coo
alua ha mm* of the best apptii'-
er» that the hat l*f in Narth Care
Mr CbM. a*nmm an# Tor the
BaMfe Qui n mm tm ak- ■
Hr pwpiMhw far the ChML-wpn.
which v 3 hf(fw aw Ort*-' r aaj
R 3
- > **

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