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PAP**, rr francs m DATE
TOUR snscnrnos EXPIRES
The aoanl tMbtin of Bishop
Thooaaa C Dfcil. Dioctw of But
Canhu. which «■ k made on Pfr
day night. Ti m "!! I 7th. to the
Chath «f The fiiiw*. m mM
with anascal hkML This noU
tiaa m —te'iwi lit earti r than
the CMI IWihif Durt b ahtay
K«ui «tk plouKc hoc Mt only bjr
■ iriui of hk Church bo* by
many others He hu Jut ntamd
fna m trip to Empr. aim was
ftittei at OM Trinity Church. New
York CSty. oa his armrsl in Aanin
Services w* he held at 7JO P. M
•ad it is an»tiT desired that *•
many as aid to hear th* Bishop and
■ Ujwas the Ri*e of -Coafinaetion.
wiß «Had xa4 be wetromed by the
Rector ami the ami m ■ of the
The »>*lit bells tint u>aally
nay m often iw m* October.' the
■vntod awt* the Iwfert math of
the fmr, did not rirjt bat twice for
while and rr» ■» ■kra)( «he
Bat the totofeJ fats of the MK>
ty lived bp to the t-adi«ior. *hat
"October is the mon'h of fardn"
there b«n a namber of mai iin 11
imnf them
TV lietawe* BJI'J 4mrimg October
Jmtas R R.berioa « Kolia Oj*
Wyaau 17; Unrt C Awlrtw'. 48 —
M.rma L Wari 40
la—e FVwell. M—Aam> Canon. IS;
Joe Bawb. Jaars. ».
Si mail Wallace. tl-EM Jooes. IS;
MM Hifbtaitk. X-Law Moblejr.
E Braafci. M; Vllaa Stoke*, tl
Skaty Cobara. 38; Henry Spradl. 38
—Maifaia Leary. 88; Saaiail L
Chan j. tl—Marjont Washmeto*.
17; Hi|TCwi KibtM. S —fist lie
RIHII. 24. Wdla? Etherid«e. Vt—'
Fycelia GHoa. IS, Hark Bonner. *
—Dm*; « fla». T7
MBS. ». J. 11'Mtt or
At her UwH; «U mIHBI Mot m
Kew Tan, Mn. J. C. (ioiinl. jr. en
IMUMM rah a tiin au took pu-
Mtti frlar, Hr> W. J HULM of
part MI aad bi«l> ml yellow nyiu
IhtfMM wot ydaoed allnrtnrl. u.
the «Ut ML
Mn. Hunter mm* fnca a hand ear
kmrin tone I as (Mrt mi honor and
fancy cwsdW .*arfcs mt gim as haph
score pnuK Duatj nfnabnaat*
(MHrthf of a frwat salad with sand
wiches and Saratoga chips acre serr
ad by the hostess aasiatad by Mr-
Those phy«( cards were. Mrv O-
H Hand. Mrs. J. G. Stwloa. MIL ■)
W. Hamy. Mrs. J. W. MM II ii«. lbs.
n—III. Mn. W. B Watt*, Mn.
Ptaafc finch. Mia Vdh In In in
Mrv H M Stahhs, Mia. Ttas Cntch
qp Mn P. B. Cone, Mn. Roy Gar-
IMK. Mn. J. L Wttaaas. Mrv
Chan. Janaa. Mam CI yd- Hassetf.
Iff — Sdße Harras. Mn titfcar
WWte. Mn. Late I smb. Mrv Caidta
Ba th d New Bern. Mn. K. C
Gma, Mia. Koww Blf |1 Mn. J. H
Itaawdi 11. Mrv K. B Crawford. Mn.
P. C Bamb. Mrv J. S. Bada, Mis.
ChytH Maace. Mass Kaa Lptoa.
Mrs. c'a kido Mrv C & Hanrll
and Mrv Dhwt M.
Mr. ami MB. JM B%N aa* Mn
• Mr* J. J lk« d Oak Cky wan a
the MA ad here with Mn. IML
the aaA «ai hare with her!
II MII. Maa. 1. C Oaafad
Mr. J. C. f« :or. up from
Plj ■iwtli jt4*rdiv sad r'pomi th?
meeting there a.- foii.z on nicely.
There writ IK men both young; and
dd at the prayer meeting- Sunday
sijfc!. These n«"!inn- hare pinoi
a wide repu*at»or throughout that
>wtioc of the mmtt. A Prayer-
BM'-ii* wi> held oat of town last
night at one of the near-by t>a»
-nd it net with a wonderful «h mi.
The auditorium at the rn.~
Saaiay nirt* was literally rnrniric
over with folks and many were tarn
«d away oa inoml of bfk of room.
The awii«f aril cortina* thr>.u h
•nrt Sunday iiijrtil wit the Ui
man-Corstor parry will rr»* or ac
count of Mr Lea man's health. The
will **> to Washinicton City
tad Mr. r«tM will eo to Saaford.
N. C. wfcfrj h * will 1 ad the masir
ni a meeting to be held by. H
C. Ooviness.
Red Crass naocr hare aav l-W.-l
SJJ nsib to honr wrhere sickness
and Ji«*« th»*a:«nrd human life
They have UL-p>*lri *ke.*l
children. and to set their de
fects competed. IIORV- Hyrwr-e - J»-L
care of the sich has been taught taj
4MI «all>m women and fill-, -h wr
ing them bow to care for ordinary
ickM» in the home
In B»T cooaaiun.ties where the
R«i Ots chapter is the on!y wel
help to IIJ&&4 m Jar flrnlk' . hetp
inf ;hem to ft bark on th»ir f«*t
rnd bee—e «elf »apportinr
In 24 Soathem cwmmuaitie- »irnft
by disaster this year, the Red (W*
has arrii for the injured and rehabdi
at«d :.J» piplr left home I- *. In
this work. ths organization vlami'
tervd a relief fand of $1»7.717.««.
Th? Epmrlh Inrue met la_«t even
mr at ierefi o -fcrl in the laarar *
room in the*" Methodic church The
hov wa.- and an fort> ftv - auna'e
earlor than acaal oa arroant of the
JMBI federation meetine at tit? Ba§>-
tb* church.
After a short rnwran wa> mrW
nl we w»i» to ■!»! artii-
Md M«ihU> f« fiui« at >^vra-f*it>
VuTerj are ihnys m,-lfnn a»l
?ny one may join if !k"j w 1
We need v« in the Uarw'* work
atwl we are f«a artH «- .
- Refwr-'r *
i:VMH)IIi»3V (l.t K MKETs
The EabnMH) Hub will be eoter
linxl by Nn. L B. HHTUM at he:
boaae da Haarfetof. street lhi> even
mg and Mrs. Harri-on »ill -!-•> er.-
•ertaic a ■•■ inker of friend* who are
not atenbert- of the Hub
In the iateriar of the bwtne. quart i
taes of ery >antheMua» will be a>ot
and a sala>l rowr>e v. ill br -♦ nul
Those who wiU be present hrsxto
the Hah neabtn are. Xr> H A.
Crilcher. Mrs Cortes limn. Mrs.
VlMer Martin, jr.. MK F. P. Can
-j-gfc" Mr. John L.
Mrs. C- D. Car tarphea, Mrs. Warns
B«p, Mn. J. D. Woolant. Mr, G
H Hnrn in. Mn. C- A Ham-oa.
Mn K G- Harrison and Mb. Anna
The Phalathea da>- of the Memorial
Baptist will not with Mrs.
Oacnr Aadema. Prray B«h., Nov.
7th at 7:45 AU arahr. at* re
owestod ta '«e yresent ana u j* *
DM will tae a special M—IHHIIH
IM of ?ti«iilw L xtjse No. 90 A. V.
A TlMndaj (vkt, Kwtrtrt
I at 7:44- Work ■ the Ant degrwe.
AU Master Mwr in caad
tie twtely iaiilal to att-ad.
|3tM m cash at a terict fair ia
—rtrra fkiiht tailj ia October. Mr-
Mi wwataf the hU to the
by the State Ciltgt Fitewiow Sen
Oar tm aaaa hm baea braa*ht
X n "Saae af the dacp ate aatne
■lac* aad «■ he bred to paw toed
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. November 4. 1924.
Largest Crowd Ever At
a Funeral in Martin
Was Present
Saturday as the -un «r.-s sinkinr
in the West, the life of Mr. Viliam
llarmon Daniel faded from this
earth. Mr. Hanwl hait been in perfect
heath until aboat llirt months axe
w-fcen he troaUnt with what was
fim suspected as malaria. From this
attack He soon recover «d : • rrnal
-tr.n;Wi. At j.ks of the samt nature
cwn aiwi occasionally, he ivßmui*.
h«.'t*r. -uffv-~-nt!> to enable him to
do l«Rfct work OB Tnsday pr,«-r TO
his *'ea*h. he wj.. tak n ilown ami
mw * «r>e. Upsinr into a >utr of
unco.- t a»i in which t^te
he -Tiluf"v slept hi- life aw?v.
The of his death was «me
hver tr>»• !»'•. thouirht to be a cancer
•f the IKer.
Mr Danici «?.' borr on th; jmr
>p°i rti» t* flint, 77 years IKO
J*'« h- of V. ilium Daniel
ivllv ! 4 ixm I>u ir H» wa>
the joßnfi-j of a family of li\»- on
lhal !hrw dauf hU-rs, all of lltnii ixrv
««!~r him to th? K?a\« All of 'he
brother- wrc, -oldirr. in l"ivfl
■»r. of .hem 10-mjr their hvr>
ui the stramrlr. Mr. Ittnirl w»« z
fv-nilxi of iW N. C. jiMivr r
a»«nl *as rot IS years of a *
I* -uTtßiferM. H.- , .
re- ii'ir visitor t» most of lt» "o»»-
fei:ora"e re-ui MMn, to -he
fullest • ltd.l the r-te*>i nf V «|ii
imvlthip of b; t 'or»e ■ rth
tht.-e of «u.- - who ha-l in
youth so travel;, mom the ;rar ar»i
who bov have crown err) an.' f> — *
almost compete*! iheir .-pars of life
W. H. HwiH m.irrxl Hanna I'jn'
woo in March I*7l -UKI -V -*r% yv« >
MBL TO them we?~* U»rn twrlve EKlL
«t**a, four of them l> inr in infjiwy
or childhood. On.* or. Jan> A
■*» Uleil accidentally in
S. p»» miter last. Three son-. Vwh T.,
William l» ami X. K >•>! friif
h»rMt-r-. If iu Miry A IVir.sel
Mr. Helleti llar*ti Sin-. IVti
llanii oi ar*l Wr». Fannie Gcitiniyr
.*urriv» him, all of th«ni Ihiiir in (he
heme commun iy He km v S mam?
children ami one rrrrl rrjwtrkrf.!
Few men po-«»oi mo-- tiwor. Me
wa> a mechanic »v|| a, r
SB"I built nar> null an.]
lhnMirl>-ut Mjrtii tmi a>.-
joiaiir Odm'i*
It K nut of him k) ell hit WM>
!**> that he m»l" ri«-n r4R>>- u>)
' etpr.S bur;* >»>■•'* !Wfl- with-m'. (i-n>
Hfcsation than ar>V o.h-r Mat! »f hL
'Htiua H- Wait alepr t .^ll In
help a in dwrtM a *| «u
■f" f»ll to brar tlx htTi-it of
Ufinvv Tk.afK well |»- the ""thrse
zjmi ten", ht i, *\ r a- keti aiir
odds> for hi» axe. Iat was r-.t.«> to
bear hit >hare of the b-jMin
He , had br.ti a member of the
Primitive Rap* i«t church for thirtv -|
two yean last June anil *a» clerk
«.f !h~- rburrh at Smithw ckV Creek
fcr more than thirty yean. He wai
Herk of the She* ark e union n*ti«f
for 'harty-one years ar.l dwin? ikr
■"any j*ai» be kail carry in*
the kcob to the me -tin* only nor
time and was absent that time on ar
coant of *arkrw-«
F rw men ran be fuuml who are
tf*r »o their rHixsow* con« Ktua>
flan he was. He att*n4>d
* batch mins, unaoa meeting- and
association? that are Ml uniull).
terulaH> i "
In politics he wa> a -launch deaa
' "at. to' he never aifind to foliti
«l «dßce> However, he served his
n-nasn.l) thrsnitk all the local of
ht- aaad the eoanty once, as caaty
Ob Saaday a/tnMM L» WAS LUL
to mt m 'h- plot wW hi- aansUn
hare rested for nwr than two Km
•inJ )•"> with «M of the Itiwii
«*ti*r*tita> of frirxk attfMiw
lU fut.'ijJ r- rer «it neaped before is
The funeral services »rr (aarfart
e«l Ly Elder-. Sylvester W
B Himiiftuf, ud John N*. StftrMa
The -ei»w« at the pave was WU by
Rer A. J. Manninr ead ia be—MM
W6M' be PAID tribute to >UA and t>
hfe terrke to tV world. The flora!
lHWf> were n«MiN> and beaa
Will Elfoon sad m Wd
•wa of iMharea rioted friends her-
Taca Tarheel cays the K« eWtrir
Iwhta ia his have will help biaa to
enjoy ha wading these laar wiater
Owly sweet patatiei of rad qaaK>
•y riadi be stored hi the iatia>
haaae. The braiaed. eat aad daahged
fwata ahaald be kept apaiilt far ear
ly aae.
Port Bdl Caaunc Much Interest
ladicatmas Point That Port Kill
ladkaliea Paiai That Pert Bill
a Get Im )t a Majority
VdCic has not beer very hsavy in
coanty i«nn(t tl « earlier hour
«f tl* day eccor-iinit to telephone
ires-axes from the various voting
places, bat from all indicatinn-s it w ill
be rath more brisk durin«* the bulanee
of the day.
Mrrt'n county bein;» so overwhelm
rrly democratic. there is not muth
in rest manifested on election «la>
«ak># there are some sptvia! mea
aies to be voted upon. The Port ar«i
Terminal Bill is receiving morv at
tent>>- as the polls today than any *th
cr bJI. In the county. frjM all the
points heard froir. that mensure is
rrttinc a rood majority of the votes
that are b?ing cast. It is th.-ught
•bat the opposition is rifht stror. *
-fjd the firal ttuid's may lilf*r from
present indication.-
Th" bill to pay memkn of the l-e>.-
.-la tar. is finding soi le opposition; so
b the one for a loan to th? World
Wir vc-eran*.
l» the latest repor.s frnw some of
the precinct*, tbere was indications v f
things wanning up. In Iwo township*
independent tickets bobbed up unfx
p>ctodly. The worst p;*rt of it was tb>»
iaim Inl Hfmixi to he sponsored
•y i-f.-niii-nt demorr:.ts.
\t tt>e present time. »«• have heai.i
i. u&( from the Stat.- or National
t ill lit II
A joint meeting -of the three local
'ederation> was held last nix-it at the
Ra|4ist diureh and was fie
ltd aw ftin|t» held -t ace the L-lo# of
!e revival
!S «m> b\ Mr. IS. Kk»
CrKtfcff. |in»ilrii] ui thr Mti.'s fc>!-
• ntmi Mil hf wa> 'he lea. I*- tor the
•»*ruitr Mu> reJe iir.« .«♦ h»*ir Inet;
anew at 'Lis service a.xt much -.uirii
xaS f«w wan received by |>r>
Ob afh-moon, the Yo«ui*
i'rnplr"> f*df! jli n if Itymax-CK will
MJ *nK*- in the Memorial
■ k iciri. *itk Mrs. Mel. G. l-eaman
k»"ar tbe mrung
TVn * >ll be funrsl ears »( tbw
U> coiii** from I'!> nw.u'»
uad a *•»«■»' meetinjr is cipif fil Th*>
fi *f the local federation tts Inl
PSjbw M;.«l Saturday ami a iwinft
ft tbe 'wo federations provr.t
i» l» of rrral }««rr. Miss Eva IVel
ar«l Mr> I. H. Watts, jr firrinl the
tt dlumstoti Vftune down to
iltnutuli atxl Miv- |*er| wa.- IrwVi
far tbe afUrn .on.
*> aoc unable to ascertain tlw
curt hair of the meeting but it is
•mpertnl that the mrnbfT. front
Hith«ili win "irTtve abou: tbr**e n"
(btk and tbat the meHine will be
M4d about 3 :30
[k'morratic Canvass
Ended Ni^ht
At Everetts
Tfc; Ifttfuocratic county tu»a>>
dwH at Everett last ntrht wh*r>
•he ramlidiU s mailr tKrir
announr-m lit After the an
MBonMitt were m»k Ju>lr - F.
D. WiikrlMi nul a pecch mnt.ut
J>( Ihawnr) with the |?overnnW nt
rf |nlitM» as wlminLsteml by Ik*
Hu4iatt-T«liiip' ulmmutration Th*
,«tre hkrutil a lift : muurt of tht ir
xi tan>« his and pvnrturf«i
tft*ir armor in m-uiy - places Hf a)
way* |fawi the imple where* r he
Mb.' Jante- Kd wards' ha.- rtumH
frrm GddtWa where she spent the
part week with Mr». WesJ>y AIL u.
Mr Harry Onion of Scot' nd ■'
J peat the week end here wr h fri-WK
Mr. Huf'; It. Anderson has -etana
«d from Tarhoro where h~ h" been
■kMf Mar) Clyde Legxett, t arrie
hefte Whre. Gnm Cook and Mr
Saawt I Bey attended the
CafSaa aeHinr in Pljrawrtii Sunday
Ha* Minnie Roh*rtaoa who is *t
*rn lat the Col
lege a* Gteeavfll* spent the we-k
fad arh her Mother, Mrs. Sadie
Proceedings Dealt Most
ly With Road
I'w Caul} of OwmKn'ii
e»s ot»r*>t > i** t in r -eular
MKUMt jr-ifWiy m the court
hotte «»tL a*! ntrn:Mrr- of wh* lituM
pfMis. TW- tnwpwiiiT? iiiull mo-'-
I> wrtlr rwsail 4am»«- in several
part» A : « . T*iy cvnimilWf
et' avani-. apfwa t»~' iauvt
«tl hsgh»a> t ttir,>*T 125 nut- recon.
intcUl9. *»l thr; •*« acr-'|i(ni
N> Bna;i a) tfi? mfdini; Th - rom.
mit'ee «a cvmpOM>l of
'lf -*r-_ I J, R4>rT~«r K O Mar
tin. J llibv4 B3jr>. A. I
~n«i W. t hwti
It *H> w«m w hj (hi cum-
I garter titrt J E_ Kv- .*• t aiM Jar
HoB: - I* («»>4 !!i» 'un> of *!&>_ 1 *>l
nr»k r.j; jl fc3? j; l.Sf
nrgwaawjdatH»r.> more; I».
1» S'al!-'. ■» •«»••**: Hi Gurjwiu.->.
'laaiurs; Jw CbefTy. no -lam
are; VViutley - ihi .:;imasTP;
I ! T Fo«-4e».'_ rm umiiv. J —■ I «-j
--! ?»(l, m> «fam»r~. J*** no lam
; sr«^. J.* Imlwi. rnr> .oH r«ui.
j Jue l v ak\-_ 'hmai'i' ; M I*
VVil«*!. J A
KinHt. \* Wvwtr . J. St at on
JIDO >bßarr . A T l'ra«f«nl, no
•fcantare-*; 3whr-*cm. *> l
J t. SlaU» Syirh' farm. bo dam
sit*. IWti tx» ianiicif«: Flfl
KivWl ii— •ttw-rr: V I*. Tayk>r.
« !M» ss# -linar • AWumlfr W \nn
JS>(N' >ij«af*^: K V Arrinjrtnn.
m •tvmc- J "I- lAim) -lanv
i»"»e: Wt' « Sf-rro.l. r»> ilintasr;
• K Ph!rir»f»j. f.Vs«i\(jii'nr»; t' .*
.Lamar* Sth ter \lav".
tt*> >l.'nar : F—d Csnhfll. !?• 'limj'r:
Harry o M l» Khef
rv»t. im .twow. ' A Itam imr", ik>
>tira»r>-- X F. «• 'lanati"
It I* T»■«. \ V *nr !ei
ih> ; It K Han•-!' • -(..>•• no
rfawr*: I T Siiijr. no 'bniagr;
Mi> Krwo*. nUlr. no hma«r; Ben
V.- v>_ w taa'im——: l«u Ma)« l!m»n.l
f» >'taar»: F(V j».i Barr. no
l*»Wf HarrHl. n- 'lama it:
Uitk ISa«wi*ir;ar. m> •4:mart; J. T
iw Oranre FkM
l» 'inwr: * B MiwlK iw dam
a?»: F I* I'm.f m .an>fe: John
SJi-M., i« 4a»ea*f- Killiam IVt*
no damapv"
I |i»»r. «*a*ir b\ V. I! Mi r
nasti* ir»' |>> f A \ k>«r.
iKr mhb -f C.'*« - va ii|i|iti'|iridlrl
iVramt Ms in (irifltii'*
Ntf, • ™*bi|». i' **"• 1 •« "f 'hi- amnui l i-
Ito hi * »i oe> "he ruii Wrinninr if
Ha-» biMti lW*r* xaid r* ■
'» I w- R Cilay'* tore; 'l*" secon
l)w»jsu«i a» to iw knl in tlx-
paff of bap *n *lkat»v-i
laswfe- tKr ■( tha* »rtini! o
tine Jwurt in# l~«» it Ik- 1
biiil f-- !hnr latidH
S. I! I «B» » «ri« »4ea-e»4 fron>
poiawt' ®f 'aw- «n PJifld on pro
t-ert> ir li4^l
Hanktl - all««f>t
*.Vn# c• bi«iti of IS.WI per
m« itlHi a» feeretofor- «l
I* *. E. « IKKIA IN \f IK FOLK
l*r Vk F »mi ■j b >n No. folk
Ifce* wt «b'r be ka p ii# to con
alt **7ara- "w4at«-> '» ; .mf -> m
ptuo •! -11 —art- trwwMe.
Hi «ttk> (n M- bope Utt-y «ul
n*» ;wMt -ad that be will xmm
tii niM. nisini\Kii
I vni TinMiKMiK MI.HT
TW BwHinf jf tli' lioar-l
«f l«n «x■■i»>jmkt> was not hel-l
b t Mght Ut aidl be behi tomorrt*
mkM iacCM*. Mr. J. I-
Na>*r. »v r. lM Mrt of own aid for
lli*t tbe ev. |Xn>tpon
A (Ml fam ;«o«ilt r> bou-e L>
ma;, well Tcßtial«d, convenienti>
aM mafMnirall) «m»>l mcl
H i£tn r*nr cf+i- save tbe m>3
frna Tbe -op sis incbe> of
DI wotab of tbe a
raiblb |bat food
Mi«s Fmiw Gw«»r.«s retumeal
fr-'fitaj ft*«B M> wxxith she
k. ■ hew* •' pi iili»f r o«a t;m -
Mr aM Mi.*. Herb-rt Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Hudpri awl Alamo Hat
I*o Jr. ilwti to H'iJ» Forest Sun '
ncj to «lual Me**r*. W. J Hodge*,
jr. aa4 Hoist Fad. Jr. wb« arej
'tab*l alt Hakr Fwet colte^*.
Mn. MT. J. H«a*er «rbo Iru b ■
ntihw bar ■irtv-b lri *f- '**
T. Haalrr afl irtaiu tiwai low mom
am* to her baaae fat Cwaili w.
The prr>Ktra!tal eamtwtate- are
! ryinjf i« «|uw their nerves Toiiay in I
■irvparattor. tor tin* final fla>h.*- of ,
the elwtK»r, !*•> tonieh* * '
Ppfsiilcnl CoolMif* i> at the White
House to rwtvt* return- in hi- lib
rary over a -pwu! I rs?te»i j
win* ami by radio
Junn W. i»a»i.- to- Jt Use honw of • j
frie:..i in -ecluswn near h>» hea»»«m»r- I
ter> at the Mm»i* Hotel, wh«-re a j
l>ee-a! election wii*i -upplenwrei; h\ i«. will ke?|> bint inf»ni*>: «n tv '
'urn». j
Senator RobertM 1 a Follette cas* i
his vote in Ma«ii-or.. Wt- H«- retume.- j
to his farm Sui>ia\. jr»i w>! j
remain in Ma-it son to ycf ivr el«rt i»»r
returr - Tuesday
(mw. Charles tt Bit an. !¥«».'
r rat IT vice p-*>siential (ainicut
iJar. - to receive report - of th~ eWtior
it the piv«>rHir'« man-son ir Lincoln
\VI> -J!u- I im foirt t»• i»si a- -»•>»
s if kr-B th» treni of lh» vote-,"
He sai.l. |
Oer, Charles f. IW ca-* his vot« j
in E\ an-ton. 11l- lie will rrreive thf j
fleet ioe retum - •onirhi a* hi- home •> j
K\ an>ton.
Hallowe'en Party
Mr-. Jam- A l>*vv *tt ar>i Mr- j
1 I" Thiep'n rntertsine-i (*e Ip .
worth 1-eai-ue boy- »•») «r>rl- K» • :t« j
r .rht. Orober .1!
Th*- irirl- uof bovs mat tKi j
Methodist church ,it "ignt Vdock. a!' I
•:re---e»i in Hallo»«-'en cm-mme- *it I j
'Mr ; «w ma-keii After all ha.i ■
vrablrtl a -hort ci et* I
After 'he proeratn the* wen! t,.
hot ,Hnr .lint iitfl wr,- * 1I '
HamKurver. wennie- a"vi cor..- o-ia
While 'hey »rri* erjo* mr the f« -t |
- pro—re-sive rtw.-l tale v.a i
«' by Mis HH.-'. Sunimrnri sn.l rmt l
|«| by Ml— M ity Harris T>n ii
'••Ik then Marwl to Mr • F J
Tliir pen's where each i»th» had hi -1
told. and which would not »k> |
»• Ik- tolii aiuii'i ill company flTwi J
they »-re served wit' u ro»-i • I
i-urich ami home n> i !•* onili »l then j
mouth' -ur«- isi -mack 1 t#n -sf 1 (
(■»>k hi- lum in -livinir into a [•«•' I
i I untier iwl catching i? rn-pS«- |
the ni4>uth an-i other raw ar«i con ,
test.- »ei» much fisjnyni TV pi 1 - I
ant . veninr wa- en.l*»» In Inn itr .
*h- li-»ht.- low af.-l telliiti.' »itd. »ntl ]
I'ho-t -tori's All that k-o* b- fnwi j
■ ut rumtnc our feet (Mnr home wa- I
that «he old Mack cat fort---* to j, ul! |
■MK>. Till St RITt HI K j
Mrs- Titu- Cruct-er ent-ectaiivd the I
Twen'ieth  enturv Huh at it- r- i-u j
lar meetine last week at her sttrac j
tive hone in New Town tr\ an i
'h-iiin. urar (si in tall va*e- * ere I
c.e»l in th»- Itvinr rootr tn>l «fii» , t*j
Tic r>r»rr .m for th»- .-f* »rm«>r wa- i
on Kmr Tut's l»mb a#-| waver» i.i
t« r*--tin* Mrs. F I Barne- rea-l a j
|«*per preparrnl on tri- -ui-jrct uhich
was very aiel Mr». K It (>.*
for«l hail a re*.lir r "• "
The h»-te - IV-r_>t jd by Mis.- Vel'i
Andrew- ---rv si t .Se-I«rk-u- -ab.
«ourse a' the conclu ion of the pr;. ,
Inviteal true--"- were Mrs. W. J j
Hunter of Mrs I'ave '
ISail>am »f IjlenliHi ar«! Mr-. C O j
Thu week u olwnel a- a «»ek of
«f prayer ui the Mt-Owu t Mt-K>r
ary tl.rwurhout the cwrifer
ence. —.ial prorrair.s ji- (n->ii !
ed for arh day. A .parol ■#!.'
will be aken at each mtvl i r
Mcetinc will be h.-hl at tie* chuiih
at p m as follow?-:
1 u---«la)'- -akjert. "*l*ra>«-i' Mi -
E D. IhxM. Mtr.
Wnlnenlai'» »übjtct "The West
\ rrinia Coal Field.-" Mr- W ilium
R Warren, leader.
Thur-.ta> "s übyrt: "Prayer ai»l
Ciftt" -1* be rrv-a by th - Sm»r
l.pWor»h |j*|r ar Mrs Tkirp u. I*a>!-
Fr>iay- -■lifrt: HliAtrtti Who
l*raycd"—to bf |im by the Junior
Epw*rtb Leajrwe- Jlu- bum K-i--rt
-ori. leadfr
Mr ami Mn C- A. Harrison, and
I'aurhter-. Mi--e- Herfc. Kitluiiw
f»i I'larch and Mis* Mary Ibtrv
I Hat#— —tarrd la Gauiße Sm-
Mr* R- Lte Edwknk and little m
Preston are if brr Mrtk -i w
Qi ■mil in G»Mibiru this «Jtt TV
1 return Miqr.
EST AIiLISH til) 1898
The couUiy a*ent'- i-pntl a- -üb
imttnl by \ --.« T. ft Bra.: .-ton u>
the Boarc of  "oUi:t> Cemnti. sweets
f. r 'he month of (jrt.wer foiio* :
Si >tays -pent sr. Seb! work
I -lays in oific- «r iirk
■V i"'J* ronferw wtf 1 - faim»r-«
TO letter* written
>3l mile-- !uveW in per'— rminir
■!«l"sia> ciMM"t>
6 article-- w nfm
I —m*-» f inr- -«iih a total at'—
tfinl-rn- of JS2
".111 h-.e- *r>- t« i th ; - nru-nth mak n« a
total since kpr! -»f Ui 1 f*r !«
» * - .
Nnrn f ann» k r> «en* sr. put
tir-jf «>ui 7 of pfmur/t* posarp
Foartf*r m *>r+* en
•*♦• l of ourr.
Six farmer in re
rant-» t»» «i#- omtr*4 >f telecco
; n v*-
i*rtine .-m inea
1 mruremen»> h»v *na*l* ti«
•u* or
S»»pm» !•!» •» ira ije\o!.xj %» f;*ir
lh#» ar *?»! iiultaii/ «»n a r-ua!* !x»th
!h» r .iir
One .iu> thi" if^nt
treats he.».t «»f . f«»r farm
fh> vhirh „t rveftp? la>"« w«»rk
I-"* arr>»- p»nnirf»! tx*~tur* U The
.nre» *H» fa?wwhivp ml wji
with !'«• .a>-*»tire *hm
Part «»f SoTcmbfr *:!?
f Kc tk i* # '«»r ? nw*
•■VRamite -r !#»f? or>r war m.frial
'Ha* *■'! b' -4«f to 'nr Ma-t
--i" -tuirji-' ...» «he firn- Thi.. cx
-1J..-,l\- i- ii»m- iV -jw t- -Kurular
••\f-amste and h* ii »it^
• number -i\ cap *n-i It car lie
'»> uc 5 -! f*r a(»-ut s>*•»• i» - '►siwitnl
"f «-\|Jo-i\e ifliv ir.'
At any UW' -nu •-■ t- - i ufity
\ijvi-fs *n*r ca.i (ihoi* umber
I !".> or * ri".- Sim a: tt i!f ai»i
V will rono- "o »-ur f iwf . - -won as
I h - |w- ij . can.
i - . ...1„
V li:.«f »* H- i--,ir-! of
« ittiiti t Wfiin-.!->H-iM-f- )• t the
i ami-- «-f tlw jury f«»r 'e I'• o-mber
I ti-rns of Martin's Si(»-r:"P ci-urt «rre
I i.ram- afurh are a- follow- :
I ir-l Hrrk
J I .v ituii. VV J V. -i»-I. A I*.
| •■..nJ(M-r. V «" I«r« ar K I . Stal
X Corey. J W H--pkm-. S- E
pAlanninr. * « Kuler-M H I- Hani
i'-or. \\ I rn.'i S M«*k*. I» D.
i Stall-. \\ II l: *rt I' II Cr-iwa.
' I K. ar-' U •
XMd M ni
j U ti Blaml. i- B Buiiurk. Mariar>
I S A4H-. N R Rufer-i-t V. H Miielle.
j \ R Au bar \\ l Raebwrk. Hit'
li. ber- on. J I* Roher-u*. \ciru-tu
j 'obn- -r. I B lilmotsnl-o::. H. L
Kverrt*. ii R. K -tw: F L Hai-
I-lip. W I P-jni-. lin a oral P * rre.
V. B Mo>-r-- and I I l vwrsir\
N. 1.. BAKTLETI l\ |n*N
Mi N- li «,f kii> ton. N
' who i- -«-cri-tary »f tlw K - -tern
i Carolina I "harober of lobrt.w «a>
visitor in town )r-"u>ljn u> the
niter -t of la-t -n* fai alms's *-
1 i -lopmeiit
j T .
Mr arel Mr-. A. 1* Mil-lie and
i I t tie -wri. I 'in ar»t M r - i it-aik-r Itelk
| «•(. Tartmro -p -nt Sun»L»i with Mrs.
I Anna lUrri-un at tf> ■muf of Mr.
ai»l Mr- I I! rfarrwn on Ha«|rb>
ton .street.
Mr-. C. I». 1 arsiaipbrti. Mr*. A.
Ili—'ll Mr- «i. Haru.-«>n. Mrt-
W II Crswfoni an-i Mr \ -inaa
r tt*pi m»tomi •« Plymouth Sacday
j to ;-.ttei!-t cS.urrh.
Mr-, lacy Culpi-ppr-r of I3iubtk
City, who has been n-itine Mra.
*lwler Martin left Sandaj fer Ham
ilton to ,-pernl 'hb wirk with Mrs.
I ton Matthew - She will r -turn Friday
to sperfcl Bur? tw- w;b Mr» Martin.
Mr and Mrs. Laahr J. Chapman.
Mrs. K. A. John-Mi. Miv- Marie
Chapman, and Mr Lloyd Chapman
of (infton -peat Smidiy with Mr.
imi Mrs. J L Wfliam, at their home
o Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Hamscn. Mrs.
Myrtle Brawn, Mimes Jaaephme and
Eva Harrison and. Mtx> Myrtle Waal
- rtl Brown m»t«ied to Grmrfll
Mm Carrie Lee Peel af the Teatb
tn C«ll«t?, CiMitHe, i pent tk*
week end with her parents, Mr. ml
Mr*. KII.M.
Mb* Prances Mm lb who is altfU
•n® the Ttacbtn CoHa«- a* km
vlle spent the weak end hot with
Dr. ami Mrs. P. B. dm.

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