North Carolina Newspapers

Cdorcd Man Knocks
Down Policeman
and Escapes
iWSiau- Township CanupMdoNt i
Mr. Roj Andrevi came near ilrowr.
ir.g a com ■ a .liypuiK vat recently. j
Jir - ittl Ibr cow in bark 1
ward from a standpoint of a safe ■
getting N*. Ike com went in the
««■* etui ai the rat and when shr
|«t in sit fiii aeitchr swim out walk
Ml Mr tan tn*d; 4 Mr. Andrews
M to frt a —«y» to get her out.
At a recent awing at a Primitive
Raptwt dinrck. colored, near the Ren
Gray place on tke Jamesville-Wil
Iwtia rand. tke police officer raised
» mart that he was
knocked !»■ 1. by a strange colored
brocket and in tke affray tart a tooth
Tke report was that tke officer wa.-
drnkaf IN was the instigator of
tke tiodk Not ao ranch blame was
■ttnckaJ to tke mn who knocked
tke officer ont for taking advantage
of kit poor wa Ike officer brandished
km paid aioacd with thunderous
threats wkta wer«* else was he
having in' an ord-rly manner.
A macting of great interest ami
important* wiß he held on Friday
OrtoWr 31st at tke Baptist churrh
1 kit is to he a Count v Sumta*
Sckssl CoomOba m tke interest of
all the thadax
Mr. D. V. Sams. State president.
Mia Floosie Davm. associate suprnn I
If lint, hoik of Kaletgh. and aevera
I—l and other count) workers will
kr on the program.
The matter of arrangements will
he antler tke aaipirr ■ of the super
ialiadiatu of tke local Sunday schools
Farther smomitatnU of plans an
pi«|im wffi be made next week.
Tomorrow opras tke 1*24 -tt Count >
Tmtktrt' Motac Tke Reading Circle
as it is rightfully called was held
one Sktnntat *. ui e\er> school
moath last year am. p#wl to be a
very mat and of much hel|
to the irhul as well as to th= teach
en atteadbg. The meetinrs will l»
aader the dwectaoa of Svpenntendent
Pope awl record meetings, are expect
cd to be heU this yea.
Tim being tke int meeting
of this «b ml year, every teacher in
tke canals is nrgexl to be in attend
Tke iftk auißtan and expansion
sale of Maisoias HMkrn aad Brooks
•a* of WiUnm-ton's sasartest and
ml ariasv* sttres, began today at
am o'clock
Tke stare has greatly enlarg
«' luultl} aal tkey are offering tke
baggest ana hest line of merchandiso
;a the bajJBT J—hi c that they have
ever atn : /t :ke height of the
senaan. akj ewrryene is 'most tend)
t- hay wartr anca.diae at regular
prices, Mar oils BJO her* and Brooks
tie •' 11 tketr fifth anniversary
*alr and girsa (ca imin tke benefit
cf gi 1 all J ie iace I prices at the most
Tkey are celebrating their fifth birth
•lay m a d-#eeeet m oaer from the in
•i.vidcaL lastaad of receiving gifts,
tkey are giving tketr friends aad cus
tomer* a treat in tke form of values
hs minhnaiiia that vriD he long re
ikis firm has enjoyed a marvelous
growh aiace ft began business in
sarvuas oI its. monager and buyer.
Men Frank aad Irving Margatis;
second, to oeßmg oaly ap to date and
sS*ap to its gammas policy.
~l j Lk.iMj refunded if no*
Mra LC Beamett aad Mrs. Wheeler
Mr. Mi Mn. T & ShM, Mn
J D Tkaaon ami Mioa Bra Mai at
'toadM the fair la Cmaißi Thara
** : t rrn
Attendance From Local
Church Very
The Roanoke Baptist Association
one of the largest ui the State, com
I posed of Ks churches and numberim
lover 104)110 members, concluded its
| annual Hem ion of two days at Tar
boro Wednesday The attemlance was
large and the meetings aw brim
ful of inspiration and enrouragemeni
Rev. G. H JohiisMi of Enfiel
preached the annual sermon fron
Exodus 11:16, "Speak unto the Chil
dren of Israel that They go For
want " It was a wonderful message,
thoughtful, inspiring and challeng
Introduction of new pastors was
gracefully done by Dr. Charles An
derson, retiring pastor of Scotland
Neck. Amonr others Rev. Chas. T.
Plybon of Washing*"- R" « L
Shirley of Williams*on and Rev. W.
G. Hall of olthnaaa ille were pre
sented. Other viaaton and representa
tive* of tke variant denominational
activities were presented ami heard in
doe time
Report* oa all of religiuu: j
v ork as fotstervd by Baptist including
State. Home aad Foreign Miseior
Orphanages. Edacational and Minis
tenal relief were presenter! ami after
informing ami inspiring disciassiol
were atwpted
The meetinr* «til be W.I with the
First Baptist churrh at Washington
N. C. next year.
The attendaace from the local church the largest in the association.
Tne following persons fu m l»ere H»-
t> ivied one or bo h days: Rev. an.
Mrs. R L. Skirtey. Mr ami Mrs 1
S Coartney. Mr and Mrs. W. L Ta>-
lor. Mr. ami Mr- J H Bntt. Mr am!
Mrs A J. Samaaerlir. Me*>rs J. W
Anderson. A T. Crawford, It A
Critcher, Joe Everett, Me>alame.-
Wheeler Martin. Art'je Amlrr~i.n, V
J. Hodges. Joe Ta\'or Several from
Itiddiek's Grove also were in atten
■lance, among whom were Messrs.
John Hopkia>. Joshua Colt rain, Wil
liam Hopkins. Mrs J. H Riddick anil
Protectant Fpasrapal
Tke Ckai 1 b of the Advent
Rev. tlaraawe O. Paido. Rector
11:00 A. M. Hoi) « union ion am.
7 p. M. Kvenmg Prayer ami
»:4& A. M. Samm> .Scho-I
!0:W A. M Ailvent Bible Class.
Markets Sales Avg Price
Aberdeen IIJM SiA.»
Ahotkae XOM* 21.44)
Carthage 1481
Chadboarae 1,1.!#96 12^4
Ciarktoa 137,7* 11440
Durham 42fe.724 . l*.4i
br. field ZIO.GSO 21.91
Fair Blutf ~+ibX>4 14 7!
Fttrmoat I.47iJS*«> 15.K^
FarmviDe 21.10
Futpaay Sprdrgs U6>44 2ZJSO
G.eeaville »,177,7» 10JG:
Colds bore
Henderson 16^S
Jacksonville 1«M&2 15.87
Kinstoa Hjc3»Jb7o 18.4S
Liniabarg 190,10s 18 99
Lumbertoa " XK2,4fih 11^3
Oxford K.«4
P.netope 7*.J»«> 2U.6«
Raleigh 2U.2T.
Ri bersoavdle JO 36
Rocky Moaat
Rowland IS7JM4 II.M
Smith fiekl 1J1U24 1K.«»
I Tabor «ua»9 UJS
Terkoro tMj&t 20 if
I Wallace MjM 17.12
. Washington IjBOR2M 18.7h
Warrentoa >5.492 15.41
' Warsaw ttSJOO 18.41
' Wendell »MM 19 37
Whiterffie SXMIS 15.65
Wil ■ H an UZI.MI IIJI
, Wilson ICjV79yXO2 21.47
, YoaagsvOr C&£42 19X1
Xehalaa TtiJM 19J»
' ' .
State Total MtiajN SI9A«
1 Caapnliia Crop Report in r Service
I ' **
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, FYiday. October 17, 1924.
Three members of the aKricultural
class of Oak City high school left
Wednesday at noon for Kuleigh, ac
companied by their coach, P. T. Long,
where they judged livestock yester
day. Two of the boys are judging
farm crops today.
Oak City hopes to at least main
tain its record of last year and is try -
inir hard to improve over its record of
last year.
In 1923, Oak City won seventh
place out of fifty-three schools that
look part ill the contest at the State
fair, there being only a few points
difference in their score and that of
the teum winning first place.
The following boys made the trip
to Raleigh, Clyde Manning, Garfield
Hunch ami Wiley Goodrich.
■ The boys feel very much encouraged
as they won out in a contest at Rocky
M unt fair last week. Clyde Manning
winning 2nd prise in judging swim
and Wiley Goodrich winning third
prize judging dairy cattle.
October Will Lead By a
25 Per Cent
Tobacco is one of ilie main com
modities produced in Martin count>
and when it fails in pounds or price
business in this territory is wreath
affected. We are unfortunate this
ei-son in production, the crou being
less than two-thirds of a normal yield
On the oth.-r hand, prices; aie ranging
much higher than last season. Septem
ber did not show a large difference in
price, but for October there is per
hips a gain of as much as twenty-five
per cent over last year.
Many farmers hava averaged foi
barns through on the Williamstoi
maret this week as high as seventy
■ cents and lar.-je numbers goit: :g fifty
ami sixty averages.
1 The local warehousemen have made
J stronger pull for tobucco thi. season
than for seevral years and c.inuderint:
the short crop are getting good p-it
lonage. While the break was not so
large today, prices were' soaring a
lound the high marks and judging
from several conversations with farm
ers they are highly pleased wiih th«
Sunday School, 9:45. We h:»d a fin last Sunday a id let's m.-'k'
r.?*t even better.
Ai 11 a. m. anil Ht 7:30 p. m.
:.'gular worship, preaching by p:istor
;t lx#th hours The pi:blic is cordially
ij vil' il. Kvery Methodist is urged and
' EXPECTED to attend, don't die be
fore your time come?.
On October the 21st (Tu"
; night) at 7 p. m. I will baptize those
I who may desire rnj to by emersion in
iht- poo! of ihe Disc : ple church ii
1 Williamston. Ail those who- desir.-
I to join our church :"id d : ire !»•»•»-■
tism by emersion, please Ijike noticv
ai'd be there.
May 1 now thank our Christian
. friends for the use of their church an'
i pocl. It was kind of them to off»»
) the use of same.
> E. D| DODD, Pnstor.
1 Shower For
Miss I'rilchard
Mrs. Robert Norman was hostess
I Friday evening at the home of her
mother, at a miscellaneous shower
. given in honro of Miss Murceil
. Pritchard, whose marriage to Ken
( neth Lindsley will take place this
( mouth. Autumn flowers, candles and
I Japanese lanterns were used in the
lecorations. Little Randolph Mumlen
, held the umbrella to collect the rain
" drops, gool wishes for the guest of
( honor, who also received many use
 ful and pretty gifts.
The above clipping was taken from
the Norfolk Ledger Dispatch and wi|-
be of much to the friends of
the groom, who is one of the most
I.rominent business men of William
ston. Mr. Lindsley came here about
two years ago, and with his brother
j built an ice factory and established
. a coal and wood yard and they have
I become real factors In the business
E and social life of the town.
Mr. Lindaley left this week for
j, Norfolk where the marriage will
' place tomorrow.
' ' ~" 4 '
Will Chesson Places Still
At Feet Of
Sheriff Rober>on and Deputy I'ee!
hail a new experience Tuesday just
(he sun was hiding behind the west
ern hills when they were huming a
ling one of the prongs of Reedv
swamp and suddenly came across
I hree barrels of beer. After medita
ting over the circumstances for a
few minutes, they turned aver the
barrels and outpoured the beer. Every
thing was lonely and ifuiet as could
be. The officers walki-d a few paces
to a fence and when they looked over
it they beheld a portable liquor fac
tory. Mr. Will Chesson had a .70 yal
lon capacity still on his hack with
the snout on his shoulder and Mr.
I'almer White by his side with keu>
and other equipment to lie used in
the manufacturing process.
Just as the officers saw the men
they were seen by the manufacturers
'She sheriff called to 'hem to come
forward and Chesson walked deliber
ately and laid the still at the sheriff's
feet. Different notions entered the
man White's head and he turned his
shoe sole.-, on the .sheriff and soon
Chesson said the beer was his and
that the still was borrowed and White
wi>s a helper.
1 hey are to appear before the
Court at an earl> da'e.
- •:rxlay School. 9:45.
Morning Wovship, 11:00.
Evening Service, 7:45.
l-arire congreations were present
both at the morning and evening
••rvice last Ixird's Day. There was
an attendance of 192 in the Sunda
School. The itaptismal service at nigh
was a'tendec by a larne congregation
•'ltd was regtrded as a U-autiful and
impressive -ervice. The «t.nual Church
letter wa> read at the morning houi
and revealel the fart that about six I
ty new memliers have been receive"'
during the past year and over tftum
iii free will offerins has been con
tributed. An attendance of sixty at
Prayer Meeting Weden.-day nighl
was most enrouraitin to the pastor
anil his people
Next Sundav the hand of Church
fellowship will lie extended at tin
moi nu.K hour to those who have jus'
been baptizeil At te morning service
the pastor will preach on "The Mill
istry of Sucering". He is anxious thai
all the agel and invalid folks who can
will mitk- a special effort to lie at
this service. At night he will speak
on "The 1 nknown Hod" Come and
let us reason together on these vital
things. A cordial invitation to all th
people to worship with us.
R. I. SHIRLEY, Pastor
Mrs. W. E. Warren
Entertains The
Embroidery Club
The Knibroidery club held its reg
ular meelini; with Mrs. William K
Warren entertainirg Tuesday aftei
noon at four o'clock at her prett}
home on Haughton street. Pall flow
ITS in profusion in vases and crystal
bowls were used as^l^corations.
A delightful hour was spent in
conversation ami embroidery before
the hostess served an attractive salad
Those present were, Mrs J D
WM lard, Mrs. fieorge Harrison, Mrs
Clayton Moorr, Mrs. M. A. Critcher,
Mrs. C. A Harrison, Mrs S R Biggs.
Mrs G W Harduon,, Mrs A. T. Craw
ford. Mrs. W Her.ry Crawford, Mr.
K. It. Crawford, Mrs Jno. D. Biggs.
Mrs. P B Cone, Mrs L B Harrison,
Mrs F. I'. Itarne* and Mrs. J. W An
I'sing a part of the Farmers Supply
'i -npany's building on »i.
street the L*-Next ItarU-i Shop has
iieen openol by Mr Griffin of near
this place.
The establishment of a barber snop
. in that section of the city completes
; the list excepting f bank, and it has
been rumored that one will be open
. id there in tke course of a few years.
Mr. R. A. Pope made a business trip
to Raleigh this week.
Was Member .of Family 
Children | r
Early \e>lenla\ morning, Daniel j
U'and went to the home of his bro'iiur > r
\. iley Bland, to borrow his gun to |
to squirrel hunting, lie picked the
vun up ami in some w..y the hummerT
of the gun struck ag.'iusl sort" "li- I
ject and the «un tire«'. the entir- loud
I assing through the youiiK u.-.tii'. I
l-ody. The load entered just aOove j
his heart and passed out above t.u '
left >houlder blade.
F. 1.. Eilwanls, coroner, was called :
vnd lie -umntuneil a jury and mad.-
.i :ui! imestication. Ihe jur\ round I
that Bland came to his death from a
fun shot vrount 1 accidentally caus
fit by his own haiui.
Mr. Bland was 21 years old and
leaves a widow ami three step chil
dren. He was the son of Reubiu lilund
anil wife and was one of a fsu.iily ol
thirty-four children lie w« ii\ing
rt Weldon ami was on a visit to hi;
father ami niothei i nihe i tos.
Roads section, near Robet «.•!ivilie
HU IMSI> will lie L>UI id today at
Jess,, liiirliuik's farm near Rolierson
- vOle. ' :■
First Meeting oi
Twentieth Century
Club Vi cdiH .dio
On We>lnesala\ afternoon at three
thiry. lie TVei.tie'h t.n'ui. clul
hebl lt-s fir-t |>ro"r:im nn- ton of ih,
club year, at the bono- of Mi •'. ;i
Anders >n. on Ex-t ai. i i >t r«
The officers for this yeai ale M
Whe*k-r Martin, jr., prevalent. Mi
Warrni I'itrirs. vice president; Mi;
Vella Amiiews. secietarv ; Mr I lay
tin M«»ore. and Mr T. S
Critcher. coairman of the progran.
commit te. New members are Mrs
Oscar Amlerson, Mrs. Dellia Carson
Mrs. J. G Godard. and Mrs Kllierl
The club 111 .:| •;> for tu'\ tlii
y»-ar pw ent da\ liti-mtun- and pro
?ram sub eet. »II In- tak n Iroir
IXLOKS L'l£! "! L I
The übje'; for Wednesday after i
noon w: , "My tiardeii of Memory"
by Ka •• DOUKI. Wiggins anil N
|k.|ier *va »ir-,«an-i and read by Miss i
Vrlla A.wlrews on Kite Douglas Wig
gins' "ei.tiui* lor Friendship." Thi I
paper was well written ami illudrat
«1 b> her friendship for Dickens. Mis
Kva Wynne r»-ad a selection Iron i
"M; I iaitlrn of Memory" which wa
very much enjo>eil 1
Mi-s Martha Anderson, ac I
r. in|ianied by Mrs Wheeler Martin
jr. saiiK "Ma Curl> Headed Baby'
j ami Mr.s. J. S. Rhodes, accompanied
, by Mrs. Carrie I'.iggs Williams, sani
"A Gypsy Song." Mrs Claytor
Moore read interesting current new:
ar.d thi.» concluded the program foi
the afternoon.
Mrs. Amlersn s«-rviil a delicious
salad couise with hot tea and sand
wiclies, which was very much enjoy
l «•'-
The mvite«l guest' were Mrs. U I
Shirley, Mrs. Pardoe. Mrs N C Green
Mrs Carrie Bigg* William*. Mrs. W.
II Crawford, Mrs. John Itiggs, Mr:
IP 11. Brown, Miss Anna Crawford,
' Mrs Roy tiurganus, Mrs. A. Anderson, 1
jfc!rs. Julian Anderson, Miss Martha
l.ouise Anderson. Miss Eleanor Stan ami Miss l.ue\ Turnnge, Mrs
' Seym«»ur, Mrs. C. It. Hassell, Mrs. I'
B Cone, Mrs A R Dunning, Mrs O. H
' Head: Mrs. Maurice Watts, Mrs.
Charles James. Mrs. Luke Lamb, Mrs.
A Ha.-sell, Mn. Wlieeler Martin, Mrs.
E P. Cunningham ami Misses Thelnip
' Brown ami Nina I'p'on
Club members pre.-ent beside. 1 li
ne wly elected one were. Mrs. Whee
ler Martin, jr., Mrs. J. H. Saunders,
Mrs J S Rhodes Mis* Eva Wynne
' Mrs F. I' Itame . „ Miss Vella An 1
drews, Mrs Titus -Critcher, Mrs. J
W. Manning ami Mrs. Clayton Moore
' Nothing counts more in the harvest
* thai, the seed you plant. Mr. 11. B.
' Thompson of Washington makes a
r speciality of seeds ami buys from re
putable growers ami graders and can
' rapply your needs in the seed line.
1 Mr. Thompson wfll have a booth
* at the Roanoke Fair next week and
' it will pay you to look over his seeds
- and supply your winter needs for
* covers, permanent pastures and any
ether needs yoo may have.
Show Train of Thirty Cars to Arrive From i'eters
burjf Sunday; Poultry, Horses, Swine
Arriving in Car-load Lots.
Thousands of Visitors Expected Dujinjr Week
/ ;
MONDAY MtdlT- Opening.
All Sho#» on Mid**) will be
open, free Acts and Kire-
Morks Program t omplele.
il KSDAV—School I»j>.
VII Schouli in Martin Counlt
Will Observe thi» da> as a \l! t hildri-n admit
ted free at Main Gate IHn
ing the Day. Special Program
to hi- Rendared by Nine of
Ihe Schools.
rilt'RSDAY—Everybody's Day.
FRlDAY—Beaufort - Washing
ton Day.
Gate* Open Each Morning al
Pi O'clock.
Program Pack Night alTligST
I I'cloek.
I'.ind "Concert l»aily. Hear
litss Lady Who Sings Wi:h the
itand ilternoon and Nih".
All \-t Between E»er» Race.
No Waitinic.
Don't Miss the Fireoork*
Greater tban last Year.
• IAMSTON. N. t , Blt.t.Kß
ItEri'Kß. \N|» GREATER
. - /
The annual Re I Cross i"ll cad wu
begin Novemt* r iltii, Armisiici- Day continue throagh 'thank ijivi..
Day, November 2nh.
Williani.stoii and .ll .i n. count)
expected to secure * ia> no-mb
year. We sent in only m. inter- io.
the last yast >ear laii, ami tho»
were the result of tne illort- of Mi
P. 1.. Coburn and a few young ladle
of the town.
In the pa-st >ear we !>a\e bad K
casioll to call on the Rel I loss tui
help, both nurse.s ami mow) */r.
:.ent. When the c>clone swept ilnougi
Martin count), carrying absolute le
struct ion in it.s |>ath. tne i:«*l » 'ros
rent representatives in the next da>
and they stayed in this couni> i>
week-, afterward, leaving oid> »)«
everylnxly had b-en care>l for an
there was no actual suffering for ih
necessities id life Eveij cmm wa
listed and *aken car«- of in a sy.-te
matic way which mirmt be done b.
a temporary relief organization. Th-
Red Cross has one of the most elfte
tive working machines in the- .worl>
ami it hamlled the .itiuliuii in Mar
tin county in a very capable manner
The work done heie by th« Re 1
Cross is mighty small in comparisoi
with the great work that is done b;
!t. Us work here should make a i!*ej
impression on u.s ami help us to look
up those working in tne campaign tc
give them our doll; r. *
The Recorder's Court la-1 Tuesday
had only two nse. O.i docke*.. Judf.
Smith preside"l ami Solicitor Pe
prosecuteil. Both ci es w.-re li|Uoi
Ci'ses and neither re.|U.: -«l very mucl
time to he heard.
State vs lion Johnson Hid Jm
Slade, charged Johnson ami Sladt
w/'lh manufactu"ng Injuor They aal
mitta-al having materials on h.- si. The
defendant Johnson was firie-l f.KKi
and all the costs in the ami ale
fendant Slade was lined sso.tMi.
State vs Ella Wilder was a ca>* of
selling liquor anal Laving it in he:
possession She was fouml euilty anal
flneai $25. and costs -.nd sei.teivwl to
jail for twenty days, which part of
of the judgment k to W suspend -al
for six months if she can show good
The b ail -*t f«»r M_r Hi
tci.ui.iy- greatest ev-nt Tiw
! Fair which up n» ili va"e> iit M«n
jitay nitcht ami closes njrht,
liMviiivj four «iay,-. and fiv- r.izhls of
fun. ,amuM-Die':t and ftucj: oral wl-
I vantage- to ih* people •»!" this -eel  iv.
Mr. il. M. IV. »ne «»eral maaa.;er
j if the Roar.oke Fa>r A sotaM is
(•lit- .>f tin* most ar«d enthusi
astic fair managers of li.- w>Hde >Utr
uiul he ha s|u red neither trouble Tor
expense to brin- the fair up to its
present hi»fh standard This- aim
munrty has already profited by the
work that he did in correction with
the fair of last year bu" 'He program
for this year will U' the culnumt on
of his ijreate.-t efforts wKsch have
t»ia.-ed the Koatioke Fa r a.sis »n(r the
most iio e«l of the entt; -late.
Ti>e executive staff of tSf Fair ~~
Association is composed .»i r**osi c=tp
. -Uiilt and etljr'fnt ;ye: »uaK K-
Mr T W St: it h-on of jl.*k> Mount
wil! (»• office executive aga»• his year
and everyone who ma te •-nine- in
I . ' year's f:ur rumnf-r her pm
fic M'C\ in the office M* "I ho- *a" 'of?
vho is one of the h» - * iasi'i ■! horse
men in the I niteil State- wil! have
charge of the races.
The free ac's of the the* this year
*■ ill consist of a concert twice daily
f the M ullson (iar>kn baini
ami a if rand opera ilso a
choms •laiire. :« conmtv act. an acro
batic act ami many other- TV»e acts
'are in a differet * cla-s f-.-.-t a;- 'bin*
h.'i' i u ual!> re t at r
i Tlie fireworks program will ticrfij
i-livthimr seen in l!i>t."i> « ..lira ar»i
it will !>e more this n tw as large
a- it was last v >»a r .
Show Train \rri«e» sundii
The how train of the /-»|ma:i an«i
Pollie Show- oi-istinr %,( "hirty
Ixviil cars. Mill arrive Sa"stay from
I'eter-liuiwhere th-»y lave been
shouiiu' this »ii>k Tver"; five -hows
are put on »y thm ami _.■» (H'tlexv
ly clean in every r»- : Messrs.
/eiilinan ai it Jtmim • s,i«o are
immln r- of the Sh»wm»i.~- 1 ri«"aTive
Committee which »pmn>r- only clean
Tl KSI».\). t lllt.l«KI.\ S DAY
A i ihe main i;au lui - .«> ;very
chihi. .-mall or large, »!>. ■#.
, v hite or black, »i v'brr wor- ju i .-o
Jour are a child, yuu '*di b -•'i.
fiee of charge
In the es'atlishi. •n. v" . L:> —I
the Koanoke Kair. u i I -»-• tiiit an \
Inteli>st might U aKakaiww. iu tJi.-
younger cilurus, not ufu> . - she
amusement hue but alot.. . r iiJus-
Irial ami agricultural hw - Im- .. jin
aceineiit like- ti> see tW .*> iiavt
a i;i>:hl tune; .HI e»«i)th:a- ".hat will
jjo toward pleasing t!w. c!. «irea Us
l-een attended to.
An interesting fU' > ta.. |>r«:.*.ni '
hits lieen ariangfi! l>> tit-. . r.n-os
ichools of Maii>n County, anal this
feature within it.-elf *.ll ; ci ■ v. jfth
whil* your cominK o th- i. e.- S".mit»
of all kiiuis will tie -tajrr«. I his |MX>
Krai 11 has ha»i tue inckui- of -vei >
prinopui .11 the ci ii lj- awl is
expecttil t» pltk-:^.
Al the Ma rin cmdn.% ii-acher i
laeetuiK tomorrow afteriws in tfac
li ral school aualitorium, passes, will
ht ixsuhl all the tearf»er> ■( tht ctain
ty for Tue.-iiay, school iU>
Several carlumb of tatv i.vrs» have
iiireaily arriveai ami en*r.r- .are being
receive*! now itaily in niiuhers
for the different «ie part men ts Messrs.
J&rks ami Koberson are rcc, irnj ap
plications for entry cards f.—m pan
trymen from all over the cuoa ry and
their ilepartment will be filled to «w
--fli.winir from all indications
Thousand of visitor* are expected to
visit Williams ton and the Roanoke
Fair next week. The Chamber of
Commerce and the WOlkur-toa peo
, pie are making (Ml preirinti—
for entertaining those who will vi tl
oar town.
r . r®
Leave far Orphaeage
i j v Vj,
" Misses Ruby. Lacdle. Mary Mm* ■
f Masters Evan and Wheeler Wa/d will
' leave for Greervshore Mia liy w irabir J
1 where they *9 eater am erpbeaege. |
bom by" Sap*. Pape wW wfl r tin
5 next Tuesday.

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