North Carolina Newspapers

fafkr, it cawhs m oats
tour wocoirnow euugs
bag up fro trad. Jndge Smith was an
■t- ' s
The first case was State vs J. Law
FtoeL HavigSriMhy for the pwr
rose of sale. Tbe defendant plend gud
paynNMtuf the coots of action
la State vs Nanaaa J owes for
art |dtj.
State vs Peg Leg Nagia far boiiag
b«HT mm hand. Peg Leg was found
State vs Nesa Wdl rami was brought
into the court for the mcond time. A
ec hini and he kept hacking the
court an'fl his fee was redact! fifty
dollars at Tuesday's session of court.
State vs Robert L Snllivaa Tor
hgpl been called before aad failed.
Judgment absolute was asked, ami the
court reduced the ■maun of the bond
' 'rum SIM to SMI
A report was nlaai I hy the U. S.
Department of Agriculture at lIM
A M, M.nmiu list, givicg the
1 iilhamsry estiaant • of the productlan
of catteß in the United State as
hnoed en the csnditisa of the crop mm
November 14th According to this re
girt. the total |»i lartlm will be
IZfifiZjOM hake wb-ch is 2JK2JMO
bales more as r imp a red to the lfl_-
19jt71 bale crop per dec d last year
There was pwiacad two y.-nr* ago
I.7CUM; TJKUUI bales three yuars
ago and ISjWJtS tales four years
ago. The average ptndurlian far the
five years from Ifilfi to I*l4 was 14.-
Zfifi.»l bales, ard for lfilh :o Ifilfi
it was 11.4X1.M4 beks.
This report of this year's production
ihiei an imnnse of ITCjMfI boles
«ver the estimate of Xovrtobrr Ist
(turn weeks previous). This is. of
cioaim. due to the fact that there k
a gaunter certanry at this tiane of!
as art safit from daamflu.
The report nliaiai also showed
date. 11J47JU4 baka, or fifi percent
mi the totnl crop Seven of the fifteen
paintipal cotton s>atas shorn an te
creaae in production over their last
Of the HUDH bnles Mkan e as a
total crop in North Carolina. Mfi.-
M hud been gmner to November.
Waving tfi per cent of the crop yet
ly to trtiamdi art wonther toimg
ly uatfl the first of Kmmbir. The
re porta were aa (slows: t Condition
i napaiai* to aoeuaol or fuH crcp
'psiipaetl May Sfith. 13 per cent;
June «tl. T3 per cert; July Jfith.
tfi per cent; August Sith. H per cent;
Sep: rasher 2Mb. 47 per cent and Ort
oher fiith. 4* per ant.
inrikg to the aataklj report of
iptrrtfaai, the North Onrntma Cot
ton Growers' Coopaiallea Aasoriation
the cotton crcp ha North Carolina ia
five par cert of the crop of last yuur.
Mm U i win to da Aoaniallio are
umaikiHl largo. A anh larger
pin artagi of the state's crop hav
wMe. who was aftaa
his »apfl. Mehrin Wright. Uacda
[ Am agricultural census «u iifhw
iaed by the «BUI Congress for the
purpose of HUklUiSng a bus far
MTicitoßl leskfaitiM. md mnnni
estimate*. The last agikaltm al
census was listed ia lfilfi «hea the
prices of agricultural paoflmli. and
farming property was roach higher
thaa it is at the present time. V*
estimate based upon the Mil report
can in any way apply to present con
diiisns;' so far the parpase of es
tablishing a cwmt basis npon which
safe estimates can be made in regards
tc the agricultural situation, the U
cited States Cenaao Bureau it con
The state of North Carolina has
buen divided into Are Districts, and
a Sapcrvnior appointed far ecrfc Dis
trict- The following counties are in
cluded ia the fifth District, under the
supervision of Mr. E. It Uwit, with
headquarters aft the Federal Wild
mg. Washington. N. C.
Beaufort, Bertie. Cemden. Chowan.
Currituck. Dare. Edgernmbc. Gates.
Greene. Halifax. Hertford. Hyde.
Martin. Northampton. Pitt.
tank. Perquimans. Tyrnefi. and Wash
Sample copies af the ache date ar
reaart that you wdl be repeated to
fill oai h vo ben mailed try th%
Census Bureau at Washiagtaa. It. C
to practically every farmer ia the
l hove men tic md countie-; fill tbes—
«ut, and hold them uatfl the enwrnrr
etor calls for ywar report. If yaw
have not received your aaaoplr copy,
'■e prepared to give the enumera*' r
> -ur best information and caoperption.
This work fa vas*ly important, and
it fa highly essential that all farm
en. and business men give the govern
ment agents, who are engaged in the
listing of farnas. their best cooper
rtion. All agricultural legialatjon.
and all estimates for the next five
years will be baaed apon the reports
that the various states send ia. and
■he efficiency af the Censats report
urfll he determined by the accuracy
of the report that you anke to the
We therefore urge the people to he
as aacavate as possible, and to Irani i
every cooperation in order that the
work may be completed as early am'
as accurately as passible.
E B. LEWIS. Supervisor
mt the fifth District of N. C,
More and ante oaanafactarer* are j
' taking financial arraagesoents where 1
hy their dealeri can sell their rvo
♦act on the time payment or install
ment plan of purchase. The install
ment ptaa. which is merely an ea
■-evasion of faith in the business aai
lallty and integrity af ease's neigh ho.
ir customer, fa endorsed hy the hesf
fiaaarial autharities. It fa weegai—d
as dignified, legitimate, nnd even nl
trufatle in that it makes avalaMe
for the average family the goad
'khts in life which otberwfae wo aid
te unobtainable. The Majestic Mann
factoring Company, wnker of the
famous Majestic Ranges for forty
rears, this year is permitting it pea
due* to he said on tfaae paraaewts-
R. S. Courtney Furniture coaapaay i'
the local Majestic dealer and be urfll
extend terms to those of good creed'
standing who want a little tiane to
pay for a new Majestic.
A representative from the factory
wfll he at the above aooaed store tl
rext week to demonitaate all the
new features of the stave. The paMir
fa iavttad, whether iate rested or art
laterutil. ta visit Mr. Caaatnay's store
Mr Jae Wyaa af Ctoa Roads kfll
ed a hag lart Taooday which might d
*7l pounds. Mr. Ashley D. Wjm, a
tow her to Mr. Joa. kflkd a yuuaor
lmH the aaaae day which dreoaad (fit
This fa proof thrt good stack can he
Sa tor Mr. Wyaa fa the ikampits
hag rafacf wha has reported this oaa
far hhfaat fa Keysvflk. Va- He fa*
baea a bayer on Hat local auarhet for
hato la aw hha go.
arson a file spent here
okk her paaarttk Mr. ami Mrs. J. W
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, November 28, 1924.
Beautiful Theme For Ttuuiksgiving Day Out
_ lined by the Speaker
The Union Thanksgiving sen ice
that has become an established cus
tom in this city, wauy opened with a
i umber of beautiful son** and organ
numbers arranged by the choir of the
Methodist church. The Rev. E. D. Dodd
pastor, was in charge of the service*
and he was assisted by Reverends A.
J. Manning and Q. O. Panto.
Thanksgiving, as an occasion to en
large our gratitude for the worldly
benefits that have come during the
year, as a time for pledging firmer
faith ia the principles of this irreat
«euntry and for renewing our thanks
to the Almighty for the countless
Uessings bestowed was described by
Rev. Mr Shirley in a strong «!&*-
The Rev. Mr. Shirley quoted
passage fiom Psalms in opening Ms
splendid wnaoti, in which h- con
Itafed the meanttlg of Thanksrhr
*g Day as it had been established
by the Puritans and the accepted
• hservance of the present day. The
Principles of the cons' itutioh as a
tafis far Thaaksgivine were outlined
by the speaker in saying:
'Whnso offereth the sxerifier of
Thankagivin? glorifie'h me and to
him that order»th his way aright
wfll I show the salvation of God."—
IVa VO:2X_
Fr»end- and fellow-workers we have
a - embled here 'oday upon the call of
«ur Chief Executive to offer thanks
giving to Him "who has of one
every nation of men to dwell upon the
lace of the earth and having determin
ed their appointed seasons ami fixed
the hoard- of 'heir habitation that
*h« V should s-ek the Lord ami feel af
ter him if happily they may find him**
We are not a christian nation just
became God is embodied in the c»n
--t it ration or because a provision to
warship is there but because of the
? P«rit hark of the constitution in the
«*earts of "he people. In it religiou--
Kberty is guaranteed to all. That a
°ajr tet apart for so sacred purpose
j s this should be spent in profanation.
I«xurhernnre and irreverence is bv all
j .mstly to br regreted.
Thanksgiving t* an American, we
may say a Purr an institution. In
j man> respects it resemble the He
' bwew feast of ingatherings It was
firat ohserved in 1621 by the sur
vtvors of the Mayflower, who met
toge'her to render thanks unto Him
rTreth every good anl p»rfec*
*ift- When sin and oppression in
England had become well night un
l**rahle many of her braver mmls and !
| her daaghters sought refuge in a new
I land. They cam;- seeking not com
1 "™e. tut God and liberty. Among
the&e stalwart sons were to be 'ound
P"ritan fathers whose ascetleiam
was assisted no doubt by the seven y
"f the task of bulling a home and
fcundmg a nation in wilds of America
Contract their struggles with those
•f the early Israeli'es, who. fleeing
Egyptian bondage, pressed on
'oward the promised land. How
-imdiar in many respects was their
faith in the Almight> ;hat
«d those Puritan fa* her* to come to
rrthcr at harvest time to thank Go>f
for "Has merciful leviag kindness and
» aaifold henefits " They were children
■f the old testament, they dwelt long
and tenderly on the words of praise
the Bible. -Ok Lord, awr Lord.
mm excellent fa thy name ia aU the
-arth." "I will bless the Lord at all
nnd other kindrad phrasas
"ere math in the speech.
And now why hove we come to
tether this day and what fa the pgr
mi our meeting? This fa art
merely a day far the cessation of
o'uoainial activity, the exuberance
of youth or the mollification of one
■df bat rather it fa a day far ile
cxpenasior of a grateful heart fir
the bit aain. i bestowed by the Heav
erly Fathr Let as always br
tirtafnl; far the oia of mgrn itade
fa me of the meauaest am* mart
mum to which huteanity fa heir
Shakespeare was right w**r r he said
"How sharper than a serpent"*
tooth Tie to fan* • thankless child -
We are the chfldiea of a gnat toe
fa* Vhther who bau ahoantd upon
rever know haw greatly Hfa hoart
fa patead when we fiafi to thaak Han
f* Hi |nk« HrtMH fa m Far
what tkiaga ahafi we be grateftd
a three fold relation to.seciety. We
are Wimi mt the Uaitod Statca;
family. To fill out the full measure
of the day should be grateful be
'-use we are Americans, because we
rre christian and because we are
| r 'embers of the human
"Tr a'hes there a man with soul so
I «i-'ad who to himself ne'er ha h said
j this is my own. my na'ive land ~
; *My country lis of thee, sweet land
cf liberty." Yes. grateful as Amer
| wans, for the wealth of the woo.led
hifis. the l.iddca treasares of the
mouatains. the prwlucts of the
| plains, and the riches of the sens are
Ul alike, contributing to the success
| if «ur life and the enriching of our
We are the granary and treasury of
the world. Maay are the nations of
'he earth that look to as eager-eyed
and haagry -hearted and are fed out
'f car abundance. Irfid grant that we
shall never become a na'ion of haagh
ty landlords and clinging serfs fo*
"•II fares the land to hastening ills
a prey where wealth accumula.e am!
men decay." but may we continue to
be the cradle of liberty, the city of
f- f-ige. the open door of opportunity
rnd the gtddeu gate of the fature.
Chiefest of all we are christians.
Years ago an Olastrioas president
declared that the nation which
know* Gau. ia which the re-igiou l
rpirit wanes, alters or fails is dome I
to die. He voices the expereae of
henaaity. We nmst ding ;-l m
else all is lost. For it is the certainty
> f God that makes men an' njijja*
great. Sane times the way i- 'lark.
• i -(air almost overwhelms. lh- ' -rre.
cf erg seem to triamph ha* Reaind
the alark. dim unknown standeth "J-d
a the shadow keeping watch enr his
There arr signs of cheerful optimism
•here has never been such aa age af
of charity and of service. Th- pnblic
toncience is and prhlic m
t« re -t aroaaed. The charvh is grap
•ding with the farces of evfl wrh re
w'wtd seal and energy. She is. ar at
least aaght to be. the auker af public
t piaiar. She is the only force con
triving for the betti I miot af morals
ard at the saaae tiae exaltiag Jesa>
find a* the saviour of sinners, th*
Hope of humanity and the ri; ht of the
-rorld. It is the pulpit that must al
rip poin* to Him as the IJeht. the
Truth, an I the Way of Salvation Let
ns hlien with Browning, thrt "The
"art at the spring, the days at the
■lawn, the lark is on the wing, the
-ufl fa aa the thorn, the mountain
is Impel fled; Gad Is in His heaven.
'II is right with the world "
Th-n ns individaal members of
scrtety. me ought to he grateful, for
from whesMe cuaueth heal'h. food and
lalmeut; lore, pence and Joy? Do not
these call for gratitade* There may
be ■' ame lives far from the crowd
-vho have felt no disappointment, but
they arr few Disappointments and be
■ eaveaaents came to all saane time or
her. It is ensy ta be gratefhl for the
'•aod "hiog*. but let us he gra'efal
rl» far >he tUa« that eemeth no*
'a be goad .Sorrows may have come.
•ur hearts may hr heavy; we aaay
" igh far the ♦ouch of a vanished
hand aad loag far the loand. af a
voice that is stfll" We amy dream
•4 Tender grace af a day that fa
•«ead and wdl never caaae buck ta
•3," but if poverty and dtsappiin*-
•nent has dimmed oar vision let as
-emeaaher "That oars is the cam
moa fate af all. fate each life »«me
nin aawst falL" And yet again "Far
H soaae sweet hope lies deeply
buried beneath human eyes and in
Sfer years angels amy from Ra grave
rofl the stone away."
Yes. He fa call tag tans as citi
xeus. as chafaHaaa. ami as Mhifaah
•a nmembii Him Let aa caaae and
i ffer the sacrifice af Thank— fa lug
ilm Uri m Ik iMtMM arMck tka
hr laaaadi m. it was ikiw, mf lifr
i* ilhm. my time » ia ihcy tawk
Bdp m fcwuly Father to waKa*
Onl'i; ami Ckrirt is (MV" Then
«• sfcall to aUt toth to My mm* to
Tab my life awi te« it to firm
cd Lard to that; take my ritor »-J
■my gmi*. aitaaito nH I
take My aMnb aaa4 My day*. W
* to* fto* to r.«toa praiae'
Mr. Cbrt Mr rfjfya. w*
Ttoalial an h Qrilto.'
Mr. mmi Mn. W. * Haniactaa
*■ ~a* Mfs. H Spnl Spaia aarf
Ittk aaa. Spraaß
' The Flapper Grandaoother" a musi
cal comedy presented hy the l.aild of
the KpL-r.pal church last Tacsday
right. net with t>verwhelm:ng soccers,
i financially and otherwise. To give the
I sLow a just write-up is impossible.
' It was plumb good, it went oarer the
» per cent mark, the crowning effect
in the theatrical world. New York
I -grinded and then rame more, fad
ia the effort of giving it due credi". 1
TTe debutante flappers would make
The best lock bad in compai iaon The
lag doll cNoru- was ju»t too sweet
t.» talk about. The ieHy brurs. oreli
if you failed to see them too Just
mis»ed half your life. And more ir
I regard to the jelly beans, t h»\ were
more or less becoming in tSeir mcVe
Efi We wdl spare our business nu»-
i-ver in P'int hut "hot I l »r" will h •
f>ng rernrmbered by us.
New l alrnt Dasewiered
While the discovery of America W..S
of great importance it could not have
been more startling than when the
weak but harmoninus notes flowed
from the lips of our prr-ent Mayor.
J. L Hassell Tht> alone was worth
•b-uhie the admission fee And as for
Rastus Jones we woubl don him with
a wai*er*s coat, a pair of striped
sock*. and checkered trou«er and
|ut on a permanent color and iu>", call
!.im perfect.
The audience wa* not ono- spelt-
I r-und but was in a mtdst of laiurhter
l» rourhout the performance and rave
♦very evidence at the v couclw»mmi of
the play of a wonderful evening'* en
An attraction which ankle the even
ing very much m»re enjoyable was
the Windsor to tlltamslon Impromptu
t "chestra woach played hefor- "he
p (fonuance and between art-.
Mrs. Watts, mu>ic l> always
•he oul of in-piration. was rUr as
sisted by Messr. Evans. Sawyer. Ha>-
-ell. Rtck* and Watts.
The Itaracra class of the Memorial
Baptist church visited the nmate> of
the County Home and held relicious
■errires for them last Sun>iay after
The ohl aoea and women
towed th -ir appreciation to the
young men who were responsible foi
their hour of wor-hip Ami the meet
"ar was also inspirinr to those tak
ing port
Very lit'le tbourh; is rnen our
r tunty Huanr mmates and very few
things done to cheer their, their »ad
life. Rut let other orraniralioo- fol
low the fonts'eps of "t-e Bamrra
and visit the Home
, 1«»LU»MEI» K\ StMIAL
The rejrular oaeetmg of the Senior
Epwnrtb LeaKWs Rtß—at the
church last ntrht and a very in'ereST
at program relative to kimWu> wa>
tendered. Mr. John • owelh of Ka>rtte
ville was present and made a very
"lady talk aa "Missionaries "
After the program and the bu»i
Less meeting was taislolrt. a -oeial
was held at the bint of Mrs. J. F.
Thigpen. just across the street from
the church.
Punch was served hy Miss K» l*
Edmoadson just after entering the
1 1me. Attractive contests and game*
were enjoyed for an hour before a
fruit salad was served
Those present were Mioes Evelyn
Harrison. Obre Murrdl. Josephine
Syhes. Klixaheth Garganus. Pattie
Edmoadioa. Martha Lexgett. M>tle
Ciena. Christine Dodd. Sophie Lille.
Mary Clyde LeggrtL Frances Cor
ran as. Sue Liggett. Mattie Lou Rag
♦ rson, EDea Cowing. Helen Summer!
ud Mrs Jim Leggett. Messrs. War
ren Everettj Jaliaa HarreO. George
Hania, John Cowefi. Bdl Harrison
The local tabucca market closed
yesterday for the hoßdaya and wdl
The proprietors state that the W3-
he done in insure thoue settn here
that they pfl receive jart ns U+
day to Rrtaigh where she vdi «-J
suaue her atadies at St. Mary's SchooLi
Mr- Brttae Ward una to the city
T ' T "^ T
By R A. Phillips
Oar idea." about the function of a
public school have clunrrd consider
ably in the last decade. It was not
lon* ago when "reading, rtting and
rithmetic," commonly valued the three
K\ wri considered sufficient educa
t»on for the average young man or
woman. The school houses were unat
tractive in every way and no attempt
was ma.i»- to keep the children in
-chool by making it interesting for
them- I or. if wooden home made
benches on which the boys often carv
ed iheir names with jack knrvr- an.!
desk of the same kind made up th*
furniture of the average school. Map
: nd charts were few and blackboard
wer«* {uinteil planter, with chalk if
1 si*' lumps. No attempt «a> mj.w *
I* -iulify the school irroands or fur
n:-h any ft-rro of physical drill lhe
«hiMren were suppos-d to have -ulfi
cient esercise by chasing each o?h«-r
i,bout the grounds and walkirsr te
and from school. The people were al
ways distressed because their children
disliked school so badly ami it VJ
*wsan to rerularly ue th- strap
to pprsuade them to go These «ere
the school.- of years a*o in Martin
j>nd other counties and in som» pta**--
of very much r-cent date. We are
Happy !hit such conditions are fa-J
beinr eliminated throughout the c >un-
The first move was to improve the
-urrnunlings by installing a -eparate
-eat ai.l desk for each child so shapes l
•rat h» cotihl sit with comfort. Ther
•he various teaching apparatus have
l*een greatly improved This was a
long step in the rieht flirection. Final
il people concluiel that "book lars
ng" was not -ufficient but a stronr
heal'hy hwly -h.u1.l he ileve|ope>f ti
upport a stnmr healthy mind. There
fore the interest in Athletics. Ath
letic programs and contests has rrad
■lally developel.
At first a few po**s were erected «p
'he school yard- with horizon'a] tors
•.cross the top and on these toy.-
voiilil see how many tint*-- th*y eauld
• raw ihems;*|ves up ami t«»ueh their
chins. Mai.v persons to even
•his small beginning as they rot a
oii'; all right in therr > unr lay
vi bout anything of th? knot T >
rt itude of the people in 'hi- lega.d
iowlv "»ut rrau'iaMy ranged an«i
' tin is i|Mir a
«r \tMet v- «> uipmrnl '»• • (■» sckrv
-I*l for Athletic contests am»nr IW
•e *k They »f of rMr«- l» ( i- » "
•'if twhe s of Martin rn n*\ '•»
ri.Ulance i.i a wholes.. >» ■
I rnfum
In view of the for* r»>nr we i.tDffi
mrixl that the teachers of Marten
roan') form an Athletic A- oct«*ioc
to rfirrrt and control Athlet* (*■
rrams aa«l conte ts. that A'bletir--
.-nay be st imulateal alonr w..l l»ne~
aif I on a hifrti |>lane. I reennune .-•! •he
'ollowini. constitution.
t Mstitatiaa
Arlicl* 1. Nsmf.- The nam-* of ilu
.rc7MlatiM) -hall be |S» Cublv
V'w/J Athletic Association of Mar
in County.
Ariicl" 2 Object.—The ohf-ct of
*h»- a- sortition shall be to fo-l'i rw.'
Mint aii.l t?ool sportsmanship i»
'he Margin County Schools; to lm»
lair. to control, arwl to «ltrer* jbnr
■ «wm.l lines an.l on a hirh pltne Miic
School Athletic, in Martin tonlj by |
men - of l*ublic School Athletic ("en
Article 3. Officers. —The uAcers of
'hi- association shall be the chairman,
-chairman ami a secret ary-tre»s
Section I.—TVsf officer • -kaß b»
K«fl annually by the Irarhrr- •(
•kf school* that are member- of the
Section I—The office of the secre
tir) twaMirrr shall be the (nrnJ
Hearing b«u*e for the bxitnlna All
fon**pomience a* to cMtr>t -hall be
ruxliKlrd throutrh the wtHton''
■A*. The MCHUry twtmw *bal
keep a record of all Mttimr »f the
imanation and of the eiwutwf no
mittee. He shall have dam of all
fnnd* of the Association and ibil
under renorts to the eietath* t»n
MIUM and to the auatiatte.
Section X—lt shall be tbe 4mt? of
the Chairman to preside at tbe n«t
M|p of tbe executive committee, and
at meeting* of tbe committees k
n. charge of the varionn contest*. I*
shall be tbe doty of tbe Chairama to
ral nwtir.p of tbe MMrtb* r»—
mittee Tbe chaiinn in
with tbe woCary-tnanßr and ea
watnt committee shall set all data*
Article i Eiecatm Canutafe.
Section 1.-—lte eatawtbm Anntfta
(Continned on Pact liana 1
ESTABLISH til; 18i*
Mr. Shm P Rober-vr of Orifßus
iirwadup has the championship among
i—'ar hunter- of Mar* in county so far
a- w can find out. He haarged two
b-ars in awe week and such a record
-* hard to beat anywhere
On Moolay Mrs. Nick Paniel saw
a tar w amblinr by her home in
leisurely fashion and then attempt to
crawl over a wire fence nearby. She
telephone-J to -ome neighbors ami
Oey came with dogs and gurs ami he
tan the rta* which Mr. Roberatn
-««• eifcW with a single shot at
Tuesday Tii*fW. Messrs. Koberson
"d * C. Whitley were coon hunt
•njr near the same place the same hear
V** killed In a few minuter after
I ear arrival the dogs were on the
- fail of a coon, so they thouirht. and
?ad him —lreeM" in a few minute*.
When the men arrived, they saw not
> ow® bu* a big Mack hear —a -etting
up the 'lee - Aram Mr Robersntn
-ho4 once the second bear was e«I» !
•d to hi* lL«t
E\TIRT%I\EI» tti:i»^M»\V
rhe Tarutaeth Centurt c'.uu m
t -rtainoi tt rdn-lay afternoon by Mrs
.«Ar * Mannina: at her or- - >,i
« ■ urria -treet The interior of tlae
I «-o*e. the whole floor of which was
"brown I ■.•ret her. wa» .te->. rated with
red roues i»i long leaf pine.
An interest inc prorram was ren
•'» rev J T*»-re were throe solots charm
sngly »-T»Jered by Mr J S. Khotes,
In. I- C Itenne-tt aixi Mis.-. Eva
W viae
The tofHc of study for th-- meeting
v>s "I u«ri Pirandello"* and
l*elha Carson rea.l a paper on his
T "rk-. wharh krvarht out hi- promi
nence as a |**t atvl a wr-ter of .-hort
Mr-. J S. Rhwie- read a err seism
«•» hi- -Sim Character- in Search of
an \alW~ which when pre-enied in
Cmb' hi I5»21 re-u!?ed in a riot arsi
fc» faev a» a dramati-t * a ra>le
« ver aiffct Both paper- were much en
Carret.t event- were prepare*! by
Xr- C. II arsl were very la
At the concha-ion of the program,
•he Ko-tf.- assii-ted by Misses Carrie
IMIe White. Marraret Manning antl
I -ura rtrlran- aened a .U-liciou- -al
fcd wane nfftistiar of chicken -alad.
>a«id«icl»e-, ,chee-e straws an-l hot
lea. Turhey la-krt - -ueeestive of
•he TlhanksgivuMt -ea -on. filleti with
■.n*» ae-ee rneti each raae-t.
ImitH guests f«.r the s'temsou
■ ere Me—«la me ». C. Manninr. B
V'. Hardy. A T. Crawford. Ilennr
• rawfor»l. C. (• Par.i.-, l-awrence
Peel. K » Hjrtuw. C A. Ilarrtsan.
C. K Ha- ell. l_ C. Bennett. t; H
Ham-on. J l» Woolard. A R I Han
"•a#*. Carrie Birr- William-, I I'
Kenneth lin>l-ley. Ijwrence
I nd-lrv. A A»>ler-ori. W. E. Warren.
•" I' Cratcher. R." f7ai I auui Ka on
I H. A Critcher. A. Ha-sell.
Mamott Itr I*l and Huarh G. Hur on
There wal be two unaons in the
«aatv the cominr Saturday and
■''aaliy The Primitive Raptist I naoa
wJI be held with the Saakhwidk's
Creeh rfcairf and a great meeting la
« vperte.l The Christian church of th>
r awake Ih- nrt will meet with th*
Mare teaiv churr for their qiuarter*v
"There will be several aaouster -
'i« • b-r dastract* pres*nt aaH for
loth days there have been interesting
H»(Li aaai planned** -ay t the of
"he Mamhru church, A J. Manucg.
Xaftate to all member* of the pea
nat growers* association aad any
p a—t farmer who aaay be mtere-.ed
in the pa ice of pearuts. there wfll be
a ftut of the pea not jtmuat* a#
Marta at 'he lauitbauil.
Saturday. Vi iwku tSth at S a'doefc.
HtaMlr |i ill 11 to atle-ad. The a»-
ndMiaa fatcea mm vjakrr to ABwi
Mr. Mn Jaato F. R«aJ.l»h
«T til I the "Flapper
T S7T*.T£m J
» . ; *■

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