North Carolina Newspapers

Tic heal lobacro market will re
DUB OPEN for another week. In'il
>wteri«y the warehousemen though,
that it would be wise to dose tod*,
W! idfKsis from farmer* ana
friewds asking that they keep opei
another week caused them to ?hauire
the date for the dAsiag.
"All the buyers who have 'we" • n
this market his month will cw I»B;
ca through the coming week and
prise* are expected to continue hit ■».*"
'■aid a warehouseman this morn in i:
Mr. and Mrs. S pro ill Spam left
yesterday for their home -n Oree.j
jriDe. Mr. and Mrs. Spain an ie their
low while in Williamston with Mr«.j
faerie Carstarphen at her hoii* tn
Man street.
O'e-terday mominx S. O. Mas or, .ju
traK D»*v>, both rolnrni, he 1 a
mnnilov.- escape from death when
r freight train of the Atlantic Coast
Line demolished the F«ni coopr in
which tfaev were riding. Davis i.~u
Jmii? the coupe ami had ittarteu
irros- the tracks at the crossing near
the lirht plant when the train knocked
the car to one side. Mason says the
•riwr stopped the car before attempt-
MS U> cross but friled to look up the
Hack o see whether a train was com
in*, a* a result there is a Ford coupe
rw««e • everything torn asunder save
ite engine and one glass. Davis was
wt on the hand, but not «rio«il>.
Mason escaped injury.
When the train hit the car Mason
stated that he was so afraid he start
**• to crawl out and that Davis w >«•
so frirhtmed that he couldnt move.
The train was traveling at a loa
, rate of speed but was backing into
the mHw and the wreck was not
seen immediately by trainmen. bu»
the train was halted within a few
> yards of the crossing.
Peanut Deliveries
Exceed Last Year's,
The pranul Growers association i>
•*«* Mroon|«d by much larked de
lnfr*s than were received last year
TWe association is getting daliveries
Turn Many members who did not de-
last year
Many farmers in some sections of
the peanut belt are delivering thi
'«ax«« under the one year contrac
I tan. Several Martin county farmers
are signing for this year.
Cotton Croo This
Year Sells for Less
Tfftmn 1923 Crr n
The 11/M.OOt bale cotton crop of
WW is worth $4*0.0u0.000 leas than
the IOJMO.OOO bale crop of I»2S.
Siiurthmf «7onr somewhere, som
h»*. Can we think of any other
'thing *e much depressed as cotton.
At their home on Main street, Mr
amd Mrs. A. R. Dunning entertaine i
Ito»br evening with four tables »'
I ridge After several rubbers a'
were played oysters on r K"
half shell ud a fruit salad were serv
ed . vi
Mr. 8. F. Freeman of Washing:«r
•as a business visitor in town jester
day aad M course, he could not help
uakhf a social visit too, aad Tra
gi! lag his aaaay friends a warm Land
Mr. H. E. nadgea of Bwifjrt
CMMty was in town Thursday. Mr
Hedges was the socialist candidate
far Governor and was in the General
Assembly of North Carolina.
■f Mr. W. L Spencer of Swr? Qui'tr
spent yesterday in town on knisN.-
Tnw b' re Mr. Spencer wan to Fiy-
Wiwth o meet the Hyde. Washing
ton and Beaufort county drainage
if attorney far the lanuain iani
Mr. A. E. Manning of GriMn, w-s
--h town yesterday.
Mrs A. T. Crawford, Mrs. Henry
Crawford, Mrs. Oarrie Biggs Wthiams
«nd Mr. Hairy A. Biggs matowd to
Cimill* yesterday.
4 K. Walter Page Hines of Bothy
Early Jeeuer Wake FMd. B cento
par hand ed. Can or wd* Wa.ter
Mr. Ransom Roberson
Now In Washington
Mr. Ransom Koberson of Jamesviik
*»» d the misfortune of having his leg
k mashed Tuesday afternoon
* .ei, 'Ruling an iron beam from
"J* • Tic to the highway bridge at
Ci'- -ri creek. While unloading the
tiUch weighed three thousand
pc. ■ , it fell upon th; leg of Sir.
R-bernon, striking it between the
k 'f -nd ankle and crushing it al
•rt- t-t into a shapeless mass.
Dr. Warren was called by Dr. J. E.
. i.ii.nv ck of Jamesville to aid him
"• trra'/ag Mr. Roberson. The wouol
man was immediately removed to
"se Washington hospital where he
aaji. to be getting along very wen,
U". the doctors think that his leg
'..i1l kave to be amputated.
Mr W. A. Hart, commissioner of
the Str. e highway, has issued s state
ment :.i.nou\cig thai the Tarboru
•■ctHfl link of Route No. 90 wBI be
cptae«l tomorrow night.
The openir.p of the highv.-ay on
Si'a.A*:; nigii* is fiv« .lays-ahead of
'he time set a f:w days ago, will
K- f» much to p.ople goinic from
PpihH to Tarboic for the detour
!_vs not alway been good.
At The Strand Theatre,
Paramount Week, 15-20
Monday evening. Golria Swanson
wil appear in "The Humming Bird."
Gloria Swan son is a very popular
mcvir actress among the "devo'ees"
of the screen in Williamston ami will
piobably meet a full house Monday
To the first fifty ladies purchasing
» pair of this famous hose, Margolis
Rrothers will give a free ticket to
see the show.
The management announces Para
mount week next wwk at the Strand.
Hid he assares movie fans the best
of pictures. Zane Grey's "Call of the
Canyon" is amonfr the list with others
equally as rood for the other nights.
H C. Bryant of Wilmington is
«*-inr It W. Vann. also of Wilming
tun St r 125.000 for the alienation
f-f hL- wife's affections. That is a
mighty small sum to repay for the
destruction of a home and if guilt y
Vcnn «houW not only be required to
ray that amount but should be re
moved fr >m society by fastening him
in >«ne dark prison where he would
be out of reach of decent people.
Raleigh, N. C., Dee. 10.—Thre?
i risoners discharged from the State
i ri-on recently were presented with
checks by Warden Bus bee for a
i. can's of more than two hundred
delars each, representing "wages"
•'ue them.
Prisoner* receive from 5 to 15
tris fcr each day they work, the
amount depending upon the Hassifica
ticr of the prisoner. "A" men, who
-re the ""honor** prisoners, are paid
15 cew*s per 4my. "B" awn JO cents
aad iai snlgfcl— an paid five cents
each day they work. The prisoners
rvetage SIS to |45 per year
TV M uc allowed to draw on
•heir funds from time to time, but
the priwa dtoiali see that they keep
a (Md M— to be presented to
'Leas win they an discharged. Dur
ing the holidays, many of the* pris-
CMI draw apwniU raajrinf from $S
•« $lO to be ftasA in pwrhvinr (rift"
for their lAim and friends. They
r eMom draw an their funds for any
ether parpose.
The prisin supplies each prisoner
with one package of smoking tobacco
or one ping of chewing tnbacr> every
■ath. n—nlli papw are also far-
When a fisuaer is discharged he
k gfm a tamplite outfit, including
a suit of dathaa, shoes, and hat, at
the —y —of the state.
Some of the oidtr fihiairi hare
aa mnch at fljMO to their credit at
the INiaw, it Ma said.
lb 1 . Julian Hardissa of William*
Uumikm was a visitor in the cHy
thh afternoon.
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, December 12, 1924.
V\aynesville. X C. IVc. Judge
Gariand S. Pe*lgusor : died at Ms
home here last nixht. The funera!
will be held this after: N>.l at S
(■'dock at- the Methodist church and
the bo«i; will he burk-i in th? Grren
H3I cemetery.
ju«tsre Gcrianti S Fergit on was an
«-ConWerato »oMier. a member of
Company I", 25 N. C. volunteer*. in
fjntrv. He was for m*n> years on
th, Superior coat: bench, holding
coart in every county in the State
Kr was popular among the people
c ur~ officers and lawyers. He was re
tired ami place i on the emergency
iutltre list a few years ago. holding
specia' serins of court when called ar.«
relieving judges when they were
sirk or disabled.
The firl- basket hall t»-»m of "ho
W'ashinpton hich -rhool defeated th»-
'u al girl.- in one of the most interest
ing iran«e> of this season on Tuesday
i>ight. The score was 27 to IS at 'he
«inl of the came hut hal our girl
maniMl up to the earn.- in !h- first
half there prohablv voiiM haT» heci
let* riiffmitcr in the rumber of
|m n's.
Th~ W;;sh«n; r tf n aicgrega ion »va- a
»ell trained ar.«l clean pt;.»in iMi.t
and .'"sjittf fh 1 life's of th«j rami, i*
mm very interesting to hoih the lora 1
• d Wishinrton fans.
Mr and Mrs. T. W. fiavenport
spent Surxlay in Windsor.
Mr |jee Chesaon from Windsor fc.
werkinr here for a few days.
The lywesm number WnliKjahy nig!i'
v. as enjoyed b> a larir- audience
Mr Jf r&. A in.-it > and >Uu(itn,
M»ry Kathl) r, Mrs Woodley and
M !>» Sira Ui>. Johnson motored In
Ri-'k Mount Satunlay
34: - Vtutfl Hnk of K«ck> liouii
\bil«l at lh- home of Mr. ami Mrs.
Jihn Hin».
Miss Kuth Thompson anl Frc»i
Wiggins of Kocky Mount were hi
Itwn Sa'.'jplay.
M.f -t*> Louise Sitteraon, Annie
W. and P. T. Long spent Sat
in liu-ky M«
Mr J. II Johnson maie a business
I r.p to Washington Saturday.
|TS*TSdiei Aid society of the Bap-1
Ut churr|> met with Mr*. F M Har
reli Tursli) !U) bt
Mi. La-ssiier was out oi to v. . iin
firs; of the week
1o the Editor:
You ha.-e asked !h«- |U stion. What
is the crying need of the town of
li>rboro ?*
It is Duni'' ■ tly a want of public
sp rit in the p-pi'. this they .houhl
have ai.ti e&press it by a pract>all)
i.urking community interest. Wo
f' al.l be more hlc - .'i>e fa-* h 'rs, if
arrstl. . j rhcrh! s'rifcc ). from th-
ou'sid- it hi.s tv.rv b.v. -f anything
tecoir. a on the iiiMae, j«.-
sets promptly to re-m-'dv the
trouble. >s
I'iifortunctriy, too ran) of us »»
like T« mmie '-nut his gn;/iriu. Tominw
v> suffering agonies, as he felt ar»f
tbou.vh , in his sUmach. he kept
cryinr ar. I whining, ar.d grandtr.-i
kept trying to make him -top; To.r
mk c mill not stop, as the pain did
not s'op. lie became tirci of hu
(.ran fina's nagging him end he de
livered himself of his bit of wisdom.
"Grandma, -he doan gear who belly
«rhr juifc so her belly loan eke."
Tarboro Southerner.
Columbus, Dec. 11.—Alexaader
Kuszik, 30-year- old Akron youth,
ud die in the electric chair at the
(lack tomorrow morning, far the
marderV his CMMM.
state peoite itiary shortly after 1 o'-
Eliszbef h N»a. who spare* I ku
proffered love.
Governor Donahey late today de
nied a last minute eppeal by hi*
ctautl that the death sentence to
Tfcis plea was suppieawated by the
testimony of three alienists to the
effect that he was not mentally re-,
spoasMe far his acta at the time
taU that ha was tadac tomorrow.
 ase of County vs Peo
ples Bank Deferred to
The March Term
Tho criminal docket was complet
ed Tuesday morning ami the civil
docket of the I December tern- of M ir
t«n Superior court was begun in the
i fteraoon. Th.-re were a f*w ca~~
tiled aii't gotten off the doeket dur
the sftemoo-i and ih» case of
*5. rin count) vs the Directors of
People.- Bank was set for Wed
:' -day momtng.
C ounsel *e.r bo h shift were most
t'l present and people fom all wr
t e county were here to hear the pro
c»-edinjr>~but the defendants itrrx 1
a petisi&fi to (Kit the case off until
March term of the Supe*--'«r c.»urt.
T i iv 'lVvin granted this to t'e ■'«
f' rciai.ts The cour* then nlj.rirA>l
m«! Jul ire Pevin l'eft for h'> u>.ne at
M i«t-> ear examination* hejjin n
*"e.» >v .lay morning, I VcemUr 19
ar.l fun Friday noon. For the
p »s'.j *e, k the hirh -school has been
veryi busy rpri»winit the pan fern
ninths' work prep-ra.ory to the e»
rm-Aj>l iobb. The srl Warship of the
' • >' -rhool has shown gradual im-
"since the opening week ii.
ptsmh.-r. Needless to say that this
impri'v.-mrai has lieen due to the
Ke.rtjr cooperation on 'he part of
* - h teachers ar.l students. The spirit
*' i p'rit of loyalty ami cooperation
"ii the part of the boys ami pirl>
ertandy deserve, common, la' ion
Mi?* Moxy. director of the Junior
Itnl fr»«* work of Pitt county, was
r vif-tor at the local school on l)e
--cfmber 11. In a rfhort while she, a*
isted by Mrs. J. F. Thipen. or
■ an ire.) the local school into a UNI
-er cent unit. Miss Moxy appealed
» > ih boys ami girls to a sist her In
1. preparation of small Christinas
'»xes for the boys ami Kirk of the
rick„>n countries of Porto Rico, San
'K-in'i!?#, the Virgin Islands and
 her possessions of the I'nited
States These boxes are now being
Packed by the boys ami girts of each
•~"-lo. They will contain inexpensive
 ys, uch as rubber balls, tops, tiny
K. 11., .'oap, tooth brashes, etc.
Tlu Christmas Seal* are being sold
by th« boys eihl girls of the high
school Thursday ami Friday. We rea
lize hat money doesn't grow or.
tr*e> nevertheless. it in hap* .1 thai
the folks will patroniw these boy:
srnl i iris as liberally as possible TV
money will be handled with care and
p certainly will be devote*! to a
(r* i two fold
Lite science da&t was a \ i dt»r at
I >d.-ley-Lilley ice plant >»■ la-t Tne»-
*-y. Mr. IJnd*ley very kindly con-
*».«■ I the cla.-s through the plant
i • ; Med to the interest of ft'hr trip
by •->.p!aining in detail the Use of
t very pi *ce of machinery. The cta*»
":.k»s up the .study of such enterprises
in th« class room. The theory is then
r«*-enforc?d arnl « mpicsixed by prac
•i«al illustrations.
Mr. Chas. C. Ware of W»L-on was
t. bur tress visitor in town vestenlay
!>:•! ' his morning.
F-n-isd* of Mi.-# Mit tie la>rel]
\ ill be glad to know that she n te
tuvfrim from her recent illness and
to be out in a few days.'.
Mii H. T. Roberson ami Mrs.
IAI' V-r Peel were in Washington for
i shirt while Wedn-**day.
Mrs., L. J. Chapman, Mrs. Gladys
Ch»H»s and Miss Mvrie Chapman ac
companied Mrs. 1. L. Williams, who
bad beea visiting them at their home
in Grifton, here yesterday. They re
turn—l last night.
Mr. Edlow Harrison, Mrs Henry |
Lyons, Mrs. W. A. Stiilman and Mrs
Otis Jackson of Plymou'h w?re shop
pers here yesterday.
Misses Evelyn Harrison, Olhre Mar
rfll ind Sallie Harris spent Wednes
day afternoon in Washington.
Mrs. I- P. Horn thai of Plymouth
• nen' yesterday with her daughter,
Mrs W. B. Watts.
Mr. ami Mm. Frank Pa'tersoa of
I A-bury Park, New Jersey are visit
ing Mr. aad Mr». Arthur Anderson at
I heir home aa Hanghton street. They
aade the trip thvaugh the coantry.
You will have to wait until the 2S
of this month before yoa can cele
brate Christmas, bat yo ucaa pay
year suhvript ion renewal now— doat
ha— to .—M| -
Cemetery, Fresh Galas liana,
bronze or'rreea, 10 dk banch f ffc
Give us yoar orders early— Mrs.
Jm. Pope, ML*. W. H. Bins.
Committees havr been nam"! for
takng care of all the work that will
have to be done in connection with
the- Community Christmas Tree.
Th» Day Committees have not been
r.amed with the exception of the chair
man. Mr. It. H. Smith. Tltese will he
rrwl in the first issue of next week
* Ivn h» days for the Tag Sales will
-- Ktifl also. It is now expected that
l cy will be Satunlav, the 20th ami
Wednesday the 21th.
Th- ennmittees named ;.re:
Puncha>ing Commi'tc?—K I*. Cun
rmrfam. chairman: I*. 1». Cone ami
II H Smith
Peroration Committee—Rev. C. O.
P»r>l-». chairman: Mrs. 1. C. Ilennett.
Miss Kmnu Robert*on. Mirv Roy Gar
linns Mrs. A. R. Punning. Mrs. X.
1 Crwii and Frank Margot is.
C-mrai'tf for seem IIIR names «>.'
a!! fS:Mr*n in lown under the age
•■f IS—J. S. Seymour, rhai.ntin, J. C.
A.mlerson. R. |*o|ie. 11. >J. Stub'. . VV. C. Manning.
Committee for p: >e.ri:iK stwkin)!>
Mi*. G. 11. Harrison. Mrs. J l>
Woilanl. Miss Eva I'eel. Miss Laura
Orl>inN Mrs. J. W Andrews. Mrs.
Dilha Carson. Mr.. S- R. Mrs
11. M. Stabb., Mis- Margaret Kverrtt.
Mr* l»aisy Pope. Mrs. J. l.nrrriKT
l« el. Mrs. 7. II Ros« Mrs C I) Carmar
then. Mrs. J. F. Tbigpen, Mis-- Chr >•
tii- iv-dd. Mr> J. W. Watts' jr.
Yesterday afternoon last mirh!
h..-|» the boys and girl of t'ie local
hirh h.«ol met te teams of the
l.i :t., high school in two spirited
t* laps of h . ket hall
Ihe boys iilayeil in the afternoon
in Kvor.tts in a well balarcod ami
dtse rame with a score of 17 to 15
in favor of Eve ret ts.
The girls c:im.- last night wa - very
spin'e*: but the WillinniFton girls had
the -.te on the Everett girls because
the Everett girls had not been Usr.l
•o an indoor court. The scoie was :tj
ind 10.
Bishop harst at St
Peter's Cliurch Next
Sunday, Washinirton
Wi- !iin»'iii N. C. I >fc II.—'IV
Rt. R«r Thomas C. r>»rsl, l»: l>..
|!i>hnp of East Carolna will be lit
Waskinrtoo on Surxlxy. IW mbrr IW
f« uitm}lK. He will be the preacher
zl the morning service in St. Peter's
L'pi ; 'ptd churrli At thf evening serv
K* h«- will perform the Apostolic Rite
ot C-rfinnatron.
Tb Twentieth Century club net
Wednesday with Mrs. D. 1.. ("arson at
the home of Mr. J no. 1.. Ilavcl!
Ko. -he occasion Uie home Jwas
|.ret'il> decorated »ith winter greens
1. rxt narcissi and after the proKiam
tor the afternoon was over the hostess
assisted by her little daughter, flet-y.
served -leiiciou tipsy cake, chees»
straws and coffee
The program for the afternoon wa;
on the life ami works of Walter llines
Page »nd Mrs. K. It Crawford had
it ma t interesting paper which cover
ed th* aihjtcl in a most at'raciive
Mi . Carson rea-l a short biography
of ih s most illustrious North Caro
linian ami Mrs. J. O. tiodcrd, jr. had
cmrrait events-
Mrs. J. G. (kaUril, jr. an>l Mrs
Oscar Anderson have isnu«t invita
tions In a liaiKt this evening from
figlil thirty until twelve, to he given
at 'he home of Mrs. (;«Url in New
Messrs. J. T. and Carland Harnhill
«>f Everet"f wrre business visitors
fcrre last night. 1 -
Mr Cfcas. Roebuck of Everett was
if ihe city yesterday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Crawford ami
Mrs, John D. Hint* attended the
Baptist State convention in Raleigh
Wednesday -
Friends of Mr. F. L Mi.iga of Peters
larr who k ill at the home of Mrs.
M. E Peel, will be glad to know that
Lis condition is some better today
than it has been for the past several
days. He had a relapse the lirst of
the week and has b~ n real sick since
mm tine. ' —
Re* C O. Parda and Mr. H. M.
Stabbs ■«« in Washington yester
day for a short time.
Hans. Loots Manning aad Noah
Gadard ■■lnrrl 'o Washington yes
t*»day. r ,. ~v
vlovemcnt to Raise £2OO
Sponsored by Those
The Boy Scout rowtinjr last nijrbt
' is no! itlrikM by a rr- i! many.
I ul j 'pint of Miwt iifsire 'o help
k>')» iwr pr vaul
Several of Ho. - present a;.| gv©.t
•' :-Rs a boa: "he work «»f the present
oat orrafixation. Superii.'e: .rent
eymour of th* crs.W school w*>
' er> earnest in hts praux- of the WB
amston srouu. placing special em
hasi> up>m the honor ari«i iitfitnt)
1 f the He Wvvk th'ir
i- »rk- arv • !*■ .lined growth fr«-i tb
•>o>l >ee»l mm m th* ra-rx! an-i
learts of the boy by Simon Lillet,
Mo.' are u .i i«r gn*»-i
r for W b> —»me il'rwt ffttimn
icnt anil it behoove> the fathers an*i
"lother of the »own to !•> all the>
.an to make MMb of their boys.
I toy *k: uv m nvol- t o'Heg pea
-Vs pr>»ier:v. the\ v »J1 hot take
' t>>b«r. uf • off ilie hinri«. ware
. farmer- hor* ehen he routes t»»
'v wn. •!e»ti»> birtis nests nor unneees
iril> hurt any thu» TK»-y will not
cmilcate the i»wt nor inak -port of
he feeble.
'hi lh»* other hi'vl "hrv are lutlil
•fa .■»»' r—-. .Seed wn iliy anil
. > CMflrt >t»WB ;h. k»-*-l «.i.i man
• hft«ri>r r*v| .my He i!«nf The%
• r>' «-su*rhi ilai a .—■!*?. truthful b»;
lake- a im- :er man Thet are taueht
'-■> pi)" r-.jvet to MK-'kuml ami to
iain>ain ihil mailt pr>-i —el .»n thai
nak« - the iaurl ei - and si.-
• r-i nmtlirr- of nm man safe
Th" soil thir.i- -mil- to hr that
!ipn* fathrr> not t«» -ee the
oint and a;wl da not come al->ir »it 1
mail l.'!ut>M> in oiier thai thr
ork may t»- ina.v nv..!.- fffifKii:.
mbf iCi* imff "and help mon>
•eople. .
The i--|»r» -—uta .ve ;m.t fu»ui»d
b thwy > .11 I.V si a'out >3»« of
'a*jß th>- alts ~u,.: rvs|Uir-l to far
conw a wfmfa r of the tn  ourtt y
'Toy l«uw I Tk..- |irf «-tit
agreed tn !• >ii- ujr >f the
halaoc? if :he uim.ii mmM. The
• l urch |«rrnl thought it >afr
to say that -he vnious chu.rh »*
' a n:.iliu'.. of 'l* lorn 1 wotilo see
I* l thiit« iione
fJarbers Ilecome
Wealthy (.roomingr
Knclish Women
I uiwWK. IW II —IWm j*'\f («,-
le v. hu jluwl despair of 1 wkiiil)'
v»«:nf Uklh - an.l oM it-»"
in hit ii: * I ikrir hair iwt lure
ine toore • in-lfal trt'lui) of * hat I
this fa-H'oft nut-- te-ult in T'V p?*
•licl ifar lo- ' ! in«r •> of o»lrri> iiaki
a d inati..ti' «r.|| W kVatnlM' I I v
» 'ir> mm'. wA. a*' ■—u i»h .« . i
•■i-h appear* I ffciwl tl«e o
,t|ft»mneM aiiaov |«(r«lii~ h cotr
loy j. r>4f j»r>.f- v mKlt ar«l farm
«-rs. 3i*i hrherto largely f.nPiiftl
'i> th * nfl* of the specie
l£«i* the Ir-dse-. **ar an>'. «U a**
.-till nukin; th- a to'den 'are for
Mr. K. Howell Tavlor
(Joes (o Raleigh Bank
Mr E. Howell Taylor of *:«e hwl-
Vrt|>inr ilrfartnr ii of th' Martin
fount y Sa* m;* »« i Tiust «-.l l*a*e
Sumhji for Ral*-.-o mliw ««e ■># te
imiMitFr J the 'o l ir ••'•part
D'nil »f th* fstiie.-s Wiora' Bai.k
of Iha* rHj S"B v eomid* tin.' fep
I.U: ti B*i
ness co!!e»»e. Rarhmunrf. llr Tayrjor
has bwi with the lor. I hank ar-l ha -
inal-' many frirads in Willi, tn-i'-n am)
•hi- strtita who will regret to see
him fear*. Their faf»l wish*-- will (•
'with him to his now Kear
is DRsnomi I»T TOE
Gmukan. Dec. li—Mr* Ii iMIi
Camtt had pfaua«i to crMnte her
95th birthday today Relative- aad
rcifhksrs would hare visited her a»
the tint nf er ms. Jen Oarrett, with
vhon »he lived, nbuut 14 Bif* snath
of Green-horo. near Cable's church
instead at 3 o'clock this after
naon all tWt is left of har Mr. ■
few charred kaH. HI he hnd at
Lowe's chafd A hahy's casket
painted aitids. very i dltMi fcr
Ckmtaas peaneWs «a display aft
• CQ. MiimV
AbVEtnsegs WILL FIND out
[ T>e Villtuijtte boys won th«r
■ram- frwn RsM last nijfht with
•Or ret ic»i u oeaaonstrate that
tH« fftfliinhtiio team is worthy of
the best IT. th» State. Hav
ing in. a c-iatuT floor that ra. as
h*r»t a- I «a>- he town team
r La\e»? a ipioviw cam* of basket ball
I: * iliuaaw »v« fast ami an rate
u* tea! .homing. Beth'! was well
trati»«-> -mi* in passing. The ;ame
wa *vi jfayei! in true - ports
iKiii-iil.' rmanaer by both teams.
•*n T"»r*>4ay .the Town Team plays
Waskbrtw f« a header ui
tN- lH»» Tliis same
b»- a tsrjller a> the Wa*htn*-
lt*t b»»y . are fast and have th- repu -
'►tier of fcaviaur a rmt tesni At
»«* rale »hey wfll plaj against a
■ team «h» W a rwn n:«me arvi wlen
ty'of- pen
! The garner night jr? be
» pitM a* broetii games Mr W
>1 StoneJ rajuuir"- of ihe Williams
on te-.-m ha.- a iwrr n ace of
'he **c* *94- to the v u"K»u>
rbitrc *4 me W sl'iai?i-1«i. Th»re will
I* fvur brirl niw, oiw for
1 .*cb rhtnk T*e gamr on Thursday
right will lie as a benefit game
for the I!pr.-tf"-»ui3 chvwh This how*
c,« «pirst on th» pirt .f Mr
Stone 2b4 She b»v. «i the team This
H.fbe ku»i of sparjt that belji any
Mil I I fM>*Tl»\ I.OHKI l l;
i.o>»: to >mi\c u K'»i* \ i ive
The 'r>p "o Aurora tmik tlii pep
«ut of the V lluin iiir town team
last Mobeaby ' and the'came
wa- l«i-t to the Jrodf Aurora quint
15 a «r»r» of Jt to li
Th."- ...» I- » \u««- i w:i - he out -
'all. Ok »«ar • " Ox (i« •. -i. ikir.K
I". of ha. tram* points. IV playing
> f the Aurora ?
that- m«j,g Alru'x'.*. tut W«l m|A
• So far tft dliaun-ton ha- woe four
»t ■>' H*r ramo a;*! ha- a s) "»ini;
»,f » Fimar a rating in ha ket
tall or this action
Kural Carriers Have
(firistmas l>ay "(Mf
I'.i.r a- wf lie iura] mail »■ vte
iff nrrol to their mail the
I* s-f "Af •as if it will W li*t i i Vn
e» »t lra.| «ft ree days before " >r«»-
•la If hi* hr « ne no har '-'. Vps
«I' It Uliif-* —i --■ Irw, hut lUe
I- -t r»'isu-» t -l»»eiD.JfNl upon by tie
I. Irw. the ttmns will have a l.anl
?hip ' S r»-t upwei atxf an «nnc(s
«ar* .■rw*.
1.*.-- r%ittiaa- was tjehl as a Holi-
hr. th- rural carriers of the I". S.
tor the ftr.f tine .«nre the fv steal
wa ie-bUii*4 Tfee Itepartmen' rea
l-iin? the «alne of the day to its
thou- krids of earner- has decided to
fat 'he hol'viay n force aeain th'i
year So if Santa flans ha.- not ar
rnte.t n the rural distrirt.- hefor«'
• hi L. Ihy. M ui3l le too laU*.
I'»~tn*a-trr Pr*» is lioinc every
thin* poo-iMe -« as to he prefwrsl
tor the rash, hut unless you help out
2 Irrr'hie rM*st>M wdl he prevalent
n th - pool «dfcres-
Hrraks Shoulder in
Basket Ball Came
Mr W T- MemaovK. jr. had the
■ni-tfortnar tn heeak hi- shoulder
h the Etmth Williaat
it a ktrl achaal Imht kali puM.
The was kzmg plapad in Kverett
end « Sni kh Wrikr was broken be
wa.- rushed to Kakersoavtlle where
nwdiral atteatiua was lanill Iml aad
he wa.- aklr to refurc home late last
TW. a the i prsn taae Back has
had has I irfbi h>»hra aad he has
aba hnd it knuhtl mm t rf pasitiaa
srrrJ lam.
IhfutaMt ataee «■ dart a !• day
sak. dferwt la the flHr aterrhaa
dise at a Reel the valaes men
tisa m the*- ad in tkas inane.
Mmrt. J. T- Prior, Hark Hartoa.
We wUk •» take this appartaaity

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