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Year Subscription Expiree.
Han Increased
Equipment for
Exchange Here
Will Make Williamston
Important Toll Center
of Carolina System
Williamston will soon be one of the
niost important telephone toll centers
in this section of the Slate.
The Carolina Telephone & Tele
graph Co. has plans which wil im
mediately be commenced which will
give us direct lines to Norfolk, New
Bern, W&son, Elizabeth City, Eden
ton, and half a dozen other towns
which are not now reached by direct
wires from here.
The company will install repeaters
in the office here. They have no uthei
town in their entire system with
such equipment, except at Weldon,
where such service was established by
the American Telephone & Telegraph
00. to use in connection with their
service in this section of the State
The large offices of the Carolina com
p*ny at 'Henderson, Rocky Mount,
Wilson, Fayetteville, New Bern, and
Kins ton are all without this ype of
was the point selected
as being the beat located for such
equipment. A study of eastern Caro
lina by the Southern Bell Telephone
Co., of Atlanta, Ga., led them to rec
ommend Willitmirton to the Carolina
company as the logical place for the
.location of this equipment.
The repeater equipment is nothing
more than a booster or transformer
of the electric current on a telephone
line, taking up a weak current and
sending it out as a strong current.
All very ion*? lines must have them
or the talking current will run so
low that service will be impossible,
and these devices provide the only
way by which a conversation can be
carried on across the continent.
According to officials of the Caro
lina company, they expect in the near
AAure to install on their main toll
line* what la known a the "carrier
system," which means the use of the
same line at the same time for two
ltff6r«nt conversations. This is done
by using a higher electric wave fre
quency for one than the other, being
the taame principle as used by the ra-'
dio, where the «ame elements are
conducting a number of different
safes, all unknown to the other be
cause they use a different wave
length. *• i
When the Carolina company pur
chased the property of the William
ston Telephone Co. a year ago, offic
ials of the Will'amston company rec
ommended the general layout to the
Carolina company as it is now pre
paring to install. The Carolina com
pany at thai time did not fully aj>-
pieciate the opportunity and built its
Williamtftgn office ami equipment on
a smaller scale. ft now fired* that
both will have to ibe greatly enlarged
and the office building completed less
than 6 months ago will be remodeled
and enlarged at once ami a large
quantity of new equipment will be in
Sunday Services at
Methodist Church
Sunday school, 9.45 a. m.
Services at-.11 a. m.
Services at Holly Springs at 3.80
p. m.
The Woman's Missionary Society
will hold fts regular meeting at the
church Monday afternoon at 4 o'-
On account of the rewival at the
Diaciples Church, there will be no
service! at the Methodist Church
Sunday night
A. F. Manning, of Middlesex, has
been in this section this week looking
after the timber interest* of the
Montgomery Lumber Co.
"Charley, My Boy"
Always a Good Show
Fair Association
Higgins' Concert Band
For 1927 Roanoke Fair
Mr. DeGray, who assists the Hig
gins' Hut»ar Band, has won many
laurels throughout the States with
his deep mellow baritone voice and
a: an artist in singing.
Local Church's
Revival to End
Sunday Night
"When Chief of Sinners
Was Converted," Is
Subject Tonight
On Tuesday night Evangelist De-
Gafferelly preached on slaves. He
took hiß text from John 8:34, "1 say
unto you that every one who commit
teth sin is a slave to sin." He said,
in part, "The true Christian is the
only man who is not a slave. There
are some people in bondage who
thmk themselves most free. Better
| tc be a literal slave than a slave to
sin." The evangelist then went on
to speak of various kinds of slavery
and said that all these can be summed
up under three heads, slaves to error,
to a lie, to ignorance. He then made
a comparison between the condition of
a physical slave and a slave to sin.
He-said there are slaves who have
grown afraid of freedom. Men who
ere afraid to be Christians and as
sume the place of dignity and respon- i
tfibility that Cod would give them.
All this, he said, prepares us for that
all-important question, "can man be
delivered from this awful bondage?"
I The true answer is in Jesus Christ,
i who creates in man a sense of per
j Konal responsibility, personal worth,
' end his right relationship to God.
On Wednesday night, Dr. DeGaffer
elly brought one of his strongest ser
mons on the subject, "Meeting God;
Face to Face." He said that 2,70(1
years ago the Prophet Amos said,
"Prepare to meet thy (Jod," and that
was a message for today. "The sub
lime assumption of the Bible," said
the evangelist, "Is the fact that there
' is a God. God is man's great necas
[ fiity. To meet God face to face man
:is commanded. Man must prepare
| for thibgK less important, why should
he not prepare to meet God. This
' command is more than authority, it
I is an utterance of God's love. Every
one mußt meet God face to face, and
this thought is wonderful, because
man is made like God intellectually.
How shall this preparation be made?
By getting rid of all other Gods. Meet
God here anHjy>w, meet Him through
Jesus Christ."
Last night was a special service.
The part of the service was a
remarkable demonstration by the chil
' dren whom the evangelist has been
tiainmg for more than a week in
acng and Bible drills. Every one was
pleased and greatly surprised at such
fine work learned so quickly and well
by the boys and (irk. They answer
ed more than a hundred questions on
the Bible. Dr. DaGafTereflly deliver
ed a special sermon to them on, "The
Two Builders." He based his re
marks on what Jesus said concerning
the two men, one vyho .built £ts house
upon the rock and the dther upon the
said. "To dig deep," said the evan
gelist, "is against the spirit of the
times. Men are prone to build super
ficially. You people try to 'get by'
in school. A building is determined
by its foundation; it can not be more
commodious nor enduring than its
foundation. So it is with character.
The work of digging must be done
before decoration. Jesus is the Rock
of Ages and the only reliable foun-
The Sermon theme for tonight is,
"When the Chief of Sinners Was
Converted." There will be no service
Saturday night, but Sunday will be
the big closing day. In the morn
ing the sermon theme will be, "The
Mind of the Master"; at night, "Mak
ing Light of Christ and Salvation."
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, June 17,1927
Considered Equally As
Good as Royal Scotch
The famous Higgins' Hussar Band !
will play the fair here this year, ac
cording to Mr. J. L. Rodgerson, man
ager of, the fair. Mr. Rodgerson
states thatthe Higgins' Band has
been a popular number on programs
all over the country. It has a
to lion equal that of the Mac Donald's
Scotch Highlander's Band, according
to those who have heard -perform-
of the two.
Mr. Frank F. Higgins, director of
the famous band that bears his
name, is formerly from Boston, and
he will present 15 first-class musi-!
cians and .soloists in the latest musi-1
cal entertainment consisting of popu
lar and classical band selections.
Mr. Harry DeGray, a noted bari-,
tone, accompanies the band, making
it one of the main features of the]
programs rendered by Mr. Higgins'
15 musicians all over the States.
Since its establishment, the Roan
oke Fair Association has always pro
vided the bgst in musical entertain
ment, and this year, Mr. Rodgerson
states, wiM be no exception to the
New Purchasers of Cars
Get Concession on Tags
Raleigh, June 14.—A ruling ..vaster
day by Commissioner of Revenue R.
A. Do ugh ton to the effect that all
applicants for titles or licenses dated
June 16 or later covering purchiasas
of new or second hand cars would be
permitted to purchase a new tag and
would not be required to pay for six
months' license expiring June 30,
served to remove much of the prac
tical eftect from the previous ruling
that new tags would not be recog
nized prior to July 1, but left that
ruling still ,in effect.
C. W. Roberts, executive, officer of |
the Caroline Motor Club and of "the
Automotive Trade Association, who
in hiw former capacity is in charge
of the 36 branch offices for the sale
cf issued a statement in which
he said that purchase of t-h* new tag
would be sufficient on all purchases
of automobiles on June 15.
However, Sprague Silver, chief of
the automobile bureau, >rtated that in
structions to indict all owneis oper
ating under new tags still stood and
, that the only purpose of ( the new
ruling was to avoid thr necessity of
returning applications for additional
! Commwsioner Dmighton stated tfiat
in making the new ruling he reserved I
| the right for the department to make I
' inquiry and prosecute if wny auto
| mobile hail been operated without '
proper license.
Local Agent Sells
Many Fripridaires j
Mr. O. S. Anderson, local agent for
the Frigidaire, unloaded a half car
j load of the machines here this week.
The majority of the Frigidairan are
especially built for the small user,
there are several of the larger ma
chines in the shipment for commer
cial use.
Mr. nderson stated that the ship
ment was practically all sold ami that
he was expecting several more in
dividual orders to arrive within the
next few days.
Sunday Program at
Church of the Advent
Rev. C. >. Pardes Rector
First Sunday after Trinity:
8.00 a. m., Holy Communion.
| 11.00 a. m. Morning prayer and
10.00 a. m. Church school.
3.30 p. m. Holy Trinity Mission.
There will be no evening service as
an act of courtesy to the Christian
Church congregation and pastor, who
are conducting an evangelistic meet
ing. The rector urges the church
people to attend this service.
Mir. T. Jones Taylor was a caller
in our office yesterday. Mr. Taylor
1 says the crops in his section are, in
his opinion, as good as he has ever
seen for the season. He further stat
ed that many of ithe farmers are mov
ing just a little neaver the poorhouse
each year.
W. O. Saunders, editor of the In
dependent, of Elizabeth City, passed
through town Thursday on his way to
Camp Leach, near Washington, where
he will add no»» the girii' dub mem
bers of several counties who are
camping &nd taking lemon* there.
Club Members
Return From
i WeekinCkmp
Miss Anna Trentham in
Charge of Economics
According to a report by Miss
Ruby Gurkin, secretary, the several
county economics clubs had a most
delightful and beneficial week at
Camp Leach recently. The 26 club
members with Miss-Anna Trentham, j
county home demonstrator, ami Mes
d&mes T. B. Brandon and Jimmie Har
"ripon, chaperones, left here Tuesday
morning, June 7, for a week\ outing
and economic instruction on the l'ujn
At the very outset, the outing took
on the appearance of camp life. The
girls would rise at 6 in the morning,
go through their morning physical
exercise, enjoy a few minutes' swim
in the river and then dreas for break- '
fast. At 8:30, the club mwrfriers as-:
sembled for class instruction; and, ac
cording to reports, Misses Lois Rain- j
water, of Jackson, Anna Trentham,
and Mrs. Harrison did mur+i for the!
Kirk; by giving them practical lessons i
ill the various phases of economics as
related to the home.
During the week several ladies from |
the county Visited the girls m H i de- j
livered lectures during their stay. I
Mrs. V. A. Ward, of Kobcr onville, j
using as her subject, "Thi.ik for
Yourself," made a splendid talk
which was well received by the club
•members. On Thursday, Mesdames
A. R. Dunning and W. C. Mannihg
fctive several food demonstrations and
mentioned the right foods for health.
Rev. Richard Bagby, of the Wash
ington Christian Church, visited the
camp Sunday and made an excellent
talk to the young ladies. The Wed
nesday before Dr. Bagby made his
talk to the girls, Mr. R. J. Peel, of
this place, visited the camp and led
the clubs in the evening devotional
exercises. The week's program was
a most varied one, and one that was
thoroughly enjoyed by the group.
The 4-H Clubs, as* they i 'e known,
ure made up byififris from James- j
ville, Robersonville,
rmele, Williamston, Bear (Trass, and 1
Gold Point. The clubs have a very
large membership, and it was regret
ted that so few were able to join in
or. the trip.
Miss Gurkin, in her report on the
t rip, spoke very highly of the agent's
work, ami stressed the great value de
rived from the training and instruf
tion given while at the camp.
Thirteen Criminal
Cases on Docket
! "»'■» ■ -
Martin Coiifity Superior Court will
convene Monday with Judge R. A.
Nunn presiding.
The criminal docket has only 13
cases for trial, 6 of them being cases
mn appeal, from the Recorder's court.
Of the thirteen cases, eleven of the
criminal lawn are alleged to have
been violated.
Two cases are for housebreaking;
j two cases for violating the liquor
i law; and one each foi*llarceny, as
j sr.ult, murder, assault with deadly,
weapon, manslaughter, fornication, I
carrying concealed weapons, reckless I
driving, and cruelty to animals.
The case against Oscar Wynne for
killing his 5-da>s-ol I l>a,by, is the on
ly charge of capital felony.
Ephraim Woolard is charged with
n)ant4nughtcr as the result of an au
tomobile wreck near here April 29,
when u, car driven by him struck an
other, driven by John A. llrickhouse,
of Grimesland, resulting in the death
of W. W. Brickhouse, of Columbia,
and injuring s-veral others.
' There has been no civil calendar
! p repa red CO ur t and the bar.
| However, the lurfTteian of the court
si't for trial at this te'hm four cases.
J. Henry Gurganus
Has Narrow Escape
i '
Mr. J. Henry Gurganus suffered a
very painful accident Wednesday
while trimming a mule's mane. The
animal became frightened :uid start
eel running; a line Which was tied
around the mule's nock caught Mr.
i Gurganus by the foot and the mule
I ran around the lot several times be
fore the line broke and released Mr.
Gurganus 1 , who found that he had
r.o broken bcncs nor dangerous
- bruises, but the shake up |-ut him in
i Led. He thinks the breaking of the
rope saved his life.
Hyman Warren, of Gold Point, was
a visitor at the office yesterday. He
says his crop is only fair, and that
while he has improved his seed until
he has the very best com and cot
ton he has not been able to fully out
grow the 1920 blight. ;
Only Seven Days Remain to
Register for School Election
Town to Submit
Proposal to
Details of Counter-Offer Not Known at Present;
To Be Submitted to Company at Once
At a meeting here last Wednes
day night, the town commission
ers appointed Attorney R. 1.. Co-
Surn to draw up a paper to sub
mit to the Virginia Electric & j
Power Co. relative to selling to
that company the right to retail 1
electric current and power here.
The terms to be embodied in ej
the proposal are not known, and j
since the proposal has not been
completed, no details could be j
learned this morning. The pa
pers will 'he carried befo(re the
commissioners at once, and passed I
on to the Virginia company. It
might he thai the town's prutpos- |
Quota Includes
Roads Built by
County Funds
Martin County Spent
Over $550,000 for Its
Roads and Bridges
I lie State is now paying the coun- i
lies that made loans to the highway
commission, for building purposes the]
sum of $8,000,000.
Martin County had the distinguish
ed honor of contributing the little j
sum of $401,000, but they say we are
not to get oyrs back.
However, that is not all. The high
way commission is charging Martin
County with the roads that were
built by its own money, und are even
charging the county with the $150,-
000 we gave on the Roanok' bridge,
nearly all of which was spent in Ber
tie County.
It really seems that the eommis-1
sion is treating the county worse than
Jesse James did his victims. When i
lie held a, fellow up and took all he
had, he at least did not set up any j
further charges against him. So if I
the highway commission is not going
to pay us hack, then they should not
charge us with the mileage we buj/t
with our own money in the equaliz
ing to the counties. • j
Hev. A. Corey says the slick road |
from Williamston to Jamesville Will'
slip you in the ditch unless you use
I the greatest precaution, and, he says, j
I it would help it toicover it with about
I 7 inches of concrete.
i Bifv-Legff'jd Pants
Save Life of Hoy
The first event yet recorded to
commend hig-'li gged Sroiisers occur
red in Jones County a few days ago,
when a youngster who was working
on a farm, wearing a. pair of the ox
ford bai? trousers, wa.s struck by a
large rattlesnake.
The young man's leg was .so far
from the edge of the big trouserrs
that all of the force of the snake was
exhausted before the fangs reached
the young man. The snake tori* one
of his fangs out by having it hung in
the big trousers' leg.
Baptists Announce
for Week
Nexit Wednesday evening at 8 o'-
clock, the regular mid-wiek Bible
, study will be resumed.
Sunday morning the? pastor will
: preach, having for his theme, "The
I Fruits of Righteousness." Those who
i will do so are asked to read, before
I the service (iaJations 6:22-2.'s and
' Matthew 7:16-20. •
There will he no service at this
I church Sunday night, because this
I v/ill be the last service of the series
which have been going on at the
' Christian church.
Now that vacation time is upon us,
! it may be necessary to remind the
f eople that it is never wise to leave
the church week out of one's program.
There is a time for everything under
the: sun, and first things should come
first, In summer as well as in winter.
3 Children Killed by
Cars Within 24 Hours
Three children, each five years old
or under, were killed in the city of
GreekMboro within' 24 hours Sunelay
and Monday by automobiles. Two of
them were run »ver by diivers of cars
and the other one was killed when
the car in which it wns riding turned
over. ;
al to the power company «il!
either call for the purrhu te ol
Irauichisc and all equipment, or
fur the franchise alone. The ac
ceptance of the prop.xal by the
power company is a matter for
speculation, hut should it he ac
cepted it in understood tht'tl the
proposition will he placed before
the people for their approval or
rejection n-i s n a* possible.
It is rumoritl iluii if .the power
company rejects the proposal,
other pr«ipo*it'i>ns will he |(iven "*
further c«lait!erdltion it was stat
ed yesterday afternoon.
Warelu i.semon to
Meet Tomorrow
'I he local warehousemen are
sch« Jued (O IAEV'I t..m .rro . iif- '
term Km at :i :.'IU o'clock in the I
office of the Dixie \\ a rehouse,
according to information from
one of t!ip warehousemen this
morning, t he itafurc of the hiisi
ness wa. not stated, hut the
meet in K will be of much im
portance, and the warehousemen
are urge*) to alien.l.
. /
Recorder Has
But Few Cases
-- v
Violator of liquor Law
Fined Isaac Lee
In Court Again
Interest in'the recorder's court
hi re Ttie««'ay r« ntered around
two cases, the Hill Johnson liquor
case and Uie Isaac Lee abandonment
Hill Johnsoh, a colored miuiliving J
at'the »-dge of town, »k ppiil officers
when they searched his house for|
liquor last Saturday and he was not '
u'. the hearing held before justice of
the peace A. T. Crawford. 11«• wa.-.
taught later in his home behind the
-oigan and carried before Judge Hailey
last Tuesday. Pleading guilty to the
charge, he wus lined $15(1 s and re
quired to pay the costs of the action.
I A six months road sentence was sus- \
| ponded upon the defendant's bowing ,
I good behavior.
Isaac colored, was in court
, about two weeks ago facing on aban
donment charge. The judge at that,
time had the case, continued for two
J weeks with the possibility that
'would return .to his wif-- and young
I child, but nothing so good as that
| came about. Soon after the hearing I
! ol the. case that day, he wrote a let- I
ter, indignant in nature, and told!
his wife that hi would not return to.
her, would not pay .he,doctor's bill
or make any anvmls whatever, The'
case came up aj ain yif terday and
Lee war, required to pay Uie doctor's ■
bill and pay to the mother s!> each
month for six months when another*
I disposition of will be made
There were six o'her cases on the
Tuesday docket, but they were of lit
tle or no importance.
Skewarkee Lodge
Elects New Officers
The annual election of officers of
Skewarkee Lodge, No. SMI, A. F. &
A. M., wus held at the regular meet
ing of the lodge on Tuesday night,
i Luther Peel was elected Master, N.
' C. Green Senior Warden, L. H. Our
ganus Junior Warden, C. I). Carstar
phen, treasurer, and C. 1). Carstar
| phen, jr., secretary.
These officers will b'e installed at
I meeting to he held after St. John's
j Day. A public Installation of the
| new officers is being considered.
Sunday Services at
Christian Church
Kev. Asa J. Manning, Pastor_
Sunday school session at 9:45. W.
C. Manning, superintendent.
Morning worship at 11 o'cloekr Dr.
A. F. De(!alTerelly, of Danville, 111.,
will preach. Sermon subject, "The
Mind of the Master."
Evening evangelistic service. Ser
mon theme, "Making Light of Christ
and .Salyation." This is the closing
service of the revival, A love offer
ing wiN be taken for the evangelist.
I Advertise™ Will Find Our Col
umn* a I-atchkey to Over 1600
Home!* -of M«rtin County.
Ti'tfe Voters to Register
For Special Election
On juiy sth
For a bigger and hotter school in
W.lham.iton Townslnp, the people
cnly have seven more days to work.- -
You can registec tomorrow and
any day n*_x'. w. tk. If you do not,
then will have no voice whatever
:n saying whether or not the town
ship shall have a bigger and better
School. The registration books are
located at the Farmers Supply Co.,
on Washington Street, and Koy T.
Griftin is registrar. The election will
be held on Tuesday, July 5.
Our weakness now i.i because of
t l "' P"11r educational opportunities of
one bundle-1, fifty, an.l 'w»nty-ti\e
> ears ago. The social, religious, and
business standing of this community
fifty years hence depends upon what
We do now If we it re to keep step
with the rest of the world, then we
liiast do our best. The best thing we
con give our cHldrcn i-. education,
■and the public school is the ' best
kt >M.t way.
It i. now iwpect •! t'tiit the c iun
ty will be able to reduce the general
tax about 5 cents on the $1(10 valua
tion to run tin 1 schools for the six
it onths term. This comes about
I''lough the enlargement of th« equal
isation fund from the State; and in
dications now are that the - county
will be able to reduce the tax even
.more next year. This will help the
, pin pie to put more in the special
fund to provide a longer term.
Register before -thje closing of the.
books mi June 2ft, and vote-on July
Mh for bigger and better schools for
V\ illiaunton Township.
Fair is Fortunate in
Hooking Keiss Shows
"l have bought ail my advertising
i.iatier, made all arrangements in con
nection therewith, but I would throw
It all away and postpone our fair a
week if we could get the Nat Keiss
Shows to furnish the amusements for
u. this year," were the words of one
f; ir manager in the _eastern part ot
111'' Stale to a representative of the
Kiiteiprise. day before yesterday,
lie had seen the Nat Keiss Shows,
T tun! he knew that they would furnish
amusement, and at the same time en
hance the rating of his fair, or else
in such statement would have been
1 made. The local management con
, sideis the booking of the Nat Keiss
Shows highly important, and when he
commends thorn to the Koanoke Fair
patrons be does st> along with hun
dreds of newspapers all over "SRe"
country where these shows have
J The fair. September 27 ;H), is only
n little over three months off, and
4 preparations are going un daily to
I luuke it i tie of the best yet.
Club (iirls Form
County Council
While at Camp I \ach last week,
members of the .Martin 4-11 clubs or
! ganized a girls' county council, one
j or the most important organizations
j yet found for forwarding home de
i mo nst rat ion w»_tk in a county ac
cording to leaders in that field. The
! council i. made up of girls from all
j over the cotyjty, and while its mem
■ bership at the present time is not
j very large, an increase is exported
j when the council ho his its firrft nieet
l ing in September.
Miss Icelene Martin, of Jamesville,
was made.the council's first president;
Miss Vara Rogers, of
J was elected secretary; Miss Pauline
Jenkins, of Kohersonville, is the coun
(il's first vice piwident, and Miss
llmma Hurst, of Gold Poiij£, was
| made treasurer by the members of
j the organization.
Martin County to Get
More Aid for Schools
The State Equalization. Board is al-
J most ready to distribute the $3,500,-
000 educational equalization fund for
[ s'hools. Ninety of the 100 counties
will receive this amount; the other
ton receiving none.
The poorer counties will get most
of the fund, while the large rich
counties will get nothing. Wilson is
(he only county in this section of the
SUite that will not appear m the re
ceiving line.
Martin County received ai>out sll,-
000 last year from the same source
, but in a smaller distribution. This
! >ear, according Hon. P. H. John
son, the member of tho board (from
the first district, Martin County will
probably get something like $20,000
: more than last year. However, it
■ may vary some, with reasonable hope
. that it wiU be more.

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