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Railroad Ordered to Continue
Trains 56 and 57 Until Hearing
Order Is Result
Protests Made
By Kiwanians
No Date at Present Has
Been Set for the
The general superintendent, Mr. W.
H. Newell, of the Atlartic Coast Line
Railroad, Rocky Mo\^., has been or
dered by the North •' rolin* Corpor
ation Commission not to take any ac
tion toward removing trains 66 and 1
67 until such time as a hearing can
be had. At present no date has been
set for a hearing, but one will be ar
ranged within the next few days, ac
cording to a letter from Mr. W. G.
Womble, tiie commission's rate clerk.
Action towaid the removal of the
two trains which run through here,
one at 1:16 p. m., and the other at
4:60 p. m., was held up when the Ki
warns Club, through its secretary,
Mr. J. D. Woolard, requested a hear
ing oil the matter.
In the railroad company's applica-j
tion to the corporation commission «»n
March 21, several mistakes weje evi
dent . It was stated that there was a
hard-surfaced road from Tarboro to
Plymouth. Those who are acquaint
ed with the roads in this section know j
thai the hard surface stops at the!
edge of this town's . 'nite. The rail- 1
road company's stat* ent in their ap
pi ication that this station —meaningj
towns now served by trains 6® and 67
—has bus service is also incorrect;
for towns below Betiifl have no bus
service other than Williamston, and
in its case the bus merely crosses the
route run by the trains.
0 It is understood that when the hear
ing is held practically all the towns
now Served by the two trains will
have representatives present to pro
test die removal of the trains.
It is now certain that the service
a* announced, but that the trains will
will not be discontinued next Fridiy
continue to run until the matter until
the matter is settled at the hearing:.
Mayola Ice Cream Truck
Burned After Collision
t \
The Mayola Ice Cream truck and u 1
Fctd car had a dangerous collision
Saturday morning on the Washing- !
ton road about 9 miles from JVilliam
According to reports, the Ford
passed the truck and cut hack into
the road too soon, the fender catch
ing on the bumper of the truck, caus
ing the Ford to turn over a few '■
times on one side of the road, the
truck, cream and all turning over,'
wheels up, on the other side of the
highway. The truck then caught fire
and was completely destroyed with the
exception of the iron parts.
It seems that the two men driving
the Ford were unknown, and, so far
ac we are now informed, are still at
Royal Arch Masons to
Install New Officers
Co no ho Chapter, R. A. M., will meet :
Thursday night, at which time the
new officers will be installed and sev- i
eral important matters will be taken I
«P- 1
After the business meeting there
will be a supper served in the Wc- 1
man's Club to the members and all '
visitors. I
A number of visitors are expected
from other towns.
- - .
Always a Good Show
First Group-Center
At Hamilton School Fridai
Second Group Commencement Will Be Held a
Jamesville the 15th; Final Here on 22nd
The first group center com
mencement of ,the year will be
lield in Hamilton next Friday,
April 8. Some confusion has been
experienced in school circles re
cently as to when the group cen
ter commencements would be
held. The dates have bean changed
and the first commencement will
foe" held next Friday in Hamilton,
Carry Head of
Man to Raleigh
Body Dug From Grave
After Two-Days
,in Ground
j A man's head, packed in a lard
' stand with ice, was cairied through
here last Sunday morning, about 8.30,
land on to Raleigh, where it was to
be examined.. Few details could be
had in connection with the affair, and
i just the exact cause for the removal
I of the head could not be learned.
It was learned, however, from mem
! bers of the party carrying the head
1 to Raleigh that the man had been bit
ten several weeks befor.e by a dog.
The man died a horrible dentil, and
after the body had been buried two
days it was dug from the ground late
Saturday and the head cut off. Re
ports, other than those from members
of the party carrying the head, hold
that it was carried to Raleigh to de
termine whether or not the dog thati
bit the man was mad. Another ver
sion is that a small girl, about four
years old, had beep around the mau
before his death, and that the man's
head was carried to Raleigh because
doctors were afraid she had been
scratched by the man and to hold
an examination was considered the
safest plan to follow. «
While the information is not au
thentic, it was statod yesterday that
the man's name was • Simpson and
that he lived near Edenton. The find
ings of the examination have not
been learned.
Salisbury Preacher
Begins Revival Here
Last night at the Memorial Baptist
Church Rev. AT O. Moore, of Salisbury
began a series of meetings which are
to continue until Easter.
Mr. Moore preached on the theme,
"Do We Need a Revival?" He treat
ed the subject at length, showing that
business, social, and economic condi
tions can't do for us the things which
we most need. That while education
is a leading subject of the age, yet
religion is more important. Great
leaders of men everywhere are saying
that the one thing we need is a re
vival of religion.
Mr. Moore is a sim
plicity and earnestness. He gets at
once to the matter before him, and
stays with it for the duration of his
sermon. As a platform speaker, he
is winsome and attractive; as a
preacher he is possessed with great
The people of the community and
county are invited to these services.
There will be services each night at
8 o'clock.
R. A. Pope is Re-elected
County Superintendent
At a meeting of the Martin County
Board of Education here yesterday,
Mr. R. A. Pope was re-elected super
intendent of county schools. The re
election of Mr. Pope was based on
his record made during the past two
years, his work having met with the
hearty approval of the eduoationaf
The board also re-elected Miss Hat
tie Thrower as secretary to the office.
She has served in that capacity for
the past several years, and during
that time she has rendered much aid
toward promoting progress in the
county's schools.
» * f
Convention Called for
Monday Night, April 18
The.commissioners at their meeting
last night called a town convention
to be held on Monday night, April
18 at the court house.
Citizens of the town are urged to
remember this date and see that no
conflicts with other affairs take place
on that night
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, April 5,1927
the program starting at 10 o'-
clock. The second will be held in
Jamesville on thje 15th and the
general county commencement
will take place here on the 22nd.
Hamilton is planning a royal
entertainment for its visitors there
next Friday, and the best display
of school work over witnessed in
the county is expected this year.
Officers Raid
Several Stills
Two Men Caught While
Pouring Liquor Into
Jug at Still Sunday
j Sheriff A. L. Roebuck yielded up
1 his strong religious inclination to *t
j tend church and Sunday school last
j Sunday and answered a distress call
from Free Union, w"h'ere he and Dep
| uty Grimes found a nice copper still
which had been taken off of the flre
only a short while, as the still was
the fire still burning. All
the liquor had been removed. The
manufacturers had just moved 13 bar
rels of beer, which was destroyed with
the still. The officers glanced around
the premises of a colored man named
Itrooks, but' failed to find any liquor.
The still was very near his koine,
and a path led from the still to the
Later in the day, after the sheriff
had rested, another call came to him;
this time from Poplar Point Town
ship. He took Paul lialiard and C.
H. Roebuck and drove up near Wil
son Chapel Church, where they fol
lowed a path northwardly for some
little distance. They soon came a
cross a cold still of the steam-doubler
type. TheTe was no liquor and only
2 barrels of beer.
The sheriff, looking in another di
rection, saw smoke, and they followed
ii l that direction, soon to see tyto
young white men hard at work around
a copper still, which Vas running at
full, blast, spouting out damnation
to both soul and body in a great
The officers inched and cased along
until they got very near, and when 1
the two young men began to funnel j
some of the snake-killing juice into
a bottle they rushed them; but before
they reached the manufacturers they i
broke and run. One of them was j
oaught, however; the other outwind- j
ing the officers and escaping. Yet ho
came to the sheriff's office Monday
morning and acknowledged his guilt. I
There were only two or three gallons |
of liquor found at this still and five'
barrels of beer, all of which was de-1
Mayor Coburn Will
Not Run Again
Mr. Robert L. Coburn, in a state
ment to this paper last night, said
that he would not be a candidate for
re-election to the mayorship.
Mr. Coburn stated that he had en
joyed the cooperation of the present
board of commissioners and the people
of the town ajs a whole, but he felt it
is duty to give more time to his
practice in the profession of law.
Mr. Coburn has served the town for
the pa»t two years, alwayß taking a
deep interest in the town's affairs.
His senoe of justice and f&irnt**; to
all has met with a hearty approval
on the part of the citizens of the,
Uiwn and it is with regret that we
learn that he will not be a candidate
this year. , _, • .
Baptists Philatheas
Met Friday Night
The Baptist Philathcas had their
regular business and social meeting
i a,t the jhome of Mrs. H. L. Meador on
Friday night. After the scripture
reading and prayer, plans were made
to have an apron Bale and "Baby
show" on Thursday, April 21. Full
announcement will I* pnade later. Ar
ticles for the orphan box were dis
cussed. After the business meeting,
refreshments were served, constating
of chicken salad, ham sandwiches,
wafers', ice tea, and pickles.
We were glad to have Mrs. Lee
Brewer with us who was a faithful
member before she moved to Windsor.
—As reported. ,
Case Mistaken
Identity Stops
Funeral Plans
Samuel Isaacs Discovers
Mistake When He Sees
_Under Casket's Top
In a recent issue of the Casket &
Sunnyside, a New York trade journal,
f.ppeared an article describing the ar
rival of Tom Boston's body in Ticon
deroga, N. Y., on January 20. It will
be remembered that Bolton's body
was aeot from the Federal peniten
tiary at Atlanta to the New York
town through mistake, when it should
have been sent to his home near
Ja,mesville. The article follows:
"Samuel Isaacs, of Ticondcropa, N.
Y., father of Joseph Isaacs, serving a
term in Atlanta penitentiary for rum
running, received a severe shock on
January 24, and what was scheduled
to be a real, oldrfashioned wake was
turned into rejoicing. And It was all j
due to a clerioal error.
On Janizary 20 the elder Isaacs re-1
i ceived a telegram from Atlanta,
"Your son, Joseph, died last night of
pneumonia. Do you wi»h the body
given a Christian burial here or
shipped home at government ex
ponse?" "Send it home," ifred Mr.
Isaacs in return.
"The grave was dug; relatives and \
friends gathered from mile* around,
the home was literally banfed with
floral offerings, and a praacher was
engaged. On the morning of Janu
ary 24, while mourners waited at the
house, the casket arrived.
"Mr. Isaacs, assisted by John F
Gunning, Ticonderoga funeral direc
tor, removed the lid, and lo,and be
held! "That's not my son," cried Mr
Isaacs. And it certainly waarnot. For
the casket contained the body of a
negro. Hushing to the telephone, Mr.
Isaacs demanded an explaaetion from
Warden John W. Snook,
"He was informed that the liody
was that of one Tom Boston, whose '
home was in North Carolina. A tel
egram followed soon after: "Youi son
is alive and well," U read. -""Clerical
error on our part. Sorry. Hold body j
of Boston for further instructions.'
(Signed) John W. Snook."
So the body of the negro was'
brought to the Ticonderoga station,'
the flowers were relegated to the side
lines, and relatives and friends re-1
joiced. I
Members Board of
Education Sworn In
Members of the Martin County
Hoard of Education were sworn in for
their third term yestenday by Clerk
(if Superior Court R. J. Peel. Messrs.
John Getsinger, Javan Rogers, W. L.
Hollulay, B. M. Worsley, K. H. Craw
ford, members of the board, have
served the county schools for the past
six years.
At. their meeting yesterday, the sale
of- the old Hamilton school building
and lot was confirmed. The bid for
the property had been raised three
times, the property finally going to
Mi. 0. T. Everett for a consideration
of $1,340.
Joseph us Daniels Is
Visitor Here Monday
Josephus Daniels, editor of the Ra
leigh News & Observer, spent some
time in town yesterday
While heie he visited Elder Sylvestor
Hassell, who was his teacher in the
Wilson school when he was a boy
Mr. Daniels expressed his apprecia
tion for influence shed on his
young life white under the tutelage
of Elder Hassell.
Mr. Daniels was accompanied by
Mrs. Daniels and was returning from
a tour of the'northeastern section of,
the State. '
: County Agent's Report
For Month of March
f Following is the report of County
• Agent T. B. Brandon as submitted to
the board of commissioners at their
regular meeting here yesterday:
21 days field work; 6 days office
work; 141 office conferences; 128 tel
ephone calls; 168 letters written; 63
fa,rms visited; 832 miles traveled; 412
hogs treated during month.
Three cars farm drain tile delivered
for draining form land; 2 tobacco fer
tilizer tests arranged; 2 tobacco va
riety tests arranged for.
21,669 pounds poultry sold during
One car of Pyr&tol delivered dur
ing the month. _
Two self feeder* for hogs built.
One poultry houae built.
The greater part of the rtionth was
spent in treating hoga, as there has
been a severe outbreak of cholera In
the county. -*
Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Dunning, of
AuUnder, were'in town shopping yes
State Dentist B
in County at Local School
Will Examine and Treat Children's Teeth in the
Schools of County for Seven Weeks
Dr. L. H. Butler, of the State
Health Department, arrived in the
oounty yesterday and had his
equipment already set up to begin
work this morning in the local
school. Dr. Butler will examine
all children between the ages of
6 and 13 years, and will o'rter
treatment free of charge in all
cases possible.
The work will go on in the lo
cal school all this week. Dr. But
ler is planning to attend a meet
Town Board Holds
Important Meeting
Clean-Up Week
April 11th to 16th
Next wee klhe Woman's club
has set apart as clean-up week.
This is the second one the club
has sponsored and the first one
did some good, but it is expect
ed that the whole town will be
cleaner for Easter this year
than ever before'. The Kiwanians
and the town officials have given
their whole-hearted promise to
cooperate with the club women.
I'he ladies of the town are un
usually willing to help make any
thing cleaner and better, so
whether they are club women or
not, they ,are requested to help
with the work.
Consolidate 2
Negro Schools
Burroughs and Spring-
Hill Will Have A
Rosen \vaid School
Committees representing the Spring
Hill and Burroughs colored schools
went before the county superintend
ent • hero yesterday afternoon and
stated their positions as to the con
solidation of the two schools. The
committees have already raised sev
eral hundred dollars for the erection
of a school at u, point between the
old school sites, and S7OO will be giv
en from the liosenwald fund. The
old school sites will be offered for
sale, and a new three-room school will
be built, according to tentative plans
now before the board of education.
The Spring Hill school building was
burned over a year ago, and the Bur
roughs school met with the same fate
several months ago. Since the Bur
roughs school burned, that school has
■been going on in a colored church
near the place where the school build
ing burned. The committee of that
school is meeting with much difficulty
in settling the amount of rent to be
paid the church's pastor, Outter
bridge. It is understood that Outter
b ridge preached in the school build
ing for some time and never paid any
thing for the privilege of so doing.
Now the preacher is asking for $26
for thb use of the church.
"Flesh and the Devil"
at Strand Next Week
The management of the Strand The
ater announces one of the best pic
tures of the season for next week.
"Flesh and she Devil," the name of
the picture, is the first German pic
ture made in America.. It is Euro
pean; every foot of it transports onß
bt*ck across the Atlantic—but direct
ed by an American, and with an Amer
ican star. TJje new play, based on
one of Europe's greatest classics by
a master dramatist, is elaborately
staged in reproductions of modern Eu
rope. It is a vivid romance of that
country, hanging on old-world tradi
tions of love and marriage.
The picture has been booked by the
local theater for next Monday and
Tuesday nights.
to Meet Thursday
The parent-teacher association will
hold its regular meeting on Thursday
afternoon, at 3.45 o'clock in the local
school auditorium.
This will be a very important meet
ing, ai the new committees will takn
up their year's work at this time. J
The parents are urged to be pres
ent and tHo association in the
upbuilding of the community.
ing of the State dental associa
tion in Kaleigh next week, after
which time he will resumo his
work in the county. No routing
lias been given him yet, and it is
not certayi what school he will
visit next.
Dr. Butler has just completed
two months' work in Perquimans
and Tyrrell Counties, and will
probably remain in this county
around seven weeks.
Light Plant to
Need Another
Engine in Fall
Consider Extension of
Water Mains in Three
Sections of Town
An order for thirty cents worth of
nails culled for it the meeting of the
Town Hoard of Commissioners, was
one of the minor things in the list
of zusines affairs to come before
that body. It was emphatically stated
that all bills be accompanied by or
ders hereafter, or doubt as to set
tlement would be likely, The Hoard
relieved W. M. IVrry and F. (J.
Dennett of taxes on $llOO and $340.
incorrectly listed.
Turing their attention from petty
affairs, members of the Hoard spent
the next twx> hours discussing the
major problems now facing the town.
The request coming from the volun
teer fire company for lew and better
equipment wus referred to a com
mittee. Should the committee report
favorably on the matter, it is likely
that the town will have an electric
siren to serve us its fire alurm. The
1 lire company also asked for extension
I of wuter lines in certain districts of
the town. The commissioners already
I had the matter under consideration,
and it is probable that extensions will
be tinade on liassell street, Washing-
I ton street and a line run to the to
j bacco re-drying plant. Estimates of
fered for these extensions amount to
uround $3,600. This amount will b?
caied for by revenue from the ex
tensions, and the layin« of the pipes
will greatly aid the fire company in
protecting property of the town'*
Mr. O. S. Anderson, local agent for
the Frigidaire, asked the Hoard to
I consider the lowering of the minimum
charge for current used in Frigidaires.
'J he minimum rate is now $.360 and
the Hoard is considering changing it
to $1.60.
The big problvm of the evening
came when the electrical needs of the
town came up for discussion. Mr. K.
P. Cross, representative of the Fair
banks Morse people, appeared before
tiie liourd and went over the situation
as it now stunds with the members.
The electrical needs of the town have
more than doubled in the past few
years and the sale of current this
>eu,r is expected to reach a higher
peak than ever before. The demand,
it was stated by the superintendent
of lights, this coming fail will be
more than the oil engine can handle.
It will be necessary to fall back on
the steamp equipment, and that, ac
cording to the data offered, will cost
a considerable sum. Mr. Cross, speak
ing for his company, statod that an
other engine of the oil type cou»d be
installed at a saving. The cize of the
engine suggested is a 240 pow
ei*, and should it be installed, all of
the steam equipment could be done
away with. A special meeting of the
Hoard will be held next Monday night
when more definite data on the sub
ject will be offered, and when a de
cision will probably be made as to the
purchase or non-purchuse of the new
Mr. W. T. Meadows, Treasurer, read
u report covering the Board's adminis
tration for the past two years. It will
appear in the next issue of this
paper. | t i
After two hours of general business,
the Hoard went into executive session,
but, it is understood, yo matters
were disposed of.
Mis« Elizabeth Warren, of Wash
ington, visited in town Sunday. Miss
Warren had just returned from a
meeting of News & Observer agents
at Raleigh, where she wa# given the
high score among ail the News A
Observer agents of the State.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1600
Homes of, Martin County.
Hold Regular
[Meet Monday
Pass Resolution Against
Curtailment of
Train Service
The regular monthly meeting of thp
V. art in County Hoard of Commission
ers was held here yesterday with all
the members of the board present, as
follows: J. G. Barnliill, chairman; L.
P. Holliday, T. Li! Slade, jr., T.-IV.
Griffin, and J. E. Pope.
Proceedings of the board follow;
- W, M. Perry was released from the
payment of taxes on $l,lOO, listed by
/error in Williamston Township in
G. A. Parker was released from the
payment of taxes on s:t,4!>o, Jis ted by
error in Robersonville Township, for
the year 1926.
The following allowunces were
i made to the poor outside of the county
: home: J. T. Farmer, $4.0)) per month;
i Neptune Williams and wife, $4.00 pel
- month; Vena Ballard, $2 per month;
Jas. T. Gardner, $3 per month; Oflie
[ liunch, $4 per month.
Bennett and Kay were released
from the payment of taxes on $340
\\or t h of property listed in error In
Williamston Township, year 1920.
Reports of receipts and disburse
ments were received from J. S. Get
singer, register of deeds; EX. 1,. Roe
buck, she re iff; and R. J. peel, clerk
of the superior court, for the month
of March, as follows: R. J. Peel, re
ceived from all sources, $330.15; J.
S. Getsinger, $440.20; A. 1,. Roebuck,
$210; a total of $9*0.30. The com
bined salaries of the three officers and
all assistants were $1,158.33, making
n rfet loss of $177.98 for the month
of March. March was likely above
the average for the register of deeds
and clerks oflices, aa it. .te a.big. rug-'
istration -month and also the biggest
tourt'month of the year.
The sheriff's office collections would
liave been considerably sipaller but
for rewards and sugar captured at
stills. However, when the collection
of taxes comes into his hands it will
raise the amount considerably above
these figures.
Upon motion, the board passed the
following resolution:
"Whereas, the Atlantic Coast l,iue
Railroad Co. has petitioned the cor
poration commission to discontinue
trains Nos. 56 and 57; and whereas
it will be a great inconvenience to the
larger juart of the citizens of the
county; therefore be it
"Resolved, That this boad make
protest against such curtailment of
service, and a->k the ,North Carolina
Corporation Commission not to grunt
said order.
Spelling Contestants
Bring Pencil and Paper
J Oak City, April 4. (Special to The
Knterprise.)—The spelling committee
| wishes to announce that all contest
' ants entering the group-center com-
I mencement will come prepared with
pencil anil paper for elimination prior
to oral spelling, as stated in article
7 of rules governing the spelling con
It is hoped that all schools will par
ticipate in the different contests, ami
thus aid Superintendent I'ope and his
co-workers in setting up standards of
.Success depends on cooperation of
the teacher who lias at heart the ad
vancement of every child, whether he
lives in town or in the most isolated
Njiot in Martin County. We. should
strive constantly, whether he lives in
town most isolated spot in
Martin County. We shouldrstrive con
stantly for the highest, always re
membering that the grade of our rat
ing as leaders will be measured by
the type of reaction we produce in
lliese children.
j Specials for Friday's
Issue Enterprise
Friday's issue of this paper will
' carry several ' articles of much in
terest to the people of the town and
county. He sure that you get your
copy. 1
The Town Treasurer, Mr. W. T.
Meadows, will have his report ready
for that day.
The report of the President of the
Williamston Woman's club will ap
Mr. P. H. Johnson and the various
county boards are working on valua
tion problems today and an account
of their findings will appear.
The present outlook of the Record
er's court, according to a call from
the county's temple of justice, points
to a day of interesting cases. The re
porter is still on the job at the court
house, and he will offer the cases as
heard before Judge Bailey.
Martin County's banking institu
tions and their services, will be the
topic for another article.

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