North Carolina Newspapers

    ' 111 I -==
Holds First Court Here
Over Biggs* Old
Drug Store
Jade Henry G. Connor died n
Jliwlljr the ZM at 4 p. tri
ms dentli was not unexpected a.-
he hnd been faßin* physically since.
February and for several days before
the end came, he had rapidly declia
Jadge Connor was one of Um- State's
hading as wefl as most beloved
eitiaena. He was born in Wilmington
1852. making him mote hart
ft years old. He moved to Wilaoi
in early youth where ha took one of
the best academic wmim available in
his Ajr. After completing this coarse
I* l»w and was licensed to prac
'** at 'he an* of 21 in the iowr.
of Visas, where he remained un'il
his death The last forty years of his
life was the most part used in an
official capacity, serving as lac mak
er or judge. He was the State sena
tor from his District for some vesu-s,
and served his county as representa
tive in the Legislature and speaker of
the House. He was appointed Super? >r
court Judge by Governor Scale* ir
1885. He held his first court in Wil
liamston The county courthouse had
just been burned and the court was
held over Biggs drug store. An ordi
nary armed rocking chair was use»
as the "Judge's Bench." He r twined
on the Superior court bench for eij,+t
yours. He Barred on the Supreme
cant bench of our State for six years
President Taft appointed him United
s*atea judge for the Eastern District
of North Carolina while he was serv
ing in the State Supreme court in
which position he rewiaiM* far 15
yearn. H In a significant tat* that
the United S*at«s Supreme court sus
tained every dee Wan that Judge Con
nor rendered.
J edge Had M BwußaHiaa of His
FM Term of Court HeM Km
Judge Connor's death wns a shock
to the people of the whole State, a*
if the death of any great and go. ;!
man. He wns beloved by people all
over this section of the State especial
ly by our people, he coming in con
tact with so many of them through
the Federal court
The "eld judge" aa he wns lovingly
called, was reminiscing with Nome of
cur townsmen only a short while ago
shout incidents during his first term
of court which he held hers.
here oa the old "Const Line" sone
hefe, m le old "Coast Liae" some
cue stepped on the train at Tarboro
and handed him a note which proved
to be a—m from Jad pre Phillip*
af that town. The words went to this
you want to get any*hm?
If eat while yoa are in Willismston.
you'd better turn Cliff Bland loose."
The Judge said he did not set the
full meaning of this admonitloa until
he arrive*! in Williamston, and found
cat about the Bland affair and had
tiKa that he was freed. Rut he next
day when the went to the "Kirby
House" for his mid-day meal, he
foand the biggest squirrel pie he had
ever seen, which the proprietories*
told him was seat to him with the
compliments of Mr. Cliff Bland. An
other thing that the old gentleman
told that «lay and (hat b shear*
tag to any of as mortals was same
thing aboat the hospitality of our
"home town" He said Rev. T. B
Haughton as a representative of th
chizens wanted to see that "the
Jdkge" was well fed, went down arm
told the tadms of the hoarding
hoaae he sate to give him delectable
food and have fruit for bis breakfast
each morning without fall
TV ae*t ■imhiK l-t • br»ye
i «ihil —iitwilmi about »s Ircr >'
Lk arm, was dntdwd >ut nr the
taWe iHttjUm. Aad He M
heard the particular warain- «b.«jt
-fmh far breakfast" by the
y readier. the Jadgc wd He aU 'Hit
rae-half MIM which be war FM W..
three tfcasa larger htaa a gear l
T- ■
The Plant*** aad Marehaata has* of
Everett* m oae «f the SMat profres
sW* haahs in this ■eetioa. It ha#
*are and ■toady growth from
ft* beinaaiax aad until ft now enjays
the na>iliiaiif aad patronage of aO
tha people af Everett* aad aqp'Jen. j
"Ht the daae af bwiini Navsmher
19, IMS it had oa deposit llffjMM
aad despite the meaty af aacaey a
tWs th*e this year .its depaait* have
hipwand to 9UMM.4I.
Oa the las' pace of thia paqcr will
ha faaad a slatiaiit ihaaiiig the
Itnuth of this mmmM hat wide-a
At 10:00 o'clock a. m. there will re
services at the Church of the Advent fliis
service will be concluded by 11:00 o'clock.
Special Thanksgiving services far ail
the people will be held at -the Methodist
church on Thursday morning: at 11 o clock
Rev. R. L. Shirley of the Memorial Bantist
church will preach the annual Thanks
giving sermon. •
His sermon subject will be "Origin.
Spirit and Purpose of Our Thanksgiving".
An offering for the orphans will be
taken at this service and it is hoped that
there will be many who will Teel inclined to
give the income of one day to help care foi
the orphans of our land. Those desirinr
their offering to irp to their Church Orphan
s' e rhould write the Church's name on -he
outside of the envelopes will ! >e f \-
The series of services in |»:ij(Tf?s
a*, ihe Baptist church are beintr l.iria
ly attends ! and ari arocsng rvch n
t- rest. The pastor planned i»r an
>dues' ional week looking forwarl tn
!he completion of the "75 ir '.ion
Campaign" of Southern Baptist* iii..l
sach speaker ia stressing some spee-al
rhaae of IVnomi national -«ork
The first speaker wu Dr. CI arie*
Anderson of Scotland Ne» k v l«o oe
liverad a grent mcrar on the sub
ject, "Our Home Be*.-*.'* In ihU he
showed conclusively how *ha. a'l o'.r
endeavor 44, dependent Upt-u f .ov
a!ty to and support of our hoi .«■ an/
State work. His message was t-i'ir
ougly enjoyed by a great ew*its.i
don. Ut also spake at 2:30 ai Uil-it.-
chool house and at S:3O at Riddlek's
Orove where his service* w-*rt greatly
At night. Mrs. H. M. Find of
Rocky Mount, was to have spoken
She missed her train ar«l the pastor
on 30 mhnu'es notice, took her place
and . -Poke on "God's Challenge to
America." Another great conprega ,
t*on was present.
Monday night. R~v. C. C. Smith of
Windsor spoke to an interested anil
; opreciative audience on **Tra ! ninst
 rid Enlistment." He was well received
j.nd his message grea'ly enjoyed.
Tonight Rev. W. G. Hall of Rob
cisonville will speak on "Organiza
tion and Efficiency." It is important
that all our people hear him. This
service begins at 7:15 sad will close
in cmple time for everybody to :ce j
"Flapper Grandmother Flap" By all 
means everybody oufht to hear Serf.- i
tor Matthew* of Windsor Wednesday
The complete progr-im appears
elsewhere in this iFsue of The Enter
(By an Observer)
When asked to give a synonym for |
"activity" all the student: yelltd: J
There is m» member of th? Fsitity (
whose name rhymes with "liclu."
1 his is not to be wondered at, for j
i iigh'ly licks are bein- given ath
letics to force the grade upward.
There were so many pr-lty school •
teachers in Ihe auditorium on Satur
day, that the High School boys with,
cue of the teachers (nal?| have l«en ,
foaking lilihif the dadre to tod if oh l
was not left for "knepa."
Quite a number of 1 1 1. ami I
older anas, too, amonr them the:
touchers, may he seen chewing She
ends of pencil*. Oont worry j they are
juat whetting their teeth for the per
fect seulteg of the "druas-stick" cf
the Thanksgiving bird 1
Here's to the girl with
leeks, who dons spurt hooe and pretty
frocks, her bglish is Irish and Iter
ninth ciiss crosa. hut if you nJss her
rniile. you safe loss.
What la acadad tn nuke lh.- school |
look up, ia "Old Glory" mm the ruapis. (
Where is the flag pale which once I
wna and now la net?
The Janitor usually cones in for
a grent den lof discussing with the I
"dis" luft off, but from present indi-'
nations things are gufeg very ho' '
oown in the lowur rrgisns.
This ww heard on tfak campus:
"Rkks will Reel the Griffin /An «np
liah early appie). and then Stui-hack ■ •
•We Aadprti nan and Robert's son
rre attempting to Turn-age hack so
they am Win af life, and lis* en
♦ •
, Williamston, Maitin County, North Carolina, Tuesdays-November 25. 1924
Rocky Mount, >"ov 22—Ba*c«*fi
110 i nil 2W> doctors from the . tkn
of Virginia, east of Rirhircnd. rr'
Ila.stern Carolina a* far a Ral
eigh, are expected to attend the
twenty-ninth annual nwHing of th~
Sej-boanl Medical Avvx-aiion »h'Vf
will be held here December 2. 3 artl
4. The Foui-h District North Caro
lina Medical Styety wBl me.>: i con
junction with the Seabc •..*! a»«»c
Headquarters for the conventM-i.
will be at the Rkk* Hole., and th
session* will he held in the hatal nu
•Utoriun. Public ■aitfuu are |p
rounced far both Tuesday and Wed
nesday evenings. Dumber 2 and 2.
Tuesday evening'* public
w.'.l he under the aaspanr* of the Xiuh
' Connly Mtiliisl S*id* with I»r.
1 V Thomas r«. iirj dire> -
•cr of the Hiehmond public chool,
as the principal speaker. Wednesday
Hinin*'» public health Mstina *ill
be handled by the Fowth District
Society, ami the principal speaker
will be Dr. Louis R. Wiban. of the
Mayo clinic, Rochester. Main, who
.v:ll di -cuss "Our present KiwvMte
of Ocncer." Numerous -wial n«at»
will be sandwiched ir hiwrni IW
business sessions of the ceoveation
The convention will open Tuesday
cv ninjc, December t at T:3O o'clock
k' tht Kick's Hotel auditorium with
a public meeting ui»ler the j"lnt j
.'ispices of the Seaboard UMcii : iwi
i>rd the Nash tVaniy Jlrtnl So
ciety. The meeting wil br called to
enter by Dr. R. 11. Noel, pmsltni
of the N' society. after which
Rev. 11. M Norih. of the Firs"
Metholikl church, will offer invoca
lion Mayor T. T. Thome wfll we!- j
come the doctor* to the city, aad j
the ie«ponse will be by Dr. Cyra* ;
Th'inaiM, of Jacksonville, N. C j
Then will follow the annual pre.-! |
■tent's add(ress by Dr. \ v illaa 1: j
Warren, of WBlmnMtou. Hmd of the i
Seaboard association. The umlalisr!
event on the program is to be an ad- i
drew by Dr. N. TWnu.- EanMt, medi
cal director of the pebl«c -rhotls of
PTchmond, on "Child Welfare As Ap
plied to Home Life."* After his a.:
dress the session w3 adjourn and a
smoker will be 'enderad the doctor*
at the Rick*.
The "Flapper (iiardioothr r" wl!
be seen at the Opera Hoase toatga*
by a cjowdod house, according to re
ports of those selling tkkii.
It is a musical cnmtdy in three
acta with forty-Ave of WilHnmrtonV
beat known actors, singers and dba
eers appearing m the ttage. It Mr
e laugh at every turn and the turn
are frequent.
There are no reserved seats, hut
just one adnuasioa lee, «r.b for
the children and 15 tea's far the
Misa Hattie Thrower j pent
in Belbavea with Mr. mi Mrv W A.
m •
to Harrell torn plum about' the dyk
of a haaoe which HtsdmlktfM
instead of tha itftf —a atmtiaa aft'd
givas the public gaaa epos hr
Steward while arrangements are mmtt
for mmh.- Al this goes to sfcaw tha'
in the land dii idi «f Gaul ar hen ,
tog tha Tool's Cili i."
On Saturday, NUtialai tS ffty
four Mar in County teadkis set for
ihe second regular matting. of the
Martin County Tnehrrs' AHtdafioo.
At two-thirty o'clock the PmUnt
called the me*-iny to order and bk
ed Supt. R. I. Leak? to > inihrt the
.  evotional exercise. He read the IKS
• iVahn tnti led in a prayer tiuSOoi I
ilirect th; teachers to teach »f-.r
Tlif pla:. when an earth.
T}i» S cfiar)' then md -h> ■«-
es of ihe previous .ilxHiiij Jhck.
-po:. approval were -itopted Kind.'
j Sx pi. Tope asked that th* tnrii
, ck in a brief way tell of theig im-!
IptLssion of "he District
meet in ' that was held in (intrilkj
on November 14-15. Mr J. &*Sey-|
• • I
. TK-ur was the first to rnpnadj Of (
' (artrular interest to him wit the
address on "Supervision*" by Dr.]
5 Th« s. Alexander of Teachers*. Col-1
! lege. He left this point with (t —aj
1 eleor ami accurate knowledge t| the j
' >uhjort matter kiuier qoestiMl y ah- S
.-olutciy necessary for :ny of.
] occessful supervision. Miss Bmk> !
J kckr.:«n explained how a '
| project, may he *ork.>l .-nt in'one
Iree io.i with the iundani -n-?l kV
( wist iuirhi in the Primary fTyilr
• Hi' ir. kfd th-t such would mtftiie
: viUio an otherwise hMius
its -oe nss : *nter>ent iwi main It an
.i -ludy. She poke in par
•rulrr of a Henl*h hit add
:-d licit oiher projects were just as productive of fowl re
el V Relative lo he c«o»S to he pic
-I in a «-enersl way from the*# Dir
r.ct meetings Mis Koh-»rt~-« tali 1 .
"1 her* Is a per.w.u'i touch to be
"ai«e«l from the District M*Hln»
hat is no: possible in the bncci
State Mee in*." Mb. L'n PtdypAt
!>riefly of her enjoyment of Dr„ Aln
st «!er's address on "Supenrisiolr and
-f th- cop=ol?tw» to b? iltiiii'4 from
!.» vewp.' 'it of the
teacher Dr. Alexander s*..-*ted tk»* a
r«-al KTOwtntf teacher wan (brewer
' realizing th:«t he «iki not know
[everything necessary, wat Jkle to.
> . (.pose ffiUi i|ni«tlnni * I
miMU to be ympt' krfkalh npn
vis*-L Further, she stated that she
ra.- impr«K.«il by Dr. J. Henry Hierh
-■nith's itMrci-s on "Object it» " Dr.
•licfisr.iith bditrH that a "ti«f
--b?"" ?i n.ytxiary for tNsrh teacher
*.f the various : ••cnmlary aad
•hat a ruuntr-wiak' I'ntlerstamluig a»i
t ppiication of th' objfrtirts to b
ncschad in a pivrn time by a. (mi
-rral- in a given t abject is no' only
''cnl but practical. Miss Tenu-e «a
rw»il wi'h tie Turk of the
rr-TJiry IVpartinent. wss very
husiast ic in her eapfcinatioa of
"li» littfc- play worked nat by thr
' r mary Grades of !h»  >r -cn\ fIW
?f-*!ool showing how dariag rari> boar
-f the day th-> mink of the chfl
d»«n might- be r«->etir»lly emji'o.' 1
I'PMI omf idea of health—-brwsh
:ng their 'eeth, takinr «»• phy>iea?
' -wise etc.
f'upt- I'ope made an tarne-st pie:
•hat all tcechers avail 'o'
"lie opportunity of at'ervline- 'S Oen
?*! rrl Group jneetinjf of 'be A#
■ wiaf ion ro as to rrt th- prof - >inu'
> He impiKMrf tach trwfc |
*-fTh he duty of being a eiooia*
'! • -iVr, a teacher e._rt fully f>-llow
•rig the "Course of Study" nuppei'
•«1 by the Slate, aal vbcribinr tc
'ne professional mafaiiar—"TV
Nor'h Carolina T -ifher."
Mr R. A. Pliilliias. in cumMiuo
wth a rc«joes' im«le by Sop*. Kfe
"tve an extended r— port MI "Reeoae
ntcndatians for M.-rtin Cowty Atb
ItUe Association." In this report h
• are the deferences « opinion of th
-~ople of 'h- past ami present cm
r • ./.)* an atheltic program for the
.choals and sabmitted a witicitk
which followed in the main that mo*
lj lhf SU't Hifh School A'hleti*
Mr. Pope thaaked Mr. ffciikp-, f*r
l-is seal a.wi in ih
preparation of this pap -t and rt
•.(.crated a motion as to the r-l —nbfli
:> of he adoption of the eeastitatiew
as drr.fted by him. It was adapted by
a unanimous vote. Several were ir
favor of delaying the rlrrtisa of
tScers until later, bat it wms hill
toought viae H. elect the nMrrra at
tnee and let the chairman ral far
» aKtiat of the ismimli
J gfai uate to be sprriteii by kaa
Mr. a A. Phfllips was
cKMrman; Mr. J. S. S j msar. vice
rtairmaa ami Mr. L. H. Habhle. reere
Pollowiar this the nri
*•» Reading Circle Groups jait for
I heir work and were diimi 11  by the
teachers in charge.
BUPT. K. A. POPE, rinidml
Early Jersey Wake Field. SO m*»
Belay at Beer Graaa. It
Whereas, the President of the United
States has issued a pi-oelai nation setting
apart Thursday, the 27th day of November
as Thanksgiving Day and-we should con
form to this custom which has been handed
down to us from time immemorial of as
sembling in our places of worship and ren
dering our songs of joy. praise and thanks
giving to ihe Giver of all good, who in His
infinite wisdom has spared us to this good
hour and blessed us with health, strength
and a bountiful harvest.
Now, therefore, f. J. !_ HarseH. Mayor,
do declare Thursday. I he 27th of November
1924 a holiday in the town of Williamston.
MRS. tt.G. HAi'MNr
Warren C. Hant-nr. «'
ilipii parl> | r>i x
"~orni>: afwi heir* a to oa »■**' s"aic
wwal !^ur>
Tk" «1 riw at the horn- ft -In
Ciii- Ji. Samym, ■mOmrn of (kr b"
rewfl! Skwifr. her fries I
zed pkvsM-iati.
TV mnvdialc aoxc of Uf-t «!*■,»
*®- ; #T5«*» x «*jil,. is I:kI iiiHKar'i.j.
' 1 the fact «a>, iise k>>l Km iec.l
ly rmim,) fr»m Her ilinr- . > |V
White Hoojf two jfws sj», am. iH.-
»Wt rf Ikr l"rr~ ».W "l' a |
»M fiirml trip *nm- -V
-alirv«il in Au«sl tJJS
i!«vall> she had been »rpr -n!
i* Jrtlib. oi Bii-y of iltw* ri
i- her. Dr.  h»ri*.- Sawyer, Mr.. lid
tat Wirik. «iir ai th* 3f;xsn -?
"h - ? !f!er t >» S*-rt«r." *t 1 ri 7
jiiir* WJiarr, at! of «fc-»ea
trth her « Ihe Alaska:: "i.|
Sh» took t« I—r H-«! Oct.»o r SW I
.tal never r«w train. Tt«e
frd burial >ei«i(rs s*i* M I yf-j".
-ay the l-»r» of her t-, 51- -.
■ aagshaeeoaen is llaHon. Mm S»*
t.te -ante |>> 'M+r r rKo dhitfi-l a*
•* services VH ' er .'i-M -rsM
,i. ku-tun I a hitl >inn v aio
"HSf Urkl-i dub which ha 'been
.♦cen'ly orgaaiaMl. m. nit*ftaß'
Friday sftrrwi by Mr? S. R. Mir
.-.t her honr w Va'l' ireet. It
«ciM at Ihb time to nrel ivtrj
c-fher Tl,*jr-d»y af'ernaoa.
TSe.e were t*« tables of bdt
rod Mrs H. M S ob*.- mj.*e hieh
core an! was prf-ffllf.' sith a V«*
lie deck of hrid-e rank llr. G. O
Itkido. invited gae>t for th?
000 wa*- rrweoibftw! with an r.t
rarive china boa boo bidk.
coo. ?stin» of fror
nit labit. potato chips salti: o» a»« :
Ihe* were serve i bv the Iw'.e -
The ctiah meant--r- apt— -
J. a Rhode,, Cha .
B«n, H. M S;abh., J 11. Jfeaader*
Vita* CiiUhti. J G Mint a»l |je
lie Powden.
Spiaaapal tkanh
Rev. C. O. Part >. Rcttu.
Ibonday. November 21- IliN a. m
The pabl.L is card'- By mra d l>
ottead Ihuhfirhc day .erric* In
the (batch U the Advent.
The service starts at l##i fcVU- k
ird wiO he oaHaM by ||.-n a"-
Mr.-- B S. Cuonaey and Mr -- C
W. Hanluas aaarorrd to Was'.n -
too Satarday.
Mr. Kraak
wdl leave tiaarrao afternos i«r
Pilthaaia where he aril spied
Thaaks>giv»pg with fneods. He will
make the trip thraagb the country
Mr. ami Mrv Wesley Adea ard
aaa. Wesley. Jr. ami Mam Hutle h
Gray Cailia of Gain*.boro w>r* IV
week ead swats of Mr. aad Mrs W.
M. Perry.
Mr. aal Me*. Boyd Higl t of
hgtia spewt the week or! Ser- with
hh tifli. Mr. Md Mrm J. « I-V.
lor spewt aaae time la Jarenil*
' Mr"'it Mela— af TwM—. N. J.
ridW fnmh is the dty last week.
The Will if 11 b«h sehaal feat
M game passed tbsaaigb here at
wheat a game ariß he played between
the two i rki all They woe ridaag m
r track pi.ikl hy the athletic as-
I'lr.e kt 1 i ««»,>• ii>»ii *.l U U-,.
v-iwmW (o tliL- l>> i-wk- pro
• i't in this imi.HMslf vicinity tii.-N
i: •*»!*! > «-ar- pist
At thi> tiinf there have been l:Cl
Mi.«. J- F Thiepeu a* membership
I'-aiinun I'm* vn-uru «f •'«
tour into a very •utre-. fu!  n .u .u
t»n siihl 'h« y have tan" ast 1 'he e»« town ami coinmunity.
She was ag isted by Mevijnie- I
i». V*'(n-Iai«l, (Jeoiite H. Hrip-ur, V\
H. Bijfes C. I». Car.-tarph't. JoSr. A
Waid. Whe*-ler Martin. Sr. am.
Whe»ler Martu . jr.. W. K Warren
John l> J. S. U hitl-*y. W C
I jreiman. K 1». llaLI a"xl ilk; En
aa KuheiUaa, Kvelyn (lariiwi an'
Marearet K.vor-tl
SCH(K)L N! w
On Friday last the ah». • .
« ater-ained at the rretit : .>
«len>es by the f«unh -j 1
■he u|«t>i i«n nf it- t«a 1 •.' "I "
I 'foiiof Stanhuck. Th» «• : rr-*» I-
litil? fuib were very « i
.ft snH t mtljr enjnii I. ' p> s -s
•r.-rram nt ien«len-.| .st Jlnv.--
Aafrica —hy the srh.»ol
.'Vripluie \erv.i —by \V •!- t. .
n«k, \ ivian list rie, F.*r ■- * 
nd Krnest Harrixjn.
I'iajrer- by the tll >
A ton; of Thank* -iv n. — h» '
Story. "The Mar"—"•4«> !!••••:
IVin, "OurTkii rjV f'w' •»
4ary Crawly Gurkin
IWm. "ic! l:le s Cur rL-.-~ !•
)|jn l»ivi Hirdtwi.
Pa?i«i. "lejce"—by Ifc.W t
r'taj- Spwrfeil !:a-:!«-r" I*
Thrnfc? i."d lonor to *h ■ iren j
i, h f* ai*- '■oar.--' the r \-r.ll* s».*d
-Jte uh-*.i'!v '•"•V
n i S- xvlfe of ft"» • U'i'i'
■,; Ki nay -. . ti'h.
*~h *• •• «I* ail atjain.
TS «rk »u» h?e-.u=e »rj
tlx- rt>i!e.-iie!S of »me othe:
in.\ . ;»!«•! , hi> v.ho «!efac "d "he arali
by ihw htlesady writing anl
«Hke4fhtly on th n
A praar of $2«» ha» be«-n o*er«"
hy Pit.feswir J. S. 'S"
|vp:l writMt? th? b>t letter or e*si 7 >
tb" "Hhi —ShouH Wdlmaaston Hav
t. I*»renl leathers Association." Th
* ianinf; letter or «s*iy will be tea
i. CHta|> I Wednesday motnin.'.
11K ho-tl mil dose Wftlnexlji
:or the rtaiiluKkiK? holidays ai»t
■nil open »pi» Mvb y. I lerrnilv
If" Mi«e* Tianuite aiki Stewart ar.
X iLrk. of the faculty will leaer
tonormv for their hornet to >pei»l
the holiday s. Mioses Eleanor Slan
lark are! Martha Louise
v ill visit in Durham.
Mr. Tat am. Mlv. Vihile ami Jl is.
llairr of the Jtonrule hiv-h sthai'
■wtorr I t« Waohmrtna Samlay tf-
Mr. ami Mr*. Tam Hardnoa aad
lamiy of WadnxtM wree the guests
of Mr. ami Mr* C G Garkm ami
faaiy Sua day afternoon
Mean. Hubert Gurkin, Dan Faaran
aad Oawood Davia rioted friead* fa
flym.uth Saaaday afeM.
Miams Ireue Harriaaa. Sallae ami
,« -ht truest, af Mr. aad Mr*. H. L.
I Thaaka*»ria» day. »
| \
! Still Found Within A
Hen's Cackle of The
little City
lUUar>i. v(ct » Otv Cit\ Kri
«*y nirht in atuwer to •; I. t >v ; 1 call
i'«l found a iDnathinf 4 if) ,»j ;l ( (
it.umiation within a he-Vs c.">ckb of
I the town. T f sheriff «.• t i\ it nit
j hr?«l evident!,- I.een th»T .">: a S et
J The operator ha-i ju.-t finished
*«*rk ant! pu., the (ire out wh«n '.he
airiifl They round eiifht
*• ~reL» of corn lu.aor Iwi »hwi. was
I lurffi out nnd U'.«* .-till hipre.
Th» fffiffr? H..,|rri and ,'i>und
—•egmloj.s i f what !h«>v bought io
le th«> newly ma.!.- product in ;he
Itressinr club of a one legged nc.rro,
named Anthony. The\ took tKe liijut-r
a cash bond from A. thony for
'1 »s a|>|K>; ranee liefore Judire Sr.-ith
•lay. " r hvy ;d„ - a u;h \o; n
n»': neiru. with a
whiskey on hi' person. Jones has
liead;. rved a term ;*\e ra Is
• r-hi.i famiiiart'y v.i 1 ih-» l'«,uor
-ti .l he. lo.» . rN-i. : rr I to
. ».ip 1 bond for his i.avnrance 1*»-
■ ■«. th-* Keconler\ n,u>'
Th«* « nicer. were -0111 -wliat «u ••
r;-ed *t fin-' that a f : lt hal re
oaine* 1 ««> long in a m* :l .* rhiK*' and
• compUmt had beer «n. -V 1 10-f re
It is understood that women wh --e
•u-lian 1 ; and sons were g»*' .ni» drui k
•filW th» beans.
People.. h..t.k build nc i ll
5"«>« escape yrster.liiy morniii:' «'i>t
f:rr broke out ic iHf ba-em t.* o
baildmt:. Smoke >va* >.'en stream.
1 : the ventilators and ih
J-!;*™ was sent in. the volunteeV'.fir
cvmpany « .poihliii. in le* *hen thre
miiswtes. At first it ♦
m» very jiifimm, for W till*
•?v.- n««or to «t:ch an extent (ha
w fiiTi*; w ****** uhabl," '>> ctl'r bu
■ i*e- i-.kc; n- thi" b.isrr.ien* i* v..-
",u - * **» !»* r pil? «.f tra h I. min
■» »um had fi*?! die t-edint
at Ito * w:, biuunh: in*
r' "-1 th" firt' vas Kin rxtii
*• i 'Hough* lh» trash. w:-s fin
"« hi", :n the furaac-*.
" F hh;ii M instil.
TRIFMPHS Kir -«» l » MBI
The lan!r;irfl!« rirl- b.t k»t bi
Vt.m .'"f-;i - M the stront* (VulTlli
t«n las* Thur-day nirh' « f:»
%n>! hunt fought fin'?. '1 he .lame
Tiile rirls won over their opponer
W ;■ sp;»re of 29 to II T!i ■
«ea« lisnla>el rweh ami >k
: n every part of the fame bu* w
t n!rbMtl by the lamesville iriv
■ h»" it e-»n*e to ruri)inir up p°' n ' s -
Mr Pope. Sup!, of the Mart 1
 ( un'y l*ub!ie School s >pent ye.s;.-.
'ay ; n the Hty.
w*!l I> - * .-K.'il Tttsnk f ivi
'rnMNi beld at Wrr.on liitinal -y niv".
•_t 7:,1t Vfl;*k by a d«d«- ( 'at»e.l fn v
lU of William-ton.
3He»rs. I yman Itrit: r.n! ''ili ®
INirVt- I.pen" Sunday in V.'a
Nr. jini Mrs. O 11. *' iil l"ii' '
tomurma for their bt me in
lieliana after -pendinr the p.s". "hr "
months in Williamston, while V -
H ;ji ".jus beer, buying tobacco on H P
toczl 1 sarket. This i? the ;hir.i ye. *
I'hat Mr an-1 Mrs Head have be
I here ami they have taken an atlivs i
Iterest in tht- religious ami soc'ii! li.'
• I ti> ; -wn w3tile hArt- ami
lKe«u-elvt to the W illu>r.'-
Miss Sadie Perry Will arrive to
morrow from Wilson to sneml T'afl. •
pnin? with her parents. Mr. »i 4 M
W. A. Perry.
Mr. Wheeler Martin inatk a busim .;
• rip to Norfolk yesterday.
Mrs. J. W. Manning will enter*:' >
Ifce Twentieth Century club at l f •
ho«K on Church street tomorrow : t
U moon at three-thir v at" its rfjv -?7~~
Y*«« will It p regular communi. . ?.
A M. toolghft atTsM o'cl.
AM flAcftra art) eyrtally nrywd ir
fce pmnt ted'trn All ni- -

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