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Entered at the po>-t office at Wiiliamaton, N. C., as second-class
matter under the act of Qonpress of March i!, 1879.
Address all communications Jo The Enterprise and not to indi
vidual members of the company.
TUESDAY..JUNE 21, 1927
Deliberation Needed
The next work for the American • hundred million people all wanting to
people is the selection of a President. I , M , pre „ ideili> u a , ong time J
■The- "receptive" . ute -nuw march- ]., , ... .. , , ..J
look IneitY ail over; anu then agmn it-)
ing for inspection. It seems a —*
. ' s st) hard to find a mjtn fit fur the
whole years is a long: Urn* to ttike I
to select a president; but when we j° b U,al " u  iolAbt il will t « ke 11 > fcar
think that there are more than a or more to find one. . j
~~~~~~~~~~ ~ |
The (ireatesl Disaster in American History
The Mississippi Flood has caused ried away the ancient landmarks, j
more loss in property than any other .s lu U'ly oaks that once bore the ma As 1
disaster that ever -truck America (l) div Won | Jt , tws?t , n laTld ownePß have |
When >' t' think of 700,000 people . .
been washed from their foundations!
made homeless, it is enough to shock _ |
' , ... . a»d carried many Wiles away. Many,
us. Of course, if we arc too far on
hemes which had stood the floods fori
to see and do not take enough time
, . , , „ . a century were swept away and car-1
to think seriously, it does not affect
• ' ried to the Gulf to be lost forever,
lis so much. Vet when it conies neai
, It is doubtful, with such a picture!
efiough to fully arouse our apprecia
- , . before us, if we are doing our part
t;on, we aiv made to wonder that the j
, . . I in sympathy and substance to relieve
foundations upon which we stand is
i the suffering and the sadness left in
so insecure.
, , ' thi path of destruction,
lhe loss 111 property is estimated j
ell the way from $50,000,000 to one r We are apparently too spasmodic
billion dollars, and embraces propertyyi ry sympathetic today and very for
of all classes and kinds. It has car- gctful tomorrow.
Demonstrates Value of Cooperation
1 he Noith Carolina Cotton Growers : tin benefit of the high summer prices.
Association hus demonstrated the val- He has to turn on ttit' glutted
/ue of cooperative .maiketi'nK, accord- markets which generally prevails in
ing to figures tuk. ii from the short- the four ginning m onth«. .
tittle pool of the 1!>26 crop, wliich has The Association paid a higher av
hten settled in full. eruge to its members than was paid
The average price of coUo»-ttn_t4je on the open market for the same
open market in Si ptember, 1926, was period.
lfs.S> cents a pound, which was just The association has also helped
before we had any cotton to sell. In very much by holding: cotton to be
October the price droppis.l to 12.8 turned loose as needed for actual use,
cents, more than 4.s'cents a pound lather than to rust) on a market
leas. In November the price had which took the staple for speculative
Hone to 11.5 cent;; in December, 11 purposes only.
cents. In January the price gained; What the farmers need is a sta
a half cent, iftid in February, it had i bilized market, so the price is about
leached 12,5. When we ' remember ias good when he sells as when the
that the farmK 1 sells 90 per cent of user buys. What the speculator
his cotton in Oetobe'r, November, De-1 wants is a low price when the produc
cember, and January, ft does not or sells ami a high price when the
make so much difference if it does
sell high in June, July, August, and
September, as the fanner never gets
Georgia Lady Could Not Sleep
Nigkts, But After Takinf
Cardui She Was "like a
Different Person." |
Comer, Ga. —Mrs. C. H. Smith, of
this place, related the following
interesting experience:
"I was weak and nervous and run
down. I couldn't sleep at night. I
felt tired and not in condition to do
my work. 1 had Cardui recommend
ed to ma, but always thought I could
outdo most sickness, but this was
one time 1 needed help. I was so
weak I could hardly lift my hand.
*1 can't express how bad I felt
"I know I improved after taking
Cardui I was like a different per
son. I was built up and was strong
er and better than in a long time.
**l have a young daughter who had
tw 'flu,' and alter she got up she
•Wild once in a while have such se
ven cramping spells, just suffer ter
nobr. I knew there was s weakness
ma, hoping Cardui would reach this
tewaUe, I nad her take it, and the
Ant bottle helped her so much she
able to leave it off and does not
have this trouble now."
t CarAii has been in use for more
fteriy vegetable, mild, harmless.
At afl drag atom NC-n*
\Honiance is perennial—the popularity of marriage seems to be
increasing, and the giving of wedding gifts flourishes still. June,
of course, will have its full quota of June brides, and there will be
f the usual number of worried friends and relatives searching for the
proper gift. However, we have searched so well there is need for
you to search but little, for we have arranged several groups of ar
ticles, ranging in price from SI.OO to SIO.OO.
—.:— r — - • i .
Come in and Select Your Gift -
Freight Kates and Printing- Rates
It may be possible that the print
ers are charging the State too much
foi the public printing. But isn't the
governor a little out of his own path
when he threatens to buy a State
piant to do all of the printing.
It may be the proper thing to do,
but the railrHads are said to be charg
ing too much for hauling freight.
It-may be that the governor will
buy the railroads and give the folks
cheaper freight rates; and buy up the
J.rint shops and give the State its
books at the minimum cost.
Well; this would be a fine thing for
consumer buys. A stabilized murket
can only be accomplished when the
producer and consumer get. nearer to
_ . _ m A-
North Carolina,
Martin County
Having this day qualified as ad-1
ministrator of the estate of T. W.
Revels, deceased, late of Martin
County, this is to notify all persons
having claim.s against the said estate
U present them to the undersigned
al liis office in the town "of Williams
ton, North Caroina on or before the
;Hh day of June, 1928 or this notice
will be pleuded in bar of their re
covery. All persons indebted to the
1 go id estate will please make immedi
j yite payment.
This the 9th day of June, 1927.
ELBERT S. PEEL, Administrator
je-JO-6 ol* the estate of T. W. Revels.
NOTICE OF SALE OF $25,000.00
'Notice is hereby (riven that bids
w'!l be received until 9 o'clock, P. M.
Juiy 1, 11)27, by U.o . iouid of Aidor
i,"en of the Town of Columbia, North
CaroliUi., at the Courthoiue, for the
purchase of TvVKNTY FIVE THOU
SAND $25,0v0) or iJ'i'RKE r IM-
NDf, ofsaid Town,
dated July 1, ll'.'V, and maturing
$1,0(10 July. 1, IDUO and yearly there
after until 1940, inclusive, and $2,000
maturing July 1, 1941 and yearly
thereafter until 1947, inclusive, and
b.aruig interest at six percent per
annum, payable semi-annually, de
nomination of SI,OOO cadi, and both
principal and interest payable at the
Hanover National Bank, in the City
und State of New York.
An unlimited tax is authorized for
tli? full payment of the interest and
principal of these bonds.
Purchasers will be furnished with
approval opinion of Messrs.
Storey, TJiorndike, l'almer & Dodge,
Attorneys, Uoston, Mass, and the
blank bonds, without charge."
I have bought the undertaking establishment formerly owned
by Mr. \\ 1,. Edwards, and have secured the services of Mr. Harper
Holliday, un expert funeral director ami licensed embalmer. 1
Excellent Service at Most Reasonable Price
B. S. Courtney
Day I'hone 155 Night p hone 4i
the people to get cheaper freights ami
cheaper printing.
•It means some change in the policy
of our governor, since he hits clearly
been an advocate of private capital
lives' ment and against governmental
monopoly. However, he may think
that the rich railroads and the poor
printers are under different schedules,
The State already has railroads and
will not use them. It looks as if it
was getting into the notion of own-
ing printing plant*. Will it use
The said bonds are Issued under the
provisions of the Municipal Finance
Apt (Sections 21628 to 2'JGS Vol. 3,
Consolidated Statutes of North Caro
Ail bids must be accompanied by a
certified check upon an incorporateo
bank or trust company, payable to the
order of the Treasurer of the Town of
Columbia, N. C. for two precent of face value of the bonds bid foi
tc, secure the Town against any loss
resulting from failure of the bidder
to comply with the terms of this sale.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids.
W. H. McCLEES, Clerk,
Town of Columbia, N. C.
Julius S. Peel, Attorney.
Under and by virtue of th power of,
tale contained in that certain Deed
of Trust executed to the undersigned ;
Trustee on the 23r«l day of October,
1!>24, and of recoid in the Martin
County Registry, in Book Q-2, at page
195, securing certain bonds of even
('ate therewith, and the stipulations
not having been complied with and at
the request of the holder of said
bonds, the undersUrnM Trustse will,
on the Ist day of July, 1927, at 12
o'clock, Noon, offer for sale to the
highest bidder, for cash, ihe follow
injr described property:
Lots Nos. 14, 15, and 20, in Block
A of the J. W. Watts Farm Land !
division as surveyed ai.d platted by
D. C. James,-C. E. Said plat being of
record in the Public Registry' of Mar
is a Prescription for
It Kills the Germs
tin County, in Land Division Book
No. 1 at page—
This the Ist day of June, 1927.
Jp-3-4t Trustee.
Place of sale: Court House Door,
Williamston, N. C.
Having this day qualified as Ad
ministratrix of the estate of Theodore
Roberson, late of Martin County,
all persons holding claims against
said estate are hereby notified to
present same for payment to roe on
or before the 7th day of April, 1928
or this notice will be pleaded in bar
of their recovery. All persons indeb
ted to said estate will please make
immediate settlement.
my-10-6t Admrx. Theo.
Roberson Est.
This 7th day of April, 1927.
Having qualified as executrix of
the estate of Mary H. Ward, deceased,
late of Martin County, North Caro
lina, this is to notify all persons hav
ing claiijis against the estate of said
deceased to exhibit same to the un
dersigned at Wjlliamston on or be
fore the 12th day cf May, 1928, or
this notice will be pleaded in bar of
recovery. All persons indebted to
scid estate will please make immedi
ate payment.
This 12th day of May, 1227.
n~yl7 6tw Executrix.
We Are Distributors of
All Standard Makes
Write for Prices and Term*
One of our salesmen will gladly |
demonstrate one in your home.
All the Latest Records
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Look for the Orange
Front Grocery Store
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Fleischman's Yeast, cake 3c Swift's Premium pork link
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ham, lb 35c V\ Jr /' //j
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Smoked sausage, lb 25c -
Franks, lb 25c " _ _
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Learn from Lindbergh
The thoughtful young men today who consistently save a part
of their regular earnings have had a new inspiration in the achieve
ments and glory of their fellow-countryman, Colonel Charles A.
Lindbergh, America's interpid airman. They know the one factor
which made all possible wa» the fact that he had $2,000 of his
money to invest i« the venture. Colonel Lindbergh was the largest
single contributor to the venture—throwing in all his savings
money he had deposited regularly from his earnings as an air-mail
pilot. Colonel Lindbergh no doubt would today be an unknown
air-mail pilot—lF he had had no SAVINGS. Does this teach a
s 4 Per Cent on Savings
Farmers and Merchants
Pamlico Beach
Best fishing 1 and bathing on the coast. Ex
cellent hotel service. Reasonable rates.
Dance every Saturday night. Music by Di
amond Six Orchestra.
Write for Reservations
Pamlico Beach
t _
Ransomville, N. C.

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