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TSF W«T«ST na'etul A!-EI. »M ORE »rx. acrunulate- r: «>'.■> fa. t-.-r '.car j. w«. cat. 11. :j.4> fit-w the tierrrr.. Ilium • proiwri, v.i.ui-: worry America f •! j we-jx lorativ in Kurope. (IHTOV AS.S4K 1A 1 IO.V KM KI»K> iv.LM» BAL» K art.. \*c. "Jl. — TMI iidß.-au* I»IJF «A MI.. AT »JR>RFW"«SES I \ •'"(i rxicu. Cot lor G fi-w »> « «•( .at.vi ...i-veui "ii tbe hr 'lav -oT this *•—k. l- it* reeor-i to a -tatf-iie n; u-an! fruar. * ter.- la-t n.t-n! Thts bca>.- j any Hiiw tla> rKi«r»» prvnrioosiy *K- iriJu'iof !h AvwriatinK jr «ir ■flnenrr rapdij ami takinfr ?i«amair> ■ 0 tia o! >7O a IcJe now Ir I ti* fwate lit t»>e A>--«ektt!oß. • o tor- Ii- •! letur jrra l»-. ueinejitir.ir rare r . j i-Mkaa: a«i arir>uinx. TV\N %«;KK HOW \KII U> M\l.; : m Ilk- K MIUI I L: Irifti Oct. SI. Anrnniwrfc t»t »> , IH»1' liial at a«l>iri s.- art! h> .|-Si» » 1' ew* b* lier.eml Sale- uuS-SLjser C. I -f the ' u"|#'«tn ■ iVftw i I I t"-r ~i. at Radio -' .t»r> W |_ S | | C'jxairv. Tin.- atuirrs.- w tit ;v br«a>! j > eat-fl at Central Stan»iani time j i lOWL-LAFFS _=s=~=_ fO» With I—rbter ) It's ali rt|rhi to *.i!k about tk* 'aen -f nations ir* u-.k oicetiier arow: I - to s*-t :r ;p»- r qturrrL- imti I J:faey"r» i'»-ttj» v -la 'vt! tire-, —t t* Utlw' a few fr».'irv>L- of it rma ar»i a * Yur.r Turkey in t.nrec a —oO o a- r- mir to akolisk an S arrrtj. and Sw t irrkrki may ia | "re- ueir future to give up ber ravy 1 HarraLh for prar* —oo • A very tMnr nrl bad a poir of ' W.r H>v ?n«t they w. oMit -*a> 1 »*i T'i-» just woukln N Sh.- coan ! |Jaifid about this to a ■UTPf-fd ""Why -iont >->u —ak pvt M.r*er> or th-m*" •. —o-O o Ar farmer and Us wife w re f - rwj-r>— the'r >*y. look |mm at? »l*e# rwrker. wrKec *K- old Vis 4» |»1[» up. "Sat. Wo i* will He ocr -9m WgMM T*r vt Wr r>»njie«l di*-*-» • Wlia'V j *e«e »-» «.f iPßn)fnr«" that l-er 'for trial Kapper«>i twe-ty-fiv* \e»r> |a*»? - -o-n-o Ke*n 'hit -1K«I girl rwitpleriac ' *4 >h» ra'n. TO IWltiUtltt WIIUAMCTOK. MOKTB CAIOUWA If only lo per cent of us r_rc crazy. a- tbat pr»ieM«r sayi>, haw ioes hel ._e*x»ur.'. for tbe fact that we ..perxt | n»r tauTf \ for iiew cars than foi | HIM ? —o-O-o— --•■» wnnai lay very ill. Having brMWU up a clever orphan r>ri. he «l won-jii cullei th«- orphar to h •no .aad: ' I .-hall .oor* Itav- my l-ttie rhikm motberiess. They know you •ae love you. and after I am jrotue I want you are: my hus bare I to merry." ( TH»e vount* woman, bursting irrt-> ear., .-aad: We wen- just talking atiout ihat " The c;f( recovered. ( o bn-ther i »om»-o.. ei nt >«u on the intone Brother—W ell .if it's a rtri. t'll i«er 1" be ti*r» ami if it's i ai. t' : .i him lli take a pint. —o-O-o— --"f 'a.;udtrs r—ee to ik-eeie ' hat ai«! wale' wouki mix. that'aceorrt ut» to tire pre-M-rtt unrtKr of tbe cowl- wx»ul«l innki oil arei water m.i. — OOO I i . fc r, ' K'thwjt any lo\e i s xvt a ti"iul; tii e a. :■ cham |--.e - tap V'tlnrtit f.V- cti^Riparre —• -C " Mmw- tsnl aterimpiisl in»r t»e 'I in > »u wish to r.. bu' Ue- !-. - >«; to r>»o plt- r. - -®-o-o ....HJ., .I»£.A.:» R.-AIH .RIIU EIPERIINCE= "to! "iTki*; :ml i-k>rn>u- feeling."" f i Ij- y wie, know- when sb« L- «U ' o r> o ( They lake Hoik / V« gi»e your cl-rk.- -Wo w>-ek \ lua'.Mi ever* lear. dor.'t you Mr T -.-k»~' tV friend. t month, grutted (hr imiv ■•aenrhant. \ month? Ye-, tlee iwo week.- when I KO or ««y laratNMi a»i tlie two wc-.-k- wM tor-) «■ on theirs. He who jriv.v. 'Mid bounty stand.-, Wb- witbholi>. .hath emyty harl -aw a mule with the les.- tlen ""I*. S." brarxlel on its sid.* | ~f lint rwine near that mule.™ he »k j Hanoi. "He r\a> Mop? to l «eV , Sam and theri airin it mat b» th " •w"-"je> iabtTlexl "Tn-Safe."* —o-O-o—- Tt«e lei.! an-i easu-.-t -olution f«»r tfce pr*.oi»Mt «.r pro Mem. -eys Kenr «._rkfi w*ulr l«e for people to ipti nrkirig Sow why ii«lr>"* -nmehu.'v "•-T «f *j i-o- - " wdj Koik-, i* L-r't every hm I .N> f;a rut? in the work! ami keep ♦»»- own balance. IHYV t AFK—WASHINGTON ST MeaL- -a rvod a: all hours. Specia.' o-ders catereu to. Fzy Kan it. tf _ betrayed Their first comvmahom betrayed the fact that she ns mot fastidious. AT a dm in thr had appeared aa KMUII Mai. iMiralllt fk» upoa tkcif kill Urlobn ■ in| he dwotned thai her teeth wetc w4 draa AnJ he Mua aw am a Not we today how jrow. TOWKK. watch iambi pcraua * teeth whew hr or the m taiio| If the teeth are M «d kept rheyr at owce hcoar »li I TIF. UMO M tmm ahaa> mm • mm — I mm Sllmfmr I llhwl lo *SSesSa£& ; A latgr tube ot ItiKiw Tooth Paue m oalr 25 cewts. at w« Jru^- CV-tnilwtrtaa n 41-' -Sast • if. V. S. J. Lnry as apfnaaaur. wnit a bat. ia.--x it. rL- mmk t ! iti, m_- fauaerV ;a>o.'iie he came nerttaer :.'ae ace tool pat ;we toe "urnaoe aceus mwi altatiaß. They have fou». a - mdess jtt ia. Ilaama Titer* rwt... oe a kickiest mule -, mt where or earth. m-*J Many a x-efal triar is a r u:-ar.ee wtartii owt of piace -a- tne WOlaaOHi «ti. -ae" wka «• -a", down or. a lack Tfct average fanJ> bwsjpet t Mtt irr more or les-- ifca ca rapbo«k Tbe MI) two uwr-er- that IT-_ ke wis# to oae a.v -yet tior."* k:l. | M are lore a»l astr.ma. » ! haart to Prowe It — Jort- . I m sorry • •* a ttbe m «wey bat. yo« k»;«w. t»*e 00.-"- a nar -eels, tbe ■> re he waj.t jl Jo-are — Hrll yoa are for* t- r"" j tet. >er r- How IM »re .;i * ■. want? Many a mil r asei lock, rws' »" | virrday a be-uk-»a» v ■>- j ■>ay. Mtre'ang t4k«ee people's la :ne a» •e«p»tw t* -" r*« ri» | up- raetaor nor irUf.ire>r T le loot* -' bark» : - are always with 1 ke side shows. ltete are a grew* aar r a**»rle t j •he p.>pers tbe**- 4a».- -t " -w t--» » I KR* ytor life. -=AGH- Herry «-irfc»» j 1 t»»riy. but we havert saea oeae yet YR »KY K \ —O-O -o - Hr-iair*. said Unly »Vf. is .bet 3. saar. is a liaM *0 iae£.g>fae V hr s - •a.-.t bc be is -oO« Peach Ma— Aikffi" Hilt's that *»d 'dor e;* J Vt-ur W it** d-Hl ? Pt'ise: I"* Hi stains A -he* - Yes. Yes. I -aw yoar mpd> le-twe ntr eie- k tVie whr ! crate in H»K SALE: PIANO IN IST tttv- EVI'IOR TAWD for 1 —«"— •-; - ON neetirr APFJE K H H-rris. Main Street. City. } Our Anniversary Sale lo Has brought crowds f rom many miles away It is Matchless Values Quality Merchandise — . I and PERSONAL Sei-vice— that draws the crowds — Come and F;e con vinced. * 1 . - " ' .. - ' LIIIMATFTWIIC x J WILLIAMSTON. NORTH C AH.OIJN'A 'j Fa Ferguson is nerehy cbitecs as ' the mast prominent of -awoa. kooMri. s hastaar. is. I kEFKESENTATI* E VAXTIII BY ' | Carolina Floral Cc_ Wilson. S. C- ■ ' Gnannteed Floral Servace. It j ! I : *» AVTFI>: AN iNIH STIUOISMAN| desirous of making JUI.MI to *70.00 ]_ weekly in Martin county selling! Wnntmer's ex"racts. touet articles, j j bonne remedies, soapo, spiers, etc. 1 I Little capital n«*ded. Car or team NMCMAN ?i« eapertence mpurvd. Write for fall particulars. J THE H C. WHHMEK COMFANY. Itept fits Columbus. Indiana. NOTICE OF SALE L r«der and by rirtac of Lh" power I'.f sale cwitain-tl in s certain -V«d of leust executed and deLrrrei to the i JONES ELECTRIC SHOP J Ibatteries overhau ! ED, and recharged. Klectric Autc wirinsr and repairing j Quick Service Kx- F k*'' 1 workmanship JONES ELECTRIC | SHOP { j Hear s C j! i Williamston. N. C. ! L _J ■Ejdenupied trustee by M. P. Taylor' J aad wife, Eauna Lee Taylor an mt , _wi day of August, 1922 whir) aaid oeed of trait is of record ia th? /mk .at registry of Martin County ia j book X-2 at page 384, said deed ot ' trust securing certain DJtes of even | t!a*e and tenor therewith and de- I fault having been male in the paj- Iment of th- same and the stipwla taons contained in the said dead of trust not having bet n complied wit • 2nd at the rcqwsst cf the holder of ' the «aid notes the undersigned trus tee will on Saturday the 29th day «f ' November 1924 at 12 o'clock M. in front of the courthouse door ir. tbe ■*own of WUliamston, North Canfet -4Ter fr sale to the highest knder for cash the 'allowing descriVn it Furniture Economy -" T ,G: • When buj'injr Fumiture for your home, and especially for the Living Room, it is economy to choose well-made pieces. The constant wear it has to withstand year in and year out will prove the advantage of selecting from our display, even though the first cost may be a little more than you expected to pay. B. S. Courtney WI LI J AMfcTON.N'ORTH CAROLINA «■■ ■ , j • I I _ wtf TjfjL | . , , .. ._ _' L || Fo the Carpenter or I - \ | the Home Mechanic . ' (kkkl. sharp Tools not only make the task easier to do, but they aid you in turning out a 'oetter piece of work. Tt - The tools we offler for your approval are the higrhetrt oualityj we can get, yet the f'rices are very moderate. Culpejpper Hdw. Co, WILUAMSTON. NORTH CAROLINA. , estate, to-wit: r ! mornm 2 Ave* of the Me. G. Tay • lor land, mm heired mmi omm haaaM ! frmm Mrs. J. A. Everett aad booaded as follows, on the North kjr V. K. • Taylor and the Hamilton aad wd- IWBAM road, on the East by th* • laad «f F.L ff ltlllfc, oa the So*k ,by the Stanley Leggctt aad J- L Tiyior lands, and being 214 1-2 by sanejr aad being same alad wttr !el by mortgage to Chicaairaaga Tnut Company for 54M9.00. { Tbii above bad wffl ha sold «A jec*. to the dower of faai Lk Taylor which has been recently al kred. This the 28th of Oct. 1924. L. G. TAYLOR Trustee, tljitie and Feel, AttyV 1144

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