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Speaks on State Port and Terminal Aieasure;
Messrs. Lamb and Taylor Also Make
Short Speeches on the Bill
HMI K. O. Everett, one of Marti,
cojnfy** m.->st (tictirni'M ami abl
and Kepresen'alive of Duriian
(runty in the State Legislative—bfff
several years, spoke before a large ann
enthu.- irtstic audience in Hamilton
Saturday night. His .«pcecii was th
conclusion of a series of powerful ad
dresses Mr. Everett has be -n dc
Ihrering ia Martin county in a.lvocac
of the State Port ann Terminal meas
ore, and the large number of voter
in the county, who have been lookir
for light on this rabject, were com
pletely converte.l to the measure
Mr. Emtt was - elected to sponsor
thie Bill in the Hou fit he la-t Spw
ial Seanior of the Legislature not
only because of his ability of leader
ship but be4ku.-r he has always cham
pioned the right* of the people and
has supported all letrisla'ion .lesiene!
to advance the real prtnru of the
S'ate He h** rerer suwmnW to the
insidious aptl pernicious influence ( f
the special and v«=ted int-re.-t. as *
many legislator- 4>;tve and for th
reason his' whrorn of 'he Pot'
and Terminal Bill tarrie- c»nvic
tion to Oie people that this bill
has real teeth anri is honesth as
signed to relieve i_ur oppressed peo
ple of unjuat. discriminating an*'
burden some freight rates
"The nilnwd.- began iwentj t»\c
>ear» are," declared Mr. Evere't in
his address at his home town  i
Hamitiao, 1» plan a
monopoly of i'reignl rates in .tun it
Carolina and to-tlay we »ee the pet
lection of .heir handiwork. Water
competition so essential to the equi
table regulation arid reduction of
freight rates has been absolutely kill
ed by the monopoly. We 'set the once
prosperous and thriving port-town
of Eastern North Carolina now tiea •
or suffering Ir.nii supreme inerti.
I*he railroads have done this by «t.
verting commerce which righ'ly bt
longed to be handled by our port -
town> to the great trunk lines whicu
transport our commerce for long ui
lances North and South, which a
true.- to the benefit of the Virginia
cities. ,
"Our State," he -.tated, "has «k
--veioped thu- far i_i not from a:-! J
furnished by iavorable freight rat«>
' ft in spite of discriminator) freight
• ales tliat have served as a gres-i
.'-.tndranee to a inert rapid (it-veluj
■DVIII. llr do|im nt >f water tram
portatioh and port - terminals will {
mean that he ji'dtts: handicap in.
posed through the years ■» ill be r
moved ami that Un. State in tho fu
ture wdl be perni..ial to expand ir. j
manner that will surpa.-> the evptt i
tations of ti i. •».-'« opi-.nist k I. has
been impossih' > for N. C agriculture
and commerce o develop when the
railroails have Iwti exacting a toll of
10 millions annually ir. discriminating unjust frei*.h lates. The best
statistiea.' auiho/it} shows that Vir
ginia has approximately fti per cent
more wholesale ard jobbing houses
than N. C. altliv._*li North Carolina
has more tlnn *0 per cent mare retal
e.-'ablishm :• - ti»ar Virginia. This
simply mc:.ks that favorable freight
rates enjoy id by Virginia enables
•hat state to prow rich at the ex
pense of or N. C. retailers, who -wll
to our individual consumers. The
consumer or 'Jo-w pays the freight
ikai makes the Virginia cities richer
and themselves poorer. Kates based on
developed water trans por* at ion .1
-ood for V irgin a and the other 2*
. tat.' s in he Iru n who have de
velo;ied their por. , will k better for
Nor*.h Carolina as we are a great ship
ping State North Carolina's inland
water systems coi-sist of 1300 miles
of n-ivigable river and 150# miles cf
other inland navigable maters or a
combined mileage in excess of the to
tal railroad mileage and these Cod
-hren natuial resources are not being
Mr. Everett further explained that
' well devel >ped seaports are valuable
asaets to the entire State. It brings
lusine*- and capital that would not
r.-herwise come, thereby enriching our
State. It gives employment to the*:
t and* of men in the immediate vieir
ity and to other thousands scattered
(throughout the State, who are co
gaged ia making, producing, or trans
porting export commodities.
picys capital and utilises, ia the re
pair of ships, vast quantities of nt
terinls pdmd ia the State, ft en
■ Boy Dragged Half Block
Before Car Was
Fehon I'urvis, the eighteen .ear ol
colore.) boy. who "delivers cioti.. fr.:«
Ambers pressing club, was run «v»:
Saturday night b> Kinchini Moore. 
iol»i«i! man who lives near Everett .
The boy was very painfully hurt and
hi* life was endantrered.
Purvis was in front of Mrs. Fannie
Carstarphen's home on Main strv. t
when the car ktweiftl him low. ard
I he was draggtd a. far i Mr H V.
( Hurras' residence, a'mo-t a half a
Mock, when the car driven by Moo';
ran into a car that was pa-fced which
' stopped it. Thi- probabU >ivftl th
life of Purvis. Most of t lie flesh on
the farm was hi.. hei»=t I
bruised! badly arwt otwr'V v 'iti-i'h—-rr--
More wa> place.! atwler arres* bv
I the pdice an«f is now ir jail awaili.«
trial. He is ehargetl with being in
toxicared. -pee.line without light- on
! hit car. The are K lent occurred ah..i T
ten o'clock when th» delivery boy ws s j
making a trip up 'he street.
hanees property values and swells th
box receipt- Thf larger these rec»ip i,
the more muuet there will !>•* for di
tribution. to schools ami oth-r i»i '>! -
irsti'ution- ami purnoae-.."
In appealing to the voters he cor
eluded. "Every North Carolinian
proud of his State. He should con
sider h a privilege to he permitted,
to »ake part in a movement which j
w- ill relieve his State and hini-eK «.f|
paying further trib-'««« t„
rnjds A favorable vote >n Vovorr*b# r
for State Terminal- a*!«I Pur's wi''
break the chain  f *^-i»n«.mi v il servi
*u«le ami give the Sta'» t fair or
portunitv to «leve!.*i it >.»
competition with «*'>e- S";.te- "
Mr. Harry Waldo rhairojan of th#
1 IWine after the ■.i.rirrei-
Stinn of th* mee'inv to Mr. Everett
for his nlem!?d nwrh in'ndtwvil M'
I ike I and. of V ilhjm.tii'i
Mr I arob in hts diseu--- ■'
princip;dl> two quHioii.-. namei>, i.-
The plans of financine th. buihuii,.
ami opera' .ot of the perl - and term
I :ml.-; ami 2i d.. the local t«*nefit to
be .lerive.l by our farmers, merehan s
;* t>u ig--- men in Mart>n county.!
Uetefrom. In reference to the fir t
• luestior. Mr lamb saial.
**ln buiLlii.g |m.Uw icrmirial- at •'
I facilities the S'.a'e spends nj ap ; iropr
a'lons ami no Lax aonty. it tM>rio«>.-
at a lower rate nun an> of its tnun.
eipahii-s or' citizens can do al.d gu- J
ve-t. .ae r.nsney in revenue
' r rfrtie*. which tl.emselve- are an |
' pie seeurr y for th"? lasn. Tlie term*-1
lna!s art expecte.! o meet all expense-,!
j mchxling int« rest and smki'ip- fir.. I
irl arges to retire the bond, ami p.« j
Jv:«!e a profit for additional improve-1
men's. The Stat" owr.s a irxinopoly of I
e-.mmerc a! necessity has the po». I
'r to fix port charge? for servio -1
• emlered This make.- it a safe inr I
VHtatK The Rill expr.-ssly provifl*.-1
that (he schedule of harbor foes in a I
be so fixe.l as to m;-ke ,-afe the State's I
investment It is therefore, a IHI-* '
, ness enterpri.-e to be operate-i on a I
r I business basis for and in the 'liter* s|
> of 'he people ami 'he upbuiMine oi
th-? State. The terminal- in 'ir states
have he-n built on this plan ami "n
each state the 'erminals have,pai.i for
I themselves-**
In discussing local benefits . Mr.
■ Iml' >aid the interstate commiegion
> had ruled that water ra es at fn%h>
basing points were ane third oI the
- rail rotes ami that if the Bill pn-.l
f tbere would certainly be a freigf: 4
basing point on the Roanoke TV.
t would cause a two-thirds reduction
in most of the merchandise ,-hipp..!
to and from the Korth. Por instance!
if fer»il)mer from Norfolk over the!
ra;l route is |3»t the water freight
would he Sim. He further explained I
that the inland towns would receive'
eoually large reductions in shipments |
cf freight. •
Mr. T. Jones Taylor dosed the
meeting after a short talk with the
statement, HI the words of Andy
Cump. -As Martin goes so goes the'
State." _ ,
• "*** 4T
. • r V > • .
- r .
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, October 21, 1924.
I Mr. irv iK# Thiour Taylcr of the
■I Spring i.reen -evtx-n of the count>
j passed away al his home Friday ®ven
-1 inj after a lingering illness which
! lasted nearly nine months.
; Last Kebrua; > Mr Ta>!or four.d
■by -peciali'ss to have cancer of th?
j throat s-.mi the> beli.-vcl for a wh.le
( ! Nat tht-y eoui-l cuti him of the tr»j
■ Mes but they failed ami for some time
jbe grew wor-e at a rapid rue until
, I death came.
The ilee.i-fi wa- thirty-four years
vf age and was unusiudly strong a-»l
•"tie ur In he aas afflicted with the
r.a.iful urease, cancer. He wr.s .he
. .-on of Mr. am; Mi -. Fernando T- > U.i
of Sprinp Greer. He marriei >lis.-
liottie Evere't of K >hei -on\"»llo Sh•
survives turn but their two infant chiS
i ''ren prwv-leil him to the grave. H "
slso leaves his fat'ier. several broTh
, ers and -t-ters
Mt. Ta>loi wis a very l.k. ab..
I >oung man aini a pros|>ei.'Us farme.
The THI rial took plan- M untax after
i noon ir. the nes ceim tcrv of ItoU rson
ulk with Ke\ J. t». I liner of the
> christian chuich officia;mg
At the regular h«.ur fo: I' e (_»»y.-.
..meeting at the christian ehrich or
*%e«> eve u.i ;. a .- ma'l . -i-
I « iil la- given b\ ihe • - iien of th«
| Woman's Missionary a-iet>.
"i he church as a ts«l h.u, tMitribu*
•••I one mill ion ami twelve *i>»usald
•iollars this > rar as a fift»*lh anniter
.• ry present t«. thr lioibiing fun 1 of.
I> t.e Ijiit.d Christian * Mtssioni > »
i«!«tj ami 'his program will j. rliaj
ihe 'houvht ~the foui taltot, L- lai«l
let Us build' 'ami will be of intent, t
to the member- of ibis church wh >
' have htlpol make thi- foumt.ition p>
| All member- of the church ar? u».red
(to at'ei!«l the Jubi!e- service.
A J MANSIMI , Pastor
.' \MK>\ f 1.1 K VS KOIiERStIN
\ 11.l E I Kill \ ) M«.ll'
The aJme-\lle Higti Brhool liov?
and 'iirl- wdl go te (KU r-onvil! •
Frida> evening to play two ma'ch
Kames of lu-hrt Th- is th •
s#een«! time. tV-e t'-ai>- have piav e>'
thi« -ea-on ami t*-.. \f-r\ interesting
p*Bie> are expece.l
Tne kh h scl 'ls«* cooi t> have
ma«« J.tsf pofit-.-v in athletic- dur
ing the pa-4 jearf ai... Ut«-> •!*
-• if t -.pp-n of the when
* ver »!ie . pla : lie home town
|e»mmuftity shkli *jor-_s;» .if a uai .
' houht '.ack Us Irani to ih»- l>n» s tin
l-J.ear *iij- at'endatm- am support.
J Mitk-t Head a*d Juliu l*e«l ate
very enthasiastir «.nr ttit fine
course at Ihe »««-n* ;ile coontr> club.
'» h*-r»- they been guests and (Jay -
|«« during the pa-t 'on* week emls.
Price- are- right with Watts "ar.d
I Mi..'tnr!'it the limnuke Warehoiue
I A circular was mailed out to the r
Ifrieml- am! patron- la t week with]
1 several a vera »«■> tanging from sixty!
IN seventy-five cents These are won
l.ierful prices ami they - now the p>-« -
I pie that the H illiam.-'on mark* t is on
r -----
1 Mr. and Mrs. B. Duke Critcher at-
Itemled the services held by the lira
In r'..-'.n hi angel i.-t io party in
I >thel yesterday.
Messrs. A. k I tunning ami Mr. am
Mr- James Statoo nK»tore«i *o Hobt-r
souvilie Sunday-
Mrs. W E. Smith-on ol Rocky
' Jlounr is in town attesting the Roa
-1 r.oke fair this week
'I Miss  arr.e I»H1 \«hite -pent the
week eol in Plymouth where she as
' listed the Leaman-Cnston Party as
'•iarl-t during the ueek end.
, Mr. J I. William- motorel '.6
1 'i rift on on Sunday for Mr-. W ill iam.-
: ;»ho has been .-pemling sometime wi'l
' • her parents.
'j Mrs. Gertie Biggs William . Mi
K C Bennett, Mr Mnd Mrs Elbert 81
! JPeel and Mr Jwlia» Peel attended the
sStll- F'oto cireus in Washington Sat
: I vnia> night.
| Mr. and Mrs. J. A. f "heat ham of
iKinston spent the week with Mr
lend Mrs Arthur Anderson. Mr. Cheat-j
jham returned yetfevday and Mrs ,
'Cheuthum is remxiiiinn over for n few
day* to attend the fair. i
First Meeiitig ol 1924-25
Attended By 79
Seventy-nine of tlie Murtin county
teachers met in "the Willianiston
school ainutotium or. Satunlay alter
noon, tk-toher 18. to orpitix' tht
Martin County Te:u-hers" A-.-ciatu>>
ami to plan for the Koadmg e ircii
work for ly.'l-IJiv
Th" f »n»»al op.-ini. • be;*an with tlie
- ; nstt!K of "The Ualtle livinn of ttr
iJepirWic" Kev. C (>. Panlo of the
'oca! Ep.-copal church llier k-d in a
short pni)er. alti-r v hich the As
f'.iMy joine.! him the l>ord"s Pras
er Eor the mspira'ion of the teach
ers. Rev. I'anio read the account id
t hrist's early life as men in tin
second chapter of St. t iik-'. He r a
of tlie four-fold desviopm. r.t of t'hiis
how "He hki.m-oI in „;i,.
sta Ure. ami in faioi with tiod and
niar. " lit- « \|>lain- h. » .nly a |*>
"iitial. un*?v.-loped di\ine el-men:
t'hris: .'ilTen-it from tli.» youin.
f 'rxiay. lie ioaeh*-«t • - th. dut>
i".ct) encher. a- " h, to pr>-
n...»e tlw child rails t d'\'lo;uiient
llii nvi.tal .lev, lopawnt. Fa ry leach
IfTxv-IMlBt-tlu!' duty iheu he ■■ntei 1 !
| in profession. The growth
that »f physical ievelopm. • t >s OIM
••f opportunity. The Uacher may
»ol«-p within the pl-i-th- minds o>
chiklren ;• r—-peet f..i the humai
ft mi ii»l may brin- .» fx> ir I:|M I
lhi-r mimls tht c.n el a of th
physical g'owth. Th-- >i» rs"u->I growth
l'». is m» .if appirtunil) foi tii
i. ..i1..-r Each. 'each, r should iiisti'l
the fundamental religion- prmeiph
wiihin th« hairtiaiii .'ivis .of tjh>'
children through SBifgr.eiaii, A
Chri-tian it-ache* can lie.-t k- this-
I for example means o»uch to the t.atur
ally imitative iwtures of hildren
T :se 'iMirh, 'h*- trrowth in fiv»r with
man, involves a character develop
ie«»:» an i'lerea-e in ability to liv
.1 v. ..rl v itt "f-*i*hbors in a spir:'
' r»-al co opera ton He tin
t»ac'ier- to reiiM-n'' er that th we e
r«-i«rtner« with tiod in their effort?
to eif.ct 'ins fiiut tfi'an development
ef 'lie your-* li»«- m their c:ire.
The fir. t bu- His., to come liefori I
the i rvanization wst th«> election of
it "flicers I' A liollip- aet'
a mrv Aft. i du
fi rltaioentar \
ilig officer were unanimously  lot-ted
Supt |{ A P"p«. President; Mr. !
A Phillip-, Vice i 'resident; anil Mis
Eva. Ire»ie Peel-. S.-creti-.r> Ti.a.-ure!-
Mr. Phillips ai.t .1 Supt. Pope n
i' ttine an accurau- roll call of the
'tacher? j. «-ent
Then Su|»t I'ope in a brief way e:.
[Jaited 'he n • ins why teachei
should ith the State Associa
tion an.! the fa-l h I
the nominal co-t two dollai- w;-
lillb eo'ii[ure.i with the atlvauUige >o
l» «lerive.( from belongiri'/ to Uie State
« rganization ami f oni receiving the
pt.ifessmiial magazine "The N'«r h
Carolina Teacher."
Supt. Pope, realizing the husine.
. ---.-ion wi.ut.l ..f necessity li. tilth- «
!>n-, arrange.! 'or t.nly OIK numb, r
■» th.' pr-.rrani Snot II SI \ -n.-l» .
i tiachrr who h;  w-orke.i out th
I-l'-a- he a-lvaT-e.! : ul knov... of tlie.r
meri . gave e taile.l account of
-How to Run a Library" He ve-ij
'ltarly r.ut!ine.l tlie following topic -
-♦-lection of taioks -itd pictures; cla -
ncation of - accord'ng to grade
awl type; instruction in the proper
use of bock -; aifl left d-vice.- to lie
«i>e.t to .-ecure an use of
library book-. Hi- account was see
OTtrihy of careful consideration th it
Po|i« au horize.l hint to cau-e
•t to he published in ;he county |ia|ier.
Mr J. S. j..ike f,,r a fe.v
minutes cotacernin? the appreciate r
due our County Superintendent and
the obligation resting upon each teach
er of the County to maintain gmd
onier. to enter actually into the plan.
cf the County Supt. to make out the
repute.l reports, to faithfully keep
the contract and to cw-operate with
I rj-ther than to criticise his efforts.
Mr Small said that he thought lie
was voir in:' 'he n- art felt sentiment
of th teaching force when he said that
I 'Key would rall> to the Superintend -
'-til in trying to carry anything 'hat
->• thouTh beneficial.
Mr. Pope in a few wonts thanked
Mr. Seymour and Mr. Small fo.-
these expreasioris of loyalty.
Then Supt. Ptopt- sugjrested thai
j' here are two types of teachers—one,
j composed of the mentally efficient but
Mm ca operative ones. The other,
compose.! of the fe** capable but more
i arge Numoers Attend
Revival ai rlymouih
The lieainan-Costc > party so tai
lias shown very p. utilising »it
a meeting that will result in giVal
goo.l .0 th" town in' Plymouth a- well
a.- to 'he community.
The people have in much larift
l umbers ihan" is customary attended
I both the morning and evening serv
j te-. All the business houses are clos
I 11? for the morning service from 1C to
I !1 a .111. |he high school is co-opera.-
iiig with 'lieir presence a- «eii
wills tlieir voice- in the choir i.'iiuei
ti. gnio.-t evt'.livil mu-ic t' ji . thrill
..ig t'-.e heir - >;" .11 w!u» coin.
On la-t Sunday tiigb-. ll>e -eli-1
avt* the fir opportunity (. . .1.
■' ho wanted !*» accejn Je-n ■ *ni
i - their pt r- mal av .01. the.t we;
es i'i.Hj t;,; '. they u -n
--• for the ht-t lime in then IIM
:'d that from tin-, forth tlv.
jyen jtotm •> live for -heir Ma. tor
Tnere were ive save>l 11 'he fra't
meeting h-hl 1...-t night.
Spc ial
Evil) Ol!.- of I . ..... ilU'l.l ■: • I
*cr\y ?unnli«»- tu
kels itksi a>tunia\ f*»r t»«n * h ui -i::i
t«- in Vfrv r liHih n :,Ot » }
•iirhisivf .ire rv«|U ;•«! h M ti» •
iim \t .'-. i* i« vt oii: f
»»f vVif | i-» K'inii) -!.» .! .-MI'M! J.
va > uiiv» ; * «. ct.ll- * I « iiay
Mi Ihs* !♦*?ti i *»tii have
i«l samp until Sa ur i .. V» • at ik»;»| t
t*\«\ ' ti-.'* . ,*• if ,i|V »" Mil ,
th»* otiiini f t •»!.*! jt !» ni jk
uur lit*- L .?h .. o t Let ( ! I
N fVn. st , - -
TTKI-TT ro'.jMi H i i
•i I \ \  I** * * in: .
:" ~ i
15 A N i..-. if AS.! I' A i
m v 1 tut':*
I .it 1a: .*.-r- ami M» 1 chant.- It
and t!i>. ii.i.i! toil.!* .'at .ii>'- a 1 «j
TlUsl 1 ni>i.;i||) » !' i-f. e TiiUi .hi
Oct. i"! at o'clm k 01. account of li. * '
I' 11 ••«o rmr iliat th 
ntav I at. I h> I .it 0 a -
tend the ;a.r.
SI t '.'ESS! ' ?. . I.:*''«\i: ' I.O.sEh
•'I I ..1. l.l(0\ I >1 Mi \ .
A » ry uce .-fi.l meeting coiidui't I
etl by th-' "* -lor. K« \. A. J Manniiij ,|
has j .■ Ir-en ilt. e-I ;;t Maple t.royei
I'bri i.m ■ tinrch. i» tlriff'n- town-hit. '
I'he r.'vival closed on Sunday with .
t-rvi-  - 11 the morning, dinner on
'he grounds, after winch tliei 1 weroj
twenty-two |e>>pb- baptized who had!
joined during the meeting.
Much entbii ia-111 wa- maul 1 o-ti I 1
ami much goo I wo.- accoinpli-hed ri
the community
... ■ 1
—Mr —end —Me-. —V—T—Kotd ami—Ml.. j
Martha Hardi-on and Miss Mac 11
Keel of Korky Mount vi-ited rei.i'ivsi
ir the city the past week-end.
Hon 1.im1.-ay Warren of Wa hill) *»|
ton vas in town Sunday.
"doggedly on the job", thoie
who go the entire way and do Ihe 11
utmo tto function a* a real teacher. |
He insisted thai co-operation and 11 t •
(.ri'icisni should Is* given th> leaders'
«.f th • various Itea.ting Circle group-
Hi.- plan for the organiza' ion if the
Uead.nv Circle was: liroip i cot -
posei of High Te icl.ei a: i 1
Prinripul-, With the co iead rs. Messl . 1
R I. I.eake'ami II M Ain ley; Ciroi p
11, Section A, compos.d of Ti iclie s
ef the.fif'b, sixth ami seventh i rad« s,
with 1 hej-o leader.-, Mi. J S Sfrntrn r
ami any assistant whom he hoohl
• lioose; t.roup 11, Section It, c mpo |
e.' of Ttachet- of lh( fir-t f . secoi d'
tl srd and fourth «rades, with co-lead
eis, tMin.e- Emma Kobertson and
Varo Hairr.
Tha texts «o l»e -tutlied by the gioU|i.
ere: fur Group 1, Knight's "Public
Education in Noith Carolina," and
for Croop 11. Sections A ami 14, "Ele
mentary Course of Study.
Supt Pope urged the teacher* to
give special attention to (II Oire.*-
tiens for opening a Six Mortths'
Schirol t this important only foe tho.e
whose schools! hal not opened 1; ('.! t
( Score ( ard for tBl Repoft
l.lar k for teacher- of Six Month-'
School; til reports; * (5)
lieen ds of High Sehm-I studeri' -; ami
(fit Compulsory Attendance regula -
tions. 4
, AfteT a short session of the respec
tfve groups, each haiiet di 01 is «1'
those teachers in his group.
R. A. POPE. Presklent.
EVA IRENE PEEI.E, Secretary.
■' ■ ' J) . '. '
]• - S
I>i^ r es( Crowds ami Cost Fair in the !hstor> of
the a Fir Association; Lvxhibits in AH i Hpar; •
ments Surpass Those of All Former \ ears
;\a ; Mimv.w
» ; 't. i.ii I>LASi
Zit.Giiiai. I'ollie l>r:n;
. i r . .,est »>hi>w ; v er
I'd lv\hil>i* iK'.'j
\ \ i>il i«» li t- fan !.•« ?.,1, ~ ».
i.iif* eal**t| tht* !a« r . * ...u »e •
AU> ti'i> \ ear v\ 111 be ,
•ver before, /euiin iA ai tl lie I t\
brought then entire tf« rt> r.
-lu»v. to furnish tht> I .»tu?»
\iri\itiK iluritm Suri«la>
t«*«»k practical!) all «lay yp. t«'r .a> .
brul tlie seventx u.p n> t«. v
Kr«)aii(i> ami I hem at »ifT r•:
location.**, ami uhile pver\ «•- *• 
twenty >how> ami rv%. !i«»t
i*l*cration la>i ni»:hc .til are *v»! •- «i
.t full blast
\ casual inspection i* * .
!f*.c» that tin - \«ai i«1 u »
»he treat «»f tio*'ir l»\**> «*r *i • !♦.
- Anniw.i t n.i'l |,s e fdri.illv ; r .:*■
\it w of' ih- f. c tha -iw* * v'* *1
o'i'l\ l! • , i.lmut '/.*'•lrnin !• • %«i*
1 how , 1 .t 1- |h" c?..nil.i.e a»-
t.efieiell\ nit r! «»ruu i .»iur-- *»
I:-' it th •> I ; .r.if that v. '; k
I t.t .1. 1 .»i ».t a! tt» is*» »»>!• h«. c.'
jt \ their l.ttii*- cirhl■•■n to .*!.
.-ho.v •» i lt'le on th«* »ni«liva\ v. i h th
that not hint; of a
» s i(H*ti"iiabie will foun*
hit tint :s>ti it whole oii*« ii»u
j n.ent will h.« injo>e«| ,
Thtte iiothn.t RAKT"«I :«IH»I
j •'••Milium ami !*ollie -h«»vA The h«»
j: runt , v tents, r:«iu»u
; ...! i:» f:u*f fveiy hire, arou •! : -  '
tii. the touch of ma>' *r low
1 1 u n, iinti thr* >ii!c a - »l .ipaii ::pf» arttnc
I li eit «!waL will IK* much «**wmeti
4 O Ufioli.
Tin* how hetn>**l\e?» ;.r« lio- Ih-
II llec »i 1 »f t» o'etf it tract • ti th:*»
I 1.a.« tver been ;'o!* n iw- th -r
J1 mm if Siil.>soii ( ifenenl •• .i f .t
«.* the show c«»rii|>aii>
coUotfy ami Kur«.pe la w ,*i r
t arch' of iH>V('lti"t aid! «*io* ih j
suit evfi > ta. te '/ill t•• f*.iii«t niche
I ii.%. ilAat'f , nun -i"! . «it\ .• * ;"i»l
• hajric.aii •, swp«vt inir r.-. traiie
jwild aiiuii p»lu.uleil l*«»t * . |» 1
I forming «h»i:key> ami (n».o. . b .1 a
II loll*, clowns, M*t*iiic an 1 p'rvt: aa!
jtacles, acroba's, InVb tiivfrs ah re «le\
motorcycle ami i«uti. r .Lt > 111 U
1 auto«irt»iiie, im»f;k»*\ hipp> •te IIV . Jur
1 IM», ':•«» moitslt ß A!p»n •, tii'* f;
r >|»l«mml i. t n u-ir 1 fe*m h:«l l>> t*vii I
j.le'lx r eii, the fain«*u be. «l ha«h r ai t
.I i c -mpiiny ef c«»nc". t ;»r'i b.
'•' at Kmi t« \ th * wiek f
I anil the f«lh»%- tiu e«iitoi»al J^i
in the Kin 'on 1». ily N * « «
I tlie Sui day thai th« hov. ieft I* v. I
! j'ive shii c »tlea «»f the ch racU i»f ii
•lews aml tht shi w |M*t»|ile
If K M 10l hS AMI \ KAIK
TH AT W \S \ SI t i 'R>-
| Ihe Kin 'oii io Qituu) fan eu«U«
last iught at r.ii«iin|(ht, th * b;.-t la 1
in every wa> he hi n» KirHoii. It v%a
better ami *h.m any precetim
fair ami it wa.> well a'tei:«h-«l in >s#K
'n f the flood condition- tit-ri*iiU»u.-.
Not only w;.- the fatr .1 -uec lu.
ihe /eidiiiaii and I'ollie -110*.-. defers
credit fur ..ddnie Kn-all)' U >h«- u
ceh.s, 111 the wav "f dein. cnjo>aWi
enteitainnirut A but! -ho* of in
jkind ruin- a fair hot a Rood one 1- in
added attraction that actually make
a fair. /.I'idnian an«l Polie mailt th.
We al.-o wi.-li to Im -(xak a Hunt I.
tile people who m .k>- up t«.i~ -hie
■ They are real folk.-, r»-ai h'j nan. , u
iterstandable an-i intere.-ting.. with
v/'de knowledge of thr world. Mai ...
hav«? tlie idea that show pe.
. |ilc are chea's ami worse Nol i-.i
The Zeidm;.n ami Polite folk- were ir»-
' tere.stinir, sensible,
■ stage and on and always hav n«r ;
jfooil time. We have seldom seen sue!
- a gentlemanly and womanly number ol
' people in uny show a- on the Kinstr.
midway. Jt was a treat to have Hi
! 'hem here for a wrek and we liepi"
- that they can come back. «
Mr. Joe David Th.-ower of Port,
mouth has joined Mrs. Thrower and
little son am! they ire visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Thrower ant! Mr. an!
Mrs J. H Brif
... (
~ ■ t
W'iih one of the best
is*, rict falls in proeess
;.in! an orticial parade cf
the Klu Klu>: Klan to
lake olaeo Thin s.lay nt
7:'io r>; m.. t'vo th' on- • of
, reeple f !, at' av a ml
!ui.vHt. just thousinvTs of
■ ' li> \ ere t!iis i'l
it iat will '»' n '-i •
i; .ti*at e\ - > ! 1 >■' '
•' km ha:" ' !!>.' >'•
jtolv a'tr" >
: eia! o: t''?> • '
' ipo will i !\> i)
We are n r *' in loi.
to trivt "full Via:''.of all
tie Kb"! i'-occ-odmv-
We know rot from
whence they eon>' v no;'
~~ where thev v'e ".h —1 H 4 -*—^ —
j ;H'"»le " o*' ■ ' ' " *\"»
• > , . • .1
.» J r»v .l;m . », iJ-J ;•» n
jio«mh-(»J !;v on' if' 1 - o
we arc sin - 1 ;• >nv '
:i features of the S '• . I"
he told aii'! ' r . •
sa'i'ls of neoii!.'
lie otlieia! 'la. V.i i r
no ">o:i, J f -son
near yoo.i neeti te. the
organization i) a ;eir
lnw»;e. sis to •!. i.» the
people in then KOOU
works and leual
I tif Itliaiiok I' .III'- A-v ucu lon upeil
• .1- i,a l - U.-l JliJftu ~i I I,;hl o
i !»h k ii it iii. l.. .mm n.ii, liul
i.i i .mm.! hi full this
run> iiuvii ;ii it* wa.-*
•'« t" '•"! «.|H'll,l., la l I: ~ lllu.-t of
tf. IM.*. .... t IL •oi ■■ -.0 ..i upei'
. ti*. ii lit-.-I- 11 v .. i. ,i i in*, were
h, "l' •.• i..i 'ii . • ... ... tir.taring
I •!•».. i 'hi...l .... \, litireu
Imim ..I over lli.- entire »• n .t> with
tii.-.. ieailiei - ale aim' i. fr« -» ami
ll.i- ..-louml.-. ale At.iku ahve .villi
I.* Inti.% folk*, i In- I exercises
*v t' I• • well .airieil out . . wi'tf a
III'T- -ful ail il. Ii;. ti. ill ;,iti ; .lay
i t till* fall. .Jafiie-\llle ttr. Still rs in v
K tiii l.if '~» r a; —
ti.e winner iii tin* .'con.l ru-- Kuii
* 'et.,il.-. ami eii'iltt wlu*ii' iti*.- v\ ill lie
trivi ii in full in our hex' i ac
I. it 11 lint* —m —all il«|mrt i'i'n r r'
Hi •• of an) former )eai. lii - |i. iltr.
a in) In I'-tmk ilejiai tnu'i i. r.- 4111!
1., lie l» 11 In ,t e\|'..f' at' >n of t,husi'
' iiiti resteil in them. The's
UuililiiiK is pri»ttier tiis year than
e**vr iiefore, the interior air iiceinent
~ iliffen-nt ;.inl evej yth iiK' • **e!l
■li |ila\e>l. The main liuiHi i'.; i very
Inn ami 'in keeping'with .h • .itlier
fi a! ure- of the fair.
1 The musie by the Mai': iti Square
(•allien hainl ami the \ irtrry l.aiul
ofii-r the Ix-st of reiii.ii:. The -e two
lu'mls i.mill ea-il> il»iii;,n.l a roluinn
ii: an\ newspaper. The fir. works pro
. {.'ftim last evenintf wr. vrry kooil
aiVil wil trrailually "grftw better each
iii Hit ttatfli for Ihe battle of Venlun 1
1 «I ieli will be leprnilifeeil by
s" Hi rks ——
Messrs w'll. (iurkin S. Collin
' I'iel v.iitei! friends -in Washington..
Messrs. I„ B. Harrison ami Elbert
I I tsiaile a business trip t.i Plymouth
Messr C. A. Harrison, Pcnn's Tav
; !or. liill Harrell anil Bruce Wynne
>-1 attended the circus in Washington
• j Saturday night.
Mr. Joseph liuark of Wilmington
« .-pent Ihe Week end in the ci.y.
Mesdaraes Kason I.illey and John
'• Peel were shoppers here .Monday.
Mrs. J. Phillips of Por smouth, i;
visitinir her sister, Mrs. S. R. Bigj. :
'• Misses Dorothy Davenp. rt and E!ii 1
•• heth Warren of Washington were
visitors here yesterday
Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Kowden
- m HauKhter, Annie Coffl*ld, October 17,
d 1924, at their home on Rr.ijthv ;*k
d street.
d Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mills an.l daugh
ter were shopper" hen ycnu .ihty.
w --
'tiMkMimt tfiMt

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