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Many Present
at Banquet in
Outline Work to be Done
• in Creating $300,000
Endowment Fund
Christian Church Educational cru
saders mat at Robersonville last night
where more than 200 members from
all parts of the county were royally
entertained by the BobersonviUe
The meeting outlined the work to
be done in creating a $300,000 en
dowment fund for Atlantic Christian
college at Wilson. Dr. Sidney R.
Bradley, who is in charge of the cru
sade, spoke on the purpose and need
for the educational drive. Dr. H. S.
Hilley, president of the college, was
the next speaker introduced, and his
address was followed by John M.
Waters, of Pamlico. Dr. A. E. Corey,
pastor of the Kinston Christian
church was the last speaker.
While each speaker took some spec
iay feature of the work to be done, j
each spoke from the same great,
point, the need of an endowment for >
the college. In the several speeches,!
the need of educating and training j
the race was stressed, that the train-1
ing shall be for the uplifting of others
a? well as ourselves. Hence, the need
for the church college was shown. The (
church colege must give the same,
tiaining the state college is giving,,
and more, it must stress the worship
of God as the first duty of man which
applies to all the educated and the un
educated alike.
Again the call to stewartahip was
impressed upon the audience. "The
meeting was all the way through one
otf inspiration for the large number
of attenders.
One of the most enjoyable as well
as the most inspiring features of the
meeting was the singing of the col
lege songs by the college glee club.
The crusaders, Mr. Bradley, Mr.
Waters, Mr. Alvon, Mr. Wise and Mr.
Harris assisted by Miss Lowery, will
make personal calls on as many of
the church people in the county as is
possible to solicit pledges that the
$300,000 endowment fund may be
raised and the college placed on a
firm financial basis.
All reports since the beginning of
the campaign have been very en
Nellie C. Perry
Died Saturday
Nellie C. Perry, the daughter of
Henry Perry, died in Poplar Point
Saturday morning, (pllowing an ill
ness of only a few hours.
Although she had not been well for
two or three days it was not thought
to be more than a slight ailment
She, however, was taken violently
ill Friday night, and before a doctor
could reach her Saturday morning she
was dead. She was only 17 years old.
The funeral was conducted by Rev.
C. H. Dickey and the burial was at
Rcddicks Grove Church.
Infant of Mr. and Mrs.
Marshall Cherry Dies
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Mar
shall Cherry, who Jive on the old Ever
•tts-Williamston Road, died shortly
sifter midnight today. Interment will
be made this afternoon in the ceme
tery on the home place.
Officers Capture one
Still in Raid Friday
A search /or illicit liquor stills all
day Friday resulted in the capture of
a 60-gallon copper outfit on the Mark
Ballard farm near here. Deputies!
Grimes and Ballard destroyed six bar
rels of beer and brought the still
here. The cap and worm belonging to
the outfit could not be found.
At The
Fred Thompson and
Kingr in
"The Two Gnn Man"
Also Comedy
Lloyd Hamilton in
and "Trooper TT
Always a Good Show
County Teachers to Hold
Last Meeting of Term in
Robersonville Saturday
The last meeting of the 1926-27
term for Martin County teacher.,
will be held next Friday afternoor.
at Robersonville at 2 o'clock.
Classes in all the schools of the
county will be suspended at noon
on that day, anil a large represen
tation of the teachers is expected
at the meeting.
A special program is being ar
ranged for the committeemen of
the several schools in the county,
and one of the best meetings of
|he year is expected. Just how
Should Put On
Clean-up Drive
Movement the Town's
Civic Organizations
Should Sponsor
"Clean up and beautify" is the slo- j
gan to be written on the gates ot
many Carolina towns in the near fu
ture. Durham, one of our leading
towns will begin their drive on the
28th of March. They are going to
add "paint" to their slogan; which
will make three objectives, clean up,
beautify, and paint up.
All the towns in our own county
have been warned of the danger thai
is lurking in the rubbish and filth that
accumulates in our back lots and yards
and along our streets. The board of
health (has asked that our towns do the
same things that other towns are do
lug to make life, health, and property
It has been suggested that a proces
sion of 400 school children, 400 church
members, the Kiwanis Club, the Par
cr.t-Teacher Association, the Woman's
Club all get together and march thru
Williamston shouting down with ty
phoid and malaria and colitis; away
with the dangerous disease-breeding
and unsightly rubbish, and plant a
ro6C in the spot where the weed grew.
The campaign may come yet.
... . t
Tri-County Doctors to
Hold Next Meet Here
Dr. William E. Warren attended the
meeting of the Tri-County Medical
Society at Greenville last week. The
society is composed of doctors of
Martin, Beaufort, and Pitt Counties.
The meeting was attended by 90 doc
tors. . » . . - ' -
The next meeting will be held in'
Williamston with the Martin County
Medical Society as hosts. Dr. War
ren is now and has been secretary of
the society since its organization sev
eral years ago.
Man Dies in Hospital
The body of John T. Harell passed
through here late yesterday on its
way to a final resting place near Re
publican church in Bertie county.
Several days ago while handling a
pistol in a careless manner Mr. Har
rell shot himself in the leg. Blood
poison resulted and he was carried to
the Washington hospital where he
died late Saturday night. Interment
will be made today.
Mr. Harrell managed a Ailing sta
tion near Windsor on the Williamston
Windsor highway. He was a veteran
of the World War.
D. A. R. Meets with
Mrs. F. U. Barnes
Mrs. F. U. Barnes was hostess to
the D. A. R.'s last Thursday evening
at hel- home on Church street. There
was a shower given for the immi
grants who aie detained on . Ellis
Island. A box will be shipped to them
at once.
The most important thing done at
this meetin, however, was the passing
of a resolution to place a bronze tab
let to the memory of the Martin
County's World War veterans. A
committee was appointed to begin
work on the undertaking.
Two new members were received
into the chapter, Mrs. Jan>es G. Sta
ton and Mrs. J. Dillon Simpson.
The hostess served a salad course
which WM wjoyed by her guest*.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday. March 15, 1927
many of the 84 committeemen in
the county will attend the meet
ing: could not be learned, but it is
understood that each school will
be represented.
The work carried on by th.'
reading circles during the year
will be brought to a close, and
delegates to the North Carolina
Teachers' Association meeting will
be named. The meeting will be
held March 23, 24, and 25, and
this county may send as many as
eight delegates. ,
Won Friday
Episcopalians and the
Baptists Meet in the
Finals Tomororw
Too much Pete Fowileui just about |
sums up the defeat of the Christiana,
by the Episcopalian Friday night, in
the second round of the basketball
tournament for the purpose of raising
funds to provide the boys of the town
with a baseball diamond. The Epis
copalians won, 13-10, and will meet
the Baptists in the finals of the se
ries Wednesday night immediately af
ter prayer meeting.
The Christians started out to win
and led at the half, 8 to 6. The Epis
copalians came back strong, however,
and with Pete playing one of the best
games in the line at guard (although
his regular position is quarterback)
 ver seen here, held the fast-traveling
Christians without a field goal in the
last half; while Francis Barnes got his
eye tuned in and put the game on
ice with two field* goals and a foul.'
The Christians put up a fine game,
and on form were due to win. Their
line-up included Harper Holliday and
lieamon Bamhill, who alternated at
center and forward; Z. Hardy Rose,
forward; and Elbert Peel and Stanley
Sessoms at guard. Francis Manning
went in for Z. Hardy Rose at the end
of the first quarter and put up a fine
game, ringing the most difficult shot
yet seen in the tournament. Leumon
Bamhill was high scorer with 7 points,
2 field goals and 3 fouls. Francis
Manning made'the other 3 points for
his team.
For the Episcopalians, Joe Godard
played center; Cortez Green and
Charlie James, forwards; and Fruncia
Barnes and Pete Fowden, guards.
Dick Smith went in for Pete Fowden
in the second quarter and distinguish
ed himself by a number of fine flying
tackles. Barnes was high scorer for
his team with 5 points; Green counted
a field goal and a foul for 3 more;
Joe Godard accounted for 3; and
James made the other 2. The Episco
palians put on a nice exhibition of
floor work, Cortex Green and Charlie
James being particularly elusive for
their guards. ' ,
The game was thoroughly enjoyed
by the spectators, and |l2 were real
ized for the diamond fund. This
makes a net total of $23.25 profit
from the two games of the tourna
ment. A large crowd is expected at
the finals Wednesday night, as the
competing teams are evenly matched.
The fact that Messrs. Gus Harrison
and Pete Fowden will appear on op-(
posing teanis should pack thf Roan
oke and Dixie.
! Three Autos Wrecked ov
the Washington Road
' „ )
Nothing more than minor bruisM
wejre reported when three lautomobiKs
were wrecked on the Washington Ro»d
Sunday night. The most complete of
the three was at the edge of town,
when a practically worn-out Ford
touring car hit a locust guy pole of
ihe Carolina Telephone Co. The speed
of the ear waa so great that it mowed
Ihe tough piece of timber down at tfie
ground's level. The driver, whose
name eould not be learned, escaped
unhurt with the exception of a bruised
nose. The second wreck of the three
took place at Old Ford, where a Urge
touring car was wrecked. A Ford
roadster took to the ditch bank be
tween Old Ford and Washington, but
no great damage was done.
Superior Court
to Begin. Here
Next Monday
Two Murder Cases Are
on the Criminal
The March term of Martin County
superior court begins next week for
the trial of criminal and civil cases.
Judge R. A. Nunn, of New Bern, will
preside over the two weeks' session. I
On the criminal docket there are
11 cases. There are two murder cases i
but only one is likely to come up for
trial, since an arrest in the other ha.i
never been made. J. H. Holiis, charged j
with the murder of John Keel several |
weeks ago, will ftght his case. About'
two years ago Perlie Sogers, colored, j
killed a negro in the Free Union sec-1
tion. He made his escape and hasn't |
been heard from since, but his case!
continues on record. The other cases
take the nature of forgery, assaults,
disorderly conduct, manufacturing li-'
ouor, and house breaking.
The first two days will be used for
the criminal cases, while the remain
der of the time will be devoted to the
hearing of the civil actions.
Citizenship Department
(Jives Program at Club
The Woman's club had its regular
monthly meeting Wednesday after- :
noon with a representative number of
its members oresent. The committee
reports were good and the treasurer's
report was encouraging, the debt as
sumed by the club for remodeling the |
rooms is fast disappearing through the |
united efforts of the club's members. |
Miss Anna Trentham, home demon- j
stration agent, made i> motion that]
the club ask the Kiwanis club and the
chamber of commerce to assist it in
petitioning the City Fathers for a
sanitary market for j>ur people and
this was passed unanimously.
The civic committee Was asked to
see if there could be any means found 1
v, hereby the people could find out'
whete fires are as there are times 1
wh« 1 the department needs the as-;
sisti .nee of the citizens.
Tie program was under the super
vise n of the Good Citizenship de
partment, Mrs. T. W. Loe, chairman.
She had arranged a very instructive
proj ram, having for her subject,
"Co inty Government". She was as
sist! d by Mrs. L 11. Harrison and 1
Mrs, Henry D. Harrison in giving]
the tteven recommendations made by;
| the commission appointed by the
Governor to remedy county govern-!
mer t. Mrs. Lee had gone to the county j
offlc als and was able to tell the club
the status of our government and how
theie remedies would affect it
I.■ club had as its guests two
members of the Woman's club of
Wiidsor, Mrs. C. J. Rhea and Mrs.
C. J. Sawyer.
Aid Storage Building to
Tobacco Plant Here
'lie W. I. Skinner Co. began the
erejtion of- a building last
wee|t at its tobacco plant here. A !
large number of brick masons and j
carpenters are at work on the struc-!
tur« this week. The building, which
will be 96 x 117 feet, has a Storage !
capacity of 1,000 hogsheads of tobac
co. It will be a one-story metal struc
ture, and connects with the main plant.
r. Skinner, who is here this week,
sajs with the present business out
lo4c they were forced to have in
ceased storage room to handle suc
cessfully the business increase this
yV»r. Mr. Jim King, a second part
n/r in the firm, comes from the Wash
ington Tobacco Co. This makes a
arong team of tobacco experts.
I The company will have buyer* on
liveral markets this year and also j
jontracts to dry tobacco for several j
jt Che large buyers in this section.
/Home Department t
Meet Next Thursday
The home department of the Wil
liamston Woman's Club, Mias Anna
Trentham, departmental chairman,
will meet Thursday, March J7, at 4
p. m., in the club rooms.
"Vegetable a«j Flower Gardens,"
will be the subject for study at this
Smithfield Guards Play
Town Team Tonight
The Smibhfleld National Guards
come here tonight to do battle with
the local tomcats in the last basket
ball game of the season. The champ
ionship title of Eastern Carolina's in
dependent teams is the goal for both
teams, and the best as well as the
last game of the season la expected. -
Two games have been played by
these two quints this season, and each
has won one. In each case the win was
registered with a three point margin
over the losers.
f -y
Poultry Car To j
Be at Depot\All
Day Thursday
* . -J I
The second poultry car of the
year will arrive st the A. C. L.
station this week ready for the
loading of hens, roosters, ducks,
guineas, geese, and broilers. The
rar will received poultry from 11
a. m. to 6p. m. Thursday. From
here the car goes to Hobgood and
Scotland Neck. Prices will be a
bout the same as those paid last
f week when a car was here.
The bureau of markets, in con
nection with the county farm and
home demonstration agents, ar
ranges the schedules for these /
cars, and the dates are so fixed
that the farmers are able to cull
their flocks and do away with the
"boarding" stock.
Town Demurs
Against Suit
Judge Nunn to Pass on
Validity of Demurrer
Here Next Week
City Attorney Robert I'. Coburn
fi'ed"a demurrer to the action brought
by Mrs. Lucy Modlin, administratrix,
against the town of Williamston last
Saturday morning with the clerk of
the court, R. J. Peel.
The suit, amounting of $15,000, wus
brought by the plaintiff's attorney, B.
A. Critcher, in January, as a result
of the death of Ruth M. Modlin. The
child was killed by a halting plank
used >by painters on the clock towei
last August.
The defense in filing the demurrer
states that the painting of the city
hull Was a governmental function, for
which a private action for damages
resulting therefrom would not lie in
favor of the plaintiff.
Judge Nunn will pass on the va
lidity of the demurrer next week.
If he should pass favorably for the
defendant on the question, it will then
lie within the discretion of the plain
tiffs attorney as to whether the case
will be fought out in court or not.
Ixical High School Boys
Win While Girls U>se
The local boys continued their win
ning streak in basketball last Friday
night when they won over Windsor
High School at Windsor, 7-4, one of j
the smallest scores of the season. At
times in the game the Windsor lads :
were leading by a point margin, but
in the last 45 seconds of play the lo
cals put the game on ice when they
threw two field goats in quick suc
cession. Coach Phillips stated the
game outclassed any he had seen in
While the boys won by a small mar
gin, the Williamston girls dropped a
game to Coleraine at Windsor, 16-8.
At the end of the first half the locals
were leading, 6-2; and during the first
periods they played one of the beat
games of the soason. In the last part
of the game, the Coleraine forces were (
bided by substitutes and came from
behind to win 16-8.
The two teams journey to Pantego
tomorrow night, completing their sea
son there with the Pantego boys and
itelliaven girls.
Shoulder Broken in
Fall from Wagon
Mr. James 15. Harrison fell from a
loaded with wood Monday and
the vehicle ran over his shoulder,
breaking it. Doctors Warren and
Saunders found that the brink was in
the shoulder blade and that the main
bones of the shoulder were not .broken.
He was also otherwise bruised by the
wheels passing over his back.
Mr. Harrison was alofffc when the
accident occurred and was unable to
get back in the wagon QX-tp get to
bis home, which was about 400 yard?
away, for more than ah hour.
Violates School Law;
Judgment Suspended
Before 'Squire Edmondson in Ham
ilton last Saturday morning, at 10 o'-
clock, a case against 'fom Wells,
charging him with a violation of the
compulsory school law was heard.
Judgment in the case fcas suspended
when Mr. Wells agreed and promised
to send his children, two of whom are
within the compulsory school attend
ance age limit to school.
The case was brought by school au
thorities, and Mr. Wells offered pov
erty as a cause for his children not
attending school.
-4t Is understood the welfare officer
Is making investigations in several
similar opes in the county, and un
less the parents require attendance
action will b« brought through the
court*. v
Down the Potomac
' ■-■?
often now you will read of
the Paaaident, Mrs. Cootidge and
tritmda being aboard the "May- ■
fcwer" on week-end vacations.
H*m ia tite start of the first cruise,
a* the "Mayflower" faced south,
Maach h.
Exposition Has
Good Program
April 4-8 Date Set for
Eastern Carolina's
Big Event
The Has tern Carolinu Exposition
will be held at Hooky Mount April
4-8. This exposition is the product of
the Eastern Carolina Chamber of
Commerce, which has hold expositions
in a number of the eastern Carolina
towns. The purpose is to present
Eastern North Carolina to the world
by showing it and its opportunities
and products No section has neglect
ed itself longer than lias this particu
lar territory, an«i others discovered us
even sooner than we did ourselves.
Now that N. (1. Bartlett has found>
eastern North Carolina and shown it
its own photograph, it is looking out I
on its possibilities.
The exposition, according to the pro
gram recently sent out by Mr. Hart
lett, will be one of the best programs
ever presented at any of the frirmer
The queen's contest will of course
command the "interest of everybody,
at, least it always has. The musical
program will be one of the finest ever
presented in this section. Governor j
McLean will speak Monday, April 4,
at 8.30. On Thursday night, Sir Fred
erick' McGill, of Ixnidon, will speak.
Among the many musical attrac-!
tions, Martinelli, the gerat tenor, will 1
appear on Monday night, and Luella
Melius will sing Tuesday night.
Tut Up Stacks Again
at Local Power Plant
The smoke stacks at the light plant
were misod last week, the second
of the two going up Friday. Mr. W. H.I
Dickerson, of Wilson, with his crew|
and rigging arrived last week andj
started immediately on the huge task. |
The stacks had to be Removed to a)
position where they could be -mended I
and straightened out, and yesterday j
the first one was occupying its old po-1
According to the contract, the Wil-|
son man is to get S3OO, that amount,
covering the mending, replacing, and|
painting of the stacks, whicfy we]s
blown down during the storifl last
Wednesday morning.
Mr. Dickerson, after examining the;
anchorage of the stacks, stated that
liud the anchors not pulled out of the'
ground the wind would have twisted i
the tops of the stacks off.
i .
Knocked Unconscious
Returning from Funeral
Mrs. Henry Perry, while returning
frcm her daughter's funeral last Sun- j
day afternoon, was knocked
scious when.a truck in which she was!
riding ran into the and threw
her out. She was brought to a local
drug store and at first it was thought
she was seriously injured. After she
had regained consciousness and re
covered from her fright it was learned
that her injuries were almost negli
The truck, bringing a large number
f/om the funeral, turned to the skle
of the road for a car to pass, and in
doing so it want Into the ditch. Mrs.
Perry Uvea in Poplar Point and was
in the .Sandy Ridge section when the
accident occurred.
Advertisers Will Find Onr C®l
nmns a Latchkey to Over 1600
Homes of Martin County.
Final Rites
Held Sunday
Body Placed to Rest in
VVeldon, I Soy hood
Home of Deceased
Funeral services of Mr. Herbert M.
l'oe were held ut his late home in
Rocky Mount Sunday afternoon, with
Rev. C. K. Proctor, of the First Meth
odist Church, in charge, assisted by
Rev. Willard Conifer, pastor of the
First Presbyterian Church, and Kev.
J. M. Daniels, pastor of the First
Methodist Church, of Goldsboro. Ma
sonic and Knight Templar services
were conducted by R. C. Dunn, of En
Following the services at the home
in Rocky Mount, the funeral cortege
left for Weldon, the childhood homo
of .Mr. Poe, where final rites and in
[ torment took place.
I N'ews of Mr. Poe's death reached
here last Friday afternoon and caused
j a great shock in the community among
I his many frieivds. An attack of pneu
| monia, lasting only two days, resulted
'in his death.
• Hanking high in Masonic circles, Mr.
| I'o.e had made many friends in sever
lal organizations. He was secretary of
I the Seaside Division of the Brother- ■
| hood of Locomotive Engineers. For
I three years he successfully managed
the Roanoke Fair here, and during
that time he had made -a large host
•of friends.
Surving Mr. I'oe, who was
nlxiut 4(1 years of age, are his
wijlikw; three children, Alice Virginia,
Hugh and Nancy f*oe; and his mother,
Mrs. Virginia Poe, of VVeldon. In ad
dition he leaves an unusually large
host of friends throughout eastern
Carolina, particularly in railroad and
Masonic circles.
Strand Offers Varied
Program This Week
The Strand theatre is offering a
most varied program this week. Last
night "Tin Hats" was on, a comedy
i based on the Army of Occupation.
Tonight, a very good picture, Marie
Prrvost tin "For Wives Only", is
scheduled. Tomorrow, Fred Thompson
ii "The. 'l'wo (lun Man", Hubert
Kawlinson fn "Trooper 77" and a
comedy, l.oyd Hamilton in "Hooked"
make up the program.
Dunbar's musical recu" starts a
three-day run here on Thursday. The
show cairies a chorus of six girls,
and has enjoyed a good patronage in
the towns it has played this season.
Then on the same night, Monte Blue
will appear in "The Limited a
splendid picture and one local theatre
. goers will enjoy. , .
j The program for the remainder of
, the week is good and will be announc
'ed in the box run regulary by the
| theatre.
Last night in Robersonviljc a crowd
ed .the first performance of
I Dunbar's musical revue. Reports from
j that town state that it was unusually
j good, and that an even larger attend
ance was expected for tonight's per
| formance,
Episcopalians to Hold
Special Prayer Services
In preparation for the evangelistic
services to be conducted in the F.pis
| copal Church, beginning March 27,
i there will be several special prayer
j services held in different sections of
i the town next week,
j On Tuesday, March 22, the women
I of the parish will meet at the home
j of Mrs. F. U. Barnes, Church Street.
| All the women of the church are
j urged to attend and any others Who
! are interested will' be cordially wel-
I coined.
! On Wednesday, March 23, the pray
er will be helt} in the home of Mrs.
"Fannie Carstarphen on Main tSreet.
' On Thursday, March 24, the prayer
; service will be in the home of Mrs.
I Irene Smith, Watts Street.
The meetings will be held at 3.30
[ in the afternoon and last until 4 o'-
I clock. All are requested to attend the
1 meeting 'nearest their homo if they
! find it impossible to attend all the
! meetings.
I On Friday, March 25, the United
Thank Offering will be received at the
service of the Holy Communion, whifh
1 will be celebrated at 10.30 Friday
morning. This day is the feast of the
I Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin
: Mary and is celebrated each yqar.
Collision on Main
Street Saturday
, v j
A Ford touring car driven by Miss
Mae Dell Wynne, of Everetts, atid
another Ford touring car driven by
James Henry Speight, colored, of Wil
son, collided mt the corner of Main
and Haughton Streets last Saturday
afternoon. While the occupants of
both cam escaped injury, the Speight
ear was badly wrecked.

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