THE ENTERPRISE Published Every Tuesday and Friday by the ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING COMPANY Williamston, North Carolina W. C- Manning- .... Editor Subscription Price (Strictly cash in advance) 1 year ....... $1.50 6 months —... - .80 8 months .45 Entered at the post 6tfiee at Williamston, N. C. as second-class matter under the act of March 3, 1879. Address all communications to The Enterprise . ■-i HAS WILLIAMSTON HIGH TOEALS7 Irfk "Believe me, my fellow country men, the only people in the world who are going to reap the har vest of the future are the people who can entertain ideals, who can follow idea In to the death."— Wood row Wilson. THE OPPORTUNITY RIGHT HERE AT HOME A good place to live seems t« be the desire of most num. Yet we too often fail to use propory judgment in making our selections. The thing that calls us generally is the accom* plishments of others. We rush where improvement* have already been wrought, where the roads, the bridges, the houses have already been built and paid for and the lanftx already cleared. We rush to tlw reaping* rather than to the sowing We had rather spend than to earn. We see people rush to the places of beauty and wealth, often passing gold en opportunities that they tlit ni.vN t might build up a good place to live. The real man is he who designs his place in society, social and business life in the solid rock and pecks it to perfection himself rather thun .to ft dapt the country and improvements of the other fellow, just because it is easier. What wc need to do is to seek the places of open opportunity; where we may be able to build, our! own cities and monuments. Then we should seek places of op portunity, such as soil, climate and! location. How about Eastern Carolinu as a! i good place to live, if the soil, climate] and location count? It is not u far statement to say that we outclass Florida and western North Carolina a long way. They may be good places to live and spend your money, but if you really want a good place to live and make your money stay where you are, the laws of economics make east ern North Carolina a good place to live in. There are few places,on earth that have -more advantage* in- fertili ty, transportation, climate, uniform rainfall, close to the best of markets, with purity of race, than eastern Car olina. The land that not only feeds itself but others. Those who are looking for a place to live and who are willing to work! for their living should come to east ern Carolina—a good place to live. FOREST CONSERVATION AND RE NEWAL CAMPAIGN Will Martin County join the forest conservation and renewal campaign to be conducted next week? Many people who are bom and reared among the" trees fail to appre ciate their importance and value to animal and plant life. A The trees furnish shelter for prac tically every living thing. Th? wild twit not only finds rest under their ■had* bat protection against the storm and cold. Man makes a further use •f the tree in building houses in which tolta. There i a nothing is all oi God's creation so generally used by every thing, both great and small, and •verywhera, a# the trei, except tlie air and the prater. / Then ft is important! that we con- serve the trees. We can plant u seed _ -jlimL Gikl will produce a tree, or we carrfurelesaly drop a match and burn down thousands thut have required u a ctintuyy for growth In some countries where they have -passed the wasteful stage, the forest is protected by laws equally ay strin gent as the laws which protect the barns, stores, and homes of the peo ; l' le - In our own -eountries wo have laws aguinst fires and forest destruction, - yet we do not enforce them very ' much. The actual loss by careless 1 and malicious (Ires in our \>wn coun • ty is many times greater each year * than from all the stealing done in the ' county; yet we i'md few lire cases on 1 the criminal docket, while we find the > same docket crowded with stealing ' cases. ' Timber experts say that it is easi ' ly possible for an acre of land to ' Kfow all the way from $1 to (!> in timber value* each year when proper care is taken and fires kept out. U takes five years to grow a long ' leaf pine live ne lics high, While it will grow 10 feet thf oixoiid five years, 1 This makes it very dirfieult to renew ' a long-leaf forest where the land is ' swept each year by tire. -The young and tender plant is nearly always de stroyed before it gets, a start; and, * again, where hogs range the long-lea!' *. ♦ pine is usuallj destroyed; the voting j plant to be gnatly relished by the hog, which root:i deep into the clay to get the tap root, of the young tree. I Two-thirds >!' all the land in Mui- J tin County is growing timber and i j every citizen of the county owes it to sj himself to assist nature all he can to ' help in the growth i. ad development 1 of the forests. s DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS IM POKTANT TO TtlE VOTER , Democratic conventions will be held . in every precinct in North Carolina , either tonight or Saturduy, according , to the Democratic plan of organiza . ; , The root of good government springy from the convention—the peo- AWNINGS" ' |K asss^'l M^k - ,J ', -.-' ■ , ; . ■ - V '. It pays to buy from us.. We put thetm up 1 " , " ' Harrison Brothers & Co. * - , ** *, , WILLIAMS'!ON, N. C. ' - ' i ple. , if every citizen would exercise his full duty by attending his convention' making his wishes known and demand ing his full rights at the hands of his representatives we would have a bet ter government. We too often let the other fellow fix things and we do the * "cUssln' " afterwards. Conventions are just as essential to good government as seed are for the harvest, because the voice of the peo ple is .Democracy. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF RESALE OF LAND Under and by virtue of the authori ty contained in a certain deed of trust executed by John E. Williams and wife i Mary A. Williams, on the 2nd day of I Nov,, 1923, and of record in the pub lic registry of Martin County in ! Book N-2 at page 41£», to secure cer [l tain notesTof even date and tenor ther. i with, and the conditions therein con ' j taine not having been complied with an at the requnst of the parties in- T teres ted," Haiti land lia®TOl(.f'l"rßßir'S6tTl and upset bid deposited as reqired by L law, the ndersigned trustee will on . the 30th day of April, 1920, at 12 o'- clock M. in front of the court house ' door in the To.wn of Williamston, N. • C. offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, the following described pro perty to-wit: 4 Lying on bolii sides of the Atlantic , Coast Line Rail jtoad near VViitz i'.i'l iiig, bounded oti the North by lanis ' of Buck Williams, on the Last by u lands of Ransom Robe'rson, on the South by lands of J. M. Hopewell and on the West by the lands of Noah 1 Roberson and Henry liiddick ccn > taining 60 acre , more or lest, aivl - -being the same land whereon said ' John E. Williams and Mary A. Wil liams. now live and being same 1.-md r j willed to the said John E. Willie 'lis i in the Will of John 1). Williams and Polly Williams. . This the 29th day-of March, 132(1. ELBERT x. IE Kl., Trustee. ' aV2t j NOTICE OF EXECt nON SALE. North Carolina, '•■ i itm Countyf John I'elion. Vum. (iewfliry 'Vlton, -vs- VYi'linmston I'uttpera&e i.*». Ily virtue of an execution directed to the undersigned from the Superior 1 Court of l'erqu'nians County in the • above entitled action, I will on Mon day, the 3rd. Day of May 1926 at 13 o'clock M.'at the Court' House Door ,! of Martin Count t v sell to "llu; hi 'host .. bidder, for ens?., to satisfy said ex ecution all the right, title, and in terest \vhich lh(' said WiltiHiTCiton . Cooperag' Co. I l ' fendunt, has 11 the following described real estate, to wit: Beginning at an Iron stake in tlie ; edge of Roanoke Rivgr and 150 leet from a wire fence,' Running dowr the bank of the river at the water cage nt Normal tide to the mouth ''itch, | near and just above the old rail road 'wharf, then westwardly and North Westwardly up said ditch to an Iron ' stake standing 105 feet from a wire fence which crosses said ditch, thence eastward ly a straight line to the be ginning, containing 7 acres, more or less. This the sth day of April, 1926 H. T. ROBERSON, Sher-lf a'J4t I NOTICE OF SERVICE OF SIM MONS BY PUBLICATION l _ ; North Carolina, Martin County, In the superior court. Oak City Horse & Mule Co., vs. Mines & linrrell, a copartnership former ly (loinx busin; ss in Martin County, composed of liattie E. Mines and Lizzie Harrell. THE ENTERPRtSL—WILLIAMSTON, N. C. LEGAL NOTICES The defendants above named will take notice that a summon* in the above-entitled action was issued a gainst said on the 9th day | of April, 192G/by K. J. Peel, clerk : of thu superior court of Martin Coun- I ty, N. C., which summons is return able on the 9th day of May, 1926, ■ before said clerk of the superior court of Martin County, said® action being instituted to recover of the defendants the .sum of, two hundred twenty-five • and 00-100 dollars, due plaintiff by the defendants on a note, which note bears interest from May 1, 1923; the defendants Will also take notice that a warrant of attachment was issued by the said S. J. Peel, clerk as afore side, on the same date' against the property of said defendants, which war rant is returnable before said clerk " of Martin County superior court at the ' time and place above named for the ' return of the summons, when and ' where the tteiendant is required to ap pear and answer or demur to the com ' plaint or the relief demanded will be granted within the time required and r ~ tuiri down by law. This the 9th day of April, 1926. R. J. PEEL, .. ; the superior court of Mar tin County. ASt dlti? ' Hugh G. Horton, plaintiffs attorney. NOTICE OF SALE Under and virtue of the power oi sale contained in that certain deed V oi trust executed by the. undersigned trustee, on the lbth day of August, and of record in Martin County !i! j;isUy, in book Q-2, page 125, se- I curing a certain bond of even date ' | therewith, and thtj stipulations not having been complied with and at the ,j I - quest of the holder of said bonds, tiie undersigned trustee will, on the j 7th day of May, 1926, at 12 o'clock , noon, in front of the courthouse door . ol Martin County offer at public sale to thc"Mghc»(r bidder-,--for c— h» the j ( blowing described tract of land: s Lots No. 17 and 18 in block Oof J liif Crown Field plot and lying on ..'unicsville Street, in the town of Wil- I lianiston. For a more definite deacrip t ; on see land division book No. 1 at I I page 274 Martin County records. * One lot on the east side of James J ; viile Street, on the north by Ernest j ( 'lonian, on cant by Jameaville .c . 'i the south by lot No. 12. now owned i'j C T. it ill, on the west by John being a parallel line with Jamesvillo Street. __ I This the 7th day of April, 1926. I J. G. GODARD, Jr., i>lfi 4tw Trustee. SALE OF LAND • I by yrlue of an order entered in special proceedings in superior 1 court ot' Martin County entitled Hugh - feat SAVE PAINT and LABOR COST with moat durabU ready lor UM Paint made with one gallon LAM SEMI PASTE PAINT and Ikrw quart* of Linaeed Oil, thereby making ONE AND THREE QUARTER GAL LONS B««t Pur* Paint coating only $3.00 tike gallon. Jjalsbury, Johnson Co., Inc., Hamilton I Hardy Hdwe. Co., Jnc., Scotland Neck John C. Bond, Edenton LEGAL NOTICES 1 G. Horton, administrator of Fannie Melson, deceased, vs. Mrs. W. E. Hay wood, William Jesse Melson, et al., the undersigned will sell to the highest bidder for cash at the courthouse door in Williainston at noon on Monday, May 10th, the following described , property: > Being one house and lot on east ! side of Main Street in the town of ' Williamston, the said lot being 63 feet '■ by 171 feet, touching the lots of W. A. ' Cherry, Mrs. A. T. Crawford, and be ; ing in that section of town near the 5 courthouse. 1 For a more definite description ref -1 .erence may be had by referring to the petition. S This sale is made to create assets to pay the indebtedness of the estate. ' This April H)th, 1926. B . S. J. EVERETT, -HUGH G. HORTON, j al6 4tw Commissionei s. ~ e ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE 1 Having qualified as administrators of S. S. Hadley, deceased, iate of Mar tin County and State of North Caro lina, this is to notify all persons hav - ing claims against the estate o»' said " ii w \l to r °°^ — SSr-J locked tight! 1 i shinned roof that LOCKS OUT fci _/ |fl n wind rain weather! Each shingle I \ 1 r S locked flat on all four sides. Good-look k n JiCjJ riPM. R. / tag— fire-safe. What more could you r 4B A Tfi IHHr possibly ask In a roof? e F f icj You'll like the new Barrett Wedgelock k ( Shingle*. They're laid right over the old 7 IX y roof —give double protection. I V i__ lr" Come In and see them- Prices? Better it than reasonable. J NflGHßOft.: Some windstorm lest nlghtl Aippetfslot /Vi _ i . . _ t o* the old shingles nght off my root. CfIaOKSC *9l^? OWN EK.' "te'irfv® me I'm glad I Apt my now roof , A , on In time. Those shinjtle»«st»v locked- f> , ,/>„ -- J&^rm t bgrt to the roof-no mltter Cw h«rdlt J j * Sscrett Wedgelock Shingles 1* i , Supply Co. Telephone 265 Williamston, N. C. PENDENS ~~ YELLOW FRONT STORES LOOK FOR THE YELLOW FRONTS Where Dollars Go Farthest TYPICAL EXAMPLES OF HOW YOU SAVE AT OUR STORES VAN CAMP'S EVAPORATED MILK, tall can 10c SWEET POTATOES, Ready to serve, large can 16c COLONIAL PEAS, sweet and tender, can 13 l-2c 1 ______ I). P. PEACHES, Delicious, can 25c Health-Giving Vegetables Morton's lodized Salt 11c n *> Cr*«io-lui+ti Q n «. n K„ o , Recommended highly by physician* generally. it, 1 . opagmill, O OZ. pKg OC Contains proper proportions of iodine necessary Corn, crushed, No. 2 can .... lie he *' th ' > Tomatoes, No. 2 can, 3 for ...,25c Calumet, lb 29c Beets, cut, No. 3 can 20c America's Biggest Selling Baking Powder Succotash, Blue Ridge, No. . Curtjce Bros Jamß) 15 oz jar 27c £ can 17c. Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Clterrj BAKER'S YELLOW LABEL COCOANUT, No. I can 17c — D. P. Catsup, 8 oz. 15c Lard Compound, lb. 16c BLUE BOY PEAS, No. 2 can ; s 25c CABBAGE, Fancy Florida, large heads, lb 7c Armour's Veribest Franks, ..25c Gold Brer Rabbit Molasses... 18c £ Hound .. No. 11-2 Can RAISINS, Sun Maid, puffed, seeded, or seedless, pkg. 12 l-2c LAND O'LAKES Sweet Cream OUR PRIDE BREAD r tt t t r p 21 ounce Quality machine BU I * KK wrapped loaf 10c Pound Cut From Tub d p COFFEE p - The World's Best Drink— OOC Prove it to yourself 0 LEGAL NOTICES deceased to exhibit them to tne un dersigned on or before the 13th day of April, '927, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 13th day of April, 1926. W. S. HADLEY, Z. V. BUNTING, Administrators of S. S. Hadley, de ceased. - al6 6t Martin & Peel, attorneys. NOTICE OF SALE jßy virtue of tne power ana autnori ty vested in the undersigned trustee, by the terms and conditions of a deed of trust executed and delivered by Ned Williams and wife, Malviney Willf&ms ij 0. S. Anderson, trustee, of record in ihe office of the register of deeds lor Martin County, in book G-2, page he will on Monday, April 26, i'jlf). at 12 o'clock m., at the court house door ol' Martin County, in the town of Williamston, N. C., sell to the highest bidder for cash, the following reai estate in the county of Martin, State of North Carolina, to wit: i beginning at an oak on the Ballard j road between Ned Williams and Jor-j (ian Williams, running thence along LEGAL NOTICES an easterly course along said road, Jordan Williams line, to > rid oak, J. £. Ballard line, thance along J. R. Ballard's line to a poplar on Gilliam Ridge, M. W. Ballard's line, thence a long said M. W. Ballard's line, to the t>aid Ballard road, thence along said Ballard road toward Poplar Point, to the place of beginning, containing fifteen (16) acres, more or less, same being whole of the tract of land where Ned Williams now lives. This March 22nd, 1926. O. S. ANDERSON, m 26 4tw Trustee. Gilliam & Davenport, attorneys. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having this day qualified as admin | istrator of the estate of Raleigh C. Bailey, late of Martin County, this no tice is given to all persons holding i claims against said estate to present, same to me for payment on or before April 15, 1926, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. Ail persons indebted to said estate will please come forward and make im mediate payment of the same. April 16, 1926. DENNIS BAILEY, al6 6tw Administrator.

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