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    Advertisers Will FW Our Col
■ui i Latchkey to Over 1600
Hoaee of Marti* County.
Sev&ral Prisoners Escape
From Jail Sunday Night;
All Return Except One
■'lV* . • • I
One Remains to Teliae
Story to Sheriff
* Sheriff Roebuck lost his first pris
oMrs early Sunday night when a hole
wm kn'K l "" l in the wall and four
crawled out
An has been the custom for years
the priaoMßi who are held for minor
offenses are given iay time privileges
on the outside of the cells. The Sheriff
had permitted George Lucas, a white,
man of Hertford county who was held
for ponawing liquor, Prim Sherrod,
colored of Oak City, a Federal pris-!
oner held for operating a still, Joe
Savage, a Colored Man held for chic- 1
stealing and lenry Raynor, col-.
ored of Poplar Point charged with
hog stealing all to walk around the
corridors of the jail. Lucas, the white
man, was not so well pleased with
the dark walls of the old Jaii,«o he
proceeded to knock a hole through
the brick wall. As he was making his
departure he told the negroes that' he
would return, but up until now the
Bheriff has not 'heard from him.
Plim'Sherrod concluded he would go
through the same hole and stretch his
legs a little, so he crawled out and
walked to Oak City where he visited
friends. He was honest enough to re
turn last night and the gentlemanly
act caused W. C. Manning, U. S.
commissioner to reduce his bond from
S6OO to $260. enabling him to go free
* until Federal court is called.
Joe Savage also took a leave of
absence but he also returned this
morning at the crowing of the cock
so he would be in good time to get his
breakfast'and face Judge Bailey. .-j
Henry Raynor concluded! the best
thing to do was to be prefectly quiet
and remain in jail, play the game of
'innocence and he did not leave.
When Sheriff Roebuck went down to |
put the prisoners in their leckers for J
the night Henry- was the oaly gentle
man there to tell the taley
Slade, Rhodes Company
Oldest Firm in County
The advertisement of Slade, Rhodes
and company in this issue brings to
mind the oldest mercantile eatabli h
ment in this county to continue in an
unbroken way for such a long time.
Certainly there have been partnership
changes, some deaths, some withdraw
als and some new partner* have en- ,
tend the business, yet the same set |
of books, the same back bone and the 1
same business has gone on without a :
break- Of course there is a reason,
good judgment and hard work have
kapt the business going through all
kinds of times, the bad as well as the
good ones.
This Arm keeps at'its most head
the ideal of keeping in touch and on
friendly terms with the foUu. They,
are Inviting the people to examine
thdr merchandise. They are not go
ing out of business; they are simply
offering bargains to their friend*.
Furniture Firm Moves
To Its New Home
The B. S, Courtney Furniture firm
ia now housed in its new home on
east Main ttreet, just below the City
Ilall. The big task of moving the
stock was started yesterday and was
completed today.
The building occupied by the store
was purchased a few weeks ago from ;
Mrs. Wheeler Martin, Sr., and it has
boon completely remodeled. With its
large glass front and a stucco wall,
the store Is one of the most attrac-J
tive in town.
■ — __
■/ Tomorrow
Double Program
■ "The Still Alarm"
Also another Bis
I Special Picture
I Remember a free
■ ticket is given you
I for the Friday show
I if you attend Wed
■ nesday.
H Always a Good Shoit
35 Permits to
Marry Issued
Based on Population the
Number of Licenses
Almost Equal
1 / * ■
Gmmting 35 permits, Register J. j
Snm Getainger wound up 4926 in a
i busy way in the marriage Scense is
j suini* business. And the strange thing
abowP it all is the even distribution of
I licen es to the two races. When based
on population, the number 100 com
! pares very closely with the number 86,
these many license** having been i»-
j sued to the whites and coloreds re
spectively from January 1, 1926 to
January 1, 1927. However, there is a
slight increase in those issued the
cclorecta. December 1925 leads as for
the number of licenses issued in any
one month, 38 having gone from the
register's office in that month, De
cember of last year trails a close sec
ond with 35, while Deccembcr 1924
; fell one below this, number.
During the year two couples re
' turned,* their licenses when they de
cided the step to be too dangerous.
Several were marked vofd. |
Permits were granted the following
last month:
j ' • , v White
Aimer Hardison, 21-Mary Dare
Styron, 16. Irvin. G. Keel, 21-Janie
Peel 'Rober on, 18; Alfred Lafayette
Purvis, 70-Anne Kliza Wynne 47; |
Henry Nicholson, 28-Virginia > Mims, j
22; William Rufus Hardison, IK-Katie
i Corey, 18; Reuben Gray, 19-Emrna
1 Rodgerson, 18; Lamuel Stanley Barn
| hill, 60-Lucy Roberson Page, 47;
j Wade Eli Everett, 25-Curolyn Blanche
j Poe, 25; Thos, S. Griffin, 2.'J-Charlie
j McKeel, 18; Willie Butler, 24-Ethel
• Lee, 17; Arthur Brown, 23-Myrtle
Bland, 19; A. Wilford Hardison, 34-
Eva I'ate, 20; Johnnie Roberson, 21- '
Bettie B. Wynn, 16; Jesse Williams,
ll'-Carrie Delle Bowen, 16; Perlie T.
Roberson, F. Peel, 18;
Simon Lilley, 39-Ethel Lilley, 30;
Ernest Leggett,' 22-Thelma Edwards,
Hardy Rascoe,'22fßuth Autug, 18;
Timothy Black, 21-Wilora Butler, 18;
Ransome Green, 19-Vernice Hodges,
16; Sam Jenkins, 21-Maggie Andrews,
! 21; Timothy Reaves 22-Julia Hell,
j 21; Curtis Rhodes, 21-Roberta An
drews, 19; Boker T. Baker, 21-Annie
I Brayntf. 18; Benjamin'F. Knij»ht, 43-
! Lcuvinia Newsome, 27; Joe May, 22-
Maggie Lynch, 18; Chester Roberson, |
21-Liziie Coffield, 19; Hardison Pow
ell, 22-Missie Powoll, 22; James E.
Brown, 20-Lester Hat-sell, 18; Whee- j
lei Staton, 22-Hattie William!-, 19;
Augustus Forrest, 42-Alice Best, 35;
Lee Purrington, 22-Cora Ma"bry, 18;
, Lake Faswell, 22-Jeanette Thompson,
26; William Forrest, 21-Ceolia Lit- ,
tic, 19; Walter Wiggins, 56-Lela An-j
drews, 42.
While the majority of the. e licetl. es j
' were issued to Martin county couples, !
a large' number went to applicants
| from Bertie.
Robersonville Church
Has New Preacher
Rev. Robert L. Harrell, of Birming
ham, Ala. arrived last Saturday in
Robersonville where he has accepted
a call to the Robersonville Christian
| Church. Rev. James G. Ulmer, of
i New Bern, has been filling the pul
pit of the church in Robersonville,
1 but he is leaving the State withio the
j next few weeks and Mr. Harrell will
I take up his work. Mr. Ulmer will de
' liver his last sermon in Robersionville
| next Sunday.
City of Durham Has Big
Banking Operations
j The City of Durham feels good
j over its big banking operations and
its big pay rolls for 1926. They say
sn increa.-e of almost $50,000,000,
more than 14 per cent over 1926, was
shown in the debits of Durham banks
during 1926, figures compiled by the
Chamber of Commerce showing debits
of $355,516,89182 for 1926 and $306,-
387,778.80 for! 1925. Bank clearings
increased from $100,251,262,52 in 1926
to $106,378,688.94 in 1926. Payrolls a
mounted to $9,295,458.87 in 1926, as
compared with $9,068,271.17 in 1925.
This is to notify the public that ap
plication tot parole for Joseph Leand
er Hardison will be made before the
Pardon Commission in Raleigh, Thurs
day January 0, 1*27. *
Stubbs and Stubbs, Attys.
Williamston, MartinjCounty, North Caroling, Tuesday, January 4,1927
City Fathers in
Regular Meet
Monday Night
Renting of Meat Market
Was the Main Issue
Before Board
The renting of the meat market
| was the main issue to come before
the Board of Town Commissioners
here last night. A few other matters
were discussed and several of them
parsed upon but the task of renting
; the stalls at the city market was the
! puzzling question for the Board.
The stalls were rented to Pender
and Ward for the sum of $40.50 per
| month. Ward and Pender had sub
| mitted their written bids at the ag
gregate sum of $37.00 per month.
D. M. and Theodore Roberson filed
I a verbal bid at the sum of $40.00 per
I month with the gHarantee of install
, ir.g a moderp market. ■ I
It seemed however, that whiV the i
Board went into executive session
seme person on the Board took the
liberty to raise the Pender-Ward bid
tp $40.50 ffer month and the market
went; to the two. No new opportun- *
i itics were given except to one side, i
Williamston has had a hard time I
getting a market in the past several
i years.
Messrs. D. M. and Theo. Roberson
; also asked the privilege of building
at' some other location. Should this
privilege be granted they will us tab
I lish a modern market, and a wholesale
j fiesh meat business in connection.
| The Board has not passed on this
matter ut this time.
The street sweeping and sprinkling
| machine brought here on trial was not
j purchased.
| W. R. Cherry was paid the sum of
S6O. for service rendered in" the ap
prehension of Percy Woodward and
Martin Man Escapes
From Caledonia Farm
Information reaching here holds
that Julian Bullock, of this county,
made hi escape -from Caledonia Pris
on farm late last Sunday night. He
made his escape with a prisoner s%Wt
to the farm from Pitt county.
, -.Bulloek, was sentened to serve six
t {i ten years cfor taking part in a mob
attack upon Needleman here in March
1925. * '
! Notice of reward for the recapture '
j ot'the two men was rent out by the !
i State's Prison officials soon after the ]
prisoners escaped. Details of the two •
escapes 'of the prisoners had not'
rcache;! Superintendent Pou yester
day, but full information was expect
ed to reach him shortly.
Opens Branch Office
in Old Bank Building
Mr. R. W. Salsbury, of Hamilton,
has rented the lower floor of the old
Farmers and Merchants bank building
. and will open a branch office there.
The new firm will act as agents for
j the. old reliable brands of fertilizers,
j and fertilizer materials.
Mr. W. F. Haislip who, for the past
several years, has been connected!
with Mr. Salsbury in thiu line of j
bu; iness in Hamilton will be in charge
of the office here.
The local schools reopened yester
day with a full day's work on the
schedule. All the teachers with the ex
ception of one were back at their
po;ts. Mrs. W. H. Harrell'was unable
t- be there as she accompanied her
daughter, Miss Sarah, to Richmond to
see a specialist.
The parents-teachers association
will not hold its regular meeting
Thursday, but will hold it the follow
ing Thursday, January 13th.
The date of the meeting is changed
becau e school has just started and it
;is thought wise to wait until next
The annual meeting of the Farm
ers Mutual Fire Insurance Company
of Martin county will be held at the
court house, Wednesday, January 12,
1927. All members are requested to
Miss Elizabeth Jones and Mr. W. P.
Jones, of Moyock, visited Mr. and
Mrs. D. E. Gurganus during the holi
Misses Lucille Has sell and yelma
Harrion will leave tomorrow for
Winston-Salem to resume their stu-;
dies at Salemn college.
Mr. Dare Roberson spent a few
hours In Rocky Mount Sunday.
' • f
*l. . . I w ' . '
Recorder Has
Number Cases
| Fines of the Day Will
Care for Expenses
For a Month
recorder's court moved along:
nicely this morning, in fact hmt
ground out enough fines be.vpp din
ned to pay the expense of t), court
for a whole month. \ T
The cases disposed of were:
Norman Jones, violating liquor laws,
. guilty, fined SIOO and cost, and son
tcnced to the roads for six months.
Wiley Brown, charged with having
too much liquor, was released when
i his case va* nol prossed. »
H Charles Purvis plead guilty to the
charge of assault. He received a fine
of $25,00 and costs and required to
pay doctor's bill if any. ' *'
Hen Purvis, violating liquor laws,
.was fined SSO and costs.
John Daniel Yarrell who was charg-j
, ed with a saulting a small boy, was
; found guilty. He received a fine of
J SSO and Was required to pay tfte cost
; and entenced to 30 days in jail. The
j defendant appealed to the superior i
W. Ed. Itond was found guilty of
} driving an automobile . while drunk
I and fined S6O and costs and not to be
I allowed to drive on the public hijrli- i
I ways for 60 days.
1 J. W. Griffin, charged with pa s
ting a bad check escaped jwkneni
when payment of cost was
Henry Kaynor who was Jionest e
nough to remain in jail wtiijf other
pri oners escaped was not quite so
honest a few days ago when (hi stole •
u hog. Judge Bailey placed jiim on ;
the Kdgeqpmbe roads for a period of 1
five montns.
Surry Jones, larceny, hound over to
: superior court under SIUO bond,
Courtney Kpruill, changed with re
cciving stolen goads, was released by
the court.
John Sheppard, charged with hav
ing liquor for the purpose of sale, was;
found not guilty. n
The cases against Sylvesler Cotfirhl j
and Arnecie Slade, charging them
i with "violating the liquor laws, v "Were
| nol prossed with leave.
I £
{Woman's Club fo iVtcel
Tomorrow Afternoon
The regular monthly meeting of
j the Woman's club will be held tomor
row at 3:30 in the club rooms. All
' the members are asked by the presi
dent to be sure to attend and all
the women of the town who are not
I members are given a special invita-!
tion to join.
The Club has done much (n the pa t i
y ar. it, having been been organized j
shortly Imftir* 1U26 began, has really
been functioning only during the
past year. It hopes to do more in |
1927. With all the women bf the town j
members, it will be abftt to do a great j
deal in advancing the progress and
welfare of our town,
- -—The - program—committee—Wenlw-j
hard to give interesting programs
ar.d a good one ha -e bei n prepared
for tomorow. If there at•» any who
i are not members who would like to
! visit the Club, a cordial invitation is
j extended them.
Lack of Water Delays
Moving of County Poor
Christmas, the time sn»t for the
keeper of the county home and its in
mates to move to the new home, has
passed, and Martin's new home is
still unoccupied. An inadequate wa
ter supply Is holding up the change,
and it now looks as if January will
be well nigh gone before Mr. Bland
! and his charger move to the new
j heme.
Work was resumed on the well yes
terday, and as soon as an adequate
water supply is as. u red the old home
will be vacated,
National Government
to Survey Devils Gut
Washington, D. C.—Dec. 28 —The
It ng fight on the Rivers and Harbors
bill was ended recently when it was
passed by the Senate. The bill was
pasted by the House last May. The
| following survey items sponsored by
Representative Lindsay Warren of I
I the First North Carolina district are
included in the bill:
Douglas* Hay, Hyde county; Far
Creek, Hyde county; Runyon creek,
Beaufort county; Deep creek, Wash
ington county; Devils Gut and Gard-I
ners creek, Martin county; inland]
Waterway to Curritcuk Court House;]
Inland Waterway to Maple, Currituck!
county; Inland Waterway to Point!
Harbor, Currituck county.
The engineers will probably in pecfl
these projects next spring, and all infl
terested citizens rhould'appi ar befonfl
them at th« meeting.
' - . I
Baptists Plan
Church School
Missions Here
Starts January 18th; Is
for The Various
The local Baptist congregation is
_ organizing; and perfecting its plans
tor a Church School of Missions to
be held in the Memorial
This ,-chool is scheduled to begin
Tuesday night, January 18th, and run
fm one night each week for six full
weeks. Kverything is cleared for this
• school, it taking the place of 1 the i
; regular Wednesday night services. It 1
will be the only regular service held (
in the church on week nights.
There will be five classes, includ
| iag the beginners and the adults. The
I LH st possible group of teachers have'
I Lien secured, a wealth of literature j 1
is on hand and it is looked forward
to be as being full of promise for a I'
great blessing to those who attend.
And in this connection, the Baptist'
| people wish to say that this is not to 1
I. a baptist School, but a Mission
j School! Not all the books studied '
were written by Hapitsts, and not all
vt the missionaries were Baptists. [t
! is a genuine, honest effort to teach '
| the subject of Missions, and to do it *
with tlii' best po sible literature on
the subject. Consequently, the congre
gation of th«>.Baptist church invites
tin general adult public to attend this
.school. It wi-11 be impossible to throw
1 pi n all the classes to tin' public, In'
j cause there will not be room. Hut
! since the church auditorium will be j
|\i ed for the adult class, they feel
justified in saying to the public, in!
.ud out ot" William tun, that they)
" eai'l" easily" TM> ' cored for. They are ;
• i ry earue. tly solicited to attend.
In connection with these Tuesday
' ,'iiinu studies, it is planned by the
lieal church to have in, on the in
tervening Sundays, from time to time,!
capable and noted speakers who will i
| treat of the deeper aspects of the
mis ion problem. Proper announce l - i
nients as to these speakers will be
made from time to time.
This is the first School of Missions!,
"WM in this section of the Htate—in-11
•b ed, very few have been held at all,.
It is planned to have three high
features in these studies: 1, The ac-! (
tual getting of a few choice and ini-,
pnrtant pasasges of Scripture. 2. The
learning and singing of only mis--)
j sbinary sonjjs. And, 3. the study of
j the subjects. ,
, There will be no examinations
held, and the ppejHe are at liberty i
jl i use the literature, or just drop in
'or the lectures. v _ li
| # ft
Old hristmas Will be—L
Observed by Many
While December 25 is generally ob-1
served, It js done so by many just to I
bo in keeping. TomirrrfW', Old Christ-1
! mas, will be celebrated by heart and |
j soul by many of the people in various j
part; of (In- county.
Old Christmas is little thought of j j
In practically all the younger peo
' pie and it i among the real old peo- j
pie that tomorrow will bo observed j
; as the correct birthday of the Christ. I
Of coin trade is not rushed like: 1 at ('hrt.-traa time, but merchants ! '
in general n-member of the event and j 1
prepare for it. 1
The public schools in several parts
ot the county will close for the "day J
1 tomorrow so that the children may
J remain at home with those who .hold
sacred the I lay. Those children might
be aid to be "lucky" in that they
are so situated enjoy two Christ
! masjriays each year.
I • » ' * - \
Christmas Meeting of
the Embroidery Club
The Embroidery ' Club held Its
Chri tmas meeting with Mrs. A. T.
Crawford at her home in New Town. ,
'I he hyme was very prettily decorated
with Christmas'greens and berries, i
The following invited guests were
present: Mesdamts J. W. Watts, jr.,
J. S. Get■ inger, O. S. Anderson,
Wheeler Martin, H. M. Stubbs, M, I).
Watt L. C. lii'r6iett, Mary E. Peel;
and P. Lee Minga of Petersburg; Roy
and Miss»s Anna Crawford
I and Kssie Peel. &
The haste* , assisted by her niece,
1 Miss Frances Williams, served a salad
course, consisting of chicken «alad, 
, telyry, pickles, wafers, |ea a '"i d e_ |
lidim.* iee cream v.hipped cream and,
- • '
La, A jm|i'serrt«mve of a store in an-
l thr W n waH ere yesterday Jook
building in which to open
mercantile business. No,
HwiijVs available, the last possible
taken when A: K. Hutem,
» rented the building
J. Hodges' grocery store.
Agent's Report
for December
Large Amount Saved
Farmers of County
• on Dynamite
The remarkable feature of the
county agent's report for December
was the fact that $5,040.00 were sav
ed farmers of the county. This nay- J
ing while well distributed over the]
county will be appreciated by those f
working in close connection with the j
agent The saving came when a car of
piatol, an exposive, Was purchased.
Martin county has been a large pur
chaser of the is explosive and it indi
cates that our fanners are busy clear
ing their lands of stumps and brush.
The report as handed the Board of
Counfy commissioners follows:
Eighteen days spent in field work.
One day devoted to 'office work.
Thirty-three conferences were held
in office.
Forty-five telephone, calls were re
corded on official dutie-.
Forty-three letters were written. \
During the mouth 23 visits to farms
were made.
Two hundred and ninety-eiht miles
were traveled on official duties.
Nine days annual leave.
During the month 28,450 pounds of;
dynamite (pyrutol) was deliverer!, of
this amount Martin County farmers I
received 16,00( >' pounds at a saving of
$6,040.00. The "other part of the month
was spent to live stock work, pecan
and cotton acreage reduction.
Feature Game
Here Thursday
Largest Crowd of Many |
Seasons Expected
to See Game
With the two basketball teams,
Everetts and Jamesville, in tip top
form, and with the members of the
1 two teams and their . upporter; on the
lw st o' terms with each other, the J
game here between them next Thurs- j
day night promises, to be the feature ;
Hi the season in ►he purUoular lum» «4°
Jamenville wil send its long string ]
of worthy supporters while Mveretts j
will send just as many'to see the two )
teams do battle. Fans of the game
here will be about evenly divided,
while no one will remain neutpaf
other than timers, core keepers/and
reporters. One of the largest crowds
in , everal seasons to witness a basket j
ball game is expected hen that |
. HotH' Jami sville and Ev; retts pitt
ed in tbe tournament in Windsor last
week, and while Jamesville won it
was generally eoncewled, that Kvortftts
stood a good chance for the finals had
It not lost out when two of its be t
players were removed from the game.
Hut instead of offering a solution to
the nueslion, wliielt -is r ttf
the two teivms? in Windsor, it will
be offered here next Thursday nigh!
when the two fives meet in the Brick
waK-ebou e at H, o'clock.
Members, of the Jamosville team
and the coach have expressed 'their j
appreciation -to many of those who
offered their support while the tourna
merit was in progress in Windsor.
Bigamy Practiced
in the (bounty
That bigamy is practiced, uncon-j
cou'siy perhap. , intlris county was
learned yesterday when the number
of divorces for the year 11)28 could
rot be had. The costs hail not been
pajd in several eases and in each no
judgment had been entered, nor will
one be .given until the costs are paid
and a record made.
Just how many ueh cases there
are could riot be learned, but we are
assured that thftre are several. The
br st data that i-pyld be obtafnd in
dicate that there a large number
of divorce cases irj 1926, a number
surpassing by Several those of the
previous year.
Dance Last Night
Quietest of Season
The dance here last night was one"'
of the quietest held in l this section in
some time. While there was no ex
cepttonally large crowd attending the
dance, order was very good except
in two instances where two high
school*boys from near Scotland Keck
brought the jail very close them when
j they failed to place their drinks far
enough apart. Their names could not
j be learned, and it wfts after pleading
a spell that the officer* rleased th*»m
with the understands that they re
turn home. I
This is Mid to be the last of ijie j
. eason's dances.
Watch the , On Your
Paper; It Carries the Date
Your Subscription (Expires.
Hold Monthly
Meet Monday
' Bonds and Taxes Come
Before Members
Of Board
, The.Board of County Commission- •
j crs met yesterday in regular ,ses, ion
iwith all members present, J. G. Barn
! hill, chairman, T. B. Sladt, jr., T. C.
iGriffin, J. E. Pope and L. I'. Holliday.
The . working of the Board ;rr its
session yesterday was of a genera!
nature with no important issues com
ing before it. Bonds and held
the attention for a while.
Upon motion of'T. B. Slaile, jr., it
was ordered that'the County i sue
bonds in the sum of .*,125,000, fifty
thousand of, which are to be designat
ed ac County Home Bonds and seven
ty-five thousand to be designated as 1 *
County Jail lionds. The offer by Jullu
S. Peel to furnish blank bonds an
legal opinion approving the {validity
of same at the sum of $050.00 wa>
I accepted.
A. T. McDonald was realcased from
j the taxes on S;UK) worth of land listed"
jby error'in Griffins town. hip.
E. E. Ango of Jamesville was re ..
leased from paying taxes on real e :
tete value at fr:OU and listed by error.
W. Ed CvMt was relieved from
paying tax in l'oplu, I Vint
J. E. Williams of Williams town
hip appeared befor.- the meetinir and
j aMkeiUto have his tax asenstneu-t* re- J
duced as he is charged with too much
: ai i cage. The Hoaiil ai;reijJ to „u ut ku_
I the necessary correction upon his fil
ling a survey «I' his lands. *
t II- A. Cullipher wa.= paid the sum "
-{ «f» $25. reward fo* -s-*-rviee in Hie :ip-.
prehension of George Frank* lUize
' more. - ..." ..
A 00-day nole in the-Aim 'of if2V
000 was executed for the purpose of
procuring curroßt funds.
Boss Mi/.elle was paid the sum of
s2(l for the purchase of coffins for
Tolie Williams and Fannie Williams.
Hugh Robtrson of Kobcrsonville
was released from pay inn an 'over
! charge on land in the sum of $ 1,500.
j S. It. Higgs was appointed County
| Coroner.
Bynum Andrews, colored of Bober
! sonville, was a lowed the sum of $.'UH>
I per nioiifhT allowance to be
charged to County Poor account.
Anniversary Service
J At Baptist Church
The Memorial Baptist Church Sun
j di.y overling service wa in the nature
of an anniversary, marking the end
of the pastor's first year wi.h this con
Mrs, A. T. Crawford, whose grand
- -rmrrheT,"' MFs. \Putlif l Si-mmons, was
"the real founder of the 1 local Hapti t
Chuj'ih, gave ip a most interesting
manner a sketch of the church when
it was a mission organization and be
ing helped by the State Hoard of
Missions. She recounted" many of the
tmTftstrfps of the five Women Who Were
the charter member,-; of the church
when it was organized about 1870.
She was followed by Mr. J. W. An-,
derson, one of the most devoted mem-i
hers"" of this church, and he took up -«
i the hjstoiy of the church from 'oft and
j a few years prior in a brief way and
i brought it up to the present.
The pastor, Rev. C. 11. .Dickey,
: then reviewed the activities of the
| church during hi i pa torate, mi n
| tinning the most 'impor ant things
r accomplished ' during the year. — Mr.
j Dickey, in conjunction with the other
i pastors 6f the town, promo ed a daily
vacation bible school, which it is hop
ed will be'an annual event. He hps
l.i Id a Bible study class every Wed no
I day uveiling during the year and has .
written the Sunday school lessons .
each week for the Enterprise and
these have been enjoyed by people all
over the county, He expects to ton
duct a Mission Study class during
this month not for his church alone
hut for the town as a whole.
The pastor told his people that
special work in the Sunday school
could not be until a more
adequate plant could bejbyjJt. To get
the church lined up to begin this plant
part of this year's program.
- Dr. John D. IHgg.-* expressed the
confidence of the congregation in its
p&stor and the church extended a
vyte of' confidence and an invitation
to remain with them indefinitely.
Mr. T. Jones Taylor, of Eilgecomhe
County, paid us a yisit yesterday. Mr.
Taylor is a Martin County man at
heart. He is in love with the county
' and its people, where he was railed
and had lived until a few years ago.
; i Mr. Taylor promise# The Enterprise
II to furnish some historical article* in
. the near future. He is rich in his
memojfes of Martin County's history,
j Knowing more about her people per
tf haps than any perron in the connlgr.
t '

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