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Jamesvile road, Wednesday. Please
return to Luke Miselle, Williams
ton, N. C. pd
nut Hay and Field Peas. Hay in
t good condition.—Joshua L Coltruin
Williamston, Route 4. a64tp
young woman bookkeepers, stenog
raphers and salesmen, learn in a few
weeks in the oldest business college in
North Carolina's largest, small fee,
easy terms. Board and room for boys
and girls in the dormitory reasonable.
Howard's Business College, Winston-
Salem. N. C. mch9 16t
Red and Ancoma eggs, 11 and $1.25
per 16, postpaid. Oakhuret Poultry
Farm, Williamston, Route 8, N. C.
a*- 2t
I wish to take this opportunity to
thank my friends and neighbors of
Martin and adjoining counties tdr
their goodness to me during my 26
days illness in the Washington Hos
pital. This applies especially to those
who so kindly went to my home and
prepared my land for this year's crop.
I truly hope the good Lord will repay
each and every one of you.
. er»; all conveniences. Prices rea
sonable. Mrs. T. W. Thomas. a2O lmo
North Carolina,
Martin County,
John F. Felloe. A dm. UeoCrev Kelts®,
WiUiamstsn Cooperage Cm.
By virtue of an execution directed
to the undersigned from the Superior
Court of Perquimans County In the
above entitled action, I will on Mon
day, the 3rd. Day of May 1926 at
II o'clock ML at the Court House Door
of Martin County sell to the highest
bidder, for cash, to satisfy said ex
ecution all the right, title, and in
terest which the said Williamston
Cooperage Co. Defendant, has in the
following described real estate, to-wit:
Beginning at an Iron stake in the
edge of Roanoke River and ISO feet
from a wire fence. Running dowr the
bank of the river at the water cage i
at Normal tide to the moath of ditch,
near and just above the old rail road
wharf, then westwardly and North
Weotwardly up said ditch to an Iron
stake standing 166 feet from a wire
fence which crosses said ditch, thence
eastwardly a straight line to the be
ginning, containing 7 acres, more or
This the 6th dsy of April, 1926.
H. T. ROBERSON, Shorn?
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in a certain deed of
trust executed to the undersigned
by Marion C. Jackson and wife, Mane
Jackson on the t2th day of January
IM4 and of record in the public reg- j
istry of Martin County in Book Q-2|
at page 10, said deed of trust having!
boon given to secure certain notes of
even date therewith and the stipula-j
tions ia said deed of trust not hav
ing been compile with and at the re-1
quest of the parties interested, said
land having been sold and upset bid
made as required by law, the under
signed trustee will on Monday the
ltth ay of April, 1926 at 12 o'clock
M. in front of the Court House Dovr
In the Town of WiUiamston, N. C.
offer at public auction to the Highest
bidder for cash the following described
Being a certain parcel of land ly
ing and being ia Jamesville, K. C. ad
joining the land eof Manning and
Griffin and farther described as 'o.-
Being a bouse an Ist in the Town
of Jamesville, N. C. located on thej I
corner of Sunset Avenue and Brown
Street, ad joining Brown Street on the
North, Sunset Avenue en the East,!
Manning nnd Griffin sa the Be«tfc and
90 Day Burt Oats
Buckeye Incubators
isi I i
\ Maine Grown Seed Irish Potatoes- .
Larro Dairy, Chicken and Biddy Feeds
** 'M , ' . - * #
Nissen's Wagons, Cart Wheels and Axles
••. { s : v ' & ' ,/• -v
C. D. Carstarphen & Co.
Geo. M. Burroughs land on the West
and BEING lota NN. 6 and 6 in Block
C, of Mrs. L. M. Brown Land Divis
ion plat of which is of record in the
public registry of Martin County in
Land Division Book No. L at page
Ms. ———- • , ;
This the 2nd day of April, 1926.
Trustee. at»2t
Martin and Peel, Attorneys.
Under and by virtue of the authori
ty conferred upon us in a deed of trust
executed by Louis Rbgeraon and wife,
Mamie Rogerson, on the 30th day of
March, 1923, und recorded in book of
mortgages 0-2, page 401, we will on
Saturday, the 22nd day of May, 1926,
at 12 oclock noon at the courthouse
door in Williamston sell at public auc
tion for cash to the highest bidder the
following land, to wit:
Adjoining land owners M. D. Taylor
Buck E. Rogerson, and Ben Bowen und
Mm und Harris.
A tract of land in Martin County,
State of North Carolina und Bear
Grass Township, beginning at a light
wood atump on the Washington und
Greenville road, thence N. 17 W. 161
poles to a pine, atump, Ben Bowen'a
corner, thence S. 59.30 W. 76 1-2 poles
to a forked sweet gum, Ben Howen's
corner; thence S. 30 E. 12 poles to the
Washington and Greenville road;.
thence with said road N. 39 W. 43 J
poles to the beginning, containing 75
This sale is made by reason of the
failure of Louis liogerson and wife,
Mamie Rogerson, to pay oiT and dis
charge the indebtedness secured by
said dead of trust to the North Car
olina Joint Stock Land Bank, of Dur
This the 14th day of April, 1926.
■2O 4t if Trustee.
Formerly First National Trust Co.,
Durham, N. C.
Under and by virtue of the power
contained in that certain deed of trust
executed on the 28th day of April,
1919, by Samuel Wimbush and wife,
Mollie Wimbush, to the undersigned
trustee, said deed of truat being of
record in the public registry of Martin
County, in book A-2, at page 108, said
deed of trust having been giveu to se
cure certain notes of evon date and
tenor therewith, and the stipulations
in said deed of trust not having been
Robersonville High School
Wednesday Evening
April 21,1926 v
8,00 O'CLOC K P. M.
"Hearts and Blossoms"
Direct RE**: Mi KM Elizabeth Hunt
Accouipaniiit: Miss Marx Adluns
Mrs. Horace Manning, who believes in dreams Mezzo-soprano
Rachel Rogerson
June, her daughter, young, pretty, and romantic Soprano
Hilda Ross
Marie, her sister, younger, just as pretty, and even more ro
mantic (Contralto)' 1 Louise Roebuck
Harry H. Hoberson
Phillip Brandon, his nephew Tenor
Norwood Highsmith
Jerry Higgins, poor but promising Baritone or bass
Alton Rogers
Malindy, a young lady of color Mezzo-Soprano
Ruth Whitfield
Samson Bonapart, an ebony-hued bell boy ... Baritone
Summertime Acquaintances at Sunset Lodge
Eileen Delia Louise Roberson
Betty Loulee Parker
Bruce , Paul Wildman
Bob - Clinton House
' ' • " DWHII
Jeannette Bullock, Mildred Taylor, Kathleen Ross, Violet Rodgers,
Marjorie Bryan, Gladys Everette
compllied with and at the request of
tl.e parties interested, the undersigned
trustee will, 011 May 3rd, 1926, at 12
o'clock m., in front of the courthouse
door in the town of Williamston, N.
C., offer for gale at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash the fol
lowing described property;
A tract of land in Williamston town
ship, Martin County, State of North
Carolina, adjoining the lands of Ma
jor Latham, and John Tyner on the
north, the lunds of T. S. Hadley and
a tract more commonly known as the
Gus Mizull tract on the east, the lands
of Tom Mills on the South, and the
Greenville and Washington road oft
the west, containing 181 acres, niore
or less and more commonly known as
the Sam Mobluy home place, and be
ing the same land conveyed to Samuel
Wimbush by H. H. Cowen and wife,
deed dated l)>-cember 21st, 1914, and
of record ir. the public registry in
book G-l, at page 494. Being more
particularly described by metee and
courses by a plat made by J. R. Mob
ley, surveyor, on March 21st, 1919,
and on Ale with the Federal Land
Ilank, of Columbia, S. C. —
This the 31st day of March, 1926.
06 4tw Trustee. >
Under and by virtue of the power
j of sale contained in that certain deed
I of trust executed on the 2nd day of
I December, 1919, by W. T. Robbins,
' and of record in the public registry of
Martin County in book A-2, at page
335, said deed of trust given to se
cure the payments of certain notes of
even date and tenor therewith, and
the stipllations in said deed of trust
not having been complied with, and at
the request of the parties interested,
the undersigned trustee will on May
the 3rd, 1926, at 12 o'clock m., at the
courthouse door in the town of Wll-1
liamston, N. C., offer for sale to the
highest bidder for cash, at public auc
tion, the following described land:
lieing lots No. 2 of the diriaioa of
the J. G. Godard farm, near Dardena,
N C., known as the Tarkle Neck of
Jones land adjoining lot No. 1 and
lot No. 3 of the same division and
the I'iney Woods road from Dardena
to Jameeville and containing 87 1-2
acres, more or less, as will be seen
from the map made by Sec rest, C. E.,
and recorded in land division book
No. 1, at page 478, reference being
made to said map for a more definite
This the Slat day of Man*, 1926.
n6 4tw trustee.
Will Be Here
Thurs. April
Gardner Bros. Offers A Sale
•4-■• ( * t ,' • ■ * "
Beginning Thursday April, 22
Such Values Have Never Been Heard
__ ■ .
Of In Washington. You Want Have
Any Excuse So Far As Price And
Quality Are Concerned.
200 fast-color shirts
that sold regularly up to
$1.25 will be sold as long
as they last for
Manhattan shirts that
sold for $1.50; $2; $2:50;
$3; $4 and $5 will be sold
as follows:
$1.50 shirts, 2 for $2.27
$2 shirts, 2 for $2.77
$3 shirts, 2 for $3.77
$3.50 shirts, 2 for r . $4.27
$4 shirts, 2 for $4.77
$5 shirts, 2 for $5.77
Neck Wear
All neckwear that sold
for $1 and $1.50 now 77c
All 50c neckwear, 2
for 77c, «-
Notice - Important
Just a few words about our 77c sale. We believe the good people of our community
will welcome this saving: event and we can truthfully say the merchandise can not be
* sold for less. We have left off profits and in some instances taken a loss.
We told you 77 was coming. It is almost here. Be, ready to meet it and take advan
tage of the wonderful things it will offer. Be on hand the first day and get your choice.
Remember everything will be reduced. Clothing, hats, shirts, and underwear. Boy's
wits, sweaters and underwear.
*" • ■ ' ■ . ,:, t
■ 1 ■ 1,,
„  i *
Gardner Bros. IncC
Sale Lasts For Ten Days
$1 and $1.25 grade ... 77c
On all $1.50, $2 and $3
grades just add 77 cents
and buy two garments.
Supply your summer
wants now. You can not
afford to miss this op
Knox Hats
All new Knox hats
that sell for $7.50 and $8
regularly; your choice
now for $5.77
v You can not buy these
for less than $7 any
Straw Hats
$1.77 52.77 53.77
A real bargain hat
sale. You can save a dol
lar or more on any one
you buy.
Men's Suits
Every suit a new one.
Look them over at
$14.77, $17.77, $22.77 and
We will not quote you
the real values of these
garments but will let you
judge them for yourself.
This is your last real
chance to buy a suit and
save the difference.
Boy's Suits
Lot No. 1, now $7.77
Lot Not 2, now $9.77
Lot No. 3, now .... $10.77
Lot No. 4, now .... $12.77
Bring your boys in and
buy two or three extra
pants, caps, and shirts.
Underwear for boys re
duced so low you can't
resist buying.

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