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County Officers
Destroy Well-
Equipped Still
Kitchen Utensils Found
at Still in Griffins
Deputies Grimes and Ballard, in a
ilquor-still raid yesterday afternoon
found one of the most complete and
carefully planned outfits so far dis
covered. The officers left here in the
afternoon and went in the Griffins
section, where they found the outfit
just back of the old Joe Red Corey
place. The still was of the steam
type and had a capacity of 100 gal
lons. It was one of long standing
and had all the necessary equipment.
There were around 1,400 gallons of
beer in three big vats and two bar
rls. The finished product had already
been sent to market, for it wasn't
Besides the equipment essential in
the manufacture of liquor, there were
cooking utensils and provisions, such
as lard, bacon, and sugar. Probably
when the distiller fired up his plant
he stuck to hig job, not even leaving
for his meals.
Should the officers have reached the
plant when the operators were there,
they would have been at a decided dis
advantage. The still was sitting right
at the back of a little charing in
the shape of a triangle, having its
entrance in one of the angles, The
still's surroundings were so thick that
the operator fould escape by the time
the officers got half way across the
triangle. Then, for an added means
of safety, a hole about four feet deep
liad been dug in a small path lead
ing into the thick woods at the back
of the plant. The digger no doubt
liad practiced the steps to the hole
and had hopped over it many times,
knowing that an officer unfamiliar
with the plaoe would surely tumble in.
The plant was destroyed and
brought in iby the officers.
Yesterday morning Sheriff .Roebuck
and Joe Roebuck picked up a still in
the Macedonia section, but it was not
near so complete as tihe one captured
by the two deputies, Grimes and Bal
lard. The sheriff brought in the 60-
gallon copper outfit and destroyed ap
proximately 1,000 galjons of l>eer.
Missionary Union
' Met Here Wednesday
The Martin County-Plymouth di
vision of the Women's Missionary
Union of the Roanoke Association'
met 'at the Williamston Baptist church
Mrs. John D. of the local
church made the address of welcome.
Mrs. E. W. M&soB, of Hobersonville
responded v. ry ably tx> Mrs. Biggs'
Mrs. E. B. Boasley, president of
-tUe association, Mrs. A. B. Bass of
Scotland Neck and Mrs. S. E. Ayers
of Pingtu, China, made addresses in
the morning session following re
pcrts from the various societies.
Dinner was served by the women of
the Williamston society in the halls
c* the Woman's club.
The afternoon sessin was presided
over by Mrs. V. G. Taylor Junior
leader, Mrs. C. C. Hoggard Supt. of
the Elizabeth City division made an
address on "Ways to serve", which
was followed by an address by Mrs.
M. H. Privette Sunbeam Leader.
While this was strictly a woman's
meeting, yet it did invite Rev. C. H.
Dickey, Mr. Holloman, Mr. Pope and
Dr. Cone all of the Williamston
church to sing a solo.
The meeting was well attend, and
the entire program was very interest
ing and hepful to all.
Mr. Love, representative of the
Virginia Electric and Power com
pany, wai Here yesterday afternoon.
and Tony in
Two-Reel Comedy
Serial, "Power God"
Always a Good Show
Begins Two Weeks Revival at Christian Church
~ F"^V *siM- W&V
,■•"'> * s£•>' ' ' ' I'
Rev. A. F. DeGafferelly will begin ( i ach night during the week at 8 o'-
a two-weeks evangelistic meeting at' clock. He comes to Williamstoiv-very
the Christian Church here Sunday highly recommended a. being a plain
morning at 11 o'clock and will preach | forceful gospel preacher.
Register Deeds and Clerk of
Court Move Int
Board of .Education Will Move into Clerk's Old
* Office; Commissioners to Register's'
The county officers are busy to
day moving from their old offices
to the new ones in the courthouse
and jail annex.
I The new offices for the clerk of
court and register 6f •'deeds con
sist of two rooms each; one a
working office, the other being a
fire-proof v&ult in which all rec
ords are to be kept. They are
so constructed that they may be
used by those wishing to exam
ine the records without removing
the books from the vault.
While th.'se offices are appar
ently safe, they seem more like
Quarantine Officer's
Report for May
In his report for the month of
May, Dr. Wm. E. Warren, county
health officer, shows the number of
diseases reported- by various doctors,
hcuseholders and teachers. Dr. War
ren also calls attention to the danger
brought abou* by mosquitoes and
urges a war against mosquito breed
ing places. His rwport follows:
Diptheria, 2 cases; chicken pox, 1
case; whooping cough, 42 cases; ty
phoid fever, 2 cases; measles 30 cases.
Dr. J. H. Saunders reported .5; Dr.
V. A. Ward, reported 20; Dr. E. E.
Pittman reported 26; Dr. Wm. E.
Warren reported 1; Householders re-'
ported 22; Teachers reported 10.
Within a few weeks people are go
ing to complain of mosquitoes, and
they will have a right to do so if mo
squitoes exist, and no doubt they will
unless the people all over the county
especially in the towns remove all the
tin cans, automobile casings , buckets
and hundreds of other things which
v/ill hold water and breed mosquitos
which are a menace to public health
and a nuisance. It dees not take but
a very little time to remove these,
conditions if you will begin early.
This is the beginning of the ma
larial season and the Board of Health
requires that each case Of "chills and
fevers" or malaria be reported to the
Health Officer.
Pageant at Methodist
Church Sunday Ni^ht
The Woman's Missionary Society
ol the Williamston Methodist church
will put on a pageant, "The Vision,"
at the Methodist church Sunday night
beginning at 8 o'clock.
The public is cordially invited to
Dr. W. C. Wicker Here
Nexjt Monday-Tuesday
Mason* throughout the *ounty are
having thcij attention called to the
school of instruction here next Mon
day night and Tbeaday morning, and
evtming. All masons are urged to at
'tend one of the sessions at least.
At these meeting Dr. Wicker, edu
cational secretary of thi* Grand Lodge
0/ North Carolina, will hold educa
tional sessions and give instructions
en the subjects of masonry. The meet
ings will be held in the .ocal lodge. ,
| \ * - ,
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, June 3,1927
ancient dungeons than modern
Two pri loners who askid for
tiie ( / i;.-'unit> tj >> rcise fheiii
selves by helping to moveHsdoks
from the old to th# new vaults
wire h ar.t to say that tho new
offiocH wore nut near ro good as
the new jail.
The sheriff's office and head
quarters of th 3 bouri! of •ducation
and board of county commission
ers will remain In th old build
ing, although they will probably
be enlarged by the addition of
the rooms vacated by the clerk of
court and register of deeds.
Marriage Licenses
issued in May
i The May marriage licenses out-
I numbered by one thou; issued in the
month of April. During that month
seven certificates. went to yrfcite cou
ples to ' six t>> colored. Last month
ten licenses were issued by Register
J. Sam Getsjnger to colored couples
and only four to white, couples.
Permits issued are:
William O. Gibbs, 87, of Elizabeth
City-Hilda Kilpatvick, .'52, of Golds
bo ro; Harold Aubry Pierce, 20-Helen
Coburn, 15; l/mis Simpson 21-Frari
"ces Vick, 18; William Scott, 21-Em
n.a Bell Williams, 19.
Clarence Maiison, 30-Mary L- Wig
gii's, 23; Baker I'urvis, fil-Emma
Briley, 40; Chiis. W. Wiggins, 20-
Mary Eta Purvis. 18; Robert Speller,
21-Lottie Bland, 19; William Bell, 20-
Odessa Evans, 20; Webster Thomp
son, 23-Mary Walton, 22; Robert Gil
liam, 54- Rebecca Douglass, 60; Wil
liam Daniel, 22-Sara Daniel, 21; Le-
P.oy Purvis, 21-Beatrice Hassell, 18;
Robert James Williams, 21-Florada
Williams, 21.
Mrs.- J. G. Long Dies
In Jamesville Section
Mrs. J. G. Long died at her homo
jin the jamesville section, May 18."
Mrs. Long was only 35 years of age
at the time of her death. She leaves
a husband, one son and two daughters
She was a member of Cedar Branch
Baptist church ami a member of the
Woodman circle. She had been sick
for several months.
Pamlico Beach Opens
192J_Season Today
Pamlico beach, patronized by many
people form this county, opens the
season today. The management an- |
nounces a large dance* for tomor- :
row night nnu'many local people are
planning to attend.
Pamlico has a well equipped hotel,
and advertises the best dining room [
service of all the beach resorts.
Mr. Henry D. Taylor left yesterday j
for Chapel Hill where he will attend :
a part of the commencement exercise* ;
He will be accompanied home by !
his son, Cecil who has been in school •
there during the oast year.
Town Auto Tags to
Go On Sale Tuesday
With the letter and numerals
in white on a black background,
the town auto IMense lass out
class the State tans in looks
and cost only one-twelfth the a
mount of the State licenses.
The plates have bt'injare for
the past several da>s,
go oil sale after Monday nighfr
when the commissioners will ap
point one of the officers to sell
the tags, N
Small Audience
Enjoys League
Play Last Night
One of Most I'leasing
Performances Seen
In Some Time
"Sweet Pickles ant| Hot Tamales,"
the two-act episode given by local
talent last night was one of the most
pleasing performances seen here in a
long time. It had snap and pep the
whole way through, and there was
plenty of fun intern priced through
out to keep one continually amused.
The pay was produced under the
direction of Albert It. linker, who also
tiok an important part. The girls
who took leading parts, Misses Carrie
lull White and Hazel Edmondson, as
si noritas, wsre very charming and at
tractive Spanish nnuds, and Miases
Mary Melissa Andres and Sophie
Little, American ladies, were both
thoroughly fine in* tfieir ,'respective
roles, John |'ope, as "l'unko Doro,"
a leader of the bull fighters' union,
wns surprisingly good, ('etc Fowden,
the ruler of San Salvador; Mr. Baker,
as the pickle king of America; and
Jim Stanley, the herald, w. re all tine
and the Beau li rum me Is of the local
amateur talent, Ixjn Hassell, jr., Bill
Manning, arid Jessup Harrison, lived
up to their reputations.
Mrs. J. W. Manning was pianist for
tiie show, and her rendition of the
musical numbers' *yn,j» very pleasing.
The Ku Klux dance, by a bevy of lit
tle girls in robes of the order, and
the midgets' Ranees, given between
the acts, added much to the evening's
program. Incidentally, little Miss
Kathryn Manning made the biggest
"hit" of the show during the midgets'
dance. Only four years old, she
brought d»wn the house with her in
terpretation of the Charleston.
The chorus girls, last hut not least,
wore pretty and attractive in both
their costumes ami natural beauty
and talent and donated pep and spir
it every time they uppcarid.
The show was under the auspices
of the Kpworth League of the Meth
odist church, and the young peoply
did everything possible for the suc
cess of the show. Ft is to be regretted
that they did not have a full house,
for the play merited a good audience.
The League cleared about $(>0.00.
LState Dentist Has One
More Week in County
Dr.- L. H. Butler, Slate dentist, will
complete his schedule in the county
next week. A school a day next week
and Dr. Butler will have visited prac
tically every school in the county.
Monday he will visit Cooper school;
Tuesday he will be at (irlffins; Wed
resday at Cross Koads; Hassells on
Thursday, and his last day will be
spent at Parmele.
There are a few schools, according
to Dr. Hutler, that have not been vis
ited, hut the children in those school
districts have the right to attend at
the places mentioned in their respect
ive townships and receive treatment.
The school committees of the various
schools are urged to see that all the
■ children in their districts see Dr. Hut
ler and liave their teeth examined.
It will cost nothing and will be well
worth the child's time to have his
teeth looked after.
Dr. Butler will be at each of the
schools each morning at 9:30, with
the exception of Parmele; Ori that
day he willjjo at the school at 8.30.
New Cafe Opens
Here Tomorrow
The Empire Cafe, new to the city,
will open tomorrow morning in the
Bowen building on Washington street.
The cafe op''ns under the manage
ment of Mr. S. A. Dlykin, of South
Hill, Va. Mr. Dlykan is experienced
in the cafe business, having owned
and managed one for over fourteen
According to a statement made by
the management this morning, new
equipment will be added and a mod
ern cafe will be operated. Mr. Dly
lx>n will depend upon local help in
starting the business. He states that
his service is sure to please, and that
all he aslu is a trial. ,
Big Meeting of
Kiwanis Clubs
Monday Night
Local Club Will Join'ln
the Meetings with
Good I*rogram
Joining in with the 1621 Kiwanis
-clubs, all over tin,' United Suites ami
Canada, all of which will meet simul
taneously, the. Kiwanis Ulub of Wil
liimston wilf observe "All Kiwanis
N'ijfht" in connection with its cele
bration of the annual International
convention at Memphis, Tennessee,
ai the Woman's club rooms on Mon
day, June 6 at B:3d p. m. The meet
ings throughout Canada and the I'-
nited States are to bcybs-rved as a
united to the
ideals and objectives of Kiwanis.
All clubs have arranged the Hurt l
their meetnig so that "Zero HuuV'
when 99,209 Kiwaniamg on the conti-1
ntnt assemble to observe the "Fel
lowship Moment of Silence," will be
held simultaneously with that in the
convention city. The message to the
clubs by the president of Kiwanis In
ternational, Ralph A. A merman, of
Scranton, Pennsylvania, will be read
.at Monday's meeting. This will be-the
fourth time in the history of Kiwanis
that such a meeting is held. At the
Denver, St. I'uul and Montreal con
ventions similar observances marked
the opening activities.
Kiwanian Dr. Jno. I), liiggs from
the local club will be a delegate to
the' convention, and will send tele
graphic messages from Memphis to
the meeting on Monday night. The
"All Kiwunis Night" program at the
convention's opening will be broad
cast from Memphis over WMO. '
An interesting and appropriate
programme wil be arranged here that
Recorder's C ourt Has
Lar«re Crowd Tuesday
The Tuesday session of the Recor
der's court attracted large crowds
but the cases were of little signiti
ranee,, the court collecting only sls
in firms and costs. For several ses
sions recently the court has tried as.
many as fight cases. While eight
wore not tried the past Tuesday,
that many were called, and the. rec
ord of eight still hold:;.
John Wales Boston measured the
sentence of Judge Be.ihy in his mind
and decided to take to the woods. He
was charged with disturbing a religi
ous congregation, and when he was
called and failed to answer, capias
was issued, John wasn't alone in cre
ating the distui'l«uufirt ,nor was ho li
lone, when he weighed the expected
sentence. Kcrly lio. tun was with him
and, as far us is known, continues
with him, for he also was called and
failed to answer. The two had other
charges against them\ but all went
Isaac Fxe, charged with non-sup
port, had his ease continued for two
D. M. Itoberson plead guilty to a
charge of assault and was fined .sls
■ and costs.
K. N. Hardison was found not guil
t> of cruelty to animals.
Woodley Rogers was acquitted of
a charge of carrying concealed weap
Rev. A. F. I)e(iafferelly
To Conduct Meeting
Hev. A. F. DeGuffereliy will begin
a two week's meeting at the Christian
church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Mr. DeGafferelly has been engaged
in preaching in North and South
Carolina for the past year in the em
ploy of* the Christian Church board.
He came to the Carolinas from Illi
nois where he has served as pastor of
ene of the leading churches in that
Mr, DeGafferelly is a very pleasjnK
and forceful speaker, and it is expect
ed that his messages will In* well re
ceived. He wrll preach each night
•luring the two weeks at 8:00 o'-
The public Iff-cordially invited to
attend all the services, and the church
is asking the cooperation of all the
religious people in the town in mak
ing- the meeting a,- SUGCOSU.
Local School Board
Meeting Yesterday
The local school board met yester
day afternoon in its. second meeting
within the past few days, preparatory
to the school term next fall. Teach
ers for vacant places on the faculty
wi re appointed, and contracts were
received from several. According to
Principal L. H. Davis, an announce
ment of the 1927-28 faculty can not
be announced within the next severa'
weeks, that much time being required
for teacher* appointed to make knotfn
their acceptance or rejection of con
tracts. j
New Town Board To
Take Office Monday
Marked Increase
In Registration
A marked in the
number of registered voters has
been noted during the past two
days. According to Mr. It. T.
(irillm, registrar, a sharp inter
est was manifested by citizens
in the township during the past
two days, when several hundred
names were entered on the
However* the registration is
•ar from complete, and the vot
ers in the township are urged to
register before the 25th of this
Markets May
Commjttee To Vote On
Opening at Meet in
Morehead City
The tobacco meeting in Wilson last
Wednesday was one of the largest
held in Kastcrn Carolina in some time,
according to delegates here to
the meet. Eveiy. market in the sec
tion was represented, and a big din
ner was served the tobacco men.
The meeting' decided to have the
markets remain open on Armistice
I>uy. Instead of closing for the entire
day, the markets will cose at 11:1(0
o'clock and then r open after lunch.
The action was bitterly opposed by
several, but was passed by a small
vote. A committee was appointed to.
7'ttend a larger meeting at Morehead
City on the. 22nd of this month. The
committee was ordered to vote for the
opening of Eastern Caiolino markets
oil the 2SHh of August. While its
vote might carry weight, the opening
of the markets i;i this section will be
determined by other factors. Truck
ing, under the direction of warehouses,
will be abolished, according to a rul
ing made at the meeting. The agree
ment will prohibit warehouses pay
truck drivers for bringing tobacco to
their houses. Practically all the mar
kets signiil t.h" ruling which also
limits the number of drummers al
lowed each \yni*'h ■•use.
Several good talks were made in
which the tobacco situation and other
matter: relating to the tobacco in
dustry we; - ; discussed.
Messrs. J. (i. Staton, K. It. Craw
lord, Claude Oiillin, Harry Mutator
Joe Taylor and Hubert Morton weri
rcprcscutat i ves form the local mar
Bishop Darst To Be
In County June 12
lit. Rev. Thomas I)ai«t, llishop
of. Kast Carolina, will make his an
nual visit to thi' Church of the Ad
vent, Williamston and St. Martin's
Church, Hamilton, Sunday, June 12th.
The Hishop will preach and confirm
class of' candidates in Williumston
Sunday morning and will be in Hamil
ton for confirmation Sunday nfghP
Since the last visit of Ilhhop J)arst
to Williamston, lie has Keen this- active
In ltd of the greuA Bishop's Crusade
which has been so Successful in the
I'/pikcopal Church through out the
nation. Always an excellent preacher
and enjoyed by Williumston folks,
there will be an unusual interest in
hearing him after his national Cru
sade experience.
Services Church of
Advent Whitsunday
lifv. I). Pitrdo, Krrlnr
10:00 fhurch School
11:00 Holy Communion and Sermon
3:00 Holy Trinity Minion
8:00 Evening Prayer and Sermon.
Williumston Wins Two
Games From Windsor
Williamston's junor baseball team
Wednesday won its second game
ifrom Windsor when it met the boys
there in a third -game. Windsor took
one of the tli re".
The local line up eontiists*of some
of jur pluckiest youngsters, and a
future ill athletic sports can be ex
pected from some of them.
Mr::. W. H. Booker is visiting her,
sitter, Miss Emma Robertsop in
Greensboro. While away she will al
so visit Miss Minnie Robertson who
is Inching in Winston-Salem.
Mariofr C&bb, who attended school
in Arden during the past year k
home for the summer.
■ 1 *
Advertisers Will Find Oar Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1600
Homes of Martin County.
Important Matters To
Come Before Board
at Its Meeting-
Town Commissioners C. O. Moore,
G. H. Harrison, E. p. Cunningham,
i«. I'. I.imlsley. W. jL Meadows, and
.Mayor ft. L. Gob urn, wilt meet as a
new board here next Monday night
when they will hold their first meet
i»K. The members of the tward will
be sworn in by a justice of the peace
and will immediately pnter upon the
town's business.
The exact nature of the business to
come before the board could not be
learned today, but it is""understood
that there are several problems of ma-
jer importance to come up for con
sideration. The tax question will be
up for discussion, and it is likely that
a sale will be ordered to mice place
within the next few days.
Another problem of major import
| ance relates to the town's light and
| power supply. Greenville, according
to a member of the board, will offer
thr town a contract 'o furnish light
j and power. It is understood the con
tract has already been prepared and
will be put before the board Monday
;ii iff (it. No detijiln >f the contract
| could be learned, but it is thought
I that town will offer to sell William-
ston its current at a wholesale rate,
allowing the town the right to retail.
Another proposal is expected from
Washington, but it is nut likely that
it will come up before the meeting
next Monday. A special meeting will
be called to hear her offer, but no
time has been set so far.
When these two propositions are
submitted, the town will luive a choice
ot five contracts. The one that has
attracted the most attention thus far
ii'.that of the Virginia Electric &
I'ower Tha company offers to
pr.y $50,000 for the franchise and re
tail current at H 1-2 cents and less
per kilowatt. The two oil engine pro
pi .uls made by .We Fairbanks-More
people and the Virginia Engineering
Co. are still standing.
The commissioners are still study
ing the situation, and it is not prob
able that any contract will be accept
C'l within the next several weeks.
Aside from thest l major problems a
few iniiiutew will lie used in arrang
ing a way to care for the interest of
the town's bonded debt, The regular
routine of business Is not expected to
have a chance at the Monday meet
ing, and it might be that u special
.session will have to be called to clear
the table.
Judtfe Moore To Be In
Pasquoank Next Week
Judge Clayton Moore, newly ap
pointed emergency judge, of this city,
will preside at the June term of .su
perior court in Pasquotank County
next week Judge Moore has only
been serving as judge for the past
few weeks and has held courts in lier
tii and Forsyth Counties.
The Klizabeth City Independent, of
this week, says:
"Judge Moore, who will preside at
the June term of Superior Court con
vening in l'asquntank Monday, June
It, is an outstanding North Carolinian,
who has served continuously in the
General Assembly since 1921. He is
from Williumston, Martin County, and
first represi nted his cuonty in the
house, and later served as senator
from the second district. He is the
author of many bills of State-wide
importance, and is recognized as one
of thi' great Democratic leaders of
tile State. He was ap|>ointed an emer
gency judge by Governor McLean, un
der the act passed this year.
Methodist Church
Program of Services
I'fcachirtK service at 11 a. tn: Sun
day morning, -
Preaching at Holly -Springs, at
3.110 p. m.
Pageant, "The Vision," 8 p. m.
Sunday night.
Lollies Aid Society meeting at Mrs.
Maurice Watts Monday afternoon at
4 o'clock.
Baptist Church
Program for Week
The pastor will speak at both the
morning and evening services Sunday.
At the 11 o'clock hour the pastor will
conclude the short series of three ser
mons on the general topic of "Grace."
The text for the Sunday night sermon
is Romans 6:14: "For ye are not un
der the law, but under grace."
There will be no Wednesday night
service at the Baptist church this
week; and the congregation of this
church is isked to join in with the
local Christian church in the aeries of
evangelistic meetings which will be
going on at tha Mime.

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