North Carolina Newspapers

N. C. ROUTE 30
500 Representatives In
Attendance at New
Bern Meeting
OB W«hiHdar, Drc-mbcr 3rd, there
«s held in the- cry of Xnr Ben: the
Carol™ Route N'o. 30 Coastal High
way Aworiatioii.
There were about 500 representa
tives present from the north ami
tenth side of the sound. representing
the coon ties which are traversed by
Rcwte 3# of the Coastal Highway.
A Most witbawistif meetlne was
heU hi the Opera House of th? Ma
sonic Temple. «he address of welcome
*as made by Mayor Clark of New
Bern and th» responses were made
by Mr C R. Part of Elizabeth City
for the north side of the sound and
Hob. P. D. Winston of Windsor for
the sooth side.
v The Association went on recyrd as
recommending to the Hichwav Com
mission that all haH surfaced roads
kfnafltr boili be mnstrwrted not
less than 1C feet vide and that it
he nnred to (ink up all projects on
Roate 30 »i« h roads of hard surface
(CMtiwtrai as soon as it is possible.
The featare of this Coastal Route
> historical as well as one of scenic
beaaty and this Association has rone
on record to get up all data of a
historical natare all along the route,
it Elizabeth City. Fdenton. Windsor.
Williamston. Washington, and Kew
* Pens, also they plan the establish
ment of toarists camps at different
points along this highway.
One of the main features of the
meeting and 'he thing that seemed to
rroaae the awt eathasiasm was the
construction of a bridge across the
Chowan river at Eden House, con
necting the south side of the sound
with Edenton and other points on the
north sid \ TV association went or
BPcovd heartilv for this Proposition
The eaty division on the bridge *»■
whether or net *o incorporate its
erectaoa in the general road bill as
advocated by swar. while others de
sited a ipecial bill for the purpose
which of coarse will have to be left
to the General Assembly.
This roate is of much interest to
the people of WO!tarns*oa. we beinr
sitaated where we are. at the vein- bj
of it, means murh to the future of
this section.
It is estimated that when these
ruds and bridge.- are l»lyt and
route 30 is adopted as the
route of the South At'aatir Coastal
Highway that fire or six hundred |
thousand IHIIIMM will pass
through this xctioa eiet > year or I
their way to and from ITerv'j
The delerates were royally enter
tained by the ntiaens of New Bern.
After the dose of the meeting all
were taken in aatamaMei to the Plant
ers Warehouse where they were serv
ed tu a mast elegant oyster roast for
which that section is faaaous. Aftci
the roast they were taken out to tlx
it —try dub and ekrr places of in
tersrt around this old historic city.
Those representing the county of
Hart in aw Claytoa Moore. J L J. T. Price. J. L H oil .day
-no J k HasselL
The tofcacri. aa»»hounes will close
for the IM4 next Friday. De
iimbu 12th That day nil the
riooe of a moat ininiM season for
the lacai naibrt and a record that
we ate pauud of. If there is yet any
tobacco left m ike caatry, the farm
ers are coidinßj invited to bring it
to the local wnilit oa or before IV
The Pruwe R-alty company of
Caletgh wl nahrt a land sale in
Rsleraaavge Tuesday. Kb
mbeu and afcui valuable knajiex. ana
v lets, baldiag lata sad sabarhan pro
perty will he said.
Par a number of yaarx. people bare
Lad ban made few iauatmi nts in
had. New tke trad seem '• be
swTnijii, the «Aer way. IVopl- are
ii iliiat that land tuts laiigrr than
»■!■ i * ill Lad h rapidly eMuing
hbek Ma its am.
The Wsmaa's Federation will meet
with MB. Rig II Critchcr. Jr.
S« u'deck
AB ladies wke are mimktrm of the
' , \ , . .
i To Have Another Meet
ing In C. of C. Rooms
December 11th.
> Last r.iiht about «rm interested I
t persons went to the town hall to meet j
i nfh he bey scouts of the owr, ami'
■ :c devise omt means whereby ihe
'oys might be helped.
Mr. Simon LiHey with poetically
I every member of the local scouts was
: seated and waiting for their father?
and friends. But their wait was In
vain, when only sevm of the towns.
i people showed up.
The scouts acted like mesv rea'
men, they behaved as men. y»* these
■ was an expression of disapf* >Hmeni.
on the faces of the boys
• The boys, evidently expected to at
least see some expression of grxti
■ tude shown by th towns people TSe>
had a right to expert it and they
'.served it. But the lesx.n «f le,
toctebody else >! j if -is rrV»:d zr.U
hera hv their very friend^.
It mav be that if the pam s of
these b-iys had just thw. ■: f»r s
moment, they would have bwn th--re.
Williams'on is asked "o raise SSSw.
for membership in the tri-eoenty
i  ounc'l which will give them many
1 advantages they do not now ,-rjoy.
! Mr. lilley and the scout? are stdl
in jooil r pints ..r-d -he boy- -11 h
cards antl will make a
, tn«: report at a mass iiwo-'sn; to be
held at the local Chamber r { (Vm
nierce rooms Thurstiay nigft. Deems -
her 11th at which time all " *.-e
who are interes-ed in the hoj-« of
the town are requested to attend.
Inmate of County Home
Remembered By the
For the past two weeks the Wdltrm
-ston high school teams have bren
whipping into shape for the teamed in
te near fu ure Some of the old play
ers of last are being gna'J;
missed, but (hone who have shown up
thus tiki have been aockuug .»iea>jiV
Wd improving. Amoc; the b-.y-
Harris. Ward. Meadows. I«ukrr a»-
barnhill show good >irn« of starrier
this season. Coach Kick- has not
: fficially annour.n t the schedule yet,
but has thrown ou". .he hint tai sir nr
trams will be met by the VTSiam w.
terms. Among the squad of girls uho
have been eagerly practicing for the"
pest two weeks, we ntirhi say that
Misses Manning. Ha« eil. Orhar.s,
ANlrews, Perry. Hoy aad Hoyt. Ed
mondson, I'aige and Gargaaa* mat
give the besket ball fan- imbt real
surprises. let's all support the Wil
liamston teams
The students of W. H. S hair been
offering from a severe attack 4
"tea's" this week. No doubt the only
remedy available is for th* student*
•o receive from » to 1«® am all '*#e«r
studies. But the teachers fear tha"
i* will be quite awhile Wfwr ths
■*vere attack can be cured ankss the
impiLs put forth more uakiu I Han
they have in the past.
Each grade of the V* lUoa-ton
traded school donated frur. veg
 tables pad naoaey for the people of
the County Home aad he poor « t the
town oa Wednesday before Thaaks
riving. There were tl lugs ia all
donated. 14 of which were riven to
the inmates at the Coaaty Home, tke
remainder to the poor of the town.
The money was oaly drriM um|
those at the County Home, rack rc
r-nrmg SO cents.
Mr. A. E Jacobs representing Geo
L. Thomas aad Ga. of Oner* ma de
u very interesting talk cu *S!cjhriV
Lec ures" before tke b«gh school or
The students the reed of
this work in tke ■rfcul kbrary bought
a et and were given tke opportuaky
Sccoud Sunday in Advent—Bev. C O,
Pardo. Rector
9 00—Children's EarKan-t. .
9:4s—Sunday School. Hairy M
tubba, Supt.
1040—Advent Bible daw. C!»ytof
Moore aad Rev. C. O. Puda. t-nrh
1140—Morning Player and S imn
3:3o—Holy Tl ail) lama, Mr. J.
W. Andrews. lander.
AM n— linnti of the CWnk
especially the Fathers aad Tlathor
o." tke children wk» receive, ar? nge«*
to communicate at tke 9d» A. M
i«nke as there wfll he an ceMntha
at eleven o'clock tkh Pint Smday.
. . '
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, December 5, 1924.
Nine Cases Came Before j
Recorder Small Dur- |
j in Ihe Day's Session
| Tl>.- Kecontor.s court! cenveneti
I lasi Tuesday with she same Judge
|on hi b a:i.f \V safo sol'eltorj
I The sersion was. ir .irc
ot less interesting, v • were
several imp. rtant cases '.o c«u k U -
fir.' His Honor. Jul« Smith.
"i l«e first case calleu tlu:'. of
Sta e fieairist Wit] Chc.-son and i'al
n>Pr White, dralinjr wi!h the pjanut'ac
tai\» a/ liquor, .tiuk-ncr " «f the ci.vrt
was that ihe defewlan's each p..y ; ■
f:.e of f'*o. un«j en t into tena i.'
5K41.00 for his personal appeara:-.ce
lefore the court on ;tie first Toes 11 v
it. May. 192S to show the r».urt !ha !
they have not manufactured or m
eryway handle") Imuor.
The next case was I hat of State
i-eainst Ronnie Wynne, he heinir
chiUTvi with assault on a st»\all
n»«rro bo> several asro. The
»se was continued until IJ-ceml>er
Ifth, the defendant rema : r ; n" usi >r
"be samr* bervl.
Clyde Hodires pleade«l nal , gui.\v
'c h" etitrte of a.vnult with dp; 'l\
weapon and was. a'ter the cvide: ce
vas hcanl, not guilty.
Alhur lee ll'wlges was fin'd
«-rd the costs of 'he action for ops>r
atin»; a car wh;le under the influence
of lienor. The defer«lan* pl'a-'ei'
ruOty in the ca.*? ;
A ch: r»re of assault with dt-ailh
weapon was brought atraiist J. K
Hedrck •>;. th.> St?te. He came into
tut* and pl«-ad'-«l r,n« mil'y hut ' I|"
ourt atljudeetl him guilty. Ju.'jrrwnt
was suspemled upon payment of the
casts of the action.
In the case of Sta'e against W. J.
Ausbon. for operating a ear wl-ile
intoxicated, the defemlant was fined
~r 1 *! the cos*s of Ihe actio;.
! will I? mi R>lKf| 'ha' >usi-""
v'n mar having i> eri«'U
ifk: in front of the home of Mr.
A- II lHinr>*ig. wh«: h : s err ian
nito the rear  nl »f a Fon),
State v* Ar her Mirji n* car»yj r
a cc-Rcealeil weapon. Manning plra-iec
i ail'y a.wi by the cour S.VI
jui>! the costs of th? action.
—TV vs -tt -li. P. iv
i"! siiurk '«:t [-'lb::c hi"l;w;-;
- -4.> IKd prOSM-tl.
;"tate rj Henry Nicholson,
tillo! ar«l failed, judgment ni . i.
Medial Meeting at
Rocky Mount Closes
Successful Meeting ' 4
ihe .Seaboard Milird As..ociat>>i,
of Vireinin and North O.tol ; na cb>s
•! best in ihe h:story of
he Ass«ciat!uii in Kacky Mount »ser*la\
er*la\ after a three day session.
Our own Dr. William K. Warrii. '
|«esidel with his u-ual dignity and
was given a ri.-ipK vote of thank.-
for his endeavors and ruccessfid
!ca>iership as president of Ihe Assori
r'km. I>r. R. 1.. Payne, a fainou* >ur
teon of Norfolk was elected presi
'"etit for the comine year.
A tn-mlwrship of fif'y doctors was
added to the already large member
ship. About 300 doctors from Ih ■
two states were in attendance ami
ill them were highly pleased * "tl
the provuled by tlel
Nash CwUiity Medical Society and th?
ef the three hospitals in th *
The next meeting of the Associaiio
will be held in Norfolk Va., Decem
ber. 1925.
. i
Kansas City, Dec. I—The1 —The Kan.-a.-
City paper which reeen'lv publishe'
i list of Federal incom? tax reports,
fot which it was indicted, was found
?«ot ruilty by Federal Jadge Albert
L. Reeves at a hearing before him
this week
wtalth seems to have over- '
one most obstacles in its way.
That rlau;e of the cons' itu!ion '
guaranteeing freedom of the prs&s is '
aa exeep"ion io the rule.
Theri is i:o more reason for keep- f
ir.g the tax list of the wealthy a
reeret than there is fd the poorest
aad humblest citizen. Ye*, thfie U
a great cry against making income
tax lists public. Perhaps the govern
m«a can raise much more by pablisn
ng than by not publishing them.
The bazaar giv;n at the Masonic I
Hall last erening by the ladies of
the Christmas church was well attend- i
«d and ia every way was a sccce^s.
... _ - } B ~' r :
! *
The loag-time quei.tion, "when will
I "he road be completed" lacked just
I one hundred feet o f lieinjc answered
at ••kiiocking-off" time last nixht.
The promise is that before this.
paDer i. read ihe last natch of con
ftte wiii te pourni or. Iloutc No. ?0
% -.ui William- ton to Spring Hope, N.
' Th? ':.. i p'jce to b? completed i. !
tie bridre over Heaver Dam, near j
*;r. White Moore's.
I? will require several months to j
complete the shoulders and drain
va\ - but this work will not hamper ;
n»!:ic h i: to a small extent.
X." >rk has been c rr ;  tl on al a slow
iv ct oil t hi; project, but ihe contrac
! or- a*v recognized at; jjood road
and ;h»ir work is "done in r.
I i ough way.
! v is certain that traffi: will be
ri.owetl oa the road by th-,' 24th ih»y
e. .his month or probrbly a f"\T days
:• foie that date.
When 'tis road is opened, trartic
cs.make its way from Roanoke rivet
ia Spring Hope entirely on concrete.
As for Number 90 it will soon he pos
.ble to drive from Columbia to the
c; a"e Capitol on improved and hard
-urface«l toads.
The Windsor road will soon 'be hard
urfacd and |>erhapf the Plymou h
r« al v ill he in the near futurs.
Martin ounty is so situate*! tha*
•he main roads |iass through the on
' ire coun y.
Washington. D. C. IVc. I.—Con
hies-s m«tt today and will probably •« -
riain in sr-sion about 20 dayn when linil adjournment will iie.
it looks new as if the pnni'i|i il
»erk to be done is to find out vl.o
is boss in Washington. President
r"«olidge's stock hns «one up and no
ar "cular leadership in eiliier the
I Ase or tienate is in sight.
The most cruel tHnj; to !>«• done
the kicking out of the Republiuin
.r y. Sena'or La Follctte and his
e brothers.:
Sou.e of the more conservative
Mist seem to think they will need
!is quartel'e yet. The Democrats
re more icnerous with Mr. Wheeler,
"hj fell out of lin? just a littl? 4 bit.
'"•.il, h» -hould be excused, he pulled
four "Vllows out of hf Republican
•.■'•rty- s .
Soil ' ifood judges say the ltepubli
.an victory in Ihe election was too
seat to insure peac?, that it would
■ -w«i varring elements and finally
mfad to trouUe. is too . ffeli
Thi-, when thinirs come lo eas>
Preoklent Oyjjtiirs fair wn>
'» *ay who is who ami bos'.v-Uie ei«
CHl'itt'H M)Tl>
Sunday School, 9:45
Morning Worship, 11:00.
Evt ning Service, 7:30.
Ji.-I a brief word about las' week's
••logram. It was really a superb
>re«cntat!oii of our various denonii
rtional cc'ivitics by a very compe
ent ifioop of s|ieakers. We are deep
y i'Mlebtel to our neighboring
kurehes for the con' ribution which
. heir pastois made to our program.
! He attendance was very gool indeol.
ISen the 4'hurch Social at the par
• lage on the closing nigh*, was most
I i jevable. A tiumlier of fine women
assisted in decora* ing the home amt
he making of delicious fruit punch
Itral sure enough good home-bake''
cakes were donated by others. Then
i o top of? the evening, about one
'-endped and fifty guests were served
•tliciou* brick cream and cake hy the
j ;iHs auxiliary, und«*r the d'rec'ion
•f their leader, Mrs. J. D. Biggs,
rhis week's program embraces the
| finishing in a. worthy way our "Scven-
I tv-ftve Million Camjiaign." Our
uota wa ■ $9,000.00. Of this amount
ir, 430.09 has been paid. The |>astor
ird his board of deacons are very
hopeful that the remaining $569.31
-kail be folly paid before the meeting
of our State Convention in Raleigh
next week. To this end our board ami
•heir helpers will make an every
inentber canvrss next Sunday after
nocn for the purpose of finishing this
ear's program and beginning the
new year right and with a clean
kte Every member is urged to com*
Sunday that we plan, pray ar.d re
joice together over n great victory
tor our Cod and our church. A cor
•isl invitation is extended to all the
Icc Je o worship with us. Come and
s.rc how rlad we are to see you.
R. L. SHIRLEY, Pastor.
"■ •
"" *. r.rid Mr'. Drivis cf Jsmes
»!»■» r.-re in town yes'er_ay shop
-1: '•»«.
• • ■ ■
Sinking Funds and In
terest on ISonds Cause
for High Tax Rate
Editor of Tiie Knierpi. -e,
Since reatinis The En orprise dated
I Friday, Nov. 28, H>2t, 1 thought that
I the tax payer, of Martin county
j might be mi guided by a:i article
which I read in that paper, wi'h ref
erence to the increase of their taxes.
As a member of the preceding board
j whose term has just expired, I wish
|to say we have tried to practice
economy as best we cculd with ref
treive to Ihe incrertse of taxc.;. It
'w'k as if all "a:r thinking tax pay
er-. cii.'d rcad'ly see the cause for
hi;;h a\.»s i> to t:,k care of the in
trref t a:;d sirkiitg f'l.-ds on the bonds
; a:n.', o coin* \. T lie moiu'y from
such botiil v.a ; s«nl in building our
S ate highways and helping to build
"imfortable school houses in most of
the 'ownships in >ur county, for
which 1 feel like all of us should !»•
I roud.
The small amourt which was ap
propriated for road work in Griffins
T wnship and the cost of hiring a
County Demonstrator for which Mr.
*'!adf and myself were so k-tnh
riticise»l (ii> that article! only a
mounts to a very slight raise in
vour taxes. I notice that Ihe writer
i f the article is a citizen of our
'••wnship and from the general trend
of his argument, l.e is almost on the
virge of prote.:tine against the coun
ty lending a helping hand in road
work in our township. We are paying
SP cents road tax which is the limit
under our presen - law and our road
commissioners can only keep oui
■■;'d-. pa!cl«-d up with fuß's they re
vive. Surely that man must be
"rea'ly benefitted by the use of the
S'tite highway which borders closely
->t. he west >ido of our township. I
was informed today that the com
nlssioners had rescii.dcd the motion
'or the .ipp.opri.ition () for
he roads in Criffin- Township. Now
if they feel like it is right for the
't;rn'y to spend SSHO.W!).O»i in build
ing roads ami paying for right of
way* and on® of such roads passing
•Tough every township in the county
■•lit tlr'fTin.i, why we will have to ho
..btnisiive but we are all tax payci.
r.nd v/e think we are all entitled to
quill riirh' in road work as f »r a will nermit.
To Play Auiora Tonight, Eight O'-
clock. Ilixie W arehouae t'ourl
In a game that was lianl fought
throughout, >h* \Vili:amstin town bas
ket ball tum defea;c«l >he Ilethei
.uintet last Tu- sday night by
. score of '£3 to IK.
Purvi s ami Britt did the. s* 'liar
ork for th" locals while IJun'ing
made It of ihe visitors' IK points
The local boys led their opponent*
in tvery part of th" game from be
'in. 'ng to iho cud. *
The piayer.s are pot yet in mid
eason form but are expee'ed to be
in tip-top form in the next two week:,
when the'r real sche !ule bfgins. The
•earn will play Aurora tonight at the
Dixie warehouse court aril r. good
game may be expe.-ted as Aurora has
an exceptionally gixnl team.
Go out aiul giv ■ the boyi your
support. The game will sltrt prompt
y at eight o'clock.
The Christinas seals are here. This
year they are going to be handled en
tirely by the Williamston school chil
We trust the folks will lend an at
'entive ear and a willing hand to the
the children as they attempt to sell
the seals The proceeds will go to tw«
worthy causes. One-fourth of the pro
ceeds goes to aid tfie tuberculosis
camp. The remainder goes to the
school. In doing this work the younp
folks are not only learning to assist
the unfortunate but they ate assist
ing In building up their school. Every
cent will be accounted for and the
results given in a later issue of The
Last year's proceeds were used to
ut dHnking fountains in the school.
At present the school heads are plan
ning to ;»ut drinking water 6n the
> utside of the building. This money
i needed for the above named.
161 members were enrolled in the|
local chapter of the American Red'
Last Ruling of Commis
sioners Will Not Stop
Sheriff's Search
Early yesterday morning. Sheriff
Roberson went to Oak City anil went
.wo miles r.orth east ot the town, near
the home of Tom Knight's where he
found a GO gallon copp"r still which
had been run only a few hours be
fore. No one was present at the still
when the officers arrived. Six barrels
of beer was turned out and the still
hi ought here.
Within a mile or two of this place,
the sheriff found two other stills.
One «f lirse was hlilde.i and f"*>ni :ip
|x\-'.rance had not been used for some
time. The other had been used with
in the last few days. Two barrels of
leer was found here, and the two
stills were brought here, where they
have been punched.
The sheriff had been furnish-d with
I'.ood evidence as >o the location of
■ II these i.tills before he left iiowe
The Uoard of Commissioners |a
e«l an oriler Tuesday to pay the
sheriff nothing for capturing a still.
However he says he is goir.g to catch
them any how. |iay or no pey. All be
asks is that the citizens semi him
roirect informat ion-of where they are
iml that he will do th>- rest.
Washington, I>. C., " ec. 4.—Sena
tors ami Representatives in Con
Kress from North Carolina are tak
ing a great interest in the 'propo>*~
(o establish in that State a new Na
tional I'ark, probably in th- Blowing
Kock and l.inville Kails section of the
Itlue Rid'ie Mountains, But 'hey l«*
lieve that every organized activity ir.
the. State should Ret to work, ami
that every individual of forward look
ing mind should do all that can lie
done at once and quickly, to s*e to
it ihat the new National I'ark is e~
tablished in Norih Caroline and not
some other Sta'e.
The recent visit to Washington of
the committee created by the legi*,
liiture ha* had a good effect in Wash
ington and is apparently bearim*
Iruit, to judge from the remark- be
ilig made. Itut Virginia. 'IV en -• *e«-
nnd oth?r States are actively
izing thei' campaigns to ob'a : n th«
National Pnrk for 'her Stiles, an-'
Senators and Representatives o i
North Carolina believe that h-» who'«
population of the State should w get
heliiml the efforts of lh- rrmtnittT
appointed by the legislature, ami that
North Carolinians, irrespective of
section or community, should len««
their heartiest support 'o the com
mittee and otherwise interest them
selves, in accordance with whatever
opportunity they have or can create,
to see that the Park is created in
North Carolina.
The announcement made by Sena
tors Simmons of North Carolina a
few days ago, to Ihe effect that
North. Carolina sliould hav the park
lecause the State is already et|uip
ped with .1 magnificent concrete high
v.ay system, because there is no other
section of 'he country east of the
Rockier, which ran compare in natural
scenic gnindeur with that of North
Carolina and because of accessibility,
lias created interest among Senator*
and Representatives and a number of
Diem are inquiring as the prospect
Migges'ed by Senator Simmons that
lie will aid in organizing a laree group
..f Senators and Representatives to
visit the State, to view the proposed
sites for the park,
Preliminary drafting of the report
of the committee, headed by Congress
man H. W. Temple of Pennsylvania,
to recommend to the Secretary of the
Interior a suitable site has begun, and
it in certain at this writing that the
claims of North Carolina are to be
very carefully console red anal fully
rt ported on.
The Senior Epworth League has or
ganized a Bible Mission Study Class
which will meet every Thursday
night at the Methodist church a'
seven o'clock.
Every I>eaguer is urged to he
present at the meeting*. „
Mr. H. M. Bams fell from his
lira loft yesterday and broke hi*
left arm between the elbow and shawl .
Doc'or* York and Saunders aat the'
! arm and report it in good shape. M
' that it will be several week* yet be
■t*ra Mr. Hurras can make mm of I
p I *
. New Board Rescinds
Two Measures Made
By Old Board
f The Board of County Commits.on
t ers met at I p. m. Tuesday l>»cemher
. 2nd according to adjournment. The
, fallowing member- were nrvsen", 11.
i C. Ureen. chairman. T. 15. Stade, jr ,
John N. Hopkii . J. G. Hamuli! a'td
I H M Iturra-.
The first business of he H-.ari v. as
I to reduce the valuation of he farm
of T. G Manning of Hamilton Sl.'eifl
en account of buildings having '.cen
Taking up a que tion tha* ha-
. I*en iitnotnl by future ix-ards and
one that . houid have been attended
' to a contract we.- awarded W. E.
i I>unn for the installation of wa'er
works in the courthouse. The work to
he done according 10 specifications
i end to cost {7W.2S. This was carried
' ly a unanimous va'e of th« Rocnl.
The mafer j* rtiining t.j making
■-rt appropriation to the Eastern Caro
• " r.:» Chamber « f Com mere wa.- dis
-ussed. It wa- decided not to make
i any allowance foe th>- year 1925.
A motion wa- made by Mr J. N.
i ilt.pkins ami>' by Mr. H M.
I'urras providing the sum of $125 00
for Mr. R. 11. Harri.- for ceriii* for
'he Ward childen. was carri > i bv a
unanimou> vote.
Af'er disced -in;* the «|ue.-tion of
1 'ppropriatinT for the era«'icaVcn of
•überculesis among cat !- , it was de
tided that no apprji-ru'tipi I* m.oie
lor the year 1925
A m>ti>n bv Mr. J C B;'rr- ! i;'l an-'
-econded by Mr. I'urns was mad
■ .ealing with 'he capture of stilts
I' wa- lixfil by the Board that th
count y pay s'.*" «>0 for the capture o'
a* still ami operator and cor.victior o'
h- opera or. There will b* m'h-n
' ■{•ill an officer when be catches a Mil
wi'hout th" o|>erator nnd without th«
lonviction of the operator. The motiot
"a.- carried by a ui-.animou • vote.
The matter of th salary of the
'tdge of lie Recorder's court fo l
.11*25 wa. i!fffrxl to the fir. t Monday
•n lanuary. His salary will -tie ile
■-tea e*l or will remain the same.
Wi'H tiie com n" of the new i'oani
*;in>e doom and defer".', for the iaea>
:re. th;:t Would luWo he* n ni'a urf
■nt *wo r.ppronris-tioTi-' b/ old Hoar
>e re e-nd *d Th * appropriation fo
county home demonstrator involv
. im $ I ..'{On. was made by tne oh
Hoard but was rescimled whea a mo
tion was made to that • ffect by Mr
I'urras ami seconded by Mr I tan
hill. MOJO.I- Barahill. Hurras an. .
Hopkins voting in the afSrma-ive whil
. Mr. Slrde vote«l th. motion.
The nest steo made by the Hoar
was to revoke an appropriate!, mail
by the obi Board. This latioi
. mounting to s2,t*>.ot> was to hav
Rene for roads in ( : rjf!in> townshit
It was re-cindel when a motion wa
made by H. M. Burr.xs an.i -ecoivle
» J t». Ikimhill. voting th
firmativ? w. re ;.!;s.r>. llopkin
11. M Hurras, and J. l. Harnhill. Mr
Stade voting against the mo.ion. I'
«th Chatfinall Green di-c!are.'
.lie motions carrie»l j
The Hoaril then adjoutr. nI to me«|i
he first Monday in J -unary. 1925..
Mr. Theo«lore Roberson has hi_
«hick ens on exhibit at tl.e Centre;
arolina Poultry As.-«*:».tion show is
' this week Mr. Roberao .
is not in attendance and has no
heani who got the prists, but expert
n gowl share of th? best prixes.
Mr. Roben>on expects to semi a fev
coop- of his finest to 'he New En*-
l. nd poultry show to" be held in Bos
ton the first of January. He also ex
pects to send a few of his champion
to the World's Poultry show in Madi
son Square Garden the last of nex
The boys basket ball team of -fce
i-cal high school is in Janvssville tc
•lay competing with the Jtiacnßl.
"am for honors.
Tonight, Miss Susan E Smith, r
Missionary of the Church who t
heme from Alaska oa a fariough
eddrccs the congregation at the ne
■f service at thirty. The pal»
Illc b cordially tasted to still » the
service this eeeanr emi hear Mie
Mr. Crack Taytar is Hi nin til •
1-aabKkaM came m . Uda.

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