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Homes of Martin County. J
Recorder Had
But Two Cases |
for Trial Today
Alfred Evans Is Man
Who Wrecked Jail j
The recorder's court was all but \
snowed under here today, for there \
were only two cases to come up, and j
there were very few people attending.
The two cases to come up were of a
minor nature, and everything in gen
eral when put together made nothing
but a small day for the court.
A. L. William.'', jf Cross Roads
section, plead guilty to a charge oT*
simple assault. Judgment was suspend
ed upon the payment of the costs of
\be case. Williams, u young white
£%oy, had trouble with hi: brother last
• week, and during the quarrel one or
were passed.
Alfred Evans, a world war veteran
ami a former resident of Pitt county,
plead guitly when he was charged
violating the liquor laws. 11 in
CCse was not heard, but was continued
until next Tue day. Evans, a young
white .man, is the one wflo tore up tne
jcil furniture last week when he was
lodged in the county's storage house.
H« is said to be a tubercular, and
suffers greatly from attacks of a th
noa. During the past year he farmed
with a Mr. Mills near Robersonville,
tut it is understood that he will re
turn to Pitt county as soon as he L
cleared of the trouble here. He is out
under bond.
Snow Causes Increase
In Railway Traffic
When the evening train of the A. !
C. L. pulled in last night, it reminded ;
one of the times when people used to j
ride the rail;'. More than a down '
pr.ssengers eanve from the train, a ;
happening that -has not been seen J
since 1921, unless there was some j
special event taking place.
The snow ran a large percentage
ol the highway traffic into the garages
and storage houses, and the travelers
ran for the trains.
There were one or two things
ing last night, however; one of them
was the large crowd that use to gatluv.
_ to welcome the-visitors , 'while
other was the old yell of the hotel
Oil Truck Turns
Over; Driver Unhurt
A Texaco oil truck loaded with gas
oline and driven by Elbert Manning,
turned over yesterday on highway
No. 30, just as the driver attempted
to turn into the road leading to Bear
G'ass near Mr. Robert Lee Perry's
The driver escaped injury, but was
forced to break a glass in one of tho
doors„tp»/, get out. The glass in the
other doorr-w&q broken when the
truck turned over. Other than this no
damage was done. No gasoline was
lost while the truck remained on its
side. 4 j
Car Turns Over in
Snow Near Everetts
An Oakland sedan, driven by Mr,
Robert Campbell of Plymouth, was
turned over yesterday just this side
of Everetts when it clipped off the
concrete. Mr. Campbell and a friend
escaped injury, and not a single glass
in the car was broken. Other than
a bent fender, no signs of a wreck
were noticeable.
The two gentlemen had started to i
Raleigh, but when they turned their ! j
car back on its wheels, they drove j
back here, left the car, and returned f.
to Plymouth on the train.
~,r •
S TRAM nil
J Double Program
h Free Ticket to FrflS
I day's Show— 91
I Always a Good Sho>B
110 Stories High
■ s
John A. La rkin, is tho prospec
tive builder of tta new monarch of
Now York*a akvUne—a 108 story
j oflce bulldlnf. lt will bo tho Wjr
|wt thin* mado by BUD and will *
«• 1208 foot, overtopping tho
oolwwth Building by U« loot
■Ad wttl eoet IMyWMWI,
Postpone Woman's Club
Dance Account Snow
|, . ' I
The Woman'? Club dance, which was
to have been given last night in the
club rooms, was postponed on account
of the deep snow.
All arrangements and preparations
had been completed by Mrs. A. R.
Dunning, chairman for the dance, yes- j
terday afternoon, but the rough
' weather seemed to be too much to i
brave last night.
Word was sent the Robersonville
orchestra, which ha- offered its serv
ices free to Mrs. Dunning to furnish
the music. The boys will be accom
panied By Mrs. W. B. Watts, who
will also ocntribute her service.
The date for the dance will be an
nounced later, but it will probably
notfbe given before next week.
Bill Introduced to Care
for Auto wreck Victims
There has been a bill introduced in
the legislature requiring every -per
son driving a motor vehicle to carry
insurance amounting to at least SBOO.
for the benefit of the person and
property of any one who may be in
jured in an auto accident.
There has been much demand for
such a law for a long time, and it is
predicted that the bill will pass by a
Snow Closes Many
Schools of County
Several schools of the county were
closed yesterday and today when th*
roads were made impassible by {he
snow. The local school operated yes
i terday, but when a poor attendance
i present it was decided to sus- j
i pend all classes today. Practically all
I the school trucks in those district*
!!' re the roads are bad remained in
■ sheds today, and those schools
ed by the trucks operated with
1 attendances.
r. Herbert Clark who is now as
ted with his brother, C. B. Clark,
Is drug ftore and is at present
ng with Mr. and Mrs. Clark,
move his family here in a few
I from Durham. They will oc
ithe Lilley home in Watts grove,
land Mrs. Clark have a little
■. Cook and little ion, Hubert,
ftturned from Miami, Fla., where
■sited Jim Cook and Raymond
■daring the holiday*.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, January 11,1927
Name Faculty
For School of
Missions Here
Course of Study to be
Followed Is an Ex
cellent One
The Memorial Baptist Church an
nounces its faculty for the school of
missions, which is to begin in tho
church on Tuesday evening at 7:.'50
o'clock, January 18th. There may bo
a few changes in tha teaching loree,
but substantially it will be as follows:
Mrs. P. B. Cone and Mrs. C. H.
Dickey will have the "tiny tots," age
three to five; Mrs. C. A. Harrison will
have the intermediates; Mrs. John 1).
Biggs will teach the juniors; Mi s
Sleed, of the high school, will teach
the young people, boys and girls from,
say, 14 to 18 years; and the pastor
of the church will teach the adults."
The course of study is an excellent
one; Mrs. Cone and Mrs. Dickey will
; center on China, teaching with |jit
j lure, story, and soiyj. Mrs. Harrison
will center oil Africa,, and has. for her
j class' a wealth of pictures and stories,
and her main character will be David
Livingstone. Mrs. Biggs will for
her general theme, "God's Family,''
and will take her children on mission
ary journeys to many of the foreign
countries. Miss Steed will major on
j Adoniram Judson and the young wo
man whom he married. Mr. Dickey
will teach the most delightfully in
terest book of the decode, "The Christ
i of the Indian Road."
Every one will as iambic -in the au
; ditorinm at 7.30 o'clock for a brief"
period of worship, after which those
present will be broken up into grad
ed cla ses, where a delightful half
j hour will be spent.
As will be seen—this is to be a
[ family i-ehool, classes' for each mem
i l.i r of the en'ire family
Jamesville and Everetts
To Meet Friday
The Jamesville and Everetts basket -
i ball teams will'meet in a second gafne
i here next Friduy night at 8 o'e! >i*k
These two teams played here last
■j Thursday before a crowd of f>oo
| spectator . The game was thorough
!ly enjoyed by tho. e attend nil', ;tn«!
I since the score was so close it is ex
pected that an even larger attendance
' will be on hand here next Friday.
The game was arranged by the
' coaches of the two teams la t week
' at the clo-e oif the Thursday game
| for the one next Friday. Everetts
won over Jamesville in the first game
I by a one-point margin, the score be
ing 10 to 9. ,
Double Show on at the^*
Strand Tomorrow Niurht
The management of tho Strand
theatre is offering a program to local
picture goers that is hard to beat.
While the pjrlurri. —may not be the
. latest, they are exceptional ones.
"Red Dice" is a splendid picture and
I one you'll enjoy. There will be a dou
| ble program on, besides the free tic
k( t to Friday's show whicli is' given
Ito each one intending on Wedne -
Local Program at
Kiwanis Tomorrow
The Kiwanis Club will hold iU reg
ular mid-week luncheon tomorrow at
12.80 p. m. A local program has been
prepared, one full of interest for all
the members, and every one is urged
to be present.
The program is in charge of W, C.
Manning, jr.
Soybean Association
To Meet in Belhaven
Hon. Fred P. of Belhaven,
president of the National Soybean
Association, has succeeded in bring
ing the next meeting of the associa
tion to Belhaven, which will be held
in the coming summer. This will
the first meeting of the national or
ganization in the southeastern section
of the United States.
Mr. Latham has proven the siybean
t'» be one of the most valuable crops
for the black lands of this section; as
well as ( one of the best combination
crops to be grown with corn.
Mayor R. L. Cobum issued a war-,
runt against R. A. Rolferson Satur
day on a charge of entering the stor
age warehouse of C. O. Moore Fri
day hight, where automobjle tires
were stored.
Roberson was required to give bond j
in the sum of S3OO for his appear- .
ance in court to answer the charge, j
v , -*■ ""s-
First Snow of Year
Falis Here Sunday
The first snow of the year tell
early Sunday morning when the
i flakes laid a two-inch coat over
this section. . The sun came out
j for » short while in the after
• noon, but J. Pluvius held his fro/. •' "
en white form until eight more
inches were added yesterday.
' The flakes started their do via- _.J
ward course about 7.30 yo-il erduy
and continued, throughout the day,
r bringing to this section the larg
• est snowfall in fifteen years.
Hold Reunion
First oi ¥ ear
1 . - i
itoberson Family Is One
i Of Largest in Si if■
lins Township
On January 1, of thi your, there
' sva held a reunion of om of the larg
est families in Grifflns 'J livnship, at
1 the huine of Mrs, Whitley
■ Koberson. Mrs. Itoberson married Mr.
■ Noah I . Uobersot , who di 'l about It!
1 years a pro, leaving hor W'lji i'J chil
iiiui. uighi. sun and four oaughti rs, now living. . .
Of the eight sons, two, Mes.-rs. Si-'
1 mon "ami Thomas, saw actual service
1 in Krartce in the World Mar and
fought in thp many battles of the
.Argonne Forest. They wept oil' with
li e first draft from tin unty and
•en'ed until the rlos?#of thrwnr.' She
bud other sons -drafted hu none of,
them "saw actual service. '
The four daughters, Mary K., mar- ,
1 , :iiiil W. T. Griflln; Matilda M., mar-1
r'.ctl the writer; I.ucy, niurriel David
T. flriltlii:. and Klirabrth", married Mr.
li. Hardison. -
Oft. January 5 we were ail invited
to speTii'l the day with the good
mother, •with onr children; and IW
Piovidence would have it, none were
| sick, and upon arrival there were 12
children and .ID . grandchildren., Tim
' | writer i j*lail to. say that Hi out of i
I tin llt call him "I'"
AI the noon hour the pood mot her
• : erved dinner to bur chimin n and
—rntndrhild fen,- a -m»*nt» Hiitt in
1 Mid variety would please a king tr
) «pi in. After the feast, the remain
der of the day was spent, in simple
I—i.,i iiw, J .ai.uai and Mi..giynn 11m11k-» lnr
the opoprtuni.ty to pay reverence to
» ear mother, has spent her life'
in loving, protecting, and earing for
■ those of her own. r~"
; )S Iwi a pica -ii'iv ii wa for un to
• be gathered together in one ro'otn and
i to receive her Christian advice and
> admonition.
When the hour camu for Ui to de
part fof our respective homes, sll"
presented each of her children and
£ grandchildren a valuable. present.
f. May God spare her many more
continue to watch over and
iiift met her family,
J\lr. Henry Crawford
Orders Plenty Snow
In his shirt sleeves leal early Sun
.1 ay morning, Mr. Henry Crawford
was heard beckoning the snow to come
|on down. Ili call brought two inch
that day, while it Is'-understood hi
piayers Sunday night brought. K t.ln
fillowint.r day. Mr. Crawford is a
general ■ believer in all sport , tint '
when it comes to the snow lie is a
. j real Kskinio.
Mrs. ('.A. Harrison
Taken to Hospital
Mrs. C. A. Harrison was tak n to n.
Washinton Hospital Monday afternoon )
j f' r medical tr ativemt, probably fire !
( paratory to an operatitm. Her many
friends who were o anxiou.i about her
are ve'ry glad that . he is getting a->
long so nicely. She was accompanied
to the ho pital by hi r mother, Mrs.
lilaiuJje Afiderson, Mr. Ilarri.on, and
Dr. Saunders.
f"■ * •
|"- ' I
Popular Meeting
Masons Tonight
— !i - •
Thern will be a lobular eommuni
cation of &kpwarkee Lodge, No. {Hi,
1 A. F. & A. M., tonight, at 7.45' p. m.
All Ma on.; in good -.landing -are cdi*=—
dially invited to attend. Visiting' 1
brethren welcome.
Fourth Barber Shop
To Open This Week
Williaihston will have four barber
shops when Mr. W. J. Jernigan opens
, fi|)fi-in the—Atia'-itic Hot 1 here this
we k. The s hop will occupy the room l
once u.ed "by the hotel as a guests' i
parlor. , « ■ -i
Mr. Jernigan war with the Citizens I
Hcrber r Sh'op here for a number ofj ;
j years, but recently he ha - been work- I
. ing in Norfolk. He leav ># there to \
[ open a shop hen.
v. •"
Work Finished
on Quarters of
Woman's Club
J he (lub Rooms Will be
Fsed as a Com
munity Center
1 lie Woman' Club rooms were fin
ished to tin- last detail yesterday, and
they are really a credit to the town.
Williamston has never had a com
munity house before, but now these
rooms, which /were so kindly leased
[by the Ma roll for a period of 1(1
j years to' the Woman's Club, have been
completely remodeled by the club.
Ihe old stage has been taken (jut,
] 'living added space, a very attract-'
; iv kitchen, fully equipped, hns been
added; dressing rooms for both men
and women; lockers for material and
cloak rooms have been fitted in to
j make it an almost ideal community
i home.
Much credit is due the club as n
whole., but especially well have the
building committee, of which Mrs. J,.
(' Staton is chairman," and the bouse
• imittee, of which Mrs. A. R. Dun
ii'i'ir is chairman, fulfilled their du
!■( - in superintending the work.
'I lie room are for rent and are
available at most any time.
*lore Snow Here Than
Many Near-by Points
" " i,
Aeeiiivliiij. to reports from several
i prris of this and other States, the
I snowfall was greatr \ here than at any i '
other point-. Kichmund, Va., saw none 1
iil the white (lakes. Points right here
!e the county had only 4 to ti inches,
. v.hije there were 10 here. While
ltichmond bail no : now,-Norfolk re-
I ports a Innre one. The snow at Hol-
RSR  n -i 11red about 2 inches.
Around I o'clock this morning the
i'.. k - «.•(,. Iftrtfe and fell faster than
a' any time during the previous day.
•This did not last long, however.
. Many.'of the local citizens state that
tlii is (he largest snowfall here in
15 years. I
_— Nose in
Automobile Wret-k
Mr. Cooki'sy, of llaltimore, an agent
o' the StandardT)iTT'iiZ~haiFhhTTuise
iiit practically olf and one eye badly
hurt last Sunday night when a Ruick
roadster, belonging to Jule Elliott,
WBM wrecked on Highway No. 90,
hear I'lymouth. Sterlin Marriner, a
young boy of I'lymouth, was driving
the ear and was going , around 60,
miles an hour when he ran the ma
 l ine into a bridge at Conaby Creek. '
Hi was Injured, hut not seriously, ac
cording to reports from I'lymouth*
The car was completely wrecked,]
ami it is understood that efforts to j
repair it will prove to lie useless,
Snowballing Order
of Day Yesterday
Snowballing was the general order j
i tlie street- yesterday. As usual,
i'. grew too rough, when such heavy |
II issles were hurled through show
Windows and damaging goods; also
clashing into the eye of a player or
a passer by occasionally, there being
ijuite a number of such purposely j
committed "accidents."
No arrests were made, so far as the i
■court record shows.
Jones Electric Shop
Moves Across Street
The Jones Electric Shop moved last!
week from the Chevrolet Garage to !
tin .building,, just" across the street.
The move came about when the busi- ,
ne s of the Peel Motor Co. expanded
tn a point where all the available!
room was needed.
'JL'ho building belonging to the S. R
Biggs Iron Works is now undergoing
repairs, and work will be completed
witfiin the next few days.
Firemen Meeting Is
Postpon&d Until March
I bentiCe'ting of the Eastern Caro
-Tna Firemen's association, scheduled (
t-> be held in New Hern tonight, was ,
postponed by an order of the presi- ,
dt n't of, the As>ociation on account (
oi' the heavy Hnow.
The meeting wjll be held on the
:«cond Tuesday in March.
.Record Sales of Boots ,
and Overshoes Here
t According to reports of several lo- 1
cal merchants more overshoes and i
boots were sold here yesterday than
at any time since 1918. One or two .
men hant sold the particular lines of i
godfls completely out, while the
tocks of all were greatly reduced. 1 1
* " rrt ... .1 •
To Broadcast ,
Walter Dumrosch, for 42 yaars
conductor of the famous New York
Symphony Orchestra, is to retire in
April. He intends to devote his
time to broadcastinfr which is
wonderful news for the millions of
music loving radio faoe.
1 j
Few Farmers
File Returns
. ' V
North Carolina Stands
Forty-third in the List
of Returns Filed
Nevada furnishes more income tax
payers than any, other State, accord
ing to population. California come*
set ond, New York third. The three
h.west are Missis ippi r South Caro
lina and Arkansas. , -
North Carolina sTaiuis low in the
list, being lorty-t hil'il, Texas .stands
tl.e highe. t of any Southern State,
being • thirty-fifth. Every Southern
State stands below that nuinhcr, an4 i
only one State above tin; Ala>uii aiuH-,
1 »ixcm Line stands lower, that being 1
North Dakota.
New York pays $21.57" income 'tax
for every person in that State; the
next highest State is Itliodo Island,'
which pays an average income tats
of |1().62 per person.
North Carolina farmer were: not
burdened by income laxe -, there lie
ing only (sf> out of a quarter of a mil- '
lion that filed un income tax repp'rt. j
There* are, however, more than 100,- j
| 000 North Carolina farmer-, who own
Meeting of Colored
(traded School Forum
—The futuin uf —the cnl(iivd~trrctr)ort"~
• chool held its annual meeting at the
school auditorium Sunday.
The purpose of the forum .is to dis
cuss important relative t•
the civic and industrial life of the
negro in the eomibiunity. The ques
tion of better am| happier homes, a
promotion of the divic pride along all
.lines of citizen hip are also brought
Kobort. li. Cobui;n, W. C. Manning,
and Deputy Sheriff Crimes were in
vited to attend, all of whom were '
called to speak uf some phase of the
question of citizenship and
Prof. Edgar J. Hayes, who is in
charge of the school, has proved to 1
be a very good man fur the ioli: ami
he ami hi teachers are making good
plogress in their work at the colored
(iather to Study the
Production of Ho«s
Mr. W." tl"'-*- Overhy, agriculture
teacher in tlje Jaiuesville .eehools, is
arranging' a serifs of meeting l to be j
held iri that school for the purpose of
studying the production of hogs, TheJ
first of the series of meetings is ,-ehe- '
duled for tonight at 7;.'10.
Certain communities mako hundreds |
of dollars each year by rnisingdiogs,
and these meeting' wTH-Judp to stimu
late a greater interest along that fine
and to assist those farmers who care
tj raise swine for the market.
Harrison Brothers
Offer Big Reductions
r . ——
Beginning, tomorrow, llarrijion
Pros. & Co., will offer to thCpeiipjo
o f this section big reductions in
prices on all merchandise. Those re
ductions, in many cv.-iss, con titute a
marking down to hfelow one-half the
market price.
This firm each year offers these re
ductions in prices, making it ailvan
t;»peous to its large number of cus
tomers to supply their needs in gen
eral merchandise. j
Miss Kuth Dunning, of Aulan'djr,
and Mr'. J. Roger Griffin, of Woodland,
were married on the last day of the
old year. Miss Dunning' is well j
known in Wyiiamston, where she has j
often visited her uncle, Mj. A. , 11. j
Dunning. She won the beauty prij?e -
at the Eastern Carolina Exposition at
Greenville, last year.
Mr. and Mrs, Griffln will make their
home in Charlotte.
. T;' • , -*> -
Watch tkc UlKi On Your
Paper; It Carries the Date
Your Subscription Expires.
New Telephone
System Ready
About Jan. 20
Material Shortage I)e
--|, lays Opening of the
New Office
The Carolina Telephone & Tele
. citph Co. will not move to it.-, new
office- this week. a., wa- stated a few
l. y ,il,i». The d iay fn moving was
, lii ubt about when material for the
new -ivjtchiioaii! failed to arrive on
.+m*heduled timV" Judging from pres
j 4 ■>' in.iica ion ..he change will not be
cllieU .I beleie th- 'eth, with the
j probability that i will iie even later
j that da e befon the new .'sys
tem wiU be put into i!M\,
Kmploy,, . \if- t!j >, \\, stern Electric
I Co. from a. far away as Illinois and
I' nil( It..' ,!i h v orkinrr for the
. p;i l several wo»k installing
■ . w'jtchboiird. ai.d had th; 1 material
l.achci! lii !.■ ;.i line-, tin- tn k ty,).|
have been completed by the time an
nounce I. Mr. Mullin , head construc
tion superirit intent of the telephone
company, arrived here last night, and
lie will have In ; man tini h the out-
Mi' • work ready for Ihe change whep
.tl.e work on the switchboard• i comf
pteted.' . - . . "I
I'pon eomplet u>n of'the new plant, •
the company will hold i\ general eel
■ebr.-ition with th. public a it - gue ts.
'I he exact date and nature of the
| event- will in '.announced later.
According to plan - made a few days
the .exchange at Ahoskie will be
ijpvitched tu th; 1 cominon-batterv . Vs
on the ame'day as the one here
switched. The- change to the n>w
. system will lie effected without inter- •
t fi ling, with t.h • service.
New Lumber Firm
To Begin Operations
"Mr. K. S. McCain, of Hertford, *
I v.... iii tile city last' week , making
pti parato ii'' for tai ling -iperatioii of
llr luiiiiii i' mill which was I'm merly
tin \S 1111 a m-K.iii I.umbel co. The null
i now owßeil ljy Mr. Mct'abe and Mr.
Murray, TIThTI of llertfonl.
i'lnv e gentlemen have been in the
liunlier business for . omelime and
■ luiVm a large mill in llertfonl. .They
are advertising fijf pine e.nd poplar
logs and'it i.-. their intention, accorl
it)g to ,ftlr. McCabe, to begin work as
.soon as n ullicLent numb, r of logs
"111 lie; .1-cured regular to ki'ep the
mill running once it starts.
Deacons to Attend
Ordination Service
file. G raci n llaptist ,Church, newly
.organized .at Washington, N. ('.,
■ through it. pastor, Ite.v. '('lrtHlew I!.
Tiainniell, extend'il all invitation to
pt+ii pastor and board of deacons of
the local liaptist church lo assist them
\\eilne day evening in the ordination
of a deacon. jl ,
Ai'eon'.ingly. Ihi 'lpa lor, Me is. J.
\\. Amler pii t li. Fleming, .1. C.
Amlei on, ll'. S. Courtney, A. Y.
Ctawfonl. and W. T. Hunter are ex
pi c ed. to MI. .i>» to Washington Wed
-1 iiesday evening, where the (bacons
will take part in the ordination serv
ice and Kev. Dickey will preach the
— . ,
lourtli of July Likely
lo lie Celebrated Here
There is nothing definite jibout it,
but carried, talk is pouring forth on
the subject of a Fourth of July cele
bration liel'e thi y'ear.
liii!her early for plans for an event
tliiit far of! to be mentioned, but those
iiflerested in offering one of the big
irest celebrations -ever held in thts
section are luixious to book those
feature that require early work. \
The nature of the
should it be [held is. not known, but
if plans woikvout, all right, a gay and v
big tin)e can lie expected. 1 • >
Fourth of Jul|' celebratiorts'" in
these parts have as a general rule
bet ii of little consequence because
of a lack of interest.'
~ L ~: t "" '
District IVlanajffer To
Move Office Here
W. H. Heins, dlst'tict manager of
the Carolina Telephone & Telegraph
Co., will move h*re this week from
Ti.rboro, where he has been having
his headquarters for the past 10*,
months. He -will .have room, in the
Tor Heel Apartments.
William&ton is about the most cen
trally located office in his territory,
which includes Tarboro, Pinetops,
Williamston, Windsor, Aolander,
Ahoskie, Winton and MurfTeejbero.
Mr. Hein is very popular with our
people and we jjre very glad that It
is possible for him to locate hark.
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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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