North Carolina Newspapers

A iim i ting, of the three Federations
will be Wi at the Methodist church
Thursday night at TJSL Every mem
ber »in»l acd nqtrttiil to he pratir
Sakject to he discussed is "Prayer",
the one great and Mtrihet'«( factor
m the growth of every Christian.
These Kfagi are mm wtuaJ to
■eaten oily, hat th* public is cor
invited to attend.
• Those of as who heanf Rev V. P.
Schovffle preach las: "i ue*iay nigh
were greatly encouraged by the ser
raan he iklinwL ft was Spiritual
aad from the heart. Same of oar
euaesUieo aad religious seal of thi
'preacher that they attended his serv j
aces Sunday night ■ Greenville We
expect to have another pood preacher
to pceach for m m "hr rrn pea
futaeu. We are dctnaiiud with th
leip of God that this great Chris* iar
laity shall not cease
Mrs. J 80. D. Hi*** was hostess to
the Fmteoali i j dab this afternoon
at her haae m New Towk PoMed
to euhuwee the lavfiness of the
terior of the hoae. whir was all open
ed to the guests.
Mr>. Biggs is always a very charm
iKjt hostess and apoa this ocrasior
she made her gaests so mach a* home
while they rmhraiilrrel that tb» af
towmoa was saoa passed.
IB— PtaacM Williams and
Ifiriam Courtney served a sala!
Others besides the dab member
who were invited to enjoy Mrs. Rirgs"
hospitality were Mrv John W. Man
ring. Mrs . J. G. Godafd. Mr* J. S.
Seymour Mrs. Wheelrr Mania. Sr.
Mrs. Wheeler Martin, jr . Mrs. O. S
* Aaderaoa. Mrs. Carrie Biggs Waiiams.
Mrs. Paanie S Biggs. Mrs. W. J.
H~igus. Mrs. P. E_ Bodges. Mrs. A.
Anderson. Mrs. H M. St abbs. Mrs
Lake Lamb. Mrs. C A. Harrison.
Kisses Clyde HasseO. Sadie Harris,
Martha Andervaa. Mrs. L C Beanett.
Mrs. Harrv Meador. Mrs. J. W. Watts,
jr, Mrv Titas Critchev Mrs. Elbert
Fed. Mrs Erab Cobb. Mwes Eva
Wftar. Carrie Deße White. Mrry C
Leggett and Eleanor Sfaahacfc.
Mr. Wheeler Mar.ia m Washiagtoa
Mr Wheeler Mania left Scndax
(u Washington. D. C. where be at
leaded the hearing far the sdec*io«
«.f Federal Jadge for th- Eastern
District. Re wiR return tonight or
Mis. F. W. Hoyt has returned frurr
Washiagton who* she spent several
' Mr W. 1. Stalls atteaadod a land
tie between Tdlery and Eafldd
.'tared by the Atlantic Coast Resit?
I—t1 — t bit week aad was the wh
ner of a Ford liaiiafc car which was
gives away.
Mr. Stalls is satesama for the Sta
• Vboher cars aad be is a great be
liever m Stadebakers bat be say*
that he wdl take Fords when they
are gfeea away.
Thirteen days mare aad the shop
' ping wiU ha over, as far as Christ -
chants here aad tluahui. the last
adnata shoppers vd mere than crowd
tha 1 pi WUe the Omtoa> trade
not jarreasiag h' praport-sa la the
limit od time left m which to do it ia.
Mrs. James L. MrGI of Richmond.
Va. and Mas Derah Stabhs of WB
Wi'h'i""liy. December kd by Rev.
. Fred R Cheaaat af the M. E Charch
Mr. aad Mn. MeCM wfl make their
b J * by the A. C L. raflraad
oa o o
Havmg this day j—Hfl "if as ad
iiiii mt the esta*e of S T.
I'll in. this is to iiprrt alI aer
. i i pab 11 to Me the same wRh lie
>Tbis the Kb day of Dinmbn. 1«*.
II I I 1 I I ■
» s. f
Training of Our Boys is
the Subject to be
Thuisdjy night will be Seoul night
it the Chamber of Ctaocm rooms
and there is nclhiag of oorv im
portance to be disrated. thoagh:
-boot and worked on tha?? the sub
ject of the 'raining of oar boys, and
this will be the sabject af Tharsday
right's meeting.
Oar material growth aad develop
ment of our bays into good men
m«uis more to the making of 'ne
future of WiHians.or ika. sivhiij:
else unless it is the 'raining of the
eiris but we have a well
Foy Scout onmiatiM acd all it
'eeds to accomplish untold good is
he corporation of the town
I as aH meet with the scouts and
l.eir friends on Tharsday night in
the Chamber of Commerce rooms at
eight o'clock ami .-apply 1 the cuoper
j-tion There were only sewn present
H the meeting held last week aixi
the boy* were dL-oppointed Shall wr
disappoint them Thursday light.
Before a crowd of 300 local basket
1 all fans, the local tows quin et seat
the strong Aurora team down to de
feat last Friday night by a sror— of
Ti to 12 in a slow bat iateiesting
tine. Taking 'be lead in the early
part of the game, the locals gradually
increased it antil more than a two to
one standing was had at the end of
•he fame With the exception of i|Uitr
a few interruptions mnde by the
referee the game was evenly played.
Wat..on for the visitors did the stellar
work. making seven of hi* team's IS
foin's A. Ha&seß jr. far the local*
played a remarkable game and great
ly .-tided in the making of his team's
TS points. p.
The team |.oe* to Aurora Wednes
oay night where they will return the
1 game. Friday night they will piny a
return game with Bethel at Robersan
IMrrericj new crap peanaU to
the Association this season have been
exceptionally good. Although h» -ro;.
of Virginia peanuts in tha secton i>
i i. i'ierabi) >h..rt and the farmers
, are away behind ia harvest lag. due to
the fart that the crop was late in
maturing anil land weather delay**,
harvesting, deliveries to the Assori
•lion are only It per cent behind
what they were on corresponding date
last year. Whoa the lateaess af the
I crop and reductiaa in sise is takra in
to consideration this speaker, excep
t tonally well far the prn i ports of the
Allocation. It is coo Aden* I y expected
that deliveries will not only be larg
er this season bat that the nam her of
members delivering wM be greatl)
Several bandied telephone nkenßi
in yesterday attempted to eaeair
'heir telephones arbea a telephone
wire came in contact with aa eteftrir
wire, caasing the phenr i to ring. It
was about twraty aunatrs before the
? rouble could be located aad all dar
mg this tioM the varioas bells werx
steadily ringing The trsabl' was lo
cated hi float mt Stabhs' oMce.
Hr. Robert Everett, af Palmyra was
in towa Moaday etti idmg teat
Mr. T. Joaes Taylor af Rabersan
vflle was ia town yesterday atteadiar
to barinen matters.
Mr. ami Mrs. C. D. Anderson and
Mia. O, ,L. Claik of Tarbor* visited
Mr jad Mrs. J. H. Britt Sunday
Jadge Mb af lilmwiii k
a ttending eoart here lib week-
Mr Julius Parvis was h Bißn !■
Saaday viritteg ft bate.
Mr. Harry Walda of Hamdtaa at
tended court have yastevday.
Mr aad Mr*. R L. Shirley left
Moaday afteraaaa for Roll where
they wiD attend the State Baptist
u anatiea. They *9 retara Friday.
Master Ribut Lee Tthhhy ia the
gtmat of Chatteo W 1 g this week
We wM al mbr Cer
cart, oa Saturday. December SOth.
ISM at IB P. M-. at oar stables,
the Mboiar
neiiism Rtolhaii md C i |i y.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday,"December 9,1924.
Swiss Woman Doctor
At North Carolina
Sanatorium. N. C. IVcwWf 6.
Dr. Amalw Jafoksou, v -jung iraau
.octor of Zurich. Sai'^rHus 1 . b
spending some time a. -he Xortn
Sanctoritun for st.-dv uw
o* tuberculoma. irrs'-jnl
tiai methods in the '•.tev IV.
H_ A. IV.'i on. Supervisor of Me** r caf
Serriw. National -.-*--
twtion. New York City, rrrana
the North Carolina cat •>'
many others in th" count.-y. to Or
Speaking of the m?'hods of tcher
(u!oois treatment in Switzerland iM
bete. "There isn't so much differ*•**.""
she said. "Not so nri'ich the doctor
m do. Give the patient nlenty of ie»"
fresh air and good foo»l; he has to
work out the cure for himself. It is
colder in our country than here ar»*
"■or* protection has to be provided
frr V pitien's Faeh ptfent ku te
have a room: they cannot spend the
whole winter out on an open |s>rr 5
as the patients at the North Carolina
Sanatorium do.
"At Davos and Arosa. Switierfan»i
tl«ere are a number of lar«e private
anatoriums. At Clavadel over Davw
'he government maintains snetii
When asked what she though* or
'be Sandhill country, she said: "Free
very fine' New Yor v is so big. so
cosmopolitan, not so much American
But here I find the real Ameriraas.
' an« too little here; I cannot express
my though's as I would |ik-» to."
Dr. Jae.d»son's native language if
German, (ierman is the langmee o*
'he section of Switzerland fiwr
which she comes. She has never stnd
ied English, but swb it very ovW.
not bavin? been in the Tinted Sla'e
lut five months.
Speaking of different custom, n
Switzerland end here she said: ~lr
my country 1 am Fraulein IW.»
Jacob.on, or Miss Doctor Jrtcohno*
We say 'Mr. Doctor' ami "Mrs. IW
•or", too.
"*Ue have a nuniWr of wumea he
tors in Switxerianl You America'
women, you are so progressive, es-
pecially in politics. The women r*
Switzerland would not care to vote**
On IVcember 5. at o'clock, tb»
Ihilathea class of the Memorial sip
list church met for their regala*
monthly meeting, 24 being present
Officers for the 'Coming year wei
elected as follows: Mrs. l.twimr
I "eel, presiden*, Mrs. Harry Meador,
first vice pre ident: Mi'« SaHte Han».
•ecanil vice pre..i.lent ; Mrv John A
Ward, secretary ami treasurer; Mis-
Vargaret Everett, correspon>t>nr sec
After the business n. th* cla
rdjourned to meet Frklay, Jtuar
kd. with Mrs Z. H Ro~e
Secretary Gore of tbe United Stat.
Department of Agriculture announce
tiom Washington that agrirukur* h*
not fully recovered from
He states that the crop, thus
year are worth 12jOOO,Wt*.n*4t He
for" her says, "it would be i ueUk'
to conclude that the Ame r wen farmer
is done with the of tbe de
I ression period. If readjustment is
left to blind economic forces it wdl
b? many years before that caa hr
•udge What on Paaaeo ; Throagh
Our Towa Ea Route to thnpH Hdl
Jadge Francis D. Winston was i.
town Friday on his way to Chapel
HOI, where he made an eddress be
fore the University law class oa
Saturday night.
Judge Winsfbn can mak mire
kinds of speeches in more different
flaces than any other North Carolh
iu of today, pcrhapa.
Misses Mary M. Andrews. Trateb
W. Page and Elizabeth Gargaacs mm
Mean. W. H. Gurkin, John Wads
worth and John Booker metered to
Washiagtoa and Greenville Saaday
, Friends of Mr. and Mr*. P. L. Man
ga af Petersburg who have beeo
visiting at the home of her mother,
vfl be glad te know that they ase
"mptaiiiM after baviag had mveie at
tacks of influenza. Mr. Hinga was
taken M last week aad wm «Hle II
for several dags. Mrs. Miaga was not
Mr Fre,! Powell of l>arme{e -as
in the city yesterday atteadmg to
Messrs. J. G. Godard aad W. G Man
' today!
Jury Returns Verdict of
Manslaughter In Hoyt
Hotliday Case
The IVcember term of the Superior
cvwrt of Martin county convene.) yes
terday uith Judge W. A. Uevin of
Oxfonl peesiiiing arut Solicitor IVnahi
Cdl-arn of Tarboro prosecutir.e the
Judge IVvin made a short bu- im
peessri-e charge to the Jury. Thus,
composing the grand jury were. 7. H
R«e. foreman; W. J. Hodges. J. W
Hepkins C, L. Etheridge. N. R Rol>
«r«aeL jr, Marion Evans J. L. Haislip
O. R. W. H. Roebuck. Jno
■" R«(aerson. A. D. Gardner. Hugh
!>b-rson. P. H. Brown. V. B Moore
I - Augustas Johnson.
?. SStali: :rd J. S. Meek.-.
The following named jurors wet
f.«r the term, J. B. E-'obod
n. A. ( 'ore\. S. C. Parvis. l. V
Wnl. " 1. R«4»er.en. W H. .\ hi*.
:*J W. G Perry.
Cases disponed of Monday *-.w:
State vs W. W. Griffin, for failing
dip rattle. The case was. nol pros
State vs V rariah Williams, chart*
him with larceny, was continued
aier the same bond.
State vs J., S. Wynn? for havtnr
-nd transporting liquor, was a rase
apealod from the Recorder's court
Ihe Superior court returned a renlict
if not guilty.
la the ex.* of State vs Hoyt Hol
" day. the Solicitor that he
-ooU ask for a verdict of not more
'■ar weand degree murder or man
Mtfcter Holliilay knocked a negro
ever las* -ommer during a brawl aixl
"he negro fell over an embankment
•i nd rwr a blow which caused his
"*alh when his head bit a log. There
was no intent to kill and the jury
1 rvaght in a verdict of manslaughter
The cane of State v« Jesse and Tim
Wiliams. charging them with lareen\
was nol piossed.
The next case was a charge a
-aawt Wmley llaber and Gas Cowan
The defendants plead gdilty of the
L-neay of tobacco worth less than
veaty dollar*. Prayer for judgment
was continued for the term of two
vin ander a bond of I KM), for good
hbivw and the payment of costs
Mad ITJ for the damages.
*"«» ley Owens plea.l guilty to the
•-harge of assaalt with a deadly wea
p«a of which he wras charged by the
State. Jnltawit has not been passed
Stale vs Tim Williams and Jesse
tt dUaaas for tbe removal of ctw
v» the .-ecoad charge against lU
WiUuas boys. They were focn-I
-edty by tbe court and jutlgment vra
| apeadei apon the payment of «>f
easts of "If- action ami |he delivers
•f tbe toii-t ito M r W. S White
Cocrt c nvened this morning al
* "• aa>d :he first case to ccmi up
tiat  f State vs Jack Fa*ilk
««uirj(ifflg .". fendant witii brc.T.y. IV
' r«"ari F; alk was fourvl rot guOty
State vs Frank Griffin war a charge
«-f assault Griffin pleat guHty ami
1 ailnon it was -u-.pen.l- l upon pay -
nra* of f~!»t to l»r Taylor ami
ewti of arion.'-v
S ate vs i. It. ».rile> f»r drivin-t
•s'rmt Sil* while intoxicated wt»
tsalmaed untd a future date.
State vs James for reddest
■ mag was brbught up from the Re
corder's court nd Grime? was focad
tot guilty.
Stole vs John McK—l. charging de
fendant with sedacticn was a case Oi
nolo cnateadere. Judgment *uspervde»l
Mti Jaae IKS upon payment of
casts of Kiln each month to the
Stale vs Dick Steveasan. charging
Miiinno with assault, was contmu
'ed. . v __ ± .
Slate vs Bunk Owens for assanlt
wAh deadly weapon was sCtlod by
Oanu' paying a S&U. fine. IOO to Dr.
J H. Saaaders and costs of the ac
IMIMT, Dec. H. —Abort one mil* of
i ail kM been pmutd on the roan
■ itr the meal iw mile contract
fao hud mmtam rood pit toward
Iriulv m mmt direction, awl r«i»»
■cctaaaL 11a whea finished will
lean a few autes of dirt road he
tawa Wtedaar aad Aalamter. aad a
lap of ahowt eight miles from WW
aar to Wtaawtoa It fa pnrtf ««r-
tah that the state wffl appiupikli
* mm r adbw aad awt of tkat all
the gaps wfl he caaapleterf
Mr. Md Mrs. A. K. Donning are
earettatetor this «caia| ia haaor of
W. A. Deria, of Oxford.
Tt ad ■ yaar renewal to The Ee
-1 ujne before Jaaaary firat.
Williamson Will Have
Community Christmas
Tree This Year
On Monday evening the committee
cc community Christmas tree met at
the oilice of Martin and Peel ard the
following oArers were elect*.:: W. C.
Mr.nnimr, chairman; C. D. Carstar
phen. jr.. secretary; I>r P R. Cone,
treasurer. ahl R. H. Smith, chairman
« f the Tag Oay committee.
After due discussion the committee
*ci«W to make th* program ore 'hat
mould be for the eachaatmert of com
munity ;pirit and th-- Christmas spir*
rather than an elaborate display of
V.'illiamston has rot had uch a
> n~r.iaa«y Christmas ev—rci-e her s*-
f'.re a>l it vr3| a grrat leal n
l»e spirit of our p-ople to pi to
. ih—r !» sue 1 , a K ju*:ful sj.vice a.,
the chidi are held at the
community tr^f.
Committees were appointed to look
the .letafls of he arxi
they wil! b- pablUM in ac esrly i>
%ue of this papt r.
Ijocal School Children
Head Seal Campaign
The Christinas Seal sale campaign
will begin tomorrow afternoon, the
10th. The privilege of selling' seal>
this year will be given to the school
Uys and girls, with a prize of three
cellars for the boy or girl of the high
school selling the greatest amoan' of
rals and a prize of two -lollars to
the one of the grammar school sell
ing most.
last year the procee-U from the
• Seal salej were used for
luying drinking fouatains in the Wfl
!&ms*un School, the cununittee in
charge of the money having decide I
tha* drirk ng fount ait. for the school
were th* most pressing need of the
t wn ani by using the seal sale fund.-,
for this parpose. mo t goad coald be
Mr. Seymour, who ha» be—n con
sulted and who is acting as secretary
knd treasurer of the campaign this
i~ear. says that two drinking fountain..
»re hopelessly made«|nate for Kd
hr-ys an>l girls and urges that ia the
; r'err»t of the health of the children
of Williamstan two more drinkir*
fountains be placed on th-- rjtmpu
In accordant* with Mr. Seymour's
blia, this year we plan to arain use
the sale proceed.-., .--eventy per cent ef
which is retained for local re. in
haying these much needed
I hiring the week, some one wdl call
••pon you to deliver you your Christ
mas Seals. Plea«e buy as liberally of
these seals as you possibly can for not
• rly do you buy attractive decoration-,
for your Christmas packages and let
lets but you buy he;»hh for tie- ciii!
«'ren of the town.
I'ntil Christma . stamp: w.II be
sale ia Mr. Seymour's obre at thr
choo l eivl Ham on Bros. Store, u
• harge of Mrs. P. H. Brown ami Miss
Anna Crawford.—Mrs lake lamb
Iy>l-e Frkk l». V. ir ton of Wiri
vor is atlrmliar cowl km tku wk
Messrs. W T Mnfeg>. Jr lie'
Sumta) to «« fnr«b
I'rufc r R A. Phillip*. of :he
I'Trntbi sftwol in torn Vo-ji-av
looking after ka«ian» uttfn with
Mr. Enoch of Plyiroa*a
and Charleston. S. C. wo* is IMW
)ft>nbj -
Mr C. G. WbiU ff Viater »»•
jr. bu>in»->- ri iter '.• ike e*y jr
Joha L, l» T«r» OM
N«H> Urath mm Dually M
huß, Dec •. John I- TWip«a
Jl .. act 19 jmn, of Dua. art a
I • rnbir death akMt lIJB th»* Ham
ir.K wkra tkr Baack car ia which k«
■as riilinr along tarrwd #w a* the
hard (arfanrf kifkny krtawu
Dunn and Mr aad was kara«d H*
unfortanate j aawf man was f»»|kt
ui.ier the car and karnM hayaai
iwofnitio« It ia Ikaajkt howm,
that kc was killed kef of? 11 jag kan.
HI. While no aw saw the —MI M
L tkaaght that yiaag Tliiyna
swemd kis car to tke left to rwa mr
a rabbet aad ha richtia* it last coa-
InL A rakkit which had heaa rwa
dm aad kflted hy tke death car was
ft aad aear the pana* The an a—J
jags iaila all il that tke car twnaed ewer
twice before coaaia* to a *»•* Sew
al people were attracted to the kam
in* ear bat mt aaakla to iiwia*
'ill jiam —*»■ >■ > >■*
twacd ap.
• Mr. A. Carey JIWI i »■' was a
Vfars TisiU* ia towa this hfter-,
. 1
To Have Meeting There
Soon After Holidays
It is Thought
News was receives! here today ftuir
I eskjuirter- of the Route 3# N-artS
Carolina Coastal lliichway As loeaa'i »-"i
uuiouncinK 'hat the big rmJ mee"
ing scheJul«J for TliarsJay. IV.mb
ber 11th. at Windsor, hs; been pvt
poneil on account of the be y ■ -re
Christmns season
N'a lat ' has been sei for the isn!
•i.* but it will proVbi) tak- piar--
a' ai. early ibte after the holiday
are o\ei It is very iapntfett tha".
the towns on Route » work at thi*-
time for the No. 40 Association is
intent on gettif ; that li. V or- IN
nation*! highway ar.i are ha- a ; fre
• uent and well att?nrte«l ewe in-«
working to that end.
Rasket Ball Tonight
local t.irl- Will Ila «uks|t«
"The local Kiifh school fIU ha»ke*
(nil tram will mrrt Ihf k«h> of
Washington tonight at the Dixie
■ itrhoiisf at fi*h» o't'wk I>B i>
tlie first match cinv thai our (.rl>
have pb>nl this won and the
Washington t 'am i» one of the *troac
es* of this «ctK>n The Washington
I,'lt have ilefratnl IV Rocky Mew"
1- ..m ami other strong SfmrJ'." - •
'his year AMI arr already AI hone OR
tl»e c.>urt while our girt- are mikm
the>r .Unit tonight- So let w» r» '»
•he warehouse tonight ami ttiaH b>
himl them, whether ihey win M Iwoe
The Ereretts»t boll b») > a*»-'
»irls came over to Jamesville U'!
Tuesday with the in'ention of *ir
'«t bjth (amr
First the guU went on th* rati!,
with"both spirit ami bl«wl in their
e>e* The K»rrrtl> girls 4>i «•>«!
work but the r:H. w*rv
too much for them. The Jiwr- iltr
rirl.s won over their opponettf- with i
>hut - out score of 2K to U
Nest came the ftgbt l#-*!*r n ll»'
h)s of Kveretts an.l thr h». • ef
.'alw-vill The Etrwltj htr anl ir
Ok i amr trtih high hop* U( «'i
l>aii>lr« bitter Mrat by the Jr»».
Jmnr.svillr trim when a -o»r* of C
to 0 was m>ie - Reported ... ,
The (aril cluh m t wit! Mr* Tr»-
' riVSer U! Ihur .lay -
*i».m three-thirty t* lw» lkir J. Hur.
-orr «r»~ iruxlt- by Mrs J. (> lk»!iw
:nd she ww three lo el
'ur Iki-rrhnfs RrfrMhaen!'- coran:
iuc of lee cream, fru.t rake mk| Jrf
etl ilite- were *erre.t
Kd-tor W. H Muellr v f fcr* fc.d.
i rvMiville HfraM wa.- a tiutar ■ «ar
Messrs, J. G. Godard. Jr. aa>d J W
MaRMiK are atteadtax a laa»J «al
in Rabe#aaaviM» today.
The Woman's Aanliary »( St. Mai
ta'i Parish will meet at the Mv«*y
Hall Fn lay afternoon at few *'H«A
They will a turkey diaaft. bn
r bazaar, and a fe»ti*al at urkL Ice
 mm. cake, chicken salad, etc. *#l
be told. The pmkbc it cordially m
tiled to attend. ,
Mi* Sallie Harr* an.l Paal W
Tnitod fr«md* ami i*h'im aa Sc»»-
1-nH Nrrk SciwUy
Mr. J. P. Ktu> -prut Saafa; r»
TatW* with irialhtt.
Xmrv Harold Emrtl, JM EKIH!
Willi* Pool and Mayor IIUMD. a®l
W. C Manninjr. Jr. ■limit to Hi»
IIM. Oak City and Hitpil 9aafai
Mr. MD MIL Wahrr Orfa mm «F
Aiwdie vu**4 Mktim ktn Sa»
\Hr. IM Mrt I. K. Bb«a a# Saf
Mr. Brace Wjtaie BA a tear of
urml (aatrni tam last Smmimf.
Mr. tijaiat Tsjfcr ipcot IW 4ay
Urt Saadar. rjato* WM
w, LnbUa. Kalfagi. lt I >at Kick
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advebtisebs will FIXD out
"■ ■ ■ | ll 11 ' ■ ' 11 "
A -core of 59 to 2 tells the !ak
of the JamovillivWilliasastee k«a
xhoolr ka»krt bail (imr hit Fr»l»y
 n the Jinmriße coaart. A me of via
i cine **>■ soon Taauhtii from the
minds of the William-'or. b*y * «litu
the Jamesvjr UJ oQsd op a beg
lead in the beginning It n$ a case
of how nan) could Jame-ville g«t
=r>l how many Williaaaston coaM
k*ep Jamesville from gettrn*. Pook
e> for Willijnuton made Kt> tna'f
two Um points when he cage»i two
-ho»« from the foul lir.e The James
"T* wi* more r- nljr divided.
t«r the* all partook of ; -e feot..
Art-i w*iilt> our bn)> were -uffrrnf
•verwheliaine .Wfji, \| r . Charlie
* kew was in a fris+.ful state af
B 'wl to the statement I* hac
■nade before the inw He tot' the
'-.iwr-vilV K»y> if the. *>. aM wir
It * vfoTr *>' to |*t ft w.miM givi
them a hik of cotton He nui nar
f*t the bays "a" hale «.f c>"toe ha
rt seems as if he is »n.i*>f.»rd to ther
"o the extent of three-fourt.* of a
The Jame-ville fiv, -eents to h
ha*tnnc all the bono-in "he way •
Ka-ke* hall, havinr defeated ever
"w playe-i by their *his season.
CoL Meekins Is
Favorite Candidal-
Friefvl* of the sev*»ta* can-it»lat#
for Judee of the Easter- IVtnrt «,
North Carolina are becoming very a*
tire for their various r.* r-.iniates.
Hon Herbert F. Srsril, Col Ge
E. liutler. Hon I B. Tinker uiJ Co
1 S Mtrkin> are 'he f»«r leadir
ani each ha- a lance fc
!«tn? Hon Marion irutler ts «
or ~e. .ioinf all he ran tor i'.rwtt
• ieonre ar«i hoth Ve.-r Tucker at
II ai - well indor-.-i ll.>«rn
at r»m kn4- as if ("ol *ke Meekr
i- the safest of all the rz •folates ;
he ha> the endorser* a; of Ck ■
J«a»tice Taf" of the I" S. Suprer
c- urt and this, generalh. ha> ma
weight with the l*re-*le;.* in appw
mt Federal iad|{rs
IV Haram dass of • Mewt«t
Kaptast rturrh entrrtai:...l last ere
It|t with an oyster rua-l at the pe
« r plant Pie Xurviay school classes
!»r J.-hn 1» llirr- an-i Mr R
(urtiej anl frtrrxi- the *tl
>wr»ia> -chool- m to* n v guest
Jo-ire IVvin of Osf 1 ard f
IknaaM Criltam of TarWr® who a ■
•t!«»(inr court here. « . • truest* •
If nor at the iwast
The aulair was infori J -in«i »n "
(«unt of the .lownpour A rain, »
had to be ilo««? away wi
i:«-w*ver. the hour wa peat w .
I Wa-antly in mnversal.wi aad C
|aitaku« of he r-)n t uf kk»
« \-|e»^
>E* M H«MI|. HI ILO * G
Maiton. N. C-, IVc. 7 —The i>
•Im«I haild-ng at the 1 lertjr «*!«•
-ai aule.- -■•ath of h-rt, wa* ban
early this morning. It t> the iuu'*« -
(paaiaa that it was barwi by *.k
pun; who las been coeaneet-d alt-
Ihr geaeral wrangle over the *h
wlurh has been goinr oa for -
I iae The warring have til
• n th- matter to court .several time-
TV building cast with sl* -
r» • in-aranc*.
y— lay wit at the home af Mr
J G. Caltiaia ■ Grift i- towms a.
Mif Mittie Cohra-a became the h> :
Han i jtei performrrr the rerrm ■
l.arntflou pcrforwimr the or'ma "
A I nrfre nambrr of frierxl- r- --
•Anas w»re pre-etit j t the cen'ina"
M.>- RoVr w is the bee®
•»aa«fcter of Mr. arvi Mrs. J. G. C> -
Uam of Gi iftn ' ownshap x*J m k »
n high esteem by h-r maay Hn t
Mr Rilnnw is a pn>ma fuur
U that tawwhip aarf has many haul
who wfl he iateresteJ to haw af
„ i •
Nit V. T. Mfaiawi. Mrs. FVr JC
Caritaiphea. Mrs. L C hmill r-m
Mr. Urn r>i 11 »«n 111 the GO^-a
KILC llili il rf IMU*
wa. a visiter hm J-

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