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    Ainrti*m Will Had Oar Cai
aauu a Latchkey to Over 1600
Hw« af Martin County.
P. T. A. Benefit
Big Audience
Is The One Outstanding
Home-talent Play in
Several Years
The highmark in home-staged pro
ductions was reached when "A Bache
lor's Honeymoon", a musical comedy,
waa played before a packed audi
torium hare last Friday nigttt. With
a carefully selected and well-trained
cast, the play met with 100 per cent
approval. It was rated the outstanding
home-talent play given here in sev
eral years.
No better selection of the principal j
characters could have been made than
the one offered and trained by Mr. and
% Mrs. Mclver. Miss Carrfe Delle White,
as Ophelia Higjpns, took the audience
by storm and brought an upheaval of
laughter time and again from the
large number of spectators. Messrs.
Leslie Fowden and H. M. Stubbs,
playing as Denny Maloney and Dea
con Smith, acted their parts well and
brought a hearty applause from the
entire house. The playing of Mrs. F. j
E. Wynne, as Betty, met with high
approval, and a charming way, she
rendered her part well. Mr. A. Hassell,
jr. fitted perfectly the part of Phillip
Springer, a young bachelor. His act
~ hi g was of an extra order, In fact it
compared favorably with that of the
The choruses were splendid and
caused one to wonder at the work of
only two weeks training. Among the
musical numbers offered, "Honey
moon Lane", "She Knows Her On
ions", "I'd Love To", "Heaven Will
Protect a Working Girl", and "Let 1 ®
All Be Pals", by the entire company,
were very much in keeping with the
success of the play.
The Frank Borthers, Charles and
Jack, as Terpsichorean artists, de
lighted their audience between acts
one and two. While their work was
good throughout, the eccentric dance
M Jack waa especially good.
The play was staged under the
auspices of the parents-teachers as
sociation and a substantia) profit was
made by the organisation.
Mission School in
Session Tonight
Tonight, (Tuesday) at 7:80 o'-
clock, the fourth session of the local
Church School of Missions will be
held in the Baptist church.
The school has been very popular,
and the young people have been very
enthusiastic, while the adults have
continued to come out in large num
Miss Stan back, Miss Steed, Mrs.
Dickey and Mrs. John D. Biggs will
go on, Tuesday night, with the un
folding of their program, while Rev.
Dickey will deliver a lecture on "The
Mission Harvest."
Almost every Christian person has
more or less moneys invested about
over the world in the Missionary En
terprise. This lecture will attempt to
show something of the results of the
Missionary work of the churches, and
the accomplishments that have result
County Agent Busy
Treating Tobacco Seed
One barrel of tobacco seed has been
treated for various diseases common
in tobacco by Agent T. B. Brandon
during the past few days. Thie a
mount was treated by the agent alone,
while many farmers did their own
work in preventing the disease.
The formaldehyde treatment was
ased by Mr. Brandon, and he says it
la one of the best known in prepar
ing seed for planting.
2 5-Reel Westerns
And remember « also get a
free ticket for the Friday night
I The Shew Is Over In Time to
Altow Yoe to Take in Other
Always a Good Show
Town Council Considers
Wide Variety
Several New Ordinances
Were Passd; Dogs
to Be Shut Up
The general run of business came
before the board of town commission
ers at the regular meeting last night
with one or two questions added. On
the financial side of the affairs discus
sion ran from $lO to SIO,OOO. Mat
ters in the general column, unless
they were most urgent, were put in
the deferred column for further dis
cussion at a special meeting next
Monday night and at the regular meet
ing the first Monday in March.
Just before the commissioners'
meeting was called to order, Mayor
Coburn swore in several firemen to
serve as special poiice during the
week, their duties to be at the indoor
circus. The mayor stressed the im
portance of keeping order at the
show and to see that it was run on
a decent basis.
An invitation from the power and
water department of Greenville was
extended in a letter to the superin
tendent of lights and water and the
town oouncil. The letttr was read,
but just how many o'f the council will
attend was not learned.
Several points of law brought up at
a previous meeting were explained to
the board last night. Where taxes
have been listed incorrectly for any
length of time, the board may go back
as far as three years and refund the
Uxes paid by the taxpayer. Should
the taxpayer fail to list property, the
board can go back indefinitely and
collect. The point of law was brought
up when Dr. Jas. S. Rhodes found
that he had been paying more taxes
than was due the town for a long
period of years. Even though the
rules of law were laid before the
board, no settlemnet of the matter!
was effected, but a special meeting!
was called for Monday night at which !
time a hearing would be given Dr.
Permit Dancing at Indoor Circaa
About this time several of the fire
man came in and asked permission to 1
stage a free dancf. each night at the
indoor circus this week, the dance to J
last 30 to 60 minutes. The mayor,'
speaking for the board, stated that |
such dances did not come under the |
jurisdiction of the board. Attention'
was called to the fact that it did
have power over the one to be held
next Thursday night.
The Brick Warehuse Co. was allow
ed $lO off a sl9 water bill when it
was shown by Mr. D. D. Stalls that
the water, or a greater part fcf it,
was used by the public in watering
The treasurer was given power to]
make certain adjustments in water
bills. This power was granted by the
beard when it was shown that several j
small families had water bills amount
ing to from $32 to S4O, and that such
bills could hardly be correct. The
families are to have their pipes ex
amined during the course of the next
few days. I
While no contract has been signed,!
the towf theatre has been rented to
Mr. J. W. Watts, jr., for the coming
year, March 1, 1927, to March 1, 1928,
for a sum of $6lO. The conditions'
that the contract will embody include
that the four churches, the Woman's j
Club, and the Kiwanis Club will have
the privilege to use the hall one night
each during the year, provided that
Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights
be the ones used and that 30 days'
notice be given the management. Two
night were given the school for its
commencements exercises, should
something happen that would prevent
the use of the school auditorium. For
these two nights no charge is to be
made, while the four churches and the
two clubs will be required to pay $26
each night. The board will not ad
vertise for sealed bids.
Diacuaa Itinerant Merchant*
The problem brought about by the
itinerant merchants was given a good
hearing, and while the matter went
unsettled, several suggestins were
made. The matter will be definitely
settled when the merchants of the
town can be visited by the mayor and
the suggestions offered at the meet-!
ing can be explained, leaving the
question to be settled as the mer
chants think best. The matter has
been taken up with Senator Moore,
as was suggested at a previous meet
ing when several merchants appeared
before the board. Mr. Moore stated
that nothing could be done other than
levy a privilege tax. Such a tax
would appfy to all th emerchants, so
it would be of little help. An ordi
nance embodying the privilege tax
was read, and before its passage can
be made it will be submitted for ap
proval to the local merchants. The
ordinance would require all merchants
to pay a privilege tax of SIOO and it
is so arranged that the local mer
chants could have that amount deduct
ed from their regular taxes. It is ex
pected this matter will be settled at
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday February 8,1927
Home & Farm
Agents Report
Show Intensive Work
During the Month
of January
The reports of Miss Anna Crentham
home demonstration agent, and Mr,
T. B. Brandon, fawn agent, for the
month of January and as submitted
to the county commissioners at their
meeting here yesterday, show inten
sive work on the part of the two
hgents. The work of the home agent
was well distributed as to the var
ious classes of work, there being a
large number of meeting and demon
strations held. The major part of the
farm agent's work had to do with
treating hogs for cholera and pre
paring tobacco seed for sowing. j
Following is a record of the work
done by the home demonstration a-!
gent during the month of January: j
Number meetings held, 27; attend-1
ance, 607; other meetings attended,
2; attendance, 625; home visits made,
46; office calls, 46; telephone calls, 16;
letters written, 86; bulletins sent out,
146; office days, 2 1-2; field days,
22 1-2; holiday, 1; miles traveled, 672.
Number method demonstration*: I
Food preservation, 1; steam pres-j
sure cooking, 4; food preparation, 6;
clothing, 40; household management,
4; culling poultry, 4; and two lec.ure!
demonstrations in gardening.
Result demonstrations;
In clothing, by women and, girls,
204; in household management, 6; in
poultry, 6; in gardening, 10.
County Farm Agent's Report
Following is the county farm dem
onstration agent's report:
19 days in field work; 6 days office
work; 1 day annual leave; )42 office
conferences; 146 telephone ualU; WU
letters written on official duties, 125
farms visited; 1,279 miles traveled on
official duties; 8 articles written for
local papers; 761 head of hogs treat
tr' during the month; treated tobacco
for 92 farmers during the month;
pians furnished for 6 self feeders; 1
car of Pyratol ojrdered for farmers;
49 pecan trees ordered for farmers;
plans furnished for 4 poultry houses;
received orders for half a car of farm
drain tile. j
The greater part of the month has
been spent in treating hogs, as there
has been an outbreak of cholera in
the county.
the special meeting next Monday j
An ordinance was passed making it
unlawful for a business to put up in;
front of its store advertisements on!
cloth or wood, with the provision that i
merchandise be allowed to go on dis- i
play outside at the discretion of the ■
A loose mad dog brought about an!
ordinance prohibiting dogs to run at
large. All dogs caught on the streets j
t are to be shut up, and at the end of j
u certain length of time are to be|
killed unless the canines are called
I for by the owners before that time
has expired. The first offense draws
a fine of $6; the second, one of $lO.
Other Dance Permits Given
The dance ordinance was read, and
it provides a $260 tax, spectators are {
not to be charged, no intermission,
and 1 o'clock is to be the closing
The date for the Woman's Club
dance was allowed to be changed from
January 31 to February 14. This was |
the only dance provided for the Wo
man's Club. Frank Carstarphen was
given permission to hold one Febru
ary 18 or 22, one of the two dates to
be decided upon by him.
Dick Wynne was relieved of taxes
on SBOO worth of property incorrect
| ly listed. 4
At a previous meeting of the board
consideration waa given the purchase
of machinery to work the streets of
| the town. From that meeting the
matter was deferred to the one last
night. It was again deferred, since
the town is facing a SIO,OOO bill this
month. Something* will be done for
' the streets soon, however.
! The board hinted very strongly
that bill against the town running
over 80 days would not receive im
mediate attention. The board urged
tljgt bills be presented monthly. ..
The Mack truck sent here on ap
proval by the City of Richmond has
developed into trouble. The truck
was sent back with water in the radia
tor, the cold weather came on; and,
according to an official at Richmond,
over S2OO was required to repair the
bursted engine. The matter was
cleared here when the board referred
fhe city of Richmond to the Atlantic
Coast Line Railroad.
Large Crowds
At Opening of
Indoor Circus
Large Crowd Expected!
to Attend Dance
Thursday Night
The firemen's indoor circus opened
last night in the Dixie warehouse with
a good attendance. The show was not
complete, there being very few booths |
and a shortage in general features, i
Hwever, preparations are still under-1
way to have the warehouse filled with
booths and general displays by to-!
night. Several booths are being added i
todaay and it looks as if the affair
will be in full swing not later than
tomorrow. A large crowd is expected
tonight in spite of the diagreeablc
weather. , •
The two basketball games, the ]
circus acts and the free dwee were]
considered worth many times the ad -1
mission. The circus acta it a whole
were very good, and the tee dance
got off with a good start under very
short notice. The basketball games going in to make the Main fea
ture of the show..
Tonight, Jamesville meets Winter
ville and Williamston plafs Farm
Life. The circus acts will be added to
and the free dance will be held again.
The program will be added to each
right, and on Thursday night the big
dance will be given. Friday Bight, the
fiddlers from several counties are ex
pected to appear with thaf instru
Dr. Poteat to Speak
•Here Next Sunday
of Wake Forest Collage, will speak at
of Wake oFrest College, will tpeak at
the Baptist Church Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock.
Dr. Poteat is not a stranger in l
this section; for he has spoken in
Williamston a number of times. Those
who have not heard him have read his
articles, addresses and books.
It is always good news wjjen Dr.
In announced. Ht is regarded
by a great many people, in and out
of the denomination, as the leading
Baptist in North Carolina.
For a generation, he has been
closely identified with Wake Forest
College, and, accordingly, with the
Baptist life of- the state. ( But Dr. j
Poteat is no sectarian—he is a public,
servant, nad in this capacity has i
served in a wide and varying manner
of ways.
A great many people in and about
Williamston will be anxious to hearj
Dr. Pofeat Sunday. And the pastor of
the local Baptist church is particular-1
ly anxious.-that all persons not en-,
gaged in their own religious service
at that hour will be present.
The subject of his address will not
be announced until Sunday morning.
Purchases Dennis
Simmons Office
Mr. Hugh G. Horton local attorney,
purchased recently the office and of
fice site of the Dennis Simmons Lum
ber company. It is understood the
transaction was -made in the consider
ation of $5,000, the purchase' price.
The building has housed for a long
number of years the offices of that
company, and for the past several
the Martin County Building and Loan
association has had its offices there.
Mr. D. D. Stalls, local fertilizer deal
er and cotton and peanut buyer, who
has had his office there for the past
two years, will move, it is understood,
to the Bowen building on Washing
ton street.
Two Hogs Weighing
Over 1,000 lbs. Killed
P. R. Rand, who lives near Raleigh,
has just gone up to the top in the
North Carolina hog raisers class.
It is not so strange to see where
Eome good farmer here and there
kills a 600-, 700- or even an 800-pound
hog; for it happens every year. But
when Mr. Rand prints, his picture
standing between two hogs on a pole,
one of them weighing 1,190 pounds
dressed, the little one weighing 1,030
pounds dressed, we must admit he is
n real hog raiser.
Mr. Rand raises the big bone Poland
There will be a regular communica
tion of Skewarkee Lodge, No. 90, A.
F. & A. M. tonight (Tuesday) at 7.30
o'clock. Work in the third degree.
All local Masons and visiting breth
ren are cordially invited to attend.
Officere and members of the degree
team are especially urged to be pret
erit and on time.
By order of A. T. Perry, W. M.
Commissioners Accept and Pay
for Work on Jail and Home for
Poor; Ready for Occupancy Soon
S. S. Toler and Son, of Rocky
Mount, general contractors for
the construtcion of the new Coun
ty home and the new County jail,
presented their bill to the Board
of County Commissioners yester
day and the full sum of $75,572
has been paid.
The Pauly Jail Building com
pany has already completed Its
work as per contract. The amount
paid that company was $19,032.
Tourney Under
Way at Circus
Jamesville - Winterville
Farm Life : William
ston Games Tonight
The basketball tournament got un
derway at the indoor circus with a
double-header. Everetts defeated
Washington in a one-sided contest by
a score of 27 to 7. Everetts proved
itself superior in every phase of the
game. While the team's playing, in
general, was good, that of Cherry was
most noticeable, he scoring 19 of his
team's 27 points,
The game between liobersonville and
Hamilton was without a doubt, the
more interesting of the two, Hamilton
winning by a score of lif to 9. The
game was crowded with action and
members of bom teams worked hard
Jiroughout both periods.
Tonight, Jamesville meets Winter
ville and Farm Life plays Williams
ton. Tomorrow is the free for all con
test with the local town team play
ing Everetts and the Washington
Wihfcoats playing Jamesville., On
Thursday night Hamilton will meet
either Williamston or Farm Life. On
Friday night the finals in the free
tor all group will be held. Everetts
will meet either Winterville or James
ville on Saturday night, the last game
of the tournament. The tluct aiWci
loving cups have been purchased and
will be awarded the winners in each
of the three groups.
Locals to Meet Navy
Team Here the 22nd
With victory after victory added
to its credit and not a single defeat,
the local town basketbull team has
sunt its challenge beyond the Slate's
borders and signed to meet the
Naavy Y. M. C. A. team here the 22nd.
Th£ visitors who will come are mem
bers of the Fifth Naval District bas
ketball league, located at Hampton
Roads, Va. They have been champions
of the league for five years and have
won so far this season 25 out of 27
games. In that number, they have
scored 1439 points. Several college
stars are on the Navy team, among
them are Doss, farmerly with Georgia
Tech, Berry of Dartmouth College
and Newton from Boston College.
They will play in the game here on j
the 22nd. The three are considered,
the best working and highest scoring 1
combination in the Hampton Roads [
THe town team is carrying on an 5
extensive practice this week and all j
of next week it will be working get- i
ting itself in tiptop shape for the
Navy contest. The local boys have j
not expressed themselves as to the j
expected outcome of the game, but j
they assure fans that it will be a 1
gopd one. '
Carolina Company Adds
To Its Local Service
Beginning with the first Sunday in
its new office here, the Carolina
Telephone and Telegraph company
added all-day Sunday service. In
stead of the few hours service on •
Sunday, the company is now offering*
a continuous service all the time.
Calls over the exchange on those
days have been light so far, hardly
more than two dozen calls were pass-!
td during the extra hours last Sun
day. An increase is expected, how- j
ever, once the added service becomes
i Generally known.
The department of good citizenship
of the Woman's club will meet next,
Thursday, February 10th at 4:00 p. m. j
in the Woman's club rooms. The in-j
fluence of the community on good
citizenship will be discussed at this
meeting. i 1
The department will be glad to
have new members and vistiors at
tend the meeting.
In the local school honor rqll ap
pearing last iseue, the name of Miss
Jennie Green Taylor was omitted.
Miss Taylor is a pupil in the fifth
grade, and her name frequently ap
pears among the number of honor
The Cincinnati Fly Screin com
pany has also completed it work
at the County home and ha.* be n
paid $625.50, the full
These figures do not cover the
heating, plumbing and lighting
nor the architect's fees and com
The plumbing has not be:n com
pleted, but the architect states
the buildings will be completed
and ready fof~'occupancy in a
short time.
State's Witness
Is Knocked Out
Is Brother to Mr. YV. H.
Edwards Who Lives
Near Williamston
Durham, Feb. 7. T. G. Edwards,
who was to have appeared a* a
state's witness in the charge against
his wife, Mrs, Nellie Edwards, and
her brother-in-law, Nathan May, for
conspiracy and secret assault on
Dewey I'oythress, Chapel Hill letter
carrier, on Jurtuary 3, wa.-, knocked in
-the head with un axe while in thu
basement of his home eariy»k'riday
morning, the blow breaking the skin,
but not proving- serious. The injured
man aaid he was struck by a negro
or some one with his face blackened.
Sheriff John F. Harward, investigat
ing the ease, had only a few clews on ■
which to work. Mrs. Thelma Edwards j
Midgett, daughter of Mr. »•»*' Mrs.
Edwards and companion of young j
I'oythress on the.night of his flogging
by eight robed and hooded men, ar
rived at home Thursday from a visit
in Greensboro, where she had been
visiting a relative since her husband, I
J\ B, Midgett, secured a divorce, in |
the hearing of which I'oythress ad
mitted the paternity of her four |
months old child. Hearing, the flog- i
' ging charges against Mrs. Edwards j
I i.nd May, scheduled for Friday, was j
! postponed until February IS because
i Mr. Edwards was unable to appear as,
a witness. The two' defendants have
retained former Solicitor 1,. I*. Mc-
Lendon and It. P. Reade as attorneys.;
Mr. W. H. Edwards, of Williams
ton is a brother to Mr. T. G. Ed
wards and he was at the home of
his brother at the time the axe blow
wus struck. Mr. Edwards states that
they thought his brother was dead,
ar.d that it was several hours before
he regained consciousness.
Red Oak Defeats
Everetts Team 18-13
In a fast contest in hocky Mount
last Saturday night, the Red 'Oak
basketball team defeated the Everetts
boys by a score of IK-13. A second
geme between these two teams has
been scheduled to be here,
j Tuesday night, February 15.^
Jamesville Enters
State Contest
| The Jamesville basketball team hasj
"been entered in the State champiorr
j ship contest, and will meet Edenton
at Edenton in the first game of the
series. The series is sponsored by the
extension department of the Univers
ity of North Carolina.
Two Specials on at
Strand Tomorrow
The Strand theatre is announcing
two specials for tmorrow night, and
is offering the free ticket to each
person attending on Wednesday forj
the show on Friday, ilarry Carey
will play in "The Man from Red 1
Gulch" and Lefty Flynn will play in
j "Smiling at Trouble."
The management announces that the
pictures will be over in time for you
j to take in other amusements.
The Senior Epworth League of the
| Methodist Church will have a silver
j tea Friday, February 11, at the home
iof Mrs. J. W. Watts, jr. Everybody
i is cordially invited. J \ .. ■
W. 0. Saunders to Talk
to Kiwanis Tomorrow
One of the laijgest Kiwanis meet
ings in several wdeks is expected to
j morrow. Mr. W.yO. Saunders, editor
of the Elizabetjjr City Independent,
will address Khe club, and a good
meeting is expected. The subject Mr.
Saunders "will use has not been an
nounced, but Rev. Mr. Pardo, mem
; ber in charge of the meeting, s ales
St will be one of great interest,
i A large number of non-member' of
the organization have been invited to
' Httend the luncheon and to hear Mr.
Saunders. *
Watch the Übci On Your
Paper; It Carrie* the Date
Your Subscription Expire*.
Hold Regular
Meet Monday
Biggs School District
election Acceptance
is Delayed *
The Martin County Board of Com
missioners held their regular monthly
meeting here yesterday, with all the
members of the board, J. G. Barnhill,
chairman, L. P. Holliday, J. E. Pope,
r. C. Griffin, and T. H. Slade jr., pres
The board held up acceptance of
the election returns of the Biggs
school district tax election, which was
held last Monday, on account of ap
parent irregularities. The matter was
deferred for further investigation.
The report of the poll holders and
registrar in the election follows:
"We, the poll holders of the elec
tion held in Biggs school district to
ascertain whether the qualified voters
of said district favored the levy and
collection of taxes at the annual rate
of cents on each SIOO worth of
property in said district, have the
honor to certify aiul report that there
were 80 people registered in said elec
tion; and there were 41 votes cast for
the levy and 34 were cast against the
levying of 35 cents on the SIOO worth
of property in said district; six not
voting. Signifying our findings, we
herewith atfix our signatures."
—. The .report was signed bjr D. 0.
Bowen, registrar; W. 1,. Taylor ami J.
l.eaman Hopkins, poll holders.
As a supplement «J».k«uii re
turn* khe registrar ami poll holders
filed an affidavit saying they had dis
covered that several- persons had vot
ed who hml not been in the district
long enough to acquire a legal resi
dence, of which fact they were not
advised when they registered and
voted. It was stated that four of
such persons had voted for the tax,
while seven had voted against it.
Other proceedings of the commis
sioners follow:
Other Proceedings
_J. ltalsifh Manning- was appointed
constable of Jamesvilie Township.
J. H. Jones was released from the
pay men ol' $1 dog tax listed by error
in \i illiamston Township.
On motion of T. C. Griffin, second
ed by J. E. I'ope, a 30-day note in the
sum of SJO,OOO was authorized to be
James Red Roberson was ordered,*
admitted to the county home.
A loan (or $1,500, of the county's
sinking fund, was made to W. J.
Mary Bell wus ordered admitted to
the county home.
Clayton Moore was elected as county
attorney, with a retainer's fee of
Jeffrey .Slade, colored, was granted
a monthly allowance of $3.
Joshua B. Koberson was ordered al
lowed $2 per month on account of
outside poor. V
Following is the jury list for the
spring term of superiorr court, to be
gin the third Mohday in March:
First Week
W. A. Brown, C. C. Sexton, J. L.
Brown, Arnold L. Koberson, B. K.
Manning, Alexander Peel, J. J. Man
ring, Simon I). Koberson, W. C. Ellu,
G. 11. Harrison, John W. Green, G. A.
Peel, W. S. Gurganus, F. L. Rogers,
C. O. Moore, J. F. Weaver, L. B. Har
rison, C. L>. Carstarphen, jr., J. D.
Woolard, O. ij. Anderson, W. G.
Lamb, J. B. Barnhill, I>. H. Rouse;
K. B. Etheridge, R. A. Edmondson;
J. H. Ayers, L. G. Bunch, H. A. Early,
M, E,. Koberson, Augustus Williams,
C,. L). Ward, N. C. Everett, R. L.
Smith, J. R. Winslow, J. E. Congle
ton, J. W. Perkins.
Second Week
C. E. Simpson, Clyde Brown, Har
mon Koberson, Eli Ifogerson, L. T.
' Holliday, J. W. Bight, W. J. Taylor,
G. P. Hall, H. L. Roebuck, W. L.
Bland, S. C. Purvis, H. A. Thomp
| son, W. W. Casper, L. T. Chesson, W.
A Vanderford, G. C. Taylor, W. H.
Adkins, Bailey.
Presiding Elder
Preaches Here Sunday
Presiding Elder S. A. Cotton, of
VVcldon, preached a very able sermon
at the Methodist church here Sunday
evening, using the well-known text,
"All power is Given Me "
, Mr. Cotton did not mince words in
his sermon but showed that the claims
of Jesus as to His power were fully
justified in the lives of men and their
institution!. Without the power of
the gospel, we would find little that is
The audience was large and ap
I The rrnt'al meeting of the Dennis
Siiniw is Lumber company sto.'k.soW
eis was held last week in the offi i -if
J the co .uanj* here.

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