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anna a Latchkey to Over 1600
Homes of Martin County.
Government Experts Making
Soil Survey of Entire County
Character and
Peculiarities of
Soils Described
S. O. Perkins of U. S.
Department Agricul
ture in Charge
S. O. Perkins, of the United States
Department of Agriculture, and S. R.
Bacon, of the North Carolina Depart
ment of Agriculture, are in William-
Bton for the purpose of making a de
tailed soil urvey of Martin County.
The Bureau of Soils, in cooperation
with the State of Nofth Carolina, is
classifying the soils of this county
and showing on an accurate map the
precise location of all important bod
ies of the many different kinds of
Mills. The value of this work is two
f'.ld; that is, of immediate practical
value, and of fundamental or basic
value. A 3 ,il map and report is help
ful to the farmer, because it makes it
possible for him to compare his soils
with those of the experiment stations
and of the farms of successful farm
ers throughout the State, and thus de
termine, •in #0 far as the soil adap
tation factor is concerned, whether
this experimental and practical results
are applicable to his farm.
The exocriment stations, in turn,
with the aid of a soil survey, can
carry the results of their fertilizer and
cultural method tests- directly to
those farmers who haVe Soil like those
upon which the experiments were
conducted. Again, those people who
are seeking farms in sections with
which they are unfamiliar can obtain
from the soil maps and reports most
helpful forehand information.
The basic value of the soil survey
is also important. It shows what the
soils of the county are and where they
occur, so that experimental substa
tions can be established upon the prin
cipal types of agricultural land in the
State in order to determine the best
ways of farming these lands—the fer
tilizer, the best crop rotation, best
crop varieties to grow, whether the
soil needs lime, etc.
These mui are making accurate soil
maps which show not only all the
different kinds of soils but all the
flrst-clas.i and second-class highways,
the stream, farm residences, schools,
churches, etc.
This Roil map is a soil survey re'
port, in which not only the map is
given, but also full description of
each kind of soil and the relation of
each kind of soil to economic crop pio
duction, s» far as reliable experin en-
Utl duta permits. These reports aie
for free distribution to farmers, land
owners arid buyers and sellers of land.
Decayed Soy Beans
and Peanuts Kill Hogs
In traveling over the county in the
last few days, County Agent Brandon
has found that decayedPsoy beans and
rotten peanuts have »ll«?r\a large
number of hogs in various
where the hogs have had free range
to fields where soy beans and peanuts
were grown.
Mr. Brandon states' the decayed
food produces a disease called hemor
ratic interitus and the symptoms are
very much the same as cholera. The
hogs have been reported to die in
piles and are sick only a day or two
before death. Mr. Brandon has made
thorough investigations of the disease
and finds very peculiar phenomena
attending case.
Farmers are advised to take their
hogs off these decayed foods.
Johnny Hines in
"the Brown Derby"
Buffalo Bill, Jr. in
"the Mystery Rider"
—also —
2-reel Comedy and
Always a Good Show
County Farm Agent Advises
Treatment of Tobacco Seed
County Agent T. B. Brandon is
advising all the farmers of the
county'to treat their tobacco seed
before sowing this year. This in
formation offered by Mr. Brandon
is highly important at this time
for the next few days will be used
in the preparation and sowing of
tobacco plant beds. In numbers
of cases diseases '(Common in to
bacco are carried over through
the seed used, and when proper
methods are used many of these
diseases can be prevented.
To prevent such diseases the
seed should be treated in a solu
tion of formaldehyde. One table
Kill 9 Hogs; Pack
3,541 Pounds Meat
The Messrs. Godard Brothers
made a record last week when
they killed nine hogs and pack
ed away 3,541 pounds of meat,
a record that can be made by
the best of farmers only. Av
eraging a little under 400 pounds
the hogs were only a year old.
which makes the record of more
These men are pot only suc
cessful in raising but get
results in all their undertakings
on the fafrm and connected lines
of business.
Tobacco Sales
To January 1
Williamston Leads 36
Markets in Pounds
and 22 in Prices
Figures of leaf tobacco sales given
"out on January 19, for the 48.Eastern
Bright Belt warehouses on fourteen
markets and 64 warehouses and on 20
Old Bright Belt markets showed
sales for the 1926 season to January
1 of 312,350,325 pounds.
The amount" was sold at an aver
age of 23.67. In 1925 there were
303,158,756 pounds of the weed sold
and averaged 23.14.
Wilson, Greenville, Kinston, .Rocky
Mount, Farmville, Durham, Oxford
Henderson and Williamston are the
State's largest markets in the order-in
which they come.
The Williamston market led 26
markets in pounds anil 'i'Z markets in
price. We sold three times as much
as 7 markets.and lead eight others by
a ratio of two to one.
Eighty Hogs Die
of Strange Disease
In the early fall, Mr. J. G. Staton
bought a car of hogs from some point
in Georgia. The swine were placed
on his various farms in uie county,
and little more was thought of them
at the time. A few days later sev
eral were found dead, but no cause
could be assigned, as the hogs were
properly treated before leaving , for
this point. Gradually the herd of 120
pa&ed away until now there tire only
40 left. The remainder died from ap
parently the same cause.
On top of this loss another was
added when neighboring hogs con
tracted the strange disease and died.
It is n6t known definitely, but the
additional loss will number about SO.
The disease has proved itself a
puzzle to all those who have made
investigations, and no remedy could
be offered.
Kiwanis Clubs Has .
Very Good Meet
The Kiwanis meeting
was in charge of its Jro jngest-Biember,
W. H. Carstarphen. But Jill*, had no
si Ort-coming lr putting over one of
the best enjoyei'in n l:»ng
t n.e. Another ihing a iUHHrinot strong
in the meeting was good feeling. The
ctmgs led by l'arson Parilo
e-vrybody ther.'.
The club was delighted "to receive
the following new fhember.;', T. F.
Harrison, Roy Gurganus and Robert
Coburn. " . *
Mr. Price appeared before the club
and asked to put on an indoor car
nival under the auspices pf the club.
A committee was appointed to in
vestigate the matter and report to
the next meeting. .' '
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, January 21,1927
-spoonful of formaldehyde to one
quart of water makes a suitable
solution. The seed should be tied
in a thin cloth and allowed to
soak in the solution for 10 min
utes, when they should be remov
ed and washed at least three times
in clean water. At the end of the
third washing, if the odor pf the.
formaldehyde is still present ad
ditional washings should' be
made? When this is done the
seed should be allowed to dry be
fore planting.
Mr. Brandon will be in his office
tomonlW, and any one desiring
additional infotwmtion may see
him there.
Delay Moving
of County Poor
Inadequate Water Sup
ply is Main Cause
of the Delay
The county's poor, or rather those
registered witli Mr, Bland, are still
residing at the old home where they
are patiently awaiting instructions
ordering them to the new home. An
insufficient water supply is" one of
-the main cause.4 of the delay in the
move from the old to the new home.
There are, however, several other
causes Unit are found in minor de
tails yet to be attended to before the
new building will be ready fog oc
During the -past few days work has
been done to remedy the inadequate
water supply, and 'it was thought the
deepening of the well would bring an
end to the troutile. The -well was
deepened and a new trouble appear
ed. This time it is sand. Steps have
been made to remedy this defect, and
it is expected thy - water trouble will
be ended when_a strainer is placed
in the well pipes.
No exuet date could be learned as
to when the inmates would be turned their new home, hut it is thouglvt
at least two more weeks' will pass be
fore the building will be ready to re
ceive them.
Miss Jessie Peel Dies
After Long Illness
At. her home in Washington on ,
Wednesday .evening* Miss Jesaie I'.eel [
died following an illness which hail I
lasted for years or practically since j
childhood. She had suffered a stroke
of paralysis some months while j
in training for a nurse at the State
hospital for the insane where she had
almost completed her course.
Miss Peel was the oldest child ol
Mr. and" Mrs. Mc G. Peel and is sur-:
yived by her parents and by two j
brothers and two sisters. She was a
very fine young woman and one who
had taken advantage of every op
portunity to make a success of her j
life. Her death is mourned by a host
of friends and relatives. Mr. Peel was
reared in Griffins township, this coun
t>, and is prominetniy connected here. I
TheAineral services were held yes- j
terdaySgln Washington and interment
took place in Oakdale 'cemetery at
three o'clock with the ""Methodist I
minister of Washington officiating, j
- *
Second Dance at the
Woman's Club Monday
The Woman's club announces its
second dance for next Monday night
•J to 12 in the clubs rooms.
The Robersonville orchestra wi'l a
nain furnish,the music/The dance last
Monday met with succe.;f> when a
large number attended.
;) ■ ;
Sunday school, 9:45. %
Sermon at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Intermediate Epworth league, 2:00
n m. Junior fcpworth league, 2:30
p, m.
Services at Vernon, 3:00 p. m.
Senior Epworth league, Monday at
J:3O p. m. •
Prayer meeting, Wednesday 7:30
P W*
Owing to the illness of Mrs. R. S.
CritcKer, the bell at the church will
not be rung till she is better, for my
T, W. LEE, Pastor.
Drunken Auto
Drivers Find It
Costly Pastime
Several Cases Go Over
to Next Tuesday's
Judge Bailey held up the reputa
tion of the recorder's court as a
money muker at the Tuesday's ses-.
sion when he dished put several sub
stantial fines. T ,i'
The first case tried was a charge
of driving an automcrbiU while drunk
and transporting liqUoi. Upon the
charge of driving, Jud&v Bailey priz
e I SSO out of the pocktt of A. Evans,
the defendant in the Cpse, and passed
it over to the school children of the
county. He further decided that
Evans should keep away from auto-
mobiles for nine month*, and .should
ho go in one he should have a chauf
feur to drive for him. The Judge in
a further decision decided that since
Evans was unfit to dri\% on the high
ways it would be a good thing for
him to work on the roads for six
months in order that sober folks
might have better roads to drive on.
Capias in this case not t> issue and
tlie sentence bey an until eajlejl
for by the sheriff or until he violates
the lliquor laws.
C. C. Jones, charged Tvith assault
with a deadly weapon, w*s found not
William Tetterton and Aubrey Hardi
•sou were found guilty of simple as-,
sault. Judgment was suspended upon
their paying the cost.
Daniel Outlaw who was indicted
for Riving a bad check was permitted
to make-the check good and pay the
et t of the case. Judgment was sus
Roosevelt Wilson, .charged , with
■fnhe pretense,, was adjudged not
Jt P. Brinkley entered a plea of
nolo contendere upon the charge of
driving an automobile while drunk.
The plea was accepted by Solicitor
Morton ad the defendant was fined
.$7T> and the cost of the action.
The case agaiiwt J. 0 Willis, vharg
h.g him with disposing of mortgaged
property, was continued for. one
The case against Don Purvis was
tUso continued until noxl week, Don
is charged with stealing seven of
Frank Weaver's hip White Rock
prisse chickens, four of which were
retrieved when' Frank-tailed at Don's
house with an officer armed with a
search warrant. Don has been up
many times to answer the charge of
stealing, and it is nearly always for
iiini'tjlinn pond to eat.
(>oard of Education
Met Here Wednesday
The County ■ Hoard "of Education
met here last Wednesday in special
session at the office of tho county sup
erintendent of schools. The business
to come before'the meeting, while it
was of an important nature, was de- I
ferred until the next meeting in Feb
ruary. The work Wednesday was done 1
so that the meeting next month can
go Unhampered as to preparations |
and date.
County Teachers Will
Meet Here Tomorrow
The teachers of the county's schools
Will meet here tomorrow in the fourth
meeting of the 11)26-27 session. If the
weather conditions are favorable to
morrow, Superintendent Pope is ex
pecting the largest representation
from the various schools had so far
this school year. While no definite
information could be gained a t this
time, it is understood that there wiif
he several important sub|i',s to come
before the body of teachers.
Card Club Meets
With Mrs. Watts
Mrs. J. W. Watts, jr. entertained
tier card club yesterday afternoon in
New Town from three o'clock to five.
She had several*' friends as her special
quests and ail had a very delightful
afternoon-. . t
Mrs. J. H. Saunders made high score
and was given a powder . bowl and
The hostess assisted by Mrs: God
»ard served frozen fruit salad, cake,
mints and salted peanuts.
# " ' " 11
Sunday, school, 9:45.
Morning service, 11:00 o'clock.
Evning service, 7:30 o'clock.
I.adics Aid, Monday afternoon at
Prayer meeting, Wednesday even
ing at 7:30.
Messrs. J. G. Staton, W. K. Park
er, K. B. Crawford and Superintend
ent R. A. Pope are in Raleigh today
attending to business matters.
Biggs School District to Vote on
Special Tax Levy to Provide for
Eight Months Term of Schools
On the 31st of this month, the
citizens in the Biggs School Dis
trict will vote on a 35-cent tax
levy, the revenue to he used to
provide an eight-months school
term for the children of that sec-
While it is true that the aftair
belongs to those citizens in that
district, and while it is they who
will settle the question, it is to
he hoped that they will weigh the
facts in the case thoroughly, and
consider the welfare of their chil-
Mission School
Well Attended
Nearly 200 Join in the
Study of Missions
the First Ni^ht
With 191 men, women and chil
dren present from all part's of the
town, and the country well represent
ed, the Church School of Missions
got off to a line start at the liapti-4.
church Tuesday night.
There were little. tots, school boys
and girls, young men anil young
women, adult and gray headed peo
ple- all studying missions for an
hour.** . >
Few liner momenta have been ex
perienced in the religious life of"Wll
liamston than this great group of
people meeting on a week night to
make a detailed and systenurtic study
of what Christians belin'e to be the
foundation of the Christ inn religion.
From three to six year, they »'«« , PiU'UltylO Kntertilifl tin 1
studying China; boys and girls of 4*T * Iw
aeven and eight year-, were studying. ' nl lOUl^llt
Livingston nail Africa; Juniors were With Dinner
studying Cod'.-. Family; young n.ieii _
and women were studying J mison ami The high school began examina-
hh missionary life; while the adults
centered on India.
Mrs. P. 11. Cone, Mrs. ('. 11. Dickey,
Miss Eleanor Stan back, Mrs. John I>.
l'iggs, Miss Orpah Steed and Rev.
Mr. Dickey, all were delighted with
the fine attendance, and the great way
hi 'which the school began. „
The several churches of the town
are co-operating in their efforts to
make the, school a success, and the at-
tendance of the members, assistance
and help will be gratefully acknowl
edged. The next session meets Tues
day night.
Many Tenants Moving
in County This Year
According to unofficial estimates, at
least fit) per cent of the tenants in tho
upper section of the county are mov
ing to new farms this year., Other
sections of the county are witnessing
a largo cha n go-pi tenants, but the per-
centage not so great,-as a general
rule, as it is in the upper part of
the county.
In a large number of cases, moving
was resorted to by the tenants- when
they failed to make enough to i>ay
their debts, apd rather than remain
and face- their debts, this year they
pack up and go elsewhere, leaving
their debts behind. The greater per
 eulnge of the moving is held within
the sections; but many are moving to
entirely strange places.
Chelsea Raised and is
Now in a Dry Dock
The Chelsea which went down last
week two miles below Plymouth was
| raised and towed into dry dock at
Elizabeth City lute Wednesday.
The Albemarle and the Dorothy
Ix-igh are busy plying between this
point and Norfolk and are taking care
of the business of the, Norfolk, Haiti
more and Caylina line temporarily.
Club Members Invited
to State Headquarters
The members of the Woman's Club
are invited by the State- officers to
virit the federated Club's headquar
ters, which are located in the Sir Wal
ter Hotel, Kaleigh, on January 26th,
,during the hours from 3 to 6 o'clock.
A very kind invitation was extended
and those who are able to go to Ra
leigh on that date will be , given a
| very cordial welcome.
Kills Porker Weighing
Over 750 Pounds
Mr. W. D. Daniel, of Griffins town
ship, stepped up to the head in the
hop raising class yesterday when..he
killed a Poland Chiria that dressed"
out 756 pounds. *
This is the largest hog, as far as
we can learn, ever to be killecl In this
section. A few haye gone above 700
pounds in weight, but none abovw 750
dren in doing so. The advantages
to be derived from the 35-cent
levy are apparent. A man's child
in that district, should the ques
tion result in the acceptance of
the levy, will have the same op
portunities as the child right here
in town, it is really an import- f
ant question, and we hope the
good citizens of that section will
take an interest in it, not for their
own good but for the good of their
children and the good of their
children's children.
Bazemore Granted
Stay of Execution
George I rank Has.cmore will
not be executed on January liti
under the sentence recently im
posed on him by the Greene
County court.
An appeal has been made to
the Supreme court, according to
a message from Itazcmorc's
attorney, J. I'aul Fri/.zelle, of
Snoji, Hill. Mr. Krizzelle says
the case on appeal will he ser\-
ed on the State's solicitor to *0
This automatically stays ex
ecution until the case is heard
by the Supreme court.
Exam Week at
Local Schools ;i week late llris year because of
tin' had weather last week, but they
oturteil in full force yesterday.
'l'lir lii^h'school has a ruling that
pupil* avrrtufim; wt per rent on any
subject will he exempted from thut
examination, Nifty-seven per cent of
the .stydents were exempted on at
least-one subject.. The-ones who de
serve special mention are Ollie Marii
eighth t?rali' ami Mary Harris ami
Porothy Thrower of the eleventh
Hinde, They were the only pupils of
cinpted from every subject
This f veiling from 6:15 to
mum he iv oT" tlir Hchool faculty are
giving a wijii duck dinner at the
Woman's Huh. They will have a* their
guest's the class of 1927, tin l .school
hoard, Superintendent Pope, the
presidents of the Woman's eluh, the
puronts-tettrhors u.sMH'iutipn anil tin
Sermons for Sunday
al Ilaptist Church
■'My will lie. I he Mft -
1111111 thcine al tliu l!a|iti..l Church on
Sunday morning, urrrl 111
evening Scripture will bit taken from
thi' Hook f Jonah.
It is KUjlge-.tctl .that thoM' who at
t" rul the evening, service read thrn,
as preparation, the little book of
Jonah, which contain* only four short
chapters, and only 48 verses.
This church greatly, pleased with
the iiu which it is hav
ing, and is trying hard to meet the
spiritual needs' oC the. people who
ci nie. While the mission school is
I running, we should link up this spec
ial effort with our regular work, and
make it'cotint might ily. * •
Other good thing-* are in store for
us: Dr. „l'oteat, presilient of Wake
■Forest, IN to he wit!) Us soon; then
I*r. It. 'l'. Vunn, a former president of
Meredith College. God's people de
s rve the best, anil an effort is being
made to have it for them.
Sunday school Sunday morning,
morning .sermon, evening sermon, nail
the second session of the mission
school Tuesday niglit at o'clock.
This is the church calendar to be kept
in mind for the next four days.
Many Articles lieceived
at Shower Wednesday
. At a shower in its rooms last Wed
nesday afternoon the Woman's club
rceived a large number of articles
denated by the merchants of the town
and the public in general. In the num
ber were found many valuable articles
and they were all of a useful kind.
The Club wishes to thank thosej who
remembered the Club with so many
valuable and Useful things. Those who
attended were served) sandwiches and
tea by tfie\Hocial committee. Many
who were unable to attend, sent their
Watch the La IK. On Your
I'apcr,; It Carries the Date
Your Subscription Expires.
Valuable Set of
Books Given to
School Library
Donated by Miss Throw
er in Memory of Lieut.
John Walton Hassell
One of the recent sifts tu the Wil
liymston iligh School Library is a
set-of .seven volumes of "The I'ncen*
sored Ofi'u c Source Records of the
Great Kvents of the Great War." The
work is intended to increase the pub
lic knowledge of the causes, events,
anil consequences of the war. The
American Legion announces its en
dorsement, as the l egion is interested
it. having the people jijjf the t nited -
. States informed as to the truth of
til ' World War. Recently a repre
sentative of tin- Nfirth Carolina Le
gion v isit*- i \\ illiam.4on for the sale
ol a set ot these volumes. As re'f
.erelice bonks,tncy will be an invalu
able aid to students; they are hand
somely bound and attractively illus
trated ami l will adorn any library,
either private or public. The docu
ments published in these books were
secured from every angle among: the
countries cogaged in tln» war and em
brace the period frijiil Ii»I 1 to 1919.
The voliitnos wore donated by Mis
llattie Thiowcr in memory of Lieut.
John Walton Hassell, and the dedica-*
tion appears in volume L Not only
will the IM ok- he u-eful and interest
ing to the students, but the reading
-pulitw- NAN VJU-JUY tlif LIT HI-> if iipt.tM
cation is njade to the library commit
tee at the Iligh School. It might not
"hi- nmiss nt thh trmr to the in—
tore it of the Williams on people in
adding to the library, which lias been
>o uennrou ly done in the past. Why
not make a large public library at
Ihe chool' buil Ling'! |!oy . and girls'
nci-3 good books before thenr always,
and the. greater lh»- number the rent
er tfie inti-rest. This mailer might
[ In- taken up-by the Woman's Club ana .
j Ihe parent-teacher association, and a
| I; rge number of books secured:
——— _
Telephone Company to
lie in New Oitice 26th
It was officially; unnounred, this
morning that .the ollice of the Carolina
Telephone and Telegraph"- company
will be loea.ted in its new home here
not 'later than the 26 th *»t .us (tonth,
Wednesday next week tie- 'a> tall to
be made through the old sy tent Will
have been completed and the weaving
of the operators will go on under a
i new, roof and with new ci|uipment.
According: to District. Manager
Rein's, the —Thornr —euuld —have—been
; effected yesterday, but the tiiif
"iiut material failed to arrive in time'
i and that part of the equipment is
I crusillg tile extended delay. *V,
I An elaborate'house- warming, is be
ing plumVed and tli+' ci-l-issens of the
tovyu, Carolina telephone subscribers
and Willinirisston Telephone company's
rural suliMtih-Vs will be extended an
I invitation' to the event. .
j When tin- operators wee verifying
j the street oltlre ses yesledT'lV for
(the new directory, many tu'tliug
(things wen- learned. The numbers of
| tin' homes were mixed "With "'.he riunt
' hers of the telephones. One el v A hen
asked where the telephone v/as stated
iit was over the door. \ not her sub*
,-eriher was asked he had a
! wall or a ilesk 'phone. '"Wat i min
ute until I cftn get a li jht ami st-e"
|he replied: A few minu'es passed
j and the following answer i .i.ue, it's
u Kellog."
XVjxiMV tin' delay came :umut in the
move to the new' Wee, the printing
lof the dir. etory was held up. Yes
j lerdity, as all the subscribe''s know,
tin? operators were +mffy ge'ting. ad-
Uffional din-etoi'y information,
Finds I Jeer Near .
Mobley's Mrll Pond
. ,
Sheriff Roebuck and a deputy found
a large p«iiitity of beer on the edge
' of the Mol'dey mill poftd'this morning.
From appearance a stUI had been run
there last night and failing to com
! plete the job .in the darkness of the
j-night the operators had hid the still
I and left 100 gallons of beer to run
« when night would come again.
I The sheriff found nothing except-the
beer, which he destroyed. He was
I not sure whose land it was located on,
but thought it was on'Tr tract of land
b longing to Mr. J. W. Anderson.
The Rankrupt Store announces
their closing tomorrow, January
22, and say many special bargains
will mark the closing day. Mr. A K.
Ha tern, manager, says he hopes to
meet u large number of his friends
that, day and that he will be able to
give them some exceptionally low
prices rather than pack and ship the
goods again.

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