North Carolina Newspapers

Ly nchburg, Va_ Nov. 13.—The list
of poison cider victims now stands at
tea with four seriomdy sick. About
a dMta otters arte drank of the
elder have recovered sufficiently to
te raniidticd oat of all danger by at
tending physician*.
The poison was found to hare oeen
■a the barrel in which the cider was
placed, and not a cord it ion of >h>
* cider in itself. The farmer had a>ed
a band in which spraying material
had teen in the early spring and
th»r* was a pmea» of arsenic of
•end in the cider which te carried to
the Hk- home at Bedford City. The
inmate* being of advanced aged, were
unable to corn bat the strore ptisan.
State Rehabiliation .
Officer Here
Tte State Rehabilitation officer. Mr.
Condng of Raleigh te. teen in the
county this week attending to mat
lars relating to hi* department
There were three i.pp!ican s to
come under his saperrision and dl
three, were satisfactorily attended
to. One colored boy was sent to the
eeolred A A T school for colored at
Grteasboro and one giri wt» advised to
finish her high school course after
which te promised h.r a college
Jamesville Teams
Defeat Columbia
Boys and Girls
The hoys' and girls' basket bdl
teams of the Jam«-*vilie school went
i» Cdiimbia last Wednesday and won
over their opponents in two very in
terestiar (tames.
Tte boys won tteir game by a score
d 14 ta 4 with Gayiord featurm
far Jaaaesviße Tte game was a
thriller ftom start to fnish.
Tte Colombia giris were out for
tte bag end of tte score ami played
a iplwilid game, the score in the first
hdf being tide 4 to 4 Tte last half
tte Columbia giris food Miss Pearl
Jonas. Jaaaesviße'* star forward. to
fast far them and her playing ended
tte lad half with a score of II to I
ia lamnißi' favor. This was the
Ant gaasa d tte season far th.* Jeme*
vile gMs and Judging from thv one.
a moot iacre afd season is ahead d
Tte yaaag folk* were iavited to
stay OHM a while that night and a
dee party was given them by tte
Cslombia boys and girl>
Tte Cdamhia girls will men the
Jamesville giris ia tte near future
■ Jamesviße.—Reported.
Sunday school. »:« W C. Man
aisg, Swpenn t ewdent.
There will be mm church services.
Tte pastor will keep his regular ap
pointment at Maple Grove church
Last Saaday there were 122 mem
bers present in our Sunday school.
Let's reach tte ISO mark next San
day morning.
A. J. MANNING. Pastor.
Saaday acted. »:4&.
Mormntg worship. lIM.
Evening service, 7:30.
Good uiagugstisai were present
last Sunday although sic has «■ pre
vented many d our faiihfd one#
Sunday acted attendance was 175
and about M mm present at tte
Four new converts were baptised
last Saaday afternoon at Daniel and
Statan's Mill into tte fellowship of
tte Raddacks Grove church A womai
missionary society was also orgaaized
and this work is encoeragiag to pas
tor and ptaple.
Tte pnstor accompanied by tte
falmg hrettera, J. C Anderson.
C. R Fleming. B. S. Courtney aad
J. W Anderson attended aa ordina
tion service at Chocsoisity Thursday
Tte pastor wifl begin a series d
iperial meetings d Biggs School
heme next Sunday afternoon at IM
o'clock Services wiH be held at T■»
Next Sunday tte pastor wfll preach
d 11 sM on Things that Abide'. in
tte i at 1M en "What is Sin",
this la tte third atrman in a series
cn Christina Fundamental*
ElUjtedy cordially invited to dl
ttew services. A warm cordid wd
MM awriu you. If you doubt I,
mmt Hd te ten ■ tend
• R L SHIRLEY. Ftetor.
Several $l5O. Fines Met
ed Out By Judge
The Recorder's court adjourned
Tuesday at C o'clock with many cases
unheard. Eleven cases for fail nig to
dip cattle were coativaed until the
first Tuesday in Jai.mry and after
these were eon'inued to that date,
maay cases were continued to next
Tte next case on docket after thojc
reported on Tuesday was State vs
James- Grimes for reckless driving.
Tte defendant Grimes plead not guilty
tut the court after the evidence was
:n deeded that he was guilty and &
judgment of a $25 fine and costs of j
the action was imposed Appe.->! to
the Superior court wa> made aw! the
bond fixed at SISM.
Another charge Grimes
'hat he had heea driving a car under
the influence of liquor In aiL-wer to
Iter charge he plead -not rtiiky and
the verdict of the court uph"W him.
State vs Jasper Everett for vih-at -
ing *he liquor lews'was the next ca-»
brourht up. Everett pi«ul gu'l'y an.!
the Court impo-ed a fine of Jl3"fn
end the costs of ".he action ami that
he enter into a bond for 'he sum of
Sl£OJM> for his aHraraaee befor- the
court on the fir t Tuesdays of Jan
uary and Match. IWS to ->how tha
court that he hsi net *obl or other
wise dealt in in'oxicatin* liquor*.
State rs Bonnie Wynne on a chary.*
of assault was b;iu ht against Wynn
Tor kicking a twelve y'sr old colors'
hoy out of E. P. Hunch's. • tore about
two weeks aco. brrakinsr (hf child's
leg ami bruisine his heed. Hi? tax
was continued under the - jm» bon.i
In d-e of S»ate against J.'S. Wynn
for having and trans-p-Htine IK .;•>?
the defendant ple»l not railtv hut
the court decided against him whs*
tte evidence was heard A fine oi
lijOHU and the cos's of the action
was placd on W\ na lie ipp'iiol t»
the higher court -.nd wau. ultcel un
der a ii»*> bond
Stale if Annie Hellajm was the
rest ca>- broagit up and "A un*'
was changed wsth raving lta;uor on
Laiel fot sale. Sh- pit-ad jruilty aW
made pnyer for ji*l*n»«-nt This wa
f rail ed when •hf * r.ter.-d into a
boa>t for 11 On In until the first Tues
day >n
State v» N. Is. Bnisa.
/eke Kr»wr ai*d Ida I r.unu - for Wr
>trucl inr a ditch, was another case
- ten deffoliul* plevi no; rudty aM
he court agre-d in i"s verdict-
Slate vs Mark V. irthmgtoa »i a
| charge of larrer.y an 1 rere.\u.g an 1
i WonMnrt'-a pirai no: guilt» but *he
'tourt did not agree with him and
Itei it a fine of }S *• ai»> cost.- »f
" I
te action on him. lie appealed to
tte Superior court which will ONSVCI*
let* r*xt month
There were eleven charge? of fausrt 1
to dip cattle jgsj., I the following de I
lendants. M. C. Ceufacil. Fr~>l Ctk-pf.
N. J Haislip T C. Vhrtley. Kd lou
ci. E. R. MDVH •' «. E I). Piirit,
W. & Purvis. A E Purvi>, Wilson
Counrfl anil Joauh «'aairil *ll .f
these cases werr contuiue>( un'il tie
;>r*t Tuesday ia January. lS2f-.
Bdeagh. Nov 13—John.-ton coun
lf xsl a large delegation to visit the
Raleigh office of the North Carolina
Vet ton Growers Cotton Growers Co
operative AssucaaUon on Armistice
.lay. Tte visitors brought th ii din
ner with thena and tables were ar
ranged in tte classing departssent d
tte AsuciaUa buildintf and •imner
was wand and a? urns an old fa.*hm»-
Tte vdtors rsme earl) in the itiorn
ag and were met by H. H B. Mask,
and his assistaists and after bein? di
vided mto groups they were sh«r#
te work d tte Association Each de
partment was visa>ed and the work de
scribed in detail Assistant Secretary
Webster took pleasure » saakmg
clear tte sm intmn division and its
buttery d machines. Later General
'J... gmr Btalock made tte visitors anj
address and as usud te bad sense j
interesting things to say.
Tte grwup d men. women and cbfl
•!rea were gathered at the Wake
nmMj esurt tease for a photograph
—lnter tte phatagi a phi i had aa ar
cdeat aad both of the plates were
hiwtaa mi R was to* late far an
other because tte Jnbnstaa county folk
Mr C B RiMirk d Eveietts was
v ton puSaidav sttending in tew
Mr. Ate Adtor d rijnmuth sneat
albrita m tte eity. r
Williamston, Maitin County, North Carolina, i YMay, November 14, 1924.
Peanut trading
Poorer Than In
Many Yeart,
IVanut people ;_y tna the qualit)
of pramt . is -o ; oor that it is hard
to fnd a crop thai graale.; p#oii.
It hi". !fc? pet n*ve: ma
tuitd IT. ;II»- hIH I»JD »r? found to
be ihlinlli i ami liitht In >om
cuek iof pnv «■» M imnuiure they
have tsra>l blade ia the hall.
Buy«-r> say that the quality is at
least aw-thiid off fr»m a good crop
and fa mer- cfxrall} hiwk the yield
in the 6'M w.ll be off a.- K«"ch a>
i thmL This sill 0n../ the crop
•K>«T. o only half its usual strength.
Local Team A Most
IVomisiii? One
Wi h a irsrv in »>i for nc-t Kri
■aj nieht the local ha-ketcor~ are
whippier in shape for the
event. For the pas. f«-w nights Ihe
leys arsd y»une mer of the town have
beer practicinr in the Dixie ware
hou~e. ar«l in dead earnes'. too.
With th- exception of a few minor
char res the main team of this year
will h» tte same as that of la.-t year
Everyone know- the record made by
the bu-k.-t hall stfiiad uf this place
h-' year, ami rene-m.iermif that prac
tically the same team is hark asrain
thi* year, a rw»ni to he prou-1 of can
be iv.'imel
The .r.*ere-t manfest*! !.»• f;ns
was a gr»at help h«; year arnl has
Had much to do wi«h -he .darlin* o*
i. team th* yesr_ Frei irs-'icat'onf
ir'erest aii e«;ba-ii- sir icn'ly
a fcikch thi- -ear; -o «-ut for an
-A" No I team
The follow mg have iep>'iu«! for
praCnoe- for the |oev era I nivhts:
l.yman Rritt. Jdius I'urvCrack
Ti.)lor. Irving Marevli.-. Kiaxk Car
>tarp«Vn. A Ma--ell. jr.. lim C«>ke,
A brain IVel. John Henry Edwards,
WSiaa II WOliain- £■»• Hill Man Jaliu l\ir». is nunat r. Ctack
Taylor, t— asurer. aisl Lyman ISritt.
npia'i Mr. Will Sl.»ne is eosch o f
the boy - ar»i be -uararitee.- a pood
earn for the s«9»«4L
Interrupts l*reTchc*-
To Him
Ih r .tor N. C, Nov IS.—Can ioii
■r> of tbe Rei S *r. Jolui K Hartley
i eer irdefday tohi »i en ui -a -tial in
> «adrut an uhscft. *l>e rlerpyman hxur
]«d whje preset.!a*- to a New liern
■ ' c*r-rreeui*."!. If*riit 11 lir.
j Hartley, who C ifewl'iij! a provincial
[ 1 aeeting at W ilamgU>ri. eouhl i : ot IK*
I a .allied with for all the de'ail
I• »r Ha*t)ey wui th» po- it m hi
; ariMt tkal tbe Aeaeiaran eltcloial
> m|> •kferuva- in one
tUs»i imi !u dtea hesitate to seek
- fUe kttcau* thej fa the> w-ill In
ste-cd .1 th-y »7 - e'f- e' A* -
: 11 given lo> muck to i ar.-h eritHi-e
: R*j ur,ki.«i CMMacnt •aa he'r o!*icial- "
•me ciergytaaii «i- ajoo'.etl as sayiri*
lie came- to the country from Ere
land aad has odd unpurtant diarie
,n the t tited Sttes. There wiii •>"
,irprj.-evi;t ia olGriahiom
v.hea the people five heir a lected te
f resentatave> a better !aiL Or. Hart
ley told bis New B*n hearers., !•
• ignibd —-- ia the coojrrega" on lei;
I i seat, »'ij4f to »be pulpit, gra pe
-'m preacher's hand anl ,-ai.l. *"Ameai
:r." according to tbe .-tor>. Dr. Ilart-
. * c-.aVojpd After >h
eme be frit fetttnd. The di/ni
:»ed, grayer KU.. he '.-araed, «■
FardfoM '"immnni many yean *
-ember oi -be L aited State* senate
Santa Claas made a visit 'o tbe
Vddies d WlbaadM yesterday. He
oat flia W. J. aad J. E. Siaunoft*
d Tubus ta bad oat what tbe little
folks here' waated him to brin-* them
He tes a letter to all the children
ia this itctiss a rijother pari of 'his
paper. v .e!bag thena of the bactiful
*hiag« te te* for item atd to >0 to
tte furaHure stare wner.
k Tarteru aad *ee me of the greatest
and nanst aacMinst display of to)>
m tte 9* ate.
Maim Ribritiaa. Turnage. Aader
MS, Stewart. Vtsabaefc. Peek. Mr*
C. R Haud and Messrs. Seymour
rad Ricks d tte lac si acted faculty
lef* this mivmmk far Greeavflk where
ttey wEI attend tte aacHnt af tte
earth eant iiiisiia d tte North
Kiizabe'h ' Ci'.y. \"o. _ . .I- !,:
Swithlell. coavictevl of bivm - ins
proper relations with a vuwg trir!
here, yesterday was sectenoesi .1 Su
perior Court to serve 30 years it tin?
state prison.
J D. Farfior. of W3>an. -niV
father of the girt in the case, who
made his way into 'he jail heie r» -
.cently ami shot ani woun i- ' ."win
«K"U so badly he probably wfll b* s
cripple for tbe r-malnder  'n- life,
r a ntenced to «ene one to three
years in th* s'ate wisor.. K.irrio
p!e;.i!ei! ruilty Swims-i: wa-
M by a jury. *
I'astra Carolina To
Have Exhibit At
New York Expositioa
At the regd?r me tine of in? Ex-
commit*e of the Ea-tern]
Car *!'i:a Chamber of Cooi*rr?. Mon
day afternoon, it was to tnak-»
• lefinile plan* for havine at exhibit 1
at the Southern Exposition to he
held ir» New York January I9th for!
the las'rni Carolina Chiiaher of
f.immert?. A pian ha- he-n wrrke«l
whereby eiery town an«l fwsnl>
!ha' ct nvs ir on this project will le
sriven ii.«iiv*>—al recognition arv'
si>ecfic fKiblirity. Ju-t how much
• naee will be |Kirrha«! sr;B r«~t ' 1
•tet»-rmined un*il a survey of the
'."■ritory shnQ HaYe btci: Kji'
V.'«'h the irany rhan>uts that
Extern Candle . ha- te ofli r. z. r*al
creilitable exhibit can he r>of« n ui
* the proper frr»ni «h>
tovn- counties of Eastern"* an*
I na. It is coa»ervat:te!y estimate!
Shrt th- re v-ffl L• at lei. t Sli.AO pe«»
l«le fnm Ji the MJ'ry, uh» wilt
visit I'.|»»itic3 Hall dur ir ik- !v.-
*.eek». With a fr phic el ter pretc
t on of the ninnof Iji-fin Car
!ihu. I*') .. c*k»n will rec s*e m«re
favorable coti-xl-rr»ti»-o_ "l.n v.ill th«
lla>t>rn ptsrt of Stat*. SecnrUi)
! artlett. rilh trw hd| of the ioral
i evre arie>. v ill ntakt a w iir" rinl
' :.mpaign to ■i«-terr iine j'j-t how mut i.
jitv.- •?n ased for this -liow
h, KIUMW) iTumh-r c-f Cwsanserci
•ree»ors liai • :Jmdy i'«.- «»
m', l»in' tfi steUtkil lb !».*. Un |
hs c- • of the Eidetn » ai>diiia
; hjniter >«f t'opimeree. Ses.t*iary W
T. Kyter «f 'he Kir. IM • hanher
« ' Commerce. i.« al>o Seci«t..r> of .he
: :«.rth t aridina committer . f th;- bit
aid will aad an |n*ttue a
.-rentable rihthit their foi thi« see
ion. Any town or ind>ii'«a> ij.t-r*--t
--(d, ri.a\ ?rt tb* fdl f*rt- V. either
  mmuniratinr with the Eastern Caro
I ilia Chamber ;f Co mm-ice or the
I in >ton Chamber of Cammerce
.•0 in t nuaiy llaie IM
* l'«r few: '•lemtersbip n N. (.
Ldncalisu \iaarulis
Th- of the Stale CJC pub
shing iiHlepewlently f the S ate lle
. iirtnvnl of Educate,, a monthly
laestiM. th* S. C. Teacher, in th. and (nogtfs  f the educa
! system of ibe S'ate Thi.-
■ aeanne deals |=artirui_rly ami
•'efii ilely with indrvti'ua' schools.
* .r.-ons and priiblrmi-
A fee of tvj daUin eitrtles yoc
. ntemhei h;p in the Nerlh Carolina
flducd'cn Association ard #*-übri|>
on to the North C.'.T.fif. Teacher
In our c»unty we have two schools
t at have a Hundred percent member
hip in this n-isoct-taon. Oak City and
V. illiam. ton. 1 hey are to b? Toagratu
.;tcl uu>ir this achieve nacat an!
■ her school.- of tte count> >iocld
1 rtve to attain this TMntal
( 111 H« H OF THE %'!« ENT
Re*. ( laiance O. Faada. Rectnr
U. *"», Church schooa
IO tO. Advent I- U-- cb>k
Holy Commweinn ami Minor
TiTO, Evening prayer aad erw.ll
William M. Catler Sas ben ap
pointed to succeed the late Henry
4 'abet Lodge in the United States
eiialt from MauacbuOs.
Mr Butler b chairman of tbe Ke
national ccwut ee. He is
- n attorney and a masdartarer of
Miss Nellie Fbter d tte Macedoaia
feted was in tawa yesterday
Mr. Lewis Mizefl d J—asße w=s
a busaaeus visiter teve yesterday.
Uoad N earing:
Tie Everett *-Williamston ri-.v: is
r.ear coirpletio:.. if late reu«>r;s a.e
accurate. Witii good weather. i!ie rna>i
will !>.• rorapijtol by IVc. mher the
fir t. If th* ro;-.d !•. completed :Khit
1 !u: time, trnfiic will l*e able to puss
ii.ijith h; Chn.-trsa.-.
T«f I let het-Tarboro link df No W
is »iporte« ! ro."*ips. to*l and it i> ;»reh
iW? that the entire road **on; \Vii
lli**r. to Kochy Mount will be coin
;«! te«: and r*i.iy for . raftic by t!:e las!
o*" th? year.
! Ford Oil
After IviJncr Tests
Tie \uio:no" ive ensrineers have
Ic-ng felt :h- nefivsilj f.»r a .-}» ci !
jootor oi! for Fori! csr . Tit-; heve
1 >7 J *-I ''' ,t i- - ■ -I rn.
which after Wr in }>r.- - ; ir th*
low (reir |iolal. or th«- oral. '.il
e >uld l« - elii 'innted !■> 1 l>.i»r ; c: it «-l
• r ir.;ca!:ir !ualit\.
In or»!cr to pr>«luce a Fi-ni lubr ;
;. Nt possessing the r«i|  h.Trae
teri-tic*, the Texa. Comjai.; chem
ists and automotive viii. rt rs aave
-|-ent tvo years in irve^' igatin r the
entire übject for Ft-rd lv.hri
 at ion
Th * *'on»|K«ny"s laboratory, at I -oie
' -latd City was fitt«>l up with c
• tinier of Ford engir.ets equipped with
•Selicate ima-uilav :ip|nra'us. Tin
; ppaitus detern»in".l the pres ur* re
 uired >n th" f«n»t |«e«lals to pr«luee
chatterimr ami th* ciaarl amaunt of
chat'erins rosultinir.
Mairrt.iindreib of ten: witii' many
.ktntls of oil were nuule er. t!*.' Ko.
t riein«. The work contn.'.ietl for two
■ «ar- .until the ent'inec-rs finaily de
lormineil upon an ideal Texaco Oil for
Thi.- oil al*-o rece-ve.l long te>t.-
imler ruiinii i' comlitions jiin man>
:ale-man's c-rs, in orde r t«> 'hat
•t wa> as in aetue' 11 e as the
laboratory te.-ts indicated it wol-hl be
The non-chattering »r "m»ii-.tut
teiiiig" pioper'y of thte oil. a> it i.->
il'wi bv the T. vis Co?npany. 1- not
I ruduccd I>> the addition •( aiuma
r oil- 01 MWp-, but by .
jkCii! piore.v. of relinuiir.
Th«* pio>luct is ur H|iie :n that i
•M -n. xero pour te. t. which meal.*
na' it riinain- fluid at very low tern
■»T.t(in*- Thi - feiturs i> hud)!) de
n-'tle as the For.! ei.gine de|i*ml
n .- |>!a it lultricat>n ai.d in odd
rather the Texas Company's pro
•uc will give immediate iuhneat ;oe
The elimination of »;u!'trur- by
he use of thi i"*w oil is ey|«-e»i-.l
11 .-are Ford owners **re; t ?\|k i, t
well as furnish alda d rldui l ; com
-it Fliinin.ition of vibration in
resses* the life of a car, incteasss its
• cond-baml value, ami lower'* up
: .-p co>t.
The Twenli th Century elub h«-ld
« *ting on We.lne alay af
■rnoon wi'h Mrs. V/airrn 11. !!igtr«
s h»te .
Ih* proeram for the af*ert:ooii wa
ne of Rose McCaula-yV late*', book-,
1 old by an Idnit." Tlo* main ialea
:vugh! out in tha' Ls that history,
ke an idiot, merhan>eatty repeat-" it-
-If. The c*.i»-f them, ui "Tohl by at
alio*." is the nla urd ia|aetit>on of hL
ary ;-JM| the ever-revttrrinx revolt of
he \ ounfer -.'j-n'ra! it.n irain-t 'h».
Mer. The sti i y i a |-moram;i of
(* chansf- tad even's of the >»ars
torn 1H79 to l'SSt a- the} aff.-ct th.
re* f f |li> ls«rge Ganif-n family, ah
f whom tad different natui ■ -
Mts Biggs read a w*H wrifler
«ap-r on iha- ls«.li d.a!iii,: with th«
)ararteriJ>*ie.- «»f 'he ar.d show
np how th»; portrayed the charae
er of the author.
Mr.-. J. 11. Saunders read a (taper
jaating with portion of the book that
~*as alevoted to 'he "(ieorgiai. period."
Mr.-. J. W. Manning read current
In the absence of the president
Jin. Wheeler Martin, jr.. Mr- J. S
Khod«-_- pruidsdr
Tfce hod*y. served a «lelic.ov- fruit
-alad with chocolate cake uxl fruity.
(tmiion of Valneu
I am a nickel. I am not on speak
ing terr.i«' a Wit!i the candy man. I am
too small to get into the movie*. I
am not larpe enough to buy a neck
tie. I am of small consideration in
'be purchase of gasoline. I am not A*
t7 be a tip. But—believ* me—when I
go to Church end Sunday School. 1
am SOME money!—' The Episcopalian.
Have Dollar Ready For
Representatives When |
They Call Tomorrow
Tomorrow I in- !'e-l Cross roil nil,.
M !u-iteer woikers cat! on you for a
.'oll.u and more if you fi—l :.b|.? lo .
rf.V#. T
Do not funret what they 'iave done I
lor us both in war ami in pence. And 1
hould ttc no! respond >o the U>->i I
society's cail for financial aid J
v. i!h which to carry on the good work
that i* doe-. ami should we have
• cession to need th" Red Cross to
l'.*lp u- and rail on it. whether we
•nl !i"tle or lurch, it wouM conn* to
• ui re-cue. That is the spirit >f the
»*svat «r- ar.u.i'io:i Thaf was the
spirit of our I.ord then he was on
Hut. lot us peciilp of Mania coueU,
who are so well bk'ssoi one
ilollar a year wouM -.not -make any
material difference. in our live-. Ix- .
thankful and apprrriative enough to.
(five the •lollar without-delay.
!t will lielp the workers ii" you will
lave vour dollar ready and w ill give
i* with a -mile It's hard work when
i; comes to asking for rii* fiu e ami
i' i"v with *he desire to s.»»rve humanity
t'ia*. tie volunteers will call o.i yiui i
"Take My Advice"
At Opera House
Tuesday Evening
—"Tat? ' "SIV~A.k i»'t- Vvil! Is* .i\ en
Turvlay mtrht in-teal r' Tiiur--I i
i *ht r was fir>t aiii'MU'. iHI, «.!■ .i«'-
 »unt > f a |«via! service viu.-li v. j'l
!»■ held in the Kpi- CI1|I.«I ohuu i >i>
ihe lata-r «lata. , v
"Take My" a jilav I lit
i lie. (annul a (Tor.! lit miss. It i. Ii 1
. latic com««iv 1.1 which a "liw-wire"
. - a traveling -al*-~nian gws inio a
• ea.l country town and wakes up tti •
inhabitant . It. is the accwf:jpii---Si
• lent «f a miracle r»n«l th" -.k>rk ■
«.« aicontiiiß hi he he i'o, "'•> nuuw
.* a Iwiiil* ii In ramp " /
There i rniu/li of |ta'h> .-/rui.nii •
hrourh ihe story to In- '*/•*• - i> l>f«
'ut humor i abounding tHlriVatJi'U
lie cnt'n- |> rformance. I' i.-^aTwy
musng to the American |x uplc wh
ave ma-le -urh i;ia! striilvs i civil
■a!ion in such a icmafkiihly - Inn
iiiie, to 11«»- modem an.l tin* "an
lent" cum.* in con tar', e»|iffinlh wise.
' ■ aii' (ilayii if tin - " roles "ii|
■mate" and "out-of «lale'\
The r i>t i« roin|MiM*il of the f.illo a
;isif wel! known amat ur> vrh Mr
">«h:i l>. ISigp- a- director:
I»r lolin I'. I'.itrv*, Messrs. IJ !.
'chum and II M. Stool, . M.
'allie Harris Carrie Utile White.
lar'l.a 1.-ui-.- ami Mr
, nhn I». ISivk'--
So, ilu ii*»t forget that "Sonii-tli inv? i
• mini to happen in the ntil town" nev
Tuesday nicht. It wiH' take, place at
he opera liou.-e anil an admission of
;> cents for ailult- am! 35 cent.- for
hiMren will Ih- chanced.
1.1/MIKTtI 'IT*. IIKIM I tM.'li
'I lie fnlltiWHiK t» -n'lii-r- fioni Kitza
■etli t !t>, Hi rt ford aril VV-» k-vill«
chool- visited our city last nitflil ami
•eft this morning for Clttnvilli' where
hey will atteiiil the Educational So
ciety meeting which is beini; liei I in
l>at cny Unlay ami tomorrow. The
rachers are making On trip ~firou«;h
In- Count iv on new International
chool trucks.
Kl ulK'th Ciiy— Mmsji M. I' Kill,
■ill.> ut Hayiiian. Nannie liruy. Ail-,
lie ttkitehirsl, MVrtle l ine, Josie
'jee Car.wiighS, Beatrice Itobertson,
laiuli l.eif;h, Margaret Chesson,
■ oldie l!ak r. Ruth Mumli n ami
Vte -r> I: I. White .nil ICalpn Mer
« er.
Ilertforil Mr. S. M. Keeil.
\VcelL-vilie—Misses Marjorie Snow
en, Jemima James, lima Jennings:
Ulla W. • Thorton, Nernice IJtnton,
Klizsbeih Fletciier ami Mrs. J. M
.-'cott. ami Messrs. Wm. L'ltavis, A.
D, l;j(ler ami K. K. Coats.
I'farter's note—All exceedingly
d-icok'nK ami e.-p.-cially nice.
Kim-ton, X. C., N0v.13.- ftajmonil
Jackson. auel thirty*-four, white
farmer, living four mil.'s nor h of
Kin-ton, this morning shot to death
hii> wife as she lay asloep in bed.
then turned the gun on himself and
■lied. _ " J
Mr. D. A. Brawn of Gold Poirt
parned through town Ttead&v en route
to JamesvOle to see his brother, Carol
who is seriously ill with pneumonia.
Dallas; Texas. Nov. 13.—Unless the
American people eat more w'/jle
I'rain brea is, more vegetables, cooked
to re" kin the iirifce -all,-, mure whole
n;iik ami natural -wee's. "the next
•two or three generations will be a
nation of Tar as bone
and teeth are conrfiWil," Dr. C". B.
Kowlkga -if Birmingham. Ala. asserl
i e»' in ui; jiWn-.-i '..-lay at 'hj Ameri
can iHrtta! V socatipn convention.
"in the" matter of diet. the dental
I rofession ha» an opportunity for
■ ioirisj a reu! er. see ' ir. outlining a
die' -that —"ttrr:- —•- l-he iitessur)
lime -pits so build tooth aid .bene
■.ruc'ure ilurine the pre-ra'al an»(
j re-.-chool perwo. a- -*-eIl u luring
to t:-.e eighteenth year,"
I'r  !>. Kowike- vi:«i.
"One ha- oi'ly to ook about him
M'e that "K Aiwrfiij people are
not eating the niriit kind of breads,
ri" :.n«l w«' . t.> -av iidihing
o' properly pr ,».• rt oi.eo vegetable
• iiet."' ih- !«e.-fc«-r declared . He
-tated If.a' it - j«--ible for any in
•i \ loua! rt-r'lo- .i, ri> M hi,-, own
I'iou'h 7. per c. : t i»y propel* home
j'. phy!a\:-. a-.d hit prop r mouth
h\«rien** r- \n' the iKTCCtitaRe
•>' loMaeeou -' -..i-e;; •- i«. tlildreit,
- a,- -carl-1
i.-ver. etc.
Cotton Asswiation
Stroke AH Records
l ast Monday
Ka'o'.t-h. N«.i ". 1 S*. > ui- cotton
inner* -pp' * vi'n' - •«-. a t)U;-r.ei of
■IIIOII 'io!la: ■> .  n.- .• i. ;n ! V
i\ui4 Jou r ;K a ai i !>a!e- of cot-
I •••II in OIL- .:a.. Ihe Xoitii t'r.r.diwa
| i J .it-ofi t .-n;"Tt tiv' \ -oc r.-
! ' on l.roke all •t' iu> M'n
iiav. linut- ma.>. b, •r«-uib-li» reach
a'l'i. i?."an' ;h" f?cf-ivinif
clerk " were actu:d?_. -vamoe-l wi'h
lii ; »r>'k *i> .i im*«vk ami this
-ek piorm-- lt» Ih Tlo* total
'j 'liver!**, la • »e,-!c v»--ni nv re han
-Ao :• .u-ai.i. Ul ; !-•'.■( 'I e l»!« r
•• thf -!> ' "* > k 111 l'j'J" aTnl
; l« ili'neiK- "d- oay e. e l'..r ahead
...| I'll - .-elive! e- ■ the .ir.V" i!;s;. n
year ago. !;--»e:|'. -IIW NiV .1.1 •T I
v«*.ir .h«»A .i*» iu r*' a* over the
niw- :• w ... t r arii of n: "C than
• pr cer.t Mi »r;e* **fihe v-.a*cia-"
on a..- ■ a '.he ro'.-
•..II i-! a'.'i the V -oration is
1 lakitu- af> f S7« on every
"•» |HIUI..| Isile
t nndhtTtr Slmii Co.
In Jamcsville
Tuesday Nipht
The I un4l» fi* v, ..k a>in|U»a> w ill
. pp-ar in «l.e t e«;t «'f the
l.yceur.i t"..t.i>e at th.' JanKsville
hifh ch«.l -it. .I'oriuai;. _ Tue-.lay
oiirht, Nt.%rinlxi ls?h.
This Tofirpariy ha- a ;.roi;ra!!i that
varietl an«i . ill.iii'i !*.' lilt ell'S" 111 IT to
ioth youn.K old. A one art play
is variety to an evening of music,
| 'rt»th in-lrume-iilal i .v*l. The mem
I'• i - are fari'diar v iih concert and
I Iraiiuitie work I. v«- • iven in'ch
: tU'iy to tht - fir? rr T7«rk atwi are
ally capable o* rorvej n.i; l lie t>est
o.ssible that their r.) iu work rf
•rils. *
Miss I un.l'x ri' tn il-lmivni in this
mimdiate s •c'ioh : i'«i State. will
avc ri»a.«« of the prufcr.-.m. She is
.•i> f.ipjHe iinf vRe v.vJcomeT By
er I.'JIIU fotJ • fetetl'l-'.
"Just Married" At
Nev. Theatre. Wnsh-
Monday N%ht
At fit*- New Theatre, \'.a.~rtinfcton,
Moitnay, Soveiiih rlr. Jul".* HurtiK
• iid Me-srs. >#»ubert announce "Just
'•larrioi", a truly "llelifhtful ci.m«ljr
».y A-ielacie Matthew- and Anne Nic
hols. stajre»l by J. C. Harrraftn and
Clil7onl Stork. Ih»rti>i» it* ruii of 'lwo
years at the • "oioeily. Shubert and
Nora Itayes theatres. New YorST
«ritio- were ura.rimous in declari:iif it
to be tlie roi.-t jgie ahlf nml eiiter
tainiin; play «ka*. ha«i been produced
in years.
The seen* of this merry farre it
on board the French Line steamship,
"Ijifayette", bound from Bordeaux,
Knum t» N.-w York. Just before the
.-.hip's nailinr. * jotrially intoxicated
younir nan abmnl the «hip by mis
lake, and later in the evening, into
-he wrong stateroom. From that tin*
oil the peace of everyone aboard k
threatened—they bwan so hope
lessly Mixed op. thato 'her* is ap
poreatiy no way out of their ililßcal
tin Eitßtwljr. hwv*r. tbinrs ar
Etrc.i,"h«med ou*. and the royarr pro

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