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Insane Negro
Hard to Place
Under Arrest
Officers Go After Man in
Cowboy Style but
Rope is Cut
Joe Wiggins, aged colored man liv
ing near here, made it very difficult
for officers to arrest him last Tues
day. He ran from the officers for 6
while and then took his stand, pulling
from his pocket a big: knife as a means
of defense. Various attempts to take
him into custody failed. Seeing: no
other way, the officers brought a rope
into use, and no sooner than the lasso
Went over the man's head, he cut it
with his knife. The rope, right new,
belonged to a fellow by the name of
Outterbridge, aijd jvhen he saw what
was about to happen he rushed to
cave his rope. He was too late to
the rope, but not too late for
Wiggins to slash his hand almost to
the bone. The next plan used to ef
fect the arrest brought in a hoe han
dle. One of the officers tapped Joe
on the hand with the handle and the
knife fell to tls« ground. He was
brought here and placed in 'a cell in
the new jail. During the remainder
of the day Wiggins wore himself out
hitting the walls of the jail. Yester
c|ay Sheriff Roebuck carried him to
the asylum at Goldsboro.
Practically all his life Joe Wiggins
has suffered epileptic fits at times,
and they have impaired his mental a
frility to such an extent that he is
crazy most of the time. He is about
52 years of age, but physically he is
very able.
Edward Henry Cotten
Dies Near Oak City
Mr. Edward Henry Cotten died at
his home on the Cotten farm near
Oak City Thursday, April 14. Mr.
Cotten was 95 years old. The cause
of his death was old age. He had
been, in his usual good health until
quite recently, when he weakened a
way and the end came.
After completing his education at
the Horner Military School, Mr. Got
ten taught school for a few years, but
returned to the farm when his father
died in 1861.
He was the son of Arthur Staton
Cotten and wife, Louise Mayo Cot
ten. He was the oldest of four chil
dren, the others being the-' late M. A.
and G. A. Cotten, of Baltimore, and
Mrs. Wilson G. Lamb, of Williamston.
Mr. Cotten was a member of the
Baptist church for many years. He
will be buried this' afternoon by the
side of his mother, to whom he was
euch a dutiful son and greatly at
tached, caring for her after his fath
er's death until her death. The burial
will be in the family plot on the farm
where he was born and spent practi
cally all his life.
Farm Loan Association
Will Meet Tomorrow
The Williamston National Farm
Loan Association will hold a meeting
at the courthouse tomorrow at o'
clock. There are about 15 stockhold
ers in this association, mostly in his
county with a few in Washington
County and several in Washington
Township, Beaufort County.
It is understood that the associa
tion will declare and pay a dividend
on the stock hold by the members.
Services at the Baptist
Church Next Sunday
There will be the regular services
at the Baptist church next Sunday
morning and evening. At the morn
ing hour the choir will render special
The public is cordially invited to
Tom Mix and Tony
in one of their latest pictures
The Canyon of Light
Two - Reel Comedy
"Officer 44.4"
Always a Good Show
2 Martin Farmers
Get High Rating
Group Center Meet
at Jamesville Today
The second  group-center
elimination iimtests of (he
county commencement is taking
place in Jamesville today with
large numbers of pupils and
teachers from all the schools in
the eastern part of the county.
Winners there today will take
part in the final commencement
here next Friday. The first ol
the elimination contests was
held in Hamilton last Friday.
Load Poultry
Car Thursday
7,000 I'onnds of Poultry
Net Producers
Two ducks and two turkeys were
lot here yesterday when they" were
pi. iced in a large poultry car with
thousands of old hens and roosters.
Around 7,000 pounds were loaded in
Jhj car here yesterday, farmers real
isingl in readey cash approximately
Th car started in Plymouth, where
around .it/O pounds wfie pickwt tiji.
Leaving here hooked to the afternoon
passenger train, its next stop war
.Hethel, where the shipment was made
.complete. From tnat point the car
was. carried to northern markett
where its contents will be sold.
The large shipment yesterday was
| made up entirely of "boarding" hens
and roosters, with the exception of
the two ducks and two turkeys. Mr.
Hunt, manager of the car, stated that
it was a fine shipment, and that the
farmers here were acting wisely in
selling the old hens and roosters and
saving the broilers and laying hens.
This is the third car to be loaded
here this year, and with a continua
tion of such shipments, a greater in
terest in poultry raising is expected.
Bites Snake In Two
to Win a $2 Wager
| The second man to bite a snake in
i two in North Carolina was J. Hufus
Snyder, a student of High Point Col
lege, who bit a snake into three
; pieces and won a two-dollar bet this
The first and, so far as we know,
; only other North Carolinian to have
bitten a snake in two was a Bertie
! County citizen, who ran over a snake
during a military drill at a general
muster before the Civil War. In that
case, the wager was a quart of bran
dy, and when the head of the snaKe
had been bitten off, and spat out, the
winner drank Jus quart of liquor and
Icy drunk for two days.
So notable was this case that it was
memorialized by naming one of the
prominent townships in the Bertie
Empire "Snake Bite," and we find that
township wearing that name to this
Mr. S. O. Perkins will spent Easter
at Burgaw, N. C.; wlrere he has his
winter home. Mr. Perkins will return
Monday and will resume his soil-sur-
Vcy work. He is making a complete
survey of the Martin County soils.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, April 15,1927
A. W. Bailey and.Calvin
Ayers Are (iiven "A"
(iradc Certificates
A, VV. HuDey and Calvin Ayers,
fainiers of Hear Grass Township,,
wore each awurded tirade "A" certifi
cate* by the Nvrth Carina State
College and the agricultural commit
u- !ii i!i- North Carolina Hankers As-
Kocia'.iun recently.
The State college and the. bankers'
association offer each- farmer in the
Mute certificate* if he makes
80 per cent un the following test:
1. Kaists enough corn and forage
to feed all his stock
2. Raises enough meat and lard for
the family all the yuar.
!i liaises enough spring and fall
vegetable* to supply the family thru
the year. •
4. liaises enough sweat «and Irish
potatoes 'o last tin; family for 'J !
' 5. liaises enough milk and butter
to supply the family the year round.
C. A liberal supply of poultry mil
7. Have an orchard and vineyard,,
W;pt in good condition, with ah many
as 10 kinds &L fruits; and th.. ■ k»lw. j
tion or purchase of good seed.
8. Rotation of crops and le fumes j 1
on at,least one fourth of land for soil i
!). Improve Initio by paint, land
seapu and home conveniences.
10. More than oixj. regular money
crop as a' source of income; enough
business ability to take an inventory i
at the beginning year; keep a j
record of all receipts and expendi
tures and ke n p a bank account.
The certificates read as follows:
"In recognition of service rendered'
to the community and commonwealth
this certificate is gratefully issued and
signed on behalf of the; State. , . j
"This Ist day of April, 1!>27." *
The certificate is signed by E. C.
H rooks, for Stale College, I. O. Schaub
for the North Carolina Department of
Agriculture, and 11. M. Cox, for *he
North Carolina Hunkers Association.
Wynne liaby is Buried
Near Everetts'Monday
Without funeral rites of any kind the
I)i.dy of the infant thought murdered
by, its father, Oscar WyVine, accord- ■
ing to 4 verdict rendered by a cor- '
oner's jury, was placed in a little
home-made coffin and buried in the
Clark cemetery one and one-half
miles from Everetts late Monday af
ternoon. As touching and cruel as
the act was, rumor floated in pertain
parts of the county that the littl? life
less body was "pickled" and would be
used when the case is tried here next
j.ljune. Such a rumor is entirely un
founded. The coroner brtiught the
body here Monday, had an X-ray pic
ture made and returned the body to
its humble home the same day.
Everetts Woodmen
Have Good Meeting
The regular meeting of Everetts
Camp, M. W. A., was held Monday
night, April 11, with a full set of offi
cers on hqnd. There
bers present, and a good meeting was
Two new anplications have been e- '
cured to be acted upon Monday night,
April 24, and a good time is promised
all who will attend. AH members are
asked to keep this date clear and at-,
tend this meeting.
Recorder Had
Short Session
Here Tuesday
Ten Cases Disposed of
In Spite of Shortness
of the Session
Judge Bailey and Soliiitor Horion
made the session of rcvordei's court
rather snappy Tuesday, getting the
docket clear long befor noon.
«l'he case charging Bin Purvis, col
 rsd, with carrying: a concealed weap
on, was "hoi prossed with lea\e, and
on the stock held by the members,
was discharged upon the paymet.t of
The case of Conley Dol berry, charg
ing him with carrying a concealed
weapon, was nol prossed with leave,
Sdfa discharged upon payment of
J.. Osear Bidlock, charged with non
support, was charged with .he costs
and required to pay $. r >,oo weekly for
the support of his children.
Tommy Uriftin, charge ! witn illeg
al possession of liquor, and to which
charge he had previously plead guil
ty, was discharged upon payment of
C. Hyman, charged with an assault
with a deadly weapon, was foun.f not
Jack Faulk, for injury to personal
property, was fined SSO and cost:;,
and sentenced to the roads for 4
months. Hp appealed to the superior
court, and Was released under $l5O
bond."' ~7
The ease against Norman Jones, for
assault with a deadly weapon, was
nol pressed with leave.
Jack Dixon, found guilty of an as
sault with a deadly weapon, was fined
$75.00 and the costs.
The case against J. It. Whitfield,
for assault with a deadly weapon and
carrying u concealed weapon, was con
tined for 4 weuks with Whitfield un
dor the same bond.
The case against Oscar Wynn,
charged with the murder of his 5-day
old son, was called and the defend
ant waived examination, lie was
bound over to the 1 superior court
without bond.
No Date Yet Named
For Train Hearing
The secretary of the Kiwanis Cluh,
Mr. J. I). Woolard, stated yesterday
that no date has yet been set for the
hearing relating to the removal from
the regular schedule of trains number
-50 and 57. When the protest against
the railroad's intended action was
made, members of the North Carolina
Corporation Commission weri in Wash
iiigton, 1). C., and no date could be
nmntlonad than. is not certain, it is thought
that a hearing will be held within the
next few weeks. The towns along tne
loute Served by the two trains will
have""representatives at thi hearing,
according to reports from chambers
of commerce and civic organizations
in those towns.'
Williamston Highs *
Lose to Windsor, Y-3
The Windsor. llixh .School boys de
feated the locals here yesteiuay af
ternoon at baseball, 7-3. The season
for the locals is just beginning, and
Coach Phillips states his team will be
a safe-bet after practice has gone on
foi a few more days.
Georgians Increasing
Tobacco Acreage
Mr. K. B. Crawford, who has re
cently spent several weeks in South
ern Georgia in the int rest of hail in
surance for the Home Insurance Co.,
.- ays the Georgia tobacco crop will be
increased at.least one-third over the
lafct year's acreage. Some thing it
will be increased as high as 60 per
cent over last year. Farmers there
are now abut through transplanting.
/ -V
No Developments
in Infanticide Case
With no direct statements
other than the one made by the
coroner's jury in the Wynne In.
fanticide ease, it now looks as
if many of the facts relating
thereto will not bfe learned until
the case comes up at the next
term of Martin Court.
The verdict rendered by the jury
empaneled by the county cor
oner, S. li. Biggs, to hold an
inquest over the body, stated
that the child diA not die of nat
ural causes. Doctors connected
with the examination of the in
fant's body stated yesterday
that they would not like to make
any statements at this time as
to whether or not tl)« child's
neck was broken.
County Commencemet To Be
Held Here Friday, April 22
County Banks Close Monday;
Business Houses To Be Open
Several oi County Schools Will Take Day As a
Holiday; l*ost Offices Will Remain Open
Tho several banks of the coun
ty will not open for business next
Monday morning. The officers,
cashiers and clerks of the insti
tutions will treat the day as a
holiday and visit relatives and
friends in various parts of the
State. Regular business will be
resumed Tuesday morning.
While business on that day is
expected to be light, all the met
Considering Sale of
Loeal Power Plant
Representative Likely to
Return with Good
Offer for Plant
Mr. J. T Chase, of the Virginia
i Power and Klectric company, was in
: town today getting additional infor
: fruition about Williamston's power
j a:ul lighting equipment. No bid will
I be presented at this time, but it is
I thought Mr. Chase will return with
in the next few days and carry his
contract before the board of town
lommi.ssioncis for acceptance or re
This morning towji officials were
going over the property now owned
| and operated for the furnishing "of
power and lights. They were talking
j in terms of thousands of dollurs,' but
I just who was to pay ami who was .to
receive could not be traced. It is ex
pected Mr. will take the find
ings home with him and prepare the
contract that will later be submitted
Methodist Church
Easter Program
There will be regular services at
the local Methodist Church Sunday.
Sunday school at 9.45 u. m., 10. P.
Cunningham, superintendent.
Preaching services by the pastor, at
jll a. m. and 7.45 p. m.
Preaching at llo|ly Springs at 3.30
■p. m. ——
The woman's missionary Society
will meet at the church Monday af-
t( moon at 4 o'clock.
; Farm Life Finals
Take Place Today
The high spot in the Farm Life
school commencement was reached to
day when more than 500 people ir>
the community visited the school and
witnessed the closing day's program.
This morning's program was opened
shortly before 11 o'clock when the
school sang "Amreica, the Beautiful".
A few versesfof scripture were read
by Itev. W. 11. Harrington, and pray
ei was offered by Kev. A. J. Man
ning. Various speeches of welcome
were made by patrons of the school
and reports were read of the work
accomplished during the year. The
main eyent of the morning came
when Dr. Maynard O. Fletcher, of
the Washington Collegiate Institute,
delivered un address. I'sing as his
subject "Success", Dr. Fletcher made
a splendid talk to the. large number
present. Offering advice to those who
are leaving the sehbol to eifter new
fields, his talk will prove of much
value, no doubt's
Shortly after 1:00 o'clock dinner
was served to the 600 visitors and
school children on the grounds of the
school. *
As we go to press a declamation
contest is underway with five boys
and four girls taking part. Certifi
cates of graduation and of work com
pleted will be awarded at the close
of the contest.
Tonight the school presents a play,
and this will bring to a close the ex £
ercises. ■
Mr. John Meyers Dies
at Washington Home
Mr. John Meyers, the father of
Mrs. James Stanley, of Williamston,
died at his home in Washington this
•Tiorning at 4 o'clock. He was 59
jeprs old and had been in failing
health for several years, gradually
growing worse until the end thid
Interment will be made tomorrow
morning at 11 o'clock in the Episco
pal church yard in Washington.
cantile houses here will stay open.
The post office will be open as
The local school will enjoy a
holiday that day, and it is under
stood that the Kobersonville and
Oak City schools will also take
the day as a holiday. As for the
other schools in the county clos
ing, no definite information could
be secured this morning.
Town Convention
Monday Night
\\ ho knows but what next
.Monday night will be one of
the high spots in our town's
history when the convention is
held for the nomination of
various city olticials. With ma
jor problems now facing the
town, the entire citizenship of
the town should he in attend
ance upon the convention and
help to nominate those men and
women who are willing to give
time and interest to the affairs
of the town.
The convention w ill open at
H o'clock in the court house and
every citizen should feel it his
duty to attend.
Baptist Revival
Closes Tonight
Mr. Moore Shows Today
to be Similar lo the
Days of Pilate
The revival services at the Uaptist
-Church, which have been guing oil fox
nearly two weeks, will close'tonight
The meeting has not been a general
evangelistic arousal, but has ; gone on
in an orderly pleasing manner, where
the spiritual development has been the
center of all the services, with good
singing, good preaVhing, and good fel
lowship at all the services. He v. Ar
thur O. Moore, of Salisbury,, has
preached the simple gospel truth from
the plain texts of the Scriptures.
The sermon last night was tl.e best
the series so far. The text was
taken from Matthew 27:22,. What
ji.'iall 1 do with Jesus, who is called
Christ," being the words of Pilate
when the accusers were ruiljng a
gainst Jesus and demanding that He
fce put to death, although furnishing
no proof of any wrong doing. Pilate,
the speaker said, was facing exactly
the same thing that every individual
has to face; the »hu . lei ween right
LI (! wrong. P j'o :r; ito shirk ihe
t tl by leltii',; the . liiiuling mob
cjrose between Josuv and !l>e male
f;ntor, doubtlM.s knowing al the time
" a'l in the. - atate «»f -innd I ivy vould
gU'oly release the robber and .tueify
fit. Christ.
Mr. Moore :nf. jtv.l that thi day
I seems much like the days of
when he could not decide what to do
with Jesus. Men everywhere are put
ting off and letting the crucifixion
proceed, however, with the avowed in
terest of some day embracing the
Christ, but at a more convenient sea-
Hon and after the pleasures of life
had been exhausted. Then we are
anxious to'have Jesus lead us through
valley' and plead for us before
(the bar of^Judgment.
Seniors to Give Play
Next Friday Night
The senior class of the local high
school is announcing one of the best
plays ever staged by a senior class for
next Friday night, April 22. "The
Charm School', a comedy in three acts,
i'i the name of the play.
During the past several days a
large number of tjie senior class mem
bers have been practicing and re
hearsing their parts, and all indica
tions point to a highly successful per
formance. A small admission will be
charged to defray expenses of the
production *
* . I
Advertisers Will find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1§()0
Homes of Martin County.
Many Contests on Pro
gram; Basket Dinner
One of Features
Wiiliamston is preparing for a
large assembly of folks at the local
echool next Friday, April 22, county
commencement, day. It is'understood
that all the schools on that day which '
will be represented in any one of the
contests to be given "will have
'u holiday. This means that a gi od
portion of Martin County will come
to \v iitutnislon. Since the schools and
communities, represented' by some
rupll.s from that place, feel almost
>uty bound to support the.i- represen
tative, there, no doubt, will be quite
a number of school folks here. Then
| there are the good old-fashioned poli
ticians, this and that town's leading
j business men, and the county's "uncles
and aunts," without whom no public
gathering could possibly be A-1, or
what every one expects such to be.
These'and others who may find time
to come- are cordially welcomed by
both the school and the town. Though
the plans for having dinner may not
seem quite so inviting, the old-time
hospitality and friendliness will not
be lacking. Due to the fact that the "
program to be given at this time
will bring the whole county, it has
been decided to have a basket dinner
instead of a .public iajuul. Fmnilus
that come or send representatives are
I invited to come and spread the con
i tents of their baskets with those of
baskets. brought from all over
! the county. Picnic ham, country sau
; sage, barbecue, fried chicken, and all
i the "accessories" that go with picnic
! dinners will undoubtedly be spread on
a 100-yard table that is being con
structed on the campus.
Besides the regular indoor contests
j and activities, the local school is put
ting on a program of outdoor events.
This program will consist of running,
jumping, putting the shot, and races
of all kinds—potato, suitcase, peanut,
and three-legged. Both .boys and
girls may enter thes* contests. These
events will be taking place at the
fame time the regular contestants
will be comparing wits on the inside
of the building.
• A big day is being planned, and
there is a welcome for all. The ten
der leaves that are fast darkening
j the shade iti which the table is being
constructed are inviting, the school
say.-; come, and the town has opened
her gate;, to Martin county's school •
folks and all who are interested in
I the further enlightenment of her
| youth, both mentally and physically.
i Easter Services at
Episcopal Church
lie v. C. (>. Pardo, Iteclor
9:00 a. m.- Holy Communion with
I junior choir,
j 10:00—Church School.
11 :tM>— Choral Communion service
I and Faster sermon.
The chief festival of ♦he Christian
year is Faster. In the
church this Faster there will be elab
orate musical nurnbeis by the choir
and the usual festival service. ■
There will bo no night service.
Fifty-two New Members
I tor Carolina Motor Club
In a .drive here this week made by
! representatives of the Carolina Motor
| club, 52 new members were added to
the total membership of that
i zation. Messrs. liiggs and Barmetiler,
: the representatives, completed their
work here lust night and left foi the
branch office in Wilson.
It lg certain now that Wiiliamston
will have a bureau here this
1 year, the 50 members required by the
club befora a bureau could be estab
lished, having been gained', in tho
drive. License bureaus in Williams
ton, Wehkm, Tarboro and Wilson will
be maintained by the Carolina Motor
cluh this year, according to a r«*fire
senbative of the organization here
Emblems of the club carrying "Wii
liamston" on them will be sent the
members of the club within tho next
few weeks.
Sunrise Service Sunday
At Christian Church
The Easter sunrise prayer service
at the Christian Church will be held
at 6.30 Sunday morning, at which
time a song, prayer, ami Scripture
reading program will be carried out.
These services, which are held to
commemorate the resurrection of
Jeeus, are very impressive. -
(It is hoped that every member of
the Sunday school and church and all .
friends will attend this service.
The Sunday school will be held at
9:45. There will be no preaching
service at the local church, as the
•pastor, Rev. A. J. Manning, will hold
services at Maple Grove at 11 o'clotjk.

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