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Superior Court
Finishes Trial
Criminal Cases
Hollis Found Guilty of
Manslaughter Is Given
Suspended Sentence
The superior court concluded the
trial of criminal cases Tuesday, since
which time the tedious civil proceases
have thrown everything into slow
gear, to that every stump, every tree,
and every ditch can he described in
detail Jjy a .multitude of witnesses.
The jury in the Joseph Hollis case
returned a verdict of guilty of man
slaughter after a short deliberation
Tuesday. The judgment against him
was a fine of SIOO and costs of the
case and a four-months suspended
sentence., It will ibe recalled that Hol
lis lulled John Keel during an alter
cation between the two in Poplar
Point Township .seveial weeks ago.
W. V. Ormond and Mary Hyman,
who were chaiged (with forgery, en
tered a plaa of guilfty of an attempt
to defraud. The plea was accepted
and Mary Hyman was sentenced to
jail for 60 days, judgment being sus
pended upon payment of one-half the
costs of the case. Ormond /was fined
SIOO and charged with the other half
of the coats.
* This case was apparently an at
tempt by Mary Hymtn to defraud a
Durham insurance company. Mary
Hyiram procured a policy on the life
uf her mother, Ada ,Hyman, who she
claimed lived in the Indian Woods sec
tion of Bertie County.. The policy
tarried both a sick and death benefit
clause, and Mary Hyman paid the
weekly installments from the time the
policy was issued in the spring of
1»26. tn the late fall of 1926, she
procured blanks upon which to make
claim and deeth proof, saying that
her mother had been killed in an au
tomobile wreck and was buried in th?
Indian Woods section. Mary then
procured the services of W. V. Or
mond to All in the blanks for the un
dertaker and reoorder of vital statis
tics in Bertie county, and he signed
the ,blanks for them.
When the reports of the death went
in, it (teemed that suspicion was a
rouaed, and before paying the S3OO
claim, the oompany sent investigators
10 Bertie County, and they found that
the Bertie undertaker knew nothing
about such a funeral, nor did he au
thorize the use of his name. Neithe..
did the recorder of vital statistics
that county know anything about the
death of a person by that name. The
name of the recorder of vital statis
tics who had held the position some
years ago, and who had been gone
for a year or more, was used on the
The insurance company aimed the
matter over to the State insurance de
partment, which sent representatives
lier ' and worked up the case.
The case was so plain that the de
femflairtß waived trial. Ormond ad
mitted that he did all of the work,
but simply at the request of the Hy
man woman, and that he had no In
terest in it whatever, nor did he ex
pect to receive any reward for the
service he did. It was upon this plea
that the gentleness of the judgment
was based.
Representatives of the 9tate insur
ance department were here for the
trial, as was Attorney S. T. Thome,
who had been re'ained by the depart
jttent to assist in the prosecution.
In the case against Fred Jones, who
w*s convicted by the jury of driving
an automobile while drunk, the de
fendant was fined SIOO and charged
with the oogts in the case, and his
("riving license was suspended for 90
Only one divorce had been grant
ed up to yesterday afternoon, which
wafc in the ease of K. S. Smith vs.
Mary Smith, colored. ,
And Hi&Pals in
*OUT of the WEST"
Alao i
Our Gang Comedy
'Always a Good Show
Personnel of Warehouse
Firms for 19
Announced -
Partnerships for the running
of the local tobacco warehouses
were completed the early part of
this week when seven of the mem
ber* of last year's Arms reorgan
ized and two from other markets
organized to operate the third
The Roanoke-I>ixie will have for
its proprietors this year Messrs.
Joe Taylor, W. T. Meadows, Har
ry Meador, and Claude Griffin.
All of these men were connected
with the market last year, but
were not with the same house.
Messrs. Taylor and Griffin were
in partnership with Messrs. Biggs
Go In Effect Ist
State Speed Law liaised
from 35 to 45 Miles
Per Hour
Many new automobile laws passed
by the recent general assembly will
go into effect April Ist.
The speed limit has been raised
from 36 to 45 miles per hour outside
tf>wn»; in town anj city residential
sections tihe new limit is 20 miles per
hour, and 16 miles per hour in bu i
ness sections, and OJI curves and
within school zones.
The drunken driver penalty has
been doubled, and those convicted for
this offense will have to go to prison
for from 1 month to 1 ynar, or pay
a fine of from SIOO to SI,OOO.
Cars will only have to stop at such
crossings as n»ay be designated by
t!»e State Higlhway Commission.
No car, including its load, shall
v/eigh above 9 tons, and none shall
be more than 7 feet 9 inches wide.
Every driver in a car to which an
accident occurs is required to stop.
This law was designed to curb the
"hit-and-run" driver.
No driver shall throw his gears jn
to neutfnal and coast down hills.
Another new regulation prohibits
pot ters being 'attached to the wind
shield, eide or rear windows.
A license tag good for six months
will be issued July 1 this year, ami
Klu.' regular yearly license will be
issued on January ,1 thereafter.
Every oar is required to carry its
registration card in a container at
tached to the car. The State fur
nishes this container to the motorist
for 50 cents.
7 —— /
First Sturgeon of Year j
Caught Here Yesterday
The first sturgeon of the season
was caught yesterday by Furney How
ard in a flailing machine on the river
near here. The sturgeon, however,
was so small he had no value, being
only about 20 inches long and esti
mated to weigh about 2 pounds.
The sturgeon was once a great com
mercial fish on the Roanoke River, and
Jhe fisheries landed many Qf the big
fellows, weighing a.s high as 350
pounds each. After the seine fishing j
tiwled early in May, large numbers
of irturgeon would continue to be
taught through Auguft. The indus-j'
try was destroyed by the lower sound i
and inlet fisheries year ago, when they J
Itractically broke the> seed of the j
fturgeon fishing with nets
If the new fish and ifamc commis-!'
sion will make it unlawful to tak«! j
sturgeon from the waters for a num- 1
ber of then we.may have plen
ty of them.'
Several Americans
Killed by Cantonese
United iStates and English-warships
engaged in shelling Nankin Thursday
after a group of foreigners, including
several Americans, had been attacked
and killed by Cantonese soldiers.
It seems that the Cantonese forces
charged the Standard Oil plant ,a L
Nanking and killed a number of the
Americans gathered there, some of
them beiw sailors and marines. The
warships on guard them began firing
to prewpt reinforcements reaching the
Cantonese attackers.
Otiier ships from Manila are rush
ing to the scene to protect the small
•forces and foreigners now in China.
Meet of Robersonville
Parents-Teachers 31st
Robersonville, March 25.—(Special
to the Enterprise.)— The parents
teachers' association will meet Thurs
day evening, March _l, in ihe school
building. The association's members
are urged bo attend and take part in
the business to come before the meet
Imifo-'Aar • • ■ J J
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, March 25,1927
Stalls and CrilHn at the Brick
Warehouse, while the Messrs.
•Meador and Meadows operated
the Roanoke-Dixie. The Farmers
n. tnagement remains the same as
lust year, Messrs. Frank Bennett,
Jule Barnhill, and Hubert Milton
operating it. For the third house,
the Brick, Messrs. Victor Shel
liurne, of Washington, and Itoh
ert Grimes, of Hobersonville, will
be its proprietors.
All of these men are well
known throughout this section of
the State, and they bring to the
market this year prospects for the
best markit ever witnessed here.
Baptist Revival
Begins April 3
Kev. Arthur O. Moore of
Salisbury Church Will
Preach at Services
hev. Arthur O. Moore is coming to
Williamston for a revival which is to
.be held at the Baptist Church just
before Easter.
, The dates of this meeting are as
follows: It will begin on the first
Sunday in April ami will close on
Kaster Sunday.
The special meetings at the Epis
copal church will close just as these
meetings at the Baptist church begin.
1 herafore, the protracted services at
the Baptist church will be the only
special services going on in William
son the last two weeks before Easter.
This being true, the people of the
Baplisl Church wish to extend a spec
ial invitation to the general public,
and in addition to the other church
congregations in Wiiliamston. As
nearly as is possible it is hoped that
all these congregations may merge
their eft'oiU for this common under
Mr. Moore lias been invited to come
here beceausa of his splundid abilities
4.1 preadier. It is not-claimed that
he is a "big preacher," but it is
claimed that he is a real and powerful
one. He preaches with groat simplic
ity, earnestness, and power. The fact
that he is pastor of the strong First
Baptist Church in Salisbury is evi
dence that he is an able anel well
qualified man.
Mr. Moore is a man who has both
religion and sanity. He is not a freak
but an hn.'st man of God.
Cotton (Winnings Not as
Large as Were in 1925
in 1920 Martin County laised and
ginned 783 bales of cotton less than
in 11)25, according to a report issued
■by the Statu and Federal depart
ments of agriculture. In 1926 there
bales ninucd as against
8/(81' 1/ales ginned in 11)25. The to
tal number of bales ginned in the
Slate amounted to 1,238,180.
1 he report estimated the amount of
cotton left in the fields to be around
60,000 bales. In this'.country there
was a very small amount of the crop
left in fields, but in mamy of the coun
ties where the crop was late a great
er percentage remained untouchod in
the fields.
While the decreased experienced in
this county last year was not great,
it is the geneial belief throughout
this section that the crop in this coun
ty will undergo a greater decrea. «
this year.
Seniors to Stage Play
Robersonville, March 25.—(Special
•> Ihe i'.utfrprine.)—The seniors of
the local school are practicing daily
lor their play, "Mammy's LSI Wild
Rose," which ,they will present Tues
day night, April 5. The play is a
c -medy-drama of the Sunny South in
three aots. It has an able east select
ed_ from the membens of this year's
Mfedu&ting class. TTie entire action
of the play takes place in the cabin
door yard of Uncle Joe and Mammy
Celie in the mountains *>f Virginia.
Various committees are at work
I'ow trying to nuike the play a hig
fcuccess. The teachers are acting as
chairman of the committees and they
will he loyally assisted by members
ot the senior class. The play is be
ing directed by Miss Eva Poele, of the j
high-school faculty., Supt. R. I. Leake ;
1* acting as general manager.
Methodist Program
of Services Sunday
Sunday school, 9:45 a; m.
Preaching at 11 a. m.; text from
Cenesis 1:28; and at 7:45 p. m., text
from Romans 2:8.
Services at Vernon «t 3 j>. m.
Ask Permit to Episcopalians
Remove Two Start Services
Daily Trains Here Monday
Kiwanis Club Members Schedule of Services to
Plan to Represent the Be Conducted by
Town at Hearing J Rev. Mr. Cook
That the Atlantic Coast Line Rail
road desired to discontinue the Tar
boro-Flymouth trains has been heard
more than orvce in the parft few years.
Recently the company fiW a petition
with the corporation commission, at
ltaleigh asking; permission to discon- j
tinue the noon-day train. This would j
also mean the discontinuance of th«
west-bound train at 4:45 p. ni.
Alt a meeting of the Kiwanis Club !
last Wednesday the secretary of the
club was authorized to write to the j
coi-po ration commission and ask the
date of the hearing, so that the towns
air«*ted migtifSpnd representatives
10 it. ,
The "1:16," as it is generally known
itiid called by local citizeens, has for
years brought a greater part, of the
mail and express to the towns in this
section. Since the schedule of the
Norfolk-Wilmington train was chang
ed, passenger traffic on the afternoon
train going to hiss shown a
considerable drop.
The Kiwanis club will send several
oi its members to represent the town
xv'liem the hiring is held.
If the corporation commission ap-
I loves the , railroad'* resuest, every
day will be Sunday here, as far as
t'uin service is concerned.
Fire Truck Wrecked
While Going- to Fire
A near-dangerous accident took
place just before no%i today when a
Ford touring car bsdonginir to SUJ»-
iivan Motor company of Washington,
and driven by A. C. MeDuniel, ran in
-1o the townV tire truck while it was
n:-hing to a Are near the Corner
stone colored church at the edge of
Henry D. Harrison, fire chief, was
driving the truck wh§(j the collision
oomrred. - ■*' ' "
Huirh, the son of Mr. McDanlel, in the car with his farther and
he received had bruises on his- knee
end forehead, but they were not
The fire truck anl the car were
both damaged to a groat extent.
The local firemen find that when
I'ie fin l alarm .sound:; many cars rush
wround through he streets in
perfect disregard of the law. The cars
nrnh in front of the fire truck and as
was the case this morning fail to
-top when signaled to do so. Two
nrn were signaling the -ars to stop
where the Jamesville roads branches
from No. HO, but their warnings were
 isregiarded today.
The delay caused by the wrek, how
ever, did not hinder the firemen from
reaching the fire in timo to save the
resilience from be hi#
consumed by the flaniog.
College Crusade Clones
in County Tomorrow
The. educational crusade which has
been go in;; on in the several Christian
churches of the county during th"
I«u»t two weeks will cloise tomorrow.
The purpose of the cruaade is to
raise an endowment fund for Atlantic
Christian college. The Martin county
churches responded liberally, meeting
the goal which was set. engaged in the work will go
from here to lleaufort county Sunday
to continue the bask there.
Sinte the beginning of the work six
weeks ago, the church people have
far exceeded the expectations of the
campaigners. A far larger number of
people have contributed than to any
other call the church has made for
educational purposes.
HariUlton Preacher to
Address Federation
Rev. Paul West, the Baptist preach
er of Hamilton, will preach to the
Federation to night at the Disciples'
Church at 7.30. It is to be hoped that
the community will avuil itself of thia
rare opportunity and bs present.
I)r. Perry Case Will
I*reach at Jamesville
I)r. Perry Case, of Atlantic Chris
tian College, will preach at the James
ville Christian Church on Sunday
night. Everybody k cordially invited
to hear Dr. Case, who is a very force
ful speaker and preacher.
Friends of Mrs. Joe Roebuck, will be
Klad to learn that she is improving
from a serious illness which has last
ed for several weeks.
Miss Lula Mae Keel, of the local
school faculty, is spending the
week eirfi at her home in Rocky
Moi » nt - ; , .
The evangelistic services in the
Episcopal Church begins next Monday
night at 8 o'clock. During this week
special prayer meetings have been held
in various home in the community and
a general interest in the meeting has
been shown. The Rev. James E. W.
Cook, the preacher for the meeting, is
well and favorably known throughout
North Carolina as a preacher of pow
er and force. Not only is he recog
nized u preacher but as a public
speaker ne is in great demand. Mr.
Cook is the graml orator of the Grand
Lodge of Masons of the State of
North Carolina, and thus honor is not
conferred except in the case of ex
ceptional ability, llelow is a schedule
'u|f the services to be conducted by
Mr. Cook:
Monday night: Special sermon to
1 church members of all churches.
Tuesday morning, at 10:15: Address
in graded school.
Tuesday morning, 11 o'clock, in the
Church: Meditation for Women of the
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock: Senium to
youth. All young people invited.
Wednesday .morning: Holy Com
munion at 10:30.
Wednesday night: Sermon to Ki
Thursday morning, 1»:80: Medita
tion in the Church.
Thursday night: Sermon to the Ma
Friday morning, 10:30: Holy com
l*riday night Service: Community
service. Friends from Windsor, Ham
ilton, Everetlts, and ltobersom'ille, are
cordially urged to attend.
Saturday night: Service in St. Mar
tin's, Hamilton.
Sunday morning, 8 o'clock: "*Holy
Communion with junior choir.
Sunday, 3:00 o'clock: Service at
Holy Trinity Mission.
Sunday, 8 o'clock: Evening praver
and tferokon.
The public is cordially invited to at
tend those services and the prayerful
coopereation of all churches is request
Many Shad Caught at
Jamesville Tuesday
• Shad catches at the Fleming fishery, 1
Jamesville, " last Tuesday almost'
equalled those of the best days of the'
season last year. One catch netted 68 1
»{ the fish, another 62, while those 1
during the remainder of tho day Were
not so laru'e. last season the fishery'
hardly ever caught so large a num
ber of shad at one haul. Wedneesday!
and yesterday, the was so
cold that the aatches dropped con
siderably, ami at times the seine
would bring in no more than one or
two shad and only a few hundred
Biff Meeting- Monday
of Everetts Woodmen
Everetts, March,24.—(Special to the
Enterprise.)— The regualr meeting of
Everett* Modem Woodmen will be
hekl Monday night, March 28, at 7.30.
All members in good standing are in
vited to attend. Hht re is to be three
LaiKfidates .initiated at this time if
nothing prevents, and a good time is
both the candidates and the
From all reports there will be a/ew
"visiting members from Rocky Mount
and other camps. Aside from the ini
tiatory service there will be social en-
Ui tainment for all.
Mr. W. G. Peele, agent for the Lit
Insurance Company of Virginia, mov
his office to the Farmer* and Mer
chants bank building thia week. Mr.
Pfcele, for Borne time haa hal his of
fice in the building once occupied by
the late Dr. J. B. H. Knight. He will
occupy the office recaitly vacated by
Attorney H. G. Horton. Mr. Horton
Ikas moved to the office recently oc
cupied by Bigg* and Stalls.
New State Laws to be
the First of April
he State printers are giving the
best service in the history of the State
in printing the laws of the General
Assembly in 25 days after the body's
adjournment. Accohlirig to Secretary
I'.verelt, a new speed record will be
made this time by putting the laws
cut fy the first of next month.
There has been much delay hereto
fore in issuing the laws,. causing
much embarrassment to the courts
and the public for months after the
passage of the laws they could not be
• I ; . i ~L.
State Dentist
Will Be Here
Week April 4
Dr. L. H. Butler, one of the
State school dentists, will arrive
here April 4 to examine the teeth
of all the school children in the
county and to treat those cases
where it is possible to' do so. Mr.
Butler is now holdinx a clinic in
Tyrrell County, but he will com
plete his work there next week.
l)r. Butler is sent out by the
State Board of Health, and a per
iod of two months will be neces
sary in treating the school chil
dren of the county. The treat
ment will be for those children be
tween the ages of 6 and 12 years,
Death of Miss
Jennie Boyle
Was Former Resident of
Martin County; Dies
in Brunswick, Ga.
Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock
Miss Jennie Boyle of Brunswick, Ga
was buried in the Hamilton cemetery
beside her parents. She was the
daughter of the late John Mac. Boyle
of Scotland and Mary Plumb Boyle, of
England. In early womanhood her
parents came to America and lived in
Plymouth where her father was a
prominent citizen. The family latef
moved to Hamilton where she was
reared. v
I She was educated at Mount de Sales
School for Girls near Baltimore and
while there became a member of the
Catholic church. She has for the last
several years lived with her sitser,
Mrs. Robert Everett in Brunswick,
The deceased was in her seventy
eighth year and is survived by three
sixers, Mrs. Irene Smith, of William
ston, Mrs. Robert Everett, of Bruns
wick, Ga., and Mrs. Augusta Cotton,
of Baltimore.
Accompanying the Ixxfy were two
nephews, Frank Howell of Waycross,
(la and Richard Everett, of liruns
wick. Rev. Father Manly, of Golds
horo assisted by Kev. C. O. Panic of
the local Episcopal church, conducted
the funeral.
Itobersonville School
Girls Persent Program
Robersonville, March 24.—(Special
to The Enterprise.)— The home eco
nomies girls of Robersonville „high
school showed oiiginality in the com
position-and presentation of the home
economics prog-rum given at the coun
ty teachers' meeting here Friday,
March 18. In the first chorus, a wel
coming number, the girls appeared
very neat in their food laboratory uni
form* which they made the first of
the year. After this chorus, a short
play, "Proper Dress for High School
Girls," was given. In the chorus which
followed ithe girls wore the dresses
which they had just finished.
Lite exhibit on the wall spaces in
the lower hall was an indication uf
the persistent work of the new seam
stresses, who did well.
, The refreshments on sale, especially
the lemonade, aided in making those
who attended more comfortable. Pro
ceeds from the sales will go towards
the home economics maintenance fund.
Judge Nunn Speaks to
Kiwanians Wednesday
Th weekly luncheon of the Kiwanis
Club was held at the Woman's Club
Wednesday, with Robert L. Coburn in
charge of the program. Kiwanian
Coburn invited Judge Nunn to speak
preceding a short business discussion.
...iklge Nunn, discussing briefly
y Carolina ajid particularly east
•Vj tli Oarwlina, described the
I*' j and development made in
thl» ion within the last few years.
He. V. fod to the living condition*,
'ihe prices of land, and the contrasts
generally found in the different sec
tions of the Mate. The judge insist
el that eastern North Carolina, with
its fertile land and iratunal advan
ces, would demand an increase in
\aluartion in the future, and would en
joy a more prosperous period in its
11 into ry.
Children's Service at
Baptist Church Sunday
The children of the Baptist church
and Sunday school will be addressed
at the 11 o'clock service Sunday morn
At this service "one of these littte
cnts," Alta Critcher, will be baptised.
The children, their parents, and
their Sunday school teachers are ask
ed to keep this service in mind.
Sunday night the pastor will preach
at the regular hour.
Advertiser* Will Find Oar Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1600
Homes of Martin Unity.
Will Test Ne\i
Type Tobacco
Here This Year
Two Test Farms Will be
Run in the County
During Season
A new kind of tobacco, the cash va
riety, .will be introduced in this county
this year when experiments are car
ried on at two test farm*; in the coun
ty. Mr. Floyd, of the extension di
vision, of Raleigh, wa.s here two days
this Week going ov r the plans for the
test farms with County Agent T. B.
Wi'undon. - Besides bringing a new
type of tobacco to this section, the
experimenters will test several brands
of fertilizer in growing tobacco.
As far as is known, the cash variety
i's'iioi usel at alljn this county; while
in Franklin, Granville, and other coun
ties it is the twain type. Mr. Floyd
stated Mint it was ,more of a cigarette
tobacco than any other kind raised,
and that its uise i,s expected to b
come general within a short time in
•this part of the State.
Mr. Floyd, a specialist in tobacco
iaisLiiK, will visit the two test farms
in this county all during- the season
and assist Mr. Brandon in handling
the tests.
Similar tefftts will be carried on in
J'ertie County, and Mr. Floyd left here
yesterday for Windflor, wrthere lie will
go over plant; with Mr. (irant, Ber
tie's' agent.
Since tobacco is one of our main
crops, the results obtained from these
farms will be elusoly watched by
farmers in the county this year.
Boat Line is Bought
The Norfolk-Baltimore and Caro
lina boat line recently bought out the
Washington-Carolina line. The pur
chasing company has for several years
operated between Baltimore and
Norfolk and points between Norfolk
fend this place. The additional line,
bought from Gillikin blethers of
Morehead City and Norfolk, will a !d
to the Norfolk Baltimore and Caro
lina company's schedule trips betwe n
Norfolk and Washington.
The lbeniarle made it* first trip to
Washington a few days ago and will
continue tliat run until the boat re
cently bought by the Norfolk-Halti
riore and Carolina line is equipped for
the service.
Gillikin brothers sold their, interest;!
inthe Washington-fit ml inn jipa after
their boat was burned .several wef'ks
'I he Dorothy Leigh, one of the Nor
folk-BaUlmore and Carolina 1 in',
best boats sprunk a leak in Edenton
the early part of this week and had to
be towed to Norfolk. Repairs have
been made and the boat will go buck
into the water today or tomorrow
Painfully Hurt When
Motorcycle Hits Truck
James Hishop, lU-yeur-old white boy
of Newport News, Vu., was badly cut
jutft above the het'l of his right fi*>l
here yesterday afternoon when his mo
torcycle hit a Dodge truck in front of
the Culpepper Hardware Store on
Main Street. He was carried to the
iliggs Drug Store, where his wound
was dressed by Dr. Rhodes.
Hishop, accompanied by his friend,
Paul Jones, also of Newport News,
left Savannah, Ga., about noon Tues
day for their home in the Virginia
city. As tljj:y were coming down
Maui Street they started td> pass the
Dodge truck, which was going in the
same direction and at a lo>y rate of
spied. The truck driver, Minga
Rogers, of Hear Grass, held out his
hajyJ i but did so too late to prevent
the motorcycle, going aboift 15 miles
an hour, from hitting the truck. In
the collision Jones was thrown trom
the motorcycle, but escaped injury.
Very little damage was done to either
the truck or the motorcycle.
The two young men remained o„ r
here last night, and ,will continue their
journey some time today, but not on
the motor cycle.
Special Demonstrations
at Courtney's for 3 Days
Mr. J. D. Enrijfht, representative of
the Sellers Kitchen Cabinet Co., El
wood, Ind., will arrive here this af
ternoon to hdld a three-day demon
stration of hs company's cabinets at
the store of Courtney. Mr. Eh
rig-ht will hold 'Sgemonstrations for
three days, beginning tomorrow and
lasting through Tuesday.
Mr. B. S. Courtney, local dealer, is
making an attractive offer to pros
pective customers during the demon
stration, and every one is cordially
invited to investigate without obliga
tion the unusual offer being made.
Miss Eloise Danien, of Kenly, visit
ed her sister, Miss Mildred Harden,
here yesterday and today.

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