North Carolina Newspapers

    r i» .7
V. Jeff A—bow and Will Pact ceas
ed a (Mr cad collision Sunday night
■ha they came rushing down Main
(treat in a Dodge touring ear at a
rapid speed and atraek the rear wheel
if a FWrd car driven by Jodie Barn
hill. The Ford was knocked entirely
araumi, one wheel ton off, the seat
backed back about tix inches and
the car itself badly damaged.
Auahon attempted to clear the Ford
and took to the sidewalk, jumping the
curb nod going into a large elm in
frcnt of the residence of A. R. Dun
ring. The tree took one wheel off the
Dodge, which went on down the side
walk. Fact went nearly trough the
windshield but came back down in the
front aaat. He was cut some and Aus-
Jt ou was hurt but neither were hurt
Beth Ptece and Ausbon were escort -
H to the doctor's office and after a
little pacthiag up were carried on to
jal where they spent the night.
Yesterday they were af
ter they had sobered up and given
bead for their appearance before the
lewder today.
Christmas Seal Posters
Very Attractive Ones
The posters, window cards and
fcther display material for the Christ-
Mas seal sale have just been received
by Mrs. Luke Lamb, chairman for
Williams too.
The small 11 x 14 poster and win-
dew card will appeal particularly to
persons who love children and to
whom Christmas, the children's holi
day, has a meaning. It shows Santa
dans with his left arm around a
beautiful child holding in his right
land a design of the Christmas seal
Both the child and Santa Claus were
painted from life. The original of
Santa Claas is an old man in New
York who is a friend of the artist
who designed the seal, George W.
Cutis. Mr. Baail Eaves of the Natl.
uuU Tuberculosis Association who
visitod N. C. recently states that It
- is a perfect likeness of the original
•ud that the kindly smile and mellow
in the expressive eyes represent
a characteristic mood.
The larger poster represents a
yaang woman in winter costume
breaking thiough a Christmas holly
wreath and holding a design of the
scaL The small seal cutout which is
intended U stand upon show rases
in window*, represents the seal
i apportod by 1 gnomes, one holding
aloft a spray of holly, the o'her a
mt mistletoe. Theoe figures are
teggestive of the fairy stories ao
lewd by children.
This year's seal is pronounced by
rimtbliU experts the equal mt any
ninifiil seal in artistic merit and
is lit beg i aphed on better ma erinl
than ever before.
These seals ought to seU", says
Mia. Lake Lamb, tbe Christinas seal
chairmaui for Wißiamston, "merely
because of their dseorstnre value en
tMy aside from the great work far
which they stand."
Pre»'«yter'ans ia Martin county are
vrrj much interested i;. a Cclmeh-
Wide Program far Sunday December
14th at which time a cash offering
wflt be taken according to the plan of
the General Assembly of the Preeby
tcriaa Church in every Presbyterian
Church la the South, for additional
cad improved equipment in ths Home
and Foreign Mission Fields.
iTk plan adapted this year la far
each t—grog at ion to be ashed to con
tribute to s designated object and all
chaichoa la Martin county have been
asked to accept in connection with
ttb Equipment Fund the following
csaaea:- Foreign Mission Fields, Mis
iliasij Dwelling House at Chllpan
cingv> Mexcc Home Mission Fields,
ChurrH Erection Building aad Loan
The chair has la this County rwk-H
to participate ia this program are:
Parmols Cbasili. Parmele and Roa
nshe Church, Oak Chy. R. P. D. Rev.
3. T. Wldaaa is paster mt both
Jam, the fnlf an months old
Ma «f Mr. aarf Mrs. N. T. Tic* died
Tfc—laftliht evening at six e'deck
*fter saCeriag many Math. It wmm
ilba 31 tarty in thia jmr and had
had a tevng disposition and was
lavad by all thane with whom it aaaw
He taaal awihiuu am held laat
FrMajr by EUa W. B. Haiilngtea ,
Mr. Simon Lilley, Scout
master has Accomplish
Ed Great Results
- ?r! "
Superintendent Gives
Much Credit To The
The Boy Scouts organisation is
comparatively a new thing in Ameri
ca but it has proven in the short time
that it has functioned in America to
be one of its greatest agencies for
training boys and youths. It trains
the head, the hand, the heart.
Willianiston has had a boy scou'
• iganization for several years. Tlx
present troop was organised by Mr.
Simon Lilley and at there
rre thirty-two members, several have
passed the agr- limit and several have
moved away, which would bring the
ige limit andltay . d'omshdrlshrdhd
total that have been in this organiza
tion up to a goodly number.
There has been little said about the
Williams'on organization because of
the modest, retiring nature of Mr
I.illey, but the work has gone forward
and great success, from every stand
point, has been attained. Yet Mr. Lil
ky baa worked with the boys of the
town, almost solely alone, at first re
tecerving the cooperation of some of
the mothers who were triad to see
their boys in the care of Mr. Lilley
rnd in such an organization. He has
labored along wi' h boys, teaching rnd
training some not only during the
ir.eeting hour but every hour of thi
cay. And there an boys right here
today who will admit that they are
•re in a measure what they are be
cause they had enough respect for
hhn to leave off many things which
were harmful influences in their lives
Superintendent Seymour of the
reboots was in oar office the other day
talking about the children and young
leople of Williams'on and he is s
man who is vitally interested in them
And in his position, he has an op
portunity to come in very dose con
tact witb'Jhe boys. He said that he
considered the spirit among the boys
of our town surpassed that of iny
bunch of boys that he ever worked
wi«h. He says that they are willing
to help in the performance of any task
that comes up and they are depend
Mr. Seymoar also stated that this
was the first ton that he had ever
taught ia in which there was a boy
scout organisation and he considered
that their training through that
channel was responsible in a great
rreasare for their being above the
There will be a mass meeting of
the citizen of Martin County at the
Strand Theatre. Williamston, N. C.
or. Thursd*v night, December 4th, at
7:M o'clock to determine whether or
Mt Martia County desires to Join
tbe tri-ooaaly association for the pro
motion and advancement of the Boy
Let everybody attend and help in
this seed caiae. Mr. C. O. Pardo will
preside at the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Bhirtey received many
friends at a nrlil hour given at their
home on Church street Friday night
Rev. Mr. Shirley had services in the
Baptist thai eh each night last week
led by some visitor. The pastor of
the Wiadsor Baptist church and Hon.
J. H. Matthews of Windsor were the
speakers Tuesday and Wednesday
nights. Thursday Bight, the pastor of
the Washington Baptist church preach
ad. The series ef smites closed with
a sermon Friday night by Rev. Mr.
Yearhy of Tarboro. These service
were aB wsR attended and were in
structive, all being brought by sble
mea. who fcave tbe church and towns
people real spiritual massages.
After the daee mt the Friday night
service practically aB the people in
town were guests mt Mr. and Mrs.
Pairley at their house where a season
«joyad fcy «R-
Tha hospitalty fully measund up
tc the Maale ef ye seed slioa days.
Fnrit puMh, lee cream «d cake
em sawed. The guests had hat one
legiet and that was the shsetaeos of
Theev wfl be a spaaM esaunaaiaa
tioa mt Sksueihi t Lsdge No. M A. F
A A. M. tonight at 7:45. Work In thr
in»Mod irtwi.
CD. Garutarphea, Jr, sac*y.
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, December 2, 1924.
Cupid put on his working clothes
last month when he increased the
number of marriage license to a much
greater ex.en*, than there were in
he month of October.
There were 198 licenses issued dur
ing the year ending yesterday. The
largest number ever issued in any
previous year was 205,»*nhking this
year only seven below the high water
The list follows:
Stephen Stalls, 22—Marie Cor?v, 18;
Raleigh Lilley, 21— Rob?rs«.n,
15; Roland Lowe, Bertie county, 34 —
Marie Whl e, 18; J. E. Bland. 21—
Annie Leggctt, 18; Homer Priee, 21—
Irene Newsom, 16; George Hopewell.
21—Mattie Thomas, 19; Freeman
Hoggard, Bertie county, 20—Sarah
Hoggard, 19; Lloyd Co wen, 20—Mag
oaline Bullock, 18; Luther Edmondson,
21—Mamie McKeel, 18; Linwood
Bland, 20—Sudie Page, 21; Arnold L.
Loberson, 26—Mattie K Coltrain 21.
Buck Downs, 80—Daisy Williams,
27; Roy Barn hart, 21—Viola B. S'a
on, 18; Jesse Lee, 21—Australia
Moore, 21; Elma Davis, 21—Sarah, 18; Jack Andrews, 20— Clarp
Green, 24; Arthur Williams, 21—
Minnie Hassell, 18.
Local Physician -
Presides at Doctors 4
Meeting in Ry. Mount
Dr. W. E. Warren left this mornir.ji
for Rocky Mount where he will ore
side over the Seaboard Medical As
j.ocia'ion which will convene in (hut
city today r Wednesday and Thursday
The territory of the association coven
that part of Virginia cast of Rich
mond and eastern North Carolina as
lar west ar. Raleigh. There w.'M b»
between 154) ami 200 doctors in at
It was quite nn honor thnt Was
lestowed upon Dr. Warier v/hen l.e
was electad President of the Associ
r.tion last year at Norfolk. The meet
ing will be called to order by Dr. R
H. Nowel, President of the Nasi.
Medical Association and aft«r the ad
dresses of welcome, Dr. W?r:an
make the annual addresn of the Sea
board Association.
The following officers of the Mar
tin County Sunday School Association
were elected AC the' Sunday Schbol
convention which was held here re
J. E. Pope, Williams ton, president,
W. C. Manning, Williamston, vice
president, J. C. Anderson, Williams
ton, secretary-treasurer.
Division Superintendents:
Children's Miss Vella Andrews, Wil
Young People's, Miss Eva Peel, Wil
Adult, J. S. Seymour, Williamston,
Administrative, R. A. Pope, Wil
Township Presidents:
Jamesville, M. C. Jackson, James
Williams, J. N. Hopkins, Williams'on.
Griffins, John L. Holliday, Williams
Wlliamston, Mrs. Clayton Moore,
Miss Hattie Thrower, Williamston,
Cross Roads, C. B. Roebuck, Everett s,
Robersonvilie, W. H. Atkins, Rober-
Poplar Point and Hamilton, Paul Sals
bury, Hamilton,
Goose Neat, H. M. Ainsley, Oak Ci'y
On Friday night of this week Minn
Susan E. Smith, a Missionary of the
Protestant Episcopal church to Alaska
will be at the Church of the Advert.
Miss Smith Is a relative of Dr. J.
H. Saunders, also ia related to Mrg.
Irene Smith. She in the daughter o(
Rev. Walter Smith who for so many
years was the much beloved Superin
tendent of Thompson Orphanage.
The aervice on Friday night will be
at aeven-thirty. The public ia cordially
invited to be preaent and hear Miss
Fmith. She has an interesting and en-
Joying account to tell of Alaska and
the froaen North.
Mr. Habert T. Warren returned
Sunday evening front Dnrhnm what*
he span* the ThanhaM'lnt holiday*
with hia family.
Mrs. H. M. Stubbs and little son,
Harry Jr., spent the holidays with
her pareata, Mr. and Mrs. Harris in
Wake Fnraat. I
N. C. Coastal Route No.
30 To Hold Meeting
There at 11 A. M.
A mass meeting of the North Caro
lina Coastal Route No. 20 Associa
tion has been aclled for Wednesday.
December 3 at New Bern, N. C. Thi?
meeting is being called by the Presi
dent to discuss plans for the immedi
completion of the unfinished pro
ject:;, ami ou'lining plans for 'he at
raclion of tourists.
The South Atlantic Coastal High
vay Association of which this Route
7 a par , will be thrown open to the
H'blic March Ist, lt>2s. The highway
extendi from Quebec, Canada, to Key
West, Florida. It is estimated that
t |ipro:.imate|y 600.000 cars will leave
V'ash ; n"ton next year for Florida and
he big ho'el interests and automo
bile clubs located on the Coastal
Highway arc figuring on handlin
("> of this number.
Mr. Frank Miller of Jacksonville
Fla., and Mr. Fred C. Ward* of
Brunswick, Ga., President and Secre
tary respectively, of the South At-
Ipn'ic Coastal Highawy AssoeiVion
will be present and address the gath
ering. Th»y will also make an inspec
tion tour of a portion of Route No.
:(! Every cc unty should by all meant
l.i've a large and well representative
delegation presen', as we are very
desirous of making a good impression
upon the officers of the Association.
Tli > Assciation has invited the mem
bers of the Tiedwater Trail of Vir
ginia. and are also planning on a bir
oyster roast.
It is very important that a good
it-presentative delation be present
«.t this meeting for number 40 Associ
ation is trying to make the Na'onal
Highway take that routing and leave
cut No. 30.
The meeting wil be called in the
morning at 11:00 o'clock.
Basket Bsll Tonight
Th» first real (fame of ball
viin'ised in Willinmston this season
•vfll l>e s'atjed tonight at the Dixie
• when the local town te:ir
meets (he strong five from Bethel. A
e.ecd came is expected. Attend and
i eip the boys to (jet off with a good
Following is the report for the
month of November as submitted to
the Hoard of County Commissioner*
I>y County Agent, T. S. Brandon:
14 days spent in the field.
Five days spent in office,
Six days spent in making annual
f7 conferences with farmers,
G2 letters written,
36 farms visited and four articles
One meeting held,
22 hogs were treated for cholera.
32 pigs were treated for worms.
One flock of sheep was investigat
ed and fount! to have stomach worms.
Ten farmers, were assisted wi»h
permanent pastures,
One farmer was assisted with sow- j
ing alfalfa,
Two farmers were assisted in seed
One farmer was assisted with clover
Four farmers were assisted with
feeding problems,
Six farmers were advised a* to ge«-
• !ng pyratol, —•
The greater part of November was
devoted to making annual reports.
Pr.rt of the month was spent in try
ing to get a car of pyratol. The farm
ers are a little slow about sending In
ti.eir orders. Part of two days were
spent judging at fairs. At prsaant
I am making plans to pat in a cotton
variety test. There is one type of cot
ten that 1 will yield better than all the
ethers in Martin County, let us find
the proper one. I want the test pot
cn a very public highway so that the
people aen see it. It will benefit the
largest number of people if so placed.
Mr. Mark RuAn of Tarboro spent
Sunday in town. Mrs. RuAn and little
sen returned home with him after
spending several days here with Mr.
rnd Mrs. J. H. Britt>
Mr. H. M. Britt is spending several
•lays in Norfolk. r
Mr. C. B. Siceloff spent Monday in
Tarboro ant! Greenville op business.
Mr. Osborne of the Washington
Daily News was a visitor in town yea
terday morning.
Mr. BW Hsrrell visited Jamesville
Sunday night.
Mr. Charles Biggs of Raleigh spent
the week end here with relatives.
Mr. Andrew dark of Everetts was
a vfs'tor in town today. T
Washington, D. C. Dec. 2.—Last
year, through the generous coopera
tion of the press, the movies and other
 dvertising mediums, Christmas mail
ers were induced to dispatch their
Yule Tide presents earlier in the
mon'h than ever before in the his
tory of the institution of gift exchang
ing in the holiday season.
As a result, the spectacle of the minute rush of former years,
wi'h its attendant heartbreaking labor
on the part of wearied and nerve
worn store clerks and postal em
ployees was avoided.
This year Postmaster (General New
and First Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral John H. Bartlett have determined
to make an even better record and to
banish for All time the suffering un
dergone in past years by those en
gaged in the sale or transportation
of gifts They hope to mak» "Shop
Farlv" ami "Mail Early" a habit with
the American people.
Mailing early does not mean De
cember 1 or before, but if everyone
could get their holiday tokens in the
mail between December 10 ami IV
c ember 20, the post office could no'
rsk more.
Particular attention this year will
he paid to greeting cards. Despite
the success last year it was noted that
the last-minute mail consisted large
ly of cards. Possibly m*ny of them
were returned greetings to friemls
heard from on a previous mail, bc»
overlooked on the original Christmas
list. I'nlike parcels and letters con
taining money orders. cards. o*
course, can not »tll be marked 4 Do
not open until Christmas." Therefore
:t is possible that the many mailers
hoM t hem until the last to insur- de
livery on Christmas Kve. This class
of mailers this year, however, -i.ay
find their cards undelivered -r til
after Christmas Day.
Itelieveing that the energies of )Mirst>
al employees should not be sapped to
the last degree for any avoidah'»
reason, ami, intent upon securing for
•hem the same Christmas privileges
injoyed by others, I'ostmastar Gener
al New asks the hearty cooperation of
the public. The las)-minute, or zero
hour has been moved up so that all
postal employees may eat their Christ
mas dinners at home. Rural carriers
will deliver no mail at all on Christ
mas day ami clerks and carriers in
•he city offices will stop work prompt -
I) at noon.
Martin County
Ginners' Report
The Martin county ginners' report
shows that only one-half as much cot
ton has been bailed this year jts was
last year up until the 14' h day of No
In 1923 the report showed 8,143 bales
ginned up to November 14, and this
ye-re there had been only 3,345 bales.
This means a great financial loss
wh'ch will amount to around a hali
million dolarx in production alone and
when a comparison of prices of last
year and this year is added to the sit
uation, it will show a quarter of a
million on prices which will mean an
ajjgregrate loss of $750,000.
Of the six countie.-. beordcring Mar
tin, Washington, Reaufort, Halifax,
arid Bertie are all below one-half of
last year's report and Pitt and Edge
re mbe show just a small margin
».ver half.
The annual buur which is giver
etch year by one of the four churches
wil be held by the LaJies of th" Chris
l .en church on Thursday aft*rn->on ni
•ight. Th" doors will be opened at Ave
In addition to ma y attractive
oooths where you may do your Christ
nun shopping. I hero will b» a tur
key dinner served at six o'clock. For
those not caring for the regular din
ners there will be chicken salad, sand
wiches, coffee, ice cream and cake.
Any one wishing to reserve a table
fcr dinner will telephone Mrs. A. R.
Dunning, phone No. 81.
Your patronage is moat earnestly
solicited and the ladies promise in re
' urn a Meat delicious meal served at
tractively aad at modest prices. Mod
crate prices will prevail in the booths
Thoae desiring Christmas pnaenta of
any kind or description can And them
among the beautiful collection that
the women have been preparing dar
ing the year.
Mrs. Carrie Biggs Williams, Mrs.
Elbert Peele and Mr. Harry A. Big*?
wfll far Richmond
*h» they will spend anrersJ days
visiting Mr. and Mrs. y g. Lawrence.
TA? svpprr at Maaonfe Hali Dan.
Various Officers Sworn
in; Board Turns Down
Two Issues
Mr. Henry C (Jreen
Elected Chairman of
Board for 1924-1925
The Boanl of Commissioners for
Martin county met yesterday at the
courthouse, the outgoing boanl, H. C.
Green. chairman: W. H. Harrington.
C. A. Askew, J. C. Barnhill and T
It. Slade, meeting for th« purpose of
completing certain items of unfinished
Motion was maile by W. B. Har
rington ami seconded by C. A. Askew
that a committee composed of J. J.
Robrrson. N. T. Daniel ami W. T.
Koberson fce appointed to supervise
the building ami repairing the road
T Griffins township, leading from J.
K. Corey's store to llaw Branch by
llardison mill and that the chairman
et said committee be authorized and
«in powered to draw- on the treasurer
of Martin county in «he sum of sl,-
l ("0.0(1 in compliance with onler pass
»T>l on November S, 1924.
Those voting for the motion were
V\. B. Harrington. T B. Slade, jr..
rml C. A. Askew, the othor members
 fthe board voting against the mo
tion. There being a majority it was
lieclared passed.
Mr. S. S. Brown, Register of Deeds,
presented hi;; settiemei t for the fiscal
year ending this la'e .wliich was ac
cepted and approved bv the Hoard of
Commissioners and ordered record-
All accounts fur ilt-Ms «Uie to romp
in the account* >f the fiscal year
were |tail The then aljourn
The organization of the County
(Utanl of ConiinLsioner; was tom
ple'etl Moi.lay. December 1, v.-hen
Henry C. Green. J. (I. Itarnhill. T.
It. Klailr. jr., (1. M Hurras ami John
N. Hopkins, commissioners-elect came
before H J. I'eel, clerk of the Su
it rior court and took the oath of of
fice. Mr. Henry' C. Gt*i was elected
> of the Hoanl.
Mr. J. Sim Getsinftr, of
l>i ills elect, qiulifinl for the ilulifs
i f rccister by taking »!*l subscribin;
'u the prescribed oath of offifc. He
• hen presented hi* official bond in tin
sum of $5,000 with the Maryland
Casualty company as surety, same
was accepted.
Mr. H. T. sh-riff-elect,
presented his official bond in he sutr
of $5,000 with the Missafhiwrtlf
l-oiiding ain I Insurance eomp-iny a>
rurety. The bom! was approved amf he
look the prescribed oeth of office.
Mr. C. D. (arstarphen. treasurer
ill cl of Martin couny, presented his
official bond in the mint of $2,500
wl.ich was accept-: J with his school
hrnd in the sum of $40,00t1. Mr then
,ualifte>d by taking the oath of office.
Mr. A. presented proper
bond which was accented awl he wns
iualified as constable of Pop'ar Point
Mr. H. M. Peel qualified as con
-1 table of Hamilton township .IIKI rave
I ond for same which wns approved
by the Itaanl.
Mr. F. L Edwards. coroner-elect.
|i*alifted for the drties of that office.
Ordered by the Hoard that John A
veil.- be permanently relieves I from
-the payment of poll tax on account
ol physical disability.
\V. F. island of Hobersonviile town
th p was released from payment of
poll tax year 1924.
Ordered that /nderson Shaw and
r/'fe be allowed $3.00 per month ac
ci un' of indirence.
Ordered by the Hoard that J. W.
Pugh be paid the sum of SIO.OO on
ttrkl expense of JtlttU Xkil -
Onlered the.t widow of Jarret'
.'Tkiles he allowed $5 00 per month
or account of county poor. #>
Ordered by the Hoard that V. G.
Taylor and brother be released from
payment of S&S.M wages of Earl Tee I
charged to them. Teal having failed to
perform work aa contracted in court
John Bland «u duly elected keep
er of the Coaaty Home for the year
IMS at a salary of (50 On per month.
The Board passed pp the applica
tion by the Eaxtern Carolina Cham
ber of Commerce for membership •'»
Application for a small dona* ion or
the B my Snatu mo re moat was d«v
***■ , >
The Board then aJjoarned to meet
Tuesday, Dmaker 2nd at 1 p m.
} Mr. Graver Hardiaon ioave to
mo*rv for BaKfepr* wkmm km vfll
■P«ai aaotral oa Nitmi
mmm * mmm
AUmi M Hau l rff
Kev. V. P. Scoville. pate of the
Greenvill? M. E. Church, ril preach
to the Federation* at the Mrthftt
Church tonight Every amker mf the
three Federation* is arp>l ami re
quested to be present aad the poMic
is cordially invited to attend thL
serv ice. Kev V. P cones
with the rcputaton of betnc a preach
er of fi*»t Spiritual rift* and we
want to make this service rot cJ>
a Spiritual Feast for every tembrr
of the Federations bet for the entire
town ami community tha; w- -way be
.strengthened arsl emuacri to car
ry on the ■*« rk of the Kir r'->-iL
An Old Resident of
Dardens Passes Away
Mr. John Emsley Rfci-'irk. W? in
the vicinitv of Williamson. Oct 31
IM7, died at his Nww at Daniea*.
Nov. 24. IW4, at the a** of ~ year*
ne month and four day*.
lie was tlie father of 6t* fri ; an!
fiv> boys, ,ind lfa*e to rawnm hi?
I'eath his »'fe. five m»- a» 3 •ianeh
tirs, two dacgh'er* having
him in ile.»:h. II" al-o trsws. ai
prand sons, nine far
rrrnt if ran I sons an»l two fM' fn*si
dpuphters : n«l four ■hirt'"»T- a b«
anl two son?-in-law
Most all the children ae>l
ch ; ldren wi*r* present a* tbe funeral
which was neld at the family
Wednesday. Novmber 3('L Ther—
were many r.eiehh. r- an>i frt-rd in
attendance at the fun~ml
Mr. Ki'Mx-k wa a iwmVr of the
Ci 'lfederat-* Veterans sad • rmb '
of long stwding the IVimi*ive
Baptist church at JanaesvJl- The
fir eral er* »ce> >rt» by
'he Kev. V/. B Ihrr-iftM his pa>-
•fir and fr»-»rd.
The love and es'e»m of his idv
t v*x ami friends were- rim>'-J -a
irany beautiful #i,nl irtirt
Covered th? wkf and *V r "he
Mr Riiklick wa- a mm of rrrat
I'atierce an i courtre and is ereasly
nr-sed Sy his liwil on
The iiankinf laws r-qni-* paUir" -
•o • of a report r>f of
r.' 'he bank in the Intel Sate*.
Ir S stale ?"tl ns.! ; o-t«J bc»t et*n
• !.,ee mon'hs. Thi is done
• -d-r »hat er-iyhod; nr»r •» f*-
' ri- inselvs all th* ftrur- ■>« iikj
i« ha; e the conditi .1 of b* luck h
WlTch lh»y are hrimdel -*»> "t»
• 1 'iness.
'I he s'ron? ho->k. pobi-li their
ta'ements as m.' .re
'•loud of their streneth jal waat Ike
'  nle In know how H»i tial
'"he Farmers and SerrK.M - 'tank
•Ks issue of The Inlrrwi-' that all
iff those who are inlerriCdJ f?a ~ee
ir> mthe statement >KJ' all ike nrW
r» i|uirements of the tanknr law* are
fu'ly adh-red to.
Its legal reserve is la* acl tae kalf
tintes more than the las require*,
which in i'self is an *Wr* ewarae
lee of safety. The Fimrn atd Her
cl ants Hank Fame Iknark ike >l«rar
I- riod with a record to k> fwl of
bi d they are present mr a t»ti ■. 1
1 fit* condition on t!v last pace *f
this paper.
Th- Jamesedle boys aa.l t id» went
-o Everett* last week with ike —t»a
»M-n of hringiag hark Ike hr e mi of
lite score in two basket hi |»— 1
The rairves were hard b«rkt fraai
beginning to tml bat ia the prit gaaae
the JamesvQle lassie* go* m the lead
it. the last half aad ww «n their
opponents by a score af 17 to 11.
The boys raae was aire or tee*
cne sided, bat clean fna the be(B
i.'.i*. Jimtnflh* ll-mi 1. I—l il
Howard Cay lord aad farwatd. fan 1
Brown, had their ri tatnl iatil««nd
and witthe aid mf the other —mm
hr» of the team knagkl tie mm*
mly four far Emtte
friends aad cmalmmn. the "inif dr
h tmmmi aU* mi the —7'" ' l

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