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Able rtff titiw of What Port Terminals and
Water Transportation Would Mean -
To State of North Carolina
afternoon xr ti ifli I with ■ prt
tii | a*i what it mhlil
area V* fawhi tfcirf w
aade m am 4k mmmtr. He »tMM
his fcwim tt»l tW pMjlt rt. had
bill as * ii to he lijiulHl to the
tent ms and of IW MaleV hr« be-i
--mu bcb aW the thm mi who ur
cprnly Ifttag A we nUer railroad
lliilbilli 11 or radraarf lawyers and
they have eat givea aay stady to the
sakject or they wsal I not appiw a
pa hey whfrh a aad has beea aation
ally aasafted far yean.
tjournal aad Mrt. Dun-on aere
haasrad with a laaihua by the beli
ef Wilaait— aaay af ahsai are
ardent idainr> af the piKiit Gov-
lajrw Jm L. Huwfl «at Uut
i—rtrr (m tW «»■«»■■ aai
«m !■!( by Mr. Elton IVtl. Pr»
K. L Hfcitlry Mr K .G.
Kr\ Mr. SMt| Mr. Harmon.
■ nm UHK. adnanl ll* CSreir
Mr tore as ipaa rar of (to bdl for'
which to • m* wmUm x» faith
Mr. M safe xtot talk «• tto
tto gmt ttnfc mklt in
M.- rtia i iatay have toes aadr b>
all other cith. m 'to State One
thing fartnlarl). Mr. Peel mentioned
that Governor Imtuu ha- ••»» ft.
a»l Martn count). wa
tto putting m of a tot on tto Koa
ooto river ahiili has already aawed
■ tIMHMh mf ii Kara ib frrjffcl
rata*. Mr. M mU that tto toat u
pat to ipnatiia wary danly after the
liMaapailaliia aal to hiaa should r»
tto credit.
■ub tot owtoc to tto lack of U»,
to mmty * k *~~ w — "toaa far their warn
GtfttM Mmamm «a •
by a well MM haaae. ew> seal
tain* by people fna all «rtaa» of
caaaty with w—mj www., (frakkd
-a* f.iwr.i by Mr
faieit L Cihain. who t iiftainai the
State. Mr. IkfrW
After a few phmilnn. » U tht
ton aai cwwaty. Gnoaar Morrison
porta and water IMUfHIitM for
the State He «l that the r-*at
■ ia ill a. that either the State or
the 11 mil «f the State km not
M paMir parts xad water Uan-por
I til II The l»tha» tbiafcifri and
the mil it mWi al «tr Ue t««-
try fatw waitr trwwpartauon with
the otqtaa of a few thriwy li|r+'--
f mm* m State.
He eifhaM that * had beer, a
party ■» » p*. •» appwpriala
naae; far «i«ea* aad har jar> foi
prapiiatii. i IM in the casing efee
ttae. the platf— of each caadatate
is haaitij far way* and anaai far
rtttef'fw the fanaen Caahdre has
with aB Us rreat
strength far years la iapiw
On Min—a I i A. W fl» Ik*
wirffci IZMT
la tpedbaf of the fixed policy of
Ike Metal iMcnaaat as to water
ways, the Governor stated th»t if
the Stoto pesasd theJfaad Isaac some
ef the mbv ailbv« Mb. V that
were paid ate ths fedatal tn«>an
«xmM he tamed hack M the State
far the iaipweieeeft of it* owe water
way*. Tessa nuiiul last year $13.-
MMW for canal hail Hag aad we
have to pay tee tian as much of that
amount as she does according o he
amount of taxes eerh pays ai»i be
cause we have not accepted the sug
gestion of the f-th C«r*res «n«tb
sayts. "every I'. S. port sheet.! tt
its port front aad the port sjioald be
run by an efficient Han. regardless of
party politics aad the port sh—ll be
setfjapportiag aad each state shoe Id
have a part authority But we have
completely ignored this suggestion.
onse|itentl> the f««ler\l govern a»e«.!
ras not boJh.-roi to pass out an ap
propnatMMi to •>- am* we pay the
Millions whfle the other* get theaa.
Mr Marrvea aid, "there is not a
Una north of tha Meaaa aad Dixar.
Liar that npah the anjKic old
Roanoke that flows by William-ton
And if WiUiaasstoa was sitaated m
aay of the New Enefaad sta'es it
woafct not be aa agricultural center
only, bat it would be a commerral
milrr. as writ With its natural po
ailiH oa ito Kowwkr rnrpr, it could
to oaade into a cooH u»d pint lor
about J7WJW. which e the ro>' of
««il) twenty 6% e niles of f*»l
"The fright rate> la Villaaotur
end Tarhor* and ultor flace> that
h»l boat ■enre several )v.xr> ajt».
are stl a little ctaaper than they
are mi *ame piaWi and this
l- true tsnd wit praaf that with
parts am* f«witr» I* ilem. rates
Mould to ■ltrßL'« l ak i'l Nofti Caro
lina towns."
Tto GMenur >aii "the 'ippnimir
to tto boat bdl -toes not j»*ers'.
inythintr to rtawil? ike situation"
This to >howea to be in a .lesperute
way. if North Carolina i» to toai
pet- with Virjrwua or amy «f the
states that hare wafer tran>porta
ties. He . reau .oaae freight rates
taken from the rwonh of tl-e coun
try. showing hoa North Caiolina is
mitrk Vjijnia. A lord sdfc- •i» this
mV of the N«n.. ('MIiM-Vinuiu
■— mh t 4li.v. thai, u
«• the Vimwmm **+r Fretfht r ""'
va*» b»« S3 1-3 •« » per «hi' hiclg»
cr w our >ulf ikti they are u> Vir
r-ntM. "What «k»j| w A afenat it?"
'Senator ''iwiii !■* -iwlol
Sow" km iUlrsaai liviut, >i« iwl
if we will accept the -wu* «"f
( he ran literal*) VuMi-i "»•!■
liu* r« •, hi w ut Hdpfc-* m-
I *m we taU niti wii ul ap- »-itte
fariltfk* h> m w*t*r
"The aei. «Im> have been "
td to lock u>'« *.i.i> Bill are aa>ong
the be>t bari—i met. of the w'nJt
State aM uct al«a>> been keei ex
perts ■ hudlu.r "heir «w
erd tkey *a) thai it will pa> the
State to i«T4» the nwnev
-Will we .ote the -oea»*re down
«c —i T«i ih] baeaa*e we believe
that oar taxes vll he briwlT Are
we afraid to *«*e for it? The bc«d.-
wfU be MU aad the interest paid b)
:n innea>e of taife « or
nw laxary tax shoald the bill pa.—.
a«i H will MI m aa hntM of
t*ie» or. jLlmi'mm.
-We are ptyia* VbMm every
sixty h>> h fre«(fht bat" afcd with
the water (oaptUwa. the rate»
«MU he M Materially rertaceo that
we wmM he nor* aMi to pay than
ever before "
TV Gwew k cwAht-t Jfc*t the
HU Vfll Ic cavnM m the State by
» idlt Bijani). He
ml] vfl pit a MUM» majority
Vikt OMMf 4JM, linxkll ««nt
rtimiii J adi CWifattr at tea** 5,-
OM aad dwi put «f the State west
•f Safes** wfl mc m with a i".
Maigniir B*» aaJ Crrals m*
L -ll.i > te MU rnHf+cnmy
rate T ll~* —rr far DM, r«nka and
■ Lii— that tk»- »IT r tM of#r
■r-tetht pMt ten 4ajr*_
»*• anml TV mr-.% -Man* «-|
•ar «te caaMt kt toted ■» fna their j
■tecfc, they « ««Mr giaats or I
Willi afniston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, October 31, 1924.
Every Precinct In Mar
tin Will Go Democratic
By A Safe Majortiy
Tuesday is the day which calls
every American citizen to exercise
his governmental right and to say
whom he would have to rule over
him for th? next four years.
More han 40.000,000 people will
have that sacred rijrht, perhaps no:
ir#s* than 25,000,000 will even think
or caie for that right.
Martin count? has about 4,500 legal
electors, about 2.500 of this number
are expect e>i to go to the polls ami
cast their ballots.
In t>e efc-ven voting precincts,
V l.lianiMon and Robersonville will
cast the !ar*c st numb-r of voles and
Mi P. it and I'oplar Point will
probably be  ven ill casting the -mall
eft number of votes.
i>riffia- will ess' the largest vote
in propottii' i I" its population. •
Every pi. - ct in the county will
gv lirniwriik by a safe majrrity.
The par>y ve'.e for Governor will b«
a'-out 5 to I idemocratic. The larjrefct
niijor't. » 1! giveh most likely to
& county officer
Several aiwwilmjnt.> to the State
constitution will be voted upon, most
of hem are little known by the peo
ple at large. Only one of them will taxes and that is the raising
o» the pay of the meml»ers of the
legislature The most important
mes»ion to be dec.iifrl is the
vay me.^ure
Theodore Koh.TM.nV While  Irpill if'
ton» Take Man) Prises at
taaftlal Plain Pair
Tl»e White Orpirtßtiln chirk?nts »f
Mr. Theodore Roberson took most t. f
the pnxe> in the poultry ilcp:'.'' mcnt
at the Coital Plain fair at Tarboro
I hi* week.
Mr. Rubrrmn is owner of the Roa
noke Poultry Yards ami his yarils
are known far ami near, 'l'he judges
at the Coastal Plain fair said/ that
Mr. Rotorson's- chickens were' the
best they l»ad seen in the State. Mr.
Roberson received nearly all lie
prizes for his br**ed of chickens, with
the exception of the whole coop di.s
Mrs. N. Buckner will make an a«l
--liirw to the classes at the Christian
Sunday next Suinlav m*>ninj.f
at 10 o'clork
Mr.-. Buckner is, perhaps, the most
ittiarlivr woman speaker in he
Srmth today and an address of "til
worthy maj be expected.Evervone is
cordially invitel to .hear her.
23. J. O. I. A. M
Iturham, Oct. 29. W. E. Barbour, |
of Wilson, ha.- been appointed deplity
of «Sistnct No. iCt, J O. L. A M. An
tMiuncemer.t of his appointment waa
made by State Councilor li. M. Oantt
of this city.
The .-election of Mr. Harbour is
rt.n.-xterel a (food one for h(l is rne
of the most active Juniors of the lis
trict which is composed of Wils»B,
Edgecombe and Martin counties.
Mia* Brrr) Pawn ThrouKh
HilliawlM Kb route To Kal«-i«h
Mis.- Hattie M. Barry, who was a
roemU-r of the North Carolina Good
Aa®o:t» ion who is end ?ii "the
i,.- 'her of good roa'lf" an«i wh» wa«
an anient worker lor tne KM*I roa W
we are now enjoying, passe«l through
litre this .norninjf en , route ti Ital
tgh from i- ymcutt' whew she inaJe
a speech last night on the Democratic
issuer in this campaign.
There will be a special communica
tion of Slwwarkee Lodge Ho. 90 A. F
A A. M. Hominy night, November t.
at 7:4$ o'eloA. Work in the first
decree. AH master masons in (rood
standing are cordially invited.
| -C. D. CARSTARPHEN, Jr., Sec'y
Mr. H. C. Gttn, chairman of the
( Boned of County Commissioners, wis
n town this morning looking after
tmmtf affairs.
Two Brilliaat Lectures Given By
l>r. A. M. Hyde At School
Baildiax Yesterday
The Radcliffe Chautauqua which
has held a three days Chautauqua in
the Wiliam.-ton school auditoriuir  on
eluded their entertainments las- um
in«» with a very progr im.
The lecturer yestenlay was D>-. A.
M. Hyde of Btvton -un»' wilhou: i
doubt, he is one of tho rongest lec
turers that ever vi.ited the citv. He
been with the Rndditre t"hau->
tuU'fua since its orxanizati-u eleven
\t ars aKo and before tluit he was A
,ast«r of a lanr* «tv church.
"That Old Gang of Mine" was the
>ubj?ct of yesterday afternoon's lec
turer. It was in a sad, sweet strain,
full of pahtos but it carried many
practical lessons. The evening's sub
ject was "Better Tomorrow" and it
was a very wonderful licture or this
subject. The thread of THOUGHTS WHS
that a better tomorrow could only
be the re .ult of the application of
the teachings and ethic., of the lowly J
Xazarene. to Tftfc everyday w;«lk of
the |«'ople ami the nations
Mrs. Edith Marshall Clark of the
Clark Novelty company, assisted by
M iss Soule of Boston, pri>vel herself
to be an artist of unusual ability.
She was marvelou- in her handling of
the Swiss hand bells, the xylophone,
the cello, and the musical lyre.
Miss Green, superintendent, has not
yet finished the contract for next ve:tr
hut she already had more half
enough signers and she hopes to have
_• he rest by tomorrow when she leaves.
The Chautauqua luis been e'njcyisl;
ali the program* being interesting.
Some were more outstanding than
rthrs, but the lectures have all been
exceptionally fine and they have been
enjoyed by all those who have avail
ed themselves of th« opportunity of
hearing them.
The trouble with our go.«l is
that we have yet do not hear mary
of the good thing- that eie hroutlt
to us, or it would not be anv tri.uiilf
to get a contract handle I.
Hnrrison Wholesale
Company Ships
(■oods to (irew
What W'IIIW you think when >»•»-
>uw Kvangelo> Papagorgion ami
Vathy Sarr.o. ? Could imagine
that the former «ra> a cu tune>- n»
the Harrison Wholesale fompai.)
and the latter w*« a plate in Gree.*
where this wholesale company is slii»-
pinp or-lerst
W ell, such ig the case. A few .lays a»n
Mr. IVnnls Tavlor, one of the H. r
rison Wholesale's best salesman, pick
ed up aly order for 30,1*10 |>. per liap
kins lynw shipped to Mr Kvuri-elof
Papaporirion, Vathy . v »mo-, Gr »•*
The postage on the order will
amount to about $13.00 atvl sevenl
week- will lie required fir 'he or
der to reach its (lestinat ion. 'I he
customers owns one of the* laree.4
infos in Vathy Santos and is a lirotli.-
of U. George. the h •* IOK man, who
is well-known he-".
The place is a few ;te,*s from
home but in spite of the -lU* tree it
«h*a sot 100 far for the lacal can
,-err. to reach it with iti ,'ood*.
(in. E. |>. Itodd is holding a n.eei
in( in the Holly Springs church near
here -if*! gwat result* are being
>een. Hev l>odd is assited by the
Federation of WiJlianuton ami the
whole community is being awakened
7 The meeting began last Sunday and
will come to an end tonight with a
fc..pti*mal service. There have been
many confession and many others are
expected to tonight. : ' -•*
Sas.r.s Department store, the big
»twi up-to-date department store in
the Tar Heel building and which has
been doing bu>iney in Williamston
for only a short while, began a "get
acquainted .-ale" this morning. »
The management states that he
wishes the good people of Martin ami
.unrounding counties to get at- -taint -
ei with the wonoetful b: r,-aii antl
with tj)e big .store with the all
prices- They 'have a most compt *le
Hne-aarf ten are striking bargain
in anything that may be wanted.
Household chair.4 and a!umi:tum
rets are being grven away loday ami
they are going f«t>
son Uiryde, Standard SI4OO. Hub
Partial motor attachment. If In
terest ad, mm Chiriw Knight, City
Peanut and Cotton
Buyers Hndorse
Port Bill
Two men. one a pe: rut buxer ami
the other a cotton oei town,
indorse water tr isportatien measure
tor North Carolina bfrosc iVy can
pay the farmers higher price.- for
their produce.
Itelow we print> seat us
bv these two lea»iin? buyers of this
Editor of The Enterprise.
IV? r Sir:-
I can pay one-eighth of a cent por pound for pcrnut. when they
are shipped ov?r the boat line- than
ure shipped over the rillror.>i
Editor of The Enterprise,
Dear Sir;-
On account of the cheaper freight
lit' es that we enjoy b\ shipping our
cotton on the Roanoke river, we aro
able to "pay at least twentv point*
more, for cotton Hlrn we cuuld when
we -ln;iped by rail.
i»k J\o i» ::w:t;s
'ihe local tobacco in »«-k«-: -lav- with
tie best. Spe. ula'vr- th>- market
jure scarce «rt."!•■ . the-. •\e f«und
that tobacco "n fi Pit.i« l-ioi* -eHs a
high as it does in Ivtky Mount. W il
son or anv place ei-e
The -ale- yestenlay ami today are
holding up to tbo-e «»f several w*ek>
ago aiiti the farmer- aw alwa>s
plea sed with their -ale- on the Wil -
liiim-ton thiors thi- vear
Tobacco wert* 'IT thr tir-t of the
week. hut it is coming h.ick arain
ami the advertr-ements i.'i this i -ue
will show >«ii that, the price- are high
and are with the be-»* to be found an)
where in Eastern Carolina
Sunday 5:45-
Morntnjr Worship. 11-t*i
Fveiiinv Service 7 ..til
There wa_> a -lieht .Ir«§« ».ui
Sunday School la-I SuisW>- L'" Us
I. ull luck to our . wal of »»» fw "*x'
Sumlay Iwu iil at Uj«* iiH»rn
int; v*'!\ ire The * 'II preach
Sumlay at lIHW a. m. on Thf lour
Alls". At niiflu the -ernce- »i!! U*
uiitlcr the of the Iti'jfa-
I'hilalhi'a rlsv*-. Tv luvf M^ur
•,l Mrs liurkner. at.* loved
• hrouirhoui tin* Sla'f. to whtres.- tlii>
meet in*. fcv*ryho>ly who  a '
U"ht !•» hear hrr »ml f\'*ry oiie who
,ias ht-j/il her * ill luear h**r
Kt member ' the h«»ur. -event thi rt >
Sumlay nitrh* Come early an.! vet
r. comfortahl.- m>*i.
The peu>tor mill at Jr'H J' n».
Surday n Ik r» pular monl olv seiv
•cf at iiMhlu k - •■rovt- A tonlwl in
vi ation i- e*teii«ie*! lo all for all
hri« x>nm*-
H |_ .«. I'a-toi
IN Hi t 01.1.1510N
N',» Vol k. t»r.. Johrs W. liavi
l)» mucratic IV-Hh iilul iaiid*late ha>
a narrow escape Widniay when
t«» his I «.n. - i.ear l-onc Island
The car in be wi- r".iirig wa
crowded agani-t . iiolh;*r cit on tln
Queen.-born bridg*. It.err wa.> n
serious ifijar>.
Hon. !>.' G itiunißUl , liemocratic
candidate far Attori.ev Ora-ral was
in the city Wednesday. He went from
Williamsion to Kobersonville where
he ntaile one of the mast able -peeclie >
that ha. been made in the can.pi'
in the county.
Dr. arxl Sir- Jiune K Sicilkw (k
rf Jaiw>vi!k altenrinl the Chj-utau
i|Ua her*- »hL- »f*k
Mrs. W. J Hunter ui Greew-bno
is visiting Mr. Hunter - mother, Air>.
W. T. Hunter at h«r iKine in New
Ttwn. L
Mr> t'ulnepper of ElUabt- i) City!
is visiting Mrs. **»••)».• S"a*t'i Mr".
Culpepper is a /ull.ul .fiend of,
Martin yutd risi'el h t> f>r»y
--t»o years agu.
Mr. Z. B. R«*>e »|*nt days
of this waek ■> Raleigh a>. a bu i
nes* trip.
Miss Isabel Meekir, -of Kliuhelli
City spent Wedwalay with her col
sin, Mrs. VMlcr Mart if. jr. In the
afternoon tk» with Mr. ehd Mr- Mar
tin motored to Plymouth where -hey
heard her father, C«L I. M. Meekins
nkf a pot; mi spec*, .
Convention Closes To
night With Interest-
The County-wide Sunda) School
Convention began last night irttjMi*
Memorial baptist church. A short
laeeting was heUi owing to the x 'l.iu
Utiitjua, it being the w -' lll
ot the six entertainments
Rev. R 1„ Shirlex inttodut'.|• Mr.
Sim.' of Raleigh who is at tlie len I
of the Su'idav sch.-xd work in North
• 'a- itina srd he made » general ad
dies.- 1o the officers an-i "eather-, of
ihe Sunday schools
Mr. Sims is very capable ..p i know ;
his subject and he imoai* - 'V-e
knowledge that he ha- so -I - ny.
that it is impossible not to -ecer
n uch inspiration from him. T 1 e re
marks he made last night just nit the
hijrh places ami prepared the \
for today's work
Tere were only re'.re-en*. it'ves
fiom the Williamston Bal-ti-* i.ure •
at the meeting last evening with Mo*
exception of the pastor- and a very
few others. The teachers, ortic--i - a' i
in te other churche- 11 th *
county cannot afford to miss t' e. e
Thosession .bis morning was  per
•«l with a devotional service oy R-x
\ J Mann-ng. Miss lhu.->
an address on th? -übje«t. "Th
Masterpiece of freit'jn."
Miss Magee said that in all of
Cod's creation, man wa.- pronounced
llis greatest achievement Tha even
Ut Ihf new —born — habe- was hoUC
i,ll the |K»s.-ibilities of the highest
achievement of man The prt-ce— of
of lM>ih Imlv aioi mind
of, child is in a great measure
delegated t oman, the .mother, th
father, the teacher to train the child
.111 the way it should go.
"To do so," Mis - Mji'tv sai' ,
"those who are to tram must first
themselves know ho wto »lo it. Ihe
trust have the proper organixat ioti
mid equipment li» the Sundav schoo!
proper ei|uipment is ju-t as e-sen
tial as in the day >cho«d. or in tin 1 l'io|»-i place- should Ik- pro
vided and -houlii l«- ei t u:pp;d v. ill
uch furnishings that w.,11 eontrihu'i
to such a state of r.n -d ai d c •in
tort of btwly that the thii* may look
up and learn of the thing- higher "
M iss Magee is the t > |r- of lej,de I
that. succeed.-, her soul i> ftlh-l «iti
the spirit to move on and upwar' ii
he giMMI work >he is now doing
Mr. I» W. Sims spoke on "th«
teacher for th» das-.", giving four
necessary thiogs for She Ir-I work
"I'hysical prep;iration. Mental pretiar
iitlon, I.e-.-on pre|Kira> ion an>l Spir
Duality, all of them together making
th« goiwl teacher.
"The work of the Snn«la\ >cltoo'
teacher first of all must get thi
pupil's attention. The attention .nlusl
le held in order that "he real work
'Teaching i'hri-t clearly" max t« ac
Tonight's program will be the most
nte]re-ting of the entire serie- MisH
Mat?ee will s|»-ak on "Wor-hip ir
Sunday School " Mr Sims w ill : pe*k
on the ,-uhjert' "Our I'ui|>o-e and
Our Ta-k "
Everyone is ino.-i cordially inv.tei.
10 hear these two speaker.- and foi
iho>e who fall to go a rea. trea' will
lie missed.
Mrs. Frank Hitch are! .'lr Juliu.-
S. Hseh motored to Washington y-s
Mr. Andrew Clark of the  Tam
pion Auto. Co. of Everett*. wa- a
x isitor herto>lay.
Mrs. j. W. Hardison, Mr.-, v. Ilu.--
sell and Mrs. It. R lutrnlull aUeno
ed the Coastal Flam fair oro
Mrs J. O. Manning, Mrs Henr.
Harrison, Mrs. J uiie> r. Ilairison ami
Mrs. W. C. Manmn-; motored to l*ly
nioulh >e->terda> where «iw\ .-peiit
the day with friends ami attended
the evangelistic service--.
Mr. Van G. Taylor, Cashier of the
I'lanlers ami Merci an' - Bank »1
Everetts, wa- in town yesterday.
Mrs.Edgar Long and LHf j
Waldo of Hamilton were slo»p|.er
liere this week.
Miss Susan lamlun of the Cotton
Associat it.ii who has been spending
ev. ral days in the county addressing
the |>eopie at various plac left this
morning for Raleigh.
Mr. C. C. Smith of Wilson has been
Jn the city thi# week.
Miss l.uara - Norton of Plymouth
spent y«Kla) in the city viaiting
her father, Mr. M. J. Norton.
Mrs. WiHiam E Warrsi and Mis#
Sal lie Harris motored to Washincton
Miss Daisy Magee of Raleigh Is j*
the city this week. ,
Raleigh. N. C., Oct. -Eight
ballot boxes at each polling place
in the 81 counties that io not hare
the Australian Ballot system will be
require*) to handling the voting i»
the (general election on November 4,
says a letter of instruction? sent to
each of the chairman* of the county
boards of election by Walter H.
Seal, chairman of the State Board
of leceltions. In the !'.♦ counties oper
ating under, the Australian ballot the
law specifically provides tie num-
Ur to he used to that county.
The letter stated that tne rmnl
had been attempting 'o firwl a mews
by which the number of boxeo nec
essary-tor—balloting could be rc«'uced
but that under the law it wa- round
to be impossible.
The eight boxe* required *«t de
scribed as Na'ional Box in .vh'ca .-«iall
i*» deposited all ballots tor nre'-a
dential electors Congressional Box
lor ballots for members of • -hi:
State Box, in which 'hall be placed
\ ote> Tor state S-i»rpr»e
Ci.urt juii„e- and "■ • •-•Hit
judges ;Coun»> Boxes for C'u.'y
ifficers; and township tn«xe. tor
township offices, and the Const itutron
,J Amendment Box in which votes
for or airainst Constitutional a'neid
ments shall tie placed.
Iwo adoitional boxes are required
for the two referendum One box is
to b- lat>» led "World War Vetipuis
Loan Fund" and the oti ler ! t.i'.)lt.>h
>.ent i f i ort T.-riiiinal- jihl, Water
i"-a" porta' ion.
'"The providing ot » «a ! lo'. Ik xcs
foi the referendum.*." say- the* let
ter, "is made necessary by reasons
of lTTT*~fiM't that Hie -Act- to |iwaJt
I'ort Terminals and Water i ran.-por-
Uitlon (House Bill St>7. Senate Bill
Extra Session l!«t( pecitically
provide* that a separate ts• X -iuill be
used e.-pcciull> for the ballots cast
•or approval or disproval f this
Vet and it« provisions." .
Be*. Clarence O. I'ardo. Ret lor.
Twentieth Sunday af'er Trinity
H;UO Hol> ('omniunioh
9,45 Sunday School. Harry M.
Stubbs, Supt.
H':Ut> Advent Bible .C!s*s, *"lay
ton Moore and Rev t O. l'ir*lo,
II :(J0 Morniw*; i'ij>ti an-i Ser
:!.Ul> Sunday School and S"rtn»»n,
Holy Trinity Mission
7 :■>» Eveioiw l'r:t>er i.nd .-er
All Saints I>ay service will be
held in the Cliuich  » lite Advent,
.Sa unla) morning .:t eleven o'clock.
The lll> ('..nimuii; r «fill be cele
hinted b> .the liiflir.
lia alios oi offering at this .-*nr
i'-e aie made in -jiecia! memory of
i ur beloved dead and treuied » xclus
ivety for charity.
Mr.-., t B. Mi eloll •. L-ring rel
tve.-> in larboro thi *tk arid at
uidinir the • oa.s'al t lain fair.
REt Ell' I S I E \l» IN
Mr. C. I- W il.-on, ictii'vmg agent
ior thi* I o a.n lioii'.l. reports
iZH bales deliverer! ai llobt rvnvdle
kip to and including O lokr while
». W Hamilton of Jan -vilie ami J.
U. Andrews of Willianistoii report
lav« rable deliveries
It la expected that llii cu too As
ociatlon will receive a much t-r eater
I roportion of thfp I'J-4 crop due to
the fact that the advance cf S7O! plus
i he loan of |2» is dignity -mailer
than the retail price per bale at the
present time.
Messrs. Cox ai-d E. I* Cun
ningham, bagged a nice three snag
buck Thursday * while sqiiiml
hunting on Warren Neck.
They walked upon the df r and Mr.
Cox shot with a load ot nrmber six
shot at sh»e range. Tiie oeer «Ik shed
t :f a little distance aud ft I dead.
Mr. Fred Outland of Wash agum
wu> in the city yesteroay.
Miss Evelyn Harrkscn arrived l.ooM
Richmond Wednesla ; n-gh*.
Ir. J. Marion Uiiftn has accepted
a position with the Milliwutut. TeL
Co. Mr. tintlin operaUd in -ia»
ville for several" years.
Mr. Frank H. Sauntiers mi Taraaf*
was in the city yestertlay vtsitiag tk«
tebacco market.
Messrs. J. J. Roherson, A. L. B—
buck, R. O. Mania. J. Dual Bim
W. Robert Evertt were in town
morning en route to examine tl*
Hamilton highway for the purpose mf
J right of wty 1

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