North Carolina Newspapers

Five Thousand People
See Exhibits in East
Woman camp into her own at tkr
n—ikg Fair held at Williamsfe**
n-; week "Live Deins^tntiiio"
S"« ~ t East bußdinr wt err «»•>
t a'ionl the Hone i)wrai» niK.
Agents (i*e dcnoß(tnU>r> m fiwe>.
»rU and crafts, clothing on." 4lm
pbaiM of woaaanV work. Her we**
interested spectators *oo On• tj»
molted. ~Ne*eh again will I t«
the length of another skirt when my
my wife can have a dress :'«m »
On the left entrance, Mb. Martha
W hit field, food specialist, gave oub
cnstrs.tion.- in salad mak'ng ana U-lk
m nutrition ami school Inches. Sw
was assisted by Mr* M. M Sprmili
of Beaufort who weighed ird m-a-ur
ed chddcwa giving corrective nmt
for adil • igllts acd overwngfct;-
Kissc Myrtle Svindo'l at Winli
Hder Guth*r of hw
charge of the Arts ard Cnfli hoot',
whero CMt:w« deoonas-raUw*
were given «r rope, pir?
dte. reed and spin rid baik.U, U»>.
etc, shuck Lot nct_». chair be"
tominjt ix«u rug ackcs Ti> rip
sent frvta Hertford ewinty wer- h*ve
!y in d sign end culonng A !ai»t
-pact ttzs ptei ov, r to the dj'he
booth where seil-bli' gartocafe fc
at ige> from hobyhaod ihrowr
middle age wer; displayed- Te ba*-
dR»» mads by the W«sM«r«
court".) women w -re an slliart*:
here. DKBocamUc-u ?n*' dad.
■ al M. of pftuiiu irJ Bskicf
dres.- form,- ThouaiA of pstterr>
and Kijaui?.- w;r pi* -i. vau. TV ■«■
were dowtM by The V*i-. hit—
rble Dits.-, Pscton.l Htrview. T
lite. McCaJ's, Har>:r d i'o
and Gai*t*i Ki»> Mi. Ist M y >»•:-
isey of New He.— >uu Pt!ai:> V.
oi Plymouth arranged that ■«>« a -
tractive booth.
Tte* inronr* or rniug booth with
placard giving Bkw t* the *h®»
sands of dollars saved thraagk Oab
Market." was of inxr A
Mm Pnulin* Smith. Dbrfnet Agent,
who had charge of the budding esti
mated the crow«i> who saw the dem
onstratmu-. at ao» than h« thoa»
v A space 20 by * feet was given
ever to a cannot goods display «
charge of Misses Violet Alexander o!
Washington and Fanriie May Holm*
of Wilmington. Over tested
jars were eihibitai from ■»*■ euan
ties, twenty-two rfawfc a aB. hUnr
the entire spare which wm eacehe :
by the state fair m number only
Every conceivable product was «
kikted here from the famliar appie
aid berry to the wr fermented jaw*
from l"er*jaimaa>. the fancy J»
and jeDi» from Halifax, pickle- fiwc
Hertford and Mrs. H. B »«j'» *»•
Varieties" of Meat* from Bensdort.
Halifax. Northampoc and I'll pn
aas entered special nkhl Heaaf rt
eounty carried off trrt prise: Hert
ford second; Washington third, and
Chowar fourth
Mr. and MR. Ptrie Badham aw
children Misses tail
Sarah aad Little Pane. jr. —tore
here Sunday from their ho* at Ed
mtaa to visit Mrs. Badham s sister
Mrs. S. R- Biggs- Mrs. ao
little aoa will it mite km this week
wth Mrs B«g?s.
Mr aad lir?. Joaa L Bodges on aad
daughters. Mfcses Mary aad Margate
aid Mrs. Anna Harrwan tfot S»
day in Tnrboro with ulotioi i.
Miss Hennie Fagaa of Edeatm
spent Saaday with her arter. Mr*
Miss Evelyn Harrima rfl armx
to mi new from Ibchmoad where fh
has been far the part fcf weA^tak
H*r friend wfll be glad to tear* tiW
Bora ta Mr aad Mrs Noah M. i
* i —. this morning, October Blh al
Mr. J- C. Ceftoa af Wj— as
m the city yesterday aorwag
Mr Fred Pmirtan af Windsor w*
in Williamston far a short whfr yes
tetday. •
Dent mm one «d the best thhg
ticket and Wig the fwiy V
I have (km Whka
Traces Republican Ad
ministration froin Lin
coln on to Present
Jadge Fraacis D. Winston of Wiad
-or. «or of the State's ablest I V*tx
cra'» and a»-l popular speakers, a>i
•Iressed the people of GriftnV t *n
- h»p at the Farm Life last A
««od mwJ was present to hear tfc»
Jadge and the talk he made u> -her;
was both instructive an.i |4e v-ir.v
The iitmhKtioa was nade by Jl.
Lphraim IVol aad then Jndge Wats
toe arose ta the pla'form and ktp.
his Mi— intensely mt-re ted for
aearty an hoar His speech *l
- ap of the activr.jf- »f th
' Kepnblicaa party from !
ovwn to the pre*en*
' He dhfc-trated cleaHy every step lit
he wanted to ewipha.-iie with a Be*
' tie eoanty joke and the Jaiff e»:
ell a joke with more flavor than »r; I
■ mas in the the State. He briig* oei
he dear logic of which ire is capaMr.
with an dla-trwtien so forceful th- :
1 his wonts are long rrwmterol
Me»sn. C. D Carstarphen. H T
KrWv». Clayton Moore. Hhrt Peel
ami Sam (iekagtr. candniate.- n
fcr Uemocra-ic tirket of ihc c
vr-e pnsml a* the meeting
|- nay b> a tchouU'aU > lintli i 3#-
U; i: Ueeoones a (dace of ama-nirii'
iwnatMH. ud insptrataor. from then
, g«. for the three dayf of
( Wednesday ai>l Thor-u>
The sta-e b all set for a "inr time"*
s ana the Male QmiUstf ar
rived today frntn Stantoashar*. rean.y
la qi a liv Hy |»erforw-ithis
aft* noon ami evening.
[tr T. S. t idp. fr»wm IVdani.
Owiu, today s speaker, is to
give two annsaallx inter*-'m* and in
. teresUng ami inspiring lectares. In
the aftaiwoo *■ he talks on "Bit
"iniiltiiiig Waban" and at niaht on
' "Broken Bamers."
Mtss Dnrwthy Greet, the swpertn
* .ewdent. says the pn*Tam fc ipi".»
r the best that the Bureau
has e%er given. Two pla\- wJI »>e
liwa Wedaesda> by the Sprarw
players- "The iKiel". inthe afternoon.
■ aad ~Rip Van Winkle" a» nutt.t- Dr.
' I la. a Mart it will -peak hi the after
! c«a on "The Ersl of the Bainbuw'.
* and at night or "The llawn of Ci\d.-
* DtiM".
Two cookcerts by the Clark* No»el.*y
t ompany on Thursday and two le -
i twres by Dr. A. M H>de tonrioie tJ*'
r. program. His afternoon topic fc "TVat
. OM Can? of Mine." and bis *->enin
, "The Better Tomorrow "
r Mis—es IxMti-e. Martha and fetner
' Hamson returw.l Frwiay afternoon
* from Win*! wrh their mother. Mrs.
- T. F. Hnrrfcou ami Mrs Myrtle
t Bioww who motored there to visit
* them for the day. The Misses Ham
■" son ietarned to WiL-on yesterday af
Mrs. Jot.r. Fraley left Sunday for
htr a* Taihoro after nendmf
d mt time with her .-ister. Mrs John
1 L Bodgenwn aad Mr. at
1 their home on Mam strret.
1 Mr W. B Harrington of Cn»r.-
r - vwaship va a business ttutor here
d \es*erday
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Mortur and
little daughter. kath».rm>. spent the
d _»»k red in kinrtM with relatives.
* Mr Charted Biggs of ItUeigti -pert
t- the week end hjre with relative*
Mr A. Her cett Kogerson of Bear
■ Grass wa~ a ba»ine*- visitor here jet
*• terday
Mr. ami lbs. Larry I- Moore and
* daaghrer. Miss Meta aad Mr
* Thomas Moore of New Bern speet
the past week end with Mr. a&d Mrs.
* i. G Gwdaid. jr.
* Me»rs Howell and Albert Wads
■ wwrth of New Bern visited Uaeir #fe
ter, Mrs J. W. Watr*. jr. aad Mr
* Watts dnriag the week end.
" Mr. Joha Davenport of Hamihoa
was m the city yesterday.
* Mrs. Ddh Green. Mr*. Charles
Mobley and Miss OBie Marie Baker
» saa motorad ta Washiagtow Sandal
to see little Miss Isnite Green who
is very ilatke Waskiagton hospital
Mi. Wheeler Martin spent Monday
f* m Tarhoro on professional tenors
* Mr >;C Inb retarned Saturday
to fram Wdon where he spent last week
Mr ad Mrs Db of JamesvOe
Mrs. G. W Halite on. Mrs Mary E
ad Peel and Mtes Anna Pipe mofore ? to
e- Wahington yesterday afteraw
a Tlill j—* T
worth at the six performances
Willianiston, Martin County, Norih Carolina, Tuesday*, October 28, 1924.
hold 123,776 Pounds oi
Tobacco Last
The average of the Williamson
tobacco markM runs ahead of that of I
Greenrdk ami Kinston for the past!
week, recording to stntements
from both these towns and given .3
yesterday's News ami Observer T
are among the largvr l. o
Eastern Carw!ina and for WillKamstvn
to surpass them in averagv prior->
paid, -hows that Wiiliamston is pay
ing tip top prkes for tobace». •
The Greenville market said 1.1 5e».- j
Od 1 {xxuvds of tobacco la.-t w. -k : I
a price of $29.47 per Nut-1
ureal. The Kin-ton market
Ml) poumi.- of tobacco with atenrt ]
of S2T.W per hundred and the \\ 3-1
tams'or. market sold during- i ast
week 123.776 pountls with an ave-au.--*
price of $311.65 per huntlmi. This fc
une of the best averages of tl* e-i
--t ire State ami Wiliam.-ton ha? nvu.» -
taiMti a record liurnjr th
-ra -»n ih*t l»as b" j' 11, (uai... *t
larger markct--
Mr Janie.- Ilarrell of Aulan>lrr
was -~rr»oii.-ly hurt when he wa- hit
wh.le ioauinv a car on the Const 1-ine
at ihe Buuiioke lair gruuiuls SjlukU..
nnini: atuu! three o'ctuck
Ttse the "lark
ami w oh-* reeins to kiu.w j«i-l how
it Mr. Harrell was working
on a tractor wh«ch wa- bcine u.-e«l
in luSxlUic the Zialmiu ai»i IV>llk
shows when a catde struck him. crw-r.
ir>s his .-kull from just ai»>\ .> his eye
luow to neat the top of hfc hea-i
Mr. Harrel was giv -ri itaedk-a! at;en-
Uon by Dr J. II Saunder- ami then
taken to the \% sshmeton »k. (mUI
An operation wras perf«»rme.| at tie
h. ~|Mtal and several pietes «f W>
iM* were itmuteil Kor a tune %s
--eonditiun> wa- coits»«i nw*.-t ven
ous but ho-ptlal iiertor> t»« regxnl
hfc condition as hopeful, l«e havinr
U\oor Nfiai eon^ciou-
Mr. Ilarrell fc airrwil. hfc home
>eisg in Autander, howe« :r. he has
teen ecgartnl for somrtime ia buiht
:ng the rual to Jao»>(ille
Cotton Iteinß Delivered
At Satisfactory Ivate
ielivereii to the wjr-l ourf- of the
\«rh « artdina Cotton Growers' Co
operative Association at a very satis
factory rate, Kcopiimr to a state
men tis.-ued from the Bat igh • Are
Thurs-lay nigtit. The week started »fl
lilt, Si((i hal>>.- on Vomiaj and every
day has teen etpiallv as sat fc factory
The deliveries irdiut.- "he eo
felt m an »r leH) azrkrtKr by th
grower- of thj s»a*e
Cotton was received al !oe ware
house up to tlx- time of the ouaiii
rains a! a satfcfactory i-»t-*. but diu
rng he iainy -*a ->n tne «Mlivenes
«ere very slow. Si»: the -iiistKii.
came, the fanners have been .Mf t
park and gin their ct>:twr. and tley ar*
ttbking it to the Ajsocutk* *a.«-
h«us«s. Last year »he A»«natk«
handled tw*K* ai«l one-half per ceo
of the crup a North Carolina a»i
this year the indication* are that the
.V»aociatMe will handle at least 15
ioa crat The crop this year fc very
late and very short, but the associa
- ion fc rweiririg a terger pr. (**l«w
thaii it did last .-n «rt
Prior to the rainy eo>>jc the eo*
ton received was of the better rrak .
very Ist'le grading below'mtddloMr ar»*
very much of it Goo) middling -uM
trict mKidlu.g The cotton received
immediately after the r.ut- was o'
a lower grade but the cwt'oc comir .
in now is showing much inpwtmri
as to grade
Nothwithstanding the W-w market
price of cotton the Assactetian : i
- til* king /b a«tvarace of 17# or
every iW-pound hale witk a pro
portionate advance on bales weighu i
less than M) pounds.
i , North Carolina farmer- are ge~
♦Jer away from th? long e*«to»
> and according to General Ma»a«ei
- iUaluck, this fc good. The first -ens»
r a|.praumately sine per cert of th
» cotton delivered wa* long iUp> Lasl
year '*** sras reduced to ttes
r three per cent and the pre*e-t «
less q— one per cent. Muck r '
f this year's cotton is luaiimg fdl
u inch, a staple that is much in* de
e wad.
: lad. Mtes Losose Green Coattemes U
» little Miss Louise Green, whu wai
(cperatsd an at the Wasktegton kns
pital. a wuek ago ia nrtmuiig wen
r.fl and her caadiltem is tm liirrn
* «*ery -erions. We hope for her scot
' recovery. i #
I •
Performance Was A;
Credit to All Who
The Community pevneram *im, nr.
; tier the dircctiau of M*ss un- - wi ;
; will be superintend t of t».' .. 1
c!:fle Chsatauqua which wfll b. yinta
> here for three days, begin a.-.
was exceptionally tine. The perform
ace was a credit :o Mi— Greer a- 4
well as to theee who appeared jm t.v '
liiugma. , J
The atrchc»tir stunt.- by the >maii;
; -nooi boys, the group swnss a»i th»
' lopty turvy sougs by the small bot -'
' and girls were very «mu
The reading b> Mi— Uaur-a - i
" leans vas heartily If>i
The rwal- quartette, which aim. i j
; stand- near the top of any
J pngram in M'dliant-t r. cave a lot I
« mhibniun. Me—r- Kt»-.». t'one. Kirk j
' ami Ward takit c par*
A trio bv Mrs. \v heeler is
. ao-l Mi: >es Carrie Mi? WM' arxi j
Martha Aruier-ow sras son
enjoyed and a gwd cs.Kibn.s-- «. j
- «ne talent wa.- dr plpuif.l
Solos by Mfcses llva til >M« 1
Martha AivSer • « w -re well wnafm l
! ?!*) .-hownl off th voice-- td eac*i 4 
-he \•une ladir- iv ahaa aee. j
r ' Mr> Camr |: 'A ilium- ai. ■Mr
II Solo man tlt lew. r««- irrrt" very tnk |
. | iitgly a piano durt.
j j The entire program wa- wewch e»
| P vol by aB thor— ah* at:ewde«l
j HUNTING i Li n
Tfte Hunting lloS fcft «arl. Sa»4
! «bs n...rT,uir for t'ain'oii mwv
J 'v.Nre its «.wbr- wdl -prnd U.;-
I «v-k hiuiUng ar*. k-har. By nu
. I sfctttj Sntarda > vrai-y; ever. ihir;e
l was loatted. mrtiMmx Tcnam>»i r"
J U'l ""Hal - and before lurbt *Tann ij
_ I the ship set tad with a tfcxtee
j hearts aboard
- - Those in the pnt are mit—i tm ,
Icwunty's be-' hunt-mew an. f.-»i
men and each yenr the* K i m-jcb
51 r-mc ami catch mar. h.-a, ud »l
. I er joy a week t»f real • life
I They have had the hou-* tears; rev!)
tainted and furna-heti with tea e up
rnenl aisl 'hi? year Ik.' a«wart-i - tie
so eomfwrtaide. in fact, we douta
whe"h«-r they wdl »rtwr» before n
! weeks are uut.
t Those a the pnrty are Messrs W
h- H Crawford . A K ftnosg. J t.
r S>atoa, hi-.ler B Cr»wfo*io. Ik l>.
Paiker. l»r J. S Bboh - awl lohn S
I I'lak
Parking On State Hiph
e way Proves Expensive
r _____
I'arkui. on any N. Stat* fciehwii
3if unlawful, tea ikspd* of ll* law
j and cwc.tu.wuws wreck- aoa ralamrt»--
M fc own or tes-> .limhe ;e»i la-l
night whd* a car, b»hira.T to a od
( ot4 mai>. was s*anilog «a the rors
crete it was era. tet nt* by
car. both, can being tely damagml.
( The nimi - of tne owaer- of tne two
. I cars were W kn.ii aad »• n
j , mijrhi have been the fnidt of the
r -lrrver of the aota« tar i as thought
j the hlimr ran be chare** to the one
who parked bte car a the rwmd
Murh ("wplanl has here, made in
_ to the -toppror of aori'ionobfles
on the fwjtfete u Washahgtoi. .-tree'!,
tut hi -pte of it the taxi prarti.
".v- to (Miaoe if not ismrwa-e
" alrh for Frotey"- i-swe of IV
Ent2rprfce. the »h«iti og seetaoet
1 for *t wdl rwnr ste gwwi news frer
« Na--ef- I Opartaoe ? -tore
g They wiß send all the reaVr- jef
i- this week, imanunrta r their
g month sale which. wB begin Fr»c.v
mrruirtg. If yen to not believe that
I- yen car. -hop te VBnnrtw ja>~
a. take a look at thew adwertas*mmt ir
1 Friday's paper aad ym oil certain'?
a. he here before Srttordtay raghc
a 1 res pi Ufaßy ask that aB peofie
i- who operate, penned ptek=r> «s tjhfc
if lectins to moet m fropt of the City
* Hall. —I —N p Saturday at
►- 3 o'clock far the skapiw of dfc
icaahg tie needs of the several see
jtioar are sad and as to nkol wdl be
■ a fair price far phkiag tkte oeunon
T | Faa far the whole fssudy at Chaw
'est bnhy. Gal a aaansn liefcst.
liqour and Ticks Are
Court's Mcst Power
ful Allies
ftif lii-ctiixier's court h.ui a lone
fWkei teiby. but for its iwo p*>wer- I
I ful allies lnjour :mi tick-. >t *. u!t i
a\e been a blank It was -a.) t'u. •
j «V tif the ;* tiimg> m; k.' - men ■
4 ii*l ".he o" her one make them fcNr i
I Big mal. Ttiis may r.ot b-> er.t'celv I
I tre.-. but it p>t> them into th*- Ket«W i
: trs court, aiiii many time- in |ai'
J a-, ire J. C Smi'h was on the beaA
4 ud Elbert S Tet'l pra-ccut>rt !!>«- ,
i thsi wer? h. nt! "«i are:
State vs Nathan Lill~y.
him with cursing an-l u-i-nr dwrc
I language. He |»1 "a«l ituiltv art-l jwig -
j M r* vs- su.-pend-ti U|H>n pr.ym-'M of
] on- s
Slatf Vs kinchin Moore for _
• au!t wa- the ' second ca.-e ;tcair
' Moore ard In this one l c did • ot r* t
' ft sc. lightly lie was foun-f euihv
sij.l a S™' of fitly dollars was iihr>
j ;:|vn him which to p-sy th • tfrug aa».
> doctor's hiil of Felton I'urvi- .ini ti-*
j -una of 17.5# to So pail to l"ur\
j the -uii! of fli to b" fatal l>- '. I
! Anb.-»- for daniaire to htcycF. |u •
j meiit of jail boani -mco IV ".V» I
j itnl the costs of tit • rclirtß
Thi" l:ext Mu'-' > 11-rs.
I Itayiatr, w-as,of the o'«i - **
I rfatveil with having ami rue
I litroor a)>.l via- f »un>t cuihy bo nit
J prayer for judgment, the* est -e w~t-
I cvntinued until Novemhe , •••» t
I ivaymeni of ct"-'.-.
"I ' ** i rji.i -
I"» car when ho wa- drunk. » is tra.
i« vt and :>»ilh wan i't.-i . i liv a- .»
NenJ«iice>l to th»-
I S:aie \ - I »j Smith for btjia -
was rin-dlier chargt- which cvve I
t»«ur jiio ith- on ln»- !■«.
State,vs Pai'l t'heir> ft «*s
cie t u|> and • >. rr> ~»-
, fruiii guiliy a..u fined . ■ >* ! -
irvl cost.-.
Stute v» \Mlli:im Sharp «■ a
charve of liarine lit|U >r bit Ka »i. i
was fournl ruilty by tht court ar»l *-
aentenceit to *ia month- m t_
He apfieahsi to ihe Superior e>ur
Tin* ii«-xt ca-e *i- .'(ralr -t Shar»
ii«l Hertiert klllehr ~w 11»> «n.
hii h td e. .th «»n ha&t *»-"
iin.|«H I us.- Shar|> wav«" »i
•uilty* t * having lu|>ur on -lafwl ar«i
was fiiitsl f.iO ami half tv cwt-"s
--1 iteth were f«»uml kuill> of .ntjwd
ung awl Kiilebicw was fined tirf-'uif
i* ci. t-. Ihc auto wa- -.r.»»i*-i «-»
be sold according t:» law.
" State vs. J l»avei«,t»»"
iallure t. tlip cattle When ib» u e
caiin up. it was «wi
llial thtre was iruinic *«. be a L. -s. if
hems. It was trul >a tar of law*
lalkini; and hub t-.-iy Im
l«M.ket a little ,-qually a' Uib«- afcf
' tbe court ••tfievi brgan a. n.| «ci.
-I...ijt ipir.-tMMiing. jlavtitp-ct w
found guilty »-ut ]»!rmeiil »> -
|W4«ds«l for eight- n f ... itK
I "Kir \AN »l\kl.t," »»IIM
lll:kk».ki SPRAGI e
' —Rip aVn Winkle." ky
" Irvrag, fc one of Anwnca gneatejt
* classic.- Two nei have h-ru r--p...
1 ,-ible fur it- uiu-ual .-ucce.— »» a
' li aula ihiw knnwn «\er th* w»»*ll lor
1 Its great le.—on- of truth and «tejeS}
f Tliese two men :ir» Jo-epfi JeKersw
'he great actor who fc long ia«re
1 dead, and Herbert Spragtie. op*
k what* -houlder- the mantle of Jeffn
■ ion ha.- fallen We are esp-cuDt f*.
tunate, therefore, in having Mi
Sprague and hfc company of player
on Tliurs«la> nfti r-MMMi ami afc.-bt of
the Radcliffe rhautampia thfc year,
and to have an oppol-t unity ,of -eemg
C thfc famous American classic rtvew
under the direction of Mr Spragwe
■ hiirself.
In the afternoon, the Sprpgwe Hay
ers will pre ml a M*-wi
coineily calletl "*Tlie IMhI," ad wfcrt
' fc full of inter,.- dramatic :*«i"a*. .
At night they will give the great
cotm-dy-drama, "fcio Van Kakle.* B
1 whici) Mr. Sprague will take th- part
of "Kip ' and Ho> M.han Spragwi
" the part of hfc scolding wife. "*Gr«*ch
r en." They will be -uf purtot by Mn--
Eanke Diller and Mr Ma Sine,
both of whom are splendid actors
ami the ers*ire play of four acts will
be given from J-tseph Je#tr-aa*s
original manuscript.,
The t'hautomiua fommit'ee k glad
to welcome thfc innovation on the Rod
diffe *hautau>)ua prosrams. and hope
that evry botfy will aval hinseff of
yhis opportunity ta hear and see an
r eminent artist and actor.
Give yourself a real treat. Bay a
i- team ticket to Chantaaqna.
a Get enough! inspiration to bit a
■- year at Chaatamiaa Bay a saaaon
\% ill Make Possibe A
Saving of About
St Per Day
| _ Sim 'he m-ulbl i«i of .-i m 0.4
evwrr Usnt plu,'> in our city the
h-.; ,»f -en ice ha.- («■ rern.rr.!.
- rvxv fcx- bws an«i in
twni *ll «*!!- But after ;*
m>>! fjrffal ~ H «x» .
Snrnoi thai thf «prr.:i!arf n- nwrel
I'ar it be M*i for -he |a-t I
«?rml the Sii>«ennt« > n.tei.t. I
IMi Matir*v M'V-rr has tn-f: «orkif I
>«n a -«Jut*»J to the problem. K. > I
a wh»«e ei! humor were in t;ue tk»a. I
iw to tn -till Mirh «t>uk iwt" t**e|
jußkirj; of an "\(VT.-uf i>o:rt; ~o I
th«> Mi »a- After !■»>•: I
jpf iivvtri a -team outfit »as ft-ur-i I
ir \V hitaker- •hir'- wa- for >ii? ai;«l !
i (nrfc oa- twi'lit h> oar tow • at -if I
apojwvimate cot of $!>«■»•■» jll-v I
ir.r it»«: IT'4* t»» (ihr* th. unit ; r I
i tr. the !• >! sd.t t A - it now I
•Ui»i- the to a! et>-t will V for j
JMt ar.-l which m fll !«■ the th«r>l t»|
i» 111! » oiet.ilpon *n the i-*ll t4a*t.|
ihi' Si'O In u-in? *h»- plant in J
'N *f*er *ra« a s*v-ne of -t I. a-t I
>« a bt an.? 1- ha»>  a rain. I
I ~ »i- e-'imat.-. will he tho the!
Ifhmi aiait »ill pay for it>elf in .-Unl I
r tear"- time, A b"i\ of iM- kii -* I
I *t!r*l - .-ur attention ar«i »(' -in*-' I
l'« it will nwt
I TV plan i> heme ICMnvnl I
Itki' week will te rea !y for »pr(
I "-oei * thin the «e\t few u\
After •fera!ui( at what >.«u
liat a Wi-- for the pi t -a-v -fa! \ear-.
| e elj ' ,J 1,1 Jl " ,l ' Uil
Ihfre ukif« 'kit wtl* have a •>t*wi
Ila W-w« r the l!e r»-«  f
llbe t..» !"> lirhlint; -s>!.ni -ill>.k i- r
Ife- J«k »e an rt-.l !•• i' mui-'
I'ti-a the or- Virata'
I'jfct *t 1 SirL-n (Wtv Stuliii
■-e* '**4 »"».» **■*>"«•»• . w«e » * T-»
s«ate." "hat at! hwl>c?>tioi,- pfint *i
a r>>nl h»eak,r««> it'«.taw
■ •'•writ)' Set..« J nrventlort m*• v n
mtct* at the lor il eh-rr
i>* i.irfet ali-l ail Ui Frbtat,
iid*Vr W» mm! 31
Aawni: ".Sir promtta-i : ' i
ikr pave rani «ili l« Mr l» A Sm? ,
1-a l : fl.. Irennl Ml|ki mln .K'li! ..1
.mtk tairiiiu SuftiU) Scbow! \ - -.«
>'««, al>-l l»ji ) Magee. i i. > ,
|iitL-«n SvpefTOtrtMh-ni of t
intn« !fce-e Sol kef - will 'tin. -
•«i wy- of Sltlttiat .vh».
A- ktr Wei. pmriaL-li umwiM
a prfi&aijl mill br pr. *eute>l la ti»
>Wtcla) SrflOiJ hat 11. * |kT([:r!.' I
(sati-MM) Uk lllirl kumtkt of
- talera '.ur> »t »zt
-« «ti, lu mi tf« .iwik-r of ii sl-t
:rurt *kat p nieuUr etiurch tc l!.«
ri-iinr. u. which I la- convention aill
• It beht The twill- t I- open to all
«*a4ai SrU«4. in the county Itv
[ mof Itic rw,\ent u, Kikui af
I l'«i>K I N li: ICI I. MEETS
•tr Lftworth laaKiae la* *t la-5
aicM at *»« i f»tt) fc«r tn tlw
Jttt.ii>i rllirrti
ll* (rfe flnil read a (i -.-arr fro*..
lie lirt-le u»l a yntrw* pll.ri b.
*ll «a-- mal lhe program ■ i pi.
jm «e»i anal It* mnukr.- m.t • I
• >autaie,a IM leir* »ill n>ee«
aKun next Moi*ia> at the
Mir 1.111 > bull is iiitiln! to a'toie"-
tllr«4i 4 -vawa tn W i It.a- .m
TtM.4 bU a'l mIpI IM >•>..*
AMMba ka l»l*fit mere Mt
I Sua I Mr ami Mr I arlf
I Ja«M». Mr Harr> (' Jaioe-. Mr.- M:«"
I I .lie (Mmm, Mr V- til>am t 'l>.ae lia:
I fell, tli at-I Mr- 1_ I' Her,r«ett. >li '
| Ftaiik IliK).. Mr aiat Mr.- «• II ilea:,
I Mr-. J .S Fkak>, *ll» Sallte llal I>.
Mr* A- k Itini-iiix- Mr a-»: Mr- V%
■ J Haire-. Jiiiw J I'eel. li .
I' ' ■k. .itarr> A Biw>. * TKum . G
I N ItanaM.-. Mulan  ooke *t. il.
t ,arkin. Swwn l-*ih >, I hart-Gnt
I mm. lb} Carjaiat, Uiiioa Nauut:
Piiri tart W uiia JhJ:u ftsr-1
vl-, Mts- \ella Andren> rail W It
' l— A> r .
r j Mrv K F I'ope attMM the m-
in Hvirik Saaiay aftenwe
{ Me--r- Vk heeler Martin and Je=»«
tT. Pnre aiM*l the > peak in* It
i Wa.-4.mnat. lot nijfhU ,
1 Yml mmta a M|ktT gtmd snw
» «f litww amd lHhw—n»« if i«
i a tel attend tUt jtnrt fkM »«r-
% er nor Morrison To
\ eak Wednesday
-> 1 (oarthoune
V-ierwi Morn>*>ti * ill he
re re '.onto! o pe: k to tne ---opie
of UiiUm-ton adt Kart n eou; > i*
the ifterraea at two-Shirty cV
Tr»e Governor w .11 the l*ort
ftrnmuti j":-; Vtaitr TrafiapuluMß
I Bill.' Tiie i!,o-*u.* "*u Mik» pt.'ce in
I i:.t tnu'lftou-f ar «l aI jv
o hear, Xr M >rn-.>- wtto
I na> !«u? hi. w« .»le h»irl mt*> the work
lof 'he bili |av.-?rt.
Tonurht at - oYUk in the eooft
Ifioiw Hon. H > Wan wsl! -peak to
Ithe voter* if M-'irt-r. t\»ont> He mill
| -peak .f. the inpurtint > m.iatit
|i- ue- of *i"Sa> T'; jiablw ts for-
I•!•«!!> »aviie« u» hin*.
Wftlne-b) nncht Mr. G
1 Kruruiiii. - t HKc*alr for
la'tome) «>• tal. vi.l t-ak to the
|x*»ie.> t-f !Kr m
| ffi j! ttfilnes
|»la) mi{tt a: T > Mr llrummitt will
I r!>o iwoes. He is
|i-. %er> inan* l the
I Ih/Mmc i- in* :teil to Her:
(nfrrx V!K-n 1 o\ will
I *.hr fuu-> t'f If* Oak Cit) eel ion
I at ?* I' M su the hifh
I at»;it«-riur
I »i«Tcnl Coi t> *tw v! Slate's
I i '}» Wul
I■% !' itj la! *:l!
• \rr*h»*K
Mi J ! •-• s.-t, wa> m ton.i ye>-
h,!]) sut n- »i- hi u.-iu-U «-n'hiui
.-tie tho-l the uef-f - of the- Ir-vrtal
•t rh -ite |>art\ t» ea. ryirw «m in
11. mMh. n*rf were ar-n.l-1 a
|»r» -ei t >«. ii "» "n '»t
It -ittii'- nWnf At S-'h tl 1 aftw
,-i, h:!ei. ".roi the ;a:it "rf
|l three -. n- .Y- «ri» -aai
ill « -t..;i Ir. n « - a ' il
L'slm! afet nil. w Hllut as tie
.iiT. ref.i -ert irtv
The M»-ii«e-» m. i. art-, uw »:J«r
-1 ..f tite tvwi aie artiss tirfif ■*»'t!
\ me--iRe from Mr to. ion -«*-ak
i»ir ei—ut U-t rttiiin,?'- (:»>-»' crr
-1 ? j t u i a worti ib ul , tO
> Tiniit - | i t>rr mw.inr It * - t«f
.... . j • et •"» ... -l*-t. PW
•• i.** ; « ■ *- .it>»n 4, iftWß
i {isef «»» i• J mkS. t
- I uft«l
:*fi ! . ?vS ill it tHe>
a M vnl He I ft* lj&r& I>
I lave i see® il
Wf«»rr kH ill i ? - } 'if '
- il-*. fttrtK r *al-> that the
i |.ef lu> ttul tHere will
imt fH» fjimUll i' at fJ. I #kiA will
' ,>l in H>wtoW* -•*-!
ft t»e m all 1 iVr L- Ka. k lajJ of-WMS)*
it#:* •ho m*l? M|» t»- rr.font* lh^
» t a
I i-t i ijri... W Sam Fau!': wi- lirir
v--iv.e or. WashirHf on ree «k*«
I: M Ib-arh. a travel r.* - Je»asan
•irote op b)-tui.l htnt with a Fort! ear
without' lirht-. -trtkinir the »aron.
tii nu.r -a me mer ami
Kaiilk rait F»blk wa- kafly Ixvbeil
but M -eift-li
He on the prof»«r -iJe of the
.iia.j tr.i wa- «ff the pnee when ruck by U»r Mr
IW-ael. pave his**- - a- New
•Srrn He ami hi- ear itguT-
Mr an.l Mr- li J IVel Mr and Mr,
li S Caaitaejr, Mr and Mr> IL S.
• rneher. Mr> K A CnlAft tud Mr
t'ol|in, I'eel motortti tu, I "It hhiiill
>ur«Uv rr*!ii«r -o Hetr Mr Uuna.
in the Evanr*l»»t»rt uiftir;
Mr Matter Ai-Jc- af Iteikaran.
■a- in the city fur the nek end.
Mr B C Hoiue> mote-red ta Rayid
•on. \ reiaia where he >pe«.t 'be »uk
erd mth his family- They ar»
His mother. Mr- Home^
Mr. awl Mi - W J Hodge, and fin
'"»ir> I belle White attenJerf the Lne
anar.t~«L-to«i revival but Sandaj ■
e £
ROM at the Caatt U» Hi pit,
. Friday aarnag. October 24. r—
tiiaiwK tISOU aad a ntimber af
1 I «fl pay HMI imtd for Hue*.
' if the ftader Ml fal jilhlt
»' L— tmIM tTw'ril i njgj
john wnxnrs.

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