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"The Wages of Sin Is Death"
Mighty Forsythe was .the man
whose lifeless body was found in
Clayton, N. C. several weeks ago. j
Forsythe pained his mighty name
because he towerefr pver his fellow
men in strength and b.»cause he ran,
ever his own government in failing i
to observe its laws. Hut like all
other earthly things, lie came to the
end of the way. He took with him
in his unlawful whiskey traffic, men j
who were not even as good as he, and i
then the most 'dangerous thing on j
earth, a bad woman. So the vile gay j
party rode on, the levity increased, j
the rum ran freer, the conversation!
grew more vile, the . temper lost its ;
Intolerance Is Foe of Peace and Happiness
Intolerance is the greatest hin
drance to the peace and happiness of
our people today. We don't have to
go into the low dives of what we call
the worst society. We find equally as
much intolerance in our high govern
mental organizations and political
circles as we do around the gambling
. In the church, you can find everyl
type of intolerance that can he found
in any organization in the world. We,
too frequently, find the churchman
who finds no other way of measur
ing the prity of his religion except
l>y measuring it by the ipmurity of
hir neighbor's religion. We sometimes
find a Gentile haling a Jew, and a
gain we find a Jew hating a Samari
tan. We can follow the cycle of race,
hatred until we find every fellow hat-
Prospects of a Brighter Day
The people of North Carolina had
cause to be glad last week when the
student council at the University forc
ed the expulsion of a number of
young men charged, with drinking and
gambling. %
The University, like most of the
other schools of the State, some of I
which were church schools, has seen'
much drinking and gambling for many j
years. Now there is hopes for a better;
day. The students themselves, have
i'J ready denounced brutal hazing that
for so long harrassed the young stu- 1
dnets. Now they are saying you can-;
not participate in the dangerous hab
it of drinking and gambling. It seems
to fortell the dawn of a brighter day,
a better time and a safer day for *.hoi
young men and women of our Stat>». J
Hie percent of student fai'ures at
our colleges has been very much en
larged by the gambling nabit, thf I
neglect of work on account of gainb!-
ing has sent many fine boys home on
account of grade failures. They leave
the achool and return to the old home
town where they take their places pn j
the loafers' benches. They find them
aetvea unprepared for any useful oc-J
keeping up their gambling in which
keeping uptheir gambling in which
game they are soon leaders of the in
nocent home boys to whom they in
troduce the new and sharper college
Flexible Balloon Repair* that hold.
It will surprise you how chaep and
Vi* you can send me a,tire by in
nrad parcel post, have it repaired
a&d get it back.
CUf Valeaaiciag A Battery Station
Lake B. lUberson, Proprietor
lit Beepaii Street, Washington, N. C.
i power, the liquor and the woman
i caused more trouble until Forsythe
I received a .blow that-felled him dead.
Then curiv> a ivw scene, thy gamely
disappeared, the ghost of death
{shrouded the gang and the horrors
lof murder at t heir hearts.
! There is being tried- in Smithfield
I two men and one 18-year old girl
for murder, the. fruits of luiuor haul
- -
ii g and night riding. There is 110
J leys and girls as an automobile
j boy sand girl a an autothobile
j loaded with liquor and running the
: highways. J ,i f e ..nd char'acter are both
j in jeopardy.
ing everything and everybody but
After all' it Is., selfis'hne- : that sets
nation* against nation, race against
' i ace, church again t church and in . h
bor against neighbor.
~ . . .
When -man learns the lesson that h
individually i- only part of God's
I great system and . not the largest
I part, then he will have learned a valu
j able lesson.
1 i
j- We shout Americanist!) with great
•! pride, hut not always as air expres
sion of thanks for i!.- greatness, but
i simply to prejudice the common mind
against others. When "we take the
: proper measurement of our elves,' we
I will find too much intolerance to fit
i tin perfect measure, required of real
i men. .
Hundreds of fathers and moiU-'M
have strained thanumlvws in the day*
c;one by to pay for their boys' ex
penses in the colleges in offler that
tlieir children might become men
j worthy of their sacrifice.
«• -V*
Mr. Farmer-
Why not Buy the Best
\ ■ .
v, i j '
When it only costs just a little more than
the cheap grades. You cannot afford to
. 1
If you have never used the Old Reliable
your neighbors who have used them.
- ' ,
■- J
Harrison Bros. & Co.
\ *
Whereas, in His infinite wisdom
ban ordained lu call from this world,
„nd to Himself one of pur best women,
j ud whilk in health one of the most
faithful iMfvuber.-, Mrs. li. S* Critcher,
be it therefore resolved:
First,) that we the Woman's Mis
sionary and Ladies Aid Societies of
the Williamston Memorial Baptist
Church, white we deeply deplore the
los? in death of Mrs. Critcher, yet
we realize that our loss is her gain,
and bow in humble submission to HiW
who doeth ail tilings well.
Second, that the members of- both
societies extend to the b reaved fam
ii\ its heartfelt sympathy in this, the
hour of their sore trial and trouble,
and commend them for strength and
ipport to Him who ha declared that
I am the resurrection and the life."
Third, that a copy of these resolu
tions he spread on the minutes of the
iciety, a copy be sent to the, 'family,
F'lil the Enterprise for publication.
To -E«.,M. Mctiowan, Adm. )>. B. Mc
(rowan, or to any other person or
persons interested in the following
land, xiz:
You will take notice that H. T, Rob
erson, sheriff for Martin County, N.
., so|d at t l :'  >u»lll■ 11 ' i.iuur of. Mar
tin County on the 7th of June, 1926
■-lie lot on Main St rent, Williamston,
N. C. bated by .1. B. McGowau forj
taxes for 1925 and at .said sale'l wasj
the' -highest bidder for said land, and]
the said H. T. Roberson. sheriff, is
sued jue a certificate for aid sale. |
'l'ou "ill further take notice here
under that, unless you redeem said
n rtifkate I : hall demand a fleed fori
said land on or after June 7, 1927. j
February 21 tit, 1927, ,
ir.rl 4tw. Mrs. NAN NIK ROGERSON j
' j.
I nder and bv virtue of the author ;
ity conferred upon' us in a deed of
trust executed Ity Olthu, 1. Joynerj
. •».: wife Annie L Joyner, on the 21s't ;
day of July 1926, and recorded in
boi k of mortgage X-.2, page U4£>-t> of
Martin County, we will on.Saturday
the 2t»th ila> of March, 1927, at 12
o'clock noon at the courthouse door in
Sell Your Logs
At Home
Murray & McCabe
Successors To
Willianiston Lumber Co.
WlliUnwton, sell at public auction fo
cash to the highest bidder the follow
ing land to-wR:
J certain piece, pracel or
1 oi tract of land containing two hun
dred forty seven and 40-100 ( 247.40)
acres, more or less, situate lying and
being on the public road between
Hamilton and Hobgood about one
mile from the town of Hobgood in:
Goose Nest Township, County of Mar-i
1 in. State of North Carolina, the same!
1 biin# bounded on .the N. by the lands
of Tom Sherrod, Mary Hillard, An-J
drew Camp, J. M. Parker, B. F. Shell
ton, L. G. Shields and Dan Howell,j
or. the E. by the lands of L. B. Bryan
on the S. by the lands of Ann Bur
nett heirs and on the W. by Bake*'
Bell heirs and Tom Sherrod. The
.same being situate on said public
| liighway and the Kinston-Weldon
blanch of the A. C. L. RR. This is
the same tract of land as that convey s
od by E. T. Forbes and wife to O. L
Joyncr by deed dated Feb. 6, 1920!
and reg in book D-2, page 376, reg of
'leeds office Martin County.
This naif is made by reason of th j
failure of Olthus L. Joyner and wife 1
Annie L. Joyner, to pay off ami dis |
charge the indebtedness secured by
this deed of trust to the Ncrth Caro
lir.e Joint Stock Land Bank of Dur
ham. •
This the 11th day of February 1927
f25 4tw Trustee.
Formerly First National Trust Co.
Durham, N. C.
Having this day qualified as ad
ministratrix of the estate of W. W.
I.illey, decea id, late of Martin Coun
ty, North Carolina, this is to notify;
HI. persons having claims against es
iiite of saiil deceased to present them
fcj payment on or before March 7,
1028, or thi notice will be plead in
oar of their recovery. All persons
indebted to aul estate will please
make immediate payment.
This Mar. I 1927.
mS 6tw Administratrix.
I'nder and by virtue of the author !
ity conferred upon us in a deed of
trust executed by B. F. Myers and
wife,. Lufy Myers on the 4th day of
January 1926, and recorded in book 1
of mortgages X 2, at pages 207-208,
we will on Saturday the 26th day of
March, 1927 at 12 o'clock noon at
the courthouse door in Williamson,
Martin County, sell at public auction
for cash to the highest bidder the fol
lowing land, to-vKt:
All that certain tract or pared of
land bounded on the N. E. by the
h'.nds of Davenport Bros, and on the
S. E. by the lands of Harry Waldo
i'.nd Dunning and Staton and S by run
of Conoho Creek. On the W by the,
lands of K. B. Etheridge and Walter {
Crisp and on the N. W. by the lands'
of Davenport Bros, and more par :
ticularly described as follows:
Beginning in the center line of the
run "of Conoho Creek in what is
known as the Ballard "Hole" the
corner of Dunning and Staton, four
. mall ashes standing on the bank,
marked and running along the line of
Dunning and Staton, N. 29 30 E 235
poled to a stake, thence S 49 00 E 28
poles to a gum the comer of Harry
Waldo, thence along the line of Harry
Waldo, N 37 30 E 59. poles to two
i;ums and a pine, the corner of Daven
port Bros., thence along their line N
4."> 30 W 177 poles to a pine stump on
the road leading from Hamilton to
11 as sell, thence along the said road S
66 00 W 54 poles and S 43 00 W 10
poles to the corner pf K. B. Etheridge,
thence along the line of K. B. Ether
idg», S 45 00 E 98 poles, along a ditch,
and S 52 00 E 27 poles to the corner
of Walter Crisp, thence along Crisp's
line, S 28 15 E 11 poles, S 43 16 E
Id poles, S 11 30 W 6 poles to a
poplar stump, thence S 39 45 W 92
poles to a white oak, thence S 32 00
W 59 poles to ; a large water oak,
thence S 23 4'ft W 65 poles to the cen
t»- line of the run of Conoho Creek,
a large cypress standing on the bank,
tl.ence down the center line of the run
of Conpho Creek, in the Ballard
"Hole", 38 poles to the first station,'
containing 132 acres, more or less.
13 poles, S 3 1& E 9 poles S 16 15 E
This sale is made by reason of the
failure of B. F. Wy«rs and wife,
Lucy Myers to pay off and discharge
the indebtedness secured by said deed
of trust to the North Carolina Joint
Siock Land Bank of Durham.
This the 14th day of February 1927.
f25 4tw ' Trustee.
Formerly First National Trust Co.,
Durham, N. C.
North Carolina, Martin County. !
In the superior court, before th
cl'rk. *
lit the matter of Harry Waldo,
L. P. Waldo, Kffle Waldo, Hen
»i Ballard, Mrs. N. W. Grimes,
Mary Dixon, Mary Salsbury,
K anient Waldo and 'F. E. Waldo,
For Sore Throai
*hro«t and chaat
with Vlcka;covar with
rMK warm flannal.
v doubla dlract
bring® walcoma raliat
X-A'rn W VAPOftua i
Every Type for Every Room
Dining Room Suites, Bedroom Suites, Living Room Suites, 8 §
lamps, Mirrors, Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Small Pieces, Rugs
and Linoleums included in a special Spring showing. Those J yf
who have purchased at this store have already discovered
that fine home furnishings are not necessarily expensive.
Our liberal payment plan enables all
to take advantage of the low prices |T ,T
which prevail duringthis sale. The in
vestment in your home comes from your
regular income, as it proprely should.
Come in and select the piece or pieces
you need—and be surprised at the low - %y |
prices. _ _ fHH * .
Open Evenings Next Week!
Under and by virtue of an order
of resale made in the above entitled
'proceedings on the 26th day of Feb
ruary, 1927, the undersigned commis
sioner will on Monday, the 14th day
of March, 1827, at 12 o'clock m., in
front of the courthouse door in the
tcwn of Williaraaton North Carolina,
sale to the highest bidder for
Lash the following: described real es
tate, to wit:
Lying and being in th»; • town of
Hamilton, N. C.i on the >"ort I
i.* the lands «r* .T E. E imondson and
Look for the Yellow Fronts
Pure Foods at
Lowest Prices
PRUNES 60-70 to lb. 3 lbs 25c
HERRING ROE, No. 2 can 15c
Van Camps Evaporated Milk, tall can 9c
Ivory Soap, Family Size, cake 7 l-2c
Hooker Lye, can 10c Sunbrite Cleanser 5c
P and G White Naptha Soap, 6 for 25c
21bs 25c 2 lbs, 23c
Wonder or Palace
FLOUR Flour 2 3-4 lb pkg 35c
„, , DP cracker meal 12c
Talent or Self Rising _____________
12 ib. Hag 24 ib. B«it Jersey Corn
54c $1.05 Flakes 81-3 c
ASPARAGUS, Manzanita, can 27c
PEACHES, California Choice can 19c
SWEET POTATOES, Large No. 3 can 16c
Gortons Ready to fry Imported Sardines,
CODFISH, can 14c can ..., 14c
Brick Codfish Chum Salmon,
lb 12 l-2c can 15c
D. P. Best Drink, 1b. .... 43c
D. P. BACON Land o' Lakes
1-2 Ib Carton 1 Ib. Carton Swert Cre »™' Pound £1 ~
24c 47c cut from tub OXV/
Our Pride Berad, Giant 21 oz wrapped If 10c
rfie Sebrell heirs, on the east by Front
Street, on the south by a street and
on the west by another street and be
ing more commonly known as desig
nated as the Jos. T. Waldo home
This resale is made by reason (>f
an upset bid having been made up
on & sale heretofore made. The land
will be started at the price of $l.O VI,
tl'e amount of the sale plus the upset
This the 2fith day of February, 1927.
mrl 2tw 1 _ Commissioner.

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