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Largest Vote in
History Cast in
Town Election
W. T. Meadows Wins
Over W. H. Crawford
By Only 17 Votes
One of the largest votes ever cast
in a town election was registered
■here last Tuesday when town offi
cials were elected for the ensuing two
years. The entire vote cast reached
342 just a few minutes before the
polls closed. Mayor R. L. Coburn,
running without opposition was given
the entire box of 342 votes. In the
commissioners' race, Mr. C. O. Moore
polled the argest number of votes
when 336 people supported him.
Interest in the election tjjbntered
around a race between Mr. W. T.
Meadows, the convention's candidate
and Mr. W. H. Crawford, independent
candidate. As the efficifel count was
teing made, first one and then the
other of the two men was in the lead,
and the way of the race could not be
determined until the ballots were
practically all chocked. The final re
sult found Mr. Meadows with 190 and
Mr. Crawfoid with 173 votes. Two
people voted for Mr. C. B. Hassell
o\en though he was not in the race
for an office.
Absentee votes were thrown out by
the judges of election on the grounds
that they were not complete. They
were about evenly divided, however,
and would have affected the election
only by increasing the number of
votes cast
For the next two years, Williams
tcn will have the same mayor and
four of its old commissioners, Mr
L. P. Undsley being the only new
The official count of the election is as
For Ma^or
Robert L. Coburn 342
For Comniiissioners
C O. Moore • 336
G. H. Harrison . 335
E. P. Cunningham
L P. Lindsloy 329
W, T. Meadows 190
W. H. Crawford 173
C B. Hassell 2
Two Stills Captured
By Officers Monday
J. Raleigh Manning. Vance Price,
and David Holliday made a raid Mon
day in the Tar Kiln Neck section of
Gawk and captured 13 barrels of beer,
2 empty kegs, 2 buckets and one jug
at one place, but no still. Continu
ing their journey a bit further they
found a 75-gallon copper still com-
plcte. It had just been pulled from
the Are and was still hot. Five bar
rels of beer, 4 gallons of liquor, a
croes-out saw, an axe, and a bucket
were also seized.
Two men attending the second still
saw the officers Snf! dashed through
the woods. As one was attempting his
escape, he ran too close to Vance
Price, who followed and caught the
blockader, Samuel Boston, a young
negro man. Boston refused to tell
the name of his friend. A warrant
was issued and Sam went before Re
corder Bailey here last Tuesday.
Christian Star Quartet
Here Sunday Afternoon
The Christian Star quartette, of
Greenville, will appear here in con
cert next Sunday afternoon at four
o'clock in the court house. .Seats will
be reserved for white people and no
admission will be charged any one.
colored mshni shrdl shrdl shrdlshrdl
The quartette, comopsed of col
ored men, has made a splendid repu
tation in surrounding stowns and
its members have sung in many of
the white churches in this section.
Do you remember
Ken Maynard in
"Senor Daredevil"?
Then don't fail to see
him in
Also Serial and Two-
Reel Comedy
Always a Good Show
fet-k ".*L. T
f ' Martin's New $40,000 County Home j
. : • ' • ' .
Martin County's New Home for the aped and infirm, located a mile and
a half from Williamston, on Highway No. 90, the home compares favorably
with those of other counties. The in mates moved in yesterday.
Time To List
For Present Year
The call for 1926 taxes is
hardly complete before the no
tice is given to lint taxes for
the present year. Ten tax list
ers have been appointed to han
dle the task thin year, and it
will really be a task; for, this
year, all property is to be re
assessed. The time for listing
will continue until May 31. hut
the people are urged to attend
to it at their earliest conven
ience and avoid the last minute
For this township, Mr. R. T:
Griffin has been appointed list
taker. He will be at the Farm
ers Supply company's store on
Washington street on Wednes
days and Fridays throughout
ihe month and on the last two
days in the month.
Teachers and
'Parents Meet
Two Talks Made Before
Association's Last
The parents-teachers held their last
meeting of the present school year
here yesterday afternoon in the grad
ed school auditorium. The session was
called to order by the association's
president, Mrs. W. C. Livermari, and
prayer was led by Miss Eleanor Stan
Two talks were made before the
meeting, one by Mrs. T. W. Lee and
another by W. C. Manning. Mrs. Lee
talking on the subject "Character
Education" stressed the relationship
necessary between parents and chil
dren. Fathers should be companions
to their children and make themselves
worthy of their companionship, but
always commanding respect through
love. We must remember that self
reliance is a main point t6.haractei
building, that life is but a school
where character is always in a pro
cess of formation. In the absence of
E. S. Peel, W. C. Manning talked on
the assigned subject, "The Child, a
Citizen". It is the duty of the parent
tc make a citizen of the" child, to
teach him to combine ideals and
ideas that he might be able to draw
conclusions of a real citizen.
After the several talks, the associ
ation entered upon its business du
ties. The roll call by grades found
the ninth grade with the largest num
ber and it was awarded the attendance
picture. Mrs. Cone read a letter con
cerning scales for the school, and a
motion was made to purchase a set
next fall. The playground equipment
ordered to be purchased ait a previous
meeting will be ready for use next
year, according to the chairman of
tlte playground committee. The par
ents are planning to beautify the
school grounds this summer, and a
committee, L. H. Davis, chairman,
Mrs. A. R Dunning, Mrs. G. H. Hard
ison, Mrs. B. S. Courtney and Mrs.
P. B. Cone, was appointed to look
after the work. Suggestions will be
asked of a State department, and it
is the hope of the association that the
grounds can be put in good shape dur
ing the summer months.
i ———
The regular meeting of the Everetts
camp, Modern Woodmen of America,
will be held Monday night, May 9.
All members of the camp are urged
to attend and Modern Woodmen in
good standing are cordially invited
to attend. Two initiations will be
carried out at the meeting.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, May 6,1927
Daily Rehearsals Point
to an Outstanding
Much interest is being aroused over
the coming of the first annual Ki
wanis Minstrel, which will hold the
boards at the high school auditorium
on Friday, Jlay 13, under the person
al direction of Henry Mclver, who .-.o
successfully staged the musical com
edy, "A Bachelor's Honeymoon," here
early in the spring.
Rehearsals are being held each
evening, and from early indications a
finished production that will eclipse
anything of like nature ever attempt
ed in thi« section. All the material
used is entirely new and. right up-to
tlie minute stuff". One of the big fea
tures is the elaborate costumes worn
in the first part, before a handsome
setting of black and white satin
drops. This setting is as fine as. you
will see in any road show and some
thing out of the ordinary for an ama
teur show.
After the traditional "firit part"
will come an olio of exclusive fea
tures, such as the Jazz-Ma-La Har
mony Four; a delightful summer
time flirtation sketch, "Getting Ac
quainted," with a bevy of pretty girls
in chorus; an unique novelty, "Com#
and Have a Swing With Me"; a rou
tine song and dance number by a
chorus of girls as beaux and belles;
Charlie Frank, the boy with the edu
cated feet, in clever soft shoe and
buck and wing dances; and "Going to
the Races," an Ethiopian absurdity.
The performance will conclude with
the one-act musical comedy: "A Dol
lar for a Kiss," which is a scream
from start to finish; Murt Stubbs wih
appear as the old farmer, Jostah Wil
loughby; Buddy Orleans, as the col
legiate "sheik"; Miss Emily Lncke, a£
"Kitty," the old man's daughter; and
Mr. Mclver himself will appear as
"Pete," a chore boy. This makes up
a program of variety, everything
from opera to jazz, and a show that
will long be rejnembered in William
s ton.
The inanugement wishes to stress
the point that in all probability a
turn-away business will be done for
this show, and all who intend going
should secure their seats early.
Fate Bailey Buried
Near Bear Grass
Fate Bailey was buried in the old
IJaily burial ground near Bear Grasu
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. Bailey, a brother of Warner
G. Bailey, moved from Bear Grass
to Pitt county many years ago. He
married a Miss Halloway in that
county and • they lived near Bethel.
Recently his-health failed and he
died at his homo on May 3. Mr. Bailey
was about 60 years of age.
County Coroner, 8, Rome Digits,
U having several nets drag the
river here this afternoon in an
efTort to recover a body which
waa seen floating down the river
thin morning, "-j
The body thought to be that of
a white man waa seen from the
bank of the river by Will Staton
a colored man. He was afraid to
go after the body and before he
could report it the body went down.
L. L. Chesson Dies at
Roper Home Tuesday
Mr./L L. Chesson, of Roper, died
Tuesday aftfijr only a few days ill
ness from an attack of pneumonia.
Mr. Chesson was taken sick at one of
his logging camps in Bertie county,
but waa able to be removed to his
home in Roper.
Mr. Chesson had been engaged in
milling at Conoho for about a year
and is well and favorably known In
Williams ton.
Many Attend
School Finals
At Jamesville
I)r. H. M. Poteat Makes
the Commencement
Address Tonight
The closing exercises of the James- j
ville high school began 'last Sunday
night when How Sleplien Gardner, o.f
Washington, preached the baccalau
reate sermon to the graduating class
and townspeople. The so '}» nd number '
o-nthe commencement program was!
cn Monday night when hi ;h school I
pupils appeared in a play.
A most pleasing; part of the exer
cises was held Tuesday night when |
four girls and four manly boys ]
appeared in recitation and declama
tion contests. A large audience hea-rd t
the tow contests, and c&nsidnred it !
a treat while the judges faced the j of determining the v.'inners.
The four girls competing for the
pjizea .in the recitation r mtest were
Blanche Davis, who recited "Jane's
Graduation"; Lilian Jori , who ren
dered "Soldiers' Reprieve"; Ella Mac
Gaylord, who was award sd first prize
for reciting; "High Cultui'' in Dixie",
and Hazel Hardison, winn .1 of second
prize and who recited "Tom. O' the
t Four boys battled for declamation
honors, each of them choosing a gplen ;
did selection. Close scores were made
in the contest, and it wa feared one
time that the contest would, in all
fairness, result in a tie. C. 11. Mar
tin, tuking "Lincoln's Gettysburg
Address" as his topic made a very
high score inthe contest. Russell j
Martin won first prise when he ably :
declaimed on "No Saloons up There", j
David Modlin was awarded" second
prize by the judges, when he declaim- j
ed on the selection, "We Fade as a ,
Leaf." "The Blue and the Grey" was,
admirably upheld by Henry Griffin. I
Tonight, Dr. Hubert M. Potent, of I
Wake Forest, will deliver the com-,
mencement adorer.*. Certificates will'
be awarded the 17 graduates ini- 1
mediately following tho address.
Professor J. L. Jones with an able i
teaching staff and splendid
cooperation of the citizens in the
Jamesville community, has given that
town one of its best schools in years.
Youthful Wife Held
Here for Husband
A telegram from A. L. Lynn, Kins
ton, to Chief Daniel here yesterday
caused local police to hold Mrs. Vir
ginia I.ynn, youthfuh wife until her
husband could get here from Kinston.
Mrs. Lynn started out walking yes
terday morning at Kinston and short-
Jy» after noon she reached here when
officers held her pending the arrival
her husband a few hours later. On
the husband's arrivel, he rented a
car and carried his wife to see her
mother who lives four miles from
Mrs. Lynn was only a school girl
when she married, and it was only 27
days after the first meeting thai the
two were united in marriage. She al
lows that a period of 21 days is too
short a time to plant, and ripen
a case of love of sufficient depth to
anchor an entire lifetime to. A month
or two ago she left her husband in'
Greensboro and went to her mother's
home near Coleraine. When hubby
got a job in Kinston, she returned to
him there, but it wasn't long before
she wanted to return to her Bertie
heme. So on the fifth day she started
out and was held here a few hours
by officers.
Better Financial Conditions
Shown by Tax Advertising
304 Names of Delinquent Taxpayers Appear
on List as Compared to 509 on List Last Year
According to figures of the county
ti.x collector, the" fax situation in Mar-1
tin County this year is the best it
has been jn year/. Tax Collector H.
T. Roberson stated yesterday that the ;
list of was the smallest
this year it had been in the past sev
eral, and that the number of insol- 1
vents would be considerably lower
this year than last. There are ap
proximately ,7,000 *tax payers in the ;
county, and of this number only 304
names appear on the advertised list, i
The collector stated he was sure that {
not more than 25 levies would haw I
to be made on personal property to j
bring the list up complete.
When the books were closed for the
lux year 1926, around $230,000 of the
$257,000 had been collected. A large
part of the amount uncollected is due
from real estate, nnd the remainder
is due from personal and poll tax.
The decrease in the tax rate for 1026
caused the total amount to drop from
$815,000 in 1925 to $257,000 in 1926.
With thia decrease taken into consid
After Many Delays, Poor of
County Move to New Home
Ma. iiki Old Home Which Is Now Vacant
.«•' r , . ■ M
,g \ ™
u. % r, ■
■> -J.JW - -- 1
Martin County's old "poor house"
declining year* and passed away n
cated oh'the old Greenville road will
Thieves Raid
Meeks' Store
Barrel of Meat, $75 In
Cash and Many Other
Artieles Carried Off
Thieves made a big raid last Wed
nesday night' when they fumed away
from Mr .1. S. Meeks' smake house a
1 arrel of meat, $76 in cash and many
articles of merchandise from his
lore and many . automobiles parts
from his Karate.
Aihout 11 o'clock, Mr. Meeks heard
a noise near his .moke house, and
went out to investigate. lie did not
take time to dress but hurried to the
porch in his ivitcht- clothes. He fired
his gun at the point whero the noise
came from, but he does not know
whether he hit ony of the robbers.
Yesterday morning be followed the
ttucks of across his field
to a plans'' where a car had b»en
parked (he night before, hut other
than this nothing could be learned
relating to who the robbers were or
it: what direction th?y went.' Mr.
Meeks lives about , five miles from
I -re on the old roud to Kveretts.
Mrs. Mary A. Ward
Died Here Last Ni^hl
Mrs. Mary A. Ward died at her
home on West Main street hero last
night from an illness dating from
October of last year. For the past M
weeks she has been confined to her
Mrs. Ward was TTC
daughter of Craven and Manila I'eel.
She was bom in Pitt county and mar
ried the lute J. K. Ward when in
young womanhood.
Mrs. Wnrd is survived by two
daughters, Mrs. Fmmu Thompson and
Mrs. Sudie Dennett of Williamston.
anil a step-daughter, Mrs, Bettie
Mullock, of Suffolk, Virginia.
She leaves one sister, Mrs. Marl ha
Gurgunus, three brothers and a half
-1 rother, John Peel, of Sax tori, Mo., J.
E. Peel, Johnson City, 111., Church
Peel, Atwood, Tenn. and David
VVhichard, Williamston.
The funera will be held from the
residence nt 16:30 tomorrow by A. .1.
Manning, her pastor, and T. W. I,ee,
of the Mehtodist church. Interment
will take place beside her husband in
the cemetery here.
: oration, fhc collections for 1926 were
t" better than- they were iti +he-year-4»e
It has been stated that Martin
County tax collections are as favor
able as those in many of the other
j counties in the State. Some counties
have reported* deficits running as
hifth as a quarter million dollars.
Kx-Sheri/T Roberson has Made a con
! sistent drive throughout the tax year,
I and his success can be attributed to
j hard work and better financial condi
j tions in the county as a whole.
Several townships had large lists of
delinquents, while Bear Grass, Grif
| fins, and Poplar Point had the small
est number. Poplar Point had the
smallest number of delinquents, only
six taxpayers failing to settle their
taxes. The record, however, set by
Hear Grass and Griffins is of greater
value, since those two townships have
many more taxpayers than Poplar
Point.' Griffins Township's record has
been a most favorjUbJe one for years,
and the one thLs year is only in keep
ing with those of the past.
where many pauper has spent hi
glected and unnoticed. The houses, k
be used by farm tenants.
Scouts to Provide
Flower 8 Sunday
I lowers for the coat lapel
will be furnished free of charge
by the local scouts next Sunday
morning. The scouts will have
six distributing points, one ut
each drug store and one at each
of (he four churches. Ladies of
the town who have white and
red flowers and who are willing
to {uvsisl the scouts in making
Mother's Day stand out from all
the others lire asked to call
either Mr. Simon Lilley at No.
100 up* Mr. It. Clark at. No.
nU. The) will direct the scouts
late Saturday afternoon to
those who are willing to give
How ers.
Recorder Tries
Number Cases
Prison Sentences Total
31 Months; Fines
Were Small
Recorder's court last Tuesday dis
pi awl of several cases resulting in
few lines but ;il months prison terms
divided between the Edgecombe roads
and the county jail.
A case commanding the most at
tention during the session was the
one in which ltoy Manning and Mrs.
.. 1111m ' |UiIUm k wc !♦* witli > i
statutory Deputy '.sheriffs hud
raided the house occupied by tlusm
and found ample testimony to war
n.'nt a conviction. Manning was sen
tenced to the Edgecombe roads for
niiU' months and the Mullock woman
was ordered to the county jail for a
j period of four months. Manning; is
a married man and his wife was iri
| the house when officers raided it. Mrs.
j Mullock is also married, and has ftv»
| 4mall children. Her husband left her
I lust year arid since that time she has
been on the go much of the Unit,
"lioth, defendants appealed to the Su
pc rior court and were required to
furnish bond in the sum of $350. each.
Others cases to come before the
court were State against M. M.
James for violating the liquor law.
He was found guilty and sentenced
t- the Edgecombe roads for 18
months. He made hotice to appead to
the .Superior court.
Joe (iurgunus wa.s found guilty of
simple assault and he was fined $lO
and charged with the cost.
.Sam Hoston plead guilty to a charge
of manufacturing liquor. His case was
continued one week for final judg
-1 ment.
The against William Stokes,
charging him with false pretense,
was continued along with the one
charging Jesse Whitehurst with
reckless driving. t
8. L. Daniel and James Moore, in
jury to property and larceny, were
found not guilty.
Installs Complete
Vulcanizing Outfit
The Jones Electric Shop this week
installed a complete Hawkinson Vul
rani zing system. The new ei/uip
jrient, costing several hundred dol
lars, Martin County its first
complete vulcanizing " plant. Mr.
Jones stated yesterday that several
do-ens of tires had already been vul
canized since the plant was installed
ani that the tires once almost use
lei s art? now' good for thousands of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fog an, of Ra
leigh, attended the marriage of Miss
Hilda Kilpatrick Wednesday.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1600
Homes of Mnrtin County.
) New Building
Is Modern in
Every Respect
Keeper and the Twelve
inmates Moved
round thfe come? to tlie poor
se" was the order issued bv the
board of county commissioners in
session here Monday to Keeper John
IMami and his inmates. The order
called for the removal'of the inmates
from the old home on the old Greetir
villc road—to the new $40,000 brivk
-.structure on Highway No. 00. Date
after date had been set for the in
mates to be moved, j>ut it was not
until last Monday that an order was
made to Mr. lilayd to move the coun-
I y's poor to the new home this week.
Yesterday and today Miv Hlanl was
busy moving the few odd pieces of
furniture and guiding the twelve in
mates-to the new building.
For years Martin's county home has
received many criticisms, and just
ones, too, perhaps, but it was not un
til a mun on the grand jury remarked
that he would not want a dog of his
to have to spend his declining years
at such a neglected place. Action
wa:; started toward the ereeetion of
the new home by the board of com
missiioners which went out of oHice
last t December, and Mr. Henry C.
tireen was appointed chairman of the
building committee. The contract
called for the completion of tbe build
ing fast December, and it was ready
for occupancy at that .time with the
exception of tv liter and heat in;;. Kven
though the water supply was giving
trouble, it was thought the inmates
would be able to eat their Christmas
dinner in the new home. Repairs
were made to the well, but the situa
tion was unchanged. Well experts
then stilted that a sifter would have
to be provided, ami taking this ad
vice authorities ordered one. Weeks
piiss'd, and the sifter failed to show
up. Arriving after a leng ttfne the
thing was installed by well men, ami
the water supply was at last put in
order. A test has been made in lta
leigh, and the bureau there has brand
ed it a;; alright.
The exact cost of the "new home i.s
not known, since it was built in con
nection witli the county jail. The ar
chitect will he here not later than
June, and when he arrives he will sep
arate the costs of the two structures.
—(Continued oil page flye)
One Service Sunday
at Baptist Church
The Southern liaptist Convention
is in session at Louisville, Ky., this
week, and very many of the Baptist
pastors are away attending the ses
sions of the convention. Accordingly,
many vf 'he churches will have no
service this Sunday, ltut an effort
i.- being made that those ministers
who are not attending the convention
may so distribute ; themselves Sunday
that at least one service -be held in
as many of the churches as possible.
Accordingly, the Grace Baptist
church, of Washington, has asked the
pastor of the local liaptist church to
speak in their church Sunday night
in the absence of their pastor. This
he hus promised to do. So, instead
of there being services in only one of
the two churches Sunday, each of
them will have a service.
At the morning hour, then, serv
ices will be held as usual in the Me
morial liaptist Church. The pastor
will have for his sermon subject,
"Talking With Jesus."
There being no service at the church
in the evening, the members will be
at liberty to avail themselves of this
opportunity for any purposes they
may like. It is possible that many
of them will desire to visit the other
churches of Williamston or surround
ing country.
Ten Itipils Honored
by Oak City School
Oak City, May 6.—Honor roll of
the Oak City school for semester end
ing April 29 shows that ten pupils
gained the coveted honor. To make
the honor roll a score of 125 points
is necessary. The score is made at
the end of each semester, read before
thp school and published in the coun
ty paper.
Tkose making a score of 126 or
more points are as follows: Bth grade:
Velma Hines, Mary Kathlyn Ainsley,
and Gladys Hyman. 9th grade: Hilda
Tyson and Naomia Btheridge. 10th
grade: Rachel Rawles. 11th grade:
Mildred Everett, Ctyde Manning, O
hvia Johnson and Willie Johnson.

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