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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1927
I "V
Eastern Banks Show Favorable Statements
The banks of eastern North Caro-| (MM); surplus, $4,200; and undivided
Una are beginning to reflect" better , profits, $8,400. The total of deposits
business conditions than have existed j is #41(1,000.
for a number of years. This is es- ; The Bank of Bethel, another pota
pecially true of the trucking sections, j to town, also reports a large amount
where the crops of peas, beans, straw- jof cash on hand. The same can be
berries, and potatoes have already j said -of the Elizabeth City banks,
been marketed. which handle most of the banking
Aurora is doubtless the center of business of the truckers of that see
the greatest potato section in the (ion, as well as most of that from
State, not in area but in volume per Tyrrell County, another potato-grow
acre. i»g county.
The statement of the batik of Au- This proves the wisdom of diver
rora shows that it evidently has more .-ity. When a community produces
available cash in proportion, to its crops enough to bring nn income all
liabilities than any bank in our own along through the year, it has more
State as well as in many other States, advantages than the section that has
Ai the call for statements by the cor- io depend on one or two. crops for
poration commission on June 30, thi* ill its income.
bank reported, in its resources, SSO,- A cotton county can not get rich
000 loans and discounts; and $353,- and independent; neither can a pea
-637.33 cash on hand and in banks, nut nor a tobacco county call itself
The capital stock of this bank is sl4,- independent on its one product.
- Tobacco Markets Should Open Karlier
—— *
Are the tobacco companies giving. tin? prices. They wait to hear orders
the tobacco farmers a fair deal in de- in detail from the combined executive
laying the opening of the warehouses cooperative trust office in New \ ork.
so long? The farmers may complain about
The farmers will complete curing
thin year at least three weeks before
the opening, which means the farmei
will have to wait with nothing to do;
because if he graSes his tobacco ami
lets it lie, it means much damaged
tobacco unless the most favorable
weather prevails.
The late opening will cause such i
rush on the markets that it will meai
a constant block, and the tobacco cm
not be properly warehoused
If the warehouses could open twi
weeks earlier than the date now set
they will be able to absorb the rush
which is sure to occur unless the dati
is changed.
We find no farmer who does no
want an earlier opening; the sami
applies to warehousemen; and, so fu
as we know, to the buyers. Hut nom
of them have a thing to say tha
counts in fixing the opening date oi
Weak and Run-Down Missouri
Woaao Gat Strong aid WelL
Sty* Carta Started Her
Oi Road To Health.
Clarksburg, Mo.—Mrs. T. G. Harris,
of this place, says:
"For two yaars I was in vary poor
boalth. Soma of tha time I was al
most past going. I was vary weak
and nut-down.
1 triad to make the most of what
little strength I had by fre
quent rests, bat I could find nothing
which would start me on the road
to health again, until one day I de
cided to try Cardui. ' •
*T had heard about other women
who had bosn benefited after taking
it. so I Mads op my mind to see
what it would do for me. I took
Cardei for several months «■" was
*wy —«hi gratified with the results.
/■■■l M«!I 111 !h iff/
fir Economical Tr»mf9rt»h*m | >
: i for Everybody, Everywhere
T I X HE , ""tomobile Has brought the doHwhhin«Hvreti-hov«f
' JL nation s wonder places and play' »di »»ved roada.
grounds within the reach of everybody, I'hVTrri'rt c "" fur ' *
*1 everywhere. And all of them await you
when you own a Chevrolet! j
Select the model that meets your pref
erence and requirements from the
The National Parks Each one is a splendid quality car.
are open . Each provides the power and depend- Interesting Placet
worTj* o iri , hl ability for which Chevrolet is world Everywhere
rSSj famous. Each provides luxurious com
oT.r r .xi roadb. Ail lend tort and easy riding and each sells at a . i'U« of intiw and i*.u
- MT °*- " S — remarkably low price, on exceptionally moment' Mn«
easy terms! ,ur,J °" s,ont *>(**•""*■
THeCWb $ 595 The Lwidiu $745
Sedan D !° r . 695 AQC An Ideal Golfer',
Great Outdoors The Snort m f " (CWaiaoal>) Vacation
Fishing and bathing are Cabriolet . 715 ... . Many ii»ller« ipviuJ (hair
vacation relaxation, thai" t-«DrlOlet - All prtceaf.o.b. Hint, Mich. vacatkwia lourinu from
ceuntlaaa thouaandamjo* Check Chevrolet Delivered Prieaa t«w»» coarae. enjoying
Thank alwaya a convao- wneca laevroKl ucuvma rrices ,| ia cuxomar* couttcy
law lake or Mfi all— They Inrluda tha lowaat handling and financing I llatu privilege*. A different par
TNmaOmU available. to «haa al wt; day I
I . . - , • '
Motor Company COMPANY
Roberoonville, N. C. Williamston, N. C.
, , K K ' ' ~
J / «fu , / .7' ~ ' 'fc:-, .di „ ' . - .. 'k v
the loss of two weeks' time on ac- ! Every farmer and every other man
count of a late opening. They can 1 who has an interest in his welfare,
say that that the delay will force | should enter his protest against the
| them to put all their tobacco on the j aibitrary fixing of dates for opening
! market at the same time they have ! tobacco markets. We know it will do
ito pick cotton, gather corn, and dig-very little good. Yet it may show
potatoes, forcing too much work in the lords of the harvest that the toil
too short a time. ' ers have »om wishes in the matter.
Is Agricultural Department the (ioat?
It is very gratifying to know that
Commissioner Craham has reduced
the expenditures in his department
during the past year. If every
blanch of our State government has
saved in like proportion, it will mean
a very neat sum in the aggregate.
Yet we can hardly think that Will
ibe the case. No annoucement of a
great saving has yet been made In
any other department, such as the
legal, the legislative, the judicial, or
the executive.
Economy is such a fine word that
| almost everybody loves to hear it, es-
I pecially the farmers of the country.
j It may be, after all, that the economy
I comes from a reduction in the serv-
j ice rendered the farmer. They may
| be patching up his old clothes and cut
| ting one meal a day, or reducing the
i corn and hay for sale. Joshua L. \
Coltrain. jyß 6tpd
from 35 to 125 pounds. H. H.'
Cowan, Williamaton. jc-24 stp' j
heal, water and- other modem
conveniences. Apply to Mrs. J. G.!
i Staion. ' jy-12-2
.1 1 j
heat, water and other mod -rn con
veniences. Apply to Mrs. J. C.'Staton.
| heat and water; good location. Ap
jV?" to-'Mrs. J. U. Staton. jy-12-2
*r » tion with steam heat anil water.!
f Apply to Mis. J. G. StalonTt , jy-12-2 j
sticks for sale at my mill in James*
ville, N. C. Place your order before
rush comes. Luther Hardison. jylß 4
quality of service rendered him.
i .
The published report does not show j
whether the saving is in departmental
salaries, office expense, or whether it
is an abridgment of service rendered.
If it comes from withholding service
that the farmer seriously needs, but
in his clamor for economy can beat j
along without,, then it is nothing to I
brag about.
But, on th- other if every
person connected with th«Nj"partment j
has doubled his determination to give j
much service for less money, then
they will be approved and commend
ed. All the figures -will tell the tale.
Hound Trip Reduced Fares from
Fares from Other Points
in Proportion
1 .
Wrightsville Beach $7.95
I Norfolk T. $5.35
Virginia Beach $5.93
Tickets on sale Fridays and Sat
urdays, good until midnight follow
ing Tuesday.
Round Trip Summer Excursion
I Tickets on*sale daily to resorts in
Canada and the United States,
good until 'October 31.
We are prepared to serve you.
Williamstou. N. C. I'hone 45
North Carolina, Martin County.
In the superior court, before the
Eliza Spruill and husband, Willie
Sprpill, Cordelia Reddick and hus
band, Mack Reddick, Carrie Brown
and husband, Haywood Brown, C.
B. Everett and Lelia Everett, by
their next friend, J. S. Get singer,
vs. William Sheppard, Lewis Shep
pard and Ida Rogers.
Pursuant to an order of resale made
! by It. J. Peel, clerk of the superior
! court of Martin County on the 10th
| c!»y of June, 1927, the hereinafter de
scribed lands having been heretofore
advertised and sold, and the bid hav
ing been raised as provided by law,
the undersigned commissioners will on
Saturday, the 30th day of July, 1927,
at 12 o'clock nOon, in front of the
I courthouse door of Martin County, in
the town of Williamston, N. C., offer
for sale to the highest bidder for cash
) the following described lands, to wit:
Being known and designated as lot
j No. 3 allotted to James Sheppard in
j the land division of William Sheppard
of record in land division too* No. 1,
Renew Your Health
By Purification r-
Any physician will tell you >nat
"Perfect Puriin rjn of thy Sys
tem is Nature j tuundation of
Perfect Health." Wby net rid
yourself of chronic ailment-i that
are undermining your vitality? j
Purify your entire system by tak-'
| ing a thorough coujfSe of Calotabs,
—once or twice a week for ceveral
weeks—and see how Nt.ture re
wards you with health.
Calotabs are the greatest of all
system purifiers. Get a family
j package, with full directions. On
j ly 35 cts. at drugstores. (Adv).
Another Car Roofing
Five V. Galvanized Roofing
Cheap for Cash
Culpepper Hardware Co.
Elizabeth City WILLIAMSTON Edenton
Gold M Store"
Williamston, N. C. Washington Street
J. DAVID THROWER, Local Manager
\ .
We have one of the largest stocks of fancy and staple groceries
in Williamston. Our prices are the lowest, and our quality the best.
Our new manager will be pleased to serve you. Make our store
your headquarters. #
O CI * 1 Saturday f* 1
Sugar Special o n i y 62c
Plate meat, lb 16c Lard, pure lGc
Side meat, lb 19c
Cheese, best Ameircan, 1b... 32c
Campbell's pork and beans,
3 cans for 25c Tea, Gold Star, lb. 73c
■ i
Lard, Old Glory, lb 12 l-2c Coffee, Gold Star, lb 45c
extra special, 3 for 11c
Loose vinegar, gallon 40c Good molasses, gallon 80c
I" *. *• i ' - ,
Ball Brand, 1-2 gallon, doz. $1.45 Pint 21c
Ball Brand, 1 quart, d0z.... $1.05 Quart 39c
Ball Brand, pint, doz. 95c 4 oz. 10c
• • s
' at page 288, beginning- at a pine sec
ond corner of lot No. 2, thence S. 53
1-2 E 8 poles to a lightwood post;
thence S. about 58 1-2 E. about 52
' poles to the run of Great Branch;
thence up the run of said branch to
its fork; thence N. 13 12 E. 51 and
1-5 poles to a post in Ed Peel's line;
thence iN. about 45 3-4 W. to the
i third cfcrner of lot No. 2; thence J>.
j 13 1-4/ W. 158 poles to the begin
. ning, containing 50 acres, mqrv or
■ less, and which was deeded to Mary J
N. Sheppard by James Sheppard by
; .»
■1 lama j
'i \ /'
I should be killed!
i •
. I \ Bee Brand Powdtr or
\ Liquid kills Flies jjeas,
t j V Mosquitoes, Roaches,
J \ Ants, Water Bugs, Bed
i | \ Bugs, Moths, Crickets,
\ Poultiy Lice and many
> j other insects.
I Powder Liquid
/ ioc and 2sc 50c and 75c
/ 50c and Si .00
f 3QC Spray Onn. 35c
ft Writeforfree
/ Jut house and garden insects
I McCormick A Co.
Baltimore, Md.
j INSECT dffcgj
deed recorded in book YYY, at page
553, feference to which is hereby
made for description.
This the Uth day of July, 1927.
jylß 2tw Commissioners.
The music room is
usually one of the
most popular spots
I in anybody's home.
Could you buy a new
piano and its acces
sories today?
Suppose they should
burn tonight?
Thin agency of the Hartford
j , Fire Insurance Co. will in
sure your household goods
and personal belongings.
Insurance Agency
I'hone 87

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