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Entered at the post office at Williumston, N. C„ as second-clasn
matter under the act of Congress of March a, 1870.
Address all communications Jo The Enterprise and not to indi
viduaiwmembers of the company.
FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1#27.
Highway Commission's Crusoe Stunt
The State Highway commission,
like other creatures, can make er
rors. Ths was clearly seen last Wed
nesday when the throngs pf people
gathered to see the new bridge across
the wide Chowan river, but found
the Highway commission had forgot
ten to build a road to it.
It looked very much like the deed
of Kobinson Crusoe vdieiLJio built his
large boat and had no way to get it■
into the water.
To be sure, the commission has let!
•a -contrail (or the grading ot vhe road,
but the roaii is not complete 4Kiu work
Agricultural Schools and Peace
The report co-mC-s from the League
vf Nations that one of the greatest
factors so far seen "to promote per
manent peace is the American agri
cultural schools among the peasants
of the Near East. There the humble
people are enabled to see the good life
as they never seen before. The
political field has failed to give peace
and prosperity; rather, it has led
people apart and created strife and
Political leaders do not want men
tc know each other because they
know it leaves no place for them to
play their political tricks.
Now that the poor people of the
East see the good in the American
by sight, they have learned to love
our nation. So by bringing their
Having qualified as administrator
of the eertate of Kobeit Danfey, de
ceased, late of Martin' Countyf N. C\
this is to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of said de
ceased to exhibit them to the under
signed or her attorney, Hugh G. Hor
ton, Williams ton, N. C., on or before
the Bth day of July, 1928, or this no
tice will be pleaded in bar of any re
covery. All persons indebted to the
e.-rtate will please make immediate
This the 7th day of July, 1#27.
Administratrix of estate of Robert
Dancey. jy 8 4tw
Hugh (J. Horton, attorney.
"Htrrtt Were All te Piece*,"
Say* Lady Who Teds How
Carta Helped Her Wbea
She Was Run-Do wa.
Hopkins, a C.—Mr*. GL W. Arranta,
of this place, aaya:
1 wu suffering from apells of
weakness. Theme would oome on ma
auddanly and I would have to give
op and go to bed For eeveral
montha I did not aleep well at night
and got no reet from aleep. Iwu
very nsrvou*. I could not bear the
ieaat noiae. The children worried
me. Ifr narvaa were all to pieces.
"I bed taken Canfad several timea
before, ao I sent at oooe for soma
and began to take it again. At the
end ot a short time I felt much bet
teg, ao I kept right on taking CarduL
When I would feel a nervous spell
it mora frequently
"I can oartainly aayCardui helped
me wonderfully, for after a time the
■WyiHlHilsi disappeared entirely. I
could deep at night and my general
Thousands ot other women have
told of the benefit they have receiv
ed from ths nee of CarduL Keep it
an hand, to take when needed:
A medicine at Inng eatshilshsil
has reached only to that point where
the road is in a inudy fix.
The people visiting the scene yes
terday grutnblwi and cursed and made
their autos to nmoke and roar in an
effort to reach the beautiful bridge.
I That's not all, they will continue to
grumble and curse for several months
te come because the road is a long
way from completion.
The Highway commission just!
>\erlooked the fact that two things;
are necessary for travel, good roads |
and nood bridges and not bridges ;
I farmers and our farmers together, we
I:ud Uis doing more to promote world
peace in u few short years than our
diplomats and our armies have done
in centuries.
This only adds further proof that
you can't make ffiertils of people by
wounding and killing them.
f able for business or residential
\ subdivision in or near city limits
growing towns. B. C. Mass, Bender
■ sonville, N. C. It
( fW Day
I P/\ft Specials
The Special Sale on Dresses
Will Last Through
Saturday, July 23rd
We are offering our en
tire stock of dresses, shoes,
clothing, etc. at greatly re
duced prices. Come in and
avail yourself of these
'Margolis Brothers
"The Shopping
Things To **
hink About
Your Ihity to Vote
Will the time ever come when we
will appreciate the importance of vot
ing in elections ? Most of us are in
terested in law enforcement and we
wunt good schools. Certainly we would
like for our children to be protected
in every way possible. We want them
to be prepared for useful service. Yet
some of u sdo not associate the polls
with the things we so much desire.
I have known good citizens to go
fishing or to a baseball same on
election day yet claim not to have
time to vote. The votes of good citi
zens are needed more than the others.
If you love your town, your county,
your country and its flag, go to the
polls and vote.
And remember if you do not vote
you have little right to say that the
wrong men are in office. You are to
blame for the result. It's your fault
when men known to be crooked are
e'ected to office. The cap of neglect
fas those who do not vote and there
is nothing else to do but wear it.
: "Whenever there is an election, re
gardless of how busy you may be, re
member it is your duty* to help pull
for the best man.
A Pal
There is nothing in this world more
r. frf ii"*
valuable than a comrade and pal.
Everyone needs a comrade. There
comes a time in each of our lives
when adversity tests our courage.
Often for days at time it seems we
And new thorns and brumbies in our
path. Then we need, more than any
thing else, a pal.
It is very easy to .have a comrade
and friend but strange to say there
are few who have real pals. Some
how we can better go our way with
out heeding any obstacles in our
path when we have by our side some
one who is sincere and true. Father,
mother, brother, sister or someone to
whom we can go when we find it hard
to carry on.
I recently lost a good pal. He was
only a dog but Jack was a wonderful
comrade. Regardless of how my hu
man friends treated me Jack was al
ways the same. Kind and loving, he
was a real pal.
Make someone your pal. Your wife
or sweetheart or someone who will be
true blue. Then you be someone's pal.
Be just the kind of pal you want .your
pal to be? Do not be an easy pal but
always be without a trait of quit or
discouragement. With the steel of
courage always showing, slip up
r.ilently to your pal and let him know
that you will be near when it's cold
end when it's dark.
' V,
That the world is growing smaller,
sympathies, is illustrated by the visit
this month to India of (Varies V.
in the sense that the nations are get
ting closer together jn thoughs and
Vickrey, general secretary of the
Near Easi Relief. Americans general
ly think of the Near East Relief as a
purely American organization, but
its work has for some time had the
active aid and participation of people
ir. many foreign countries, and last*
year it enlisted the cooperation of
organizations from more than fifty
Jn India, Mr. Vickery will confer at |
seme length with Gandhi, the great
religious leader and philosopher, who
has long fccen interested in internat
-itxftal--philanthropy in the Near East.
Mr. Gandhi is a thorough --believer
in the Golden Rule as a guiding prin
ciple for nations as well as for in- ,
diViduuls, and his support will mean
a great deal for the international
Golden Rule movement fostered by
Mr. Vickrey through his philanthropic
activities for the children of Bible
In his present trip around the
world, Mr. Vickrey has already pre
sented his credentials as a "Golden
Rule Ambassador" from America to
the peoples of Japan, Australia,
China and Siam. Mont people look
upon the Near East Relief as in
fluencing strategically few millions
of people in Turkey, Syria, Pales-
tine, Greece and Armenia. But close
observers travelling through eastern
Europe and wester get a new
conception of geography and inter
national relations, and they find that
American philanthropy has become
an influence for good In every country
of the world. Constructive philan
thropy, according to Mr. Vickrey, is
contributing mora largely than any
other force to international good will,
justice, righteousness and world
North Carolina, Martin County.
In the superior court, before the
Eliza Spruill and husband, Willie
Spruill, Cordelia Reddick and hus
band, Mack Reddick, Carrie Brown
and husband, Haywood Brown, C.
B. Everest and Lelia Everett, by
their next friiend, J. 8. Getsinger,
vs. William Sheppard, Lewis Shep
pard and Ida Rogers.
Pursuant to an order of resale made
by R. J. Peel, clerk of the superior
court of Martin County «n the 10th
day of June, 1927, the hereinafter de
scribed lands having been heretofore
advertised and sold, and the bid hav
ing been raised as provided by law,
the undersigned commissioners will on
Saturday, the 30th day of July, 1927,
at 12 o'clock noon, in front of the
courthouse door of Martin County, in
the town of WillifcmKton, N. C., offer
for sale to the highest bidder for cash
1 the following described lands, to wit:
Being known and designated as lot
Renew Your Health
By Purification
Any physician will tell you that
"Perfect Puri fiction of the Sys
tem is Nature s Foundation of
Perfect Health." Why not rid
yourself of chronic ailments that
are undermining your vitality?
Purify your entire system by tak
ing a thorough course of Calotabi,
—once or twice a week for several
weeks—and see how Nature re
wards you with health.
Calotabs are the greatest of all
system purifiers. Get, a family
package with full directions. On
ly ?6 eta. at drugstores. (Adv).
Condensed Statement of the Condition of the
at the close of business June 30, 1927.
Resources Liabilities _
and discounts $114,794.00 Capital stock paid in $ 10,300.00
Demand loans 1,030.58 Surplus fund 8,030.00
Overdrafts 59.89 Bills Payable 20,000.00
United States Bands Deposits subject to
and Liberty Bonds 11,300 00 check 57,517.45
Banking houses and Cashier's checks out
fixtures 16,887.59 standing 87.39
Cash and due from Time certificates of
banks 13,633.02 deposit 54,263.07
Expense 842.83 Customers' bonds .... 8,350.00
Total $158,547.91 Total 1 $158,547.91
On the Strength of the Above Statement, We Solicit
Your Banking Business
Special for 10 Days
Wednesday, July 20, 1927
All Ladies' & Children's Dresses
and light colored footwear Now is your opportunity £o
J QU get some real bargains. Come
in and get your share.
All Men's Straw Hats now to
close out at a reduction of All Men's Neck-Band Shirts at
33 1-3 Off 1-2 Price
Harrison Bros. & Co.
Wiltiamston'g Largest Department Store
No. 3 allotted to James Shoppard in
t he land division of William Shepparri
of record in land division too* No. 1,
at pare 288, beginning at a pine sec
ond corner of lot No. 2, thence S. 68
1-2 £ 8 poles to a lightwood post;
thence S. about 58 1-2 £. about 52
poles to the run of Great Branch;
thence up the run of said branch to
its fork; thence N. IS 12 E. 51 and
1-5 poles to a post in Eld Peel's line;
thence N. about 45 3-4 W. to the
Peanut Picker
I—Simplel—Simple Construction—Strongly Built.
2 —Every part Easily Accesible.
3—Low Up-Keep3 and Dependable.
4—Saves Time and Labor.
s—Combs the Peanuts from the Vines.
6—No Inside Belts, Chains or Webbing*.
7—Cleans the Peanuts from All Kinds of
B—Cleans the Vines & Makes Better Hay.
9 —Light Power —Positive Drive.
10—Smoothe, Easy. Quiet Running.
11—Easily Operated—fool proof.
12 —Light in Weight but Strong & Durable
13—Pressure Grease Cups on all Bearings.
i 14 —Has Largest Capacity with Cleanest
15—Built for Efficient Service & Long Life.
For Sale by
Williamston Elizabeth City Edenton
third corner of lot No. 2; thence S.
13 1-4 W. 168 pole* to the begin
ning, containing ,60 acres, more or
less, and which was deeded to Mary
N. Sheppard by James Sheppard by
deed recorded in book YYY, at page
668, reference to which ia hereby
made for description.
This the 11th day of July, 1927.
jyls 2tw Commissioners.

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