North Carolina Newspapers

Buried Yesterday In
Cemetery of His
p I
Bx-Gumnai W. W". Kiiriuii of
Scallaad Keck died Snbt moraine
after a lon* illness aad was boned j
yxiteiday ifhiin at 4:39 t'tkek in
"he torn af his birth and ■ the
Cmi nao Eikhia a» elected to
Ceegress m ISM froa the sth dis
trict of North Carolina He then lived
at lUibfim
later mm he Made the race far :
GCHIUM against the late Locke I
Craar aad Ashley Home, in one of!
tk* hardaat Ctriib ever U|fd in a
North Carolina convention.
TW foar jctn of the Knchin ad
aaiiilißlaaii a* Governor van noted
*> a safe aad soand periol in oar
At the exaaatioei of his tens as
Governor he located m Raleish and
■Wri in the practice of law villi
J. &. Manning- la a fern- years, how
■m. Gmnwr hitchio's health fad
ed aad ha MM brnaar an invalid. He
t«dt a Mae ta Scotland Neck and ka«
Jor -eveial rears been horderinr or
the brink of the grave.
Mr. Ritchie wt» one of
the HfNKM an in when
»«c left its halU k make Im rare for
Governor He w always noted for
hi* integrity a»! honor and was
fcnaaa as a trne Christian rentle-
Miss Robertson To
Make Address
In Greenville
Mas* Kmu Robert Mm. a member
of the famity of the lr«al pnmin
>dnd> will leave TfcrjvLrv for
Giaeaviße ta attend the ir auzl i.e«
iaf of the North-east Diriiim -f :W
North Carolina Krfacataon Asi'ativ.
which wiß be held in that city. Wen
her .K ana 11.
DIM Rnherti-on will nut an AD
DERS at the an'iiy on the -abject
of "Health The -abject wfll be de
veloped to ihow how it can be corre
lated with rendiac and niabfi
work of children ta the pnmar>
~rnder Sbe has an elective method
of teachinr the fondamertal princi
pies of hrnl*h h> corrvdatar them
with the rwadinr and inthaMK of
the small children
Miss Robertson ha.- ia many
of the larger schools of fist rr. Cam
lina and as rHI ki«vt as a pinei)
rrade teacher. She ha*, also, tanrht in
the Tenrher- Cottrjre at Greenville
WM—la u very fortunate to hav*
her in it* schools, she having ac
cepted here to he with her faauly
n preference to a position ia a -choc.?
n a marh larrer city.
lamesville Defeats
Oak City Team
The Jaaf-vdle -*h s«hoo» boy . .It
fatal the Oak City basket hall tean
list Fruay afternooa ta the tm? o:
IT 'a 7. The Oak City boys «er - ou
for blood and played a .tnnr ar.:
rifutM> fame, bat th? Janiesvilh
bays were too anch for tha Tin
varsity in from J aar rdlc played
- >he h i> half while the rm hs ai-atin
t« the lead in the las*—Reported.
R»«c*h. Nov IS-—Aa .«oa(t af
mi rr than two thoasand bde* of cat
tan a day is the record of diliwtv
last week, with aw thre * thonsand
tales M Monday, aad a atealdy pat
img I—— in the total driioiiki. ar
office of the North Carolina
Cotton Glomus' Cooperative A mari
atioa Every mad bra**. in additka.
letters of eaaaendzliaa of the as
hen are brine addad srd; day. Re
ports from leveril ion th i. iiidiri te
a hirv pemeatace mt th? cap this
adveaee of S7» ca 5M paaid hales
' The aakad-parlaea* uparta a's u
Japaa. Spain and Italy Thir is thr
Other sales have'teen aad> to Gtr
seKar Mf a poetian af the n LtV»
MB Tempie L Taylor of Rear
if mate to Eelfoed where she wl
V -
The orifanimaiiofi for she ;-.'i call
for the year 1>24 ft: the Vartin
(Vanty chapter of the Iced t"m > ha
bcen perfecte.l and Mr. K I. C»-hum
jf the la» firm of lamb aid Cohan?
will he chairman attain this year. K;
Cohurn ma>le a rdi call
drive Inst year, tnt Ik >«pp ! t-*a»|
rot t;ive.i hun as it is I 1 oped »J will
be this year. **
Our people were very eirtk* 1 -tic
in aloinc Re.i Cm.« work .hrntt-tk*
war, hot we hav. Uer. rrbtmt V
caav there has beer, m nearly m
centive to make as wr rk Rat sitct
thr Re-1 Cross came .0 the ail of oar
people when we were in nee-! dui !. •
the sprinr it ha- tieale«: a neo ir>-
lere-t in the organization ">»
it 'iocs.
Mr Coha»n »I 1 l-ive Ml - Ccst—-
It' beri -on and Mr* John 1" 'l> »
:«n es a«si>:ar - u.! they will h- v
team- *hat vi!l otei the' drive acv*». j
in bw number
Solorday to br Hij Hay
Ovine to the (athat today *>
-Amts'ice [lay end a a»l nu*) peo
ple are attend inr celehrations .■ otto r |
I laces, tHe drive wUI becia in *ar».*-'
on Saturday The oorker- are II v J
untary one- at>l it will !► "a""**e»f
Wp to them if peojd»- w»« lan v3i
join without delay.
With 'at .-fo«?r.- *Vor ~ fur th? Srk
of Others." the D.n»v
American R.»l Cr»« will heU i * M
raal Roll Call, or a**!»v b> tia
pa ire fix. in Araaisiice- Ihi !■» TT- j
A fc-oal cf tifjKO n emije > ku hnei
set for the tixbt sial- of lb ft" j
■oa. inriooirur Nor k at*. S»i f i. Care
l:na, Twnws'f. Gnwya, Alikam 1
Red Croe- chapter- a .*2 f# aan
I ties will caMaci Roll ' v" i: is as
noanced. the mooey to ro far ibt
sapport id their local artirE«» ud)
the national and I - vifcj
of the R-d Craa». '
Activities of th- Rsd Oak IV
Soath iaclnde disaster reh f
aatidantt tc ex-service an;
TC First Aid and Life Saritr, Pi*
lie Henl'h Kanhf; iaatiailiwj, fiih
and man ia Hoaw Hypr* and'
Car? of thr Sick; aad glacial rniaa
where the Red O*. chapter is thr
inly welfare ajpmry-
The extent of this mark a ihi ■■
in the ananal re part, of th? Soathem
IMiialaa which show. that a the
last year nctiaa of IC cisasters
have been reh ibdiiled; Red Cra»
nancs hav? attended pati-aLs in
K.itt hom.-s, and iaspecwd li)5U
irbial ckidm, fdlumint Ikn h>
helping to set their defects corrected:
OM aiam aad , rah tar? heea
laaght Hone Hypnelad Can of tV
Sick; mil—e has keen gina to
MJMT ex-service an. aaa lI>U
liiiiaa families. aOialed 1.481 paa
fle m aricnUftc aarthe-C of life Sar
i« w! MT other » m Fir : Aid
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. November 11, 1924.
Thi- week the Anttricari Red Cn>»
I ! -.Vites you to becom? a partner in
the v.ithl - ma:«'' onri niia»Mi o:
1 mercy.
In - j,>.-ace a f i*l in a*tr ihf Kt«l l ro>c
t!.? h»nl of nu-icy toward*
fcffei-r- in 'ill iari«l . WIMMI di- ste.
frippie. a village, or an ent»re nation,
•he- servants of the Rfil t'riv- ar* ,
. bhuis the debri ,  as'nr )om an
asta.nin ■ hutp.-in life.
To rec-.ler efficient the ; vie * c
this oreainratMMi t.'«j«iiee the l:.5» 1
-■ iboK-aJni of w ■:! ~s •»
ii To t!i»* -iivall Corp- r.f »r.irtc»
I'ftcrj-. Not every «i - ii-*n b aWe to
eive hi. , or her, tmr- t irtint>ter unl*
li.4M .-•_fei im ll the wake of alllir
tKfl h"it il j; within ihe compio .- oi'
j-1! to join in the j»n-ai work by lie-
I rwii w a member .by |>a> iri the year
> du« . f «r.!> ? 1 0t»
.Screly, thtif aie l.niialicdx of r*»l
«r- 'hi: who will jwt
f tk> y tr? approached luit as it b
ihir for \ d*i'(-e.-, mi.l 'l ee.
■iy 11 ib rrflip drive, IMW : ia, ar>
a- veii.l in our dollar "o R. I- ''
Willarr.-lon In'so a ir.:ir>e*
hip is s*>i 'or the en-aia? year
rd the n .»ih r ! d/- tht joy of par
n j»i»it at leist, in tf
y«:k f 'he rreat oryaaiia
\V hik a >«riy •number-hip kt
ces a'.'achf- . ir ;V ef en!) ea i
- aUe, £r.J viHlßt. to par
f.jS.l - *. tie r*mt of $5, 510 a;> 1
■Z+ :. ijTX. are iiie nec2j»>*r,t» e
x .ii: uJ rn... i:iticn. 1 hi, is yjt.
y to your feltow tat
Disasters never warn therr virtiai
"»ar own fair ■Jftk.a has not ky
Mir*rtii fioni th? le uw a'
«: 'ia :!it hp s 107T«a30 and it nl2t>! air
1 P d Crota r?i.der a*
:n! r r.-in •» essls" ance. That aM, t
1? of value, mu t be inl*lJ'e, an
an only be ; by natloa-wid*
of the Ited Crwj •turine tki
tw mh-r-hip drive, now if or. OK. zb*
lo last aii'il ritthiririaf fhiy. •'
■TlttfT' response rjH enable Ik; na-
H.nal ;re*j-ary o reopomi to appeal
*jr.m am part of the I'atte-I Slate-.
Mr- lames G. Staton left ••esternay
for Wilmington to attend it
ef the W' Aaxiltary. National
C. bw:l ef the Kpi copal charch !
Mrs. Staton is pre-- K lent of •hel
Auxiliary anal will preside at its ses
The following stales will have 1
' :epreaentatries at 'he meeting North
 arolitj. Tennessee, Alabama. Soatfc
Carolina, LauLsiana. Mi*-: .-tppi aad
. R.tbodi.
' The P.oU Call, officials stare, as
the aaly appeal for support the Red
Cross holds, and. it is te naember* ; ps
wcwal that the arnumiai look;
for rapport of its activities dinar
. thr taamf year.
Would Do Well to Study
American Dough !>oy
and Be Wise
Sot years ago today the u. r'.t |
was it the midst of its cr.-jK- s wa, I
I Sis years acw at the striking of the j
eleventh hoar ia the eleventh m.-mh|
the armies of the vwW lay down j
their iwaadi lln hi "i i, ininlilj ,1
fearless tfhtiaf -men of the worldl
• beran to th-nk «f hoire jnd lova-.l j
I*tses ai>i arh=t peace wcuM mean.
| Hit real armistice day was a day j
j never to he formation No one cm]
le-ti-nate the joy pi the mother on
I'hat day vhnw My was i n ;h- tniaUt
I"■ 'He fray. No «>" can t.-'im.-u- th?j
|joy of the yotj -on. th? y.ur.c
I and the J«ane father ,:> I
Ihy ii»ni hi= m end Oouch: of
| K «.* smi WsJ oar That in.lee. wn-
I the nay of days kr civiiiisiip!'.
-Krmistice l>ay w IKli wi. \«ry
(fiff-ctsily cH Having amve« I
f*me »jely % few wc?ks \*forf 'hail
•'-• t the hoy •narfK 'i i»'c urif«»m» I
'*"• ttsey m.-rn ar the Hirjloihor.l
ice. Iv*-|'eni it- -W>IY
»*»■ mditary cMnmarii.- an> l».r
of rx ~oldiet> executed\
movenwats. Prnad fa* hers. lovin»
and you at- wives and -\ree:
heart.- MUv«i their -oldie' 3- he
became the tenter ~f attract>. n. In :
wwrd. ihe Ameritan «>Mier was
•trew* parade.
ICut si* years and tfo stern bii-i
«>f naktnf a living have dulie>i
*'e —jcavry of lh«. .lay. Tailay
■theae- wiß he fe«. • gaai
tions and few paiadc- Tlie discanh
ciuforsni 11* in may instances mmh
*o> - null to -Ij i s».» ■lk 1
. voinfapei, whlcli yoar soldie- h.
las pal on Rathf r thin ntarrh ar.d
1 iwde today, let » xobeily cr.nteoi
Hate Ibe lessjn» that "He Sa!i' r ■ \
tav-rht the world
The American harhl»y *a- 1 di«
Ml l>f npoa the %Vestern frw
Hi* cwirwre more th:.n m>rS>l th.»*
of his tl«e 'lrili.n T«-n»»i*>
His Itracily earrli ~i «h;»t e f h«s
t->u:her the Fm»* Podu HL- atlnpta
twa to disciplti - tfi, m- r» thai
>vtatch tla' ff hi? i.nta«»i,i->t- l>K
'Jthbs. BIT to th** crxiyini; c»'Ur.
-f tile 1 r*!sh Tommy. ih«- never
** tenacity n fthe KVeimh I'oitj
■;.ird IV ntor> . •l'-ci|>lv>» t-f th
■ .-m which lias rx-ver been -ur
tr any
earned a fav»i «.f Ikemocracy i»i
listi* vfcft. Lite Yalfkee Ikuuehiaoy *:
mi l * *r-t th- hilltop, of
* Kaleaio T»e«ry
I? fhat wc nsi.-i t learo
2 lesson fct.T.i Ih. hoys tha* we tr'
ver t!eir. To a lon* v*or>
-U>t the Krat iralum"
■ ( this aitirk i • hi tl>>s day of,
"easßßn" ™. Iac«' : >nr ar.d
iar. it vuM 4.. «dl to stu>ly th*
A mercii iMirtibn) arxi he * ise
r.fcoal !►• tr'ct Society
-hh the TuCwi.H Society » »ll in-»I
it the iineexivdle I!o*:«ry Club or
">«-- «lay eteene, November 13.
A *-ph ndid ff, nn is beinr ar
a «d i»y l»r W K Warren. See.-e
'ity of the S»«*■■« IHstrirt- Arcof>t
■a* to the neplie- remvnl to the in
vi'a'ioiw ' 1 ere «il| h> a brrr at
The CWMiiM? (I l, l |ia>iur 'be Secoix:
!f ; irirl are • rave.], Heaafor^
liutik, 'aUiH. i'andiro. Ilyde an>
!"«tt In E. T. !*tk nro. is pres>
s'w.l and l«r. Will Warree.-Secretary
liver, wnht •• fih» Martin Coun
"y Medkal Society i- cordially invit
*d to alter, i.
Fditor W. C, Manning
Attending Meeting
At Dunn, N. C,
Mr ». Mar,l,inw. edf.>r of TV--
Katerprise. left \e»tenli)- far Dunn
where he will pre-ide at the animal
comvenUon of the North Cartdina
Oritianl Dtsciple-i chart of wiiirh
he t* pai iileat
Mr Naaiar a* heea president cf
this >onventi»n for twelve jmmrs seal
tbi- j» pili aa boa*- whin if bestow
ed apaa oar towitsmna. for the charch
ha* nude raped strides in its *r»wlh
a North Carr4ina dunmr the post
few jean aad has a line nrnWiMi^
There are many prominent
■rn from this and many other .-tales
* n'finliarr at the caavention.
r Mean. Krank and Irvinif Marjydi*
rotond ta Warsaw Si lay to visit
tktir brother. Mr. Max Marred is. They
- are piodiat this afternooa in Wavh
qtm ill 1 ■ finy the foot ball pae.
1 ourt Meets for Firsi
Time in Two
The Recorder's court opertd its
ucors this morn-nir fcr the fir-t tim -
in two we?fc-. I-i t Tne.-silay bein - j
titrtna -iay. an coart was heM
TVff are aroano *rn,y -me case?
•-n the criminal -toe Let ar«i .'II of to
:ay will l>? consume*) ar»i pr«-haWy j
-« n* of tomorrow
The fir-t ca-e was ;ttate anicst I
Marshall Corey for operating a car |
ithoa" lirw-e He ;4eal £uil! a rui j
was staspendeu upon payment of co.-t.-.
In S:r e v- Liu Kverett for vi«»lat
ine the !i«iiio: laws. Jula pS..-. 1 guilty
and oa-V prayer for ju«lsm-nt. v h«c?>
was rrur.-.«-«l at>i ctant;nae«t until first
Tiae-'tay ir Manrh !>i r > for fina! ;clt
••>er:. c|»- her j»ay ins i It-* c«>-i
--the ac* -.n-
The ca-e of Iliar.i Shop wasl
Riven a fi—l! i>vr' A «; icnieiit
—fiirh h-d Fa „u. ■ ..Ki.J
was r-Moko! at. i a f.:i-~ of t- !!>• .11>:
costs w-a- iJie r.;al s#-n!es>cv pi*er |
bias. •
Another »»! I case aea:..-t Sli-..p h,t
settle-1 T?>e action was i»roui*hi a -
tainst him ais i Killrbn« :i.-l the
siitlifovi : tir-t r-i:«ier*.i w.v- s'licker
« at -arjtl a fre «f SlCi' ii»! oi»e hsif
?he -I— V.O poat.'e-l t.ft V|i Oat p.t|,-i i"
tine of _>«' an i o«se half :le co-ts
« n K iIW-r -m
The -en**! ca-e of o(ent >n a ca I
withu«.t lic-?n-e w-- Sta'e ajtaias* j
Chart** —William-. M'Ottowi- "fayart
( i::lt; aa •: julfcuinl *; - .-usprmhsl
Ci»>a |s.«\ >ls n of ctK-i,-.
J-'Ute v~s livisj llarrell for a-sav!
with aejp tr.- - j!h> fir.-t c:*
Hit- iittir-ii impor ,i«vs> aitsrh -«l Mar
a ell »Je?.t iU'liAuii-1 aa- -.-ntemre*'
!« ih- coanir itaiU f-.r cifh'ni
Wi 'r ..
In State vs -Johni-or "01« > for tha
»ei y val of tn-p-. Corey |d a«l no!
rvihr but was rtsfy. Jt:aa*
■in ait was ,-jl jei.M .hovever.
State Vs Jiifs-. Griures fu seckles
airivice «» beinr trie.: at «hL- tsni».
Ttii- ..e-i aa scroant 01 •U ■  |iwr pro
foliars t-f If-v cowl ■a.'at 1 •'! U
. » a -it .tr le v; is.-ce-.*
.* it Conferenc.
ifce etcbtr-eur>>tb a- : -ul o
:|»e Seftl- C:-:«di?ia*?- of «lt.
Meih«-!.-" Fp*-Ci-pal O arch, Sa-uth i
»o Bst-et in Grace I btrrh. Wflminrtor
"t lauiioa r-a.»i.i-v. No.» *of--r 1-
wth lit hoj>  oilins IVr-Bv, atf R*ti
m »1, pre-idioK '>■' thii«! con
evative year.
The cootfeier** is cwapoxtl of nii:
I're-elitt-- K'-ler' I i:-l! c: . in
"ifraj rharce- awl crramtoi
rhatfhts. ■ ItH -Ola.' |-«Tt.« lA li—lll
lers aa! payinc in 1 'J~I tat
ail pary—«--. «r 116 per member
IVe -t te« .-ran" plar> is ast-i in sta
the preaclei-. ihe utite I "re
•♦iajt Kt-sf-r- f.-rr i nj; the c: Int. fot
"he It -ht p la-S year titert * if 11-'
?■ arse- a»«l a there are only 1H
errin*; tl»e foarto year tlaere wil!
■r>KU he oT'-Iy Ta t-r !«I chance
,1.1- year Of 'lie o'b. r-. !!• are c'o
iiif thr Ik-pl year tttA ;«J tie -econal
Tb»» at".- c-line Ibe / C-»oferei-c,
'ion Kitl-jiMtM :.)e i'ex ar;-' Mrs
E. Ir |fc«»l ami Sir. I! I»i»ke Crilriaer
MR. M. F. I*l KF WAS
Mr W_ I". I tke. U—kkeeper far tin
YVi-tts a ret llorton Han-lwm-i wish
ar- W- It. Watts *»-• rjbhit hunt in:'
hi inorni.' r acre— the river anal ar
-drabßy r»ee : ved nome of the »hrt
hzl Mr. WaO htti ialeAilnl foi —f
They haal been -rpectinr lb* lab
hit for a-inal aialu aid ahe it he
d d cv-nae mit Mr Pike hart chanced
* t> position ami Mr. Watts not kr.t.w
injf it Ami kis van. hitttnr both the
.abhit are! Mr. I'.ke
Ihe ahots, five in ali, entereai his
left thirh- Soar of them were re
■abved and afur they were t-k-r. ou*
b) l>r Saunaler . Mr. !*ike ara» aWe
to be oat.
Jplea-e accept ay many ihanks for
yoar sapport are.' the ides cast for
aaa aa November the 4th-. ar»l the
splea-lad aaajority ahich I received
Words cannot express my jrratitnde
While it is a great prnOere to
ene the people of ay Conaty as
Segiiter of Deeds, it will also he a
red pleasure May I hope to repay
yea ia serviee.
Wrth a*eep apprer-ataoa. I aaa.
. Sincerely.
I'niiorm Price of Forty
Cents per I>a£ Was
A number of Martin Count* fsm-
«n who y operutinir, peanut p«rV-• --
•s|eld"s» mrftlnx rccen* ly i'J a
(irice for p.okirir peanut* »a- r "J!. I
!»»he«t for lh» year 1924.
II wa- ilochlfMl lo tnak- forty or!-
l*r ha>f a uniform price. -ince the
crpp «fa> short ami Is w
 uires more timf than usiu! u (»V
hi ix'anul- when the tr«» t- ft*-
:ir*l those inacKlif- .•J- 1
not well slfnni to pick 'or !• - "hs-m
trial price.
Th* re *> re ah.>ut ,hirt» n|v
I resent and they atmni to xk lo
, uniform iirio 1 . In former t *•«(« j
many :iurhine owners have cV. ork — |
to .he big 'arnt-r an»t chanr»** |
in.'l farmers the [•fN*
Th> machine owner • in this |
** i! will altrmpl. fk; the rear
'o nryanitf ? picker = ' i fiii—- -Hi
:he S-tter takin-t care >f lN* !«- •
less ami handling it in a i.iorv l-u-. •
ic>- 'ike way.
Was Statesman. Lawye*
Author, Publicist and J
S-t»:i*or Henry Cabot Lodge -i 2*l
ihe Charles Gate hosp*ta! la»* S«w«
day niulii front the r(* *ct of .» I
|of paralysis which he «!•?» -e»s •1 I
W«|iw.«lii), \i>. emb -r V
lie was - «a I
in t"»ii«ro > v iien it ci>»wv>( .?t ►» I
!.'ek- .fr«m i.uw .nnl «l hi. v I
eistv-four years, he wa.- very atthi I
aijil mentally k«*u a-> »• any yon -*e I
ok n. lie hail -ervoi a-ntkncn !> ir I
the I . S. Senate sine- I.VXt a&>l Kt I
bren l{eptihlica!i lea-ler
Mr. \va- ta?> rttai. pub"mtt-i
author, lawyer ai»«l lu-tona.. r.»
mut.ifoM activities have r»a*i-" a • Wj.
nijire sion on cont.-ni'. ra -w«i- «■
5 Juef prominence, i» '' h.u>. t«
 a- liiiler of tie* .S.WI »
•on !«• the leat,Tie «f Natkri 1
I teat> i 1" \ l*Mtt. It' !'• .ur> I
lit was bort> »n lei-art-. !.il
worked \ i«r«nc-|4e laid
Kil> life was: "The first thinsr f«
man «.f k»i>ure to ilt», if W i-all
*i-lif.. to iuum: in hi «L»y m»I r-;»f
at ion, l> to avoid l»ing an aiwtrw
\lthou>;h hi- h%l practically ■>.*> irtec
•irni of practicing law k* *»(k
hard and won a ilevw ;n thai I>-ji *
at Harvard and then later *oikoi iv
a Hi l». lieeree whK>» h • wuct
There will !» a join' nuMiitr «l
Alt-a's, Women*.- and V»iiir i'ewiAr •
Ketl-rath»iu- at the I tin tat rtwr
11 I r-day evtnii.ij au'l a i--4 «w»~ '
tif is expected. All the people «»f ih
uHii and community ar-- an-n ;«« a.
Is. 1)1 KF « KiTt Ili:i:. Pres..
Men** F^lw-iiaiti&sii.
Mr. Z, 11. Kiw. pri-pri. tor of tin
Atlantic hotel, received a n»" -ar"
front Mr. IJ. F.  «il~ #f We*k-*ille
"hat Mr. Coat* with ih.»l w-r.:v I
hve of his t arlH r > t miH *L tl V
liant t«m Thurrv.'a> ..ItniuMi T»«
a-re en riute to tireenv.lle «•» a!te-i>
■ l e North Carolina litara!i«B Sw»l}
aiee'inu which will be leM tlwr#«
Frialay an.l Saturday. 1
The teacher - w ill take tie tr p k
| the -chottl trucks of the court;. IW)
will he quests, of the Atian"ic Mil
•or dinner Thur.-«lay fvmnif
IHinh. Nov. 9.—The "•th a*M*l
>mion of the North Carolina >tale
convention of the Ckrutai cknirk
iDuriplenl is beinr heU ia l>»a
Approximately ■*»l«rates f""
all part* of the state, as w«0 m* le»»
fis of the church from other state*
liml nations, are expected to attend
the convenUoa It wfll likely fce the
most representative relwwv ga»k«r
inx ever to aasemhle ia Ikna
Those attemlinr the cocviati— fna
the WilliaiMtaa church are Mrs. J.
W. Arvlerson. Mr». A. It lta*amr.
W. C. Mannmr. jr. aad W C Ma—ia»
president of the cearreetiee-
Occupants Have Narrow
Escape When The
Accident Happens
> irnu; r.izht alxml ten o'clock
.! Mi«i l*es»rl _1 arringtoii. anit Messrs.
M j. hacfit-lur I_ I'. Bark' >y
| t.-l m rafM* —.ci I** from liejtii
«*vi —rti* if which they wjrre ~~
■» •«* i»n *(.» H'tmiltjc*Wil
lam>'iir, raaii sbuu! onc-ha!" mile
« «j>- fi-.m Hamilton. Miss
?i> Mr. H.icheior ha«i spirit the ih_"
r \\ jwn wore on their way home
vtj'-E Mr Harkley's c: r. towartl
!! «T:!lt«R h I ih. ir'-, cau.-:nv tho i|&.>r
.-4*7' a;>-l h'nitir,: MLv Cufinir
".»-c; '«i«t or tit.' htoUI. i. In th' -nsa.-h
°lim> Carrinetin i'T -rul a hrok'n
1 a;-! minur Hrui Mr. It chelor
| wi_- hart, 'mt l-eml;., on the I-- ci and
IVi IVtikii-j .-.'lTi !"»! - ,«'i:! ! v-ry' Ikxl •
■ W> iWbt ' h*- fic - : -i.| a rns.
Tt* «iarr»j w:- !u>li- -' to H. ntil
•t« »t w l »i? ;r--..-cui tei.t-.i'i va r?-
« "tm. .»:ni v.i «-r- I ■■■ ■•inton
• st ti. . 1 , th* i»*l
p f the t 1 r> ;. •! the
*!*• '. i" ♦ "••• . c -? ■ t 1} curr -ti. it
3»«i-V a- if !t. ri ih r *.va on hi. riiht
-vi -i -»f th • ixi;. l ~rd i> .t "(*tic to a
: -w dr zz't\ r.>. m '! . I*.i»kt» . i ii. -
-he m«i o' ih r-;ui for. a
t« * srd s.i> rur.t-i'e * '! th>*
v mo S>> n-.t.1, I i-• ;>r Mr
ll_: V.e; va- «Si n . I- r ' 1- rt.
ill Us' 1 iiM.lj-ln-l a:.«l ■ :. o ffer
»«i f. r -al •by h m for S4»V Ih" car
I '--•« M' n.tchc'i 1 >' i ilrii|iiiie wa
-I——l—.o t—'ily ■' •- 1 «>»»
I ?vn of a front wheel, tiro ii«i ra l .itor
I Hi" Caronyton 1 from Stent. N.
I" awi wa- t}»*." popular t-achcr of
I > «'«art an.' fl'h irt. «** the
I ' • jp 1 * ill- ch •! while Mr. K ichelor
I x wart'-r 'n the -am» Hool. Mr.
I'ailli-i 1- Cim'iWtnl with the State
.1 !i» iy .«-pai;mtnt It'-i«le. in
'l-.M iti.lL ( J
In tie -la-.h Mr, (tarbt'lui Its-vt a
li of keys con^*i*tinj; of two For*!
k-> . a trui V key. uo-t .ffice
%. it *ou e key also a m=vr m-
I i*t *'jt«t- lie wouM .'.pl'recwte it if
I the ..finder e .'J''l fur w;*r-! th'-ni U him
I»* iJt^.
ll ARI.ES » ON(i
It • ~t«r !/•■„' of ♦ln^t
% ii ui an attack, of
I * Mr ! «n,' na a -*»» or
.**! Id..- :tvA vri ft
51*! !» •; I n n hL
'l •*) Mc :narric«i Mia
*.% v} '% %!i !ur v the in
."«« inn'. I«♦ '>'!« l U»rr
\ifH« i>
1 ii** his r, he i
t»> It- mother tw»
4+* r -
'-4* l it* ua- alw; \- a i'aruter an*
t!u» ivh -t hiifMy
kz*-s*> in hi- 'Cv*tio!» lie !«»ti a
! ! ,fc l«i'. m>«* of u eftil
u» r > un«l fifii' 1 hor?^
Tl- butiai 1«K»k .n the »!•
■ a* ctW'-u 1. ar 1' it* v. A. J. Mar
«4»i*hi* fvneral imria
Ik- c.l \i. 4  a fin ml» j « tK
Ciofnj church fjf a
i f JM -
•tusiress Houses
rve A- mis; ice Daj
In mi-fnory of thn* lirnr boys r
- *A dium u.n :,!i.l Mart.i xunty wh .
,*«t dne tlvt-ir live in the V.'or' l war
_«-! ii. h..i,**i of tl.n-e who' wor
IKaki lor t«"o year- and K2V. 1 of the*.
tasMe ati i ~«rv k.', the hu hoose
»i Uiiliam>ton are clo-vd today.
%.lbift-tiir> fc- nberving the holtda
an a i|uirt niai.nt T Ui at- :
K-,*+ another cehhralion liko we ifav
-«r «Mirr in 192fl uii A fiiiis 1 'rt it*y
**Take My Advise"
At Strand Soor
"Takf My Adri.*" v.'hich will I
; «i\ei at the Strand Theater at *
&rly Oate is a play full of patkv
I d ukN with the won«!t-rful magi .
■ twrar. This play has had a run t *
1 m -~ years on the American stat *
rad it has met with mosn! Www
1 Amd it is of the good old America 1
type mf advice that every gm.l
Mrs. a W. Hardy and little *R.
. IteajaaHß are h E
heU and Wddon I*M week.
, Superintendent J. S. Semya«r a
. Mr'rWwt-Triugr football gmi
t fa Dalai today. They Made the t -
thi —gh the eMßtry- *

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