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The High Cost of Carelessness
It may be that folks are wanted
against the danger from fire too of-1
ten; m fact, so often that they fait
to give it serious attention. Yet when!
we see the loss caused by fire
year, it reminds us that it would pay |
us to heed the warning against care-
lcssness with fire. In 1925, there were
293 people burn oil to death in our
State ami 586 injured by fire, besides
a property loss of nearly $7,000,000, ,
There were 2,418 buildings burned, |
divided as follows: 1,439 residences,!
80 schoolhouses, 23 churches, 1C apart
ment houses, 131 stores, 72 factorial,
72 garages, and 9 hospitals.
The supposed causes of these fires
were explosions, catching from othei
buildings, defective wiring, electric
irons and other appliances, defective
flues and chimneys, carlessness with
matches, sparks on shingles, starting
fires with kerosene, defective stoves
Just Blundering: Atong
Public business and private affair*
arc run on very much the same scale.
Not that officials arc bud—but eare
We are informed tlvat every town
ship in Martin Covjnty has a separate I
road fund from local taxes. Yet lets
than half of such boards are publish
ing any kind of public statement of
their finances. Even the towns do not
report their annual statements as the
law requires.
If all the proceedings by all the
various boards of roads, schools, towns
etc., handling tax moneys are given
- I
Flexible Balloon Repairs that hold j
It will surprise you how chaep and
quick you can send me a tire by in-;
sured parcel post, have it repaired,
and get it back. '
City Vulcanizing & Battery Station
■■•t Luke B. Kobernon, Proprietor
116 Respass Street, Washington, N. C
fW. R. Orleans
A New Suit for
We Have It Here for You
i :
It isn't the selling price that decides the
value of a suit of clothes. It is the wearing
price. Remember this when a'shopping you
go for /that new Easter suit —and you will
come here to be convinced that we know HH|9RH^
whereof we speak. All the new grays, blues
ahd browns are the headliners in our early j
Easter showing. They come in three-but- ' I
ton single breasted, two-button single
and double breasted and the three-button
conservative. Each suit has the new style
lines. They are graceful, roomy, and com
fortable clothes which you can not resist. V
You must see these suits; you must slip on
a coat and get the "feel" to appreciate what * »- '■
SI | wonder values are to be had this spring. pLMm
and furnaces, hot ashes and coals, ac- j
J cumulations of trash, rats, cigar and
cigarette butts, and incendiarism; 7ri
I per cent of all of them being from
j carelessness.
As a result of these startling fig
i ures, the fire organizations -of th«
I country and the heads of the State
I insurance departments have organized
for a national fire prevention and
J clean-up week, beginning April 18.
lhiring this .campaign every person
I 'n the United S'tates will be asked to
make his back yard l#ok like his front
yard, .lean up all waste and rubbish,
'i in bNMcments, attics, closets, yards,
barns, streets, alleys, and sheds; tear
1 oft all rotten shingle roofs and if on |
buildings noar chimneys and flues, re
place with metal.
Remember the date—the week be
ginning April 16. It may save your
property, your child, or your own life.
■ ■ I
as little attention as are the finan
cial reports, then we need not wonder
at broken bridges, holes in the roads,
and debts on towns.
It is just the good old friendly,
careless way of blundering along #nd
not doing things that oauses so maaiy
failures—private and piiblic.
Then, too, it cost some trouble and
fM'rhaps a little money to show the
folks how their money was spent.
The people want to know and the
law requires that they be told. In
the long run, they will got more for
their money if they follow the law.
Things To*
hink About
Yesterday to me vwbk a very un
ltappy one. I started out in the morn
ing with hope and courage aplenty.
The sun was shining, ami the birds '
were singing, and all around me there
seemed to be cheerfulness and good
will: Hut things did not break just '
right some how. The postman brpqght ■
!>ad news, the telephone rang, and my
banker informed me that I had made
some bad investments, and my doc
tor advised me to take better care of
myself or I would soon be seriously
ill. So returning home in the even
, i I
ing, obviously I was feeling pretty;
. | blue.  >. i j | j
But after changing clothes, taking
u bath and eating a good home-cooked
. I
dinner, I began my usual day-dream
„l ing. 1 pictured myself starting out!
, i with a new day and u clean mind and
j body in an earnest business, working'
]! my way from a small somebody to a!
big somebody. I woukl succeed, and
, I would use my money to bring hap
, piness to others, and I would find hap
t pinesg in helping and teaching others
( to help themselves. On went the day
dreaming far into the night. Then
r came plans to make those dreams
, come true, and in the dreaming and
.1 the planning I found a new happiness
' and feeling thus I slept.
-1 The future woukl look very dark to
' all of us if we could not hope and
'• plan and dream. The young man
' looks forward to being a success in
the business world, and the young wo
man looks forward pel haps to a home
r of her own with smiling children and
'• a successful husband. The mother]
and father looks forward to the day
'• when their children can step out into
l ' the world well prepared by Christian
y teaching to take their places among
the best of men und women. So
d childhood to adult age, to middle age,
e Hiul even to the time when their hair
■4s whitened by the many summers,
e men and woman plan and with full
n hope look forward to greater things. S
r Everything we have that is worth,
iwhile in this world is the result of
silent thinking. Day dreaming, if you
You wiß not get very far with day
dreaming alone, however. It takes
more than that. With all your good
planning, many of your dreams will
never come true. If you dream well
anti plan well and work hard in the
right direfetion, you will realize some
of your dreams.
Be a dreamer and be proud of the
tfact you are. But also be a worker.
Report of the Condition of the
at Hamilton in the State of North
Carolina, at the close of business,
March 28, 1927.
Loans and Discounts $ 56,783.97
United States Bonds and
Liberty Bonds . 8,000.00
Banking Houses, $4500.00;
Furniture and Fix
ture* $1700.00 6,200.00
' All other Real Estate
1 owned 522.25
Cash in vault and net a
mounts due from Banks,
Bankers and Trust Com
|. panies 30,981.6*
Checks for clearing 270.84
k .. '
I* Total $102,768.74
Cupltal Stock paid in $ 10,000 00
I Surplus Fund 9,250.00
Undivided Profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid .... 1,145.27
Deposit* subject to check,
individual 60,680.27
Cashier's Checks outstand
ing 449.67
Time Certificates of De
posit Due on or After
30 DKys 21,233.53
, >
Total $102,758.74
State of North Carolina—County of
Martin," March 30, 1927.
I, F. L. Haislip, Cashier of the
above namml Bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to
the best of iny knowledge and belief.
) Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 30th day of March, 1927.
\ •' Notary Public.
My commission expires February 10,
W. S. RHODES, Directors.
I __
,i UnSer'and by virtue of the authori
j ty conferred upon me by a deed ol
1 trust executed to the 30th dA)
, of October, 1918, bsßymon Gorhum
duly recorded in thY Martin County
record in book , page , to s*-
» - ~ '
1 Potato Barrels Now!
Don'tftvait until the last week. Send in your
order as soon as you can. We been mak
ingl potato barrels for the farmers of this section
for the last seven years. We have experienced
workmen on the job and you can not surpass the
quality of our barrels anywhere.
Prices Guaranteed to be
I as Low as the Lowest
' H
\ ■
When you get ready to buy your potato bar- , T ,
rels, come in and see us. We know that you will
be satisfied in every respect with the barrels that
you buy from us. _ « M'iM§
Waters Lumber Co.
■ r .- _ '
i 1 care certain notes, the terms of which
have not been complied with, and at
the request of the holder thereof, I
• will sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash at the courthouse
' door in Martin County, on Monday,
I the 18th day of April, 1927, the fol
lowing described land, viz:
The lands in Williams Township
known as the John Perry land and J.
Ed Williams land, and bounded as fol
-1 lows: Alex Brown land on the north;
Stanley Smithwick on the east, Betsy
Jones land on the south; and the pub
, lie path leading from the Jones road
to Wiltz Siding, on the west, contain
' ing 50 acres, more or less, and being
same land this day deeded to Pay
mon Gorham by J. G. Godard.
This 18th day of March, 1927.
i J. E. POPE,
, ir>22 4tw Trustee.
Qhree it flexibility, emoothne-beyond tmHitf. A
tankfalof EBSOi» a tonic to yoor motor. Itmv ■Wyl -v
 »tiis super-fuel today. Compare the reeulte with
" what you have been getting. YooH 8880 , I
1 is more worth the few eents extra |
I have bought the undertaking establishment formerly owned
by Mr. F. L. Edwards, and have secured the services of Mr. Harper
Holliday, an expert funeral director and licensed embalmer.
Excellent Service at Most Reasonable Price
B. S. Courtney
Day Phone 155 Niffct Pho,le 44

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